Тексты и переводы песен исполнителя UFO

UFO - At War With The World
UFO - Back Into My Life
UFO - Back To The USA
UFO - Beladonna
UFO - Belladona (альбом "No heavy petting" 1976)
UFO - Between The Walls
UFO - Call Me
UFO - Crossing Over
UFO - Darker Days
UFO - Docter, Docter (live)
UFO - Doctor Doctor
UFO - Doctor, Doctor (New Version)
UFO - Don't Want To Lose You
UFO - Down By The River
UFO - Dream The Dream
UFO - Dreaming Of Summer
UFO - Drink Too Much
UFO - Easy Money
UFO - Fighting Man
UFO - Give It Up
UFO - Good Bye You
UFO - Heaven's Gate
UFO - Hunger In The Night
UFO - I'm A Loser
UFO - In The Middle Of Madness
UFO - Kingston Town
UFO - Knock, Knock
UFO - Let The Good Time Roll
UFO - Lonely Cities (Of The Heart)
UFO - Looking Out For No. 1
UFO - Love Deadly Love
UFO - Lovin' Cup
UFO - Martian Landscape
UFO - Meanstreets
UFO - Messing Up The Bed
UFO - Miss The Lights
UFO - Money Money
UFO - Mr. Freeze
UFO - Night Run
UFO - No Getaway
UFO - On The Waterfront
UFO - One Heart
UFO - One More For The Rodeo
UFO - Only Ones
UFO - Perfect View
UFO - Primed For Time
UFO - Push, It's Love
UFO - Rise Again
UFO - Rock Bottom
UFO - Rock Boyz, Rock
UFO - Sea Of Faith
UFO - Serenade
UFO - Serenity
UFO - She's The One
UFO - Some Other Guy
UFO - Someone's Gonna Have To Pay
UFO - Somethin' Else
UFO - Something Else
UFO - Star Storm
UFO - Stopped By A Bullet
UFO - Swallow
UFO - Take It Or Leave It
UFO - Terri
UFO - The Chase
UFO - The Only Ones
UFO - The Smell Of Money
UFO - The Spark That Is Us
UFO - The Way The Wild Wind Blows
UFO - The World And His Dog
UFO - This Fire Burns Tonight
UFO - This Kid's
UFO - This Kid's /Between The Walls
UFO - Too Hot To Handle
UFO - Too Hot To Handle (live)
UFO - Too Much Of Nothing
UFO - Treacle People
UFO - Try Me
UFO - Venus
UFO - Way The Wild Wind Blows
UFO - When Daylight Goes To Town
UFO - When It's Time To Rock
UFO - Who Do You Love
UFO - Who's Fooling Who?
UFO - Wreckless
UFO - You And Me
UFO - You Don't Fool Me
UFO - Run Boy Run
UFO - Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun
UFO - Sugar Cane
UFO - Devils In The Detail
UFO - Precious Cargo
UFO - Messiah Of Love
UFO - King Of The Hill