Тексты и переводы песен исполнителя Residents (The)

Residents (The) - Don't Tread On Me
Residents (The) - Driving The Moles Away
Residents (The) - Harry The Head
Residents (The) - Herman -- The Human Mole
Residents (The) - March To The Sea
Residents (The) - Nobody Laughs When They Leave
Residents (The) - Rumors
Residents (The) - Wanda -- The Worm Woman
Residents (The) - Bach Is Dead
Residents (The) - Boo Who?
Residents (The) - Burn Baby Burn
Residents (The) - Caring
Residents (The) - Dead Wood
Residents (The) - Death In Barstow
Residents (The) - Elvis And His Boss
Residents (The) - Fire Fall
Residents (The) - From The Plains Of Mexico
Residents (The) - Ghost Child
Residents (The) - Godsong
Residents (The) - Guylum Bardot
Residents (The) - Home Age Conversation
Residents (The) - Honey Bear
Residents (The) - Judas Saves
Residents (The) - Kick A Picnic
Residents (The) - Laughing Song
Residents (The) - Life Would Be Wonderful
Residents (The) - Lizard Lady
Residents (The) - Make Me Moo
Residents (The) - Neediness
Residents (The) - Not Available, Part 2: The Making Of A Soul
Residents (The) - Not Available, Part 4: Never Known Questions
Residents (The) - Sinister Exaggerator
Residents (The) - Six Amber Things
Residents (The) - The Ascetic
Residents (The) - The Car Thief
Residents (The) - The Confused Transsexual
Residents (The) - The New Hymn
Residents (The) - The Old Soldier
Residents (The) - The Old Woman
Residents (The) - The Weatherman
Residents (The) - Tourniquet Of Roses
Residents (The) - Wolverines
Residents (The) - Would We Be Alive?