Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 115

Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 115:

Erica Mou - Fili
Kylie Minogue - Skirt
Giulio De Gennaro - Novecentosessantacinque
Giulio De Gennaro - Dietro Un Pianoforte
Giulio De Gennaro - La Verità
Kelly Rowland - You've Changed
Kelly Rowland - I Remember
Kelly Rowland - Red Wine
Kelly Rowland - This Is Love
Kelly Rowland - Put Your Name On It
Kelly Rowland - 1
Stooshe - Your Own Kind Of Beautiful
Stooshe - Perfectly Wrong
Leanne Mitchell - Deep Blue Sea
BlackRain - Blast Me Up
BlackRain - Bad Love Is Good
BlackRain - Nobody But You
BlackRain - Dancing On Fire
BlackRain - Young Blood
BlackRain - Re-Evolution
BlackRain - Tell Me
BlackRain - Ho Hey Hey Hey Hey
Kodaline - The Answer
Kodaline - Lose Your Mind
Deaf Havana - Boston Square
Deaf Havana - Lights
Deaf Havana - Night Drives
Deaf Havana - Caro Padre
Pet Shop Boys - Bolshy
Pet Shop Boys - Fluorescent
Pet Shop Boys - Inside A Dream
Pet Shop Boys - The Last To Die
Pet Shop Boys - Shouting In The Evening
Pet Shop Boys - Vocal
Mark Owen - Ghost
Mark Owen - Morning Belle
Bell X1 - Starlings Over Brighton Pier
Swim Deep - Honey
Swim Deep - Soul Trippin
Swim Deep - She Changes The Weather
Omar - Bully
Jagwar Ma - Uncertainty
Jagwar Ma - The Throw
Jagwar Ma - That Loneliness
Jagwar Ma - Man I Need
Deap Vally - Lies
El Tri - La Antorcha Olímpica
El Tri - Contigo Me Conformo
Sub Out Ripper - Eternal Love
Grenouer - Intro: Thunder Phase
Grenouer - Sands Of Silence
Grenouer - Rejected
Grenouer - Last Stop
Grenouer - All In The Suit That You Wear
Coez - Hangover
Coez - Dramma Nero
Coez - Siamo Morti Insieme
Coez - Vorrei Portarti Via
Coez - Non Erano Fiori
Ellie Goulding - Tessellate
Cat Empire (The) - Prophets In The Sky
Cat Empire (The) - Steal The Light
Cat Empire (The) - Am I Wrong?
Cat Empire (The) - Open Up Your Face
Cat Empire (The) - Sleep Won't Sleep
Paola & Chiara - Tu Sei L'Anno Che Verrà
Paola & Chiara - Non C'è Me Senza Te
Paola & Chiara - Ma Tu Non Puoi (Più Chiamarla Felicità)
Paola & Chiara - Non Sei Più Tu
Paola & Chiara - Ultime Gocce D'Estate
Paola & Chiara - Che Mi Importa Di Te
Paola & Chiara - La Voce Dentro Me
Robert Wörner - Tschüss
La Apuesta - Los Dos Fuimos Culpables
La Apuesta - Piensan Que Soy Tu Ex-amor
Feed Her To The Sharks - Sink Or Swim
Feed Her To The Sharks - Take Me Back
Misser - Infrared
Misser - Alone, Die.
Imagine Dragons - Destination
Cecile Mclorin Salvant - Le Front Cache Sur Tes Genoux
Cecile Mclorin Salvant - You Bring Out The Savage In Me
Cecile Mclorin Salvant - Baby Have Pity On Me
Cecile Mclorin Salvant - John Henry
King Tuff - Connection
King Tuff - Sun Medallion
King Tuff - A Pretty Dress
King Tuff - Just Strut
King Tuff - Freak When I'm Dead
King Tuff - Stone Fox
America Sierra - Vitaminas Al Amor
America Sierra - Sólo Dime Que Te Gusta
Snakehips - On & On
Sheryl Crow - Shotgun
Sheryl Crow - Nobody's Business
Sheryl Crow - Homesick
Sheryl Crow - Homecoming Queen
Sheryl Crow - Best Of Times
Sheryl Crow - Stay At Home Mother
Asia Argento - Live Fast! Die Old!
Man Overboard - Where I Left You
Man Overboard - Heart Attack
Man Overboard - Suppy
Man Overboard - Swan Dive
Man Overboard - Damage Control
Man Overboard - Wide Awake
Emika - Filters
Emika - Sing To Me
Emika - Primary Colours
Emika - Fight For Your Love
Emika - Centuries
Chris Cagle - Country By The Grace Of God
Chris Cagle - My Love Goes On And On
Chris Cagle - What A Beautiful Day
Chris Cagle - I Breathe In, I Breathe Out
Chris Cagle - Miss Me Baby
Chris Cagle - Laredo
Chris Cagle - What Kinda Gone
Chris Cagle - My Life's Been A Country Song
Chris Cagle - Chicks Dig It
Jimmy Cliff - You Can Get It If You Really Want
Jimmy Cliff - Vietnam
Jimmy Cliff - Wild World
Jimmy Cliff - Many Rivers To Cross
Jimmy Cliff - Hello Sunshine
Jimmy Cliff - Time Will Tell
Snow Patrol - Chocolate
Snow Patrol - Shut Your Eyes
Snow Patrol - Spitting Games
Yellowbirds - Young Men Of Promise
Sara Bareilles - Chasing The Sun
Sara Bareilles - Hercules
Sara Bareilles - Satellite Call
Sara Bareilles - Little Black Dress
Sara Bareilles - 1000 Times
Sara Bareilles - I Choose You
Sara Bareilles - Eden
Sara Bareilles - Islands
Sara Bareilles - December
Sara Bareilles - I Wanna Be Like Me
Big Star - O My Soul
Big Star - In The Street
Big Star - When My Baby's Beside Me
Big Star - Try Again
Big Star - My Life Is Right
Big Star - The Ballad Of El Goodo
Big Star - Feel
Big Star - Way Out West
Big Star - Thirteen
Big Star - You Get What You Deserve
Big Star - Holocaust
Big Star - Stroke It Noel
Big Star - Big Black Car
Big Star - I Am The Cosmos
Big Star - September Gurls
Palms - Future Warrior
Palms - Mission Sunset
Palms - Shortwave Radio
Palms - Tropics
Palms - Antarctic Handshake
Paga et Antonin - La Danse Des Sardines
David Guetta - ID
Club 8 - Travel
Club 8 - Into Air
Club 8 - Kill Kill Kill
Club 8 - Stop Taking My Time
Club 8 - You Could Be Anybody
Club 8 - Run
Club 8 - Hot Sun
Club 8 - A Small Piece Of Heaven
Club 8 - I'm Not Gonna Grow Old
Club 8 - Less Than Love
Robert Wörner - It's Not Easy
Robert Wörner - Look Around You (Hepp)
Robert Wörner - Thank You
Parkhaus - Glücksritter
Parkhaus - Karussel
Betty Who - You're In Love
Silvia Capasso - Sono Solo Parole
Mika Newton - Magnets
Elhaida Dani - Margherita
Neffa - Allaccia La Cintura
Neffa - Storie Che Non Esistono
Neffa - Tempo Che Se Ne Va
Neffa - Per Sognare Ancora
Neffa - La Strada Facile
Neffa - Mi Manchi Tu
Neffa - Mostro
Neffa - Luce Oro
Neffa - Sopra Le Nuvole
Max Orsi - Fianco A Fianco
Rogers - Für Immer
Rogers - Immer Weiter
Fjoergyn - Leiermann
Fjoergyn - Antimensch
Fjoergyn - S.I.N.
Fjoergyn - Monument Ende
Diving with Andy - Celle Qui
Inkubus Sukkubus - Catherine
Cabadzi - Princesse
Cabadzi - Digère Et Recrache
Cimorelli - Don't Call Me A Baby
373°K - Lontano
373°K - La Fenice
373°K - Non C'è Più Tempo Per Voi
373°K - Intera
373°K - Mia Dolce Metà
373°K - Via Da Qui
373°K - Luce Bianca
373°K - Eppure Sei Qua
Cas Haley - Let Her Go
Soulfire Revolution - Aviva
Allman Brothers Band (The) - Crazy Love
Stefanie Stern - Ein Tag In Meinem Leben
Amigos - Die Legende Der Blauen Lagune
Amigos - Irgendwann (Bist Du Der Alte Mann)
Amigos - Im Tal Der Wilden Rosen
Amigos - Wenn Du Einmal Traurig Bist
Amigos - Dich Schickt Der Himmel
Amigos - Er Zieht Nachts Durch Die Straßen
Amigos - Nur Durch Dich Ganz Allein
Amigos - Rose Im Sand
Amigos - Manchmal Wär' Ich Gern Zu Hause
Wise Guys - Nur Für Disch
Wise Guys - Mein Herz Macht Bumm!
Uwe Busse - So Was Wie Dich
Uwe Busse - Himmelsdiamanten
Kakkmaddafakka - Forever Alone
Jan Smit - Noch Einmal Mein Herz
Jan Smit - Ich Bin Da
Jan Smit - Mehr Noch Als Liebe
Jan Smit - Der Weg Nach Haus
David Guetta - Beautiful People Say
Elodie Frégé - Ma Bouche
Elodie Frégé - Perdu
To-Mera - The Descent
To-Mera - Broken
To-Mera - End Game
To-Mera - Surrender
To-Mera - All I Am
L'institut - Ville Fantôme
Powerwolf - Secrets Of The Sacristy
Powerwolf - Sacred & Wild
Powerwolf - Kreuzfeuer
Powerwolf - In The Name Of God (Deus Vult)
Powerwolf - Extatum Et Oratum
Magnus Karlsson - Free Fall
Dir En Grey - Kasumi
Dir En Grey - Undecided
Dawa - Relief
Dawa - Roll The Dice
Scorpion Child - Polygon Of Eyes
La Energia Nortena - Creeme Que Te Amo
La Energia Nortena - Yo Te Perdono
La Energia Nortena - Vamos A Luchar Los Dos
La Energia Nortena - Tu Fantasia
La Energia Nortena - Me Llora El Cielo
La Energia Nortena - No Te Dejes Golpear
The Cog is Dead - My Metal Boy
Sean Paul - Do Ti Ting
Alessandra Becelli - Fuori Dal Tempo
Alessandra Becelli - Tracce Di Una Storia
Alessandra Becelli - Una Meraviglia
Alessandra Becelli - Leggera
Alessandra Becelli - Solo Una Bugia
Alessandra Becelli - Settembre
Barenaked Ladies - Boomerang
Barenaked Ladies - Off His Head
Goldhouse - Everything We Used To Do
Goldhouse - Only One
Hashtag Alice - Never, Never
Neven - Nunca Más
Neven - Take Over The World
Neven - till You Go Away
Neven - No No No
Liam Bokser - Frankyy
Garbage - Stupid Girl
Garbage - Control
Garbage - Big Bright World
Garbage - Special
Garbage - Milk
Garbage - Battle In Me
Garbage - Push It
Garbage - Supervixen
Garbage - Time Will Destroy Everything
Everly Brothers - Should We Tell Him
Everly Brothers - Claudette
Everly Brothers - Bird Dog
Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown
Everly Brothers - I Want You To Know
Everly Brothers - Lucille
Everly Brothers - Baby What You Want Me To Do
Everly Brothers - Made To Love
Young Empires - Rain Of Gold
Young Empires - Enter Through The Sun
DCS - Si Te Vuelvo A Ver
Sick Puppies - Where Did The Time Go
Sick Puppies - Connect
Sick Puppies - Under A Very Black Sky
Backstreet Boys - Show 'em What You're Made Of
Backstreet Boys - Breathe
Defiled (The) - Sleeper
Cher Lloyd - It's All Good
Selena Gomez - Stars Dance
Keen'v - La Vie Du Bon Côté
Bobo Rondelli - Il Cielo E' Di Tutti
Bobo Rondelli - La Marmellata
Bobo Rondelli - Bambina Mia
Mario Biondi - Never Die
Mario Biondi - A Handful Of Soul
Austra - Forgive Me
Austra - Painful Like
Austra - Home
Austra - We Become
Austra - Reconcile
Austra - Annie (Oh Muse, You)
Austra - Hurt Me Now
Ruth Moody - Pockets
Lloyd Cole - California Earthquake
David Guetta - Right Now
Architects - Black Blood
Smackabbrit - Cold Alien
Smackabbrit - Intoxicated By Words And Songs
Smackabbrit - Bad Ball
Smackabbrit - Five Seconds To You
Amalia Rodrigues - Coimbra
Claudio Baglioni - Dieci Dita
Selena Gomez - Save The Day
Selena Gomez - Write Your Name
Selena Gomez - Rule The World
Don Broco - Priorities
Don Broco - Whole Truth
Don Broco - Back In The Day
Don Broco - Let's Go Back To School
Don Broco - Actors
Sloan - Gimme That
Sloan - Live On
Sloan - Backstabbin'
Sloan - The Rest Of My Life
Sloan - False Alarm
Sloan - Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore
Sloan - Hollow Head
Sloan - Ready For You
Sloan - I Was Wrong
Sloan - Who Loves Life More?
Sloan - Reach Out
Sloan - Fade Away
Farewell Dreamer - Hope
Selena Gomez - Music Feels Better
Whirr - Swoon
Dark Moor - First Lance Of Spain
Dark Moor - The Road Again
Dark Moor - Together As Ever
Dark Moor - The City Of Peace
Dark Moor - Gara & Jonay
Dark Moor - El Ultimo Rey
Carrie Underwood - Two Black Cadillacs / Jolene
Justin Bieber - Heartbreaker
Tom Frager - No Guns
Sophie-Tith - Bruxelles
Intocable - Me Dijiste Te Quiero
Intocable - Llueve
Intocable - Arrepientete
Intocable - Aunque Estes Lejos
Intocable - Callada
Intocable - Jurame
Intocable - No Sabes Amar
Alex Britti - Bene Così
Alex Britti - Senza Chiederci Di Più
Alex Britti - Romantici Distratti
Alex Britti - Perchè Mi Vuoi
Alex Britti - Passione E Disincanto
Alex Britti - Fino Al Giorno Che Respiro
Michelle Chamuel - I Knew You Were Trouble
Fuse ODG - Antenna
Makemakes (The) - The Lovercall
Lotto King Karl - Biersexuell
Lotto King Karl - Du Bist Ohne Worte
India Arie - This Love
India Arie - Break The Shell
India Arie - 6th Avenue
Dispatch - Open Up
Dispatch - Passerby
Dispatch - Walk With You
Dispatch - Bats In The Belfry
Dispatch - Past The Falls
Ben Folds Five - Selfless, Cold And Composed
Ben Folds Five - Uncle Walter
Ben Folds Five - Brick
Ben Folds Five - Underground
Ben Folds Five - Tom And Mary
Frightened Rabbit - Backyard Skulls
Frightened Rabbit - The Woodpile
Frightened Rabbit - Holy
Maine (The) - Take What You Can Carry
Maine (The) - Love & Drugs
Maine (The) - White Walls
Maine (The) - Kennedy Curse
Maine (The) - Sad Songs
Maine (The) - These Four Words
Maine (The) - Forever Halloween
Rogue Wave - Siren's Song
Emblem3 - Just For One Day
Emblem3 - Spaghetti
Emblem3 - XO
Emblem3 - Nothing To Lose
Emblem3 - I Love LA
Emblem3 - 3000 Miles
Emblem3 - One Day
Emblem3 - Do It All Again
Emblem3 - Jaiden
Thundercat - Tenfold
Thundercat - Heartbreaks + Setbacks
Thundercat - Special Stage
Thundercat - A Message For Austin / Praise The Lord / Enter The Void
Zane Williams - When You've Got A Woman
Zane Williams - Little Too Late
Zane Williams - Kissin'
Zane Williams - Hands Of A Workin' Man
Zane Williams - Tired Of Gettin' By
Comis - Turn Around
Ariana Grande - The Way (Spanglish Version)
Letlive - The Priest And Used Cars
Parachute - Can't Help
Jonathan McReynolds - Lovin' Me
David Lynch - Last Call
David Lynch - Cold Wind Blowin
David Lynch - Wishing Well
David Lynch - Say It
David Lynch - I Want You
David Lynch - The Line It Curves
David Lynch - Are You Sure
David Lynch - I'm Waiting Here
Charli XCX - Machines
David Lemaitre - Magnolia (girl With Camera)
David Lemaitre - Olivia
David Lemaitre - Pandora Express
David Lemaitre - Six Years
David Lemaitre - River Man
David Lemaitre - It's Easy I Guess
David Lemaitre - In Your Own Sweet Way
Beck - Defriended
Private Paul - Nacht
Hetalia: Axis Powers - Mein Gott
Have Mercy - This Old Ark
Have Mercy - Weak In The Knees
Have Mercy - Let's Talk About Your Hair
Have Mercy - Living Dead
Have Mercy - The Gates
Have Mercy - When I Sleep
Eric Saade - Winning Ground
Boom Da Bash - Grime
Boom Da Bash - Reality Show
Boom Da Bash - Born In The Ghetto
Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas - Soy Música
Geri Halliwell - Phenomenal Woman
Mike Posner - The Way It Used To Be
Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted
Portugal. The Man - People Say
Destan - Vole
Magic System - Mamadou
Alexandra Lexer - Komm Schon Küss Mich
ODyL - Le Temps
Anges D'Afrik - Nalingi Ye
Smoking Smoking - It's All About Love
Smoking Smoking - Young Cowboy
Smoking Smoking - Are We Lucky?
Smoking Smoking - Dancing
Smoking Smoking - In Circles
Pitbull - Voodoo
Skoll - Mille
Skoll - Gli Aquiloni Del Grappa
Skoll - K2
Skoll - Come Notti Di Sicilia
Skoll - Questo Mondo Non Basta
Charles-Baptiste - Sois Heureux
Marble Sounds - Come Here
Gaël Faye - A France
Gaël Faye - L'ennui Des Après-midi Sans Fin
White Lies - Big Tv
White Lies - There Goes Our Love Again
White Lies - First Time Caller
White Lies - Mother Tongue
White Lies - Change
White Lies - Be Your Man
White Lies - Tricky To Love
White Lies - Goldmine
Jessica Marquez - Un Jour Sans
Ayo - Fire
Axel Tony - Au-dela Des Mots
Axel Tony - Ce Monde-la
Axel Tony - Le Meilleur De Nous
Axel Tony - Je Te Ressemble
Axel Tony - La Vie N'attend Pas
Axel Tony - Ne Me Juge Pas
Axel Tony - Je T'aime
Axel Tony - Seul
Tech N9ne - Strange Days
Tech N9ne - That's My Kid
TCHIK - Geniale Asoziale
TCHIK - Klaus
TCHIK - Heute Nacht
Kyle Andrews - The Way To Wonder
Locash Cowboys - Chase A Little Love
Locash Cowboys - Little Miss Crazyhot
Locash Cowboys - I Hope
Editors - The Sting
Editors - Get Low
Miguel - How Many Drinks?
Rachele Lynae - Fishin' For Something
Natalie Grant - Hurricane
Lifeless - Reflections
Lifeless - Wasted
Creative Adult - Chemical Glow
Creative Adult - Rushing Towards The Cemetery
Altars - Something More
Altars - Question Everything
Altars - Eternity
Altars - Sent To Destroy
Altars - Revolutions
Altars - Caverns
Altars - Westboro
Altars - To Give
Altars - The Coward
Altars - Lower
Altars - Unknowing
Altars - Shepherds
Altars - Revelation
Grossstadtgeflüster - 1000 Tonnen Glück
Grossstadtgeflüster - Düsen
Grossstadtgeflüster - Sprengstoff
Grossstadtgeflüster - Wir Haben Uns Gerade Noch Gefehlt
Grossstadtgeflüster - Eulen Nach Athen
Grossstadtgeflüster - So Viel Talente
Grossstadtgeflüster - Sirenen
Asado - Endure
Asado - Pointing Blame
Carraway - Wake
Carraway - Solace
Carraway - The World Doesn't Hate You
Carraway - Ghosts At The Door
Built on Secrets - Surrender
Built on Secrets - Is Anybody Listening?
One Last Look - This Confession Has Meant Nothing
Adventures - I Feel So Sure
Adventures - Walking
Adventures - Like Seeds
Kingdom Of Giants - Mj Returns
Hawthorne Heights - Golden Parachutes
Kamaliya - Never Wanna Hurt You (Prince Igor)
Lonely Island (The) - Spell It Out
Lonely Island (The) - Where Brooklyn At?
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Candy Candy
Orisha Sound - Beautiful Sin
Guillaume Grand - Je Sais...
Jahid - Ce N'est Pas Ce Que Tu Crois
Jahid - Je Suis Perdu
Decca T & Famon - She's Not The One
Celldweller - Stay With Me (Unlikely)
Celldweller - Under My Feet
Celldweller - I Believe You
Celldweller - Symbiont
Celldweller - Afraid This Time
Celldweller - Fadeaway
Celldweller - Unlikely (Stay With Me)
Celldweller - Tragedy
Celldweller - Frozen
Celldweller - Own Little World
Celldweller - Blood From The Stone
Placebo - Loud Like Love
Far East Movement - Lovetron
Far East Movement - Turn Up The Love (Death To Cupid Mix)
Far East Movement - Fly With U
Far East Movement - Get Up (Rattle)
Sean Paul - Other Side Of Love
Martin Smith - Awake My Soul
Martin Smith - Back To The Start
Martin Smith - Soldiers
Martin Smith - Catch Every Teardrop
Kenza Farah - Habibi I Love You
Pitbull - Habibi I Love You
Léa Castel - Ciao Bonne Vie
Théo Phan - En Un Seul Clic
Joyce Jonathan - La Diluvienne
Joyce Jonathan - Ca Ira
Joyce Jonathan - Quand Tu Me Prends La Main
Joyce Jonathan - Sans Patience
Joyce Jonathan - Si Seulement Tout était écrit
Joyce Jonathan - Jardin Zen
Joyce Jonathan - Depuis
Joyce Jonathan - Passage Oublié
La Femme - La Femme
La Femme - Packshot
Austin Mahone - What About Love
Jason Walker - Carousel
Jason Walker - Remember Tonight
Jason Walker - The Top Of The World
Jason Walker - Hopeful Heart
Jason Walker - What Are You Finding
Natasha Duarté - Say That You Love Me
Natasha Duarté - Just Stop Telling Me Not To
Natasha Duarté - Anything You Want To
Natasha Duarté - First Time
Natasha Duarté - Kissing Lips
Natasha Duarté - What A Night
Natasha Duarté - Right Guy
Natasha Duarté - Punch Me In The Heart
Natasha Duarté - Jealous Brother
Natasha Duarté - Picking Up The Pieces
Natasha Duarté - What's This All For
Karmin - A Capella
Sofi de La Torre - Heartbeat
Sofi de La Torre - A Little Bit
Sofi de La Torre - My Bad
Sofi de La Torre - Wings
Klingande - Jubel
Davina - Beauty In The Beast
Davina - Reminiscin
Davina - Never Fall Again
Faycal - Trajectoires
Faycal - Ninjutsu
Faycal - Le Sourire De Kitano
Holden - Dans La Glace
Holden - Mia
Holden - Longue Est Ma Descente
Holden - Les Grands Chevals
Holden - La Carta
Holden - Ce Que Je Suis
Holden - L'orage
Sophie-Tith - Bruxelles
Sophie-Tith - La Nuit Je Mens
Sophie-Tith - Je Saigne Encore
Sophie-Tith - Succès De Larmes
Victoria Justice - Gold
Summer Heart - Broken Hearts
Summer Heart - Time For A Dreamer
Summer Heart - Please Stay
Nikki Flores - Crazy Ex-girlfriend
Lenka - Nothing Here But Love
Lenka - Faster With You
Lenka - Heart To The Party
Lenka - After The Winter
Lenka - Find A Way To You
Lenka - Honeybee
Lenka - No Harm Tonight
Lenka - Two Heartbeats
Lenka - Monsters
Lenka - Nothing
Lenka - The Top Of Memory Lane
Leah McFall - I Will Survive
Melanie C - Rising Sun
Maysa - Beautiful Dreamer
Maysa - Sophisticated Lover
Maysa - Be There
Marco Ligabue - La Differenza
Vince Gill - The Bottle Let Me Down
Vince Gill - He Don't Deserve You Anymore
Vince Gill - Nobodys Fool But Yours
Vince Gill - Holding Things Together
Vince Gill - But I Do
Backstreet Boys - In A World Like This
Skylar Grey - Religion
Skylar Grey - Glow In The Dark
Skylar Grey - White Suburban
La Maquinaria Nortena - Como La Primera Vez
La Maquinaria Nortena - Cuanto Te Quiero
La Maquinaria Nortena - Quiero Decirtelo
La Maquinaria Nortena - Se Que Llorare
Hardwell - If I Lose Myself
Hardwell - Never Say Goodbye
Hardwell - Alive
Hardwell - Spaceman
Hardwell - Call Me A Spaceman
Genetikk - Du Bist Weg
Genetikk - Outro D.n.a.
Amon Amarth - Satan Rising
Amon Amarth - Stand Up To Go Down
Alicia Keys - No One
Alicia Keys - Brand New Me
Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
Alicia Keys - Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)
Río Roma - Facil
Río Roma - Como Fui?
Río Roma - Por Si Manana
Río Roma - Te Adivine
Río Roma - Vida Nueva
Río Roma - Y Ahora Que?
Río Roma - Otra Vida
Río Roma - Disculpame
Sam Lee - The Ballad Of George Collins
Alin Coen - Kites
Alin Coen - High Expectations
Alin Coen - Fountain
Alin Coen - Kein Weg Zurück
Alba Lua - Nobody's Child
Juveniles - Fantasy
Auren - L'échappée Belle
BlackRain - I Need My Doctor
BlackRain - She's In Love
BlackRain - Baby Shoot Me Down
BlackRain - Heart Screams
BlackRain - Rock 'n' Jive
BlackRain - Shining Down On You
Young Galaxy - Fall For You
Young Galaxy - Sleepwalk With Me
Jack Johnson - Washing Dishes
Jack Johnson - Shot Reverse Shot
Jack Johnson - You Remind Me Of You
Jack Johnson - Radiate
Jack Johnson - Ones And Zeros
Jack Johnson - Change
Jack Johnson - Home
Florida Georgia Line - Cruise (Remix)
Crossfaith - We Are The Future
Crossfaith - Counting Stars
Dizzee Rascal - Goin Crazy
Slai - Il Jouait Du Piano Debout
Half Moon Run - No More Losing The War
Half Moon Run - She Wants To Know
Half Moon Run - Need It
Half Moon Run - Give Up
Half Moon Run - Judgement
Half Moon Run - Unofferable
Half Moon Run - Nerve
Half Moon Run - Fire Escape
Goldfrapp - Jo
Goldfrapp - Annabel
Goldfrapp - Drew
Goldfrapp - Ulla
Goldfrapp - Thea
Goldfrapp - Stranger
Goldfrapp - Clay
Nayer - Body Talk
Tristania - Number
Tristania - Darkest White
Tristania - Himmelfal
Tristania - Diagnosis
Tristania - Scarling
Tristania - Cathedral
Tristania - Lavender
Tristania - Cypher
Tristania - Arteries
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - A World Without Us
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Enshrined In My Memory
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - In The Name Of The Rose
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - We Will Find A Way
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Shine
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - The Magic Of The Night
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - To The Edge Of The Earth
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - I'll Sing You Home
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - The Land Of New Hope
Civil War - Saint Patrick's Day
Civil War - Brother Judas
Civil Wars (The) - Same Old Same Old
Civil Wars (The) - Eavesdrop
Civil Wars (The) - From This Valley
Civil Wars (The) - D'Arline
Neko Case - Wild Creatures
Neko Case - Night Still Comes
Neko Case - I'm From Nowhere
Neko Case - Bracing For Sunday
Neko Case - Calling Cards
Neko Case - City Swan
Neko Case - Afraid
Neko Case - Ragtime
Neko Case - Magpie To The Morning
Five For Fighting - What If
Pacific Air - Float
Isaac Carree - Clean This House
Isaac Carree - So Glad
Isaac Carree - Lifestyle
Isaac Carree - Never
Isaac Carree - Right Now
Isaac Carree - Blessin' In Your Lesson
Polica - Tiff
Al.Hy - Echo
Al.Hy - La Pluie
Al.Hy - Lalalavie
Al.Hy - Petite Chose
Al.Hy - Alphabête
Al.Hy - Temps X
Al.Hy - Rengaine
Al.Hy - Tous Seuls Au Monde
Al.Hy - Comment Te Retenir
Leon Gieco - Sin Querer
Leon Gieco - Ruta Del Coya
Leon Gieco - Del Mismo Barro
Leon Gieco - Donde Caen Los Sueños
Leon Gieco - Maestras De Jujuy
Leon Gieco - Horal
Leon Gieco - Mi Estrella
Leon Gieco - Cuando Los Angeles Viajan
Leon Gieco - Solo Figuras
Leon Gieco - Uruguay, Uruguay
Leon Gieco - Te Veo En El Sol
Leon Gieco - Desde Tu Corazon
Leon Gieco - Todos Los Dias Un Poco
Leon Gieco - Ve La Luna
Leon Gieco - Rey Mago De Las Nubes
Leon Gieco - Alas De Tango
Leon Gieco - Por El Camino Perdido
Leon Gieco - Latido Del Corazon
Leon Gieco - Canto Dorado
Leon Gieco - Viejos Amores
Leon Gieco - Solo El Amor
Leon Gieco - La Colina Sobre El Terciopelo Marron
Leon Gieco - Mi Amigo
Polica - Chain My Name
Polica - Smug
Polica - Very Cruel
Polica - Trippin
Polica - Spilling Lines
Polica - Matty
Polica - So Leave
Hypnolove - Winter In The Sun
Trentemøller - Never Stop Running
Mayra Andrade - We Used To Call It Love
Chaos Beyond - Refuse To Resist
Chaos Beyond - The Road
Chaos Beyond - Dream Or Reality
Chaos Beyond - Against All Odds
Chaos Beyond - The Warmth Remains
Beatsteaks - House On Fire
Beatsteaks - S.N.A.F.T.
Beatsteaks - Ain't Complaining
Beatsteaks - Behaviour
Beatsteaks - Hello Joe
Beatsteaks - I Don't Care As Long As You Sing
Kato Callebaut - Phoenix
Kato Callebaut - Elephants & Snowflakes
Kato Callebaut - Ribbon
Kato Callebaut - Sugar Rush
Kato Callebaut - Warrior
Fransoa Paname - La Hollandouille
Grouplove - Ways To Go
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Idle Wind
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Part Of Me
Tedeschi Trucks Band - It's So Heavy
Tedeschi Trucks Band - All That I Need
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Sweet And Low
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Calling Out To You
VV Brown - Substitute For Love
VV Brown - Samson
VV Brown - Igneous
VV Brown - Looking For Love
VV Brown - The Apple
VV Brown - Knife
John Vanderslice - Raw Wood
John Vanderslice - Song For Dana Lok
John Vanderslice - How The West Was Won
John Vanderslice - Song For David Berman
John Vanderslice - Gaslight
John Vanderslice - Sleep It Off
John Vanderslice - Sonogram
John Vanderslice - North Coast Rep
Iration - Get Up
Iration - Downtown
Iration - Cookie Jar
Iration - Militant Style
Iration - All Night
Iration - Turn Around
Iration - Get Back To Me
Iration - Wait And See
Iration - Automatic
Iration - Go That Road
Iration - Burn
Iration - Home
Iration - Mr.Operator
Iration - Runaway
Iration - Uptown
Iration - Splintered Heart
Iration - High Flying
Iration - Undertow
Iration - No Time
Mayra Andrade - Dimokransa
Mayra Andrade - Comme S'il En Pleuvait
Young Summer - Letter Never Sent
Young Summer - Half The Time
Alessandro Canino - Un Donchisciotte Nel 2000
Alessandro Canino - Fiore Di Loto
Alessandro Canino - Sarai
Snoop Dogg - Let The Bass Go
Celia Cruz - Tu Voz
Zombies (The) - She's Not There
Zombies (The) - Summertime
Zombies (The) - Tell Her No
Zombies (The) - What More Can I Do
Zombies (The) - Maybe After He's Gone
Zombies (The) - I Want Her, She Wants Me
Zombies (The) - This Will Be Our Year
Zombies (The) - Friends Of Mine
Zombies (The) - I Don't Believe In Miracles
Zombies (The) - With You Not Here
Zombies (The) - Breathe Out, Breathe In
Zombies (The) - Any Other Way
Zombies (The) - Show Me The Way
Zombies (The) - A Moment In Time
Zombies (The) - Christmas For The Free
Zombies (The) - Another Day
Zombies (The) - I Do Believe
Zombies (The) - Let It Go
Avril Lavigne - Seventeen
Blue October - Bleed Out
Blue October - Debris
Blue October - Fear
Blue October - Not Broken Anymore
Five Finger Death Punch - Anywhere But Here
Five Finger Death Punch - Diary Of A Deadman
Cassadee Pope - Champagne
Ester Dean - Baby Makin' Love
Tetano - Galere
Emily's Army - Jamie
Emily's Army - War
Emily's Army - Rain
Emily's Army - If Our Music Plays Again
Emily's Army - 18 Years
Emily's Army - Elephant
Skylar Grey - Sunshine
Skylar Grey - Pulse
Jonas Brothers - First Time
Amalia Rodrigues - La Casa In Via Del Campo
Amalia Rodrigues - Amor Dammi Quel Fazzolettino
Amalia Rodrigues - Maremma
Coph Nia - Drinking To The Angel Of The East
Die Versenker - So Wie Ich
Die Versenker - Auseinander
Die Versenker - Rechtfertigung Bitte!!!
Die Versenker - Endstation München Solln
Die Versenker - Nein
Die Versenker - Ab In Den Frühling
Die Versenker - Irgendetwas Fehlt
Kenza Farah - Jeune & Con
Olvido - La Mascarada
Skillet - Hero
Skillet - Monster
Skillet - Savior
Skillet - Collide
Skillet - Forgiven
Death Ss - Dionysus
Death Ss - Eaters
Death Ss - Star In Sight
Death Ss - Ogre's Lullaby
Death Ss - Santa Muerte