Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 116:

Alejandro Sanz - Corazón Partio
Alejandro Sanz - Amiga Mía
Alejandro Sanz - Mi Primera Canción
Alejandro Sanz - Si Tú Me Miras
Alejandro Sanz - Viviendo Deprisa
Alejandro Sanz - La Fuerza Del Corazón
Alejandro Sanz - Pisando Fuerte
Alejandro Sanz - Se Le Apagó La Luz
Alejandro Sanz - Looking For Paradise - Con Alicia Keys
Alejandro Sanz - A La Primera Persona
Alejandro Sanz - Te Lo Agradezco Pero No - Con Shakira
Alejandro Sanz - Enséñame Tus Manos
Alejandro Sanz - Lola Soledad
Alejandro Sanz - El Canto Del Loco - Volverá
Alejandro Sanz - Armando Manzanero - Adoro
Banda La Trakalosa - Despues De Ti No Ay Nada
Donell Jones - Forever
Ty Segall - Sleeper
Terry McDermott - Pictures
Weeknd (The) - Belong To The World
Enigma Norteño - La Charla
Enigma Norteño - Tú Lo Decidiste
Claudia & Asu - Zalele
Johnathan East - Cheaha Mountain
Johnathan East - Beneath That Dixieline
Rebecca Lindsey - Cowboys Never Do It That Way
Rebecca Lindsey - While You Were Sleeping
Rebecca Lindsey - If Your Gonna Leave Me
Mike Aiken - Bring Out The Bourbon
Mike Aiken - Love You Tonight
Mike Aiken - This Here Mandolin
Mike Aiken - Blowin' Like A Bandit
Skylar Grey - Only Thing I Hear
Mike Aiken - Back To You
Ray Lavender - Stripper
Ray Lavender - Sleep In It
Ray Lavender - After-Play
Ray Lavender - Put My Hands
Muttonheads - Snow White (Alive)
Pitbull - Fine China
New Years Day - Bloody Mary
Sub Out Ripper - Depressiva
Edie Brickell - Love Has Come For You
Edie Brickell - Fighter
Edie Brickell - Remember Me This Way
Dj Sammy & The Jackie Boyz - Shut Up And Kiss Me
Enea Vulcano - Nonostante Tutto Ti Amo Ancora
Vamps - Replay
NateWantsToBattle - Gary Oak (I Knew You Were Trouble)
Robin Thicke - Take It Easy On Me
Robin Thicke - Get In My Way
Robin Thicke - Feel Good
Robin Thicke - The Good Life
Dimartino - No Autobus
Seer (The) - Take A Walk With Me
Seer (The) - Across The Border
Seer (The) - Starting At The End
Seer (The) - River
Seer (The) - Twist Your Mind
Seer (The) - Own World
Seer (The) - Streets Of My Hometown
Seer (The) - Please
Seer (The) - God's Heaven
Seer (The) - 100 Colours
Seer (The) - Last Night
Seer (The) - Fire In My Heart
Seer (The) - Day Will Come
Seer (The) - Waterfall
Seer (The) - No Ordinary Love
Seer (The) - Getting Closer Every Day
Seer (The) - Taking The Town
Seer (The) - Lullaby
Seer (The) - The Great Unknown
Jake Coco - Loved By You
Jake Coco - Ten Million Thoughts
Jake Coco - Minor Complications
Jake Coco - Arabella
Jake Coco - Realize
Jake Coco - Friends And Lovers
Hillsong - You Never Fail
Hillsong - Christ Is Enough
Hillsong - Closer
Hillsong - God Who Saves
Hillsong - To Be Like You
Hillsong - You Crown The Year
Hillsong - Anchor
Aaron Shust - No One Higher
Audio Adrenaline - Big House
Audio Adrenaline - Get Down
Audio Adrenaline - We're A Band
Audio Adrenaline - Leaving 99
Audio Adrenaline - Mighty Good Leader
Audio Adrenaline - Pierced
Kingdom Heirs - I Thank You
Phil King - How Much You Love
Phil King - Real Thing
Raf 3.0 - Du Bist Nicht Allein
Fenech-Soler - Golden Sun
Fenech-Soler - Stop And Stare
Fenech-Soler - The Great Unknown
Fenech-Soler - La Love
Fenech-Soler - Stonebridge
Fenech-Soler - Walk Alone
Naadei - TesYeux
Arctic Monkeys - Mad Sounds
Night Drive - Drones
Johnny Stimson - A Million Years
Milky Chance - Sadnecessary
Milky Chance - Fairytale
Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
Milky Chance - Loveland
Elway - Ariel
Dj Samuel Kimkò - La Zumbera
Tahiti 80 - Bang
Elephanz - Time For A Change
Frostreich - Der Baum (Manifest Unserer Wesen)
Frostreich - Geistfahrt
Raf 3.0 - Intro (Bild Um Bild)
Raf 3.0 - Namenlos
Raf 3.0 - Wie Neu
Raf 3.0 - Träumer
Raf 3.0 - Endstation
Raf 3.0 - Einmal Star & Zurück
Mc Fitti - Brummer
Mc Fitti - Geilon
Mc Fitti - Grüne Welle – Aerobic
Mc Fitti - WG Party
Mc Fitti - 18 Zoll
Mc Fitti - Vollgas
Mc Fitti - Goldene Ketten
Mc Fitti - Fashion
Valentin Marceau - Dansons
Valentin Marceau - Notre Dernière Nuit
Valentin Marceau - Una Chanson
Cimorelli - Made In America
Cimorelli - The Way We Live
Cimorelli - Whatcha Think About Us
Cimorelli - Believe It
Cimorelli - You Got Me Good
Cimorelli - Wings
Cody Simpson - No Ceiling
Cody Simpson - Sinkin' In
Cody Simpson - Love
Wallpaper. - Drunken Hearts
Wallpaper. - The Underdog
Wallpaper. - Who Rly Crs
Wallpaper. - You n Me n Everyone We Know
Placebo - Rob The Bank
Placebo - Exit Wounds
Becky G - Magik 2.0
Sophia Black - Everything Breaks
John Legend - Made To Love
Becky G - Magik
Fizzi Pizzi - A Part Jacter
Mayer Hawthorne - Back Seat Lover
Mayer Hawthorne - The Innocent
Mayer Hawthorne - Allie Jones
Mayer Hawthorne - The Only One
Mayer Hawthorne - Wine Glass Woman
Mayer Hawthorne - Reach Out Richard
Mayer Hawthorne - Where Does This Door Go
Mayer Hawthorne - They Don't Know You
Mayer Hawthorne - Fool
Mayer Hawthorne - Kaila
Mayer Hawthorne - Small Clone
Mayer Hawthorne - Designer Drug
Leogun - Another Lost Soul
Family Force 5 - Phenomenon
Family Force 5 - Zombie
Family Force 5 - Get On Outta Here
Mowgli's (The) - San Francisco
Mowgli's (The) - Carry Your Will
Story So Far (The) - Clairvoyant
Denitia And Sene - Breathe.Scream.Dream
Maite Perroni - Tú Y Yo
Il Volo - El Triste
Saltatio Mortis - Der Kuss
Saltatio Mortis - My Bonnie Mary
Saltatio Mortis - Idol
Saltatio Mortis - Abrakadabra
Maxim - Wenn Einer Stirbt
Romain Ughetto - Meme Si
Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know
Sarah Kiss - J'aime
Veronica De Simone - Quello Che Non Sappiamo
Veronica De Simone - Senza Respiro
Timothy Cavicchini - Altrove
Timothy Cavicchini - Anestetico
Michelle Chamuel - Clarity
Michelle Chamuel - Grenade
Michelle Chamuel - Just Give Me A Reason
Michelle Chamuel - Call Your Girlfriend
Estelle - Whatever You Like
Estelle - Till Tomorrow
High On Fire - Frost Hammer
High On Fire - Rumors Of War
Power Francers - Io Vorrei
Taurina Bros - Viaggio Famelico
Swon Brothers (The) - How Country Feels
Swon Brothers (The) - Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes
Jars of Clay - After The Fight
I The Mighty - Some Say It's Your Loss
I The Mighty - Artful Temptress (Paint Me Senseless)
I The Mighty - Four Letter Words
I The Mighty - Embers
Coldrain - Voiceless
Free Throw - Now Kith
Cassandra De Rosa - Splendido
A*M*E - Play The Game Boy
A*M*E - Find A Boy
A*M*E - City Lights
Chase & Status - Lost & Not Found
Alela Diane - Black Sheep
Alela Diane - Rose & Thorn
Michelle - If We Had Your Eyes
Bastille - Laughter Lines
Bastille - The Silence
Bastille - Durban Skies
Lollipop - Ciao (Reload)
Queensryche - Spore
Queensryche - In This Light
Queensryche - Redemption
Queensryche - Vindication
Queensryche - A World Without
Queensryche - Don't Look Back
Queensryche - Fallout
Queensryche - Open Road
Gloria Estefan - How Long Has This Been Going On
Gloria Estefan - The Way You Look Tonight
Tunng - So Far From Here
Lucas Nord - Run On Love
Splashh - Feels Like You
Isabell Schmidt - Ok
Isabell Schmidt - Everything's Changing
Isabell Schmidt - Im Juli
Isabell Schmidt - Heimweh
Isabell Schmidt - Inmitten Von Millionen
Soil - Shine On
Rizzle Kicks - Skip To The Good Bit
Rizzle Kicks - Everything Will Be Better In The Morning
Rizzle Kicks - Wind Up
Bahamas - Lost In The Light
Bahamas - Caught Me Thinkin
Bahamas - Okay Alright I'm Alive
Bahamas - Never Again
Bahamas - Any Other Way
Bahamas - Time And Time Again
Joe - Baby
Sofiane - Love Et Haine
Sofiane - Juste Une Larme
Jahmene Douglas - Give Us This Day
Jahmene Douglas - In The Arms Of The Angel
Jahmene Douglas - Titanium
Emily Barker - Dear River
Emily Barker - Letters
Emily Barker - Ghost Narrative
Leah McFall - Killing Me Softly
Violetta - Entres Dos Mundos
Violetta - Yo Soy Asi
Violetta - Como Quieres
Violetta - Alcacemos Las Estrellas
Kodaline - What It Is
Malcolm Middleton - 1, 2, 3, 4
Like A Storm - Chemical Infatuation
Like A Storm - Galaxy

Tropical Family - Obsesion
Mikky Ekko - Kids
Luke Bryan - Crash My Party
Anthrax - I'm Eighteen
Anthrax - Death From Above
Anthrax - Anthrax
Anthrax - Armed And Dangerous
Anthrax - Raise Hell
Anthrax - Soldiers Of Metal
Crash Kings - Mountain Man
Crash Kings - It's Only Wednesday
Crash Kings - Non Believer
Alpine - Multiplication
Ivy Levan - Money
Anciients - Flood And Fire
Parov Stelar - Booty Swing
Krystal Keith - Can't Buy You Money
Pretty Reckless (The) - Follow Me Down
JJ - Fågelsången
Disarstar - 100.000 Meilen
Liferuiner - C.O.P.E.
Liferuiner - Harvest/Famine
Liferuiner - Despair
Liferuiner - Self-Purgatory
Benefizsong für die Flutopfer - Weida Mitanand
LaMalareputazione - Balla (la Canzone Della Vita)
LaMalareputazione - La Folle Corsa
LaMalareputazione - Ora Che È Semplice
LaMalareputazione - Irene E Il Suo Cavallo
LaMalareputazione - Conosco Il Tuo Segreto
LaMalareputazione - Il Talento Di Modigliani
LaMalareputazione - La Parte Più Sana
Fally Ipupa - Kitoko
Sharon Doorson - Killer
Sharon Doorson - Fail In Love
Sharon Doorson - Paralyzed
Sharon Doorson - Never Let Me Go
Pippo Pollina - Mare Mare Mare
Pippo Pollina - Cantautori
Pippo Pollina - Laddove Crescevano I Melograni
Pippo Pollina - L'appartenenza
Pippo Pollina - Da Terra A Terra
Pippo Pollina - Anniventi
Pippo Pollina - Risveglio
Pippo Pollina - Adesso Che
Sully Sefil - Perdu Dans Mes Pensées
Michael Franti And Spearhead - I'm Alive (Life Sounds Like)
Megan Nicole - Summer Forever
Natalia Kills - Saturday Night
Nine Inch Nails - Find My Way
Nine Inch Nails - Disappointed
Nine Inch Nails - Everything
Nine Inch Nails - Satellite
Nine Inch Nails - Running
Nine Inch Nails - While I'm Still Here
Gatto Panceri - Vieni A Vivere
Olympe - I Will Always Love You
Olympe - Merci
Autopsy - She Is A Funeral
Autopsy - Arch Cadaver
Autopsy - Flesh Turns To Dust
The XX - Tides
Michelle Williams - If We Had Your Eyes
Havok - Unnatural Selection
CRO - Genau So
CRO - Papa Schüttelt Seinen Kopf
CRO - Bei Dir
Sing um Dein Leben - Unter Meiner Haut
Guaia Guaia - Absolute Gewinner
Guaia Guaia - Terrorist
Guaia Guaia - Von Stadt Zu Stadt
Guaia Guaia - Neues Land
Guaia Guaia - Die Reichen
Yasha - Strand
Yasha - Beweis
Yasha - Raketen
Yasha - 5 Minuten Gott
Yasha - Silvester
Yasha - Telefon
Yasha - Weltraumtourist
Peter Michael - Es Gibt So Wunderbare Lügen
Arctic Monkeys - One For The Road
Arctic Monkeys - Arabella
Arctic Monkeys - Fireside
Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks
Arctic Monkeys - I Wanna Be Yours
Vaccines (The) - Melody Calling
Agathodaimon - In Darkness (We Shall Be Reborn)
Agathodaimon - Favourite Sin
Agathodaimon - Adio
Agathodaimon - Somewhere Somewhen
Agathodaimon - Dusk Of An Infinite Shade (Amurg)
Agathodaimon - Höllenfahrt Der Selbsterkenntnis
Watain - De Profundis
Watain - Black Flames March
Watain - They Rode On
Watain - Sleepless Evil
Watain - The Wild Hunt
Watain - Holocaust Dawn
Eternium - Aura Titian: Obsidian Dressed His Eyelids
Eternium - Aura Infernum: The Flight Over Massless Soul
Eternium - Aura Rubicon: Apotheosis Of Solar Flares
Eternium - Aura Noir: Repelling A Solar Giant
Example - All The Wrong Places
Saille - Passages Of The Nemesis
Saille - Overdose Of Gray
Saille - Plaigh Allais
Saille - The Orion Prophecy
Saille - Revelations
Saille - Maere
Saille - Tephra
Saille - Tremendous
Saille - Fhtagn
Saille - Sati
Saille - Runaljod
Saille - Ritual Descent
Keller Steff - Magic
Mother Mother - All Gone
One Direction - Best Song Ever
Wine From Tears - What Are You Waiting For
Wine From Tears - In Memory Of The Truth
Wine From Tears - Let Me In
Wine From Tears - Like A Fallen Leaf
Asher Roth - Actin Up
MGMT - Your Life Is A Lie
Backstreet Boys - Breathe
Backstreet Boys - Madeleine
Backstreet Boys - Make Believe
Backstreet Boys - Try
Backstreet Boys - One Phone Call
Backstreet Boys - Soldier
Elton John - Oceans Away
Elton John - Voyeur
Elton John - Take This Dirty Water
Elton John - 5th Avenue
AJ Michalka - All I've Ever Needed
Newsboys - Live With Abandon
Oslo - Hold Me Down
EstA - Es Läuft
EstA - 24/7
Tairo - La Roue Tourne
Tairo - Ainsi Soit-il
Aynsley Lister - Home
Aynsley Lister - Broke
Aynsley Lister - Insatiable
Aynsley Lister - Free
Aynsley Lister - Sugar
Aynsley Lister - Feeling Good
Aynsley Lister - Impossible
Udo Wenders - Theresa
Udo Wenders - Die Sehnsucht Bleibt
DevilDriver - Curses And Epitaphs
Bernard Fanning - Tell Me How It Ends
Bernard Fanning - Limbo Stick
Bernard Fanning - Battleships
Bernard Fanning - Grow Around You
Bernard Fanning - Drake
Bernard Fanning - Inside Track
Kisses - Funny Heartbeat
Buddy Guy - Messin With The Kid
Buddy Guy - One Day Away
Buddy Guy - Well I Done Got Over It
Buddy Guy - What You Gonna Do About Me
We As Human - Sever
Bloc Party - French Exit
Michael Franti And Spearhead - 11:59
Michael Franti And Spearhead - I'm Alive
Michael Franti And Spearhead - Life Is Better With You
Michael Franti And Spearhead - Earth From Outer Space
Michael Franti And Spearhead - Closer To You
Michael Franti And Spearhead - Gangsta Girl
Michael Franti And Spearhead - Wherever You Are
Michael Franti And Spearhead - Say Goodbye
Sons Of the Sea - Space And Time
Sons Of the Sea - Where All The Songs Come From
Gwen Sebastian - Zombie
Leslie Grace - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Leslie Grace - Be My Baby
Leslie Grace - Adiós Corazón
Leslie Grace - No Me Arrepiento
Leslie Grace - A Mi Manera
Leslie Grace - Hoy
La Maquinaria Norteña - Se Que Llorare
Bass Drum Of Death - Fine Lies
Bass Drum Of Death - Shattered Me
Bass Drum Of Death - Faces Of The Wind
Bass Drum Of Death - Crawling After You
Bass Drum Of Death - White Fright
Bass Drum Of Death - You'll Never Be So Wrong
Weston Burt - Lucky Sometimes
Larry And His Flask - Out Of Print
Larry And His Flask - Barleywine Bump
Larry And His Flask - Gone From You
Larry And His Flask - Cruel Twist Of Fate
Larry And His Flask - All That We've Seen
Larry And His Flask - Manifest Destiny
Larry And His Flask - Slow It Down
Lys - This Morning
Lys - Insane
Kat Graham - Power
Ace Hood - Testimony
Solstafir - Ljós í Stormi
Solstafir - Sjúki Skugginn
Solstafir - Melrakkablús
Solstafir - Djákninn
JJ Lawhorn - Sittin' On A Tailgate
JJ Lawhorn - Good Ol' Boys Like Us
JJ Lawhorn - Stomping Grounds
JJ Lawhorn - She Kissed Me Anyway
Jane's Addiction - Ocean Size
Jane's Addiction - Three Days
Erica Campbell - A Little More Jesus
Ballyhoo! - No Good
Los Angeles Azules - El Pecado
Luis Miguel - No Me Platiques Mas
Luis Miguel - Inolvidable
Luis Miguel - La Barca
Luis Miguel - El Dia Que Me Quieras
Luis Miguel - Sin Ti
Luis Miguel - Todo Y Nada
Luis Miguel - Voy A Apagar La Luz/contigo Aprendi
Luis Miguel - Sabor A Mi
Luis Miguel - Por Debajo De La Mesa
Luis Miguel - Amanecer
Luis Miguel - Encadenados
Victoria Justice - Shake
Benny Benassi - Dance The Pain Away
Julia Fordham - Porcelain
Julia Fordham - Where Does The Time Go?
Julia Fordham - More Than I Can Bear
Julia Fordham - Girlfriend
Nitin Sawhney - Letting Go
AlunaGeorge - Outlines
AlunaGeorge - Kaleidoscope Love
AlunaGeorge - Diver
AlunaGeorge - Lost & Found
AlunaGeorge - Friends To Lovers
Cyril Hahn - Perfect Form
Pulcino Pio - Superstar
Blessthefall - You Wear A Crown But You're No King
Blessthefall - Hollow Bodies
Blessthefall - Déjà Vu
Blessthefall - See You On The Outside
Blessthefall - Standing On The Ashes
Blessthefall - Open Water
Patrice - Cry Cry Cry
Neosignal - Angst
Ciara - Body Party
Horacio Palencia - Contesta Mi Pregunta
Minority Sound - Hostile In Your Skull
Minority Sound - Load Of Destruction
Minority Sound - The Explorer
Minority Sound - Zealots
Minority Sound - Binary Child
Minority Sound - Wipe Out The Virus
Minority Sound - Fear
Minority Sound - Paradox
Minority Sound - Never Enough
Caïna - Hideous Gnosis
Caïna - Constantine The Blind
Caïna - Wormwood Over Albion
Carnal Demise - Scum
Carnal Demise - The Pulse Of The End
Carnal Demise - True Fallacy
Carnal Demise - Sleighride
Sundowners - Blue Gills And Black Bears
Sundowners - Hold On
Sundowners - The Language Of Man
Sundowners - Heavy Cards
Sundowners - Rooted Nowhere
Sundowners - Dig Deeper
Living Room - Spiral Galaxy Arms
Living Room - Life Lines
Messenger Down - Just Not The Hero Type
Messenger Down - North Star (And A Million Miles To Home)
Messenger Down - We're Fighting Fate Here, You And I
Messenger Down - Nostalgically Yours
Messenger Down - A Lie For A Lie (Make Up Your Mind Before I Have To Do This For You)
Messenger Down - You're A Magician, Not A Wizard
Messenger Down - Two's Company, Three's The Musketeers
Messenger Down - A Toast To Someday
Messenger Down - Come For Christmans, Stay Forever
Messenger Down - Die Sehnsucht (The Longing)
Anarbor - Damage I've Done
Anarbor - I Hate You So Much
Anarbor - Take My Pain Away
Anarbor - Freaks
Anarbor - Rock To My Roll
Full Of Hell - Dichotomy
Full Of Hell - Coven Of The Larynx
Full Of Hell - Throbbing Lung Fiber
Full Of Hell - Indigence And Guilt
Full Of Hell - Bone Coral And Brine
Adventures - Clear My Head With You
Adventures - The Light Brings Without
Hopes Die Last - Hellbound
Hopes Die Last - Promises
Secrets - How We Survive
Secrets - Ready For Repair
Secrets - Wasted Youth (part 1)
Secrets - The Architect (part 2)
Secrets - Maybe Next May
Secrets - Fragile Figures
Secrets - Live Together, Die Alone
Secrets - Sleep Well, Darling
Hands Like Houses - Developments
Hands Like Houses - Introduced Species
Hands Like Houses - Shapeshifters
Hands Like Houses - The House You Built
Hands Like Houses - Oceandust
We Still Dream - Happily Never After
We Still Dream - Closer Look
We Still Dream - Tendencies
We Still Dream - Convince Me
We Still Dream - Dissipate
Let It Happen - Ghost Of Yesterday
Let It Happen - Bridges
Let It Happen - Oh So Speechless
Let It Happen - Hide And Seek
Dangerous Summer (The) - Catholic Girls
Dangerous Summer (The) - Drowning
Dangerous Summer (The) - Honesty
Dangerous Summer (The) - We Will Wait In The Fog
Dangerous Summer (The) - Miles Apart
Dangerous Summer (The) - I'm So Pathetic
Dangerous Summer (The) - Anchor
Vick Frida - Anche I Filosofi
Mario Venuti - Anche I Filosofi
Tich - Obsession
Lafrontera - Inhibit Me
Lafrontera - Never Ascend
Eternal Deformity - Lifeless
Eternal Deformity - Pestilence Claims No Higher Purpose
Eternal Deformity - Caught Out Lying
Eternal Deformity - The Beauty Of The Ultimate End
Darkane - The Sinister Supremacy
Darkane - Ostracized
Darkane - The Decline
Darkane - Insurrection Is Imminent
Darkane - In The Absence Of Pain
Darkane - By Darkness Designed
Craft - Serpent Soul
Craft - The Ground Surrenders
Craft - Succumb To Sin
Craft - Void
B-Tight & Emil Bulls - Die Zeit Heilt Nichts
Maria Mena - I Always Liked That
YTITTY - Get Lucky Parodie
Gogol Bordello - Lost Innocent World
Gogol Bordello - Rainbow
Gogol Bordello - Gypsy Auto Pilot
Gogol Bordello - We Shall Sail
MaybeBop - Im Moment Ist Alles Richtig
MaybeBop - Ideal
MaybeBop - Esst Mehr Insekten
MaybeBop - Nimm Mich Mit
MaybeBop - Was Ist Mit Der Liebe?
MaybeBop - Erlkönig
MaybeBop - So Bin Ich Ohne Dich
Rocco Hunt - Atleti
Defiled (The) - The Infected
Neighbourhood (The) - $ting
Dodos (The) - Transformer
Dodos (The) - Substance
Dodos (The) - Holidays
Dodos (The) - Family
Dodos (The) - Death
Dodos (The) - The Ocean
Daley - Songs That Remind Me Of You
Caroline Rose - More Immoral
Girl On Fire - Losing My Identity
Girl On Fire - One Step Away
Girl On Fire - Monster
Florence And The Machine - Never Let Me Go
Blitz Kids - Run For Cover
Miss Lava - Don't Tell A Soul
Roberto Tapia - Gente De Guzman
Roberto Tapia - Pense Que Te Habia Olvidado
Roberto Tapia - Me Duele
Roberto Tapia - Que Raro Se Siente Todo
Keen'v - Je Ne Gacherai Pas Tout
Keen'v - Le Droit Au Bonheur
Keen'v - J'sais Pas Danser
Keen'v - Rat Des Champs
Keen'v - Malgré Moi
Moby - A Case For Shame
Moby - Almost Home
Moby - The Perfect Life
Moby - The Last Day
Moby - Don't Love Me
Moby - The Lonely Night
Pretty Reckless (The) - Burn
Lorde - Tennis Court
Lorde - Swingin Party
Neil Diamond - The Freedom Song (They'll Never Take Us Down)
Lana Del Rey - Breaking My Heart
Dimitri Vegas - Mammoth
CRO - Stehtisch Freestyle
East & Young - Starting Again
Robin Thicke - Pressure
Robin Thicke - Put Your Lovin On Me
Partynextdoor - Tbh
Partynextdoor - Ballin'
Infested (The) - Who I Am
Infested (The) - The End
Citizen - Roam The Room
Citizen - The Night I Drove Alone
Citizen - Speaking With A Ghost
Citizen - Your Head Got Misplaced
MMJ Magno - Puson Mamon
Hulon - Two In The Morning
Dwayne - God's Gift
Hillsong Youth - Alive
NeverShoutNever - Wild Child
NeverShoutNever - I Need You
NeverShoutNever - Aeroplane
NeverShoutNever - Time Traveler Blues
Joey + Rory - Hammerin' Nails
Donell Jones - Closer I Get To You
Donell Jones - Sorry I Hurt You
Donell Jones - I'm So Gone
Donell Jones - A Mother's Love
Beck - I Won't Be Long
Natalia Moscou - Poupées
Goodie Mob - Fight To Win
Blake Lewis - Your Touch
Babyshambles - Nothing Comes To Nothing
Babyshambles - New Pair
Babyshambles - Maybeline
Mono Inc. - Heile, Heile Segen
Mono Inc. - Euthanasia
Mono Inc. - Herzschlag
Mono Inc. - Ich Teile Dich Nicht
Chimaira - The Machine
Chimaira - Crown Of Phantoms
Chimaira - Love Soaked Death
Worldfly - Beautiful Girl
Worldfly - Calling Out
Worldfly - Please Go Lightly
Worldfly - A World Gone Crazy
Worldfly - Little Acrobat
Worldfly - Lights For Our Fathers
Worldfly - Eye Of The Storm
Pineapple Thief (The) - Lay On The Tracks
End Of Green - Holidays In Hell
End Of Green - Final Resistance
End Of Green - Home On Fire
End Of Green - Death Of The Weakender
End Of Green - Don't Stop Killing Me
End Of Green - Chasing Ghosts
End Of Green - Miss Misery
End Of Green - The Painstreet
End Of Green - Blackened Eyes
End Of Green - Hurter
Nazar - Pyramiden Hinterm Mond
Emma6 - Passen
Raffaele Spidalieri - La Luna E La Bottiglia
Raffaele Spidalieri - Sono Qua
Raffaele Spidalieri - Parlami D'Amore Mariù
Raffaele Spidalieri - Un Pò Di Dolore
Raffaele Spidalieri - Fino Alla Fine Del Mondo
Joey Badass - Right On Time
Agnes Monica - Hide And Seek
Agnes Monica - Walk
Agnes Monica - Bad Girl
Agnes Monica - Flying High
Agnes Monica - Got Me Figured Out
Agnes Monica - Renegade
Agnes Monica - Let's Fall In Love Again
Agnes Monica - Shut 'em Up
Negrita - La Tua Canzone
Gorthaur's Wrath - Undead Formula
Madison Beer - We Are Monster High
Michale Graves - Lost Skeleton
Michale Graves - Last Man On Earth
Allman Brothers Band (The) - Jelly Jelly
Allman Brothers Band (The) - Southbound
Allman Brothers Band (The) - Pony Boy
Naughty Boy - Welcome To Cabana
Naughty Boy - Wonder
Grégoire - Les Roses De Mon Silence
Witherscape - Mother Of The Soul
Witherscape - Astrid Falls
Witherscape - Dead For A Day
Witherscape - Dying For The Sun
Witherscape - Crawling From Validity
Tarja Turunen - Darkness
Tarja Turunen - Deliverance
Stevia - Sara
Stevia - Chi Mi Aiuterà
Stevia - Maschere
Leonardo Veronesi - L'Anarchia Della Ragione
Leonardo Veronesi - Da Domani
Leonardo Veronesi - Il Portacenere
Leonardo Veronesi - Questo Amore
Leonardo Veronesi - La Multa
Leonardo Veronesi - Segreti
Leonardo Veronesi - Immagini
Leonardo Veronesi - Il Faccendiere
Leonardo Veronesi - Mina Vagante
Sebastian Lind - Love Will Follow
Sebastian Lind - Lonely King Pt. 1
Sebastian Lind - Lonely King Pt. 2
Sebastian Lind - Back For You
Sebastian Lind - Get You
Sebastian Lind - Death Monologue
Sebastian Lind - Bring Back The Beat
Sebastian Lind - Physical Closure
Sebastian Lind - Feel Happy
Nathalie Giannitrapani - Sogno D'Estate
Emma6 - Fast
Emma6 - Ab Und Zu