Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 126:

Ernie Halter - Meant To Be
Ernie Halter - Black Coffee In Bed
Ernie Halter - Yes I Am
Ernie Halter - I'd Look Good On You
Ernie Halter - Here & Gone
Harry Nilsson - I Will Take You There
Harry Nilsson - Jump Into The Fire
Harry Nilsson - Many Rivers To Cross
Harry Nilsson - Easier For Me
Anoraak - Behind Your Shades
Monsta - Evolution
Javi Soleil - Ya No Te Puedo Olvidar
Javi Soleil - La Fiesta
Javi Soleil - No Busques Perdón
Javi Soleil - Solo Un Adiós
Javi Soleil - Tu Forma De Sentir
Renzo Arbore - Don't Forget (Non Dimenticar)
Renzo Arbore - Stay Here With Me (Resta Cu Mme)
Danay Suarez - Flores
Emma Stevens - A Place Called You
Emma Stevens - Give A Little Bit
Emma Stevens - This Is For You
Emma Stevens - Teach Me To Breathe Underwater
Emma Stevens - Hey Summer!
Emma Stevens - The Simple Things
Downtown Struts (The) - Rogues
Downtown Struts (The) - Swiss Army Life
Killacat - Non C'eri Tu
Manuel Carrasco - Aprieta
Manuel Carrasco - Sabrás
Manuel Carrasco - Si Miras A Tu Alrededor
Manuel Carrasco - Antes De Ti
Manuel Carrasco - Tan Solo Tú
Manuel Carrasco - Recuerdas
Manuel Carrasco - Lo Bello De Mirarte
Manuel Carrasco - Ámame Otra Vez
Manuel Carrasco - Soy Afortunado
Necrophobic - Astaroth
Necrophobic - Black Night Raven
Necrophobic - The Necromancer
Necrophobic - Matanbuchus
Necrophobic - Opium Black
Necrophobic - Infinite Infernalis
Zeromancer - You Meet People Twice
Zeromancer - Manoeuvres
Zeromancer - Montreal
Zeromancer - Ash Wednesday
Zeromancer - Hollywood
Zeromancer - Sinners International
Zeromancer - The Hate Alphabet
Graveltones (The) - Bang Bang
Graveltones (The) - Forget About The Trouble
Modà - Cuore E Vento
Klangstabil - Cinecittà
I Musicanti Del Vento - Folle Folla
I Musicanti Del Vento - Al Circo Del Poeta Matto
I Musicanti Del Vento - Il Vuoto E La Cenere
I Musicanti Del Vento - Le Chiavi Della Città
Miljö - De Welt Noch Nit Jesinn
Fedez - Nuvole Di Fango
Maggers United - I Promised Myself
Less Than Jake - My Money Is On The Long Shot
Less Than Jake - Jump
Less Than Jake - The Troubles
Less Than Jake - Give Me Something To Believe In, Inc.
Less Than Jake - Sunstroke
Band Of Skulls - Bruises
Band Of Skulls - Patterns
Band Of Skulls - Wanderlust
Band Of Skulls - Navigate
Band Of Skulls - Bomb
Band Of Skulls - Hollywood Bowl
Band Of Skulls - You Aren't Pretty But You Got It Going On
Band Of Skulls - The Devil Takes Care Of His Own
Leaves - The Sensualist
Leaves - Perfect Weather
Leaves - Animals
Leaves - Wilderness Song
Leaves - White Noise
Leaves - Sleepy Waters
Leaves - Afterglow
Framing Hanley - Crooked Smiles
Anthony Raneri - Charleston
Anthony Raneri - The Ballad Of Bill The Saint
Kittyhawk - The First One
Kittyhawk - Older/Wiser
Departures - A Song For The Sunset
XO - Blizzard
XO - My Beautiful Girl
XO - Some Day
XO - Dance With Me
Close Your Eyes - Burdened By Hope
Close Your Eyes - Days Of Youth
Close Your Eyes - Sleeping Giant
Close Your Eyes - Kings Of John Payne
Close Your Eyes - Trends And Phases
Close Your Eyes - Glory
Close Your Eyes - My Way Home
Close Your Eyes - Follow The Son
Eros Ramazzotti - Antes De Ti
Sainthood Reps - Telemarketeer
Sainthood Reps - Animal Glue
Sainthood Reps - Hunter
Sainthood Reps - Holiday Makers
Sainthood Reps - Widow
Short Stack - Suburbia
Short Stack - Saturday Night
Short Stack - S.O.U.L.
Short Stack - New York City Ballet
Short Stack - Love Drug
New Varsity (The) - Hangovers And Morning Afters
New Varsity (The) - I Puked At The Fonda
New Varsity (The) - 34
New Varsity (The) - One Last Thing
Better Off (TN) - Hello (Blues)
Better Off (TN) - The Price Is Never Right
Better Off (TN) - Letting It In / Making It Go
Better Off (TN) - Next Step Is Out The Door
Better Off (TN) - Inside
Oldelaf Et Monsieur D - La Belle Histoire
Ben L'Oncle Soul - Hallelujah!!! (J'ai Tant Besoin De Toi)
Manolo Escobar - A La Nana Mi Amor
Manolo Escobar - El Botoncito
Manolo Escobar - Espigas Y Amapolas
Manolo Escobar - Horóscopo
Manolo Escobar - Palmas De Rey
Wasted Penguinz - You Can't Pull Me Down
Judith van Hel - The Way I Tend To Be
Michele Bravi - Carte Da Decifrare
Street Clerks - Wake Me Up
Sido - Irgendwo Wartet Jemand
Sido - Liebe
Sido - Grenzenlos
Sido - Fühl Dich Frei
Rebecca Ferguson - Bridges
Rebecca Ferguson - Hanging On
Rebecca Ferguson - Wonderful World
Rebecca Ferguson - I Choose You
Viò - Let Her Go
Gigi D'Alessio - Suonatori E Non Eroi
Gigi D'Alessio - Serpente A Sonagli
David Essex - Rock On
Anodine - Color Of This Place
Connan Mockasin - Do I Make You Feel Shy?
Bubba Sparxxx - Right
Caroline Costa - J'ai Dit Oui
Norah Jones - Long Time Gone
Billie Joe Armstrong - Long Time Gone
Billie Joe Armstrong - Rockin' Alone (In An Old Rockin' Chair)
Ewigheim - Glück Im Unglück
Tim Bendzko - Auch Wenn Es Gelogen Ist
Tim Bendzko - Durch Die Nacht
Tim Bendzko - Ich Will Zu Dir
Tim Bendzko - Leicht Sein
Tim Bendzko - Wo Sollen Wir Nur Hin
Tim Bendzko - Unter Die Haut
Tim Bendzko - Zum Greifen Nah
Tim Bendzko - Bei Dir Sein
Tim Bendzko - Albtraum
Demonical - An Endless Celebration
Demonical - The Healing Control
Demonical - Hellfire Empire
Demonical - Words Are Death
Demonical - Deathcrown
Demonical - World Beyond
Demonical - Burned Alive
Demonical - Return In Flesh
Demonical - March For Victory
Demonical - Darkness Awaits
Demonical - Infernal Void
Demonical - Götter Des Nordens
Demonical - Feeding The Armageddon
Demonical - Unholy Desecration
Margit Silay - Sleeping Satellite
Marco Musca - Come Home
Sarah Ego - Come & Get It
Annika Kron - Always Remember Me
PRTY H3RO - Life Of The PRTY
Lanes - All Checks Done
Rasmus Seebach - Sandstorm
Rasmus Seebach - En Øde Ø
Rasmus Seebach - I Min T-shirt
Rasmus Seebach - 1000 Farver
Rasmus Seebach - Hjemløs
Rasmus Seebach - Venner
Soraya Darouiche - Next To Me
Kimberley Günter - A Moment Like This
Kimberley Günter - Believe
Marc Dupré - Un Coup Sur Mon Cœur
Marc Dupré - Nous Sommes Les Mêmes
Marc Dupré - Pour Que Tu Reviennes
Marc Dupré - Être à Toi
Marc Dupré - Aimons-nous (Sans Attendre)
Marc Dupré - Lettre à Une Oubliée
Marc Dupré - Un Peu Plus Près Des Dieux
Marc Dupré - Tout Ce Que Je Peux
Marc Dupré - Rien Ne Finit Jamais
Marc Dupré - Je Vous Aime
Heldmaschine - Alles Was Du Brauchst
Heldmaschine - Gnadenlos
Heldmaschine - Radioaktiv
Heldmaschine - Heldmaschine
Heldmaschine - Königin
Paul McCartney - Struggle
Adventure Club - Gold
Adventure Club - Wonder
Adventure Club - Crash
Dan Mangan - Road Regrets
Dan Mangan - Fair Verona
Dan Mangan - You Silly Git
Dan Mangan - Tina's Glorious Comeback
Dan Mangan - Pine For Cedars
Dan Mangan - Set The Sails
Frère Alessandro - Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle
Frère Alessandro - Cantique De Noel (o Holy Night)
Frère Alessandro - Adeste Fideles
Frank Michael - Combien De Roses
Frank Michael - L'amour En Bleu
Frank Michael - Ma Fille
Yodelice - Another Second
Axel Rudi Pell - Into The Storm
Yodelice - Way Back Home
Juana Molina - Eras
Empyrium - Mourners
Empyrium - Der Weiher
Empyrium - Many Moons Ago
Tinie Tempah - Lost Ones
Rosario Flores - Quiéreme Mucho
Rosario Flores - Como Quieres Que Te Quiera?
Calibre 50 - Código 75
Ghost B.C. - If You Have Ghosts
Ghost B.C. - I'm A Marionette
Ghost B.C. - Crucified
Ghost B.C. - Waiting For The Night
Roger Taylor - Quality Street
Roger Taylor - Sunny Day
Roger Taylor - Small
Anavae - Anti-Faith
Anavae - Aeon
Anavae - Bring Me Down
Active Child - Evening Ceremony
Leona Lewis - One More Sleep
Leona Lewis - Mr Right
Leona Lewis - O Holy Night
Leona Lewis - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
Leona Lewis - Ave Maria
MaximNoise - Mir So Nah
Anthony Touma - Si Tu N'as Rien A Faire
Niccolò Bossini - Sei Dove Sei
Florent Pagny - Le Soldat
Florent Pagny - Condoléances
Florent Pagny - Quand On Est Seul En Décembre
Florent Pagny - Souviens-toi
Dom La Nena - Anjo Gabriel
Zucchero - Quale Senso Abbiamo Noi
Critika & Saik - Un Juguete Más
Wise Guys - Wo Der Pfeffer Wächst
Wise Guys - Powerfrau
Wise Guys - Mädchen Lach Doch Mal
Wise Guys - Meine Deutschlehrerin
Wise Guys - Es Ist Nicht Immer Leicht
Wise Guys - Denglisch
Wise Guys - Im Flugzeug
Wise Guys - Du Doof
Wise Guys - Ohrwurm
After The Burial - Anti-Pattern
Morrissey - Ouija Board, Ouija Board
Morrissey - Maladjusted
Morrissey - You're The One For Me Fatty
Morrissey - Still Ill
Morrissey - People Are The Same Everywhere
Morrissey - Speedway
Morrissey - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
Morrissey - Meat Is Murder
Morrissey - Action Is My Middle Name
Morrissey - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Morrissey - Let Me Kiss You
Morrissey - The Boy With A Thorn In His Side
David Dallas - The Gate
Dethklok - Abigail's Lullaby
Dethklok - I Believe
Dethklok - A Traitor Amongst Them
Dethklok - Before You Go
Dethklok - The Answer Is In Your Past
Dethklok - Morte Lumina
Dethklok - Blazing Star
Young The Giant - Mind Over Matter
Young The Giant - It's About Time
Julie Roberts - Good Wine And Bad Decisions
Julie Roberts - Arms Of Jesus
Julie Roberts - Bones
Julie Roberts - Old Habit
Julie Roberts - When It's Over
Julie Roberts - Daddy Doesn't Pray
Kellie Pickler - Buzzin'
Kellie Pickler - Closer To Nowhere
Kellie Pickler - I Forgive You
Kellie Pickler - Bonnie And Clyde
Ed Kowalczyk - Grace
Ed Kowalczyk - Drink (Everlasting Love)
Ed Kowalczyk - Zion
Elodie Frégé - Un Jour Mon Prince Viendra
Dionysos - Jack Et La Mécanique Du Cœur
Cash Cash - Overtime
Cash Cash - Hideaway
Cash Cash - Satellites
Five Iron Frenzy - Against A Sea Of Troubles
Five Iron Frenzy - So Far
Five Iron Frenzy - Zen & The Art Of Xenophobia
Five Iron Frenzy - Someone Else's Problem
Five Iron Frenzy - I've Seen The Sun
Hawk In Paris (The) - Freaks
Jhene Aiko - The Vapors
Neck Deep - Growing Pains
Neck Deep - Say What You Want
Raphael Gualazzi - Il Mare (La Mer)
Raphael Gualazzi - Legba
Celldweller - Cry Little Sister Vs. Hello Zepp
Dismemberment Plan - The Face Of The Earth
Dismemberment Plan - Time Bomb
Dismemberment Plan - I'm Going To Buy You A Gun
Dayseeker - Black Earth
Dayseeker - Incinerate
Dayseeker - Dead Man
Dayseeker - The Home We Built
Dayseeker - Sleep In The Sea
SonuVab!tch - Skulletor
SonuVab!tch - Lion's Fall
SonuVab!tch - Courage
SonuVab!tch - Let Traces Remain
Beats Antique - You The Starry Eyed
Warpaint - Keep It Healthy
Warpaint - Teese
Dave Barnes - Little Lies
Dave Barnes - God Gave Me You
Dave Barnes - What I Need
Dave Barnes - What We Want, What We Get
Dave Barnes - Chameleon
Dave Barnes - Someone's Somebody
Dave Barnes - Something To Build Upon
Dave Barnes - Look So Easy
Dave Barnes - You Do The Same For Me
Dave Barnes - My Love, My Enemy
Dave Barnes - Until You
Dave Barnes - When A Heart Breaks
Dave Barnes - Good World Gone Bad
Dave Barnes - Carry Me Through
Dave Barnes - Believe
Dave Barnes - Someday
Dave Barnes - 10.000 Children
Dave Barnes - Nothing Else
Dave Barnes - Miles To Go
Dave Barnes - Prayers Of The Saints
Dave Barnes - Nothing Fancy
Beautiful Eulogy - According To God
Beautiful Eulogy - The Size Of Grace
Beautiful Eulogy - Acquired In Heaven
Beyonce Knowles - God Made You Beautiful
Jhene Aiko - My Mine
Jhene Aiko - Higher
Jhene Aiko - Growing Apart Too
Maria Taylor - Up All Night
Maria Taylor - Sum Of Our Lives
Maria Taylor - You've Got A Way With The Light
Maria Taylor - Something About Knowing
Maria Taylor - Saturday In June
Maria Taylor - A Lullaby For You
J.Friend & Ryan House - In My Zone
Puhdys - Halleluja
Puhdys - Weihnachten War Damals Spektakulär
Puhdys - Gemeinsam Stark
Levante - Memo
Sergio Dalma - Recuerdo Crónico
Sergio Dalma - Volar Sin Ti
Sergio Dalma - Eres Oro
Sergio Dalma - Y Tú Que Sabes
Sergio Dalma - Si Fueras Mía
Sergio Dalma - Hay Vidas
Lonewolf - The Fourth And Final Horseman
Lonewolf - Time For War
Lonewolf - Dragonriders
Lonewolf - Guardian Angel
Lonewolf - Throne Of Skulls
Lonewolf - The Brotherhood Of Wolves
Lonewolf - Destiny
Daddy Yankee - La Nueva Y La Ex
Daddy Yankee - Dejala Caer
DieLochis - Mach Es Jetzt
Black Rage - Silent Scream
Black Rage - Killing The World
Flower Travellin Band - Louisiana Blues
Guy Sebastian - Like A Drum
Reece Mastin - Girls (All Around The World)
Michele Bravi - See Emily Play
Andrea D'Alessio - Another Brick In The Wall
Street Clerks - Nice Che Dice
Wild Child - The Runaround
Wild Child - Victim To Charm
Wild Child - Crazy Bird
Wild Child - Coming Home
Wild Child - Anna Maria
City Lights - Promises
Lost Years - I've Still Got A Soul Left To Lose
Lost Years - Hell For The Company
Lost Years - Ghosts
Lost Years - Dying Is For Fools
Lost Years - Play The Piano Drunk Until Your Fingers Begin To Bleed A Bit
Polar Bear Club - Graph Paper Glory Days
Polar Bear Club - So I Buy
Polar Bear Club - WLWYCD
Polar Bear Club - Chicago Spring
Polar Bear Club - Twang (Blister To Burn)
We're All Thieves - Bring Back The Days
Panda - De Otro Modo
Panda - Pasar Desapercibido
Panda - Introducción A La Cartografía
Panda - Enfermedad En Casa
Panda - Usted
Panda - Mujer, Nada Me Has Dado
Panda - 10 A.M.
Focused Minds - No Satisfaction
Focused Minds - Free Your Thinking
Focused Minds - I'm Not You
Focused Minds - A Fraction
Therese Aune - In My Quiet Place
Heino - Was Soll Das?
Phillip Phillips - Where We Came From
BriBry - Home
BriBry - Littl'An
BriBry - Misadventure
BriBry - Never Stop
Tal Ofarim - Hello World
Cathrin Joksch - I Can't Make You Love Me
Leon Rudolf - Counting Stars
Janine Hecht - And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
Lisette Whitter - Teach Me How To Be Loved
Axel Fischer - Traum Von Amsterdam
Détroit - Ma Muse

Détroit - Glimmer In Your Eyes
Détroit - Ange De Désolation
Détroit - Horizon
Détroit - Droit Dans Le Soleil
Détroit - Null And Void
Détroit - Avec Le Temps
Corneille - Toujours Là
Corneille - Fais Moi La Paix
Corneille - J'en Ai Assez
Corneille - A L'horizon
Corneille - Le Paradis (Remix)
Corneille - Sans Raccourcis
Corneille - Touché
NonostanteClizia - I Ragazzi Dell'alaska
Amel Larrieux - Afraid
Amel Larrieux - You Don't See Me
Amel Larrieux - A Million Sapphires
Amel Larrieux - Berries And Cream
Amel Larrieux - Danger
Amel Larrieux - Moment To Reflect
Amel Larrieux - See Where You Are
Bianca Story (The) - Not The Sun
Bianca Story (The) - Coming Home
Bianca Story (The) - Friend's Bar
Bianca Story (The) - Bird Rocket
Bianca Story (The) - Brand New Vision
Bianca Story (The) - Lazy Boy
Lamar Starzz - Battle Scars
Yancey Boys - Flowers
Justin Bieber - Bad Day
Tommy Reeve - Dance
Sirusho - Qele Qele
Massive Attack - Risingson
Massive Attack - Teardrop
Man Doki - Last Day Of Summer
Man Doki - On And On
Paul Carrack - Beautiful World
Beatrice Egli - Verrückt Nach Dir
Saxon - Crusader
Saxon - Battle Cry
Saxon - The Eagle Has Landed
Saxon - Red Star Falling
Saxon - Broken Heroes
Saxon - Call To Arms
Saxon - Just Let Me Rock
Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder
Saxon - And The Bands Played On
Saxon - Princess Of The Night
Saxon - Motorcycle Man
Saxon - Never Surrender
Saxon - Denim & Leather
Yvonne Catterfeld - Ganz Großes Kino
Yvonne Catterfeld - So Viel Mehr Als Liebe
Yvonne Catterfeld - Jäger Der Zeit
Yvonne Catterfeld - Phantomschmerz
Yvonne Catterfeld - Ich Bin Es Nicht
Artillery - The Almighty
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Strange Man
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Magpies On Fire
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Never Is A Long Time
Boyzone - Who Are We
Boyzone - Everything I Own
Boyzone - Centre Of Gravity
Boyzone - Heaven Is
Boyzone - If We Try
Boyzone - Best Night Of Our Lives
Boyzone - Rise
Boyzone - The Hour Before Christmas
Beastmilk - Death Reflects Us
Beastmilk - The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls
Beastmilk - You Are Now Under Our Control
Beastmilk - Nuclear Winter
Beastmilk - Love In A Cold World
Glen Hansard - Pennies In The Fountain
Conor Maynard - Don't Forget
Majoe & Jasko - Du Fehlst
Dami Im - Alive
Hayce Lemsi - Gangsta Fièr(e)
Zemial - Ancient Arcane Scrolls
Zemial - In The Arms Of Hades
Zemial - Breath Of Pestilence
Jennifer Rostock - Phantombild
Jennifer Rostock - K.B.A.G.
Jennifer Rostock - Wenn Der Wodka Zweimal Klingelt
Beatrice Egli - Herz An Herz
Beatrice Egli - Du Bist Die Sonne
Beatrice Egli - So Wie Ein Stern
Paul Sabu - At War With The Weights
Stadio - La Promessa
Stadio - Poi Ti Lascerò Dormire
Stadio - Cortili Lontani
Lodovica Comello - Sólo Musica
Lodovica Comello - Para Siempre
Lodovica Comello - La Cosa Más Linda
Straightaway - Fighting The Odds
Straightaway - Faliure Is A Success
Straightaway - Keep Running
Straightaway - A Long Way To Go
Straightaway - Over And Out
Straightaway - Last Exit To Nowhere
Straightaway - The Future Is Yours To Make
Straightaway - My Own Demise
James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier
Antonique Smith - Hold Up Wait A Minute (Woo Woo)
Foja - A Malia
Foja - Fesso E Cuntento
Foja - Maletiempo
Foja - Nun Te Scurdà 'E Chi Vene
Foja - A Ballata Do Diavolo
Foja - A Freva
Foja - Natalina
Foja - Uocchie Sicche
Joan Jett - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Johnny Hallyday - Un Jour L'amour Te Trouvera
Neil Finn - Last One Standing
Neil Finn - Souvenir
Neil Finn - Climber
Neil Finn - Wherever You Are
Neil Finn - The Climber
Vison - Le Vin
Mercy River - Beautiful Life
Gwennyn - Matin Des Arbres
Jamie Grace - Always You
Carrie Underwood - The Sound Of Music
Danielle Bradbery - Endless Summer
Danielle Bradbery - Talk About Love
Glee Cast - Marry The Night
Glee Cast - Applause
Glee Cast - Wide Awake
Glee Cast - Roar
All Time Low - Fool's Holiday
Amira Willighagen - O Mio Babbino Caro
Our Last Night - Dark Storms
Viò - Friday I'm In Love
Pentatonix - Save The World / Don't You Worry Child
Adriano Celentano - Mai Nella Vita
On My Honor - Say It With The I
Jacob Latimore - Let Em Go
Jacob Latimore - Used To Love Her
Impending Doom - Death Will Reign
Impending Doom - Storming The Gates Of Hell
Impending Doom - More Than Conquerors
Impending Doom - City Of Refuge
Impending Doom - My Nemesis
Impending Doom - At The Churches' End
Impending Doom - Feeding The Decomposing
James Wolpert - A Case Of You
Broken Bells - After The Disco
Broken Bells - Holding On For Life
Broken Bells - The Changing Lights
Broken Bells - Control
Broken Bells - Medicine
Broken Bells - No Matter What You're Told
Gord Bamford - When Your Lips Are So Close
Todd Agnew - Still Has A Hold
Todd Agnew - If You Wanted Me
Todd Agnew - Lovers In Our Heads
Franco Battiato - Tutto L'Universo Obbedisce All'amore
Franco Battiato - I Treni Di Tozeur
Franco Battiato - La Cura
Todd Agnew - Written On The Wall
Todd Agnew - Give Me Jesus
Todd Agnew - Higher Ground
Todd Agnew - Did You Mean Me?
Todd Agnew - Breakable
Todd Agnew - Jesus, The Hope Of Glory
JMSN - Pllajë
JMSN - Adá
JMSN - Wasted Love
JMSN - Everything Fades
JMSN - Dónde Estoy
JMSN - Love Myself
JMSN - Fool
Jesper Munk - Seventh Street
Jesper Munk - I Love You
Jesper Munk - Our Little Boathouse
Jesper Munk - Blue Shadows
Cat Ballou - Novemberrään
Miriam Bryant - Alone Isn't Lonely
Oh Land - Renaissance Girls
Oh Land - 3 Chances
Oh Land - Sleepy Town
Oh Land - Pyromaniac
Oh Land - Green Card
Oh Land - Kill My Darling
Oh Land - Love You Better
Oh Land - First To Say Goodnight
Tad Morose - Within A Dream
Tad Morose - Ares
Tad Morose - Death Embrace
Tad Morose - Spirit World
Tad Morose - Millenium Lie
Tad Morose - Gypsy
Antonia aus Tirol - Hallo Wie Geht Es Dir
Antonia aus Tirol - Hey, Was Geht Ab (What's Up)
Melodic (The) - Roots
Booba - G5
Swearin' - 1.
Swearin' - Shrinking Violet
Swearin' - Divine / Mimosa
Melendi - Mi Generación
Foxes - Talking To Ghosts
Foxes - Youth
Foxes - White Coats
Foxes - Let Go For Tonight
Foxes - Glorious
Foxes - Clarity
Foxes - The Unknown
Indila - Dernière Danse
Grizzly Bear - Smothering Green
Grizzly Bear - Will Calls
Grizzly Bear - A Simple Answer
Grizzly Bear - Gun-shy
Hacktivist - New Age
San Fermin - Crueler Kind
San Fermin - Casanova
San Fermin - Methuselah
San Fermin - Torero
San Fermin - The Count
San Fermin - Bar
San Fermin - Oh, Darling
Parmalee - Carolina
Mika - Relax, Take It Easy
Mika - Stardust - Italian Version
Mika - Celebrate
Mika - Origin Of Love
Mika - Rain
Mika - Underwater
Mika - Live Your Life
Mika - Happy Ending
Mika - Stardust (Benny Benassi Mix)
Mika - Blue Eyes
Cole Vosbury - Africa
Shelbie Z - Don't You Wanna Stay
James Wolpert - Love Interruption
James Wolpert - Radioactive
James Wolpert - More Than A Feeling
Austin Jenckes - She Talks To Angels
Grey - Still Into You
Preston Pohl - Nothin' On You
Tamara Chauniece - I Will Survive
Josh Logan - Crazy
Olivia Henken - Roar
Nicholas McDonald - Rock With You
Hannah Barrett - Somebody Else's Guy
Jeff Gutt - Say You, Say Me
Alex & Sierra - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Khaya Cohen - My Girl
Tennis - Mean Streets
Autumnblaze - New Ghosts In Town
Autumnblaze - Im Spiegel
Autumnblaze - Cold Soul
Autumnblaze - How I Learned To Burn My Teardrops
Nightkin - Abhorrent Rite Of Unbinding
Nightkin - Nostalgic Infection
Nightkin - Undivine
Nightkin - Air So Foul
Cranioectomy - Rotten Torso Lacerations
Francesco Rossi - Paper Aeroplane
Ashonte Dolo Lee - All The Right Moves
Marco Musca - All The Right Moves
For King & Country - Into The Silent Night
Kobi Onyame - She's My Woman
Kobi Onyame - Chosen Ones
Lecrae - Believe
Lecrae - The Fever
Lecrae - Sell Out
Lecrae - Lost My Way
Lecrae - Misconception Pt 2
Lecrae - Round Of Applause
Lecrae - Was It Worth It
Lecrae - Bun B Speaks
Lecrae - Finer Things
Lecrae - Hands Up
Lecrae - Hang On
Schandmaul - Trafalgar
Schandmaul - Tippelbruder
Schandmaul - Kaspar
Schandmaul - In Deinem Namen
Schandmaul - Bunt Und Nicht Braun
Schandmaul - Baum Des Lebens
Schandmaul - Saphira
Schandmaul - Mittsommer
Schandmaul - Mein Bildnis
Schandmaul - Märchenmond
Das Gezeichnete Ich - Echo
Das Gezeichnete Ich - Weil Du Das Bist
Das Gezeichnete Ich - Dein Herz
Das Gezeichnete Ich - Blatt Im Wind
Everyone Dies In Utah - The Shines & The Shadows
Daisyhead - Sun
Daisyhead - What's Done Is Done
Grateful Dead - I Know You Rider
Grateful Dead - Don't Ease Me In
Grateful Dead - Friend Of The Devil
Grateful Dead - Candyman
Grateful Dead - Katie Mae
Frank Zappa - Penguin In Bondage
Frank Zappa - Village Of The Sun
George Ezra - Benjamin Twine
Crosses - This Is A Trick
Crosses - Thholyghst
Crosses - Prurient
Crywank - If I Were You I'd Be Throwing Up
Crywank - Crywank Are Posers
Crywank - Who Is Thomas Saunders And Why Is He Significant In Your Writings
Crywank - Gb Eating Gb Whilst Listening To Gb
Tomasito - Al Abandono
Tomasito - Ella Me Quiere
Tomasito - Señores Ladrones
Curiosity - Hardwired
Curiosity - Euchre
Curiosity - Better In Industry
Curiosity - Continental Razorblade
Curiosity - Play With Us
Abi Alton - That's Life
Nicholas McDonald - Dream A Little Dream Of M
Sam Callahan - Ain't That A Kick In The Head?
Rachel Potter - Anyway
Khaya Cohen - Distant Dreamer
Carlito Olivero - If You're Not The One
Sweet Suspense - That Should Be Me
Tim Olstad - I Believe I Can Fly
Erra - White Noise
Erra - Pattern Interrupt
Erra - Architect
Erra - Efflorescent
Erra - Vaalbara
Erra - Heart
Erra - Invent
Erra - Render The Void