Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 136:

Josh Wilson - Pushing Back The Dark
Josh Wilson - I See God In You
Josh Wilson - Grace Enough For You
Josh Wilson - Wake Me Up
Josh Wilson - What A Mystery
Josh Wilson - Let There Be Light
Josh Wilson - Here I Am Anyway
Josh Wilson - One Safe Soul
Peïo - Rose
Peïo - De Gibraltar
Chk Chk Chk - One Girl / One Boy
Lindsey Sky - My Love Screams
Cody Longo - Atmosphere
Fit For A King - Hollow King (Sound Of The End)
Fit For A King - Broken Fame
Fit For A King - Skin & Bones
Fit For A King - The Resistance
Fit For A King - The Lioness
Fit For A King - Eyes To See
Fit For A King - Destruction
Fit For A King - Buried
Passion - God's Great Dance Floor
Passion - The Lord Our God
Passion - Jesus, Only Jesus
Passion - Once And For All
Passion - Burning In My Soul
Passion - Revelation Song
Passion - Children Of Light
Passion - Whom Shall I Fear (God Of Angel Armies)
Passion - Here's My Heart
Passion - My Delight Is In You
Passion - Shout
Passion - In Christ Alone
Michale Graves - All The Hallways
Michale Graves - I Can Feel Heaven
Michale Graves - Vagabond
Michale Graves - Oh, Please, Why?
Ceremonies (The) - Land Of Gathering
Madi Diaz - Gone Away
Ron Paulik - Halt Mich Fest
Gentlemen Hall - Sail Into The Sun
Tua - Tust Du Noch So
Abiotic - Vermosapien
Abiotic - A Universal Plague
Abiotic - Conquest Of Gliese
Abiotic - The Graze Of Locusts
Dydo - Black Coffee And Solitude
Dydo - Anche Se Crolla Il Mondo
Dydo - Figlio Dell'Alba
Dydo - Non Puoi
Roxanne De Bastion - Red And White Blood Cells
Lucille Ghatti - Chopped (Places)
Lucille Ghatti - Contortionz
Lucille Ghatti - Perplexed Confusion
Lucille Ghatti - Take It Slow
Lucille Ghatti - Ya Girl Lurks (Luv You Boi)
Soulja Boy - I Can't Help It
K' Jon - Tell You Why
Major Lazer - You're No Good
Major Lazer - Wind Up
Major Lazer - Jessica
Major Lazer - Sweat
Major Lazer - Reach For The Stars
Vanna - Year Of The Rat
Vanna - Casket Rhythm
Vanna - His Heels
A Girl Called Ruth - You I See
A Girl Called Ruth - Stuck On You
Veragroove (The) - Broken Glass
Lily & Madeleine - In The Middle
Lily & Madeleine - These Great Things
Lily & Madeleine - Things I'll Later Lose
Runaway GO - Jump Start
Runaway GO - Delicate Man
Runaway GO - Alligator
James Blake - I Am Sold
James Blake - Overgrown
James Blake - Life Around Here
James Blake - Digital Lion
James Blake - Voyeur
James Blake - To The Last
Sheryfa Luna - A 15 Ans
Marionette - To Make Men
Prinz Pi - Schwarze Wolke
Prinz Pi - Die Letzte Ex
Bring Me The Horizon - Chasing Rainbows
Antonella Lo Coco - Un Anno In Un'ora
Antonella Lo Coco - Monsters
Antonella Lo Coco - Geisha
Antonella Lo Coco - Astro
Alex Mica - Save My Heart
Mark Battles - FOD (Fly Or Die)
Mark Battles - Higher
Mark Battles - Forgive You
Mark Battles - Wait
Unter Ferner Liefen (UFL) - Tanzengen
Unter Ferner Liefen (UFL) - Wenn Du Gehst
Amaranthe - Afterlife
Amaranthe - Theory Of Everything
Amaranthe - Stardust
Amaranthe - Burn With Me
Amaranthe - Mechanical Illusion
Amaranthe - Future On Hold
Amaranthe - Electroheart
Amaranthe - Transhuman
Amaranthe - Infinity
Dinastia de Tuzantla, Mich. - Del Norte A Michoacan
Dinastia de Tuzantla, Mich. - Dos Lagrimas Y Un Tequila
Dinastia de Tuzantla, Mich. - Las Parotas
Dinastia de Tuzantla, Mich. - No Sirvo Para Estar Sin Ti
Dinastia de Tuzantla, Mich. - Ni A Todos Los Santos
Jungle Rot - Utter Chaos
Jungle Rot - Scorn
Misié Sadik - A Kè Wouvè
Misié Sadik - Pa Lagé
Misié Sadik - Misié Lova
Misié Sadik - Ti Perran La (interlude)
Misié Sadik - Alzheimer (mamie)
Misié Sadik - Pwens Chawman
Misié Sadik - Crâne D'oeuf
Prohom - Mon âme Or
Prohom - Le Miroir Et Moi
Axel Bauer - Je Fais De Mon Corps
Axel Bauer - Orfèvre De L'inutile
Cover Drive - All My Love
Moritz Krämer - Alle Raus Hier
Moritz Krämer - Aussterben
Werner Schmidbauer - Im Süden Von Meim Herzen
Arman Méliès - Mon Plus Bel Incendie
Unheilig - Game Of Life
Flo Rida - Tell Me When You Ready
Frida Boccara - Un Soleil D'amour
Rotting Christ - In Yumen - Xibalba
Rotting Christ - P'unchaw Kachun - Tuta Kachun
Rotting Christ - Grandis Spiritus Diavolos
Rotting Christ - Kataton Demona Eaftou
Rotting Christ - Cine Iubeste Si Lasa
Rotting Christ - Iwa Woodoo
David Guetta - Without You (Sahel Hunger Crisis)
Maliqe - 3 Years Old
Nina Nesbitt - Just Before Goodbye
Plastic Pals (The) - The Final Remedy
Plastic Pals (The) - Travelling
Plastic Pals (The) - A Turn Of The Tide
Plastic Pals (The) - Providence
Plastic Pals (The) - Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Plastic Pals (The) - Wouldn't Change A Thing
Plastic Pals (The) - Caramel, She Said
Plastic Pals (The) - Cards
Plastic Pals (The) - Leave It Til Tomorrow
Tyrand - Have You Ever
Akini Blake - With You
Outasight - Dancing In The Dark
Justin Garner - Surrender
Justin Garner - Power's Out
Justin Garner - Infinity
Justin Garner - If You Fall
Marie Meimberg - Ich Glaube
Sympathy For Nothing - Into Pieces
Sympathy For Nothing - Long Forgotten
Sympathy For Nothing - One Step Too Far
Sympathy For Nothing - Just One Truth
Sympathy For Nothing - Fortune Smiled
Sympathy For Nothing - Your Day May Come
Sympathy For Nothing - As I Am
Southern Tenant Folk Union - Men In Robes
Southern Tenant Folk Union - Conscience Falls
Southern Tenant Folk Union - Days By The Seaside With Ice Cream
Southern Tenant Folk Union - An Duil
Southern Tenant Folk Union - Aberdour
Suicidal Tendencies - Shake It Out
Suicidal Tendencies - Smash It!
Suicidal Tendencies - Make Your Stand
Suicidal Tendencies - Show Some Love...Tear It Down
Queensryche - Running Backwards
Queensryche - Fallen
Queensryche - Life Without You
Queensryche - In The Hands Of God
Queensryche - Slave
Queensryche - Everything
Queensryche - Empire
Queensryche - I Don T Believe In Love
De La Cruz - Street Level
De La Cruz - Girls Go Wild
De La Cruz - Legions Of Love
De La Cruz - Gimme Love
De La Cruz - Cherry Bomb
De La Cruz - Invincible
De La Cruz - Set The Night
De La Cruz - Shine
Ugly Kid Joe - Would You Like To Be There
Urban Mystic - In The Morning
Urban Mystic - Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Urban Mystic - Name On It
Urban Mystic - Why Can't We
Urban Mystic - I Don't Wanna Care
Urban Mystic - I Promise
Bored Nothing - Popcorn
Bored Nothing - Just Another Maniac
Bored Nothing - Darcy
Bored Nothing - I Wish You Were Dead
Bored Nothing - Echo Room
Bored Nothing - Get Out Of Here
Bored Nothing - Let Down
Bored Nothing - Snacks
Bored Nothing - Only Old
Bored Nothing - Dragville, TN
Marco Masini - Aspettami Lì
Ella Endlich - Sehnsucht Nach Dem Gefühl
Ella Endlich - Hier Ist Mein Herz
Ella Endlich - Komm Lass Uns Fliegen
Ella Endlich - Der Sommer Ist Da
Ella Endlich - Wär' Ich Ein Buch
Ella Endlich - Meine Beste Freundin Ist Ein Mann
Ella Endlich - Gänsehaut
Ella Endlich - So Was Wie Liebe
Ella Endlich - Küss Mich, Halt Mich, Lieb Mich
Mickael Miro - Ma Pétition
Mickael Miro - Les Filles Du Premier Rang
Mickael Miro - Qui Aimera Verra
Mickael Miro - Go Go Go!
Mickael Miro - Tu Es La
Mickael Miro - Le Mendiant De L'Amour
Off With Their Heads - Start Walking
Off With Their Heads - Shirts
Off With Their Heads - Altar Boy
Off With Their Heads - Always Alone
Off With Their Heads - Stolen Away
Julion Alvarez - También Las Lluvias Se Van
Julion Alvarez - Cuenta Cobrada
Julion Alvarez - Que La Suba Pa' Arriba
Julion Alvarez - No Vales Un Peso
Julion Alvarez - A Dónde Quiera Que Vaya
Julion Alvarez - Cariño Aborrecido
Julion Alvarez - Pájaro Prieto
Fredrika Stahl - Off To Dance
David Posor - Manche Wege
Amorphis - Shades Of Gray
Amorphis - Mission
Amorphis - The Wanderer
Amorphis - Narrow Path
Amorphis - Hopeless Days
Amorphis - Nightbird's Song
Amorphis - A New Day
Amorphis - Dead Man's Dream
Liquit Walker - Keine Wunder Mehr
Liquit Walker - Alphawolf
Fantasy - Küss Mich
Fantasy - Wenn Du Glaubst Der Himmel Stürzt Ein
Fantasy - Lange Her
Fantasy - Ich Brauch Mehr Von Dir
Fantasy - Endstation Sehnsucht
Fantasy - Immer Noch
Fantasy - Mädchen Mit Feuerroten Haaren
Silly - Kopf An Kopf
Silly - Dein Atlantis
Silly - Lotos
Silly - Deine Stärken
Silly - Blutsgeschwister
Silly - Vaterland
Silly - Deine Stimme
Silly - Verkehrte Welt
Silly - Die Welt Wird Hell Sein
Silly - Spring
Silly - Im Kreis
Silly - Im See
Silly - Ohne Dich
Sodom - My Final Bullet
Sodom - S.O.D.O.M.
Sodom - Shoot Today Kill Tomorrow
Sodom - Invocating The Demons
Sodom - Katjuscha
Sodom - Into The Skies Of War
Sodom - Tracing The Victim
Sodom - Waterboarding
Sodom - Splitting The Atom
Carla Bruni - J'arrive A Toi
Verdiana Zangaro - Listen
Device - Under The Cross
Brice Conrad - Songe
Brice Conrad - A La Lumière
Brice Conrad - La Vie Reste Belle
Brice Conrad - Le Fond Des Yeux
Brice Conrad - Les Yeux Saignent
Brice Conrad - Je M'en Vais
Brice Conrad - Léa
London Grammar - Hey Now
Lion Babe - Treat Me Like Fire
Newtimers - She's A Gun
Los Amigos Invisibles - Hopeless Romance
Los Amigos Invisibles - Invisible Love
Los Amigos Invisibles - Voltaren's Dream
Kid Cudi - Unfuckwitable
Romantic Lies - Bad Situation
Romantic Lies - Behind The Pretense
Romantic Lies - The Otherside
Romantic Lies - Bring It On
Romantic Lies - Last One
Romantic Lies - Breath
Owl City - Shine Your Way
Iron & Wine - The Desert Babbler
Iron & Wine - Joy
Iron & Wine - Low Light Buddy Of Mine
Iron & Wine - Winter Prayers
Iron & Wine - Lovers' Revolution
Replacements (The) - Unsatisfied
Replacements (The) - Hold My Life
Replacements (The) - Here Comes A Regular
Replacements (The) - Kids Don't Follow
Replacements (The) - Alex Chilton
Replacements (The) - Valentine
Replacements (The) - Can't Hardly Wait
Replacements (The) - They're Blind
Replacements (The) - I'll Be You
Replacements (The) - I Won't
Replacements (The) - Portland
Replacements (The) - Take Me Down To The Hospital
Replacements (The) - One Wink At A Time
Replacements (The) - Nobody
Replacements (The) - Bent Out Of Shape
Replacements (The) - My Little Problem
Replacements (The) - Busted Up
Replacements (The) - Radio Hook Word Hit
Replacements (The) - I'm Not Sayin'
Replacements (The) - Everything's Coming Up Roses
The Men - Open The Door
The Men - Half Angel Half Light
The Men - I Saw Her Face
The Men - Electric
3OH!3 - Back To Life
Kerli - The Lucky Ones
Kerli - Love Me Or Leave Me
Kerli - Sugar
Kerli - Here And Now
Kerli - Chemical
Last Bison - Take All The Time
Nasty - My Brain Went Terribly Wrong
Nasty - Love
Nasty - Zero Tolerance
King - Need A Woman By Friday
K.S. Rhoads - Harvest
K.S. Rhoads - Could This Be Love
Glenn Packiam - Victorious God
Jamie N Commons - Rumble And Sway
Jamie N Commons - Worth Your While
Jamie N Commons - Devil In Me
Lemaitre - Continuum
Lemaitre - Iron Pyrite
Lemaitre - Cut To Black
Cloud Cult - You'll Be Bright
Cloud Cult - No One Said It Would Be Easy
Cloud Cult - Everybody Here Is A Cloud
Cloud Cult - When Water Comes To Life
Cloud Cult - Journey Of The Featherless
Cloud Cult - May Your Hearts Stay Strong
Cloud Cult - The Will Of A Volcano
Cloud Cult - Please Remain Calm
Cloud Cult - Chemicals Collide
Cloud Cult - Pretty Voice
Cloud Cult - 2x2x2
Cloud Cult - You Got Your Bones To Make A Beat
Cloud Cult - Washed Your Car
Cloud Cult - What It Feels Like To Be Alive
Cloud Cult - Start New
Cloud Cult - Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Cloud Cult - Clip-clop
Cloud Cult - Buried Poetry
Cloud Cult - Where It Starts
Cloud Cult - 6 Days To Madness
Cloud Cult - Fairy Tale
Cloud Cult - Man On The Moon
Cloud Cult - Took You For Granted
Cloud Cult - Toys In The Attic
Cloud Cult - Best Friend
Cloud Cult - Shortenin' Bread
Cloud Cult - 6 Days
Noah And The Whale - Heart Of Nowhere
Cloud Cult - You're The Only Thing In Your Way
Cloud Cult - 1x1x1
Emily Lady - De Tout Et De Rien
Emily Lady - Les Cartes En Main
Emily Lady - No Good
Emily Lady - Les Détails
Emily Lady - Lost
Satellite - Say The Words
Satellite - Saving Us Tonight
Satellite - Silhouette
Satellite - What You Need
Amparo Sánchez - Vieja Pasión
Star Murphy - Reason
Star Murphy - Trip To Egypt Intro
Star Murphy - Familiar
Star Murphy - You Send Me Swingin
Star Murphy - Trip To Egypt Interlude
Star Murphy - Can't Wait
Pietro Lombardi - Dream Team
Building 429 - Made For You
Building 429 - Right Beside You
Ivan Granatino - Non E' Possibile
Robin Stjernberg - You
Robin Stjernberg - On My Mind
Ted Bee - La Ruggine Nel Cuore
Ted Bee - Eleonora
Ted Bee - Sabri
Lori Meyers - Planilandia
Lori Meyers - El Tiempo Pasará
Lori Meyers - Huracán
Lori Meyers - Impronta
Lori Meyers - Una Señal
Lori Meyers - Tengo Un Plan
Lori Meyers - Zen
Lori Meyers - De Los Nervios
Lori Meyers - Despedirse
Phildel - The Disappearance Of The Girl
Phildel - Storm Song
Phildel - Mistakes
Phildel - Moonsea
Phildel - Union Stone
Phildel - Afraid Of The Dark
Phildel - The Wolf
Phildel - Switchblade
Phildel - Holes In Your Coffin
Phildel - Dare
Phildel - Funeral Bell
Tecla - Money
Hurts - Heaven
Amok - Channelling Black Horns
Amok - Organ Ejaculator
Amok - Providentialism
Amok - Goatflesh Removal (Corpus Christi)
Amok - Goatflesh Removal (Memento Mori)
Vigon Bamy Jay - Feelings
Sadek - Tarzan
Bran Vargas - Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)
Dewaine Whitmore - Then You Happened
Sabrina Antoinette - I Know You're Out There
Glee Cast - Footloose
Makeba Riddick - Shake Your Body Down
Cody Wise - Forever
Parade - Lose It
They Might Be Giants - Tesla
They Might Be Giants - Sleep
They Might Be Giants - Stone Cold Coup D'etat
They Might Be Giants - Sometimes A Lonely Way
They Might Be Giants - Replicant
They Might Be Giants - The Darlings Of Lumberland
They Might Be Giants - Great
They Might Be Giants - Stuff Is Way
They Might Be Giants - Too Tall Girl
They Might Be Giants - Didn't Kill Me
Bastille - Albatross
Youth Lagoon - The Bath
Youth Lagoon - Raspberry Cane
Citizens! - Made Alive
Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight
Los Yonic's - Amiga Casualidad
Los Yonic's - La Godorniz
Los Yonic's - Nuestra Entrega
Los Yonic's - Inolvidable Amor
Los Yonic's - Alejate
Los Yonic's - Ella No Es Culpable
Los Yonic's - Luz De Un Solo Instante
Los Yonic's - Perdón Mi Dios
Los Yonic's - Recordando Mi Canción
Los Yonic's - Triste Nostalgia
Los Yonic's - Mírate Al Espejo
Brendan James - Younger Days
Brendan James - Different Kind Of Love
Los Yonic's - Esclavo De Tu Amor
Los Yonic's - Mentiras
Brendan James - None Of Them Are You
Brendan James - Heavy Lifting
Brendan James - Here For You
Brendan James - Nothin' But Love
Brendan James - Charleston
Los Yonic's - Los Cuernos
Los Yonic's - Me Estoy Volviendo Loco
Los Yonic's - No Pude Decirle Que No
Los Yonic's - Eres
Los Yonic's - Te Vas Amor
Los Yonic's - Amigos No
Guided By Voices - Girls Of Wild Strawberries
Guided By Voices - Tour Guide At The Winston Churchill Memorial
Guided By Voices - Asphyxiated Circle
Guided By Voices - A Second Spurt Of Growth
Guided By Voices - I'll Replace You With Machines
Guided By Voices - Beat Your Wings
Guided By Voices - Useless Inventions
Guided By Voices - Dirty Water
Guided By Voices - Of Mites And Men
Guided By Voices - Skin Parade
Guided By Voices - The Weeping Bogeyman
Guided By Voices - Everywhere With Helicopter
Guided By Voices - Car Language
Guided By Voices - Want One?
Hey Marseilles - Heart Beats
Hey Marseilles - Bright Stars Burning
Hey Marseilles - Cannonballs
Hey Marseilles - Cities
Tossers (The) - The Rover
Tossers (The) - Emerald City
Tossers (The) - USA
Tossers (The) - St. Patrick's Day
Tossers (The) - The South Side Of Town
Tossers (The) - God Bless You
Tossers (The) - Johnny McGuire's Wake
Daylight - In On It
Jared Evan - Television
Kurt Vile - Never Run Away
Kurt Vile - Pure Pain
Kurt Vile - Too Hard
Kurt Vile - Goldtone
Skid Row - This Is Killing Me
Alex Gaudino - Beautiful
Alex Gaudino - Your Love Gets Me High
Alex Gaudino - All I Want
Alex Gaudino - Promise
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Fire Walker
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Let The Day Begin
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Returning
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Hate The Taste
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Teenage Disease
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Some Kind Of Ghost
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Sometimes The Light
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Funny Games
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Sell It
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Lose Yourself
ASG - Children's Music
Reunion Nortena (La) - No Te Vayas
Reunion Nortena (La) - Por Si Pensabas
Tierra Cali - El Baile Del Sacadito
Tierra Cali - Como Cuando Éramos Novios
Tierra Cali - Corazón Destrozado
Tierra Cali - Ven Muñeca
Tierra Cali - Enamorado De Tí
Tierra Cali - Con Cartitas
Tierra Cali - Un Siglo De Amor
Tierra Cali - Más Allá De La Distancia
Tierra Cali - Donde Quiera Que Estés
Tierra Cali - Ernestina
Francesco Monti - Kiss From A Rose
Flavio Capasso - For Once In My Life
Paola Gruppuso - Volami Nel Cuore
Gentleman - Another Drama
Gentleman - Humanitys Glory
Gentleman - I Keep Going
Gentleman - Closer To The Light
Gentleman - Push Come To Shove
Maurice Glover - Hello
Nora Ferjani - Give It To Me Right
Simone Mangiapane - Get Here
Erwin Kintop - Without You
Oksana Kolenitchenko - If I Ain't Got You
Lucas Lehnert - Ich Laufe
Sarah Joelle Jahnel - Where Have You Been
Lisa Wohlgemuth - Nowbody Knows
Timo Tiggeler - Angels
Talina Domeyer - Son Of A Preacher Man
Ricardo Bielecki - Lost
Beatrice Egli - Hundert Prozent
Piero Lama - Ai Se Eu Te Pego
Federico Vassallo - Marco E Francesca
Anie McBeth - Angel
Marvell - London 2 Atlanta
Brian Cross - Boom Boom
Brian Cross - Together
Brian Cross - More Than A Lover
Brian Cross - Together (Extended Mix)
Brian Cross - Why Don't You (Club Mix)
Andrea Petrucci - Questa Notte, Un Po' Di Te
Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside - They Told Me
Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band (The) - If I Needed You
Bosse - Müßiggang
Ottoman Empire Soundsystem - Nicht Mehr
Jane Monheit - Until Its Time For You To Go
Jane Monheit - Little Man Youve Had A Busy Day
Jane Monheit - Two Lonely People
Jane Monheit - When She Loved Me
Jane Monheit - Born To Be Blue
Jane Monheit - Close
Jane Monheit - Night Night Stars
Jane Monheit - I Get Along Without You Very Well
Jane Monheit - Sing
Della Mae - Paper Prince
Della Mae - Empire
Della Mae - Hounds
Della Mae - Turtle Dove
Fast Animals And Slow Kids - Un Pasto Al Giorno
Fast Animals And Slow Kids - Fammi Domande
Fast Animals And Slow Kids - Dove Sei
Fast Animals And Slow Kids - A Cosa Ci Serve
Fast Animals And Slow Kids - Canzone Per Un Abete, Parte Ii
Fast Animals And Slow Kids - Treno
Tokyo Tramps - Good Morning, Marietta
Tokyo Tramps - Empty Pockets
Tokyo Tramps - Come On Baby, Dry Your Tears
Tokyo Tramps - Me And My Guitar
Tokyo Tramps - Bound For Glory
Tokyo Tramps - The Ghost Of Old Love
Tokyo Tramps - Going Back To New Orleans
Tokyo Tramps - A Quiet Evening
Tokyo Tramps - No Time (Woman Blues)
Tokyo Tramps - Papa's My Number One Fan
Igniting The Sky - The Day I Killed God
Fake Problems - Small Devil Song
Thee Infidels - Ego
Thee Infidels - Wannabe
Brighten - I'll Be There
Brighten - Never Alone
Brighten - We Won't Go In Peace
Brighten - You Love Me
Brighten - I'll Carry You
Braid - The Right Time
Braid - Do Over
Balance And Composure - You Can't Fix Me
Balance And Composure - Say
Wolves At Heart - Fingers Crossed
Wolves At Heart - Write It Down
Wolves At Heart - Sorry Excuse For A Scene
Wolves At Heart - Be Your Own Best Friend
Wolves At Heart - This Is What You Get
Wolves At Heart - We Still Try
Wolves At Heart - Johnny Tightlips Ain't Sayin' Nothin'
Wolves At Heart - All That I Ever Wanted
Lydia - The Exit
Lydia - Devil
Lydia - Back To Bed
Lydia - Hurry Back Tonight
Lydia - Take Your Time
Lydia - From A Tire Swingv
Hundredth - Savages
Hundredth - Free Mind / Open Spirit
Hundredth - Barren
A Rocket To The Moon - Going Out
A Rocket To The Moon - First Kiss
A Rocket To The Moon - I Do
A Rocket To The Moon - Another Set Of Wings
A Rocket To The Moon - Wild & Free
A Rocket To The Moon - Wherever You Go
A Rocket To The Moon - Lost And Found
Senses Fail - Renacer
Senses Fail - Holy Mountain
Senses Fail - Closure / Rebirth
Senses Fail - Ancient Tombs
Senses Fail - Frost Flower
Senses Fail - Courage Of The Knife
Senses Fail - Between The Mountains And The Sea
Donatella - Fooled Again
Donatella - Magic
Donatella - Thunder
Donatella - Unpredictable
Color Morale (The) - Burn Victims
Color Morale (The) - Smoke And Mirrors
Color Morale (The) - Living Breathing Something
Color Morale (The) - In Light In Me
Color Morale (The) - Steadfast
Color Morale (The) - Have.Will
Artù - Col Vestito Rosso Della Sera Prima
Artù - Giulio Insomma
Artù - Giulia Domani Si Sposa
Cartel - Second Chances
Cartel - Take Me With You
Cartel - First Things First
Cartel - Best Intentions
Cartel - Thin Air
Cartel - Sympathy
Cartel - Mosaic
Cartel - Disconnect
Cartel - Collider
Cartel - A Thousand Suns
Caravels - Tangled
Caravels - Having Had & Lost Some Infinite Thing
Caravels - Hundred Years
Caravels - Ordinary Lives
Caravels - Dog Days
Swann - Changing Never Changing
Transit - Nothing Lasts Forever
Transit - Second To Right
Transit - Weathered Souls
Transit - Don't Do, Don't Stray
Transit - Thanks For Nothing
Transit - Summer, Me
Transit - Hazy
Transit - Lake Q
Mongoloids (The) - All I Am
Hawk Nelson - What I'm Looking For
Hawk Nelson - Million Miles Away
Hawk Nelson - Words
Hawk Nelson - Elevator
Hawk Nelson - Made
Hawk Nelson - Love Like That
Hawk Nelson - Through The Fire
Hawk Nelson - Faithful
Hawk Nelson - Anyone But You
Hawk Nelson - Outside The Lines
Miranda - Don
Miranda - Ya Lo Sabia
Miranda - Cada Vez Que Decimos A Dios
Miranda - A La Distancia
Miranda - Una Lagrima Sobre El Telefono
Miranda - 10 Años Despues
Miranda - Yo Te Dire
Miranda - No Pero No
Miranda - Puro Talento
Miranda - Tucan
Miranda - Tu Misterioso Alguien
Miranda - Amanece Junto A Mi
Miranda - Hello
Miranda - Enamorada
Miranda - El Profe
Miranda - Una Noche Como Hoy
Miranda - Dice Lo Que Siente
Miranda - Lo Que Siento Por Ti
Miranda - Mentia
Miranda - Tiempo
Face To Face - 123 Drop
Face To Face - Welcome Back To Nothing
Face To Face - Right As Rain
Face To Face - First Step, Misstep
Face To Face - Bright Lights Go Down
Face To Face - Paper Tigers With Teeth
Face To Face - Marked Men
Face To Face - Three Chords And A Half Truth
Face To Face - Across State Lines
Wolves At Bay - I Have Nothing To Offer
Thermals (The) - I'm Gonna Change Your Life
Thermals (The) - I Don't Believe You
Thermals (The) - Not Like Any Other Feeling
Thermals (The) - Your Love Is So Strong
Thermals (The) - A Reflection
Thermals (The) - You Changed My Life
Tony Colombo - Il Nostro Grande Amore
Sub Out Ripper - Das Tanzende Techno Reh
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - Safe
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - Papillon
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - Happiness Is Overrated
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - Innocence
Fantasia - If I Was A Bird
Clutch - Unto The Breach
Clutch - Cyborg Bette
Six Feet Under - Fragment
Toni der Assi - Hütchenspieler
HVOB - The Last Song Ever Written
Devendra Banhart - Golden Girls
Devendra Banhart - Daniel
Devendra Banhart - Für Hildegard Von Bingen
Devendra Banhart - Never Seen Such Good Things
Devendra Banhart - A Gain
Devendra Banhart - Cristobal
Devendra Banhart - Hatchet Wound
Adam Green & Binki Shapiro - Here I Am
Strokes (The) - 80's Comedown Machine
Strokes (The) - 50/50
Strokes (The) - Partners In Crime
Strokes (The) - Chances
Strokes (The) - Call It Fate, Call It Karma
Umse - What Are They Doing
Johnossi - Into The Wild
Johnossi - Gone Forever
Johnossi - Everywhere (With You Man)
Johnossi - Seventeen
Johnossi - Bull / Bear
Johnossi - Great Escape
DJ Koze - Das Wort
Kashmir - Blood Beech
Kashmir - Peace In The Heart
Kashmir - Purple Heart
Kashmir - This Love, This Love
Kashmir - Foe To Friend
Kashmir - E.A.R
Kashmir - Peace In Our Time
Schlafes Bruder - Ich Bin Liebe
Schlafes Bruder - Schlafes Bruder
Becquerels - Weird Night
Banda Los Recoditos - El Free
Kenny Chesney - Spread The Love
Kenny Chesney - Coconut Tree
Kenny Chesney - It's That Time Of Day
Kenny Chesney - Life On A Rock
Kenny Chesney - Marley
Kenny Chesney - Must Be Something I Missed
Alan Jackson - Amazing Grace
Alan Jackson - He Lives
Alan Jackson - Love Lifted Me
Alan Jackson - Only Trust Him
Alan Jackson - There Is Power In The Blood
Alan Jackson - Precious Memories
Alan Jackson - Sweet Hour Of Prayer
Alan Jackson - When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
Alan Jackson - Wherever He Leads I'll Go
Patty Pravo - Storia Di Una Donna Che Ha Amato Due Volte Un Uomo Che Non Sapeva Amare
Patty Pravo - A Modo Mio (Comme D'habitude)
Patty Pravo - Assurdo
Patty Pravo - Dolce Una Follia
Patty Pravo - Non Ti Bastavo Più
Patty Pravo - Unisono
Patty Pravo - La Luna
Courrier - Your Eyes Shine In The Darkness
Courrier - Love Is A Fire
Courrier - The City At Night
Courrier - A Light In The Tunnel
Courrier - Walls
Courrier - Heavy Hands
Courrier - Cathedrals Of Color
Courrier - Human Heart
Courrier - Hospital World
Courrier - Paper Ghost
Rachel Zeffira - The Deserters
Rachel Zeffira - Here On In
Rachel Zeffira - Letters From Tokyo (Sayonara)
Rachel Zeffira - Break The Spell
Rachel Zeffira - Silver City Days
Dan Croll - Only Ghost
JJ Heller - For You
JJ Heller - Loved
JJ Heller - Create In Me
JJ Heller - Come Back To Me
JJ Heller - If You Fall
JJ Heller - Who You Are
JJ Heller - In The End
JJ Heller - Control
JJ Heller - Someday
JJ Heller - Red Against Your Black
JJ Heller - Sunshine
Coco Jones - Made Of
Gabrielle Aplin - Panic Cord
Psy 4 De La Rime - Fallait Le Faire
Psy 4 De La Rime - Enfants Soldats
Nek - Congiunzione Astrale
77 Bombay Street - Garden
77 Bombay Street - Clown
77 Bombay Street - Angel
77 Bombay Street - Indian
77 Bombay Street - Johnny
Murat Boz - Kalamam Arkadaş
London Elektricity - Meteorites
Selena Gomez - Come And Get It
Carla Bruni - Prière
Carla Bruni - Dolce Francia
Carla Bruni - Darling
Carla Bruni - Liberté
Carla Bruni - Little French Song
Carla Bruni - Le Pingouin
Carla Bruni - La Blonde Exquise
Carla Bruni - Lune
Agnetha Fältskog - The One Who Loves You Now
Agnetha Fältskog - I Should've Followed You Home
Agnetha Fältskog - Dance Your Pain Away
Agnetha Fältskog - Bubble
Agnetha Fältskog - Back On Your Radio
Agnetha Fältskog - I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed
Casey Weston - Happy
Casey Weston - Close To Breaking
Casey Weston - Back To The Start
Casey Weston - Into Your Heart
Casey Weston - Not Leavin Tonight
Casey Weston - Crazy Fools
Casey Weston - Headed West
Casey Weston - Waste Of My Time
Casey Weston - Like You
Casey Weston - Ain't Life Beautiful That Way?
Casey Weston - The Good Times
Moufy - One Day
Moufy - Top Of The World
Fred The Godson - The City
Fred The Godson - Most Beautifullest Thing
Lady - Tell The Truth
Lady - Money
Lady - Hold On
Lady - Get Ready
Lady - Sweet Lady
Lady - Please Don't Do It Again
Lady - Good Lovin
Lady - If You Wanna Be My Man
Lady - Waiting On You
Anthony - Pazza Di Me
Anthony - Pè Vivere 'E Te
Anthony - Fuoco E Fiamme
Anthony - Ti Amo
Emma Marrone - Amami
Snoop Dogg - Heaven
Sebastian Arnold - Fly To Mars
Sebastian Arnold - Mnemesys
Riccardo Del Turco - Uno Traquillo
Dustin Craig - Trucker's Anthem
Dustin Craig - Get Back To Loving You
Dustin Craig - Never Surrender
Dustin Craig - Country Girl Sweetness
Dustin Craig - Last Ride
Il Parto Delle Nuvole Pesanti - Crotone
Il Parto Delle Nuvole Pesanti - Ho Visto Gente Lavorare
Glee Cast - Closer
Seventh Day Slumber - Our God
Seventh Day Slumber - I Am Not The Same
Seventh Day Slumber - Desert Song
Seventh Day Slumber - Stronger
Seventh Day Slumber - White Flag
Seventh Day Slumber - Your Name High
Seventh Day Slumber - Never Let Go
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - The Storm
Tate Stevens - Holler If You're With Me
Finding Favour - Slip On By
Lee Hi - Dream
Virgins (The) - Flashbacks, Memories, And Dreams
Virgins (The) - Impressions Of You
Laura Marling - Master Hunter
Laura Marling - Little Love Caster
Laura Marling - Undine
Laura Marling - Where Can I Go?
Laura Marling - Once
Laura Marling - Pray For Me
Laura Marling - Love Be Brave
Laura Marling - Little Bird
Laura Marling - Saved These Words
Daniel Powter - Crazy All My Life
Romeo Santos - Que Se Mueran

Romeo Santos - Mi Santa
Romeo Santos - Debate De 4
Romeo Santos - Rival
Beatrice Egli - Ich Liebe Das Leben
Fairuz Fussi - I Kissed A Girl
Simone Mangiapane - End Of The Road
Harry Fraud - Petrin Hill Peonies
Makeba Riddick - Jump
George Nozuka - Memories
Kam Parker - Turn Me On
Meelah - Pisces (More Than Meets The Eye)
Mattia Lever - Heaven
Giuseppe Scianna - Hallelujah
Marco Cantagalli - Candy
Aban - L.E.C.C.E.
Fractures - Twisted
Waxahatchee - Dixie Cups And Jars
Waxahatchee - Lips And Limbs
Waxahatchee - Brother Bryan
Waxahatchee - Tangled Envisioning
Waxahatchee - Misery Over Dispute
Waxahatchee - Lively
Waxahatchee - Swan Dive
Waxahatchee - You're Damaged
Waxahatchee - Catfish
Waxahatchee - Rose, 1956
Waxahatchee - Be Good
Waxahatchee - Luminary Blake
Waxahatchee - I Think I Love You
Waxahatchee - Noccalula
Ke$ha - Vampire
Håkan Hellström - Pistol
Jamie Cullum - Everything You Didn't Do