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Charlatans UK (The) - Love Is the Key
Charlatans UK (The) - Loving You Is Easy
Charlatans UK (The) - My Beautiful Friend
Charlatans UK (The) - Page One
Charlatans UK (The) - Patrol
Charlatans UK (The) - Right On
Charlatans UK (The) - Senses (Angel on My Shoulder)
Charlatans UK (The) - Sonic
Charlatans UK (The) - Tellin' Stories
Charlatans UK (The) - The End of Everything
Charlatans UK (The) - Then
Charlatans UK (The) - Title Fight
Charlatans UK (The) - Try Again Today
Charlatans UK (The) - Up at the Lake
Charlatans UK (The) - Up to Our Hips
Charlatans UK (The) - White Shirt
Charlatans UK (The) - White Sihrt
Charlatans UK (The) - With No Shoes
Charlatans UK (The) - You're a Big Girl Now
Charlatans UK (The) - You're Not Very Well
Charlatans (The) - Alabama Bound
Charlatans (The) - Codine
Charlatans (The) - Loving You Is Easy
Charles & Eddie - A House Is Not a Home
Charles & Eddie - December 2
Charles Brown - Kiddio
Charles Brown - Merry Christmas, Baby
Charles Dumont - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
Charles Gray - The Time Warp
Charles Johnson - It's Gonna Rain
Charles Manson - Give Your Love To Be Free
Charles Manson - Ride Away
Charles McPherson - Good Morning Heartache
Charles Mingus - Freedom
Charles Ray - Let the Good Times Roll
Charles Webster - Your Life
Charley Patton - Down the Dirt Road Blues
Charley Patton - Down the Dirt Road Blues (Over the Sea Blues)
Charley Pride - I'm So Afraid of Losing You Again
Charley Pride - Is Anybody Going To San Antone
Charley Pride - A Shoulder to Cry On
Charley Pride - All His Children
Charley Pride - All I Have to Offer You Is Me
Charley Pride - Amazing Love
Charley Pride - Big Boss Man
Charley Pride - Busted
Charley Pride - Chain of Love
Charley Pride - Comfort of Her Wings
Charley Pride - Crystal Chandeliers
Charley Pride - Did You Think to Pray
Charley Pride - Don't Fight the Feelings of Love
Charley Pride - Even After Everything She's Done
Charley Pride - Gone, Gone, Gone
Charley Pride - Hello Darlin'
Charley Pride - Honky Tonk Blues
Charley Pride - Hope You're Feelin' Me (Like I'm Feelin' You)
Charley Pride - Hope You're Feeling Me (Like I'm Feeling You)
Charley Pride - I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me
Charley Pride - I'm Just Me
Charley Pride - Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone
Charley Pride - It Amazes Me
Charley Pride - It's All Right
Charley Pride - It's Going to Take a Little Bit Longer
Charley Pride - Jeanie Norman
Charley Pride - Just Between You and Me
Charley Pride - Kaw-Liga
Charley Pride - Let Me Live
Charley Pride - Let the Chips Fall
Charley Pride - Louisiana Man
Charley Pride - Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town
Charley Pride - More to Me
Charley Pride - My Heart Is a House
Charley Pride - Oklahoma Morning
Charley Pride - Once Again
Charley Pride - One of These Days
Charley Pride - Please Help Me, I'm Falling (In Love With You)
Charley Pride - Roll on Mississippi
Charley Pride - Take Me Home
Charley Pride - Tennessee Girl
Charley Pride - The Day the World Stood Still
Charley Pride - The Easy Part's Over
Charley Pride - The Image of Me
Charley Pride - The World Stood Still
Charley Pride - Then Who Am I
Charley Pride - Things Are Looking Up
Charley Pride - Time (You're Not a Friend of Mine)
Charley Pride - Too Hard to Say I'm Sorry
Charley Pride - Walk on By
Charley Pride - Was It All Worth Losing You
Charley Pride - We Had All the Good Things Going
Charley Pride - When the Trains Come In
Charley Pride - You're My Jamaica
Charlie Brown Jr - Histria mal escrita
Charlie Brown Jr - O Coro vai Com!
Charlie Hall - 40
Charlie Hall - Agnus Dei
Charlie Hall - All the Earth
Charlie Hall - Breathe
Charlie Hall - Mystery
Charlie Hunter - What I Am
Charlie Landsborough - I Still Can't Say Goodbye
Charlie Landsborough - It'll Be Her
Charlie Louvin - Alabama
Charlie Louvin - I Just Don't Understand
Charlie Louvin - I Take the Chance
Charlie Louvin - I'm No Longer in Your Heart
Charlie Louvin - Little Reasons
Charlie Louvin - On the Other Hand
Charlie Louvin - One by One
Charlie Louvin - Plenty of Everything But You
Charlie Louvin - Ruby's Song
Charlie Louvin - Scared of the Blues
Charlie Louvin - She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye
Charlie Louvin - Still Loving You
Charlie Louvin - Stolen Love
Charlie Louvin - The Little Grave In Georgia
Charlie Louvin - Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself To Sleep
Charlie Louvin - We're Still Together
Charlie Louvin - Will You Visit Me on Sundays
Charlie Mars - How I Roll
Charlie Musselwhite - Born in Chicago
Charlie Peacock - Dear Friend
Charlie Poole - Take a Drink on Me
Charlie Rich - Every Time You Touch Me (I Get High)
Charlie Rich - Everytime You Touch Me (I Get High)
Charlie Rich - On My Knees
Charlie Sexton - Hallelujah
Charlie Sexton - Tell Me
Charlie Shavers - Out of Nowhere
Charlie Spivak & His Orchestra - This Is No Laughing Matter
Charlie Starr - Riding on a Railroad
Charlie Waller & the Country Gentlemen - City of New Orleans
Charlie Waller & the Country Gentlemen - One Morning in May
Charlotte Hatherley - Why You Wanna?
Charlotte Nilsson - I Can Tell
Charly García - Alguien en el Mundo Piensa en Mi
Charly García - Angeles y Predicadores
Charly García - Buscando un Símbolo de Paz
Charly García - Cerca de la Revolucion
Charly García - Chicas Muertas
Charly García - Chiquilin
Charly García - Confesiones de Invierno
Charly García - Demoliendo Hoteles
Charly García - El Fantasma de Canterville
Charly García - Encuentro Con el Diablo
Charly García - Estaba en Llamas Cuando Me Acoste
Charly García - Fanky
Charly García - Inconciente Colectivo
Charly García - Influencia
Charly García - It's Only Love
Charly García - James Brown
Charly García - Kurosawa
Charly García - La Sal No Sala
Charly García - Los Dinosaurios
Charly García - Musica del Alma
Charly García - No Me Dejan Salir
Charly García - No Sugar
Charly García - No Voy en Tren
Charly García - Nos Siguen Pegando Abajo
Charly García - Parte de la Religion
Charly García - Peluca Telefónica
Charly García - Piano Bar
Charly García - Plateado Sobre Plateado (Huellas en el Mar)
Charly García - Rap de Las Hormigas
Charly García - Rap del Exilio
Charly García - Rezo Por Vos
Charly García - Seminare
Charly García - Tu Amor
Charly García - Tuve Tu Amor
Charly García - Victima
Charly García - Yo No Quiero Volverme Tan Loco
Charly Garcia - No Soy Un Extrao
Charly McClain - Don't Touch Me There
Charly McClain - I Hate the Way I Love It
Charly McClain - Let Me Be Your Baby
Charly McClain - Make the World Go Away
Charly McClain - Radio Heart
Charly McClain - The Right Stuff
Charly McClain - When a Love Ain't Right
Charly McClain - Who's Cheatin' Who
Charly McClain - With Just One Look in Your Eyes
Charly McClain - Women Get Lonely
Charmaine - Only You
Chase This City - Intro/Every Dork Deserves His Day
Chase This City - Love, As You Are Leaving
Chase This City - The Sound of Separation
Chasing Kings - An Empty Handshake
Che-Fu - Hold Tight
Cheater - Hedwig's Lament
Cheater - Midnight Radio
Cheater - Sugar Daddy
Cheater - Tear Me Down
Cheater - Wicked Little Town
Checkmates Ltd. - Black Pearl
Checks (The) - Dont Wait
Cheetah Girls - A Marshmallow World
Cheetah Girls - All I Want for Christmas Is You
Cheetah Girls - Do No Wrong
Cheetah Girls - Homesick
Cheetah Girls - Human
Cheetah Girls - Off the Wall
Cheetah Girls - Shake a Tail Feather
Cheetah Girls - The Perfect Christmas
Cheetah Girls - The Simple Things
Cheetah Girls - Uh Oh
Chelsea Wolfe - Friedrichshain
Chelsea Wolfe - Gold
Chelsea Wolfe - Numb As The Winter
Chelsea Wolfe - Sunstorm
Chemical Brothers, The - Duke
Chemical Brothers, The - Get Yourself High
Austin Mahone - Aye Shawty Shawty
Chemical Brothers, The - Music: Response
Austin Mahone - No Air
Chemical Brothers, The - Shake Break Bounce
Chemical Brothers, The - The Boxer
Cheo Feliciano - Barrunto
Cherie - Fool
Cheryl Ladd - Think It Over
Cheryl Pepsii Riley - Father Can You Hear Me
Cheryl Wheeler - 75 Septembers
Cheryl Wheeler - All the Live Long Day
Cheryl Wheeler - Behind the Barn
Cheryl Wheeler - But the Days and Nights Are Long
Cheryl Wheeler - Does the Future Look Black
Cheryl Wheeler - Don't Wanna
Cheryl Wheeler - Driving Home
Cheryl Wheeler - Emotional Response
Cheryl Wheeler - Estate Sale
Cheryl Wheeler - Gandhi/Buddha
Cheryl Wheeler - Gimme the Right Sign
Cheryl Wheeler - It's the Phone
Chester - Mudslide
Chet Atkins - After You've Gone
Chet Atkins - Ode to Mel Bay
Chet Atkins - Old Man River
Chet Atkins - Outbound Plane
Chet Atkins - Summertime
Chet Atkins - There'll Be Some Changes Made
Chet Atkins - Two Shades of Blue
Chet Atkins - Wives Don't Like Old Girlfriends
Chet Baker - Grey December
Chet Baker - Long Ago and Far Away
Chet Baker - On the Street Where You Live
Chicago Symphony Brass - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Chichi Peralta - Me Enamore
Chick Webb - A-Tisket a-Tasket
Chick Webb & His Orchestra - Stompin' at the Savoy
Chico Buarque De Holanda - At o fim
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Boi voador no pode
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Cad voc (Leila XIV)
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Cala a boca, Brbara
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Cano de Pedroca
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Cano dos olhos
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Cancin por unidad latinoamericana
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Casa de Joo de Rosa
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Construo
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Corrente (Este um samba que vai pra frente)
Chico Freeman - I'll Write a Song for You
Chico Science - Antene-Se
Chico Science - Malungo
Chico Science - Maracatu de Tiro Certeiro
Chico Science - Rios, Pontes E Overdrives
Chicory Tip - Lodi
Chieftains (The) - Coast of Malabar
Chieftains (The) - Cotton-Eyed Joe
Chieftains (The) - Ding Dong Merrily on High
Chieftains (The) - End Credits
Chieftains (The) - Factory Girl
Chieftains (The) - Have I Told You Lately
Chieftains (The) - He Moved Through the Fair
Chieftains (The) - I'll Tell Me Ma
Chieftains (The) - Mo Ghile Mear (Our Hero)
Chieftains (The) - Morning Has Broken
Chieftains (The) - Never Give All the Heart
Chieftains (The) - Sisters of Mercy
Chieftains (The) - St. Stephen's Day Murders
Chieftains (The) - Star of the County Down
Chieftains (The) - The Magdalene Laundries
Chieftains (The) - Una Emocion Para Siempre
Chiffons (The) - A Love So Fine
Chiffons (The) - Love So Fine
Chiffons (The) - Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me)
Children - Do-Re-Mi
Children - I Don't Care
Children - So Long, Farewell
Children of Nova - Erratic
Children of Nova - Feel Alive
Children of Nova - First Signs
Children of Nova - Kaleido
Children of Nova - Moments of Clarity
Children of Nova - This Graceful Tragedy
Chill Rob G. - Let Me Show You
Chill Rob G. - Motivation
Chilliwack - California Girl
Chilliwack - Don't Stop
Chilliwack - Lonesome Mary
Chilliwack - My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)
Chills (The) - Double Summer
Chills (The) - Flamethrower
Chimarruts - Cabelo
Chimène Badi - Je Viens du Sud
China McClain - My Crush
Chipettes (The) - Hot N Cold
Chipettes (The) - Put Your Records On
Chipettes (The) - So What
Chipmunks (The) - Bring It On
Chipmunks (The) - Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
Chipmunks (The) - I'm Henry VIII, I Am
Chipmunks (The) - It's OK
Chipmunks (The) - Night Before Christmas
Chipmunks (The) - O Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum)
Chipmunks (The) - Purple People Eater
Chipmunks (The) - Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Chipmunks (The) - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Chipmunks (The) - Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Chipmunks (The) - Shake Your Groove Thing
Chipmunks (The) - Up on the Housetop
Chipmunks (The) - Vacation
Chipmunks (The) - We Are Family
Chiquinho do Acordeon - On and On
Choir of Young Believers - Nye Nummer Et
Choir of Young Believers - Patricia's Thirst
Chords, The - Maybe Tomorrow
Chris Ayer - A Starfish in the Front Yard
Chris Ayer - Alive
Chris Ayer - Awake
Chris Ayer - Fade
Chris Ayer - Get Lost
Chris Ayer - I Save the Day
Chris Ayer - Long Gone
Chris Ayer - Opening
Chris Ayer - Say What You Mean
Chris Ayer - The Center Ring
Chris Ayer - The Highway Home
Chris Ayer - This Is a Test
Chris Cacavas - Jukebox Lullabye
Chris Clark - Love's Gone Bad
Chris Conner - I Miss You So
Chris Farlowe - Angel Doves
Chris Farlowe - Mr Pitiful
Chris Hillman - Angels' Cry
Chris Hillman - Ashes of Love
Chris Hillman - Back's Against the Wall
Chris Hillman - Brand New Heartache
Chris Hillman - Entertainment
Chris Hillman - Forgiveness
Chris Hillman - Heaven's Lullaby
Chris Hillman - I'm Still Alive
Chris Hillman - If I Could Only Win Your Love
Chris Hillman - Living on the Edge
Chris Hillman - Morning Sky
Chris Hillman - My Baby's Gone
Chris Hillman - Run Again
Chris Hillman - Second Wind
Chris Hillman - Sooner or Later
Chris Hillman - Turn Your Radio On
Chris Hillman - Wall Around Your Heart
Chris Montez - Some Kind'a Fun
Chris Montez - There Will Never Be Another You
Chris Roberts - Hier Ist Ein Zimmer Frei
Chris Robinson - Could You Really Love Me?
Chris Shiflett and The Dead Peasants - An Atheist's Prayer
Chris Shiflett and The Dead Peasants - Baby, Let It Out
Chris Shiflett and The Dead Peasants - Bandaged
Chris Shiflett and The Dead Peasants - Burning Lights
Chris Shiflett and The Dead Peasants - Get Along
Chris Shiflett and The Dead Peasants - Helsinki
Chris Smither - A Short While Aho
Chris Smither - Hey, Hey, Hey
Chris Smither - Hold On II
Chris Squire - Run With the Fox
Chris Stills - Desert Sands
Chris Thompson - Rescue
Chris Vrenna - Sleepwalking Away
Chris Vrenna - Truth Is
Chris Walker - Take Time
Chris Whitley - Alien
Chris Whitley - From One Island to Another
Chris Whitley - Know
Chris Whitley - Loco Girl
Chris Whitley - Scrapyard Lullaby
Chris Whitley - Weightless
Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - Big Fine Girl
Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - Lil Bitta
Christian and the Hedgehog Boys - It's Raining Dykes
Christian Death - Alone
Christian Death - Angels
Christian Death - Gloomy Sunday
Christian Death - Peek a Boo
Christian Death - Stairs (Uncertain Journey)
Christian Death - The Angels (Cruciform)
Christian Hansen and the Autistics - Calypso Hippo
Christians (The) - Born Again
Christians (The) - Forgotten Town
Christie McCarthy - Anniversary
Christine Andreas - Its Got To Be Love
Christine Dente - Bigger Story
Christine Lavin - All I Have to Do Is Dream/A Summer Song
Christine Lavin - Downtown
Christine Mcvie - Songbird
Christmas Jug Band - Silver Bells
Christoper Noyes - Bob, Alice, and Heisenberg
Christoper Noyes - Children of the Pyramid Builders
Christoper Noyes - Grapheme
Christoper Noyes - ia
Christy Baron - Bitter With the Sweet
Chromatics - Blue Moon
Chromatics - Red Car
Chromatics - The Page
Chthonic - Progeny Of Rmdaxtasing
Chubby Checker - Back in the U.S.S.R.
Chubby Checker - Limbo Rock (Original Hit Recordings)
Chubby Checker - Twist
Chucho Valdás - Lo Que Me Queda por Vivir
Chuck Brown - Bustin' Loose
Chuck Brown - Fever
Chuck Brown - God Bless the Child
Chuck Brown - Need Your Love So Bad
Chuck Brown - The Christmas Song
Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers - Bustin' Loose
Chuck Jackson - All in My Mind
Chuck Jackson - Beg Me
Chuck Jackson - Knock on Wood
Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good
Chuck Wagon & the Wheels - Beauty's in the Eye of the Beerholder
Chuck Willis - Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes
Chuck Willis - What Am I Living For?
Chumley's Toy - Disgusted Love
Church (The) - Lady Boy
Cidadao Quem - Dia Especial
Cidade Negra - Luz Dos Olhos
Cidade Negra - Mensagem
Cidade Negra - Nos Barracos da Cidade
Cidade Negra - Os Anjos
Cidade Negra - Pais da Fantasia
Cincinnati Pops Orchestra - Alone
Cinderella - The Road's Still Long
Cindy Bullens - As Long As You Love
Cindy Greene - Natural Disaster
Cindy Greene - Sweetness
Cinnamon - More Than You Bargained For
Cinnamon - Nothing
Circle Jerks - 15 Minutes
Circle Jerks - Casualty Vampire
Circle Jerks - Karma Stew
Circulatory System - Stars
Circus Devils - Apparent the Red Angus
Circus Devils - Blanks
Circus Devils - Correcto
Circus Devils - Lizard Food
Circus Devils - Silver Eyeballs
Circus Devils - Star Peppered Wheatgerm
Circus Devils - Straps Hold Up the Jaw
Cisco Houston - 900 Miles
Cisco Houston - Cumberland Gap
Cisco Houston - Diamond Joe
Cisco Houston - Do Re Mi
Cisco Houston - Do-Re-Mi
Cisco Houston - Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill
Cisco Houston - I Ain't Got No Home
Cisco Houston - I Ride an Old Paint
Cisco Houston - Jesus Christ
Cisco Houston - Little Joe, the Wrangler
Cisco Houston - Old Lone Wolf
Cisco Houston - Philadelphia Lawyer
Cisco Houston - Ship in the Sky
Cisco Houston - Sinking of the Reuben James
Cisco Houston - Skip to My Lou
Cisco Houston - Which Side Are You On
Cisco Houston - Woody's Rag/900 Miles
Citizen - Drown
Citizen - Right Through
Citizen - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
Civic - A Poets Dream
Civil Wars (The) - Goodbye Girl
Civil Wars (The) - If I Didn't Know Better
Civil Wars (The) - No Ordinary Love (Sade cover)
Ck - Take Control
Claire Lynch - Hey Lonesome
Claire Lynch - Hitchcock Railway
Claire Lynch - If Wishes Were Horses
Claire Lynch - Lead Me On
Claire Lynch - Moonlighter
Clancy Brothers - Blow Ye Winds
Clancy Brothers - I'll Tell My Ma
Clancy Brothers - Irish Rover
Clancy Brothers - Kitty Magee
Clancy Brothers - The Butcher Boy
Clancy Brothers - The Minstrel Boy
Clancy Brothers - The Moonshiner
Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem (The) - Roddy McCorley
Clancy Hayes - After You've Gone
Clannad - Banba Óir
Clannad - Buachaill an Eirne
Clannad - Caisleán Óir
Clannad - In a Lifetime, song
Clannad - Poison Glen
Clannad - Rí Na Cruinne
Clannad - Siùil a Run
Clannad - Something to Believe In
Clannad - What Will I Do
Clannad - Why Worry?
Clara C - Offbeat
Clara Hill - That Easy
Clara Luzia - Harvest Moon
Clara Luzia - How I Learned to Disappear
Clare College Choir & Orchestra, Cambridge - Past Three O'clock, carol (English)
Clarence Ashley - Little Sadie
Clarence Carter - I'd Rather Go Blind
Clarence Carter - It's All in Your Mind
Clarence Carter - Looking for a Fox
Clarence Carter - Lovely Day
Clarence Carter - Slipped, Tripped and Fell in Love
Clarence Carter - Too Weak to Fight
Clarence Reid - If It Was Good Enough For Daddy
Clarensau - Endless Melody
Clarensau - Laney's On Fire
Clarensau - Sheets
Clarensau - Summer's Love Song
Clarissa Explains It All - Kidnappers
Clark Terry - Autumn in New York
Clark Terry - Stompin' at the Savoy
Clarks, The - The Clowns
Clash, The - Blonde Rock & Roll
Clash, The - Capital Radio One
Clash, The - Capital Radio Two
Clash, The - Do It Now
Clash, The - English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home)
Clash, The - The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too
Clash, The - The Sound of Sinners
Class Actress - Adolescent Heart
Classic Addict - I Want to Hold Your Hand
Classic Crime, The - Beautiful Darkside
Classic Crime, The - City of Orphans
Classic Crime, The - Dead Rose
Classic Crime, The - Glass Houses
Classic Crime, The - Heaven And Hell
Classic Crime, The - I Will Wait (Outro)
Classic Crime, The - Let Me Die
Classic Crime, The - The Precipice
Classic Crime, The - What I'd Give Up
Classic Crime, The - You and Me Both
Classics IV & Dennis Yost - Stormy
Claude Bolling - Cow-Cow Boogie
Claude King - Ancient History
Claude King - Big Ole Shoulder
Claude King - Come on Home
Claude King - First Train Headin' South
Claude King - Four Roses
Claude King - Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife
Claude King - Honky Tonk Man
Clay Crosse - Til the End of the World
Clay Crosse - I Call Your Name
Clay Crosse - I Surrender All
Clay Crosse - Love in the Right Hands
Clay Davidson - Unconditional
Cledus T. Judd - Hell No
Cledus T. Judd - Hip Hop and Honky Tonk
Cledus T. Judd - Just Another Day in Parodies
Cledus T. Judd - Livin' Like John Travolta
Cledus T. Judd - More Beaver
Cledus T. Judd - One Jack Off
Cledus T. Judd - Only 364 Shopping Days 'Til Christmas
Cledus T. Judd - Starkissed
Cleo Laine - Killing Me Softly With His Song
Client - Lights Go Out
Cliff Richard & the Shadows - Lucky Lips
Clipd Beaks - Hoarse Lords
Clock - Oh What a Night
Clock Opera - Move to the Mountains
Clocks - Progress
Clover - Child of the Streets
Clover - Love Love
Clovers (The) - Hey Doll Baby
CMC - The Opera Song (Brave New World)
CMX - Mikn ei vie sit pois
CMX - Taivaanreliset
Cnote - I Like
Co-Ed - Be Alone
CockNBullKid - Adulthood
Coffee Project - Big Trouble In Little Gainesville
Coffee Project - I Will Run
Coffee Project - Oh, Sweet Pickle
Coffee Project - Start
Coffee Project - The Lies We Live
Cold Blood - Lo and Behold
Colin Hay - Dear Father
Colin Hay - Gathering Mercury
Colin Hay - Oh California
Colin James - Cadillac Baby
Colin James - Find My Home
Colin James - Freedom
Colin James - I Hope You're Happy
Colin James - I Want You to Be My Baby
Colin James - I'm Shakin'
Colin James - If You Lean on Me
Colin James - It Fills You Up
Colin James - Lonely Avenue
Colin James - No Buts, No Maybes
Colin James - Rocket to the Moon
Colin James - When I Write the Book
Colin James & The Little Big Band - Leading Me On
Colin James & The Little Big Band - That's What You Do to Me
Colin Linden - My Mind Is on Vacation
Colin Linden - Shout Baby Shout
Colleen Hewett - The Wind Beneath My Wings
Colm Wilkinson - Les Bring Him Home
Color Me Badd - Thinkin' Back
Color Theory - Leave in Silence
Colour - Tallulah's My Mother's Name
Colour Haze - Co
Columbia Chaaise - Sunshine
Come On Undress Me - Sedatives
Come On Undress Me - Wide Awake
Comets On Fire - Dogwood Rust
Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen - Hot Rod Lincoln
Commitments - Destination: Anywhere
Commitments - Hard to Handle
Commodores (The) - Animal Instinct
Commodores (The) - Forever Came Today
Common Grackle - Churchill's Black Dog
Common Shiner - Interdimensional Love Song
Common Shiner - It Took the Dead...
Common Shiner - Mae Calling
Common Shiner - Oh, The Optimist
Common Shiner - Social Mediasochist
Common Shiner - When To Say When
Communards (The) - Tomorrow
Company - Opening: I Hope I Get It
Company of Thieves - After Thought
Company of Thieves - Gorgeous/Grotesque
Company of Thieves - I Want a Window
Company of Thieves - King of Dreams
Company of Thieves - Nothing's In the Flowers
Company of Thieves - Too Tired
Compay Segundo - Amor de Loca Juventud
Concord - Ich Frchte Fast, Es Ist Mir Egal
Concrete Blonde - 100 Games of Solitaire
Concrete Blonde - Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man
Concrete Blonde - Someday?
Concrete Blonde - Viva la Vida
Concretes (The) - Didion
Concretes (The) - Kids
Concretes (The) - Vacation
Confederate Railroad - 11 Months & 29 Days
Confederate Railroad - Between the Rainbows and the Rain
Confederate Railroad - Bill's Laundromat, Bar and Grill
Confederate Railroad - Black Label, White Lies
Confederate Railroad - I Don't Want to Hang Out With Me
Confederate Railroad - Redneck Romeo
Confederate Railroad - She Took It Like a Man
Confederate Railroad - She Treats Her Body Like a Temple
Confederate Railroad - Three Verses
Confederate Railroad - Tonight Is Mine
Confederate Railroad - Wasted Time
Congreso - Hijo del Sol Luminoso
Connee Boswell - Carioca
Connee Boswell - How Important Can It Be?
Connee Boswell - Hummin' to Myself
Connee Boswell - I'm Growing Fonder of You
Connee Boswell - On the Isle of May
Connee Boswell - Stormy Weather
Connee Boswell - Sweet Eloise
Connee Boswell - The Carioca
Connee Boswell - True Confession
Connee Boswell - Under a Blanket of Blue
Connee Boswell - Underneath the Arches
Connells, The - 74- 75
Connells, The - 74-75
Conner Youngblood - Neon Flicker
Conner Youngblood - Please Don't Go
Conner Youngblood - Proportions
Conner Youngblood - Scramble
Conner Youngblood - The Warpath
Connie Francis - Anema e Core
Connie Francis - Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Connie Francis - Beautiful Brown Eyes
Connie Francis - Bye Bye Love
Connie Francis - Clementine
Connie Francis - Cryin' Time
Connie Francis - Embraceable You