Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 172:

Christian Venus - Hysterie
Carriere - Gestern heute und für immer
Code Red - We can make it
Code Red - Only for you
Code Red - Don't talk the talk
Code Red - Love you all over again
Code Red - Missin You Already
Code Red - If you go away
Code Red - What would you do if... ?
Code Red - This could be magical
Code Red - I gave you everything
Code Red - Soothe me
Code Red - It's not right
Code Red - When I close my eyes
Code Red - Hold me
Code Red - Come and get it
Code Red - This is our song
Code Red - Break it to me gently
Code Red - Everybody raise your hands
Code Red - Don't go there
Code Red - I only have eyes for you
Code Red - Alone with you
Code Red - A crimson sky
Code Red - Do you like?
Code Red - Part of you
Code Red - Toni and me
Code Red - Is There Someone Out There?
Code Red - I check for you
Code Red - Can we talk
Code Red - Always
Code Red - Just a little more
Code Red - Seven Ways To Break My Heart
Creme 21 - Klopf an meine Tür
Creme 21 - Wann wird's mal wieder richtig Sommer?
Creme 21 - Lüg mich bitte an
Creme 21 - Meine Welt
Creme 21 - Ich
Creme 21 - Wann sind wir endlich da?
Creme 21 - Schlafen
Creme 21 - Liebe in den Neunzigern
Creme 21 - Es ist vorbei
Creme 21 - Nur von hinten
Creme 21 - Star
Creme 21 - Gibt es Leben auf dem Mars
Chic - Dance, Dance, Dance
Chic - Baby what a big suprise
Cash Flow - Son Sözüm Olsun
Cash Flow - Gözlerim Nemli
Curved Air - Blind man
Curved Air - Phantasmagoria
Curved Air - Over and above
Curved Air - Bright summer's day '68
Curved Air - Hide and seek
Curved Air - Dance Of Love
Curved Air - Young mother
Curved Air - Jumbo
Curved Air - Situations
Curved Air - Once a ghost, always a ghost
Corbin Bleu - Angel cry
Cristina Branco - Os solitários
Cristina Branco - Vai o bem fugindo
Cristina Branco - A uma princesa distante
Chris Montez - Ay No Digas
Claudia Beni - Tvoja pobjeda
Claudia Beni - Cista kao suza
Claudia Beni - Ruku u vatru
Claudia Beni - Tako hrabar da me ostavis
Claudia Beni - Ti znas
Claudia Beni - Po kratkom postupku
Claudia Beni - Sanjam
Claudia Beni - Bolesna
Claudia Beni - Led
Corrosion Of Conformity - Albatross
Corrosion Of Conformity - Clean My Wounds
Corrosion Of Conformity - Who's Got The Fire?
City Nord - Alarm
City Nord - Intro
City Nord - Landung
City Nord - Aussteiger
Corneille - Lettre à la maison blanche
Chipmunks - Titelsong
Chipmunks - Christmassong
Chipmunks - The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)
Chipmunks - How We Roll
Chipmunks - Funkytown
Chipmunks - Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Chipmunks - Bad Day
Christmas Carols - While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night
Christmas Carols - O Come All Ye Faithful
Christmas Carols - Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer
Christmas Carols - All I Want For Christmas...
Christmas Carols - Oh Christmas tree
Cockney Rebel - Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
Cilgin Sedat - Gelme Geri
Cilgin Sedat - Duygusuz
Cilgin Sedat - Saka Niyetine
Cilgin Sedat - Terkettim Seni
Cilgin Sedat - Askim askim
Cilgin Sedat - Delikanli gibi
Charly Lownoise - Your Smile
Charly Lownoise - Stars
Charly Lownoise - Rainbow In The Sky (with Mental Theo)
Charly Lownoise - Party
Charly Lownoise - Hardcore Feelings
Charly Lownoise - Wonderful days 2001
Charly Lownoise - Where It All Begun
Charly Lownoise - Miracles
Charly Lownoise - This Christmas
Coppelius - Murders in the Rue Morgue
Coppelius - I'd rather be dead
Coppelius - Surely
Coppelius - Urinstinkt
Curly - Stay
Curly - Don't walk away
Colour Haze - House Of Rushammon
Colour Haze - Weltraummantra
Chris Wolff - Maspalomas
City Hunter - City Hunter ~ ai yo kienaide ~
City Hunter - Onegai Kiss Me Again
City Hunter - Hold Me Gently
City Hunter - Atsuku Naretara
City Hunter - No No No
City Hunter - Mr. Private Eye
City Hunter - Only In My Dreams
City Hunter - Gimme Shock
City Hunter - Just Like Magic
City Hunter - Chance
City Hunter - Lonely Lullaby
City Hunter - Escape
Cheb Mami - Douha aalia
Cengiz imren - Öldürdün Beni
China Chrisis - Hampton beach
China Chrisis - June bride
China Chrisis - We do the same
China Chrisis - A Day's Work For The Dayo's Done
China Chrisis - Trading in gold
China Chrisis - No ordinary lover
China Chrisis - Diary of a hollow horse
China Chrisis - This Occupation
China Chrisis - Be suspicious
China Chrisis - Save as houses
Chavela Vargas - Adelita
Chavela Vargas - Con Mis Propias Manos
Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (La Da Dee)
Crystal Waters - Mama Said
Crystal Waters - My Time
Crystal Waters - You Turn Me On
Crystal Waters - Momma Told Me
Crystal Waters - It's All Right
Crystal Waters - Feel Like Makin' Love
Crystal Waters - Makin' Happy
Coinside - Hexenhammer
Coinside - Das Geschäft mit dem Tod
Coinside - Coinside
Coinside - Blut
Coinside - Gebote
Coinside - Glücksritter
Coinside - Söldner
Coinside - Erkenntnis
Coinside - Eremit
Coinside - Ich vergass - A.l.z.h.e.i.m.e.r.
Coinside - Metamorph
Coinside - Abschwur
Coinside - Euthanasie 2
Coinside - Zorn
Coinside - Folgt uns!
Coinside - Mensch entsteht - Natur vergeht
Coinside - Unsere Stadt
Coinside - Eremozoikum
Coinside - Entscheidung
Coinside - Schrei der Hilflosen
Coinside - Endlich
Coinside - Götterwind
Coinside - Lossagung
Coinside - Mein Weg
Coinside - Zu spät
Coinside - Sturm
Coinside - Der Tag des Erwachens
Coinside - The System
Coinside - Von der Freundschaft
Chanté Moore - Finding My Way Back To You
Chanté Moore - This Moment Is Mine
Chanté Moore - Chante's Got A Man
Chanté Moore - If I Gave Love
Chanté Moore - Candlelight And You
Chanté Moore - I've Got The Love
Chanté Moore - Chante's Got a Man Remix
Chanté Moore - Easy
Chanté Moore - Am I Losing You ?
Chanté Moore - I Want To Thank You
Chanté Moore - Heartbeat
Chanté Moore - Train Of Thought
Chanté Moore - I Started Crying
Chanté Moore - Wey U
Chanté Moore - I See You In A Different Light
Chanté Moore - I Cry To Myself
Chanté Moore - Straight Up
Chanté Moore - I Wanna Love
Charts - Etre humain
Crno Vino - Hej mjesece
Crno Vino - Amela
Crno Vino - Tvoja mama
Crno Vino - Jedan bolji svijet
Crno Vino - Padace snjegovi
Crno Vino - Vrijeme
Crno Vino - Kad srce pocijepam
Crno Vino - Zarucnica
Crno Vino - Voljeti
Crno Vino - Zorane, Zorane
Crno Vino - Hajde igraj
Crno Vino - Pravednost
Crno Vino - Prije nego odem
Chicane - Don't give up
Climie Fisher - Facts Of Love
Climie Fisher - I won't bleed for you
Christcore - Ich ziehe in den Krieg
Christcore - Jesus hat mein Haus besetzt
Christcore - Godarchy in Germany
Christcore - Mein Name ist Embryo
Christcore - Es ist an der Zeit
Christcore - Ewiger Feuerherd
Christcore - Chaostage
Christcore - Kein Bock auf Tradition
Coban Ali - Agri Dagin Etegi
Coban Ali - Agri Dagin Eteginde
Cosmo Klein - Let Me Know
Cosmo Klein - Rain on em
Colony 5 - Fix
Colony 5 - Misery
Colony 5 - The Bottle
Colony 5 - Is She Scared
Caifanes - Aqui No Es Asi
Christine Mcvie - I'd Rather Go Blind
Christine Mcvie - Wait And See
Christine Mcvie - Close To Me
Christine Mcvie - One in a million
Christine Mcvie - Let Me Go (Leave Me Alone)
Christine Mcvie - Northern Star
Christine Mcvie - For You
Christine Mcvie - No Road Is The Right Road
Christine Mcvie - Ask Anybody
Christine Mcvie - Crazy Bout You
Christine Mcvie - I'm the one
Christine Mcvie - Who's Dreaming This Dream
Christine Mcvie - Can't Help Falling In Love
Cornamusa - Bad Boys
Crystal Eyes - Victims Of The Frozen Hate
Crystal Eyes - The Fools' Ballet
Crystal Eyes - Eyes Of The Forest Gloom
Cashless - Together We´re Screaming
Caroline's Spine - Rock & Roll Hero
Clarks - Snow man
Clarks - One Day In My Life
Clarks - Butterflies and airplanes
Clarks - Better off with out you
Clarks - Born too late
Clarks - The letter
Clarks - Think of england
Clarks - I'm a fool
Clarks - Train Of Love
Clarks - If memory serves
Clarks - Flame
Cartel (Hip-Hop) - Çek Bir Fýrt
Curve - Coast Is Clear
Curve - Sandpit
Curve - Crystal
Curve - Missing Link
Curve - Sweetest Pie
Curve - Sigh
Curve - Think And Act
Curve - Arms Out
Curve - Superblaster
Curve - Die Like A Dog
Curve - All Of One
Curve - Frozen
Curve - Cuckoo
Cumulo Nimbus - Im Wirtshaus (Auf ihr Zecher)
Cumulo Nimbus - Gewitter
Cumulo Nimbus - Das Moor
Canta Bahia - Não aprendi a dizer adeus
Canta Bahia - MATEMÁTICA
Coralie Clément - Avey ou sans moi
Coralie Clément - Gloria
Coralie Clément - Ca valait la peine
Coralie Clément - Épilogue
Coralie Clément - Bye Bye Beauté
Celina - Lösch meine Nummer
Celina - Stein auf Stein
Celina - 7 Wünsche
Celina - Lösch endlich meine Nummer
Celina - Treibsand
Celina - Finderlohn
Chico Buarque - Futuros Amantes
Chico Buarque - Construçao
Chico Buarque - Feijoada Completa
Chico Buarque - Deus Lhe Pague
Chico Buarque - Minha História (Gesùbambino)
Chico Buarque - Paratodos
Chico Buarque - Tanto Mar
Chico Buarque - Valsinha
Chico Buarque - O Que Será (A Flor Da Terra)
Chico Buarque - Nao Sonho Mais
Chico Buarque - Tanto Amar
Chico Buarque - O Meu Guri
Cocteau Twins - For phoebe still a baby
Cocteau Twins - Hearsay please
Cocteau Twins - The spangle maker
Crazy Loop - Johanna Shut Up
Crazy Loop - Uh - ahh - yeah
Country Blend - We Can Get Trough This
Country Blend - Frome Here To Eternity
Country Blend - So Tears Won't Fall
Country Blend - The Stayin'
Country Blend - Two In A Million
Country Blend - Kiss The Girl
Country Blend - I Can Feel You Drifting
Country Blend - To Good To Be True
Country Blend - Heaven Sent
Country Blend - Slow Dance
Country Blend - How Lucky I Am
Country Blend - Everywhere I Turn
Country Blend - Lost In The Shuffle
Country Blend - Nobody Knows
Country Blend - Just Because She Lives There
Country Blend - Someone Else's Turn To Cry
Country Blend - You'll Always Be Loved
Country Blend - When The Bretender Cries
Country Blend - Handful Of Water
Country Blend - By The Book
Country Blend - I'd Rather Miss You
Country Blend - What Other Man
Country Blend - Love Me Like You Mean It
Country Blend - That Good
Country Blend - I Let Him Get Away With It
Country Blend - You're Still Beautiful To Me
Country Blend - Laughin' All The Way To The Bank
Country Blend - It Ain't So Easy
Country Blend - Typical
Country Blend - Before Another Day Goes By
Country Blend - I'm Trying
Country Blend - There's A War In Me
Country Blend - She Just Has To Be Mine
Country Blend - Love Happens Like That
Country Blend - Scared Like That Again
Country Blend - If You Love Somebody
Country Blend - Two Of The Lucky Ones
Conny Francis - Conny Francis Medley
Conny Francis - Wenn du gehst
Conny Francis - Schöner fremder Mann
Conny Francis - Heißer Sand
Conny Francis - Bacarole
Conny Francis - Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel
Corry Konings - Mooi was die tijd
Corry Konings - In Gedachten Zie Ik Het Kerkje
Corry Konings - Met Jou Te Leven
Corry Konings - Ik Verlang Naar Jou
Corry Konings - Huilen is voor jou te laat
Corry Konings - n Wonder
Corry Konings - Je Kan Je Leven Nooit Meer Overdoen
Coco Lee - When You Tell Me That You Love Me (with Julio Iglesias)
Coco Lee - Do you really love me?
Coco Lee - Just no other way (to love me)
Cosmic Gate - Back 2 Earth [Club Mix]
Cosmic Gate - Should've Known (Extended Edit)
Cosmic Gate - Should've Known (Radio Edit)
Cosmic Gate - Human Beings
China Dolls - Wo Ai Ni (I Love You)
China Dolls - Thing Nong
China Dolls - Oh Oh Oh
Common Sense - Take It EZ
Chris & Frank - How do you do
Chris & Frank - Frühling in der Stadt
Chris & Frank - Links von mir, rechts von mir
Chris & Frank - Aber schön wär' es doch
Chris & Frank - Wie ein Stern
Chris & Frank - Die schönste Geschichte der Welt
Chris & Frank - Einmal in der Woche
Chris & Frank - Es kann oft ein Moment sein
Clay Walker - Holding Her And Loving You (Walt Aldridge/Tom Brasfield)
Clay Walker - Lose Some Sleep Tonight (Clay Walker/M. Jason Greene)
Clay Walker - I Know What Love Is What's It To You
Clay Walker - Only On Days That End In Y
Connie Froböss - 2 kleine Italiener
Connie Froböss - Lady Sunshine
Corona - The Rythm Of The Night
Corona - Baby Baby
Conny Engel - Das Blumenmädchen aus Avingnon
Conny Engel - Ein Wintergefühl
Conny Engel - Du machst mich verrückt
Conny Engel - Lachen gegen Einsamkeit
Conny Engel - Zärtlichkeit
Carin Posch - Du bist meine große Liebe
Chris Thompson - Man of steel
Chris Thompson - Bridge across the river
Chris Thompson - Wasting time
Chris Thompson - Don't put it off
Chris Thompson - Good to be alive
Chris Thompson - To hell with love
Chris Thompson - One step at a time
Chris Thompson - Outside
Chris Thompson - The longing
Coleske - My only
Cüneyt Tek - Gidersen
Cüneyt Tek - Yandim
Cüneyt Tek - Son kez
Cüneyt Tek - Asik olmam lazim
Cüneyt Tek - Bir Kadin
Noel Torres - Cheque Al Portador
Noel Torres - Hace Un Año
Café Tacuba - Ojala que llueva café
Café Tacuba - Dejate Caer
Charlie Landsborough - A Million Ways To Fall
Charlie Landsborough - I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
Charlie Landsborough - God Knocking On Your Door
Charlie Landsborough - Blue Umbrella
Charlie Landsborough - Further Down The Road
Charlie Landsborough - After All These Years
Corinna May - I Believe In God
Cilla Black - Across The Universe
Cilla Black - Both Sides Now
Cilla Black - Dancing In The Street
Cilla Black - First Of May
Cinema Strange - Dead eyes open, or, how the women in the attic fled, never to return
Curtis Catie - Mine Fields (From Years To Hours)
Curtis Catie - Slave To My Belly
Curtis Catie - Hole In The Bucket
Curtis Catie - Wallpaper Dreams
Curtis Catie - Grandmother's Name
Curtis Catie - The Wolf
Curtis Catie - You Can Always Be Gone
Curtis Catie - Silhouette
Curtis Catie - Crocodile Tears
Coda 3 - Después De Ti
Coda 3 - La Luna Sobre La Calle 11
Coda 3 - Trátame Bien
Coda 3 - No Estás Vencida
Coda 3 - Juan
Coda 3 - Déjate Llevar
Coda 3 - Aún Sigo Viendo
Coda 3 - La Vida Es Más (Q' Solamente Tu)
Clan Italiano - Mi Alma Mi Vida
Clan Italiano - Dove Sei
Clan Italiano - Mia Bella
Clan Italiano - Notte Scura
Clan Italiano - Parlami Di Te
Clan Italiano - Piccolo Amore
Clan Italiano - Señorita
Clan Italiano - Atenti Fioi
Clan Italiano - Nerone
Clan Italiano - La Balena
Clan Italiano - Bianco E Nero
Clan Italiano - Adesso Perché
Clan Italiano - Fedeltà
Clan Italiano - Twist A Mezzanotte
Clan Italiano - I Ragazzi Di Treviso
Clan Italiano - Signora
Clan Italiano - Solo Un'ora
Clan Italiano - Flying In The Night
Clan Italiano - Nelle Mani Di Un Angelo
Clan Italiano - Cuore Graffiato
Clan Italiano - Sei Volata Via
Clan Italiano - Principessa
Clan Italiano - Bambolina
Clan Italiano - Movimiento
Clan Italiano - Tu Sei L'unico
Clan Italiano - El Me Compleano
Clan Italiano - Sonia
Clan Italiano - Il Talismano
Coma - Spadam
Coma - Leszek Zukowski
Coma - Reincarnation
Coma - Masturbation
Coma - Clash with society
Coma - 2000 Heroes
Coma - Flames
Coma - Desperado
Coma - My private nirvana
Coma - Kill to love
Coma - A day in the life of (part 1)
Coma - God from hell
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Is thisLove?
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Mommy, Won't You Keep Them Castles in the Air and Burning?
Colorblind - Under My Skin
Colorblind - Miracle
Colorblind - My Little Secret
Colorblind - If I Could Fly
Colorblind - Sacred
Colorblind - Wash You
Colorblind - Leave It Up To Me
Colorblind - Sweetest Fire
Colorblind - How Will I Survive
Colorblind - All I Wanna Do
Chemistry - Hoshitachi no Kyori
Chemistry - Rewind
Chemistry - My Way
Chemistry - It Takes Two
Chemistry - My Gift to You
Chemistry - No Color Line
Circus Of Power - Desire / Fire In The Night
Circus Of Power - Temptation
Circus Of Power - Don't Drag Me Down
Circus Of Power - Gates Of Love
Circus Of Power - Got Hard
Circus Of Power - Dreams Tonight
Circus Of Power - Doctor Potion
China Drum - Picture
Clara Schumann - Warum willst du and're fragen (Why will you question others)
Clara Schumann - Liebst du um Schönheit (If you love for beauty)
Clara Schumann - Er ist gekommen in Sturm und Regen (He came in storm and rain)
Cleopatra - What You Gonna Do Boy?
Cleopatra - I want you back
Cleopatra - The World We Live In
Cleopatra - Song for love
Cleopatra - U Got It
Czerwone Gitary - Chcialbym zeby usmiech twoj
Czerwone Gitary - Plona gory, plona lasy
Czerwone Gitary - Anna Maria
Czerwone Gitary - Nie mow nic
Czerwone Gitary - Wielka milosc
Czerwone Gitary - Slowo jedyne ty
Czerwone Gitary - Jesien idzie przez park
Czerwone Gitary - Ciagle pada
Czerwone Gitary - Stracic kogos.
Czerwone Gitary - Czy slyszysz, co mowie
Czerwone Gitary - Kwiaty we wlosach
Czerwone Gitary - Barwy jesieni
Chilly - Johnny loves Jenny
Chilly - Come to L.A.
Cats (Musical-Norwegen) - Siam-Ella, vår stjernekatt
Cats (Musical-Norwegen) - Kattar får namn
Cats (Musical-Norwegen) - Balladen om Billy Mekrá
Charlotte Nilsson - Light of my life
Charlotte Nilsson - You got me going crazy
Charlotte Nilsson - I'm the one for you
Charlotte Nilsson - Game over, you win
cilekes - Körpe
cilekes - Y.o.k
cilekes - Kendimden geriye
cilekes - Sorma
cilekes - Kürar
Catherine Deneuve - Dépression au-dessu du jardin
Catherine Deneuve - Marine band trémolo
Closterkeller - Lullaby
Closterkeller - Wladza
Closterkeller - Temple Of Time
Cindy Berger - Auch die längste Nacht geht vorbei
Cindy Berger - Und leben will ich auch
Cindy Berger - Finito L'Amore
Cindy Berger - Bevor Du gehst
Cindy Berger - Herz unter Strom
Cindy Berger - Weil es Sommer war
Cindy Berger - Ich werde all das tun
Cindy Berger - Annie, komm heim
Cindy Berger - Lass mir das Schweigen
Cindy Berger - Immer im Stress
Cindy Berger - Bleib da
Cindy Berger - Mann Oh Mann
CPD - Abendlied
CPD - Ballade vom roten Haar
CPD - Sommertag
CPD - Die Burg
Chris Alexandros - Hallo mein Engel
Chris Alexandros - Streets of London
Circa Survive - House of Leaves
Circa Survive - Alwas Getting What You Want
Circa Survive - [Hidden Track]
Code Geass - Pikaresuku
Crazy For You (Musical) - Entrance To Nevada
Crazy For You (Musical) - Stiff Upper Lip
Crazy For You (Musical) - Embrazeable You
Crazy For You (Musical) - Finale
Crazy For You (Musical) - Nice Work If You Can Get It
Crazy For You (Musical) - Could You Use Me?
Crazy For You (Musical) - Shall We Dance?
Crazy For You (Musical) - Someone To Watch Over Me
Crazy For You (Musical) - K-RA-ZY For You
Crazy For You (Musical) - Slap That Bass
Crazy For You (Musical) - What Causes That?
Crazy For You (Musical) - The Real American Folk Song Is A Rag
Crazy For You (Musical) - I Got Rythm
Crazy For You (Musical) - Can't Be Bothered Now
Crazy For You (Musical) - Bidin' My Time (French Reprise)
Chenoa - Una mujer
Chenoa - Atrevete
Claudine Longet - Here, There And Everywhere
Claudine Longet - We've Only Just Begun
Claudine Longet - Love Is Blue
Claudine Longet - Let It Be Me
Chiodos - Who's Sandie Jenkins?
Chiodos - One Day Woman Will All Become Monster
Chiodos - Lindsay Quit Lollygagging
Chiodos - The Words
Chulcha Candela - Ein besonderer Tag
Chulcha Candela - Stretch Your Mind
Chulcha Candela - In Da City
Chulcha Candela - Partybus
Current 93 - A Gothic Lovesong
Chris & Carla - The tower
Chris & Carla - A life full of holes
Chris & Carla - Never gonna fall
Chris & Carla - New love ends
Chris & Carla - Nights between stations
Chris & Carla - Runaround
Chris & Carla - Velvet fog
Chris & Carla - Black rope tied
Chris & Carla - Wichita Lineman
Chris & Carla - Fear
Chris & Carla - Swinger 500
Chris & Carla - Blue winter snow
Chris & Carla - Take me
Chris & Carla - Sleep will pass us by
Chris & Carla - Death at low water
Chris & Carla - Comfort of a stranger
Chris & Carla - On the beach
Chris & Carla - Maggie's farm
Chris & Carla - Down where the drunkards roll
Cya - Ovo vreme je tvoje
Cya - Metak
Cya - U voznji kroz grad
Craig Bennett - Hello Pharmacist
Craig Bennett - Montgomery Clift
Craig Bennett - Fur Cap
Craig Bennett - The Easterner
Craig Bennett - Monumental
Craig Bennett - Strange Machine
Craig Bennett - Film School
Craig Bennett - Snowstorm
Craig Bennett - My Robot Girl Is Gone
Craig Bennett - The Westerner
Craig Bennett - Wandering Ways
Craig Bennett - Get Well Card
Craig Bennett - Wet Playground
Craig Bennett - Soviet Tanker
Craig Bennett - Warm Coma
Craig Bennett - Man, She's Really Changed
Craig Bennett - Isn't She Wonderful?
Craig Bennett - Dead Astronaut
Craig Bennett - My Little Inner City Ghoul
Craig Bennett - Wedding Dress
Craig Bennett - Mesohippus
Craig Bennett - Happy Hollowdays
Craig Bennett - Incurable
Craig Bennett - Disaster (You're My Greatest)
Craig Bennett - Maxine Had a Visitor
Craig Bennett - My Muse Has Become a Nuisance
Craig Bennett - Smitten, Then shunned
Craig Bennett - Show-Me State
Craig Bennett - Living Room
Craig Bennett - Nancy
Craig Bennett - Bathing Suit
Craig Bennett - My Hand-Cut Puzzle of a Girl
Craig Bennett - Dark Lessons
Craig Bennett - The Sun ... It Shines!
Craig Bennett - Has Been and Wife
Christian - Feierabend
Christian - Badman
Banda Pachuco - Cada Vez Que Te Miro
Cidade Negra - Girassol
Cidade Negra - Luta De Classes
Cidade Negra - Sábado à Noite
Cidade Negra - Minha Irma
Cidade Negra - O Erê
Cidade Negra - Querem Meu Sangue
Cidade Negra - Firmamento
Cidade Negra - Mucama
Csi - Valium Tavor Serenase
Csi - Emilia Paranoica
Csi - Palpitazione Tenue
Csi - Esco
Csi - Occidente
Csi - Del Mondo
Children Of Reagan - It Should Not Be
Children Of Reagan - I Make the Devil Sign at You
Children Of Reagan - Moon In St. Matthews
Children Of Reagan - Where Were You
Children Of Reagan - I Blame
Children Of Reagan - No Future For Me
Children Of Reagan - Self Destruction
Children Of Reagan - Our Darkest Time
Children Of Reagan - American Devil Girl
Coca Cola - Always The Real Thing
Coloursound - Under the sun
Coloursound - State of independence
Coloursound - Fountainhead
Coloursound - The candle that burns the brightest
Coloursound - Happy and glorious
Coloursound - For the love of
Coloursound - Time
Coloursound - All kinds of wonderful
Coloursound - Only bleeding
Coloursound - Heavy rain
Coloursound - Live through you
Coloursound - Strength (live)
Chancho En Piedra - Sinfonía De Cuna
Cleo Brown - When Hollywood Goes Black And Tan
Cleo Brown - I'll Take The South
Cleo Brown - Lookie, Lookie, Here Comes Cookie
Cleo Brown - Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
Cleo Brown - Me And My Wonderful One
Cleo Brown - Latch On
Cleo Brown - When
Cleo Brown - My Gal Mezzanine
Cleo Brown - Give A Broken Heart A Break
Cleo Brown - Never Too Tired For Love
Cleo Brown - You're My Fever
Charlie - Jég dupla whiskyvel
CycleFly - Selotape
Corry Brokken - Damals war alles so schön
Corry Brokken - Voorgoed voorbij
Corry Brokken - Heel de wereld
Corry Brokken - Und Sie trug eine Rose im Haar
Corry Brokken - La mamma
cindy - Ich werde niemals dein Herz brechen
cindy - Voyage sans retour
cindy - La légende de Rose la tulipe
cindy - Rebelle
cindy - Envole-moi vers les étoiles
cindy - Celui que j'aimerai
cindy - Samedi soir au Galaxy
cindy - Quand la gigue s'est arrêtée
Chloe - To Where You Are
Chloe - Angel's Song
Chloe - Sigma
Chloe - Winter's Light
Chloe - Vincent/Starry, Starry Night
Chloe - Someday
Chloe - Going Home
Chloe - The Prayer
Chloe - Nella Fantasia
Chloe - Vivalidi's 'Rain'
Chloe - The Voice of Home
Chloe - Braham's Lullaby
Charitona - Fürst der Finsternis
Cidadao Quem - Um Dia De Fúria
Cidadao Quem - Herói Bandido
Cidadao Quem - Na Escuridao Das Flores
Cidadao Quem - A Rua E O Sol
Cidadao Quem - Uma Direçao
Cidadao Quem - Balanço
Cidadao Quem - Carona
Cidadao Quem - La Recherche
Cidadao Quem - O Seu Enigma
Cidadao Quem - Os Segundos
Cidadao Quem - O Grito Da Noite
Cidadao Quem - Na Jaula Dos Animais
Cidadao Quem - Linha De Teseu
Crucifucks - Similar Items
Banda Pachuco - Me Enamore
Clarence Henry - You Always Hurt The One You Love
Christy Lauren - Steep
Christy Lauren - You Read Me Wrong
Christy Lauren - Breed
Cosmic Casino - Persona non data
Cho-Jin - Pandora
Cho-Jin - Augenlied
Cho-Jin - Schattenläufer
Cho-Jin - A.M.
Cho-Jin - Stirb nicht
Cho-Jin - Spassmarkt
Cho-Jin - Komastar
Chester Bennington - Let Down
Common - Come Close (feat. Mary J. Blige)
Corinna und Dirk - Gib niemals auf
Claude Dubois - Besoin pour vivre
Claude Dubois - Comme un million de gens
Claude Dubois - En voyage
Claude Dubois - S.O.S. - S.O.S.
Crazy Choizz - Einsam
Crazy Choizz - Wunderbar
Chiara - What If We
Chiara - The one that I love
Chobits - Let Me Be With You / opening
Chobits - Hirusagari No Tawamure
Crystal Bernard - Here s Looking At You
Crystal Bernard - Don t Touch Me There
Crystal Bernard - We Don t Live There Anymore
Crystal Bernard - You re Gonna Miss A Whole Lotta Love
Crystal Bernard - Have We Forgotten
Craig Agans - Displaced Revolutionary Blues
Craig Agans - China Song
Craig Agans - If I Can Give It To You
Chihiro Onitsuka - Not your god
Collateral Damage - Hammock
Collateral Damage - My Butterfly
Collateral Damage - Senin icin
Collateral Damage - Senin icin (Pt.2)
Collateral Damage - [Prolog]
Ciga - Magic Of Home (feat. C. Simmons)
Ciftci kardesler - Birakmaz
coleslaw - Closer Tonight
coleslaw - Dark Hole
coleslaw - Thoughts Of An Idiot
coleslaw - This Misery
coleslaw - Daydream Diary
coleslaw - Never Ending Chain
coleslaw - Show For Me
coleslaw - Me Again
coleslaw - Here And Now
Corrie Konings - Mijn liefde kent geen grens
Corrie Konings - Amore
Corrie Konings - Playa Blanca
Corrie Konings - Dezelfde hemel
Corrie Konings - Bij mij mag je huilen
Corrie Konings - Ga je mee op wereldreis
Corrie Konings - Hoe zou ik je kunnen vergeten
Cory Lee - Somehow someday
Cory Lee - Never get over you
Cory Lee - Lover's Holiday (Album version)
Crystal Gayle - Someday Soon
Crystal Gayle - Too many lovers
Chris Gaines - Main Street
Chris Gaines - It Don't Matter To The Sun
Cinderella effect - Call the ships to port
Cinderella effect - Black No. 1
Cinderella effect - Wenn die Liebe ein Engel ist
Cinderella effect - Israel
Cinderella effect - Stille der Nacht
Cinderella effect - Standing
Cinderella effect - Creature of Masquerade
Cinderella effect - Butterfly: Dance!
Count Basic - I Don't Want To Wait
Count Basic - In Love With Life
Count Basic - Richest Woman
Count Basic - I'm Loving You
Count Basic - Heavy Dose
Chelsea - Life In A Picture Frame
Chelsea - I Want The World (To Stop From Turning)
Crvene Jabuke - Dao sam ti dusu
Christian Bautista - Waiting In Van
cem özkan - Dön bana
Crashdiet - Die another day
Crashdiet - Overnight
Conny Van Den Bos - t is genoeg
Conny Van Den Bos - Hier Aan Het Strand
Conny Van Den Bos - Vrienden Van Het Eerste Uur
Conny Van Den Bos - In De Nacht
Climax Blues Band - Gotta Have More Love
Cornu - Pour Vous Retouver Un De Ces Jours
Cornu - Lisa
Cornu - Accompagne
Cornu - Le Bar
Cornu - La Magie
Cornu - Piercing
Martin Castillo - Arriba De La Blindada
Chuckie Akenz - Sorry
Creature Feature - How To Serve Man
Christian Seel - Träumer
Christian Seel - Aaliyah
Christian Seel - Daniel Nivel
City High - 3-Way
Cano - À la poursuite du nord (suite)
Cano - Le vieux Médéric
Christoph Prager - Hey, hey vicky
Camur - Halim Öyle
Camur - Kadın
Camur - Bu Aşkın Izdırabını
Camur - Derviş
Cleopatra Stratan - Ghita-{belea}
Cleopatra Stratan - Te'am intalnit
Collage - Diana
Collage - Tell Me Boy, Tell Me Girl
Collage - I'll be loving you
Collage - Angel
Collage - I know
Collage - Vision of Love
Collage - I'll Always Love You
core22 - Heaven Knows
core22 - Sorry
core22 - Scream
core22 - Sail on
Ciljeta - Falma
Ciljeta - Do ti do
Chris Hillman - Here Today And Gone Tomorrow
Chris Hillman - Playing The Fool
Chris Hillman - Ripple
Chris Hillman - Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die
Chris Hillman - Nothing Gets Through
Chris Hillman - Rollin' & Tumblin'
Chris Hillman - Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Chris Hillman - Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
Chris Hillman - Witching Hour
Chris Hillman - Mexico
Crush 40 - I am
Crush 40 - Live and Learn
Charlie Daniels Band - Payback Time
Chynna Phillips - Jewel In My Crown
Chynna Phillips - Follow Love Down
Chynna Phillips - Till The End
Chynna Phillips - This Close
Chynna Phillips - I Live For You
Chynna Phillips - Will You
Chynna Phillips - Remember Me
Chuck Norris - In the Eyes of a Ranger
CJ Stone - Into The Sea
Czeslaw Niemen - Dziwny ten swiat.
Czeslaw Niemen - Bema pamieci zalobny rapsod
Czeslaw Niemen - Sen o Warszawie
Czeslaw Niemen - Stoje w oknie
Czeslaw Niemen - Kleczac przed TOBA
Czeslaw Niemen - Czas jak rzeka
Chris Heart - Ich will nur Dich!
Chris Heart - Die Engel sind auch nicht mehr das, was sie war´n
Chris Heart - Denn alles was ich brauch....
Chris Heart - So viel schönes
Caramel - Szállok a dallal
Christian Ingebrigtsen - Too young to die
Christian Ingebrigtsen - Wide open
Christian Ingebrigtsen - To make it right
Christian Ingebrigtsen - Follow the river
Christian Ingebrigtsen - If you change your mind
Christian Ingebrigtsen - Time to give
Christian Ingebrigtsen - Find me guilty
CPR - Old soldier
CPR - Almost cut my hair
CPR - Eight miles high
CPR - Ohio
CPR - Morrison
CPR - Hero
CPR - Delta
CPR - Homeward through the haze
CPR - Rusty and blue
CPR - At the edge
CPR - On for every moment
CPR - Deja vu
CPR - Somebody Else's Town
CPR - Long time gone
CPR - That House
CPR - Yesterday's Child
Crossing - When the music fades
Crossing - Here i am
Crossing - More love
Crossing - Waiting
Chris Eckman - May you have strength
Chris Eckman - Intrusions
Chris Eckman - 20 minutes on a train
cihan sezer - Oh baby
cihan sezer - Ah Bebegim
cihan sezer - Goin Crazy
Che'Nelle - Hot
Copilul de Aur - Ma indeamna inima
Copilul de Aur - Am scris numele tau pe o floare de mai
Copilul de Aur - Fac ce vrei tu
Copilul de Aur - Eu spun da, tu spui nu
Copilul de Aur - Daca ai p´altcineva
Cecco - Es tut weh
Cryonic Temple - Mercenaries of Metal - the Quest Pt.1-