Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 210

Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 210:

ASP - Geisterfahrer
ASP - In Sack Und Asche
ASP - Überhärte
ASP - Weichen(t)stellung
Haudegen - Wir Rufen Was Ins Leben
Haudegen - Feuer Und Flamme
Haudegen - Leuchtturm
Haudegen - Der Fehlerlose Mann
Haudegen - En Garde
Haudegen - Haus Aus Glas
Haudegen - Für Die Familie
Haudegen - Zwei Für Alle
Haudegen - So Eine Starke Frau
Haudegen - Wir Kommen Zurück
Haudegen - Tintenfass Und Feder
First Aid Kit - Wolf
Young Professionals (The) - Be With You Tonight
Dragonette - Right Woman
Dragonette - My Legs
Dragonette - Giddy Up
Dragonette - My Work Is Done
Dragonette - Ghost
Rulo Y La Contrabanda - No Sé
Rulo Y La Contrabanda - Miguel
Rulo Y La Contrabanda - Jaleo
Dr. Dog - 100 Years
Dr. Dog - Old News
Dr. Dog - The World May Never Know
Dr. Dog - Say Something
Dr. Dog - Say Ahhh
Civil Wars (The) - I've Got This Friend
Enemy - This Is Real
Sun Airway - Soft Fall
Teesys - Dieses Haus
California Wives - Tokyo
California Wives - Marianne
California Wives - The Fisher King
California Wives - Los Angeles
California Wives - Better Home
California Wives - Twenty Three
California Wives - The New Process
California Wives - Light Year
Tender Trap - Leaving Christmas Day
Tender Trap - Ode
Tender Trap - Broken Doll
Tae Brooks - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Trijntje Oosterhuis - Happiness
Janoskians (The) - Set This World On Fire
David Byrne - Who
David Byrne - Dinner For Two
David Byrne - I Am An Ape
David Byrne - The Forest Awakes
David Byrne - I Should Watch Tv
David Byrne - Optimist
David Byrne - Lightning
David Byrne - Outside Of Space & Time
Amanda Palmer - Denial Thing
Amanda Palmer - The Living Room
Amanda Palmer - Not Mine
Stedman Pearson - Down
Zacke - Utomlands
Mads Langer - Alle Har En Drøm
Medina - Lyser I Mørke
Xander - Intro (Over Skyer, Under Vand)
Xander - Et Andet Sted
Xander - Under Mig
Xander - I Mine Hænder
Xander - Helt Tæt På
Xander - Hjerte, Du Som Banker
Xander - Det Burde Ikk' Være Sådan Her
Destiny's Child - No, No, No, Part II
Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath
Destiny's Child - So Good
Destiny's Child - Girl
Destiny's Child - Bills, Bills, Bills
Destiny's Child - Illusion
Stupeflip - Introduction
Stupeflip - Crou Genesis
Dan Luiten - Laissons Entrer
Dan Luiten - Digne De Gloire
Dan Luiten - Tout Puissant
Dan Luiten - Seigneur De L'univers
Dan Luiten - Attaché à La Croix
Dan Luiten - Mon âme A Soif
Dan Luiten - Révèle-moi Ton Amour
Dan Luiten - Seule Ta Grâce
Alexis HK - Fils De
Alexis HK - Je Reviendrai
Alexis HK - La Fin De L'empire
Loreen - Heal
SPICA - I'll Be There
Fey - Te Pertenezco
Fey - Desmargaritando El Corazón
Fey - Ni Tu Ni Nadie
Fey - Me Enamoro De Ti
Fey - La Noche Se Mueve
Salvador Beltran - He Creido
Salvador Beltran - A Veces Me Pregunto
Salvador Beltran - Aire De Tu Vida
Lain - Aria (Il Senso)
Patterson Hood - Heavy And Hanging
Patterson Hood - Hobo
Helio Sequence (The) - Give, Give, Give
Helio Sequence (The) - Knots
Helio Sequence (The) - Cut The Camera
Helio Sequence (The) - Kablerium Vs. Obliviousity
Helio Sequence (The) - Let It Fall Apart
Helio Sequence (The) - Everyone Knows Everyone
Helio Sequence (The) - Looks Good (but You Looked Away)
Helio Sequence (The) - Lately
Helio Sequence (The) - Keep Your Eyes Ahead
Helio Sequence (The) - Back To This
Miggs - Pretty
Miggs - Stars
Miggs - Full Of Doubt
Miggs - Home
Miggs - On Your Own Side
Miggs - Fairy Tales & Miracles
Miggs - Hand Over Your Heart
Miggs - Save Me
Miggs - The Way It Is
Paper Route - Love Letters
Paper Route - Two Hearts
Paper Route - Better Life
Paper Route - Glass Heart Hymn
Paper Route - Sugar
Paper Route - You And I
Paper Route - Letting You Let Go
Paper Route - Tamed
Paper Route - Rabbit Holes
Paper Route - Calm My Soul
Paper Route - Born In Love
Sea Wolf - Leaves In The River
Sea Wolf - Black Dirt
Sea Wolf - The Cold, The Dark & The Silence
Sea Wolf - Orion & Dog
Sea Wolf - Old Friend
No.Sar - Sin.n
Tom Hugo - Million Doors
Dirty River Boys (The) - Summer Sweet Summer
Adriano Celentano - Geppo
Adriano Celentano - Che Cosa Ti Farei
Adriano Celentano - Please Stay A Little Longer
Melouria - How Do You Do
Time Jumpers (The) - On The Outskirts Of Town
Time Jumpers (The) - Someone Had To Teach You
Armin Van Buuren - How Do I Know
Armin Van Buuren - I'll Listen
Gaither Vocal Band (The) - Winds Of This World
Gaither Vocal Band (The) - I'll Pray For You
Group 1 Crew - His Kind Of Love
Group 1 Crew - Dangerous
Group 1 Crew - Goin Down
Group 1 Crew - Fearless
Group 1 Crew - Not The End Of Me
Group 1 Crew - Night Of My Life
Group 1 Crew - Forsaken
Paulina Rubio - Me Gustas Tanto
Paulina Rubio - All Around The World
Paulina Rubio - Sabes Que Te Amo
Paulina Rubio - Hoy Me Toca A Mí
Paulina Rubio - Me Voy
Paulina Rubio - Que Estuvieras Aquí
Paulina Rubio - Volvamos A Empezar
As I Lay Dying - Unwound
Richie Sambora - Backseat Driver
Gary Moore - Foxy Lady
Gary Moore - The Wind Cries Mary
Gary Moore - Fire
Gary Moore - Red House
Petra Marklund - Händerna Mot Himlen
Andreas Gabalier - Es Ist Die Zeit
Jaicko - Fast Forward (FFWD)
Cee Lo Green - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Fiorella Mannoia - Dal Tuo Sentire Al Mio Pensare
Fiorella Mannoia - Se Solo Mi Guardassi
Fiorella Mannoia - Luce
Fiorella Mannoia - L'Amore Si Odia
Fiorella Mannoia - Quando L'Angelo Vola
Fiorella Mannoia - Oh Che Sarà (Oh Que Sera)
Fiorella Mannoia - Convivere
Taylor Swift - Begin Again
Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed
Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble
Taylor Swift - 22
Dean's List (The) - Sour Apple Rich Girls
Die Orsons - Das Chaos Und Die Ordnung
Die Orsons - Lagerhalle
Die Orsons - Wir Waren Da
Die Orsons - Positivity Dance
Samuel Harfst - Mit Dir Kommt Der Sommer
Samuel Harfst - Schritt Zurück
Samuel Harfst - Auf Dein Wort Hin
Samuel Harfst - Morgenrot Um Mitternacht
Samuel Harfst - Komm Wir Stehlen Uns Davon
Samuel Harfst - Wenn Du Es Auch So Siehst
Samuel Harfst - Anders Als Du Denkst
Samuel Harfst - Sehenswürdigkeit
Samuel Harfst - Ehrengast
Michael Schulte - Army Of Hope
Michael Schulte - Heard You Crying
Michael Schulte - I'm Not Gonna Find You
Michael Schulte - Higher
Michael Schulte - Wide Awake
Michael Schulte - Marching Man
Michael Schulte - Beautiful Life
Michael Schulte - I Never Said I Loved You
Michael Schulte - You'll Be Okay
Mika - Heroes
Mika - Tah Dah
Françoise Hardy - Pourquoi Vous ?
Marc Lavoine - Avec Toi
Marc Lavoine - Faut-il Parler ?
Paty Cantú - Corazon Bipolar
Paloma Faith - Never Tear Us Apart
One Direction - Heart Attack
One Direction - Back For You
One Direction - Change My Mind
One Direction - Kiss You
One Direction - Still The One
One Direction - Last First Kiss
One Direction - C'mon, C'mon
One Direction - Rock Me
One Direction - I Would
One Direction - Summer Love
Benjamin Biolay - La Fin Des Cours
Revon - Chain Letter
Nasri - Man In The Mirror (My Reflection)
JLS - Desert
Heidi Happy - On The Hills
Heidi Happy - Canada
Heidi Happy - Big Boy
Heidi Happy - Dance With Another
Heidi Happy - Sailors
Heidi Happy - I'm Busy
Heidi Happy - Caramel
Breakdown of Sanity - Chapters
Showbread - I'm Afraid That I'm Me
Showbread - Anarchy!
Showbread - You Were Born In A Prison
Showbread - Germ Cell Tumor
Showbread - Escape From Planet Cancer
Showbread - You Will Not Die In A Prison
Accelerators - Fuel For The Fire
Accelerators - 13-07-1995
Accelerators - You're The One
Accelerators - Statues
Accelerators - The Ballad Of John Sancho B.
Accelerators - Play Me For A Fool
Accelerators - Code Red States
Accelerators - Gate Shut Panic
Accelerators - What Side Are You On?
Accelerators - She Wants To Change The World (but She's Not Changing)
We Were Skeletons - King Of Tricks
Pentimento - Unless
Pentimento - Circles
Pentimento - Conscience (consequence)
Pentimento - The Wind
Pentimento - The Bridge (acoustic)
Pentimento - Subtle Words
Pentimento - For Winter
Taylor Swift - Holy Ground
Lana Del Rey - American
Rachel Sermanni - Breathe Easy
Rachel Sermanni - Bones
Rachel Sermanni - Eggshells
Amaury Vassili - Una Parte Di Me
Marco Carta - Casualmente Miraste
Emis Killa - La Bara Più Grande Del Mondo
Francesca Murgia - Sempre A Pensare
Naive New Beaters - Jersey
Naive New Beaters - Pop You
Françoiz Breut - Bxl Bleuette
Françoiz Breut - Marie-lise
Françoiz Breut - L'astronome
Arno - Quand Les Bonbons Parlent
Arno - Dis Pas ça à Ma Femme
Arno Santamaria - Jure-moi
Arno Santamaria - Chez Moi
Arno Santamaria - Dans Le Non Dit
Arno Santamaria - Circulez
Arno Santamaria - J'ai Eu
Arno Santamaria - Je Suis Le Mal
Arno Santamaria - Je Me Disperse
Francis Cabrel - Quinn L'esquimau
Francis Cabrel - Je Te Veux
Francis Cabrel - On Ne Va Nulle Part
Francis Cabrel - Un Simple Coup Du Sort
Francis Cabrel - La Dignité
Francis Cabrel - Tout Se Finit Là, Bébé Bleu
Francis Cabrel - Comme Blind Willie Mc Tell
Third Day - Hit Me Like A Bomb
Third Day - Kicking And Screaming
Third Day - I Need A Miracle
Third Day - You Are My Everything
Third Day - For The Rest Of My Life
Third Day - The Victory
Third Day - Take Me Back
Third Day - Time's Running Out On Me
Third Day - Morning Has Broken
Colbie Caillat - Merry Christmas Baby
Colbie Caillat - Christmas In The Sand
Colbie Caillat - Baby It's Cold Outside
Colbie Caillat - The Christmas Song
Colbie Caillat - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Colbie Caillat - Every Day Is Christmas
Colbie Caillat - Silver Bells
Colbie Caillat - Winter Wonderland
Colbie Caillat - Happy Christmas
Colbie Caillat - Auld Lang Syne
Placebo - I Know You Want To Stop
Toby Keith - Hope On The Rocks
Toby Keith - The Size I Wear
Toby Keith - Scat Cat
Toby Keith - Get Got
Toby Keith - Haven't Had A Drink All Day
Toby Keith - Haven't Seen The Last Of You
Toby Keith - Missed You Just Right
Toby Keith - You Ain't Alone
Christina Aguilera - Lotus
Neurosis - We All Rage In Gold
Neurosis - At The Well
Neurosis - My Heart For Deliverance
Neurosis - Bleeding The Pigs
Neurosis - Casting Of The Ages
Neurosis - All Is Found...in Time
Neurosis - Raise The Dawn
Elvenking - Midnight Skies, Winter Sighs
Elvenking - A Song For The People
Elvenking - Through Wolf's Eyes
Elvenking - Poor Little Baroness
Elvenking - The Time Of Your Life
Elvenking - Chronicle Of A Frozen Era
Elvenking - Grey Inside
Vision Divine - S'io Fosse Foco
Vision Divine - The Dream Maker
Vision Divine - Beyond The Sun And Far Away
Vision Divine - The Ark
Vision Divine - Mermaids From Their Moons
Vision Divine - The House Of The Angels
Vision Divine - Here We Die
Vision Divine - Destination Set To Nowhere
Alphabeat - The Beat Don't Stop
Alphabeat - Younger Than Yesterday
Alphabeat - Express Non-Stop
Alphabeat - Vacation
Blaudzun - Flame On My Head
Blaudzun - Elephants
Blaudzun - Who Took The Wheel
La Fouine - Drôle De Parcours
Spiders - Weekend Nights
Spiders - Hang Man
Misha B - Home Run
Misha B - Do You Think Of Me
Lawson - Anybody Out There
Lawson - Who You Gonna Call
Lawson - Touch
Lawson - Still Hurts
Lawson - Let Go
Lawson - Die For You
Lawson - Getting Nowhere
Lawson - The A Team
Emily Loizeau - Garden Of Love
Emily Loizeau - Marry Gus And Celia
Emily Loizeau - Two Envelopes
Emily Loizeau - Parce Que Mon Rire à La Couleur Du Vent
Emily Loizeau - Parmi Les Cailloux
Nyco Lilliu - Un Monde à Changer
Christina Aguilera - Army Of Me
FFH - Hold On To Me
FFH - Wide Open Spaces
FFH - The Time Of My Life
FFH - Stop The Bleeding
FFH - Who I'm Gonna Be
FFH - Jesus Give Me Rest
Chico & The Gypsies - Vous Les Femmes
Chico & The Gypsies - Djobi Djoba
Chico & The Gypsies - Bamboleo
Goran Bregovic - Balkaneros
Rossopiceno - Fermoimmagine
Rossopiceno - C'Era
Matthew West - Into The Light
Matthew West - Hello, My Name Is
Matthew West - Forgiveness
Matthew West - Moved By Mercy
Matthew West - We Are The Broken
Matthew West - Unchangeable
Matthew West - Wonderfully Made
Matthew West - Waitin' On A Miracle
Matthew West - Restored
Matthew West - Love Stands Waiting
Matthew West - The Power Of A Prayer
Roberto Bellarosa - L'enfance
John Waller - As For Me And My House
John Waller - Yes
John Waller - Man Of The Valley
John Waller - The Marriage Prayer
John Waller - Fallen
John Waller - Hands Of The Healer
John Waller - Faith Is Living
John Waller - While I'm Waiting
John Waller - Quest
John Waller - Cling To The Call
John Waller - Of All The Places
John Waller - Priestly Blessing
John Waller - Dead Man Walking
John Waller - Our God Reigns Here
John Waller - While I'm Waiting (fireproof Remix)
Covenant 31 - Your Love Is
Covenant 31 - You Alone
Ricardo Montaner - Voy A Vivir La Vida
Ricardo Montaner - Hazme Regresar
Ricardo Montaner - Convenceme
Ricardo Montaner - El Piano Nunca Mas
Ricardo Montaner - Hago Una Poesia
Ricardo Montaner - La Gloria De Dios
Alerta Zero - Invencible
Alerta Zero - Mi Todo
Alerta Zero - Digale
Heather Headley - The Reason
Heather Headley - River Deep, Mountain High
Heather Headley - Superwoman
Angie Stone - Do What U Gotta Do
Angie Stone - Backup Plan
Angie Stone - Guilty
Lavender Diamond - Everybody's Heart's Breaking Now
Lavender Diamond - Dragonfly
Lavender Diamond - I Don't Recall
Lavender Diamond - Teach Me How To Waken
Lavender Diamond - Come Home
Lavender Diamond - Forgive
Lavender Diamond - Light My Way
Lavender Diamond - Oh My Beautiful World
Lavender Diamond - Everybody's Song
Lavender Diamond - All The Stars
Jaden Smith - The Coolest
B-Tight - Die Zeit Heilt Nichts
Maras April - Keine Sonne
Maras April - Das Einzige
Anita & Alexandra Hofmann - Ich Schicke Meine Träume Zu Den Sternen
Anita & Alexandra Hofmann - Wo Frieden Ist
69 Eyes (The) - Black
69 Eyes (The) - If You Love Me The Morning After
69 Eyes (The) - Borderline
69 Eyes (The) - I'm Ready
Schiller - Epic Shores
Schiller - Velvet Aeroplane
Klaus Hoffmann - Alles Beginner Hier
Tom Beck - What Part Of Forever
Tom Beck - Go My Way
Love Bülow (The) - So Weit
Love Bülow (The) - Nochmal
Thomas Anders - You're My Heart, You're My Soul
Alexandra Stan - Cliche (Hush Hush)
Ginny Owens - Without Condition
Ginny Owens - Free
Ginny Owens - Land Of The Grey
Ginny Owens - I Am Nothing
Ginny Owens - Own Me
Ginny Owens - With Me
Ginny Owens - I Am
Ginny Owens - Something More
Ginny Owens - I Know Someone
Ginny Owens - True Story
Ginny Owens - All I Want To Do
Ginny Owens - Call Me Beautiful
Ginny Owens - Let Them Hear
Ginny Owens - Fellow Traveler
Ginny Owens - Welcome To Love
Ginny Owens - Wonderful Wonder
Ginny Owens - Let The Silence Speak
Ginny Owens - Tyranny
Ginny Owens - Pieces
Ginny Owens - I Bring Everything
Ginny Owens - Live Once
Viola Valentino - Ancora Un'Ora
Viola Valentino - L'Occidentale Del Kashmir
Whitney Houston - I Look To You
Marlene Brehm - Who You Are
Marlene Brehm - Reach The Sky
Marlene Brehm - Only You
Marlene Brehm - Faithful To You
Marlene Brehm - Love Like You
Marlene Brehm - Right Here Right Now
Johnny Marsiglia - Voci
Johnny Marsiglia - Orgoglio
Ellie Goulding - The Ending
Ellie Goulding - High For This
Tom McRae - Nothing On The Dry Land
Tom McRae - Sloop John B
Tom McRae - Belly Of A Whale
Tom McRae - Ship Of Blue And Green
Tom McRae - All That's Gone
Schné - Alles Aus Liebe
Local H - How's The Weather Down There?
Local H - Hey, Rita
Local H - Heavy Metal Bakesale
Local H - Everyone Alive
Local H - Bound For The Floor
Local H - Heaven On The Way Down
Local H - All The Kids Are Right
Local H - How's The Weather Down There?
Local H - baby Wants To Tame Me
Local H - Creature Comforted
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (The) - Black Mold
Monsters Calling Home - Growing Up
Monsters Calling Home - Goodnight Moon
Monsters Calling Home - Fight To Keep
Becoming The Archetype - The Ocean Walker
Becoming The Archetype - The Time Bender
Becoming The Archetype - The Eyes Of The Storm
Becoming The Archetype - The Sky Bearer
Becoming The Archetype - The Planet Maker
Adriano Celentano - Qua La Mano
Adriano Celentano - Sto Precipitando
Adriano Celentano - La Donna Di Un Re
Baden Baden - Les Couleurs
Baden Baden - You'll See
Baden Baden - Chanme
Baden Baden - La Descente
Baden Baden - Glory Lies
Baden Baden - Je Sais Je Vais
Baden Baden - City Walls
Baden Baden - Last Song
Sophie Maurin - Far Away
Green Day - Lazy Bones
Faith Hill - American Heart
Johnny Hallyday - Il Faudra Plus De Temps Que M'en Donnera
Remedy Drive - Lost Cause
Remedy Drive - Resuscitate Me
Remedy Drive - God I Hope So
Remedy Drive - What Are We Waiting For
Remedy Drive - Don't Forget
Remedy Drive - Crystal Sea
Remedy Drive - Glory
Remedy Drive - Hold On
Sizarr - Run Dry
Sizarr - Boarding Time
Sizarr - Purple Fried
Equipe 84 - La Den Da Da
Bruno Mars - Young Girls
Unzucht - Allein
Unzucht - Engel Der Vernichtung
Unzucht - Während Wir Uns Verlieren
Twisted Wheel - Honey Girl
Twisted Wheel - Poppi Love
Twisted Wheel - Ride
Twisted Wheel - Bored
Twisted Wheel - Merry Go Round
Twisted Wheel - Sweet 19
Twisted Wheel - Do It Again
Twisted Wheel - Postman
Twisted Wheel - When You're Alone
Twisted Wheel - Double Yellow Lines
Willow - Gold
Willow - Inner City
Willow - Sleep With Diamonds
Willow - Nerve
Kylie Minogue - I Miss You
Tiffany Alvord - Never Lover Boy
Tiffany Alvord - The Reason Is You
Tiffany Alvord - Unforgettable
Tiffany Alvord - Baby I Love You
Tiffany Alvord - Moment In Time
Tiffany Alvord - My Dream
Tiffany Alvord - The One That I Adore
Tiffany Alvord - E.T.
Beats Antique - Crooked Muse
Clare Bowditch - One Little River
Clare Bowditch - Amazing Life
Clare Bowditch - The One
Clare Bowditch - You Make Me Happy
Clare Bowditch - Are You Ready Yet?
T-Pain - Can I Get
Teitur - Home
Teitur - Poetry & Aeroplanes
Teitur - Jailhouse Gumbo Jones
Teitur - She Lives In The North
Lemar - The First Time
D-Bo - Ich Komm' Bald Wieder
D-Bo - Zeit Zurück
D-Bo - Alleine Sein
D-Bo - Das Dach
Joachim Witt - Gloria
Joachim Witt - Tränen
Joachim Witt - Blut
Joachim Witt - Beben
Joachim Witt - Mut Eines Kriegers
Joachim Witt - Komm Nie Wieder Zurück
Joachim Witt - Leichtsinn
Joachim Witt - Untergehen
Nena - Schmetterling
Nena - Lied Nummer Eins
Nena - Im Reich Meiner Mitte
Nena - Freiheit
Nena - Besser Gehts Nicht
Nena - Ich Hör Mir Zu
Nena - Wo Ist Mein Zuhause
Nena - Goldene Zeit, Goldenes Land
Nena - Solange Du Dir Sorgen Machst
Nena - Lautlos
Nena - Ich Hab Dich Verloren
Nena - Frieden
Nena - Du Bist Gut
Pur - Schein Und Sein
Patricia Kaas - Mon Manège à Moi
Callejon - Guten Morgen Deutschland
Jesse Ritch - Forever & A Day
Tony Bennett - Rags To Riches
Lupe Fiasco - Strange Fruition
Lupe Fiasco - Audubon Ballroom
Lupe Fiasco - Brave Heart
Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype - V.I.C. (Intro)
Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype - G.G.T.C.
Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype - Lava
Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype - The Life I Live
Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype - That La La La
Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype - Right There With Me
Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype - Where They Be At
Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype - Stand Strong
Lena Cortes - Que Calor
Umberto Maria Giardini - Il Trionfo Dei Tuoi Occhi
Umberto Maria Giardini - Quasi Nirvana
Umberto Maria Giardini - Il Sentimento Del Tempo
Umberto Maria Giardini - L'Ultimo Venerdì Dell'Umanità
Léa Castel - Lettre à France
Blastema - Lucifero
Blastema - Cioccolato E Viole
Blastema - La Fine Del Mondo
Blastema - Pensieri Illuminati
Blastema - Spero Ci Sia
Blastema - La Prima Cosa
Blastema - Primavera Di Maya
Dulcamara - Libero
Little Mix - DNA
Gateway Worship - Not Ashamed
Gateway Worship - Be Lifted Higher
Gateway Worship - Forever Yours
Gateway Worship - 139
Raf - In Questa Notte
Raf - Controsenso
Raf - Dimentica
Raf - Il Battito Animale
Raf - Iperbole
Raf - Salta Più Alto
Larry Hernandez - El Polimenso
Larry Hernandez - Conexiones Culiacan
Larry Hernandez - El Soldado Desconocido
Mumford And Sons - For Those Below
Mumford And Sons - Where Are You Now?
T-Pain - Suppertime
Shystie - Queens Intro
Charles Aznavour - Per Golosità
Charles Aznavour - Para Siempre
El Dasa - Mentirosa
El Dasa - Casi Perfecto
El Dasa - La Mesa 20
El Dasa - Un Nuevo Amor
Sean Brown - Letter To God
Loreen - Crying Out Your Name
Loreen - Do We Even Matter
Pickers - Nothing Cheers Me Up
Pickers - Modern
Pickers - Lass Mich Rein
Pickers - Kristina
Pickers - Du Gehörst Mir
Pickers - How
Pickers - Bright Eyes
Pickers - Control
Pickers - Lucy's Lullaby
Allessa - Te Ne Vai
Sam Holden - Skinny Love
Jaden Smith - Hello
Jaden Smith - Know Why
Jaden Smith - Party On Venus
Jaden Smith - Msfts Anthem
Jaden Smith - Cruze
Jaden Smith - Outro
Marie-Mai - Différents
Marie-Mai - Je Rêve De Nous
Marie-Mai - Si Les Mots
Marie-Mai - Heart Attack
Marie-Mai - Je Cours
Marie-Mai - Laissez-moi Dormir
Marie-Mai - Young & Wired
Marie-Mai - Riptide
Plan De Fuga - Touché
Plan De Fuga - Head Games
Plan De Fuga - This Was Your Bad
Plan De Fuga - The Crowd Artist
Plan De Fuga - The Jump
Plan De Fuga - All That Stands Around
Trace Adkins - Happy Man
Trace Adkins - Pictures On Mantles
Felix Truvere - Wrong Kind Of Memories
Felix Truvere - Cowboy's Ride
Sammy Kershaw - I Want My Money Back
Sammy Kershaw - Miss What's Her Name
Sammy Kershaw - The Paper Heart
Sammy Kershaw - I Can't Think Of Anything But You
Sammy Kershaw - Be My Reason
Sammy Kershaw - I Must Be Gettin' Older
Sammy Kershaw - Me And Maxine
Sammy Kershaw - Without Strings
Sammy Kershaw - Love Me, Loving You
Sammy Kershaw - I've Never Gone This Far Before
Sammy Kershaw - When You Love Someone
Sammy Kershaw - Ouch
Sammy Kershaw - Shootin' The Bull (in An Old Cowtown)
Sammy Kershaw - One Day Left To Live
Sammy Kershaw - Cotton County Queen
Sammy Kershaw - Matches
Sammy Kershaw - Vidalia
Sammy Kershaw - Politics, Religion And Her
Sammy Kershaw - These Flowers
Sammy Kershaw - Memphis, Tennessee
Sammy Kershaw - Third Rate Romance
Sammy Kershaw - National Working Woman's Holiday
Sammy Kershaw - Too Far Gone To Leave
Sammy Kershaw - If You're Gonna Walk, I'm Gonna Crawl
Sammy Kershaw - You've Got A Lock On My Love
Der W - Operation Transformation
Der W - Mordballaden
Der W - Vergissmeindoch
Der W - Pack Schlägt Sich, Pack Verträgt Sich
Der W - Lektion In Wermut
Der W - Geschichtenhasser
Der W - Ein Lied Für Meinen Sohn
Herbert Grönemeyer - Mensch
Herbert Grönemeyer - Airplanes In My Head
Herbert Grönemeyer - Mensch (feat. Bono)
Swedish House Mafia - Teenage Crime
Swedish House Mafia - Save The World
Diary Of Dreams - O' Brother Sleep
Diary Of Dreams - Giftraum
Grupo Exterminador - Me Partiste El Alma
Paragon - Iron Will
Paragon - Tornado
Paragon - Gods Of Thunder
Paragon - Blood & Iron
Paragon - Blades Of Hell
Paragon - Rising From The Black
Paragon - Demon's Lair
Paragon - Secrecy
Black Country Communion - Confessor
Black Country Communion - Common Man
Flox - Right Here
Lupillo Rivera - Me Contagias
Lupillo Rivera - Por Ellas
Irene Grandi - Viva La Pappa Col Pomodoro
Irene Grandi - Olhos Nos Olhos (Occhi Negli Occhi)
Irene Grandi - Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Irene Grandi - For Once In My Life
Roberto Angelini - Cenere
Roberto Angelini - Roma Mia D'Estate
Roberto Angelini - Al Mio Risveglio
Roberto Angelini - Blues Senza Mutande
Chris Rene - Rockin' With You
Chris Rene - Gonna Be Ok
Chris Rene - Young Homie
Chris Rene - Tidal Wave
Bernard Menez - Jolie Poupée
Adele - Let The Sky Fall
One Direction - She's Not Afraid
One Direction - Loved You First
One Direction - Over Again
One Direction - They Don't Know About Us
August Rigo - Geronimo
August Rigo - Be Mine
August Rigo - One To Love
Robi Draco Rosa - Una Mano Y El Destino (bandera)
Robi Draco Rosa - Cómo Me Acuerdo
Robi Draco Rosa - El Tiempo Va
Robi Draco Rosa - Obra De Arte
Robi Draco Rosa - Más Y Más
Robi Draco Rosa - Paraíso Perdido
Robi Draco Rosa - Reza Por Mí
Robi Draco Rosa - Brujería
Faith Evans - Soon As I Get Home (Live In L.a.)
Faith Evans - True Colors
Jonas Myrin - Heartbreak But Worse
Jonas Myrin - Grace (Unplugged)
Aerolyn - The Demolisher
Sybreed - No Wisdom Brings Solace
Kamelot - Ashes To Ashes
Kamelot - Torn
Kamelot - Veritas
Kamelot - My Confession
Zedd - Hourglass
Zedd - Spectrum
Zedd - Lost At Sea
Zedd - Clarity
Zedd - Fall Into The Sky
Zedd - Follow You Down
Lovely Eggs (The) - I Just Want Someone To Fall In Love With
Lovely Eggs (The) - Please Let Me Come Mooch Round Your House
Lovely Eggs (The) - Scooter's Got Itchy
Lovely Eggs (The) - Green Beans
Lovely Eggs (The) - Food
Lovely Eggs (The) - Wildlife
Lovely Eggs (The) - Lee Mellon's Teeth
Lovely Eggs (The) - Idiot Check
Lovely Eggs (The) - Just Won't Do It
Lovely Eggs (The) - The Castle
Bullet - Midnight Oil
Bullet - Running Away
Bullet - All Fired Up
Bullet - Rolling Home
Bullet - High On The Hog
Bullet - Rush Hour
Bullet - Free Riding
Wedding (The) - No Direction
Wedding (The) - In The End
Wedding (The) - The Raconteur
Wedding (The) - Hang On Love
Wedding (The) - Mors Tua Nos Vita
Wedding (The) - Kill Any Excuse
Wedding (The) - Heartbreak In Melody
Wedding (The) - Don't Let Me Down
Wedding (The) - Young And Dangerous
Irene Grandi & Stefano Bollani - Come Non Mi Hai Visto Mai
Irene Grandi & Stefano Bollani - Costruire
Faith Evans - Lovin' Me
Faith Evans - Too High For Love
T-Pain - Finger Printing 15
Pur - Stark
Pur - Sacre–Coeur
Pur - Frei
Pur - Der Bestmögliche Versuch
Pur - Lucy
Pur - Leonie Tamina
Pur - Parkbank
Pur - Der Trick Dabei
Green Day - See You Tonight
Green Day - Wild One
Green Day - Wow! That's Loud
Raphael - Déjà Vu
Raphael - Voyageur Immobile
Raphael - Peut-être
Raphael - Mariachi Blues
Raphael - Asphalte
Raphael - Collision
Raphael - Quand J'aimais Vraiment
Tairo - J'ai Mis La Basse
Mathieu Boogaerts - Un Peu Trop Près D'la Lune
Mathieu Boogaerts - Sylvia
Mathieu Boogaerts - J'entends Des Airs
Mathieu Boogaerts - Mon Rendez-vous
That's Outrageous! - Vyanse Trance
That's Outrageous! - Paging Patrick Bateman
That's Outrageous! - Home Invasion 101
That's Outrageous! - Stranger Danger
That's Outrageous! - Straight To Voicemail
In Fear And Faith - Last Man Stranded
In Fear And Faith - Self Fulfilling Prophecy
Further Seems Forever - So Cold
Further Seems Forever - Rescue Trained
Further Seems Forever - Way Down
Further Seems Forever - A System Of Symmetry
Further Seems Forever - On The Outside
Further Seems Forever - Engines
Further Seems Forever - Rusted Machines
Lordi - Studs And Leather
Jana Werner - Die Schöne Und Das Biest - Märchen Alt Wie Stein
Zaund Raum - Partyaktion!
Faith Evans - Tears Of Joy
Frei.Wild - Nennt Es Zufall, Nennt Es Plan
Frei.Wild - Steine Deiner Mauer
Frei.Wild - Ebbe Und Flut
Frei.Wild - Krieger Des Lichts
John Mamann - Comment Garder L'amour
John Mamann - Je T'aime Amor
John Mamann - Du Genre Humain
Pooh - Ci Penserò Domani
Pooh - Pierre
Pooh - Se C'è Un Posto Nel Tuo Cuore
Pooh - In Diretta Nel Vento
Pooh - Chi Fermerà La Musica
Belinda - Te Voy A Esperar
Lunik - What Is Next
Lunik - Me-Time
Lunik - Little Fly In A Spiderweb
Lunik - The Bubble I Am In
Lunik - The Line
Lunik - Truly You
Lunik - Feet In The Sun
Lunik - Elijah
Lunik - Your Tomorrows
Lunik - Dot On The Horizon
Lunik - A Different You
Lunik - I Have Loved
Lescop - La Nuit Américaine
Lescop - Ljubljana
Lescop - Los Angeles
Lescop - Slow Disco
Lescop - Paris S'endort
Lescop - Le Vent
The Wanted - Glad You Came
The Wanted - Last To Know
The Wanted - Lie To Me
Marco Di Mauro - Siempre
Marco Di Mauro - Mi Vida Sabe A Ti
Marco Di Mauro - Rayo De Luz
Marco Di Mauro - A Partir De Hoy
Deftones - Guaze
Deftones - Rosemary
Deftones - What Happened To You?
Cradle Of Filth - The Abhorrent
Cradle Of Filth - Illicitus
Sing um Dein Leben - Dies Muss Es Werden
Michael Schulte - Stormy Days
Clowns & Helden - Ich Liebe Dich
Reztinpeaz - Ein Letztes Mal
Tragically Hip - At Transformation
Tragically Hip - Speed River
Tragically Hip - In View
Tragically Hip - Fly
Tragically Hip - Luv(sic)
Tragically Hip - Family Band
Tragically Hip - Gift Shop
Tragically Hip - Ahead By A Century
Tragically Hip - Don't Wake Daddy
Tragically Hip - Nautical Disaster
Tragically Hip - Blow At High Dough
Tragically Hip - 38 Years Old
Tragically Hip - Boots Or Hearts
Kane - No Surrender
Kane - Here Comes The End
Kane - High Places
Alicia Keys - Not Even The King
Glee Cast - Never Say Never
Glee Cast - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Glee Cast - A Change Would Do You Good
Glee Cast - Barely Breathing
Glee Cast - Don't Speak
Mostly Autumn - Drops Of The Sun
Mostly Autumn - The Devil And The Orchestra
Mostly Autumn - The Ghost Moon Orchestra
Mostly Autumn - This Ragged Heart
Mostly Autumn - King Of The Valley
Mostly Autumn - Tennyson Mansion
Mostly Autumn - Wild Eyed Skies
Mostly Autumn - Top Of The World
Mostly Autumn - Working Man
Mostly Autumn - The Rain Song
Mostly Autumn - The Second Hand
Keke Palmer - Show Me
Keke Palmer - Love Me Love Me Not
Zedd - Stache Feat. Lady Gaga
Redweik - Maschine
Cody Simpson - Standing In China
Cody Simpson - The Reason
Nica & Joe - Euphoria
Mellow Mark - Dein Wort In Gottes Ohr
Mellow Mark - Einfach
Mellow Mark - Jahre Im Regen
Anna Depenbusch - Ich & Du
Anna Depenbusch - Zimmer 439
Anna Depenbusch - Tretboot Nach Hawaii
Anna Depenbusch - w.w.w. (Was Wäre Wenn)
Anna Depenbusch - Benjamin
Taylor Swift - Sad Beautiful Tragic
Taylor Swift - Stay Stay Stay
Taylor Swift - The Last Time
Taylor Swift - Starlight
Taylor Swift - The Moment I Knew
Taylor Swift - Girl At Home
Mäckes - Betrunkene Kinder
Eva Mon Amour - Uno Qualcuno
Eva Mon Amour - Pensare Fa Male
Eva Mon Amour - Sei Dove Guardi
Eva Mon Amour - Parliamo D'Altro
Eva Mon Amour - Nascondigli Per Cani
Eva Mon Amour - Lo Specchio E L'aspirina
Eva Mon Amour - Ti Chiederò Domani
Eva Mon Amour - Tutta La Verità Sulla Verità
Giardini Di Mirò - Little Victories
Lorie - Soleil De Ma Vie
Lorie - Sous Le Soleil De Bodega
Lorie - Je Danse Donc Je Suis
Lorie - Petite Fille Du Soleil
Lorie - Tropique
Lorie - Toi Et Le Soleil
Benjamin Biolay - Le Sommeil Attendra
Benjamin Biolay - Marlène Déconne
Benjamin Biolay - Trésor Trésor
Benjamin Biolay - La Fin De La Fin
Vermaledeyt - Ewig
Vermaledeyt - Feuer Und Flamme