Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 227:

Hot Chelle Rae - Honestly
Ph Electro - Stereo Mexico
Mac Miller - Love Me As I Have Loved You
Mac Miller - Clarity
Doug Briney - More Than Just A Farm
The McClymonts - How Long Have You Known
Jah Gaïa - High Grade
Jah Gaïa - Assis Sur Un Mur
Jah Gaïa - Fall In Love
Valeria Romitelli - Non Sarà Lo Stesso
Stefano Marletta - Contare Fino A Dieci
Hamed Anousheh - Heart Skips A Beat
Joey Heindle - Love Is In The Air
Kristof Hering - Über Den Wolken
Jah Gaïa - Politiciens
Kinnie Lane - Ne M'attends Pas
Me And My Drummer - You're A Runner
Pat Deamon - Zurück In Der Zeit
Dreaming (The) - Puppet
Dreaming (The) - Too Late
Dreaming (The) - Always And Never
Lazee - Stronger
Santiano - Rum
Miss Li - You Could Have It (So Much Better Without Me) (Übersetzung)
Killtronik - Walking On Mars
Train - Bruises
Train - Sing Together
Train - We Were Made For This
Yomo - Ella No Vacila
Owl City - The Joy In Your Heart
Sigur Ros - Ekki Múkk
Sigur Ros - Varúð
Sigur Ros - Dauðalogn
Sigur Ros - Valtari
Daniel Bélanger - Je Poursuis Mon Bonheur
Amylie - Les Filles
Malajube - Oeil Pour Oeil
Marco Guazzone - Atlas Of Thoughts
Marco Guazzone - Il Principe Davide
Marco Guazzone - Rodby
Marco Guazzone - Antidote
Marco Guazzone - Cani Randagi
Marco Guazzone - La Mia Orchestra
Vulgaires Machins - A
Vulgaires Machins - Sans Remède
Of Monsters And Men - Dirty Paws
Of Monsters And Men - King And Lionheart
Of Monsters And Men - Mountain Sound
Of Monsters And Men - Slow And Steady
Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks
Of Monsters And Men - Six Weeks
Of Monsters And Men - Love Love Love
Of Monsters And Men - Sloom
Of Monsters And Men - Yellow Light
Christy Nockels - Ever Lifting
Christy Nockels - Your Love Is Moving
Christy Nockels - How I Love You
Smokie Norful - Justified
Steven Curtis Chapman - Cinderella
SHINee - Note
SHINee - The Reason
Great Lake Swimmers - Think That You Might Be Wrong
Great Lake Swimmers - New Wild Everywhere
Great Lake Swimmers - The Great Exhale
Great Lake Swimmers - The Knife
Great Lake Swimmers - Changes With The Wind
Great Lake Swimmers - Fields Of Progeny
Great Lake Swimmers - Ballad Of A Fisherman's Wife
Great Lake Swimmers - Quiet Your Mind
Great Lake Swimmers - On The Water
El Cuarteto De Nos - Malherido
El Cuarteto De Nos - Nada Me Da Satisfacción
El Cuarteto De Nos - Mi Lista Negra
El Cuarteto De Nos - Doble Identidad
El Cuarteto De Nos - Razones
El Cuarteto De Nos - Natural
El Cuarteto De Nos - El Karaoke De Mi Noviecita
El Cuarteto De Nos - Me Hace Bien, Me Hace Mal
El Cuarteto De Nos - Autos Nuevos
El Cuarteto De Nos - La Guerra De Gardel
El Cuarteto De Nos - Intentaron Separarnos
El Cuarteto De Nos - El Apareamiento De La Morsa
El Cuarteto De Nos - La China Ta Güenaza
El Cuarteto De Nos - Nadie Me Quiere
El Cuarteto De Nos - Ya Te Vas A Mejorar
El Cuarteto De Nos - Maté A La Maestra
El Cuarteto De Nos - Quiero Monei
El Cuarteto De Nos - Jaimito
El Cuarteto De Nos - No Puedo Más
El Cuarteto De Nos - El Cuarteto Tapicero
El Cuarteto De Nos - Barranca Abajo
El Cuarteto De Nos - Disculpe
El Cuarteto De Nos - Palomontio Ñu
El Cuarteto De Nos - No Me Puedo Mover
El Cuarteto De Nos - El Empleado Y La Muerte
El Cuarteto De Nos - El Calzoncillo A Rayas
El Cuarteto De Nos - Solo Un Rumor
El Cuarteto De Nos - Solo Soy Un Polaco Enamorado
El Cuarteto De Nos - Manfredi
El Cuarteto De Nos - Nuevamente
El Cuarteto De Nos - Me Agarré El Pitito Con El Cierre
El Cuarteto De Nos - Somos Muchos Más Que Vos
El Cuarteto De Nos - Después De Hacernos El Amor
El Cuarteto De Nos - Presentación Del Cuartetazo
El Cuarteto De Nos - Ea Ea
Diggy Simmons - Copy, Paste
El Cuarteto De Nos - Bienvenida A Kalbunga Y Tobogán
El Cuarteto De Nos - Siempre Que Escucho Al Cuarteto
El Cuarteto De Nos - Tabaré, That's Right
El Cuarteto De Nos - Procuro Olvidarte
El Cuarteto De Nos - La Familia Berrantes
El Cuarteto De Nos - Mabel
El Cuarteto De Nos - Aurolito Corbalán
El Cuarteto De Nos - La Casa De Fabio
El Cuarteto De Nos - El Pelo Jamón
El Cuarteto De Nos - El Gordo Y El Alfajor
El Cuarteto De Nos - La Vieja Del Zaguán
El Cuarteto De Nos - El Guardián Del Zoo
El Cuarteto De Nos - El Siquiátrico
El Cuarteto De Nos - Revolución Nro. F
El Cuarteto De Nos - Andamio Pijuan
El Cuarteto De Nos - La Prima
El Cuarteto De Nos - No Sabés Mi Nombre
El Cuarteto De Nos - El Deforme
El Cuarteto De Nos - Halbin De La Selva
Molotov - Cerdo
Neon Trees - Moving In The Dark
Neon Trees - Mad Love
Neon Trees - Hooray For Hollywood
Carlos Jean - Midnight
Papá Topo - Capuchas De Lluvia
Papá Topo - Roselles I Esbarzers
Susanne Sundfør - White Foxes
Susanne Sundfør - Rome
Susanne Sundfør - Among Us
Susanne Sundfør - The Silicone Veil
Susanne Sundfør - When
Susanne Sundfør - Your Prelude
Oscar Cruz - Solo Un Suspiro
El Poder Del Norte - Que Sera De Ti (como Vai Voce)
El Poder Del Norte - Juntitos
El Poder Del Norte - Yo Te Lo Dije
El Poder Del Norte - Que Diosito Te Perdone
Kip Moore - Drive Me Crazy
Kip Moore - Where You Are Tonight
Adam Cappa - Washed Over Me
The Men - Open Your Heart
The Men - Candy
The Men - Ex-Dreams
Collin McLoughlin - Progress
Collin McLoughlin - Chasing Dreams
Collin McLoughlin - Titanium
All-American Rejects (The) - Do Me Right
Gianmarco Martelloni - Fantasmi
Gianmarco Martelloni - Chiedici Scusa
Redlight King - City Life
Redlight King - Underground
Redlight King - Little Darlin
Redlight King - Past The Gates
Kimbra - Settle Down
Kimbra - Cameo Lover
Kimbra - Somebody Please
All Sons and Daughters - Alive
All Sons and Daughters - Let It Shine
All Sons and Daughters - Brokenness Aside
All Sons and Daughters - I Am Set Free
All Sons and Daughters - Your Glory
All Sons and Daughters - Reason To Sing
All Sons and Daughters - Oh Our Lord
All Sons and Daughters - Spirit Speaks
All Sons and Daughters - Buried In The Grave
All Sons and Daughters - All Praise To You
All Sons and Daughters - Wake Up
All Sons and Daughters - Reason To Sing (Reprise)
Elida Reyna Y Avante - Contigo Descubri
Elida Reyna Y Avante - Vas A Llorar
Sandra Milo E I Piccoli Fans - Come Si Fa
Maroon 5 - Beautiful Goodbye
Povia - Ricordi
Povia - Piena
Povia - Anche No
Povia - E Non Passi
Maroon 5 - Is There Anybody Out There? (Übersetzung)
Gorod - Sailing Into The Earth
Gorod - Elements And Spirit
Gorod - The Axe Of God
Gorod - 5000 At The Funeral
Gorod - Carved In The Wind
Gorod - Varangian Paradise
Gorod - Tribute Of Blood
David Fonseca - The Beating Of The Drums
David Fonseca - Armageddon
Los Inquietos Del Norte - La Gritera
Los Inquietos Del Norte - Es Parte Del Amor
Los Inquietos Del Norte - Hombres Letales
Los Inquietos Del Norte - No Quiero Terminar
Los Inquietos Del Norte - Mala Invercion
Los Inquietos Del Norte - Miles Y Miles
Jay Brannan - The Spanglish Song
Pink - Bridge Of Light (Übersetzung)
2NE1 - Take The World On
My Darkest Days - Sick And Twisted Affair
My Darkest Days - Save Yourself
My Darkest Days - Perfect
My Darkest Days - Again
My Darkest Days - Love Crime
My Darkest Days - Rolling Stoned
My Darkest Days - Every Lie (Acoustic)
Rover - Loud
Rover - Late Night Love
Rover - Carry On
Rover - Champagne
Rover - Silver
Rover - Queen Of The Fools
Rover - Tonight
Rover - Remember
Rover - Aqualast
John Mamann - Fais Pas La Gueule John
Sébastien Raimbault - La Vie C'est Pour Maintenant
Little Collin - When You Calling Me
Joshua Ledet - When A Man Loves A Woman
Colton Dixon - Lately
Les Rasoirs Electriques - Le Bar De L'enfer
Skylar Laine - Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Regina Spektor - Small Town Moon
Regina Spektor - Oh Marcello
Regina Spektor - The Party
Regina Spektor - Jessica
Finley - Olympia (The Sound Of My Nation)
Anni B Sweet - At Home
Second - Eterno Aspirante
Ednita Nazario - Tu Medicina
Ednita Nazario - Sin Pensar
Ednita Nazario - Caida Libre
Ednita Nazario - Un Gato En La Oscuridad
Pedro Fernández - No Que No
Pedro Fernández - Pruébame
Pedro Fernández - Ahí Nos Vemos Cocodrilo
Passion - White Flag
Passion - Jesus, Son Of God
Passion - 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)
Lucero - On My Way Downtown
Lucero - Like Lightning
Dave Barnes - White Flag
Dave Barnes - How Long
Dave Barnes - Heaven Help Me
Dave Barnes - Seventeen
Dave Barnes - Missing You
Dave Barnes - Stories To Tell
Dave Barnes - Warm Heart In A Cold World
Dave Barnes - One Of Us
Phillips, Craig & Dean - When The Stars Burn Down (blessing And Honor)
Fabienne Rothe - New Soul
Kristof Hering - Joana
Joey Heindle - Bitte Hör Nicht Auf Zu Träumen
Kristof Hering - Y M C A
Jesse Ritch - Higher
Luca Hänni - Hero
Mystery Jets - Someone Purer
Gilbert Bécaud - Elle A Dit
Gilbert Bécaud - Je T'ai Dans La Peau
Maroon 5 - Come Away To The Water
The Hunger Games - Nothing To Remember - Neko Case
The Hunger Games - Daughter's Lament - Carolina Chocolate Drops
The Hunger Games - Eyes Open - Taylor Swift
The Hunger Games - Just A Game - Birdy
Secret Sisters (The) - The One I Love Is Gone
Secret Sisters (The) - My Heart Skips A Beat
Secret Sisters (The) - All About You
Secret Sisters (The) - Why Don't You Love Me
Secret Sisters (The) - House Of Gold
Low Anthem (The) - Lover Is Childlike
Jamsha - El Padrote
Jamsha - Mi Hija Se Enamoró De Un Kako
Colton Dixon - Everything
Férré Gola - Zazou
Jaws - Il était Une Fois
Barbara Carlotti - J'ai Changé
Barbara Carlotti - Grande Autoroute
Barbara Carlotti - Occupe-toi De Moi
Barbara Carlotti - Ouais Ouais Ouais Ouais
Barbara Carlotti - Marcher Ensemble
MOH - Ligne De Mire
MOH - Les Larmes Du Soleil
Chambao - Lo Mejor Pa Ti
José Fernández - Te Haré Feliz
Enrique Heredia Negri - Esperaré
Popcaan - Ravin
Pino Giordano - Quando Fai L'Amore
Pino Giordano - Il Giorno Più Importante
Pino Giordano - Nun Me Fa Aspetta'
Pino Giordano - E Me T he Annammura
Pino Giordano - Ce Manche Assaje
Pino Giordano - Il Principe D'Amore
Macy Gray - The Power Of Love
Macy Gray - Nothing Else Matters
Macy Gray - Maps
Macy Gray - Mel Rap
Macy Gray - Wake Up
V.I.C. - Wifey Type
Carla Morrison - Apague Mi Mente
Carla Morrison - Maleza
Carla Morrison - Eres Tú
Carla Morrison - Tu Orgullo
Carla Morrison - Tu Manera De Querer
Carla Morrison - Me Puede / Falta De Respeto
MyChildren MyBride - On Wings Of Integrity Pt.2
MyChildren MyBride - God Of Nothing
MyChildren MyBride - Dreamcatchers
Tanlines - All Of Me
Tanlines - Nonesuch
Jack & Jenny's - Où Tu Veux
Melissmell - Aux Armes
Delta Spirit - Yamaha
Lost In The Trees - Golden Eyelids
Sharks - Arcane Effigies
Sharks - Able Moving Hearts
Sharks - Matthew's Baby
Sharks - Dawn Soft Light
Sharks - What Entails
Chase Rice - Dirt Road Communion
Chase Rice - Pbj's & Pbr's
Chase Rice - Whoa
Chase Rice - Room 205
Chase Rice - Country Boy's Kryptonite
Chase Rice - Jack Daniel's & Jesus
Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - Books About Trains
Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - A Journalist Falls In Love With Deathrow Inmate #16
Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - Frank Left
Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - Fisher Of Men
Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - Arvydas Sabonis
Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - Coonskin Cap
Lee Fields - Ladies
Lee Fields - Faithful Man
Lee Fields - I Still Got It
Lee Fields - You're The Kind Of Girl
Lee Fields - I'm Still Hanging On
Lee Fields - Walk On Through That Door
Pendentif - Riviera
Vacationer - Good As New
Vacationer - Trip
Vacationer - Gone
Vacationer - Summer End
Vacationer - Great Love
Gilbert Bécaud - Légende
Hestya - Last Chance
Hestya - Stay
Hestya - Not Over Yet
Hestya - If You Had Been There
Hestya - Elevation
Nicodemo - Soffuso Milanese
Nicodemo - Il Medioevo A Bianzano
Nicodemo - Rapsodia Su Una Dalmine Ventosa
DSDS Top 10 2012 - Joyrider
Valerio Scanu - Dicitencello Vuje
Leona Lewis - Scene Of The Crime
BRDigung - Kein Schritt Zurück
BRDigung - Für Meine Freunde
BRDigung - Das Ende Der Welt
BRDigung - So Verloren Bin Ich
BRDigung - Im Schatten Der Krone Des Lichts
Transit Poetry - The Sunvoyager
Transit Poetry - Love In Aeon's Joy
Transit Poetry - Blueprint (Rainbirds Coverversion)
Gerardo Pulli - Un'Estate Fa
Üebermutter - Mädchen Teil Zwo
Üebermutter - Mutterherz
Üebermutter - Ruhe Sanft
Üebermutter - Unheil
Dreamland Germany - Wir Sind Außergewöhnlich
Ottavio De Stefano - All Night Long
Gossip (The) - Move In The Right Direction
Gossip (The) - Horns
Gossip (The) - Love In A Foreign Place
Wise Guys - Die Sonne Scheint Mir Auf Den Bauch
Be'Lakor - Remnants
Be'Lakor - The Dream And The Waking
Bigsoul - Viel Zuviel
Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (Übersetzung)
Cheryl Cole - Call My Name
Oldelaf Et Monsieur D - J'aime Les Bêtes
Black Kent - Blacky
Black Kent - Hello
Black Kent - Mes Chances
Jessica Paré - Zou Bisou, Bisou
Mauvais Acte - L'arme
Patti Smith - April Fool
Lighea - Ho
Cheryl Cole - Call My Name
Dalmata - Hoy Me Atrevo
Dalmata - Pasarela (remix)
Dalmata - Se Va, Se Va
Dalmata - Pasarela
Alex Clare - Up All Night
Alex Clare - Relax My Beloved
Alex Clare - Humming Bird
Alex Clare - Tight Rope
Alex Clare - Whispering
Alex Clare - Sanctuary
Jota Quest - Mais Perto De Mim
Remady - Higher Ground
Eisbrecher - Zeit
Miguel Jontel - Gravity
Json - 2 Human
Json - G.P. (Interlude 1)
Json - Held It Down
Json - I The Beast
Json - Brand New
Json - G.P. (Interlude 2)
Json - My Joy
Json - Behind The Clouds
Json - We Not Folding
Json - G.P. (Interlude 3)
Json - Goodbye
Marina And The Diamonds - Primadonna (Übersetzung)
Impending Doom - Murderer
Impending Doom - For The Wicked
Impending Doom - Angry Letters To God
Impending Doom - Death. Ascension. Resurrection.
Die Toten Hosen - Reiß Dich Los
Die Toten Hosen - Alles Hat Seinen Grund
Train - To Be Loved
Usher - Yeah!
Kery James - Intro : La Vie Est Brutale
Kery James - Avec Le Coeur Et La Raison
Kery James - Soledad
Kery James - La Honte
Sal da Vinci - Ieri Come Adesso
Sal da Vinci - Il Tempo Vola
Sal da Vinci - Il Nostro Giuramento
Sal da Vinci - Così Naturale
Sal da Vinci - Foss'o Dio
Sal da Vinci - Un Giorno Ingenuo
Fiona Apple - Daredevil
Perley Curtis - Early's Been Probed
Kel Britton - Eloise
Kel Britton - Left With My Heart
Kel Britton - Kiss Me Slow
Crystal Bridge - On No Account Don't Choose
Dragonette - Let It Go
Alt-J - Dissolve Me
Chila Lynn - When Love
Chila Lynn - Hit & Run
Chila Lynn - When Will I See Your Face Again
Chila Lynn - Someone For Everyone
Chila Lynn - Fight For Love
Alex Clare - Too Close
Olivia - Sun Don't Shine
Los Bukanas De Culiacan - Yo Tengo Tu Love
Conjunto Primavera - No Sé Porque
Hello Seahorse! - Para Mi
Hello Seahorse! - Un Año Quebrado
Hello Seahorse! - Me Has Olvidado
Hello Seahorse! - Velo De Novia
Hello Seahorse! - Bestia
Hello Seahorse! - Antardecer En Parapent
Hello Seahorse! - 4
Lee Brice - Hard To Love
Lee Brice - I Drive Your Truck
Lee Brice - Beer
Lee Brice - That Way Again
Lee Brice - One More Day
Torche - Kicking
War Of Ages - Song Of Solomon
Remady - On Fire Tonight
Hurt - So When
Hurt - Links & Waves
Hurt - Numbers
Hurt - The Seer
Aaron Pritchett - Light It Up
Aaron Pritchett - Big Wheel
Aaron Pritchett - Gone
Aaron Pritchett - Weight
Aaron Pritchett - You're Not Gonna Miss Me
Aaron Pritchett - Hold My Beer
Aaron Pritchett - My Way
Aaron Pritchett - New Frontier
Billy Yates - On My Way (the Norway Song)
Billy Yates - I Smell Smoke
Billy Yates - Choices
Billy Yates - Mama Said
Billy Yates - Goodbye Makes The Saddest Sound
Billy Yates - Easier Said Than Done
Conchita - La Guapa De La Fiesta
Enemy (The) - Gimme The Sign
Enemy (The) - Saturday
Enemy (The) - 2 Kids
Enemy (The) - It's A Race
Sonohra - Si Chiama Libertà
François Lachance - Mieux Comme ça
Daniel Balavoine - Ces Petits Rien
Alex Bueno - La Colegiala
Alex Bueno - Y Que Culpa Tengo Yo
Alex Bueno - A Través De Un Cristal
Of Monsters And Men - Numb Bears
J Alvarez - Mirala
Nick Waterhouse - Say I Wanna Know
Nick Waterhouse - Some Place
Nick Waterhouse - If You Want Trouble
Train - Drive By Übersetzung
Lina Lamara - I'll Be There
Paola Turci - I Colori Cambiano
Adestria - All My Friends Are Wild
1789 - Hey Ha
Julian Lennon - Guess It Was Me
Julian Lennon - Lookin' 4 Luv
Julian Lennon - Invisible
Julian Lennon - Always
Julian Lennon - Disconnected
Julian Lennon - Don't Wake Me Up
Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor
Cascada - Everytime We Touch
Cascada - Truly Madly Deeply
Cascada - Pyromania
Cascada - Night Nurse
Cascada - A Neverending Dream
Cascada - Au Revoir
Morten Harket - Scared Of Heights
Roman Lob - Dream On
Roman Lob - Standing Still
Roman Lob - Changes
Roman Lob - Flying
Roman Lob - Make You Smile
Roman Lob - Something Stupid
Roman Lob - First Time
Roman Lob - Conflicted
Roman Lob - Revolution
Stick To Your Guns - Against Them All
Adestria - 1984
Adestria - The Odyssey
Adestria - More Than You Know
Adestria - This Ship, A Coffin
Make Me Famous - Inception
Make Me Famous - We Know It's Real
Make Me Famous - She Hunted Me
Kika Edgar - Mañana
Kika Edgar - Sola Como Estoy
Kika Edgar - Mis Cosas Favoritas
Kika Edgar - Que Entre El Bufón
Kika Edgar - Lo Hice Por Amor
Kika Edgar - Quién Crees Que Eres Tú?
Kika Edgar - Todo Se Tiñe De Rosa
Jeovanni El Empresario - El Sara 15
Jeovanni El Empresario - Me Vuelvo A Enamorar
Jeovanni El Empresario - Preferiste El Dinero
Jeovanni El Empresario - Vamos A Intentarlo
Fabienne Rothe - Hello
Daniele Negroni - It's My Life
Jesse Ritch - Breathing
Alexander Knappe - Weil Ich Wieder Zu Hause Bin
Alexander Knappe - Frei
Alexander Knappe - Sing Mich Nach Hause
Alexander Knappe - Letzter Tag
Alexander Knappe - Fallen
Alexander Knappe - Wunderwerk
Before The Dawn - Pitch-Black Universe
Before The Dawn - Phoenix Rising
Before The Dawn - Cross To Bear
Before The Dawn - Throne Of Ice
Before The Dawn - Eclipse
Monica - Take A Chance
Hollie Cavanagh - Flashdance... What A Feeling
Colton Dixon - Time After Time
Kris Allen - Monster
Kris Allen - Out Alive
Kris Allen - Better With You
Kris Allen - Teach Me How Love Goes
Kris Allen - Leave You Alone
Kris Allen - You Got A Way
Kris Allen - Blindfolded
Ivyrise - Hurts
Ivyrise - Looks Like Heaven
Benny Benassi - Control
Mutine - Fille Ou Garçon
Die Vorboten - Das Volk
Die Vorboten - Hauptstadt
Die Vorboten - Schmiede, Schmiede!
Die Vorboten - Schreit!
City Harmonic (The) - Manifesto
City Harmonic (The) - I Am
City Harmonic (The) - Coming My Way
City Harmonic (The) - Mountaintop
City Harmonic (The) - Fell Apart
City Harmonic (The) - Be Still, O My Soul
City Harmonic (The) - Wake Me Up
City Harmonic (The) - I Have A Dream (it Feels Like Home)
City Harmonic (The) - Benediction
Lincoln Brewster - Best Days
Lincoln Brewster - More Than Amazing
Lincoln Brewster - I Belong To You
Lincoln Brewster - Whom Shall I Fear
Lincoln Brewster - Loved By You
Lincoln Brewster - Made For More
Lincoln Brewster - Today Is The Day
Lincoln Brewster - The Arms Of My Savior
Lincoln Brewster - The Power Of Your Name
Lincoln Brewster - The Love Of God
Lincoln Brewster - Let Your Glory Shine
Cowboy Junkies - Late Night Radio
Cowboy Junkies - Sing In My Meadow
Cowboy Junkies - Hunted
Cowboy Junkies - I Move On
Cowboy Junkies - Unanswered Letter
Cowboy Junkies - Idle Tales
Cowboy Junkies - Angels In The Wilderness
Cowboy Junkies - Damaged From The Start
Cowboy Junkies - Staring Man
Cowboy Junkies - I Let Him In
Nanci Griffith - Just Another Morning Here
Lincoln Brewster - Caught In The Moment
Lincoln Brewster - Secret Place
Nanci Griffith - Money Changes Everything
Nanci Griffith - Up Against The Rain
Nanci Griffith - Not Innocent Enough
Nanci Griffith - Across America
Nanci Griffith - Party Girl
Nanci Griffith - Sing
Nanci Griffith - Still Life
Lincoln Brewster - Everlasting God
Lincoln Brewster - Love The Lord
Lincoln Brewster - Everybody Praise The Lord
Lincoln Brewster - All I Really Want
Lincoln Brewster - He's All I Need
Lincoln Brewster - Take Me Higher
Lincoln Brewster - Let The Praises Ring
Lincoln Brewster - All I Really Want
Lincoln Brewster - More Like You
Lincoln Brewster - Praises Be
Lincoln Brewster - You Are The One
Lincoln Brewster - Glory To The King
Lincoln Brewster - What A Friend I've Found
Lincoln Brewster - Let All Creation Praise The Lord
Lincoln Brewster - King Of Majesty
Anthem Lights - Can't Shut Up
Anthem Lights - Can't Get Over You
Anthem Lights - Stranger
Anthem Lights - Outta My Mind
Anthem Lights - Lifeline
Vroudenspil - Kurs Aufs Leben
Vroudenspil - Der Vogt
Vroudenspil - Der Alte Sack
Vroudenspil - Küss Mich
Vroudenspil - Spilmannsschuh
Vroudenspil - Klabautermann
Vroudenspil - Gespräch Mit Dem Wind
Vroudenspil - Tote Krieger
Manafest - Human
Manafest - Never Let You Go (Joel Bruyere Acoustic Mix)
Peter Furler - I'm Alive
Peter Furler - Reach
Peter Furler - Matter Of Faith
Jimmy Needham - I Will Find You
Jimmy Needham - Arrows
Mat Kearney - Seventeen
Rend Collective Experiment - Christ Has Set Me Free
Paul Van Dyk - I Don't Deserve You
Paul Van Dyk - Everywhere
Paul Van Dyk - We Come Together
Super700 - Decent Snow
Rend Collective Experiment - God Is Near
Rend Collective Experiment - Above Everything Else
Rend Collective Experiment - Thine Be The Glory
Rend Collective Experiment - Find Your Kindness
MXPX - Aces Up
MXPX - Nothing Left
MXPX - The Times
MXPX - Best Of Times
MXPX - Lucky Guy
MXPX - Far Away
MXPX - Cast Down My Heart
MXPX - When It Comes To You
MXPX - Nothing's Gonna Change
Exumer - Fire & Damnation
Exumer - Vermin Of The Sky
Exumer - Fallen Saint
Exumer - Crushing Point
Exumer - Devil Chaser
Exumer - Tribal Furies
Exumer - Destructive Solution
Archimède - L'amour à Boire
Archimède - Papy Boomer
Natalie Grant - Alive
Monica - Man Who Has Everything
Monica - Without You
Monica - Cry
Monica - Time To Move On
Monica - New Life (Outro)
Monica - In 3d
Job For A Cowboy - Nourishment Through Bloodshed
Dionysos - Platini(S)
Dionysos - Le Retour De Jack L'inventeur
Dionysos - Spidergirl Blues
Eths - Voragine
Eths - Adonaï
Eths - Gravis Venter
Eths - Sidus
Spawn Of Possession - No Light Spared
El Cata - Baila Baila
El Cata - Colesterol De Amor
Paul Piché - Le Temps D'aimer
Paul Piché - Sur Ma Peau
Paul Piché - Elle Court
Paul Piché - Le Renard, Le Loup
Paul Piché - Où Sont-elles?
Paul Piché - Ses Yeux
Los Capos De Mexico - Por Una Mujer Bonita
Paradise Lost - Solitary One
Paradise Lost - Crucify
Paradise Lost - To The Darkness
Paradise Lost - Worth Fighting For
Paradise Lost - The Glorious End
Intocable - Coqueta
Intocable - La Mentira
Intocable - Ya Ves
Intocable - Y Todo Para Qué?
Intocable - En Mil Pedazos
Intocable - Perdedor
Peter Hammill - That Wasn't What I Said
Peter Hammill - New Pen-Pal
Peter Hammill - All The Tiredness
Peter Hammill - Perfect Pose
Peter Hammill - Scissors
Peter Hammill - Bravest Face
Peter Hammill - A Run Of Luck
Prong - Eternal Heat
Prong - Revenge...Best Served Cold
Prong - State Of Rebellion
Prong - Put Myself To Sleep
Prong - Carved Into Stone
Prong - Subtract
Prong - Reinvestigate
Unleashed - Fimbulwinter
Unleashed - Odalheim
Unleashed - The Hour Of Defeat
Unleashed - Vinland
Unleashed - Rise Of The Maya Warriors
Unleashed - The Soil Of Our Fathers
Unleashed - Germania
Unleashed - The Great Battle Of Odalheim
Alpa Gun - Das Neue Berlin
Alpa Gun - Ehrensache
Europe - Not Supposed To Sing The Blues
Europe - Bag Of Bones
Europe - My Woman My Friend
Halestorm - Don't Know How To Stop
Halestorm - Hate It When You See Me Cry
Moriah Peters - Well Done
Moriah Peters - I Choose Jesus
Moriah Peters - Haven't Even Kissed
Moriah Peters - All The Ways He Loves Us
Moriah Peters - Glow
Moriah Peters - Miracle
Moriah Peters - No Shame
Moriah Peters - Bloom
Matt Maher - Resurrection Day
Matt Maher - For Your Glory
Matt Maher - Overflow
Matt Maher - Unwavering
Matt Maher - Canticle Of Zechariah
Matt Maher - Alive In You
Matt Maher - Behold The Lamb Of God
Matt Maher - Isaiah 61
Matt Maher - Jesus, My Everything
Matt Maher - Jericho
Matt Maher - Void
Matt Maher - I Love You, Lord
Matt Maher - Love Has Come
Matt Maher - Just Like You
Matt Maher - Better Is One Day
Matt Maher - Litany
Matt Maher - Wonderful To Me
Matt Maher - Lamb Of God
Matt Maher - Your Love Is Extravagant
Matt Maher - The End And The Beginning
Natalie Grant - We Are All The Same
Natalie Grant - I Am Not Alone
Natalie Grant - When You Walked Into My Life
Natalie Grant - Crosses And Crowns
Laura Story - This Is The Day
Laura Story - Friend Of Sinners
Laura Story - You Are Love
Laura Story - Your Name Will Be Praised
Laura Story - One Life To Lose
Laura Story - Remember
Laura Story - Faithful God
Laura Story - Mighty To Save
Britt Nicole - Gold
Britt Nicole - All This Time
Britt Nicole - Look Like Love
Britt Nicole - Who You Say You Are
Britt Nicole - Breakthrough
Britt Nicole - The Sun Is Rising
Britt Nicole - Still That Girl
Britt Nicole - Amazing Life (Capital Kings Remix)
Britt Nicole - Straight For Your Heart
Marco Volcy - C'est Moi
Marco Volcy - Essuie Tes Larmes
Isaac Delusion - Waiting
Isaac Delusion - Waiting (acoustique)
Alessandra Amoroso - If You Don't Know Me By Now
Leo Giusti - Il Tuo Nome
Leo Giusti - Come Polvere
Mickey Factz - The Factory
Mickey Factz - Memorabilia
Mickey Factz - A.i.d.s
Mickey Factz - Memoirs Of Entry Iv
Bei Maejor - The Truth
Bei Maejor - I'm Dying
Bei Maejor - Diamond
Carlo Di Micco - You Can't Hurry Love
Joe Brooks - Green Eyes
1789 - Le Temps S'en Va
1789 - La Nuit M'appelle
Santigold - Freak Like Me
Santigold - Pirate In The Water
Santigold - Big Mouth
Allegaeon - Formshifter
Allegaeon - Secrets Of The Sequence
Stefan Dettl - Summer Of Love
OFF! - Borrow And Bomb
OFF! - Toxic Box
OFF! - Man From Nowhere
OFF! - King Kong Brigade
OFF! - Vaporized
OFF! - 503
Stalley - Pound
Stalley - Petrin Hill Peonies
Stalley - Route 21
The KickDrums - Come And Go
Toy Dolls (The) - Molly Was Immoral
Pennywise - Waste Another Day
Pennywise - Revolution
Pennywise - Stand Strong
Pennywise - Songs Of Sorrow
Pennywise - We Have It All
Pennywise - All Along
Pennywise - United
Neil Young - Clementine
Neil Young - Tom Dooley
Neil Young - Gallows Pole
Neil Young - Get A Job
Neil Young - Travel On
Neil Young - She'll Be Comin 'Round The Mountain
Neil Young - Wayfarin' Stranger
Neil Young - God Save The Queen
Slash - Apocalyptic Love
Slash - One Last Thrill
Slash - Standing In The Sun
Slash - You're A Lie
Slash - No More Heroes
Slash - Halo
Slash - Anastasia
Slash - Not For Me
Slash - Bad Rain
Slash - Hard & Fast
Slash - Far And Away
Infected Mushroom - Send Me An Angel
Infected Mushroom - Wanted To
Infected Mushroom - Serve My Thirst
Skylar Grey - Tower
Kate Miller Heidke - Ride This Feeling