Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 230:

Kärbholz - Immer Wieder
Alimero - Erreure Commune
Goyko Schmidt - Liebeslied
Goyko Schmidt - Walhalla
Goyko Schmidt - Hotte
Goyko Schmidt - Lieder, Die Die Liebe Schreibt
Goyko Schmidt - Pocahontas
Goyko Schmidt - Norwegerpullover
Goyko Schmidt - Die Liebenswerten Wir
Goyko Schmidt - Zazarazz
Goyko Schmidt - 1999
Goyko Schmidt - Kleine Draisine
Goyko Schmidt - Mitropa Meeting 1985
Goyko Schmidt - Saus Und Braus
In Fiction - Brookie May
Augie March - Watch Me Disappear
Darlene Zschech - Now Is The Time
Metrickz - Er & Sie
Metrickz - Sommernachtstraum
Kimel - Il Mostro
Chrishan - Give P On Me
Amar - Koran
Don Moen - Come To The River Of Life
Don Moen - Arise
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Never A Day In Vain
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Run Away
Georgia Anne Muldrow - E.s.p.
Alvin Slaughter - God Can
Alvin Slaughter - More Than Enough
Alvin Slaughter - Holy, Holy, Holy
Alvin Slaughter - Alleluia
Hezekiah Walker - God Favored Me (Part I)
Jordin Sparks - Art Of Love
Rakim - How To Emcee
Rakim - Message In The Song
Travis Garland - Love Or Die
Kyra - Trau Meinen Worten Nicht
Kyra - Du Fehlst Mir
Kyra - Ich Liebe Dich
Kyra - Was Ich brauche
Kyra - Ab Ich Das Verdient
Kyra - 1000 Schmerzen
Shanadoo - Love Space Ship
Shanadoo - Think About
Shanadoo - Gotta Get It Groovin'
Shanadoo - Japanese Boy
Shanadoo - Heart To Heart
Shanadoo - Bonjour Tristesse
Shanadoo - Fly Me To Shanghai
Shanadoo - Ninja Tattoo
Shanadoo - One Tear Ago
Shanadoo - Just A Little Flirt
Shanadoo - Give A Little Love
Shanadoo - Its Like An Anime
Shanadoo - Closer To Heaven
Shanadoo - Hypnotized
Shanadoo - Sayonara Blue
Aqua - Back To The 80's
Aqua - My Mamma Said
Airys - Vedo In Te
Airys - Ogni Volta Che Penso A Noi
Airys - Esco
Airys - Io Ho Te
Honor Society - Break Up Break Down
Honor Society - Take You Home
Honor Society - Stumblin'
Honor Society - How Could You?
Kettcar - Deiche
Kettcar - Die Ausfahrt Zum Haus Deiner Eltern
Kettcar - 48 Stunden
Kettcar - Balu
Kettcar - Die Wahrheit Ist, Man Hat Uns Nichts Getan
Kettcar - Handyfeuerzeug Gratis Dazu
Kettcar - Nacht
Kettcar - Hier Sein
Kettcar - Alles Vorstellen
Leighton Meester - Somebody To Love
Leighton Meester - Your Lies Are The Truth
Leighton Meester - Good Girl Go Bad
Nessbeal - No Life - Remix
Nessbeal - Amnézia (La Salade)
Nessbeal - Dans La Jungle
Nessbeal - 10 000 Questions
David DeMaria - Que Yo No Quiero Problemas
Chenoa - Que Yo No Quiero Problemas
Daddy Yankee - Daria
Greeley Estates - A Day To Be Remembered
Just Surrender - Burning Up (Acoustic)
Peter Bjorn And John - People They Know
Peter Bjorn And John - From Now On
Mansions - The Constant
Fabulous Girls - Butterflies
Silent Envy - Last You'll Hear From Me
Silent Envy - On Your Own Way
Silent Envy - White
Chaser - My Promise
I Am Committing A Sin - Maxims
Sade - Morning Bird
Sade - Long Hard Road
Sade - Be That Easy
Sade - Skin
Sade - The Safest Place
Punchline - Heart Of Gold
Punchline - Over You
Empires - Gift Of Asylum
Vinterriket - Im Dunkel Des Höhenzuges
Nargaroth - Sommer
Nargaroth - Herbst
Living Sacrifice - Rules Of Engagement
Living Sacrifice - Nietzsche's Madman
Living Sacrifice - They Were One
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Dementia
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - The Manifest
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Defaced Reality
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Skepsis
Iskald - Warriors Of The Northern Twilight, Part II
Iskald - Det Stilner Til Storm
Mouthwash - No Fear
Mouthwash - That Girl
Mouthwash - Everyday Feelin'
Mouthwash - What I Don't Know
Mouthwash - Southbound
Mouthwash - One In Ten
Wonder Years (The) - New Years With Carl Weathers
Wonder Years (The) - Hostels And Brothels
Racing Kites - Home Is Where The Heart Is
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - You Left Right?
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Your Life
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Not To Me On That Night
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Wasted Summers
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Bricklayer's Story
Kidcrash (The) - Where Nerves Were
Kidcrash (The) - Grim Collections
Kidcrash (The) - Wound Eraser
Kidcrash (The) - Slow Applause
Kidcrash (The) - Brainsnares
Caroline Hat - Zaubermond
Caroline Hat - Mama I'm Big Girl Now
Caroline Hat - Schokoladistan
There For Tomorrow - Red Hot X-mas
Roimungstrupp - No Sense
Roimungstrupp - Wann Werden Sie Sehen
I.Y.A.Z. - Solo
Iyaz - Solo
Aneurysm June - Ghost Horses
Aneurysm June - Playing With Kites
Blood Redemption - Diseased
Blood Redemption - Our Final Hope
Blood Redemption - A New Beginning
Roimungstrupp - Intro
Roimungstrupp - Falsche Freunde
Roimungstrupp - Carry On
Roimungstrupp - Kalte Stadt
Roimungstrupp - Neid
Roimungstrupp - East German Fighting Force
Republic Of Wolves (The) - Spill
Deadlines (The) - Naive
Deadlines (The) - Defend
Deadlines (The) - Abandoned, Forsaken
Deadlines (The) - Hermit
Loom - Ruckus
Loom - Pockets
Loom - Caves
Show Me The Skyline - I Can't Explain It
Show Me The Skyline - My Getaway
Show Me The Skyline - Legs Tangled
Show Me The Skyline - Far From Being A Star
Four Letter Lie - The Spell
Four Letter Lie - Strugglers
Four Letter Lie - Key To The World
Four Letter Lie - I'm Done Trying To Make It
Four Letter Lie - Young Hearts
Four Letter Lie - Faces In Places
Alexis HK - Zouzou
Alexis HK - C'est Le Printemps
Sweet Punch For Kids - 12 Hours
Nephew - Bazooka
Sweet Punch For Kids - All Stars Are Going Down
Sweet Punch For Kids - Breath And Hope
Protagonist - We
Protagonist - Reasoning With Time
Protagonist - Snakes And Thieves
Protagonist - Everyday Is Like Sunday
Alpa Gun - Intro
Alpa Gun - Patriot
Vic Chesnutt - Coward
Vic Chesnutt - Virginia
Vic Chesnutt - Little Ceasar
Vic Chesnutt - What Do You Mean?
Vic Chesnutt - Got To Me
Vic Chesnutt - Ignorant People
Vic Chesnutt - Forthright
Vic Chesnutt - To Be With You
Vic Chesnutt - Gnats
Vic Chesnutt - Isadora Duncan
Vic Chesnutt - Giupetto
Vic Chesnutt - Bakersfield
Vic Chesnutt - Mr. Reilly
Vic Chesnutt - Speed Racer
Vic Chesnutt - Independance Day
Vic Chesnutt - Stevie Smith
Vic Chesnutt - Sleeping Man
Vic Chesnutt - Bourgeois And Biblical
Vic Chesnutt - One Of Many
Vic Chesnutt - Supernatural
Vic Chesnutt - When I Ran Off And Left Her
Vic Chesnutt - Gluefoot
Vic Chesnutt - Naughty Fatalist
Vic Chesnutt - Super Tuesday
Vic Chesnutt - Gravity Of The Situation
Vic Chesnutt - Onion Soup
Vic Chesnutt - Doubting Woman
Vic Chesnutt - Free Of Hope
Vic Chesnutt - Betty Lonely
Vic Chesnutt - Thumbtack
Vic Chesnutt - Thailand
Vic Chesnutt - New Town
Vic Chesnutt - Ladle
Vic Chesnutt - Swelters
Vic Chesnutt - Little Vacation
Vic Chesnutt - Degenerate
Vic Chesnutt - Giant Sands
Vic Chesnutt - Threads
Vic Chesnutt - See You Around
Vic Chesnutt - Duty Free
Vic Chesnutt - Bernadette
Vic Chesnutt - Replenished
Vic Chesnutt - Woodrow Wilson
Vic Chesnutt - A Feather At A Wall
Vic Chesnutt - Sunny Pasture
Vic Chesnutt - Mighty Monkey
Vic Chesnutt - You May Not Be Interested
Vic Chesnutt - Deadline
Vic Chesnutt - Very Friendly Lighthouses
Vic Chesnutt - Fish
Vic Chesnutt - 12 Johnnies
Vic Chesnutt - We Should Be So Brave
Vic Chesnutt - Hermitage
Vic Chesnutt - My Last Act
Vic Chesnutt - Squeak
Vic Chesnutt - Look At Me
Vic Chesnutt - I'm Through
Vic Chesnutt - Stay Inside
Vic Chesnutt - Band Camp
Vic Chesnutt - 2nd Floor
Vic Chesnutt - Styrofoam
Vic Chesnutt - Zippy Morocco
Vic Chesnutt - Sultan, So Mighty
Vic Chesnutt - In My Way, Yes
Frei.Wild - Süd Tirol
Frei.Wild - Dein Zweites Leben
Frei.Wild - Geld
Frei.Wild - Freiheit
Frei.Wild - Zeig Mir Das Land
Frei.Wild - Aids
Frei.Wild - Freundschaft
Frei.Wild - Weiter Immer Weiter
Frei.Wild - Stück Für Stück
Frei.Wild - Unterwegs
Frei.Wild - Südtirol
Frei.Wild - Ziel
Frei.Wild - Ich Bleib Daheim
Frei.Wild - Feuchte Augen
Frei.Wild - Irgendwer Steht Dir Zur Seite
Frei.Wild - B.O.U.L. (Böhse Onkelz Unser Leben)
Frei.Wild - Mach Das Beste Draus
Frei.Wild - Leben
Frei.Wild - Heimat
Frei.Wild - Gratissäufer
Frei.Wild - Wahr Oder Gelogen
Frei.Wild - Irgendwann
Frei.Wild - Zerschlag Dein Eis Des Herzens
Frei.Wild - Heute Zeit
Frei.Wild - Zufriedenheit
Frei.Wild - Zufriedenheit
Frei.Wild - Eines Tages Fährt Leon Mit Der Straßenbahn
Frei.Wild - Wie Oft Soll'n Wir Dir's Noch Sagen?
Frei.Wild - Gebt Mir Die Pappe Wieder
OK Go - This Too Shall Pass
OK Go - Needing/Getting
OK Go - White Knuckles
OK Go - End Love
OK Go - Last Leaf
OK Go - While You Were Asleep
OK Go - In The Glass
Marina And The Diamonds - Shampain
Marina And The Diamonds - Girls
Marina And The Diamonds - Rootless
Marina And The Diamonds - Numb
Marina And The Diamonds - Guilty
Music Go Music - Warm In The Shadows
Resurex - Blue Kiss
Revenge Of The Living Dead - I'm Not So Far From You (Icarus)
Revenge Of The Living Dead - Buried In Quicksand
Revenge Of The Living Dead - Ana's Song
Revenge Of The Living Dead - Somethings Are Better Left Unsaid
Roseway - The Greatest Love (Comes From The Unseen)
Roseway - If You Hold Your Breath For Long Enough, You Will Die
Roseway - Undisclosed Truth
Roseway - Boston Tea Party
Roseway - She Prays With Her Knees Clinched To The Carpet
Roseway - The Martyr And The Cynic
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Der Deutsche Sturm
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Drei Wie Brüder
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Der Keine Hoffnung Verliert
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Frei Geboren - Frei Sterben
Ascendicate (The) - Fire That Kid
Ascendicate (The) - A Bit Of History
Ascendicate (The) - One Day Without You
Kyra - Keine Antwort
Kyra - Du Warst Immer Für Mich Da
Kyra - Kein Wiedersehn
Kyra - In Deiner Hand
Kyra - Empty Page
Kyra - Big Love
Kyra - Erinnere Mich
Kyra - Lass Mich Fallen
Kyra - Weisse Rosen
Kyra - Wollte
Flaming Tsunamis (The) - By Force
Flaming Tsunamis (The) - Dead Girlfriends Can't Break Up With You
Flaming Tsunamis (The) - Opus
Flaming Tsunamis (The) - Corporation Creation
Infiziert - In Dieser Einen Nacht
Worfy - Täusch Dich Nicht
Egotronic - Heut Nacht
Egotronic - What I Don't Do
Egotronic - Vorbei
Egotronic - Raven Gegen Deutschland
Egotronic - Nicht Nur Raver
Egotronic - Immer So Weiter
Black Friday 29 - Half Past Nine
Black Friday 29 - Wasted Words
Black Friday 29 - Gone
Black Friday 29 - Sinking Ship
Black Friday 29 - Ghosts
Typ: t.u.r.b.o. - Auf Nexus
Typ: t.u.r.b.o. - Pump Den Turbo
Mister.Y - Taratata
Pupajim - Travelling
Pupajim - Business Of War
Pupajim - Dna
Omarion - Speedin'
Omarion - Temptation
Omarion - Wet
Omarion - Code Red
Omarion - On My Grind
Ocean Drive - Because (Connecte-toi)
Ocean Drive et DJ Oriska - Connecte-toi
Ocean Drive - Connecte-toi
Tyrone Wells - Sink Or Swim
G-Dragon - Heartbreaker
Camp Rock - Verrockt
Limit - Gangsta Rap
Limit - Ich Muss Weg
Limit - Mir Ist Egal
Roland Kaiser - Anfang Und Ende
Roland Kaiser - Das 5. Element
Roland Kaiser - Der Sommerwind
Roland Kaiser - Flieg' Mit Zu Den Sternen
Roland Kaiser - Frauen
Roland Kaiser - In Diesem Teil Des Himmels Wohne Ich
Roland Kaiser - Nachgefühl
Roland Kaiser - Niemand ändert Mein Gefühl Für Dich
Roland Kaiser - Sag Ihm Dass Ich Dich Liebe
Roland Kaiser - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More
Roland Kaiser - Wenn Wir Kinder Wären
Roland Kaiser - Wind Auf Der Haut Und Lisa
Roland Kaiser - Zwischen Feuer Und Eis
Roland Kaiser - Der Rest Ist Schweigen
Renate Kern - Balalaika
Renate Kern - Alle Blumen Brauchen Sonne
Renate Kern - Morgen
Renate Kern - Stop The Beat
Renate Kern - Einsamkeit
Renate Kern - Come On Let's Dance
Renate Kern - Der Wassermann (Aquarius)
Renate Kern - Supermann
Renate Kern - Silber Und Gold
Renate Kern - Das Schönste Land Der Welt
Renate Kern - Er Nahm Ein Anderes Madch
Renate Kern - Lass Mich Heute Nicht All
Renate Kern - Auch Dir Lacht Einmal Die
Renate Kern - Geh' Mit Gott
Renate Kern - Rinaldo Rinaldini
Renate Kern - Das Macht Diese Welt Erst
Renate Kern - Andiamo, Amigo
Renate Kern - Mach Es Wie Die Sonnenuhr
Renate Kern - Kommt Nict In Frage
Renate Kern - Du Bist Meine Liebe
Renate Kern - Eine Welt Für Uns Zwei
Renate Kern - Weine Keine Abschiedstränen
Renate Kern - Bis Morgen
Renate Kern - Ganz Genau Wie Du
Renate Kern - An Irgendeinem Tag
Renate Kern - Du Musst Mir Die Wahrheit Sagen
Renate Kern - Damals In Napoli
Renate Kern - Ein Schlaflose Nacht
Renate Kern - Ein Mann - Ein Wort
Renate Kern - Herbstwind
Renate Kern - Lass Doch Den Sonnenschein
Nick Jonas & The Administration - Who I Am
Schöngeist - Unsterblich
Schöngeist - Tanz Mit Mir
Schöngeist - Liebeskrieger
Schöngeist - Frag Mich Warum
Schöngeist - Böses Blut
Schöngeist - Mein Herz Bricht
Schöngeist - Sesam öffne Dich
Ammoniaka - 30 Agosto 2002
Ammoniaka - Non Riesco A Restare
Ammoniaka - Roxy Bar
Luciole - Grain De Sable
Zone D'Tambora - Caramelo
Zone D'Tambora - Siente El Amor
Danny Rivera - Chipi, Chipi
Eddy Mitchell - La Dernière Séance
Eddy Mitchell - L'amour En Cadillac
Eddy Mitchell - Le Chanteur Du Dancing
Angus And Julia Stone - Black Crow
Angus And Julia Stone - For You
Angus And Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane
Angus And Julia Stone - Santa Monica Dream
Angus And Julia Stone - And The Boys
Angus And Julia Stone - On The Road
Angus And Julia Stone - Walk It Off
Angus And Julia Stone - Hush
Angus And Julia Stone - The Devil's Tears
Eluveitie - Nil
Eluveitie - Lugdunon
Decomposure - Whose Side Are You On?
Megan Joy - Incomplete
Vitaa - Invitaation
Vitaa - Celle Que Je Vois
Pilot Speed - Bluff
Pilot Speed - Wooden Bones
Anabantha - Desesperanza
Anabantha - El Resguardo
Anabantha - Escaparé De Tus Recuerdos
Whitest Boy Alive (The) - Dead End
F-raz - Es Tut Mir So Leid
F-raz - Mama
F-raz - Was Du Wirklich Für Mich Bist
F-raz - Bleib Hier
F-raz - Der Traum
F-raz - Du Bist Und Du Bleibst
F-raz - Ich Dachte
F-raz - Liebst Du Mich (Dj Crystal)
F-raz - Für Dich Schatz
F-raz - Hör Zu
F-raz - Du Und Ich
F-raz - Galerie
F-raz - Dieser Weg Ist Viel Zu Schwer
F-raz - Engel Weinen
F-raz - Du Wirst Sehen
F-raz - Du Siehst Gut Aus
Barbara Zappamiglio - Prendere O Lasciare
A boy with glasses - Still Into You
A Cascade Dream - I Pulled The Plug On A Dying Man (and then he died)
A Clerestory - Understand
A Currant Affair - Relationship between the heart and mind
A Dead Motion - Against Gravity
A Dead Motion - Brace Yourself
A Dead Motion - Chainsaw
A Dull Science - Because I Can
A Dull Science - Moment of Silence
A Dull Science - Prophet and the Apocalypse
A Dull Science - Sweet Insanity
A Farewell Fire - Design
A Flock Of Seagulls - Lost Control (Totally)
A Good Fight - Waiting Room
A Goodnight Crisis - Be Sure To Forget Your Lines
A Goodnight Crisis - Found You, You're It
A Goodnight Crisis - Radiolights!
A Goodnight Crisis - Sleep Sound Asleep
A Hero en Route - Jack (Ruby Shoes)
A Hero en Route - Last Words Are Passwords
A Hero Next Door - One step behind
A Hero Next Door - Right Here All Along
a Jigsaw - A Little Story
a Jigsaw - Farmhouse
a Jigsaw - His Secret
a Jigsaw - Leap of Ignorance
a Jigsaw - Letters from the Boatman
a Jigsaw - Life's Like a Riverboat
a Jigsaw - Like the Wolf
a Jigsaw - My Kindness
a Jigsaw - Red Pony
a Jigsaw - Return to Me
a Jigsaw - With My Voice
A Love Like Pi - A Merry Cain
A Love Like Pi - All You Do With Guilt
A Love Like Pi - Atlas
A Love Like Pi - Innocent Man
A Love Like Pi - My Body
A Love Like Pi - The Oyster
A Love Like Pi - The Piper (Mini EP)
A Night In Hollywood - Dying To Let You Go
A Sleepless Melody - Family Tree
A Sleepless Melody - Heads Down, Thumbs Up!
A Sleepless Melody - The Fuel To Start A Fire
A Sleepless Melody - The Wind Is On Our Side
A Smile And A Ribbon - Book Cover
A Smile And A Ribbon - Miracles
A Thorn From Every Heart - A Street Car Named Desire
A Thorn From Every Heart - It's Hard To Move You
A Thorn From Every Heart - Object Of No Desire
A Thorn From Every Heart - The Prediction
A Thorn From Every Heart - Things Aren't So Beautiful Now (Part 2)
A Thorn From Every Heart - Worthless
A Thousand Shades of Cold - A Glimpse Of Virtue
A Thousand Shades of Cold - Chemical Sin
A Thousand Shades of Cold - Euphoric Affliction
A Thousand Shades of Cold - For The Seraph
A Thousand Shades of Cold - Hollow Mortality
A Thousand Shades of Cold - Miasmic Suffering
A Thousand Shades of Cold - Sacrament Of The Sick
A Thousand Shades of Cold - Undisputed
A*Teens - A Perfect Match
A*Teens - Have A Little Faith In Me
A*Teens - The Letter
A. A. Bondy - A Slow Parade
A. A. Bondy - For A Kingdom
A. A. Bondy - Oh the Vampyre
A. A. Bondy - To the Morning
A.a. Bondy - Witness Blues
A.C. Newman - All of My Days and All of My Days Off
A.C. Newman - Prophets
A.C. Newman - Submarines of Stockholm
A.C. Newman - The Heartbreak Rides
A.C. Newman - The Palace at 4 A.M.
A.C. Newman - Thunderbolts
A.R. Kane - Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance)
A.R. Kane - Beloved
A.R. Kane - Down
A.R. Kane - Green Hazed Daze
A.R. Kane - In A Circle
A.R. Kane - Lostaday
A.R. Kane - Lover
A.R. Kane - Spermwhale Trip Over
A.R. Kane - Sugarwings
A.R. Kane - Up
AA Bondy - A Slow Parade
AA Bondy - American Hearts
AA Bondy - Black rain, black rain
AA Bondy - How will you meet your end?
AA Bondy - Killed Myself When I Was Young
AA Bondy - No man shall
AA Bondy - Of the Sea
AA Bondy - Oh The Vampyre
AA Bondy - On the Moon
AA Bondy - Rapture (sweet rapture)
AA Bondy - There's A Reason
AA Bondy - Vice Rag
AA= - Electrik
AA= - Freedom
AA= - I Hate Human
AA= - Loser
AA= - New Hello
AA= - Starry Night
Aaron Espe - Melody
Aaron Pritchett - Done You Wrong
Aaron Pritchett - How Do I Get There
Abandon Kansas - February
Abandon Kansas - The Message
Abandon Kansas - When Did We Change
Abby Dobson - You Will Find Your Way
Abe Vigoda - Don't Lie
Abe Vigoda - Power Place
Abe Vigoda - World Heart
Abigail's Ghost - Cinder Tin
Abigail's Ghost - Sneak Peek
Abney Park - The Ballad of Captain Robert (Bonus Ghost Track)
Above the Golden State - I'll Love You So
Above the Golden State - Loud and Clear
Above the Golden State - Sound of Your Name
Above the Golden State - Streets
Above the Golden State - The Haunting
Abra Moore - Big Sky
Abra Moore - Birthday Song
Abra Moore - Dream Time
Abra Moore - Everything Changed
Abra Moore - Home
Abra Moore - I Believe
Abra Moore - No Fear
Abra Moore - On the Way
Abra Moore - Paint On Your Wings
Abra Moore - Prayer For An Angel
Abra Moore - Throw A Penny
Abra Moore - You
Absence of Concern - Okay For A While
Absence of Concern - Waiting on the sun to rise
Absent Elk - Cannibals
Absent Elk - Poker Face (Lady Gaga cover)
Absent Elk - Sun and Water
Absurd Minds - 2 Forces
Absurd Minds - A Man Received the Answer
Absurd Minds - Absurd
Absurd Minds - Confusion
Absurd Minds - Die Stimme
Absurd Minds - Free From Cares
Absurd Minds - Legal Force
Absurd Minds - The Gash
Absurd Minds - Winds Will Blow
Abysmal Torment - Colony of Maggots
Abysmal Torment - Omega
Acacia Sears - Reason to Breathe
Academy Is..., The - Days Like Masquerades
Academy Is..., The - I'm Yours Tonight
Academy Is..., The - In the Rearview
Academy Is..., The - New York (Saint in the City)
Academy Is..., The - Sputter (feat. Andrew McMahon)
Accident That Led Me To The World, The - Hole of Doubt
Accident That Led Me To The World, The - Life, as an Anchor
Accident That Led Me To The World, The - Statues
Accident That Led Me To The World, The - The Island Gospel
Accuser - Who Dominates Who?
Acda en de Munnik - Het Regent Zonnestralen
Ace Bushy Striptease - By (p)Roxy
Ace Bushy Striptease - Pain In The Aga
Ace Bushy Striptease - Whirlwind Regulations
Ace Enders - Over This (Album Version)
Ace Enders - Ready Ankles
Ace Enders - Rosary
Ace Enders - Timshel
Ace Enders And A Million Different People - The Only Thing I Have (The Sign)
Ace Enders And A Million Different People - When I Hit The Ground
Acid Black Cherry - BEAUTIFUL NAME
Acid Black Cherry - BEAUTIFUL NAME (English Translation)
Action Item - Boy With the Microphone
Action Item - Dress For The Weather
Action Reaction - With My Voice
Actionslacks - My Favourite Man
Actionslacks - Simple Life (Acoustic Version)
Actress - Dress It Up In Stereo
Actual, The - If You See Her
Acumen Nation - fanglorious
Ad Frank - I'll Be Your Project
Ad Frank - Only One Lonely
Ad Frank - The Map to Your Good Graces
Adam & the Amethysts - He Passed Away (The Darkness In His Head)
Adam and Naive - Candy Baby
Adam and Naive - Dark Wood Artist
Adam and Naive - Pretty
Adam and Naive - This City
Adam and Naive - Water Balloon
Adam Arcuragi - Bottom of the River
Adam Chojnacki - Cati I Love You
Adam Dale - Burn Bridge Burn
Adam Dale - One Wrong Move
Adam Dale - Pirates of the Poison Sky
Adam Gnade + The Confederate Yankees - Robbie & Lauren & the Silver Sunrise
Adam Gnade + The Confederate Yankees - Snake Lore
Adam Stephens - Lead in Our Lungs
Adam Stephens - Twitch and Tremble in the Breeze
Adama - Delicate Dragon
Adama - Making Way
Adama - Rain
Adama - Silver Tree
Adama - Time To Move On
Add - Alisha
Adelade - Secrets
Adelade - Times Like These
Adenosine Tri-Phosphate - Raining in Kyoto
ADHLX - Sad and Dark
Adrian Borland - Fast Blue World
Adrian Borland - Vampiric
Adrian Orange - No More Wild
Adriana Calcanhoto - Saiba
Adult. - D.U.M.E
Adult. - Dance Avoid
Adult. - Dispassionate Furniture (Im Sitting In...)
Adult. - Dispassionate Furniture (Reupholstered)
Adult. - Don't Talk
Adult. - Modern Romantics (MR. miX)
Adult. - Run Run Crying
Adult. - Side Swiped
Adult. - The Missing
Adult. - Your Lies
Advanced Art - Black Rose
Advanced Art - Blind
Advanced Art - From Nothing to Nothing
Advanced Art - I Am The Labyrinth
Advanced Art - Steel
Advent - Overcome
Advent - Reflection
Adversary - Singularity
Aeon Spoke - Damaged
Aeon Spoke - silence
Aeroplane Pageant - I Rememeber I Think
Aeroplane Pageant - Memory Begins Elsewhere
Aeroplane Pageant - See You at the Circus (Farrago)
Aeroplane Pageant - Stars Still Pretty
Aesthetic Perfection - Living The Wasted Life
Aesthetic Perfection - Pale
Aesthetic Perfection - Schadenfreude
Aesthetic Perfection - Spit It Out
Aesthetic Perfection - The Ones
Affirming Denial - A Different Dream
Affirming Denial - Anywhere
Affirming Denial - Estranged
Affirming Denial - Headache
Affirming Denial - She Is Commercial
Affirming Denial - Therapy
Affirming Denial - This God Does Not Exist
Affirming Denial - Wrong
After Forever - Lonely
After Forever - Sins of Idialism
After Forever - Sweet Enclosure
After Forever - Wings Of Illuaion
After Midnight Project (The) - Come On Come On
After Midnight Project (The) - Gone Too Long
After Midnight Project (The) - Hollywood
After Midnight Project (The) - More to Live For
Afterparty (The) - Sundown
Against Grace - 77
Against Grace - Waiting
Age Of Daze - Believe
Age Of Nemesis - Breakin Away
Agent - Be Careful, They're Ruffled
Agent Blue - Something Else
Agent Ribbons - The Taxidermist
Agent Simple - I Wouldn't Know
Aggrolites (The) - Hot Stop
Agony Scene, The - Will to Bleed
Ahimsa Theory - I Can't Stand Still
Ahimsa Theory - Out of Touch
Ahimsa Theory - Placid
Ahimsa Theory - Synaesthesia
Ahimsa Theory - The Disease
Ahn Trio - All I Want
Aimee Allen - Lean Into Me
Aimee Allen - Save Me
Aimee Allen - Vacation Song
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - All I Ever Wanted
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - Innocence (Live intro)
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - This Magic Moment (Drifters cover)
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - Waves & Radiation
aKING - Guilty As Sin
Akino Arai - Idol Talk
Akino Arai - The Borderline
Akino Arai - Wanna Be An Angel
Akron/Family - Lake Song/New Ceremonial Music for Mothers
Akron/Family - Positive Vibration Force
Akron/Family - River
Akron/Family - The Open Sea
Al Bowlly - Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
Al Bowlly - Love is the Sweetest Thing
Al Bowlly - Lying in the Hay
Al Bowlly - Midnight, the Stars and You
Al Bowlly - Stay on the Right Side of the Road
Al Lewis & Sarah Howells - Sinking Boat
Al Stewart - Charlotte Corday
Al Stewart - Don't Forget Me
Al Stewart - Gethsemane, Again
Al Stewart - Man for All Seasons
Al Stewart - Necromancer
Al Stewart - Night Rolls In
Al Stewart - Rocks in the Ocean
Al Stewart - The Immelman Turn
Al Wilson - Show & Tell
Al.Ben - Run To Me
Alan Yates Band - Can You Hear Me?
Alan Yates Band - Devastate
Alan Yates Band - Place in the Sun
Alan Yates Band - Seasons
Alan Yates Band - Talk
Alarm (The) - The Deceiver
Alasdair Roberts - Little Sir Hugh
Alasdair Roberts - Riddle Me This
Alasdair Roberts - The Burning of Auchindoun
Alasdair Roberts - The Calfless Cow
Alasdair Roberts - The Daemon Lover
Alasdair Roberts - The Drummer Boy of Waterloo
Alasdair Roberts - The Lady and the Blacksmith
Alasdair Roberts - The Two Sister
Alasdair Roberts - The Yarn Unraveller
Alasdair Roberts - Young Emily
Alaska In Winter - Close Your Eyes - We Are Blind
Alaska Y Dinarama - Cómo Pudiste Hacerme Esto a Mí
Albatross - Pyramid
Albatross - Real Soft
Albatross - Skulls
Albatross - Surf Sisters
Albatross - Think Happy Thoughts
Albert React - Before Our Lungs Give Up
Albert React - Heaven Costs A Cover (But the Drinks Are Free)
Albert React - Numb
Albert React - Or Does It Explode?
Albert React - Patient In The Wake
Albert React - Seizure
Albert React - Slowly
Albert React - The Violet Hour
Alec Ounsworth - Pass Along This Way
Alejandro Fuentes - Stars
Alert The Medic - The Poet
Alert The Medic - The View A Room Away
Alessi's Ark - Hummingbird
Alessi's Ark - Over The Hill
Alessi's Ark - The Horse
Alev Lenz - Biggest Adventure
Alev Lenz - Breathe
Alev Lenz - Don't Watch Me Go
Alev Lenz - Flight 1701
Alev Lenz - I Watch Too Much TV
Alev Lenz - Maybe One Day
Alev Lenz - Smile
Alev Lenz - The Problem Is
Alev Lenz - Your Sweet Love
Alex Chilton - Holocaust
Alex Goodman - God's Greatest Creation
Alex Goodman - Life's Sweetest Mystery
Alex Lee - Hotter
Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Turn It On (Original Mix)
Alex Roots - Control
Alex Roots - Fake
Alex Roots - Freaky Vocal Style
Alex Roots - Give It Up
Alex Roots - It's All About Life
Alex Roots - On My Knees
Alex Roots - Put Your Hands Up
Alexander Skip Spence - Broken Heart
Alexander Skip Spence - Cripple Creek
Alexander Skip Spence - Dixie Peach Promenade (Yin For Yang)
Alexander Skip Spence - Doodle
Alexander Skip Spence - Furry Herione (Halo Of Gold)
Alexander Skip Spence - Givin' Up Things
Alexander Skip Spence - I Think You And I
Alexander Skip Spence - If I'm Good
Alexander Skip Spence - It's The Best Thing For You
Alexander Skip Spence - Lawrence of Euphoria
Alexander Skip Spence - Little Hands
Alexander Skip Spence - Margaret - Tiger Rug
Alexander Skip Spence - This Time He Has Come
Alexander Skip Spence - War In Peace
Alexander Skip Spence - Weighted Down (The Prison Song)
Alexi Murdoch - Crinan Wood
Alexi Murdoch - Slow Revolution
Alexi Murdoch - Through the Dark
Alexi Murdoch - Towards The Sun
Alfi Kabiljo - Mi Smo Agenti
Alfi Kabiljo - Neka Cijeli Svijet
Ali Project - Yuukyou Seishunka
Ali Slaight - Learning To Fly
Ali Whitton - Empty Threats And Recurring Themes
Ali Whitton - If It Is So
Ali Whitton - Misery Needs Company
Ali Whitton - The Cruelty That Becomes You
Ali Whitton - The Gun Goes Bang
Ali Whitton - The Storm
Alice Nine - Hana (華) [Kanji + Romaji + Trans. ]
Alice Nine - Mirror Ball
Alice Nine - Rainbows (English)
Alice Nine - SLEEPWALKER (English trans.)
Alice Rock - Broken Heart
Alice Rock - Cut Loose
Alice Rock - Dot Com Women (Miss Cucaracha)
Alice Rock - Final Solution
Alice Rock - Goodbye Alice
Alice Rock - Kisses
Alice Rock - Mail Order Bride
Alice Rock - Medicinal Lemonade
Alice Rock - Monopoly
Alice Rock - Secret Song
Alice Rock - Wonderland
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Dark Skies
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Endless Highway
Alison Krauss & Union Station - I Give You To His Heart
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Lay Down Beside Me
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Longest Highway
Alison Krauss & Union Station - One Good Reason
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Only You Can Bring Me Cheer (Gentleman's Lady)
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Will You Be Leaving?
All Get Out - Coach Connor
All Heroes - Eros