Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 231:

All Heroes - My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad
All Heroes - White Magic
All Heroes - Zanarkand
All India Radio - The End or Near
All Natural Lemon And Lime Flavors - Repetitive Monotonous
All Natural Lemon And Lime Flavors - Your Imagination
All New Adventures Of Us (The) - Loftets Grand / New Year Outro
All Night Dynamite - Like A prayer (Madona Cover)
All Night Dynamite - Play On (I'm the one)
All the Day Holiday - Flowers and Fireworks
All Thieves - Turn and Turn Again
All-4-One - Someday
All-Time Quarterback - Stark Mobile
Allan Sherman - Hello Muddah - Nevada Style
Alli Rogers - Reasons Why
Alli Rogers - Who is this God?
Allison Crowe - Montreal
Allison Weiss - Comfort
Allison Weiss - December
Allison Weiss - Fingers Crossed
Allison Weiss - Folk #1
Allison Weiss - Here Comes the Morning
Allison Weiss - Here's the Plan
Allison Weiss - I Do
Allison Weiss - I Was An Island
Allison Weiss - I'll Be Okay
Allison Weiss - Lonely Boy
Allison Weiss - Oh, Yeah, See
Allison Weiss - Out of Control (OOC)
Allison Weiss - Over & Over
Allison Weiss - Single Serving
Allison Weiss - Smarter When I'm Older
Allison Weiss - Stay (This Song Does Not Exist)
Allison Weiss - The Answer
Allison Weiss - The End
Allison Weiss - Time
Allison Weiss - What I Need
Allison Weiss - What I Want
Allo, Darlin' - I Wanna Be Sedated
Allred - Summer Is Over
Allura - Closure
Allura - Gamajazilion
Almost, The - Awful Direction
Almost, The - Books & Books
Almost, The - Get Through
Almost, The - Hand Grenade
Almost, The - Hands
Almost, The - Lonely Wheel
Almost, The - Monster
Almost, The - Souls On Ten
Almost, The - Summer Summer
Almost, The - Wrong
Almost, The - Young Again
Aloha - Last Night I Dreamt You Slept Beside Me
Aloof (The) - So good
Alpha Galates - Passion
Alpha Galates - The Darkest Eyes
Alphaspin - Caterpillar Clouds
Alphaspin - Colonel Joe
Alphaspin - Cooped
Alphaspin - Masterplan
Alphaspin - Only You For Me
Alphaspin - The Reason Why
Alphaspin - Wasted Time
Alphaspin - Yesterday's News
Alpinestars - Snow Patrol (Part 2)
Alternate Routes, The - All I Can See
Alternate Routes, The - Desdemona
Alternate Routes, The - On and On We Whisper
Alternate Routes, The - Toe the Line
Alvin & The Chipmunks - How We Roll
Alvin & The Chipmunks - It's OK
Always Look Before You Leap - A Hundred Years Is Forever
Amalia Rodrigues - Vou dar de beber à dor ( a casa da Mariquinhas)
Amanda Blank - Make-Up
Amanda Falk - Fireflies
Amanda Falk - Small
Amanda Rogers - And She Waited
Amanda Somerville - Point Of No Return
Amandine - Faintest of Sparks
Amarna Reign - Into the Sky
Amarna Reign - The Fall
Amazing Pilots (The) - The Price of Winter
Ambulette - Save It
American Analog Set - Ice King
American Bang - A Man Can Change
American Football - Best of me
American Music Club - Here They Roll Down
American Music Club - Highway 5
American Music Club - Love Is
American Music Club - Never Mind
American Music Club - Now You're Defeated
American Music Club - The Hula Maiden
American Music Club - United Kingdom
American Princes - Don't Ever Promise
American Princes - Gravel
American Princes - Kid Incinerator
American Princes - Real Love
American Princes - Wasted Year
American Princes - Watch As They Go
Amethystium - Treasure
AMFM - Gone In Three
AMFM - Mrs, Astronaut
Amiina - Hilli (At The Top Of The World)
Ammonia - Face Down
Ammonia - In A Box
Ammonia - Keep On My Side
Ammonia - Ken Carter
Ammonia - Mint 400
Ammonia - Monochrome
Ammonia - Sleepwalking
Ammonia - Small Town
Ammonia - Z-Man
Amoeba Assassin - Piledriver
Amorous (The) - Don't Let The Ship Sink
Amorous (The) - Madeline
Amorous (The) - Open Up Your Heart
Amorous (The) - The Loving Weather
Amoure Propre - Always
Amoure Propre - Your Name Meant Freedom
Amy Correia - Grammophone
Amy Mcdonald - Barrowland Ballroom
Amy Mcdonald - Footballer's Wife
Amy Seeley - Dorothy
Amy Seeley - Gravel Lines
Amy Seeley - Walk to the Park
Amy Wadge - One More Day
An Arrow In Flight - Latin Root of Fun
An Cafe - Funky Fresh Days
An Dochas - Open Invitation
An Horse - Horizons
An Illustrated Attempt - In The Waves
An Illustrated Attempt - MSRP
An Ocean's Glance - Definition of 16 ( P.S Let's End This)
An Ocean's Glance - I.W.B.S.Y (I won't be seeing you)
An Ocean's Glance - Mr. Softy
An October Country - Our Lives Are Vaguely Familiar
An October Country - People Wanna Know
An Old Fashioned Gunfight - Disregarded Sheets
An Old Fashioned Gunfight - Fractions
An Old Fashioned Gunfight - He Made Monsters Of Us Both
Ana Carolina - A Câmera Que Filma Os Dias
Ana Carolina - Confesso
Ana Carolina - Corsário
Ana Carolina - Dadivosa
Ana Carolina - Ela é Bamba
Ana Carolina - Me sento na rua
Ana Carolina - O Rio
Ana Carolina - Que se danem os nós
Ana Carolina - Que Será
Ana Carolina - Quem de Nós Dois
Ana Carolina - Violão e Voz
Ana Egge - Bully of New York
Ana Egge - It's Been Too Long
Ana Sasso - Oli Bilo, Oli Crno
Anabantha - El Crepúsculo
Anchors For Reality - Calm
Anchors For Reality - Paper Hero
Anchors For Reality - Shake It
Anchors For Reality - Shut Your Mouth
Anchors For Reality - Starlite Scarlet
And Selby Jase - My Pills and My Slack
And Selby Jase - This White Everything
And So I Watch You From Afar - Something More Than Power
Andrea Revel - The past is never past.
Andrew & The Sharp Electric Star - Brand New Nikes
Andrew & The Sharp Electric Star - Breakfast With The Tin Man
Andrew & The Sharp Electric Star - The Ever-Lit Tree
Andrew Gold - Never Let Her Slip Away
Andrew Landon - the dream.
Andrew Price - Since We Last Met
Andrew Price - The Idea Of Loving You
Andy Haut - Beautiful Day
Andy Haut - Broken Toy Airplanes
Andy Haut - Make You Smile
Andy Haut - Scream For A Sunrise
Andy Haut - Self VS Self
Andy Haut - Sing You A Sonnet
Andy Haut - Sunshine
Andy Shauf - Crushes
Andy Shauf - Your Heart
Andy Yorke - Roses
Aneurysm - Dysangellion
Anger - Awakened Uncousciousness
Angie Mattson - We're All We've Got Now
Anglebrahd - Asleep at the Wheel
Anglebrahd - Chapter 1: The Egression Overture
Anglebrahd - Chapter 2: Fall Away
Anglebrahd - Chapter 3: Look Back, Look Up
Anglebrahd - Chapter 4: Epilogue
Anglebrahd - Faded Blue
Anglebrahd - Muddy Hands
Anglebrahd - Musicbox
Anglebrahd - Nothing Left to Say
Angry Samoans (The) - D For The Dead
Angus And Julia Stone - Purple Skivvy
Anika Moa - My Old Man
Anika Moa - Standing In This Fire
Animal Collective - Cuckoo Cuckoo
Animal Collective - Grace (Pan Flute Jam)
Animal Collective - Someday I'll Grow Up to Be as Tall as the Giant
Animal Collective - Who Could Win a Rabbit?
Animal Kingdom - Chalk Stars
Animal Kingdom - Signs and Wonders
Animal Kingdom - Tin Man
Animals - Bring It On Home To Me
Animals - Bury My Body
Leddra Chapman - A Little Easier
Leddra Chapman - Edie
Leddra Chapman - Picking Oranges
Leddra Chapman - Saving You
Leddra Chapman - Summer Song
Leddra Chapman - Wine Glass
Annasay - Headlines (We Are)
Annasay - The Sound of Doubts Breaking
Annasay - This Is Love (I'm Yours Now)
Annasay - Winter Air
Anne Clark - The Last Emotion
Anne Clark - World Without Warning
Anni Rossi - Las Vegas
Annie Little - Fly Me Away
Annie Little - Still Missing You
Annie Little - Telegrams to Mars
Annie Moses Band - Halo of the Moon
Anniversary (The) - Let It Slip
Annmarie Cullen - My Special Love
Annmarie Cullen - One of Those Days
Anois - Beds And Dishes
Anomaly - Do You Believe?
Another Cynthia - A Little Love
Another Cynthia - Indoctrination
Another Sunny Day - I Don't Suppose I'll Get a Second Chance
Another Sunny Day - New Year's Honours
Answering Machine (The) - Cliffer
Answering Machine (The) - It's Over! It's Over! It's Over!
Answering Machine (The) - Lightbulbs
Answering Machine (The) - Obviously Cold
Answering Machine (The) - Oh, Christina
Answering Machine (The) - Oklahoma
Answering Machine (The) - You Should Have Called
Antagonist A.D. - Wolves And Cowards
Antelope - Reflector
Anthem In - Down
Anthony Costa - Do you ever think of me
Anthony da Costa - Back of My Mind
Anthony Hosier - Say Something To Me
Anthony Rother - Father
Anthony Rother - No Love
Antic Cafe - Ruuysei Rocket
Antic Cafe - Ruuysei Rocket (English Version)
Antisilence - New Hero
Antlers (The) - Atrophy
Antlers (The) - Epilogue
Antlers (The) - It Seems Easy
Antlers (The) - Keys
Antlers (The) - Sylvia
Antlers (The) - Thirteen
Antlers (The) - Uprooted
Antlers (The) - Wake
Anuhea - Barista By Day
Anuhea - Big Deal
Anuhea - Here I Go Again
Anuhea - No Words
Any Trouble - Eastern Promise
Any Trouble - Girls Are Always Right
Any Trouble - Nice Girls
Any Trouble - Open Fire
Any Trouble - The Hurt
Any Trouble - Wheels In Motion
Any Trouble - Yesterdays Love
Anya Marina - Satellite Heart
Apache Stone - Synthetic Self
Apartment - Tokyo for Miko
Apathetic Chill - Fireflies (Ohio)
Apathetic Chill - Greenie & Johnny: A Love Song
Apathetic Chill - Lost at Sea
Apathetic Critic - Bleed Me Dry
Apathetic Critic - Dig Your Grave
Apathetic Critic - Just One
Apathetic Critic - No Idea
Apathetic Critic - Vernon
Apathetic Critic - When Everything Is Lost
Apathy Eulogy, The - Dove Serpent
Apathy Eulogy, The - Hold The Ones You Love Close
Apathy Eulogy, The - I've Already Fought My Wars
Apathy Eulogy, The - Living With The Sould Of A Thousand Men
Apathy Eulogy, The - Play Nice
Apathy Eulogy, The - The Greenfield Sneak
Apes And Androids - Bad Kind of Wetness
Apes And Androids - Imaginary Friends
Apes And Androids - Nights Of The Week
Apes And Androids - Sweetest Secret
Apollo Sunshine - The Brotherhood of Death
Apologetix - Transplants
Apparatjik - Ferreting
Apparatjik - Quiet
Appendix Out - Our Sea
Applemoths (The) - Elvis
Apples in Stereo, The - 20 Cases Suggestive Of...
Apples in Stereo, The - Everybody Let Up
Apples in Stereo, The - Green Machine
Apples in Stereo, The - Stay Gold
Appleseed Cast (The) - As the Little Things Go
Appleseed Cast (The) - The Summer Before
Appreciation Post, The - Fear of Loss
Appreciation Post, The - My New Eyes
April Stevens - Do It Again
April Wine - Enough Is Enough
Arab On Radar - Number One
arbelos - We Won't Find Monsters
Arcade Party - Medication
Arcade Party - Syntheskies
Archie Bronson Outfit - Harp For My Sweetheart
Architects - We're All Alone
Architects - You Don't Walk Away From Dismemberment
Arco - Happy New Year
Arco - Perfect World
Arco - Second Skin
Arco - Stream
Area 27 - Wild Card
Arianne - Everything You've Ever Dreamed
Ariel Pink - GOX2
Ariel Pink - The List (My Favorite Song)
Arizona - Heath
Arkaea - Locust
Arlington Sleeps - Machines
Armada (The) - Baby's Come Undone
Armada (The) - Black Snake Blues
Armada (The) - Chinese Whispers
Armada (The) - Closure
Armada (The) - Going Down Blues
Armada (The) - Morocco
Armada (The) - The Rosary
Arman Bohn - Atlantis
Arman Bohn - Breakaway
Arman Bohn - Lost Luggage
Arman Bohn - Night Driver
Arman Bohn - Warlords
Armchair Cynics - Surpise Ending (Coffee Shop Confessions Album)
Army Navy - Pocket Boys
Arnee And The Terminaters - I'll Be Back
Arnej - Strangers We've Beome
Arpanet - The Analyst
Arsen Dedic - Čisti, Bijeli Snijeg
Arsen Dedic - Čitavu Noć Slavulj
Arsen Dedic - Čovjek Bez Zvijezde
Arsen Dedic - Šta Mi Mater Skuva
Arsen Dedic - Što Je Pjesma Meni
Arsen Dedic - Život Se Troši Kao Kreda
Arsen Dedic - Ako Si Pošla Spat
Arsen Dedic - Amigo
Arsen Dedic - Balada O Parkingu
Arsen Dedic - Companera
Arsen Dedic - Daljinski Upravljač
Arsen Dedic - Davne Kiše
Arsen Dedic - Dugo Me Ni Bilo (V kostajnu se Mesec zastrnul)
Arsen Dedic - Dva Prijatelja
Arsen Dedic - Ekvilibristi
Arsen Dedic - Foliranti
Arsen Dedic - Fotograf
Arsen Dedic - Geste I Grimase
Arsen Dedic - Gitara
Arsen Dedic - Grga "Čvarak"
Arsen Dedic - Hvala Ti
Arsen Dedic - Laku Noć, Muzičari
Arsen Dedic - Ministarstvo Straha
Arsen Dedic - Nećeš Biti Sama
Arsen Dedic - Plavi Anđeo
Arsen Dedic - Počelo Je Nešto Šuštat
Arsen Dedic - Podoknica
Arsen Dedic - Posljednji Tango U Đevrskama
Arsen Dedic - Samo Da Ti Noge Nisu Hladne
Arsen Dedic - Seosko Groblje II
Arsen Dedic - To Nije Važno
Arsen Dedic - U Ime Ljubavi
Arsen Dedic - Vrijeme Je Rijeka Bez Obala
Arsen Dedic - Završit Ću Kao Howard Hughes
Arsonists Get All The Girls - I Lost My Loss of Ruin
Arsonists Get All The Girls - My Cup is Half Empty
Article One - Angels
Article One - Colors and Sounds
Article One - Dare to Believe
Article One - Never Too Late to Call
Article One - Set to Start (Fall for Love)
Article One - Taken By the Storm
Artificial Hearts (The) - Your Life Is Vague
As My Eye Sinks Into My Head - Where Feeling Once Lived
Asa Irons - Whit Will
Asamblea Internacional Del Fuego - Último Adiós
Ascetic Junkies (The) - French Girls
Ascetic Junkies (The) - Kali, All I Do
Ascetic Junkies (The) - Renegade Salesman
Ascetic Junkies (The) - The Dirty Song
Ascetic Parade - Butchered
Ascetic Parade - Domesticated
Ascetic Parade - I Left My ********* in M..t...y
Ascetic Parade - Iron
Ascetic Parade - Magical
Ascetic Parade - Pathetic Charade
Ascetic Parade - Promenade
Ascetic Parade - Rainbow/Optimist
Ascetic Parade - Suburban Decay
Asher Book - Try
Asher Deaver - A Feather in Your Cap
Asher Deaver - Boot Heels
Asher Deaver - In the Morning
Asher Deaver - Stay Within Familiar Yards
Ashes of Serenity - Memoriam
Ashes of Serenity - Onward We March
Ashes of Serenity - The Trade
Ashes of Serenity - Unkept Promises
Ashlee Hewitt - Mike's Hard Lemonade
Ashlee Hewitt - Over
Ashok - Happy Slap
Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Kaiga Kyoushitsu
Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Road Movie
Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Siren #2
Asleep - Purple Lights
Asleep - Tile
asobi seksu - And Then He Kissed Me
asobi seksu - Blind Little Rain
asobi seksu - Me and Mary
ASP - Amphetamine Logic
ASP - The Fields Of Athenry
Aspekt - Hi-Jack
Aspirations - Between Us
Aspirations - Paulus Crescent
Association (The) - Songs in the Wind
Association (The) - Time for Living
Astellaway - It's Not Worth It
Astorian Stigmata - Mysterious Exterior - Delirious Interior
Astorian Stigmata - The Black And White
Astorian Stigmata - The Seven Hills Over Vandalia
Astorian Stigmata - The Virgin Of Verona (Strange Nights)
Astorian Stigmata - Tragic Magic
Astrid - We'll Drive Away
astrobrite - Bottle Rocket
Astronautalis - Secrets of the Undersea Bell
Astronautalis - Trouble Hunters
Asyndess - All Degenerates
Asyndess - Beyond My Sorrow
Asyndess - Bloody Sunset
Asyndess - In the Black Sun
Asyndess - L'approche
Asyndess - Le Marécage
Asyndess - Night's Harmony (french version)
Asyndess - Suddenly Deceased
Asyndess - Une Etoile Disparait
At Dawn - Makin Love
At Dawn - The Beyond
At Dawn - The Black Hand
At Night - Don't Ask, Don't Say
At Night - Everything I Said
At Night - In Whispered Installments
At Night - Now or Never
At Night - To Whom It May Concern
At The Foot Of The Cross - At the Foot of the Cross
Ataris (The) - Rachel
Atlanta Rhythm Section - Angel (What in the World's Come Over Us)
Atlanta Rhythm Section - Doraville
Atlanta Rhythm Section - Georgia Rhythm
Atlanta Rhythm Section - I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight
Atlas Sound - An Orchid
Atlas Sound - Ativan
Atlas Sound - Attic Lights
Atlas Sound - Cold and Golden
Atlas Sound - Criminals
Atlas Sound - Kid Klimax
Atlas Sound - Marietta
Atlas Sound - My Halo
Atlas Sound - Quick Canal
Atlas Sound - Ruben
Atlas Sound - Scraping Past
Atlas Sound - Shelia
Atlas Sound - Time Warp
Atlas Sound - Walkabout
Attack! Attack! - Hott Grills And High Tops
Attack! Attack! - I Kissed A Girl (cover)
Attica! Attica! - Hobo Chili
Attica! Attica! - The Children of the Broken Glass
Attorneys (The) - On a Whim
Attraction (The) - Belong
Au Pairs (The) - America
Au4 - An Ocean's Measure Of Sorrow
Au4 - Of Dreams
Au4 - Paper Cuts Paper Butterflies
Au4 - The Tree That Lived And Died Right Before My Eyes
Audition, The - Everybody Is Someone Else's Secret
Audition, The - It's Gonna Be Hard (When I'm Gone)
Audition, The - Los Angeles
Audition, The - My Temperature is Rising
Audition, The - The Running Man
Audra - 100 Years Old
Audrye Sessions - Turn Me Off
Aushua - Sister Saves
Aushua - Stained Glass Blues
Austin Lace - Bossanova
Austin Lounge Lizards - Hillbillies in a Haunted House
Austin Lucas - Go West
Autograph - Bad Boy
Autograph - Dance All Night
Autograph - Down 'N Dirty
Autograph - Loud And Clear
Autograph - She Never Looked That Good For Me
Autograph - When The Sun Goes Down
Automatic Dlamini - Heaven
Automatic Dlamini - Putty
Automatized Cyborg Death - In Dependence...
Autumn Macher - Mon Coeur
Auxes - Night Terrors
Auxes - Second Shift
Auxes - Things That Go Bump In The Night
Auxes - We Sing From The Bottom Of A Well
Aversions Crown - Cataclysm
Aversions Crown - The Great Deception
Avery Pkwy - Do You Have The Road Map
Avery Pkwy - The Fight
Avi Buffalo - Raccoon
Avi Buffalo - Social Monster
Avi Buffalo - Time On You
Awake In The Nightmare - A Wish For The Dead
Awake In The Nightmare - An Angels Distance
Awake In The Nightmare - Ten And Two
Awake In The Nightmare - The Aftermath Of Chaos
Awry - Brave Elephant
Awry - Caged Bird
Awry - Earplugs
Awry - He Lifted Me
Awry - Leviathan
Awry - Madwoman
Awry - Mother
Awry - Not for Me
Awry - Pull the Bars
Awry - Spellbound
Awry - Wishboy
Awry - Youkali
Ayabie - Lempicka
Ayria - Girl on the floor
Ayria - Hearts for Bullets
Ayria - Insect Calm
Ayria - Winter Love Song
Ayumi Hamasaki - Heaven - English
Azam Ali - Forty One Ways
Azam Ali - From Heaven To Dust
Azam Ali - In This Divide
Azra - 68
Azra - 32 - 956
Azra - A šta da radim
Azra - Cudne navike
Azra - Doviđenja na vlaškom drumu
Azra - Duboko u tebi
Azra - Fa - fa - fa
Azra - Filigranski pločnici
Azra - Gomila nesklada
Azra - Gospodar samoće
Azra - Gracija
Azra - Grad bez ljubavi
Azra - Hladan kao led
Azra - Hladni prsti
Azra - I nikom nije lepše neg' je nam
Azra - I to se događa ponekad
Azra - Iggy Pop
Azra - Iran
Azra - Između nas
Azra - Kad Miki kaže da se boji
Azra - Kao ti i ja
Azra - Kipo
Azra - Klinček stoji pod oblokom
Azra - Ljudi samoće
Azra - Marina
Azra - Naizgled lijepa
Azra - Ne prodajem nasmiješenog psa
Azra - Ne reci mi dvaput
Azra - Nedjelja popodne
Azra - Nemir i strast
Azra - Nemoj po glavi d.p.
Azra - Nije O.K.
Azra - Obrati pažnju na posljednju stvar
Azra - Odlazak u noć
Azra - Pametni i knjiški ljudi
Azra - Pit... i to je Amerika
Azra - Plavo - smeđe
Azra - Poljska u mome srcu
Azra - Provedimo vikend zajedno
Azra - Ravno do dna
Azra - Sestra Lovel 1984
Azra - Sjaj u kosi
Azra - Strah od smrti
Azra - Strankinja s plavi eyes
Azra - Suzi F. (Kada vidim Beč)
Azra - Svjetska Lada
Azra - Tanka crna linija
Azra - Tople usne žene
Azra - Uradi nešto
Azra - Visoko iznad vlakova
Azure Emote - Clarity Thru Apathy
Mickey 3D - Matador
Mickey 3D - Réveille-Toi
Mickey 3D - Quand On Avait 7 Ou 8 Ans
Mickey 3D - Compte Pas Sur Moi
Mickey 3D - Les Mots
Mickey 3D - La Chasse A La Vipère
Mickey 3D - Les Lumières Dans La Plaine
Daphné - L'ile Voisine
Daphné - Le Réveil
Daphné - Trafalgar Square
Daphné - Musicamor
Daphné - Big Daddy Boy
Daphné - Abracadabra
Daphné - L'homme Piano
Daphné - Penny Peggy
Daphné - Les Yeux Comanches
Avarice - Where There Is Smoke
Avarice - Another Day Wasted
Avarice - I Will
At The Farewell Party - Fire! Fire!
At The Farewell Party - Timemachine
At The Farewell Party - The Mechanism Of Bad Taste
At The Farewell Party - Trapped In Glass
At The Farewell Party - To The Top
At The Farewell Party - Don't Think Three Months Are Enough
Yvonne Catterfeld - Niemand Sonst
Yvonne Catterfeld - Blaue Augen
Yvonne Catterfeld - Die Welt Steht Still
Yvonne Catterfeld - Gefühle
Yvonne Catterfeld - Sag Mir
Yvonne Catterfeld - Manchmal
Yvonne Catterfeld - Unendlich Weit
Yvonne Catterfeld - Regenbogen
Yvonne Catterfeld - If I Could
Yvonne Catterfeld - If You
Yvonne Catterfeld - Die Zeit Ist Reif
Yvonne Catterfeld - Hier Bin Ich
Yvonne Catterfeld - Neben Dir
Yvonne Catterfeld - Mein Tag Mein Licht
Yvonne Catterfeld - Sonnenschein
Yvonne Catterfeld - Ich Lauf Einfach Los
Yvonne Catterfeld - Alles Was Du Dir Erträumst
Yvonne Catterfeld - Where Does The Love Go?
Yvonne Catterfeld - Grenzenlos
Yvonne Catterfeld - Leben Lassen
Yvonne Catterfeld - Unterwegs
Yvonne Catterfeld - Eine Welt Ohne Dich
Yvonne Catterfeld - Wieviele Menschen
Yvonne Catterfeld - Licht Am Horizont
Yvonne Catterfeld - Als Unser Hass Noch Liebe War
Yvonne Catterfeld - Wenn Ich
Yvonne Catterfeld - Liebe War Es Nicht
Yvonne Catterfeld - Reichtum Der Welt
Yvonne Catterfeld - Du Bleibst Immer Noch Du
Yvonne Catterfeld - Fliegen Ohne Flügel
Yvonne Catterfeld - Für Immer Und Ewig
Yvonne Catterfeld - Farben Meiner Welt
Yvonne Catterfeld - Engel Blicken Nie Zurück
T.Tam - Alles Was Ich Hab
T.Tam - Als Zeichen Für Die Ewigkeit
Ke$ha - Get In Line
Ke$ha - Cunx Tuesday
Peter Gabriel - Heroes
Peter Gabriel - Flume
Peter Gabriel - Listening Wind
Peter Gabriel - The Power Of The Heart
Peter Gabriel - Apres Moi
Groove Armada - Just For Tonight
Groove Armada - History
Rimfrost - Veraldar Nagli
Rimfrost - The Black Death
Rimfrost - The Raventhrone
Rimfrost - Legacy Through Blood
Rimfrost - Mountains Of Mána
Arsis - Forced To Rock
Arsis - From Soulless To Shattered (Art In Dying)
Arsis - Escape Artist
Arsis - Sable Rising
Coronatus - Preface
Coronatus - Geisterkirche
Coronatus - Der Fluch
Coronatus - Flying By Alone
Coronatus - Kristallklares Wasser
Coronatus - Der Letze Tanz
Coronatus - Josy
Shaded Enmity - Black Dawn
Shaded Enmity - Its Shadow
Shaded Enmity - They Were Never There
Shaded Enmity - Dark Horizons
Shaded Enmity - Smiling At The Grave
Jana Mashonee - Faded Love
Jana Mashonee - Carousel
Jana Mashonee - Una Noche
Kartikeya - Enter My Dome
Kartikeya - Nemesis Pt.2: The Game Of Gods
Kartikeya - Ruins Of Belief
Kartikeya - Oasis-Soul's Path
Kartikeya - The Battle Begins Pt.1: The War Of One Blood
Kartikeya - The Battle Begins Pt.2: Arjuna
Kartikeya - Worship The Savior
Kartikeya - Unleash Thy Spirit
Jamie Winchester - Believe
Jamie Winchester - Best Friend
Jamie Winchester - First Of Forever
Jamie Winchester - Home By The River
Jamie Winchester - One Way To Heaven
Jamie Winchester - Very Well
Santiago Cruz - La Puerta
Santiago Cruz - Capitulo Uno.
Santiago Cruz - Utopia De Mariana
Santiago Cruz - No Mires Atras
Santiago Cruz - Ella Esta Mirandome
Santiago Cruz - Quietud
Santiago Cruz - Una Y Otra Vez
Santiago Cruz - Acabado
Santiago Cruz - La Equilibrista
Santiago Cruz - Peticionario
Santiago Cruz - Hasta Quedarnos (con Ines Gaviria)
Santiago Cruz - Para Admitir Necesidad
Santiago Cruz - Tus Regalos
Santiago Cruz - Cultivos De Cemento
Santiago Cruz - Sin Preguntar
Santiago Cruz - Cuando Regreses
Santiago Cruz - 6:00 A.m.
Santiago Cruz - Que Mas Da
Eftos - Quantum Failure
Eftos - Xtinction
Eftos - The Uncrowded Nature
Gilles Luka - Just Because You Lied
Gilles Luka - Time After Time
Beat!Beat!Beat! - Stars
Beat!Beat!Beat! - We Are Waves
Beat!Beat!Beat! - Fireworks
Beat!Beat!Beat! - Late On A.m.
Miss Platnum - Why Did You Do It?
Miss Platnum - Don't Go To Strangers
Miss Platnum - Where Did You Go, Boy?
Miss Platnum - If You Were Mine
Miss Platnum - So Beautiful
Miss Platnum - Voodoo
Sexion D'Assaut - On Va Vous Apprendre
Sexion D'Assaut - Parce Que Souvent
Plug In Stereo - For Once
Tokio Hotel - Forever Now
Rob Halford - We Three Kings
Rob Halford - Christmas For Everyone
Rob Halford - Light Of The World
Rob Halford - Oh Holy Night
Lights Out Dancing - Worth The Wait
Lights Out Dancing - The Narrator
Lights Out Dancing - Lighting The Sky
Eric Fish - Willst Du Wirklich?
Eric Fish - Geld
Eric Fish - Was Immer Du Willst
Eric Fish - Sonnenkalt
Eric Fish - Vergebung
Eric Fish - Ein Langer Weg
Eric Fish - New Chapter
Eric Fish - Ehrlich Will Ich Bleiben
Eric Fish - Cathedral
Eric Fish - Weeping Song
Eric Fish - Turn The Page
Eric Fish - Cathedral
Eric Fish - Vergebung
Eric Fish - Am Strand
Eric Fish - Schrei
Eric Fish - Ein Langer Weg
Matthew Dieu Allen - I Believe (Your Everything I Was Lookin' For)
Chuito - La Vieja Voladora
Finntroll - Solsagan
Vivanativa - Solo Dios
B. Reith - The Comeback Kid
B. Reith - U Should Know
B.u.b.s. - Beguilement
B.u.b.s. - Insouciance
B.u.b.s. - Symphony of Sympathy
Baader Meinhof - Baader Meinhof (2)
Babe Ruth - The Mexican
Babes in Toyland - All by Myself
Babes in Toyland - We Are Family
Baby Dayliner - You Push, I'll Go
Baby Dee - My Heart's Come Home
bacio - Pizza Guy
Back-On - Drive
Bad Day In Bosnia - Fortnight
Bad Day In Bosnia - Last Exit In PA
Bad Day In Bosnia - Pardee St.
Bad Day In Bosnia - Shoestrings
Bad Day In Bosnia - While My Friends Were Watching Twilight, I...
Bad Eliots (The) - Cat's Meow
Bad Form, Peter - A Song About Watercolors
Bad Form, Peter - Alice-Marie
Bad Form, Peter - Goodnight America
Bad Form, Peter - Gregor
Bag Raiders - So Demanding
Bahamas - For Good Reason
Bahamas - Let the Good Times Roll
Bahamas - Lonely Loves
Bahamas - Southern Drawl
Bahamas - Whole, Wide, World
Balance And Composure - Waiting, Thinking, Giving Up
Ballboy - Absent Friends
Ballboy - Cicily
Ballboy - Godzilla Vs the Island of Manhattan (with you and
Ballboy - Picture Show
Ballboy - Songs for Kylie
Ballet, The - Corduroy
Ballet, The - The House on Fire
Ballet, The - The Movement
Balligomingo - Escape
Balligomingo - I Just Tell Myself
Balligomingo - Letting Go
Balligomingo - Marooned
Balligomingo - Privilege
Balligomingo - Wild Butterfly
Ballyhoo! - Freestyle
Balthrop, Alabama - And You are a Rock
Balthrop, Alabama - Angel
Bambi Strikes Back - Little Song
Bambix - Andre
Bananas (The) - Heart, Liver, Lungs
Bananas (The) - Me & My Shadow
Band In Box - Icaria 11
Band In Box - Leaving Smears
Band Of Clyde - Catfish
Band Of Clyde - Two Lakes
Band (The) - Key to the Highway
Band (The) - Orange Juice Blues (Blues for Breakfast)
Bandcamp - Just A Laugh
Bandcamp - She's Not
Bandslam - Everything I Own (Vanessa Hudgens)
Bandslam - Where Are You Now (Honor Society)
Bang Lime - The Death of Death
Bang Sugar Bang - Follow The Zombies
Bangs (The) - Docudrama
Bangs (The) - Sweet Revenge
Barbara Manning - Big Eye
Barbara Manning - I Insist
Barefoot Confessor - He Doesn't Love You
Barefoot Confessor - Heart. Skip. Jump.
Barely Legal (The) - Body Heat
Barely Legal (The) - Childproof
Barely Legal (The) - Euphoria
Barely Legal (The) - Foxtrots and Catwalks
Barely Legal (The) - Intimacy
Barely Legal (The) - Java
Barely Legal (The) - Jezebels Sweet Dreams
Barely Legal (The) - Kodak Moments we Can't Develop
Barely Legal (The) - Only One Person Will Get This
Barely Legal (The) - Proposals of Love for Money
Barely Legal (The) - Riot vs. Love
Barely Legal (The) - She's Been the Werewolves Moon
Barely Legal (The) - Will Die for Love
Bark Bark Bark - Heart