Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 240:

TC - Only One
RBD - Let The Music Play
Mysto & Pizzi - Somebody's Watching Me
Steve Moakler - Slow Mo
Ralph McTell - Keeping The Night At Bay
Run Into The Shadows - Till Death Do Us Part
MeLLioTT - Take Over Me
Mya - Paradise
Mya - Let's Go To War
Mya - All In Your Mind
Mya - Fallen (Part 2)
Savannah Outen - Hope And Prayer
Stateless - Bloodstream
Stateless - Inscape
T-Haddy - Keep On Falling
Stephen Ashbrook - Summer Of '76
Raubtier - Achtung Panzer
Raubtier - Dieseldöden
Raubtier - Änglar
Raubtier - Legoknekt
Raubtier - En Starkare Art
Raubtier - Hjärteblod
Raubtier - Götterdämmerung
Sinead O'Connor - Only You
Nesli - Una Vita Non Basta
Sophia - Very First Time
Pet Shop Boys - This Used To Be The Future
Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc. (Beautiful Dub)
Zao - Romance Of The Southern Spirit
Autumn Offering (The) - Narcosis
Autumn Offering (The) - Light Of Day
Autumn Offering (The) - Bleed Together
Atargatis - From Sirius
Atargatis - Angels Crying
B5 - No. 1 Song
General Trees - Mini Bus
Brown Boy - Ride Or Die
Sagi Rei - I'll Fly With You
Piro Palumbo - Te Nammurato
Demi Lovato - Solo
Demi Lovato - U Got Nothin' On Me
Demi Lovato - Falling Over Me
Demi Lovato - Quiet
Demi Lovato - Catch Me
Demi Lovato - Every Time You Lie
Demi Lovato - Got Dynamite
Demi Lovato - Stop The World
Demi Lovato - Remember December
Demi Lovato - Everything You're Not
Demi Lovato - Gift Of A Friend
Demi Lovato - So Far So Great
Dantae Johnson - Drifting Away
Hani - Now Or Never
Hani - Wannabe
Silent Film Stars - Pull The Trigger
Danny Malone - Basement
Bryan Adams - Saved
Bryan Adams - Miss America
Kim Davis - Empty
Guia Rivera - Reencarnacion
Ebrahim - Goldrush
Kris Drever - Poor Mans Son
Rock Plaza Central - Holy Rider
Alexisonfire - Young Cardinals
Alexisonfire - Born And Raised
Alexisonfire - No Rest
Alexisonfire - Midnight Regulations
Alexisonfire - Burial
Umbrellas - Love
Euphoria And The Lazy Boy - Circles
Set It Off - I Promise
All Time Low - Break Your Little Heart
All Time Low - Stella
All Time Low - Hello Brooklyn
All Time Low - Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal
All Time Low - Therapy
Between The Trees - Spain
Between The Trees - One Last Time (Darlin' II)
Between The Trees - Move
Ne-Yo - Me Without You
Haroula Rose - The Leaving Song
Haroula Rose - Lay Me Down
Velveteen - 3 Kids Home
Title Fight - No One Stays At The Top Forever
Korpiklaani - Vodka
Korpiklaani - Erämaan Ärjyt
Korpiklaani - Isku Pitkästä Ilosta
Korpiklaani - Juodaan Viinaa
Korpiklaani - Bring Us Pints Of Beer
Korpiklaani - Huppiaan Aarre
Kadenzza - Kamikaze Blows
Kadenzza - Wheel Of Fortune
Kadenzza - The Embers Of Reverie
Kadenzza - The Abyss Stares At You
Kadenzza - In The Woods
Degradead - Genetic Waste
Degradead - Burned
Degradead - Pass Away
Degradead - Resemblance Of The Past
Daniele Battaglia - Parole Impreviste
Daniele Battaglia - Sembra Ma Non è
Daniele Battaglia - Tutte Ma Nessuna
Tearwave - Shattered Fairytale
Tearwave - 72 Bpm
Luciana - I Wish U Would
Lady GaGa - Brown Eyes (Spanish)
Break Even - Heads Down, Thumbs Up
Break Even - Who Knew
Demi Lovato - Smile
Death By Treason - Taking The Girl Out Of The Party
Valley Drive - Change
Faster Faster - Word Of Advice, You're A Joke
Team Havok - Flatline
Team Havok - Tagtac A
Team Havok - Track 03
From Our Hands - With No Excuses
From Our Hands - Fake Romances
From Our Hands - River Flows
Softcore - Wishing To See The Light
Softcore - Hasta Cuando
Nerf Herder - Wtc #7
Nerf Herder - Crocodile
Nerf Herder - Garage Sale
Nerf Herder - Dance
Lloyd - Night And Day
José Alfredo Jiménez - Ella
José Alfredo Jiménez - Cuando Vivas Conmigo
José Alfredo Jiménez - Que Suerte La Mia
José Alfredo Jiménez - Tu Recuerdo Y Yo
José Alfredo Jiménez - Serenata Huasteca
José Alfredo Jiménez - Serenata Sin Luna
José Alfredo Jiménez - Guitarras De Media Noche
José Alfredo Jiménez - Llegando A Ti
José Alfredo Jiménez - Corazón, Corazón
José Alfredo Jiménez - Cuando Sale La Luna
José Alfredo Jiménez - Pa' Todo El Año
José Alfredo Jiménez - Hijo Del Pueblo
José Alfredo Jiménez - Caballo Blanco
José Alfredo Jiménez - Si Nos Dejan
José Alfredo Jiménez - Para Morir Iguales
José Alfredo Jiménez - Media Vuelta
José Alfredo Jiménez - Rey
Smile Empty Soul - Compromise
Smile Empty Soul - Ban Nuys
Smile Empty Soul - Alone With Nothing
Smile Empty Soul - Reflection
Smile Empty Soul - O' Lord
These Green Eyes - Sucker Punch (Won't Get Away With It)
Solomon - Hallucination
Ardentes - Electro Boy
Lalah Hathaway - Baby Don't Cry
Riverboat Gamblers - Alexandria
Riverboat Gamblers - Keep Me From Drinking
Blameshift - Saints & Sinners
Blameshift - Say What You Wanna Say
North Lincoln - A Message Lost In A Sing Along
North Lincoln - Drink Michigan Drink
North Lincoln - My Ten Year Plan
Score 24 - Oceans
Score 24 - Bust A Move, Not A Load
Parachute - Back Again
Parachute - She (For Liz)
Parachute - Mess I Made
Parachute - Under Control
Parachute - New Year
Crabs (The) - Anything And Everything
Meg And Dia Band (The) - Fighting For Nothing
Volantes (The) - One Night
Abba - Elaine
Abba - Put On Your White Sombrero
Telephant - 1000 Violins
Telephant - Ten Bears
Telephant - Anne Frank
Telephant - Soft Grey Ghosts
Patrick Wolf - Oblivion
Patrick Wolf - Count Of Casualty
Patrick Wolf - Vulture
John Rich - Another You
Set Your Goals - Look Closer
Set Your Goals - Summer Jam
Set Your Goals - Our Ethos: A Legacy To Pass On
Floricienta - Ven A Mí [Acústicos]
Floricienta - Mi Vestido Azul [Acústicos]
Hey Hey Radio! - Miss Dance
Hey Hey Radio! - Boys And Girls
Hey Hey Radio! - Monsters
Hey Hey Radio! - It's Time To Grow Up
Hey Hey Radio! - Criminal
Hey Hey Radio! - Tonight
Color Morale (The) - The Sage Of Washington Oaks
Color Morale (The) - Close Your Eyes And Look Away
Word Alive (The) - Lillipop (Cover)
VV Brown - Quick Fix
VV Brown - Crying Blood
VV Brown - I Love You
VV Brown - L.O.V.E.
VV Brown - Crazy Amazing
Zero Hour - The Passion Of Words
Skyclad - Words Upon The Street
Skyclad - Still Small Beer
Skyclad - Black Summer Rain
Skyclad - Hit List
Skyclad - Superculture
Heaven & Hell - Atom & Evil
Heaven & Hell - Fear
Heaven & Hell - Bible Black
Heaven & Hell - Eating The Cannibals
Heaven & Hell - Neverwhere
Heaven & Hell - Breaking Into Heaven
Neaera - The Lasting Dose
Mournful Congregation - Descent Of The Flames
Gwyllion - Entwined
Gwyllion - Roots Of Reality
Laws (The) - Am I Still The One
V Factory - These Are The Days
Miike Snow - I Kissed A Girl
Jenn Grant - Where Are You Now
Jenn Grant - Everybody Loves You
Jenn Grant - Rainy Day
Street Sweeper Social Club - The Oath
Street Sweeper Social Club - The Squeeze
Street Sweeper Social Club - Clap For The Killers
Louis Fabrizi - Everybody Needs A Prayer
Oh, Hush! - Sleigh Ride
Kelli Renée - Good Girl
David Holmes - Love Reign Over Me
David Holmes - Holy Pictures
DJ & Christian - Georgia
Egokid - Il Cattivo
Egokid - L'orso
Egokid - Milioni
Cléopâtre - Il Faut Partir
Babaman - Lei
Chloë Agnew - Angel's Song
Manuel Aspidi - Qualcosa è Cambiato
Manuel Aspidi - Un'Altra Come Te
Title (The) - Distance
Glacia Robinson - Hold My Hand Today
Glacia Robinson - Survivor
Say Hi To Your Mom - They Write Books About This Sort Of Thing
Say Hi To Your Mom - Laundry
Say Hi To Your Mom - The Pimp And The Sparrow
Say Hi To Your Mom - Blizzard
Say Hi To Your Mom - The Showdown In Goattown
Say Hi To Your Mom - Pop Music Of The Future
Say Hi To Your Mom - A Hit In Sweden
Say Hi To Your Mom - Super
Say Hi To Your Mom - I'm So Tired
Say Hi To Your Mom - The Key Of C
Say Hi To Your Mom - I Think I'll Be A Good Ghost
Say Hi To Your Mom - Recurring Motifs In Historical Flirtings
Say Hi To Your Mom - As Smart As Geek Is Chic Right Now
Say Hi To Your Mom - These Fangs
Say Hi To Your Mom - Snowcones And Puppies
Say Hi To Your Mom - Sad, But Endearingly So
Say Hi To Your Mom - She Just Happens To Date The Prince Of Darkness
Say Hi To Your Mom - Not As Goth As They Say We Are
Treponem Pal - Silico
Interitus Dei - The Portrait Of Pain
Interitus Dei - The Memories Of The Snake
Interitus Dei - Strained
Interitus Dei - Deny Denial
Interitus Dei - The Lord Of Flies
Interitus Dei - When The Metal Meets The Flesh
Interitus Dei - Arabia
Interitus Dei - In Motion
Ramm - Junto A Ti
Red Car Wire - Some Lights Are Dark
Red Car Wire - Back To Me
Red Car Wire - Head Rush
Red Car Wire - Atlanta
Ashley Tisdale - If My Life Was A Movie
Mia - Was Besonderes
Dope - Rebel Yell
Dope - I Don't Give A...
Dope - Nothing For Me Here
Land Before Time (The) - You Are One Of Us Now
Land Before Time (The) - Eggs
Land Before Time (The) - Peaceful Valley
Black Havok - Everything To You
Young Scolla - Don't You Know
Frank The Baptist - The Wrong House
Frank The Baptist - Scars Forever
Taiyozoku - Himawari
It's Like Love - It's Not Me, It's You
Varsity Fanclub - Lost Then Found
Teresa Jennings - Agents Of Change
Señor Trepador - Lo Que Quiero, Lo Que Soy
Señor Trepador - Sin Nada Que Perder
Mountain Goats (The) - Wizard Buys A Hat
Mountain Goats (The) - Satanic Messiah
Danelle Sandoval - Don't Expect
Amanda Seyfried - I Have A Dream
Dethklok - Intro
Nolan Gerard Funk - Don't Tell Me
B5 - Make That Change
Duffy - Stepping Stone
Duffy - Rain On Your Parade
Duffy - Fool For You
Duffy - Stop
Duffy - Enough Love
Venetian Princess - I Kissed A Girl
Kizzy - Pia Di Galiña
Tracy Lawrence - Paint Me A Birmingham
Tracy Lawrence - Sticks And Stones
Tracy Lawrence - I See It Now
Tracy Lawrence - How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye
Tracy Lawrence - Alibis
Tracy Lawrence - Stars Over Texas
Tracy Lawrence - My Second Home
Coptic Soldier - That's What Friends Are For
Priscilla Renea - Emergency Room
Tim McGraw - Bbq Stain
Matthew Santos - Waiting For The Day
Matthew Santos - My Remedy
Matthew Santos - Unnameable
Matthew Santos - Days Like This
Priscilla Renea - Gimmie More
Dear Hunter (The) - Saved
Dear Hunter (The) - He Said He Had A Story
Dear Hunter (The) - Go Get Your Gun
Dear Hunter (The) - Father
Dear Hunter (The) - Life And Death
Underwhelmed - With You
Underwhelmed - Washed Away
Underwhelmed - Leave It All Behind
Jer Coons - Secrets
Antonio Aguilar - Valentin De La Sierra
Caitlin Crosby - Flawz
Caitlin Crosby - Still Have My Heart
Caitlin Crosby - Love Love Love
BoA - Merikuri
Golden Spurs - Tall Tales
Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy
Superbeing - Down In Flames
Takida - Hole In The Ground
Takida - Tear It Up Again
Takida - Poisoned
Takida - Snypath
Takida - Handlake Village
Coconut Records - Drummer
Coconut Records - Any Fun
Coconut Records - Saint Jerome
Coconut Records - Wandering Around
Coconut Records - The Summer
Coconut Records - Wires
Porcelain And The Tramps - The Neighbor
Red Paintings (The) - Walls
Red Paintings (The) - Dead Adults
Neal Morse - The Conflict: Do You Know My Name?
Neal Morse - The Conflict: Party To The Lie
Neal Morse - The Conflict: Underground
Neal Morse - The Conflict: Two Down, One To Go
Neal Morse - Heaven In My Heart
Neal Morse - The Conclusion: Long Night's Journey
Neal Morse - The Conclusion: Come Out Of Her
Neal Morse - The Conclusion: Clothed With The Sun
Neal Morse - The Creation
Neal Morse - Author Of Confusion
Neal Morse - The Separated Man
Neal Morse - Help Me / The Spirit And The Flesh
Neal Morse - Reunion
Neal Morse - What Is Life?
Magica - Hold On Tight
Magica - In The Depths Of The Lake
Madder Mortem - The Little Things
Riverside - Egoist Hedonist
Primal Fear - Riding The Eagle
Primal Fear - Black Rain
Primal Fear - Killbound
Primal Fear - Night After Night
Primal Fear - Hands Of Time
Jorn - Below
Jorn - City Inbetween
Jorn - World Gone Mad
Jorn - I Walk Alone
Arckanum - Eldkniver
Arckanum - Ætergap
Arckanum - Frana
Arckanum - Þórhati
Arckanum - Þann Svartís
Arckanum - Þursvitnir
Arckanum - Þjóbaugvittr
Arckanum - Þríandi
Robert M. Hensel - Falling
Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone
Broken Veil - Unknown Soldier
Nolan Gerard Funk - Break My Heart
Alexa - Reborn
Alexa - Get Into It
Alexa - Bring It On All Or Nothing
Alexa - Blinding Love
Alexa - Frozen
Alexa - Lucky Boy
Kiera Plan (The) - The End Of The Dream
So Much For Simple - Release
Myah! - Let Go Of It
Nini Camps - Come Away
George Jones - I've Aged Twenty Years In Five
George Jones - I'm Not Ready Yet
Kraak & Smaak - Squeeze Me
Bravo - Les Filles
Midway State (The) - Change For You
Midway State (The) - Unaware
Midway State (The) - One More Day
Midway State (The) - Reckless
Midway State (The) - Stupid Love Songs
Midway State (The) - Barefoot
Midway State (The) - What You Need Is Love
Midway State (The) - Cry Baby
Final Y Shako - En Mi Piel
What Made Milwaukee Famous - Cheap Wine
What Made Milwaukee Famous - The Right Place
What Made Milwaukee Famous - Resistance St.
What Made Milwaukee Famous - And The Grief Goes On...
Spinnerette - A Spectral Suspension
Spinnerette - The Walking Dead
On My Honor - Feels So Good
On My Honor - Pan Song
On My Honor - Building Houses Out Of Sand
On My Honor - Win Or Lose (By The Friends You Choose)
On My Honor - You Shall Not Pass
On My Honor - Sonofagunosaur
On My Honor - Playing Games
On My Honor - You Are The Champion
On My Honor - Nice Guys Sleep Alone
A Day Overdue - Twilight
A Day Overdue - Factor Six
A Day Overdue - Sleepwalk Avenue
12/04! - Si Tú No Estás Disculpa Pero... (No Pretenderse El No Extrañar Amarte)
12/04! - Por Ti Me Siento Vivo
Rotting Out - Laugh It Up, Kid
Rotting Out - Two Worlds
Duvall - The Game Is Up
Duvall - Time Is Gone
Duvall - Falling Into You
Duvall - The Last Three Years
Duvall - This Time
Paint It Black - Salem
Paint It Black - Homesick
Paint It Black - Nicotine
Paint It Black - Amnesia
Wisin & Yandel - La Mata
Wisin & Yandel - Fua
Wisin & Yandel - A Lo Loco
Wisin & Yandel - Entrégate
Wisin & Yandel - Dale Mai
Wisin & Yandel - No Ha Sido Facil
Giusy Ferreri - Parado Ahí
Giusy Ferreri - La Scala
Giusy Ferreri - En Ausencia De Ti
Giusy Ferreri - Llueve
Pignoise - Nada Podra Salvarte
Pignoise - Ando Perdido
Pignoise - Nadie Mas
Pignoise - Por Verte
Pignoise - Sube A Mi Cohete
Pignoise - Dame Tres Dias
Pignoise - Congelado (Con Dani Despistaos)
Pignoise - Mentiras
Pignoise - Sigo Llorando Por Ti (Con Soraya)
Pignoise - Te Entiendo
Kanon Wakeshima - Still Doll
Kanon Wakeshima - Maboroshi
Kanon Wakeshima - Skip Turn Step
Pereza - Rum Rum
Violent Simplicity - Disappear
Violent Simplicity - Wash Up After Yo'self
Shaila Durcal - Tatuajes
Shaila Durcal - Y Llegaste Tú
Shaila Durcal - Dos Coronas A Mi Madre
Shaila Durcal - Las Llaves De Mi Alma
Shaila Durcal - Un Dolor
Red - Intro (Canto III)
Red - Fight Inside
Red - Never Be The Same
Red - Ordinary World
Red - Overtake You
Red - Forever
Red - Nothing And Everything
Toque Profundo - Levántate
Toque Profundo - Cría Cuervos
Toque Profundo - Tu Sombra
Toque Profundo - Botas Negras
Toque Profundo - Espero Que Ardas
Dr. Acula - Beast From The East
Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground - Bowie The Desert Pea
Noise In The Attic - Hey You
Noise In The Attic - Light Me Up
Surface - You Are My Everything
Adrian Zmed - Prowlin
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Soul To Squeeze
Peaches - Talk To Me
Peaches - Lose You
Peaches - More
Peaches - Take You On
ThisIsNotAGameOfWhoTheFuckAreYou - One Last Dance
Selena Gomez - One And The Same
Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge - The City Upon A Driftwood World: Part 2
Whispertown2000 - The Old Times
New York Dolls - Cause I Sez So
New York Dolls - Temptation To Exist
New York Dolls - Making Rain
New York Dolls - Nobody Got No Bizness
George Harrison - Got My Mind Set On You
George Harrison - Any Road
George Harrison - All Those Years Ago
George Harrison - Blow Away
George Harrison - Here Comes The Sun
Sonic Youth - Leaky Lifeboat (For Gregory Corso)
Sonic Youth - Antenna
Cheap Trick - When The Lights Are Out
Cheap Trick - Sick Man Of Europe
Cheap Trick - Closer, The Ballad Of Burt And Linda
Club Dogo - Sgrilla!!
Club Dogo - Boing
Miss May I - Not Our Tomorrow
Miss May I - Harlots Breath
Pico Vs. Island Trees - Take It Witchu
Pico Vs. Island Trees - Call Call Call
Pico Vs. Island Trees - Sugar Rush
Pico Vs. Island Trees - Window
Call Me Sir - I Was Up All Night Sleeping
Travis Garland - I Wanted It All
Alexander Rybak - Dolphin
Alexander Rybak - Kiss And Tell
Alexander Rybak - If You Were Gone
Alexander Rybak - Abandonded
Alexander Rybak - 13 Horses
Phavian - Damien
Phavian - Julian
Phavian - Lucas
Phavian - Atavism
Big Electric Cat - Hallucinations
Big Electric Cat - Christabel
Big Electric Cat - Sapphire
Big Electric Cat - Bed Of Nails
Don't Wake Aislin - Mighty To Save
Strange Familiar (The) - I Just Want To Love You
Thelmo Castelló Y Los Soundalikes - Teresa
Florence And The Machine - Drumming Song
Florence And The Machine - My Boy Builds Coffins
Florence And The Machine - Goin' Down
ME - What Did I Say
Lynn Hilary - Sometime Soon
Elevation - Razoreyes
Elevation - Not Gonna Beg
Elevation - White Stars
Elevation - Is There A Place?
Levon Helm - Tennessee Jed
Levon Helm - Growing Trade
Levon Helm - Stuff You Gotta Watch
Levon Helm - White Dove
Levon Helm - You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had
Levon Helm - Heaven's Pearls
Spinal Tap - Back From The Dead
Spinal Tap - Rock & Roll Creation
Spinal Tap - Gimme Some Money
Spinal Tap - Rock & Roll Nightmare
Spinal Tap - Hell Hole
Spinal Tap - Celtic Blues
Spinal Tap - Warmer Than Hell
Spinal Tap - Stonehenge
Broadway - Meg Ryan Would Play You In The Movie
Broadway - Same Thing We Do Everyday Pinky
Falling For Beloved - An Angel From All Angles
Falling For Beloved - His Door To Breath
Falling For Beloved - Now Eve; We're Here, We've Won
Stream Of Passion - When You Hurt Me The Most
Stream Of Passion - Games We Play
Stream Of Passion - Far And Apart
Hartmann - The Same Again
August Burns Red - The Escape Artist
August Burns Red - Indonesia
August Burns Red - Paradox
August Burns Red - Rationalist
Gossip (The) - Dimestore Diamond
Gossip (The) - Heavy Cross
Gossip (The) - 8th Wonder
Gossip (The) - Love Long Distance
Pitbull - Across The World
Veronica Ballestrini - Amazing
Jennifer Logue - Pretty
Jennifer Logue - Sigh
Jennifer Logue - Suspiro
Zeromancer - Filth Noir
Zeromancer - Fictional
Zeromancer - Imaginary Friends
Zeromancer - Ammonite
Andrew Landon - Addicted
Drew Holcomb - Jamie
Rupaul - Snapshot
Spin Cycle (The) - 1982
Spin Cycle (The) - All You Got
Drew Seeley - New Classic
Brandon October - Lady
Maddigans (The) - Forget This Place
Maddigans (The) - Forgive Me Now
Tony Oller - Follow Your Heart
Gossip (The) - Yesterday's News
Gossip (The) - Holy Water
Cocoa Tea - 18 And Over
Cowboy Troy - Hook 'em Horns
Laura Izibor - What Would You Do
Shawn Desman - One Word
Auburn - No Good
Extra Kool - Creature From The Whack Lagoon
LaKisha Jones - Free
Mary J. Blige - Stronger
Slique - One Day
Ziggy Marley - Abc
Ziggy Marley - My Helping Hands
Amerie - Dear John
Maxwell - Cold
Nicky B - Your Best Friend (How Do I)
Rihanna - Te Amo
Miguel Poveda - Vente Tú Conmigo
Miguel Poveda - Ojos Verdes
Miguel Poveda - Ay, Mi Hermanita!
Miguel Poveda - Mis Tres Puñales
Miguel Poveda - A Ciegas
Miguel Poveda - Rocío
Miguel Poveda - La Senda Del Viento
Miguel Poveda - Compañera Y Soberana
Miguel Poveda - Los Tientos Del Cariño
Miguel Poveda - Embrujao Por Tu Querer
Antonio Vega - Chica De Ayer
Antonio Vega - Antes Que Salga El Sol
Antonio Vega - Atrás
Antonio Vega - Estaciones
Antonio Vega - Una Décima De Segundo
Antonio Vega - Ángel De Orión
El Sueño De Morfeo - Volver A Empezar
El Sueño De Morfeo - Me He Cansado De Esperar
El Sueño De Morfeo - No Voy A Cambiar
Rosana - Eres Mi Suerte
Rosana - Demasiado
Rosana - Lo Que Quiero Y Lo Que No
Rosana - Aprendi
Rosana - Con Viento A Favor
Rosana - Sirenas De Ciudad
Rosana - Mañana
Scene Aesthetic (The) - Grace Looks Back (where You Need To Be)
Scene Aesthetic (The) - Humans
Scene Aesthetic (The) - Red Rover
Scene Aesthetic (The) - It's A Promise, Like A Song
Max Prussner - m e
Max Prussner - I Refuse
Max Prussner - By Your Bedside
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise - Higher
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise - Baby
Telefon Tel Aviv - Helen Of Troy
Here Comes The Kraken - The Legend Of The Rent Is Way Hardcore
Se7enSided - Break Me Out
Se7enSided - Its Over
Se7enSided - Watch Me Burn
Se7enSided - Face Yourself
Se7enSided - Your Fool
Se7enSided - Lacerated
Se7enSided - Rust
Se7enSided - New Skin
Se7enSided - Right Beside Me
Se7enSided - Dying In Hollywood
Sandi Patty - Falling Forward
Do It To Julia - Us And Them
Zoé - Reptilectric
Zoé - No Hay Dolor (Últimos Días 2 Da Parte)
Zoé - Poli
Zoé - Resiste
Zoé - Fantasma
Zoé - Babilonia
Ataris - I Won't Spend Another Night Alone
Shook Ones - Breakfast For Dinner
Denali Gillaspie - Three Months
Heroes For Tonight - Breakdancing
Heroes For Tonight - Hard Hit
Heroes For Tonight - Afloat On Hope
Glos - Hell Hath No Fury
Glos - Between You And I
Cut Off Your Hands - Let Go
Lil' Wayne - Down Here
Non Credo - Looking In The Windows
Memphis May Fire - North Atlantic Vs North Carolina
Memphis May Fire - Your Lucky It's Not 1692
Memphis May Fire - Ghost In The Mirror
Justin Nozuka - Woman Put Your Weapon Down
Four Year Strong - So Much For The Afterglow
Four Year Strong - Semi-Charmed Life
Four Year Strong - Spiderwebs
Four Year Strong - Roll To Me
Four Year Strong - Fly
Four Year Strong - She's So High
En Honor a La Verdad - Sometidos A Estructuras
En Honor a La Verdad - Tras Las Sombras De Tu Poder
En Honor a La Verdad - El Despertar De La Venganza
Rest Of The Sentence - Tentang Sahabat
Now Now Every Children - Sleep Through Summer
Kyle Stuck - Back In The City
Dan Craig - Breaking Hearts Tonight
Watchout! Theres Ghosts - A Beautiful Goodbye
Watchout! Theres Ghosts - Don't Shoot Me Annie Oakley
Harald Axel Heymans - Forever From Here
Luke Benward - Shine
Spectacular! - Break My Heart
Doping - Whom You Became
Doping - Реальність
Doping - Планета
Doping - Новий День
Doping - І Ніхто...
Doping - Помираю
Doping - Акселерат
Doping - Згаяний Час
Doping - Upf
Doping - All The Same
Doping - Not That Way
Doping - Спорт
Doping - Сезон
Doping - Масова Брехня
Doping - Nothing More
Doping - Не Знаю Тебе
Doping - Superpunk
Anouk - Three Days In A Row
David Guetta - When Love Takes Over
David Guetta & Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over
Magic System & Khaled - Meme Pas Fatigué
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Mean Old Coot
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Super Ok
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Moment
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - How Bout It
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - I Owe You
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Don't Mope
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Scream And Run
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Argh...I'm A Pirate
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - This Was All A Bad Idea
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Crazy = Cute
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Dress You Up
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Don't You Want Me
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Say Say Say
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Can't Stand It
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - This Briskness (Java)
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Secret Circuits
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - The Moon And Mars
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - I'm A Rock & Roll Mess
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Jersey Shore
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Pinball
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - There's That One Person... (Alternate Version)
Shook Ones - Birds On Ice
Shook Ones - Silverfish
Shook Ones - Equal Opportunity Insults
Shook Ones - For Flannel
Shook Ones - Who Told Omar?
Shook Ones - T.Monk
Shook Ones - They're Very Yes
Hit The Lights - Drive Onto Me
Hit The Lights - Snowbirds And Townies
Hit The Lights - Tell Me Where You Are
Soldier City Legends - Here's To You, My Best Friend
Soldier City Legends - I Left My Heart With Vanessa
Soldier City Legends - Text Zombie To 72-72
Title Fight - Let Down
Title Fight - Light Up The Eyes
Northbrook - It Ain't Easy Bein' A Cowboy (And You Ain't No Clint Eastwood)
Northbrook - Fine, If I Can't Put My Tongue In Your Cheek, I'll Put It In Mine
Northbrook - The Leaving Song.Whatever.We Didn't Feel Like Naming This One
Northbrook - Forecast The Overcast
Northbrook - In Alaska, There Are No Gardens
Northbrook - I Chose Sympathy Over Love So You Wouldn't Have To Feel My Pain
Skumdum - Hopeless Case
Skumdum - So Sorry!
Skumdum - Svek
Handheld - One Hour Photos
Handheld - The Choice
Handheld - Making A Moment
Handheld - Age Of Romanticism
Handheld - The Turkey Dump
Handheld - Dignified Response
Handheld - No Footsteps To Follow
Handheld - Imbalanced
Handheld - No Clue
Ataris - That Special Girl
Ataris - Song For A Mix Tape
Ataris - Bad Case Of Broken Heart
Ataris - I Remember You
Ataris - The Driftwood Sinn
Hello Control - Hear You Sing
Hello Control - I'll Find You
Hello Control - Let Me Go
Hello Control - Forever
Hello Control - Start Over
Hello Control - Tell The Truth
Mary Jane Kelly - Worthwhile Overdose
Mary Jane Kelly - Hillcrest
Mary Jane Kelly - Soldiers In Unmarked Graves
Mary Jane Kelly - My Son Optimus Prime
Break Even - October 27th
Break Even - Heart Shape House
Break Even - Trouble Maker
50 Lions - The Realness
50 Lions - Love And War
50 Lions - Living Hell
Ecliptica - My Paradise
Ecliptica - Land Of Silence
Ecliptica - Carry On
Ecliptica - Twilight Hall
Ecliptica - Turn Away
Ecliptica - Old Man's Memories
Ecliptica - Jester In The Ballroom
Behemoth - Shemaforash
Behemoth - Ov Fire And The Void
Behemoth - Transmigrating Beyond Realms Ov Amenti
Behemoth - He Who Breeds Pestilence
This Ending - Deathtrade
Tears Of Magdalena - Cut 'Em Down
Tears Of Magdalena - Mermaid
Suicide Silence - Them Bones
Cage - Planet Crusher
Cage - Spirit Of Vengeance
Cage - Black River Falls
Cage - Power Of A God
Cage - Speed Kills
Cage - Spectre Of War
Cage - At The Edge Of Infinite
Plasmarifle (The) - For All That Is Concealed Shall Soon Be Revealed
Plasmarifle (The) - As The Mountains Rolled Back I Stood In Disbelief...
Plasmarifle (The) - To Those That May Be Concerned...
Plasmarifle (The) - Exhaling Life As Ink On A Page
Plasmarifle (The) - Star Light, Star Bright
Plasmarifle (The) - Goodbye Dearest Bethany (I've Cursed Us All)...
Plasmarifle (The) - Haunted By The Ghost Of A Dead Actress
Vulture Industries - Pills Of Conformity
Vulture Industries - Grim Apparitions
Somnolent - Unrequited Love To Reverie
Somnolent - Monochromes Philosophy
Jesu - Hard To Reach
Jesu - The Stars That Hang Above You
VanGroup - Nuvole
VanGroup - Over The Rainbow
VanGroup - Variazione Latina
VanGroup - L'una E 52
VanGroup - Nonostante L'america
VanGroup - Si E No
VanGroup - Il Magnifico
VanGroup - Soleblu
VanGroup - 2 X 1
VanGroup - Again
VanGroup - Percorsi In Sib
VanGroup - Scandal
Zuckerbaby - Fireproof
Zuckerbaby - Fake A Smile
Demi Lovato - Queen Bee
German Montero - Un Sueno De Amor
Rihanna - Emergency Room
Fray (The) - Be The One
Let's Get It - Maps
TJ Hooper - The Only One Who Smiles
TJ Hooper - Oh Lovely
TJ Hooper - Paper Stars
Barney - If All The Raindrops
Hello Approach (The) - Beauty Queen
Elliot Minor - I Believe
Ali Harter - Poor Kate
Stereophonics - Dakota
Stereophonics - Just Looking
Stereophonics - Have A Nice Day
Stereophonics - I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio
Stereophonics - Pick A Part That's New
Stereophonics - Step On My Old Size Nines
Stereophonics - Devil
Stereophonics - It Means Nothing
Stereophonics - Traffic Remastered
Stereophonics - Handbags And Gladrags
Hot Leg - Trojan Guitar
Hot Leg - Automatic
Self Against City - Echo Off The Headstone
Sarah Geronimo - Just Believe
Flipper - I Saw You Shine
3 To Breathe - Maybe
Markus Fagervall - Close But No Cigar
Markus Fagervall - Can You Feel It
Markus Fagervall - You Will Sing
Markus Fagervall - She
Markus Fagervall - If You Don't Mean It
Markus Fagervall - Walking Away
Ben Rector - Twenty Tomorrow
Ben Rector - Hank
El Trono De Mexico - Corazon Magico
El Trono De Mexico - La Loca
El Trono De Mexico - Se Ha Ido
Graciela Beltran - Ni Tu Ni Yo
Graciela Beltran - Da Coraje
Graciela Beltran - Se Me Olvido
Graciela Beltran - Fui Demasiado Facil
Graciela Beltran - Dile A Esa Tonta
Sole Giménez - Vivir Sin Aire
Sole Giménez - Dos Gardenias
Sole Giménez - Esperaré
Sole Giménez - Somos
Sole Giménez - A Dios Le Pido
Sole Giménez - Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
Inertia Kiss (The) - I Won't Say Adieu
Theatre Fall - Finders Keepers
Theatre Fall - I Am A Decimal
DubFX - Sooth Your Pain
DubFX - Love Someone
DubFX - Wandering Love
DubFX - Flow
DubFX - Love Me Or Not
Miguel Jontel - Hard Way
Regina Spektor - The Calculation
Regina Spektor - Eet
Regina Spektor - Blue Lips
Regina Spektor - Folding Chair
Regina Spektor - Machine
Regina Spektor - Human Of The Year
Regina Spektor - Two Birds
Regina Spektor - Wallet
MikeAlike - Shifting Gears
Beardfish - The Downward Spiral/Chimay
Ambassador (The) - Gimme Dat
Eagle*Seagull - Falls Apart
Angel Faith - Mama
Sleeping Giant - No One Leaves This Room Sick
Sleeping Giant - The Army Of The Chosen One
Sleeping Giant - I've Seen
Lost Reality - Perfect Passion
Lost Reality - If This Is Heaven
Lost Reality - Poison Kiss
Lost Reality - What Remains
Lost Reality - The White Wall
Lost Reality - Erase
Lost Reality - Children Of Evil
Lost Reality - These Days
Lost Reality - Invisibility
Lost Reality - Nothing I Am
Chloë Leighton - Chocolate Cake
Rue Royale - Even In The Darkness
Rue Royale - Tell Me When You Go
Marcella Puppini - Miss Celie's Blues
Clouds And Cities - Stories
Steve Laurie - Wonderland
Tol & Tol - You Are My World
Hawthorne Heights - To Write Love On Her Arms
Sara Valenzuela - Lado Este (English Version)
Joey Mcintyre - 5 Brother's And A Million Sisters
Varukers - Soldier Boy
Pornorama - Kicking In The Side Effects
Pornorama - Lofi
Pornorama - Better Off Dead
Pornorama - Eddy & Irene
Marvin Winans - I'm Over It Now
Marvin Winans - Try
Marvin Winans - I Won't Complain
Conya Doss - Starship
Conya Doss - Smile Again
Cassius - See Me Now
Cassius - The Sound Of Violence
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Grab A Shovel (We've Got Bodies To Bury)
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - The Day Merman Met Todd "The Harpoon" Wilson
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Grinder
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Ode To Tanks
Forefather - Theodish Belief
Forefather - Hallowed Halls
Forefather - Three Great Ships
Forefather - Fire From The Sky
Fear Factory - My Grave
Medeia - Descension
Medeia - The Unseen
Hexen - Past Life
Ephrat - Better Than Anything
Ephrat - The Sum Of Damage Done (Silhouettes I-V)
Ephrat - Real (Attempts 1-3)
Trigger The Bloodshed - Rebirth
Manowar - Thunder In The sky