Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 246:

Matt Commerce - Closer Than You Realize
La Patère Rose - Décapote
La Patère Rose - La Marelle
La Patère Rose - L'éponge
La Patère Rose - Pépé
Angel Taylor - Not Even Human
An Automatic Sunrise - January 18th (Give Or Take A Day Or Two)
An Automatic Sunrise - Last 13 Days Of January
Hot Snow Storm - Pack Your Stuff
Happysad - Styrana
Happysad - Damy Radę
Lisa Lee Dark - O Mio Babbino Caro
Lisa Lee Dark - Pleurez Pleurez Mes Yeux
Lisa Lee Dark - Signore Ascolta
Materia - Hoy Entiende
Materia - Sabes
Materia - Retráctil
Materia - Mismo
Materia - Puedo Ser
Neonfly - Broken Wings
Natalie Brown - It's A Beautiful Day
Natalie Brown - Hold Your Head Up High
Natalie Brown - How I Love 2 Luv U
Natalie Brown - Come Closer
Natalie Brown - Around The World
Natalie Brown - I Wonder
Natalie Brown - Leaves Are Turning
Mirdyn - Till The Downfall
Mirdyn - I Won't Give Up
Mirdyn - Pass The Time Puppet
Megan Marlow - Here And Now
Megan Marlow - Batcat
Megan Marlow - I Say
Winter Sparrow (The) - Transonic Flight
Winter Sparrow (The) - A Cure To Restore
Winter Sparrow (The) - Seasonal Spectrum
No Relax - Continuerò
No Relax - Gridalo!
No Relax - Al Macello
No Relax - Super Aqua
No Relax - Sparatevi Un Colpo
No Relax - Nessun Rimpianto
No Relax - Al Matadero
No Relax - Nana
No Relax - El Abandono
No Relax - Invasión
No Relax - Rock & Roll Radio
No Relax - Prision Mental
Strike - Aquela História
Strike - Sempre Quis
Strike - Pra Ela Voltar
Strike - O Jogo Virou
Strike - Pena Que Acabou
Strike - O Teu Olhar
Strike - Desencane
YouInSeries - Lose Faith In The Truth
YouInSeries - When And Where A Real World Occurs
YouInSeries - Get Comfortable Not Knowing
YouInSeries - Move Forward And This Will All Make Sense
YouInSeries - A Guides' Wills And Wishes
Rojo Melanic - Un Deseo
Rojo Melanic - Dejemos El Pasado Atras
Rojo Melanic - Talvez
Rojo Melanic - Todo En Mi Control
Rojo Melanic - Las Palabras No Causan Dolor
Rojo Melanic - Desde Este Momento
Action Design (The) - Pale Horizon
Action Design (The) - The Crossing
Action Design (The) - Tokyo Train
Action Design (The) - All That Night
Action Design (The) - Move On
Wednesday Night Heroes - Break Down The Walls
Wednesday Night Heroes - Knock Us Down
Forever The Fallen - The Aftermath
Forever The Fallen - Cry Wolf
Forever The Fallen - Even The End
Forever The Fallen - Walls And The Deciphers
Forever The Fallen - Green Lights; Electric Ocean
A Smile From The Trenches - Leave The Gambling For Vegas
A Smile From The Trenches - Show Us Your Success
A Smile From The Trenches - Dani
Pulley - Ghost Inside My Skin
Pulley - Enemies
Indochine - Republika Meteor Ouverture
Indochine - Go, Rimbaud, Go!
Indochine - Little Dolls
Indochine - Republika
Indochine - L World
Indochine - Bye Bye Valentine
Indochine - Les Aubes Sont Mortes
Indochine - Le Dernier Jour
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - La Calabaza
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - Ya Es Muy Tarde
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - Mas Adelante
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - Carita De Perdon
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - El Árbol De La Horca
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - Mi Error
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - Te Estaré Esperando
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - Tu Risa
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - La Balanza
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - Si Yo Te Contara
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - Como Pez En El Agua
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - Sabor El Caldo
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon - Manuel Gonzalez
Kinto Sol - Aplastando Moscos
Kinto Sol - Sé Que Puede Pasar
Kinto Sol - Hoy Me Voy
Kinto Sol - Lluvia De Acero
Kinto Sol - En Cada Rincon
Marisela - Si No Te Hubieras Ido
Marisela - Vete Con Ella
Marisela - Yo Sé Que Tú
Marisela - El Fin De Nuestro Amor
Marisela - Ahora No
Marisela - Muriendo De Amor
Marisela - Dios Bendiga Nuestro Amor
Marisela - Quédate A Mi Lado
Marisela - Ya No Te Vayas
Marisela - Mi Problema
Marisela - A Escondidas
Marisela - Quisiera Detener El Tiempo
Marisela - A Cambio De Que
Marisela - Enamorada Y Herida
Marisela - Arrepentida
Fidel Rueda Y Los Buitres De Culiacan - Y Tu Que Harias
Fidel Rueda Y Los Buitres De Culiacan - Eso Es Quererte
Fidel Rueda Y Los Buitres De Culiacan - Me Muero De Las Ganas
Fidel Rueda Y Los Buitres De Culiacan - No Puedo Con Otra
Fidel Rueda Y Los Buitres De Culiacan - Un Gran Querer No Se Olvida
Fidel Rueda Y Los Buitres De Culiacan - Vuelve
SebastiAn - Cherish You
SebastiAn - It's Your Move
Serani - You're The Only One
Serani - Rain A Fall
Serani - Be Free
PJ Harvey - Passionless, Pointless
Taylor Swift - Crazier
Rodney Atkins - Got It Good
Rodney Atkins - Best Things
Rodney Atkins - Simple Things
Steve Earle - Pancho And Lefty
Steve Earle - Colorado Girl
Steve Earle - Where I Lead Me
Steve Earle - No Place To Fall
Steve Earle - Loretta
Steve Earle - Brand New Companion
Steve Earle - Rake
Steve Earle - Delta Momma Blues
Steve Earle - Marie
Steve Earle - Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold
Steve Earle - Quicksilver Daydreams Of Maria
Steve Earle - To Live Is To Fly
Caitlin & Will - Address In The Stars
Empire!Empire! (I Was A Lonely State) - Our Love Has Made Us Pariahs
Empire!Empire! (I Was A Lonely State) - You Have To Believe That Life Is More Than The Sum Of It's Parts, Kiddo
Delaney & Bonnie - Comin' Home
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (The) - Tenure Itch
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (The) - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Divine Madness (The) - Alive
Divine Madness (The) - Perfect Methods
Divine Madness (The) - Ecstasy
Divine Madness (The) - Silent Is Love
Divine Madness (The) - Villains
Divine Madness (The) - The Unknown
Divine Madness (The) - Ends Of The Earth
Divine Madness (The) - Darkest Night
Divine Madness (The) - Break Apart
Th' Legendary Shack Shakers - Easter Flesh
Th' Legendary Shack Shakers - Down And Out - The Legendary Shack Shakers, Williams, Paul
Th' Legendary Shack Shakers - When I Die
Subway To Sally - Aufstieg
Subway To Sally - Judaskuss
Subway To Sally - Besser, Du rennst
Subway To Sally - Die Jagd
Subway To Sally - Einsam
Subway To Sally - Angelus
Subway To Sally - Krähenkönig
Subway To Sally - Versteckt
Sirsy - Revolution
Sirsy - Sorry Me
Sirsy - Leftover Girl
Sirsy - Still
Sirsy - Mary Concetta
Sirsy - Mercury
Saavedra - Segunda Virginidad
Saavedra - Quien Mas
Saavedra - Sin Alma
Saavedra - Ay De Mi
Reemer - Maniac
Reemer - Summer Sun
Reemer - Clouds
Prescription For Protest - The Cynics Stand
Prescription For Protest - Dazed Is The Kid
Panasewicz - Obudz Sie
Panasewicz - Serce Jak Glaz
Panasewicz - Wloczykij
Panasewicz - Zapomnials Ze
Panasewicz - Wielki Swiat
Panasewicz - Nadzieja Sie Nie Konczy
OneStarCity - The Great Escape
OneStarCity - A Song For Pegleg
OneStarCity - One In The Heart
OneStarCity - Fig
OneStarCity - Lost In A Moment
OneStarCity - Where Did Time Go
U.S. Bombs - World On The Run
Aiden - Let The Right One In
Death Cab For Cutie - Little Bribes
Death Cab For Cutie - A Diamond And A Tether
Death Cab For Cutie - I Was Once A Loyal Lover
Death Cab For Cutie - Talking Bird (Demo)
Daphne Loves Derby - Flight (Demo)
Within Reason - Bring Em' Out
Within Reason - Gotta Let It Die
Within Reason - Your Mistake
Within Reason - Don't Walk Away
Within Reason - Hero
Ween - Object
Ween - Learnin' To Love
Ween - Spirit Walker
Ween - Shamemaker
Ween - Sweetheart
Ween - Lullaby
Visions Of Wrath - Digital Sunrise
Visions Of Wrath - Castle Mountain
Visions Of Wrath - And Mercury Has None
Visions Of Wrath - Altered Descent
Visions Of Wrath - Drenched In Comatose
95octanos - Historia Imaginaria
95octanos - A Metros De Ti
Jesse McCartney - Crash & Burn
Keyshia Cole - One Day
Oj Da Juiceman - Swag
Soul Folk & Will Hammond Jr. - No Surprise
Soul Folk & Will Hammond Jr. - 1979 (Acoustic)
South Border - Love Of My Life
South Border - One Last Cry
Stacie Orrico - Frustrated
Day26 - Shawty Wassup
Flo Rida - Available
Edoardo Vianello - Windsurf
T.J. Cornwall - Color Is Gone
T.J. Cornwall - Three Wishes
Kristene Mueller - Trust
Kristene Mueller - Redemption
Kristene Mueller - Mercy
Kristene Mueller - Those Who Dream
Kristene Mueller - Praise The Lord
Kristene Mueller - Homeward Bound
You Army - Fall Back 2 You
You Army - Molly Smiles
You Army - Believe
You Army - Always Sleeping
AJ Mitchell - Why We Should Love Him
Adam Carr - Put The Past Behind
Above The Waters - Take Me Away
A Plea For Purging - Motives
A Plea For Purging - Devourer
David Bazan - Harmless Sparks
Days Difference - Radio Song
Day 26 - Dizzy
DavidBowman - Wir Können Auch Anders
DavidBowman - Zucker Für Die Geister*
Chelsea Lee - Figure Us Out
Chelsea Lee - Long Way Down
Chelsea Lee - Lucky For You
Call The Cops - Get Close
Call The Cops - Room 410
Call The Cops - Motion Sickness
Call The Cops - Ain't Life Grand
Awkward Silence - Against The Wall
Alexander Rybak - Roll With The Wind
Alexander Rybak - Fairytale
Madina Lake - Through The Pain
Madina Lake - Never Walk Alone
Madina Lake - Not For This World
Madina Lake - Statistics
Bomb The Music Industry! - Cold Chillin' Cold Chillin'
Bomb The Music Industry! - 9/11 Fever!!!
Infernal - Downtown Boys
Infernal - Electric Light
Infernal - Because Uhh
Infernal - Days Full Of Loving
Infernal - Redefinition
Infernal - Dead Or Alive
Infernal - Mr. Money
Metric - Help, I'm Alive
Diana Krall - Too Marvelous For Words
Diana Krall - Walk On By
Diana Krall - So Nice
Diana Krall - You're My Thrill
Gomez - Little Pieces
Billy Ray Cyrus - Thrillbilly
Billy Ray Cyrus - He's Mine
Billy Ray Cyrus - Somebody Said A Prayer
Billy Ray Cyrus - I Could Be The One
Billy Ray Cyrus - Like Nothing Else
Billy Ray Cyrus - Country As Country Can Be
Billy Ray Cyrus - Give It To Somebody
Billy Ray Cyrus - Butterfly Fly Away
Fightstar - We Left Tracks Of Fire
Gewapend Beton - Once I Believed
Olli Vincent - Non Chiedevo Di Più
Matteo Becucci - The Power Of Love
Irene Fornaciari - Spiove Il Sole
Irene Fornaciari - Ora Che Non Vivo
Irene Fornaciari - Se Non Mi Vuoi
Irene Fornaciari - Con La Primavera Nelle Mani
Irene Fornaciari - Dolce Luna
Irene Fornaciari - Il Diavolo Illuso
PJ Harvey - Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen
Sister Hazel - On Your Mind
Sister Hazel - Sail Away
Sister Hazel - Grand Canyon
On The Last Day - To Feel The Rain
U.S. Bombs - Mob Family
U.S. Bombs - Just A Mess
U.S. Bombs - Dime Runner
U.S. Bombs - Demolition Girl
U.S. Bombs - Walking Blind
U.S. Bombs - All The Fun
Amity Affliction (The) - I Heart Throbsy
Amity Affliction (The) - A Sleepless Winter
Brat Attack (The) - Dyno-Mite
Brat Attack (The) - Beautifully Disastrous
Brat Attack (The) - Prison Slave Labour
Man Overboard - Dreaming
Tysta Mari - Kom Ner Och Se
Tysta Mari - Svart
Tysta Mari - Olja & Blod
Tysta Mari - Vem Äger Stan?
Lacuna Coil - Oblivion
Hatesphere - To The Nines
Hatesphere - Even If Kills Me
Hatesphere - The Writing's On The Wall
Hatesphere - Aurora
Absu - Amy
Absu - Nunbarshegunu
Absu - 13 Globes
Absu - Of The Dead Who Never Rest In Their Tombs Are The Attendance Of Familiar Spirits
Absu - Girra's Temple
Absu - Sceptre Command
Absu - Ye Uttuku Spells
Victory - One Track Mind
Victory - The Bigger They Are (The Harder They Fall)
Victory - I'm A Survivor
Victory - Never Leave You Again
Victory - Tough On Love
Victory - Hungry Hearts
Victory - Feel The Fire
Her Nightmare - Prisoner
To-Mera - A Sorrow To Kill
Isole - Forlorn
Dark Moor - Phantom Queen
Dark Moor - For Her
Candlemass - The Bleeding Baroness
Keith Anderson - Somebody Needs A Hug
Keith Anderson - Lost In This Moment With You
Katie Armiger - Gone
Katie Armiger - Break Yours First
Katie Armiger - Movin On
Katie Armiger - Trail Of Lies
Katie Armiger - Bleed
Ashton Shepherd - Sounds So Good
Ashton Shepherd - Not Right Now
Ashton Shepherd - The Pickin' Shed
Ashton Shepherd - Whiskey Won The Battle
Afterhours - Due Di Noi
Indigo Girls - I'll Change
Miley Cyrus - Let's Get Crazy
Miley Cyrus - The Good Life
Silversun Pickups - Sort Of
Silversun Pickups - Substitution
Silversun Pickups - Catch And Release
Colt Ford - Tailgate
Craig Morgan - Love Remembers
Craig Morgan - Summer Sundown
Mike Francis - Noi
Duhks (The) - Fast Paced World
Eli Young Band - Always The Love Songs
Eli Young Band - Famous
Eli Young Band - Throw And Go
Eli Young Band - Guinevere
Eli Young Band - Get In The Car And Drive
Eli Young Band - Jet Black And Jealous
Eli Young Band - How Should I Know
Frank Turner - Photosynthesis
Frank Turner - To Take You Home
Sabrina Taylor - Stay
Sabrina Taylor - Better Off Laughing
Seventh Day Slumber - How Great Is Our God
Seventh Day Slumber - Surrender
Seventh Day Slumber - Lead Me To The Cross
Seventh Day Slumber - Mighty To Save
Seventh Day Slumber - From The Inside Out
Seventh Day Slumber - I Can Only Imagine
Seventh Day Slumber - Take Everything
Seventh Day Slumber - Famous One
Sneaky Sound System - Because Of You People Think I'm Crazy
Sonicflyer - Hundred Reasons
Stuedabakerbrown - Pulling Punches
Stuedabakerbrown - Stay With Me
Stuedabakerbrown - Closer
Susanne Sundfør - Dear John
Susanne Sundfør - Gravity
Susanne Sundfør - Moments
Susanne Sundfør - The Dance
Susanne Sundfør - Morocco
Susanne Sundfør - Torn To Pieces
Susanne Sundfør - After You Left
Tawny Heath - Simon Says
Tawny Heath - I'm Hot
Tawny Heath - Controversy
That Hideous Strength - Austere_ Who Cares_
Nomadi - La Dimensione
Nomadi - Non So Io Ma Tu
Nomadi - Il Ballo Della Sedia
Nomadi - Trentaduesimo Parallelo
Dry Leaf Project (The) - The State Of Texas Vs. Corey Griffin
Hand Me Down Kids (The) - Heart To Molly
Durée (The) - Story Tell Her
Durée (The) - In Trances
Durée (The) - Feeling Of The Mistress
Durée (The) - Monkeys
Durée (The) - Blueprints Of S.
Durée (The) - Trust And Not Grieve
Durée (The) - Love A Little Bit
Seven Against Thebes - Mastervision
Seven Against Thebes - Slave To The Needle
Seven Against Thebes - A.O.D.
Seven Against Thebes - 7.A.T
Seven Against Thebes - Nemesis
Seven Against Thebes - Fruit Fly
Seven Against Thebes - 7th Sign
Seven Against Thebes - Prey For Me
Seven Against Thebes - Feed The Furnace
Sweet Perfect Nothing - Disappearance
Sweet Perfect Nothing - The Revolutionary Love
Sweet Perfect Nothing - Reflection
Failing Farewell (The) - Summersweet
Failing Farewell (The) - Jersey Does It Better
Hank Williams III - Six Pack Of Beer
Hank Williams III - Three Shades Of Black
Hank Williams III - Workin Man
False Heroics - Shonar Bangla
False Heroics - Here I Lie (New Form)
Mario Incudine - Tammurriata D'amuri
Mario Incudine - E Vinni A Cantari All'ariu Scuvertu

Mario Incudine - Quantu Si Bedda Misa A Lu Tilaru
Kevin Costner - Hey Man What About You
Trip Lee - Give Him Glory
Trip Lee - Who You Rollin' Wit Ft. Flame And Json
Trip Lee - Cash Or Christ Ft. Lecrae
Trip Lee - Behold The Christ
Trip Lee - Give You That Truth
Trip Lee - Good News Pt. 2
Trip Lee - Cryin' Out
Trip Lee - More Ft. Diamone
Trip Lee - Let 'em Know
Trip Lee - Young & Unashamed Ft. Cam
Trip Lee - Cling To You
Trip Lee - Behold The Spirit
Trip Lee - Come Close
Trip Lee - Who He Is
Trip Lee - Intimacy
Trip Lee - Eyes Open
Winslow - Breakdown
With Walking Trees - Red Thumb
Your Favorite Enemies - Cosmos
Storm Picturesque (The) - Quad Damage
Zou (The) - 01/01 (New Year's Day)
Zou (The) - For A While
Zou (The) - Everyone's Fault But Mine
Library Is On Fire (The) - Pink Rock (In The Front Yard)
Library Is On Fire (The) - The Foolish Fire
Library Is On Fire (The) - Charlie Bear
Library Is On Fire (The) - You And The Sunshine
Library Is On Fire (The) - Vanessa's Theatre Of Peace
Library Is On Fire (The) - Postmodern Falconry
Library Is On Fire (The) - My Kind Of Man
Library Is On Fire (The) - Gilding The Lily
Library Is On Fire (The) - Cinematic Idea
Riverdales (The) - Lead The Way
Riverdales (The) - Wait It Out
Riverdales (The) - Getaway
Riverdales (The) - I Believe In You And Me
Milow - You Don't Know
Deasonika - Instabile
Deasonika - Kurt Cobain (La Mia Faccia A Metà)
Deasonika - Gregorian
Whiskey Rebels - No Heroes In Hell
Whiskey Rebels - To Be Poor Is A Crime
Whiskey Rebels - Peace Through War
Wester - Faded Pictures
Good Morning Milo - Battle For The Nice Guy
Good Morning Milo - Loving Without Argument
Good Morning Milo - Win Her
Good Morning Milo - Mr. Robot Man
Pegboy - Strong Reaction
Pegboy - Superstar
Pegboy - You
Without Wax - These Killing Words
Without Wax - Rescue Me
Without Wax - Kevin's Got A Gun
Without Wax - Innocence Fadin'
Without Wax - Best Friend
Deep Sounds - Keep My Heart
Kate Nash - Habanera
Randy Owen - Braid My Hair
Randy Owen - Slow And Steady
Paul Thorn - Lucky 7 Ranch
Paul Thorn - A Long Way From Tupelo
Paul Thorn - When The Long Road Ends
Loveless Patty - I Already Miss You (like You're Already Gone)
Loveless Patty - Hurt Me Bad (in A Real Good Way)
Loveless Patty - I Came Straight To You
Loveless Patty - If It's The Last Thing I Do
Loveless Patty - God Will
Loveless Patty - How About You
Loveless Patty - A Handful Of Dust
Loveless Patty - Tear Stained Letter
Loveless Patty - Nothing But The Wheel
Loveless Patty - The Last Thing On My Mind
Loveless Patty - My Heart Will Never Break This Way Again
Loveless Patty - That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In
Loveless Patty - Strong Heart
Loveless Patty - Pieces Of The Ground
Loveless Patty - I'm That Kind Of Girl
Loveless Patty - The Richest Fool Alive
Loveless Patty - Daniel Prayed
Loveless Patty - Someone I Used To Know
Loveless Patty - Out Of Control Raging Fire
Loveless Patty - Rise Up Lazarus
Loveless Patty - Pretty Little Miss
Loveless Patty - I Know You're Married
Loveless Patty - You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive
Loveless Patty - Two Coats
Loveless Patty - Christmas Time's A Comin'
Loveless Patty - Draggin' My Heart Around
Loveless Patty - Nothin' Like The Lonely
Loveless Patty - I Wanna Believe
Loveless Patty - On Your Way Home
Loveless Patty - Lookin' For A Heartache Like You
Loveless Patty - Higher Than The Wall
Loveless Patty - Lovin' All Night
Loveless Patty - The Grandpa That I Know
Loveless Patty - That's All It Took
Loveless Patty - Don't Let Me Cross Over
Patrick Pleau - L'inocéros
Patrick Pleau - Tous Les Clichés Du Monde
Patrick Pleau - Cimetière Lunaire
Patrick Pleau - L'écran Bleu De La Mort
Patrick Pleau - Valérie
Patrick Pleau - Café Noir
Pop Levi - Sugar Assault Me Now
Pop Levi - A Style called Crying Chic
Pop Levi - Pick-Me-Up Uppercut
Pop Levi - Skip Ghetto
Pop Levi - Dollar Bill Rock
Pop Levi - Flirting
Pop Levi - Mournin' Light
Pop Levi - See My Lord
Pop Levi - Hades Lady
Pop Levi - From The Day That You Were Born
La Differenza - Ci Devi Credere
Rascal Flatts - Forever
Rascal Flatts - Unstoppable
Rascal Flatts - Holdin' On
Raulín Rodriguez - Like Janis
Raulín Rodriguez - Rich Folks Hoax
Ride The Sky - A Smile From Heaven's Eye
Ride The Sky - The Prince Of Darkness
Ride The Sky - Make The Spirit Burn
Aragon - Eternal Quest
Aragon - The War Has Begun
Aragon - It's Me
Aragon - Scream
Aragon - Last Farewell
Aragon - Blade On Blade
Aragon - Devils Dance
Aragon - Alive
Arakain - Jackal
Arakain - R.A.F. Squadron 311
Arakain - Thrash The Trash
Tina deVaron - Mom Is Not My Real Name
Tranquillizer - Schafott
Tranquillizer - Kapitulation Vor Negativen Gedanken
Tranquillizer - Für Dich
Tranquillizer - Everlasting Kiss
Tranquillizer - Blutrot
Tides Of Man - Western Scene
ZOEgirl - With All Of My Heart
ZOEgirl - Dismissed
ZOEgirl - Scream
Zirconium - Hurt
Jadakiss - By My Side
Ne-Yo - It Just Makes Sense
Bramma - Its Whatever
Drake - Come Real
A Silent Film - Ghosts In The Water
Metric - Sick Muse
Metric - Twilight Galaxy
Metric - Gold Guns Girls
Metric - Front Row
Metric - Stadium Love
Mims - One Day
Mims - One Last Kiss
Day26 - Stadium Music
7 Dollar Taxi - Mr. Jukebox
7 Dollar Taxi - Radio Monotone
7 Dollar Taxi - Do You Like Me
3Lb. Thrill - Diana
3Lb. Thrill - Stop Inviting
3Lb. Thrill - Bad Seed
frankenstein - 4 A.M. Robotics
frankenstein - The Moon Is Right There
frankenstein - Sheer Grace
Veto - Blackout
Veto - Built To Fail
Veto - You Say Yes, I Say Yes
Veto - Crooks
Veto - Spit It Out
Veto - Duck, Hush And Be Still
Xcerts (The) - Home Versus Home
Xcerts (The) - Nightschool
Xcerts (The) - Cool Ethan
Xcerts (The) - Lost But Not Alone
Xcerts (The) - Listen Don't Panic
Alessandra Amoroso - Da Qui
Alessandra Amoroso - Splendida Follia
Alessandra Amoroso - È Ora Di Te
Alessandra Amoroso - Per Ora Per Un Po'
Dead Congregation - Hostis Humani Generis
Dead Congregation - Graves Of The Archangels
Dead Congregation - Source Of Fire
Arallu - Dingir Xul
Arantaxia - Intro / Demente
Arantaxia - Engañate Si Quieres
Kyshera - Superstar
Kyshera - Shelf Life
La Rusa - Por Siempre
La Rusa - Pánico
La Rusa - Ángel
La Rusa - Pólvora
La Rusa - Fragil Paciencia
Zechariah Maxime - Closer1
Zechariah Maxime - His Love
Zechariah Maxime - I Want You
Zander Bleck - Beyond The Horizon
Zach Swift - Fly Away
Asia Cruise - Secret
Beyonce Knowles - Si J'étais Un Gars
Drew Ryan Scott - Domino
Gorilla Zoe - Dreams
SWV - He's Mine
Zach Macko - Starshine Blue
Danilo Amerio - Ali Digitali
Danilo Amerio - Milioni Di Soli
Danilo Amerio - Non Sei Tu Il Domani
Danilo Amerio - Un Sogno Di Plastica
Metric - Collect Call
Kool Savas - Denn Ein Bello Kommt Selten Allein
Kubichek! - Outwards
Kubichek! - Opening Shot
Kubichek! - Hometown Strategies
Dj Matrix - Giorni Fantastici
Lesley Roy - I'm Gone, I'm Going
Lesley Roy - Here For You Now
Lesley Roy - Slow Goodbye
Lesley Roy - Unbeautiful
Lesley Roy - Misfit
Lesley Roy - Make It Back
Lesley Roy - Crushed
Lesley Roy - Come To Your Senses
Lesley Roy - Come Back
Four Year Strong - Gotta Get Out
Rancid - East Bay Night
In:Aviate - A Portrait Of Motion
Enemy You - Hope (I Don't Want Your)
Enemy You - The Only One
Enemy You - 72 Hours
Enemy You - Plastic
Jury Magliolo - Mi Fai Spaccare Il Mondo
Jackie Boyz - Paid My Dues
Jackie Boyz - Now That I'm Here
Alexis Y Fido - Mi Musica Ehh...
Alexis Y Fido - Bartender
Los Huracanes Del Norte - Me Bebi Tu Recuerdo
Los Huracanes Del Norte - Mi Complemento
Los Huracanes Del Norte - La Historia Mas Bonita
Madeleine Peyroux - Our Lady Of Pigalle
Madeleine Peyroux - Homeless Happiness
Palomo - El Otro
Palomo - A Todos Los Santos
Palomo - Tu Silencio
Palomo - Desnudate Ahora
Palomo - Cinco Pasos
Palomo - Transparente
Larry Hernandez - Lista Negra
Larry Hernandez - Arturo Beltran
Larry Hernandez - Rey Midas
Larry Hernandez - El Toque De La Jairo
Larry Hernandez - Javier Torres Y El M1
Larry Hernandez - El Querendon Y Cajetoso
Larry Hernandez - El Cartel De Los Pesados
Pipe Bueno - No Voy A Morir
Pipe Bueno - No Me Busques
Pipe Bueno - Te Parece Poco
Pipe Bueno - Tu Viaje Me Duele
Pipe Bueno - No Me Digas Que No
Pipe Bueno - Si Yo Fuera Ladron
Mina - La Casa Del Serpente
Clyde Carson - In Da Club
Gaia Riva - Psyche
Gaia Riva - King Of Lies
Gaia Riva - Tempo Perso
Gaia Riva - Face To Face
Gaia Riva - Beg For More
Gaia Riva - Sono Da Te
Gaia Riva - Forgive You
Gaia Riva - It's Easier To Be My Mirror Than My Man
Kevin Lajiness - And Their Were Wars
A Starlight Incident - Her Photographic Life
A Starlight Incident - The Sleeper
A Starlight Incident - Dream Catcher
Kevin Lajiness - Battle Cry Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Before The Sun Rizes (Rises)
Kevin Lajiness - Bring It Out In Me To Bring It Out In You Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Broken Pieces Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Can I Reach Down Latin Version
Kevin Lajiness - Did You Go To Pieces Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Dream Lady
Kevin Lajiness - Everyone Bows To Someone Sometime Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Father Time
Kevin Lajiness - Fly Away Shooting Star New
Kevin Lajiness - Happy Man Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Here I Am Latin Version
Kevin Lajiness - Howling At The Moon
Kevin Lajiness - Howling At The Moon In Linwood Nj Mix
Kevin Lajiness - I Had The Secret All Along
Kevin Lajiness - It's The Thunder
Kevin Lajiness - It's To Painful
Kevin Lajiness - It's To Painful Mix
Kevin Lajiness - I'm Not That Way Anymore
Kevin Lajiness - I'm Not Writing Love Songs Anymore
Kevin Lajiness - Just A Page Away
Kevin Lajiness - Life Is To Short
Kevin Lajiness - Living On The Edge Of A Miracle Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Man Of The Cross Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Mime Over Matter
Kevin Lajiness - My Prayer To God Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Part Indian Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Rize Up Remix
Kevin Lajiness - Rize(Rise) Up Man And Woman Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Some Day Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Something I Missed Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Sun Rise In Ocean City New Jersey
Kevin Lajiness - Surrender All Of Me
Kevin Lajiness - The Wind Blows Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Treat Her Right Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Tumble Me Too Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Two Ships Passing In The Night Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Walk A Mile In My Shoes Mix
Kevin Lajiness - What Do We Write For The Future
Kevin Lajiness - White Mans Ways
Kevin Lajiness - Why Can't I See Oh Lord Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Why Do I Dig A Hole For Myself Mix
Kevin Lajiness - Why Does The Sun Go Down Mix
Mute - Apocalypse Soon
Mute - Coming Back
Mute - The Edge
Mute - Lost And Found
Mute - Atrophied
Mute - Burning Wreck
Mute - Glass Bones
Mute - Shredder
Mute - Curtain Call
Mute - King Of Spades
In:Aviate - Deliverance
Exploding Hearts (The) - Making Teenage Faces
Rosary Ligature - The Vines That Bind Us
Rosary Ligature - 22
Rosary Ligature - Spring, And Everything It Brings..
Conditions - The Machinist
Conditions - A Night In Shining Amore
Green Day - Know Your Enemy
Green Day - Last Night On Earth
Green Day - Restless Heart Syndrome
Green Day - 21 Guns
Casualties (The) - Dead Cities
Day26 - Just Getting Started
Day26 - So Good
Day26 - Girlfriend
Day26 - Then There's You
Delly Ranx - My Girl
Kim Davis - Live, Love, Learn
Teairra Mari - Exclusive
Teairra Mari - You Said
Studio 3 - Non Deve Mancare
Eleven Fifty Seven - American Dream
Eleven Fifty Seven - Summer Lights
One Morning Left - Excuse Me, How Can I Get To The Scene From Here?
Lannen Fall - My Sweet Pessimist (Acoustic)
Alyria - Closure
Alyria - Pull The Trigger
Camisado - Lip-Biter
Stuck Lucky - Death By Big Red Buttons
Kurhaus - Under White Death
Kurhaus - Microphysics Of Power
Kurhaus - From Gainesville To Hamburg
Kurhaus - Emo Needs Myspace
Kurhaus - Gegen Den Winter
Kurhaus - Punk Needs Capitalism Like Holmes Needed Moriarty
Gatto Panceri - S.O.S.
Gatto Panceri - Madre Mia
Mario Nunziante - Conduttore Televisivo
Mario Nunziante - Solo
Mario Nunziante - Ogni Istante Che Vivrai
Mario Nunziante - Nonostante Le Assenze
Mario Nunziante - Non Ti Muovere
Modena City Ramblers - Onda Libera
Modena City Ramblers - Valzer Chiuso In Soffitta
Modena City Ramblers - Il Naufragio Del Lusitalia