Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 251:

Nico Liebe - Fog On The Road
Beyond A Broken World - Progression Is Regression
Crowns (The) - Let It Go
Chickenfoot - Get It Up
Beth Edges (The) - I Guess
Beth Edges (The) - Dream
Beth Edges (The) - 9 To 9
Beth Edges (The) - Time
Beth Edges (The) - Hey You
Nico Liebe & His Subconsciousness - My Past Is Your Past
Ron Pope - The Right Way
Lily Rose Dylan - My Superman
Sarah Fimm - Counting Waves
Sarah Fimm - Let It Run
Sarah Fimm - Afraid
Z-Ro - Auntie And Grandma
Soulja Boy - Soulja Boy (The Song)
Smooths - Farewell
Mandy Moore - Merrimack River
Mandy Moore - I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week
Mandy Moore - Song About Home
Mandy Moore - Indian Summer
Mandy Moore - Nothing Everything
Mandy Moore - Bug
Justin Bieber - Pick Me
Justin Bieber - Common Denominator
Eisbrecher - Heilig
Eisbrecher - Zu Sterben
Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Killing A Classic
Drop Dead, Gorgeous - We're Planning, God's Laughing
FM Static - The Voyage Of Beliefs
FM Static - Take Me As I Am
War Of Words - A Light At The End Of The Tunnel
War Of Words - Nation 1
War Of Words - Aftermath
War Of Words - From The Killing Fields
War Of Words - Conspiracy Theory
War Of Words - The Re-education Camps
War Of Words - Folklore
War Of Words - Full Circle
War Of Words - Licensed Mutilation
War Of Words - The Last Supper
Legion (The) - Blood, Be Gone!
Geist - Unter Toten Kapitänen
Gathering (The) - All You Are
Gathering (The) - No Bird Call
Gathering (The) - Capital Of Nowhere
Gathering (The) - You Promised Me A Symphony
Gathering (The) - No One Spoke
Suicide Silence - A Dead Current
Kypck - 1917
Kypck - Сталинград / Stalingrad
Kypck - Один День Из Жизни Егора Кузнецова / Odin Den Iz Zhizni Yegora Kuznetsova (One Da
KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI - Jäässä Varttunut (Grown Up Within Ice)
KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI - Mustan Valtikan Aika (The Era Of The Black Scepter)
Neffa - Distante
Gilberto Santa Rosa - Vivir Sin Ella
Gilberto Santa Rosa - Perdóname
Gilberto Santa Rosa - No Quiero Na' Regala'o
Gilberto Santa Rosa - Déjate Querer
Fabrizio Moro - Il Peggio E' Passato
Fabrizio Moro - Il Momento Giusto
Fabrizio Moro - Melodia Di Giugno
Patriarchs - Emerge
Patriarchs - Searching
Patriarchs - Freedom
Patriarchs - Mountains
Iwrestledabearonce - White Water In The Morning
Miranda Cosgrove - Leave It All To Me
Miranda Cosgrove - Headphones
Nicole Chittle - Jasper
Prodigium - Created Abominations [A Legacy Of Bleeding Beliefs]
Plastilina Mosh - Toll Free
Plastilina Mosh - My Party
Plastilina Mosh - Pervert Pop Song
Agnes - Release Me
Ciara - Secret
Razah - I'm In Love With You (Remix)
Slim - Good Lovin
Tina Turner - Rolling On The River
Ashley Tisdale - It's Alright, It's Ok
Rob Thomas - Her Diamonds
Avril Lavigne - Why
Avril Lavigne - Take Me Away
Avril Lavigne - Falling Down
Avril Lavigne - Tomorrow You Didn't
Avril Lavigne - Things I'll Never Say
Avril Lavigne - All You Will Never Know
Avril Lavigne - I Will Be
Avril Lavigne - Move Your Little Self On
Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Avril Lavigne - Alone
Avril Lavigne - I Always Get What I Want
Avril Lavigne - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Avril Lavigne - Oh Holy Night (feat. Chantal Kreviazuk)
Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone (Acoustic)
Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home (Acoustic)
Avril Lavigne - I Will Be (feat. Leona Lewis)
Little Boots - Earthquake
Little Boots - Click
Little Boots - Symmetry
Little Boots - Tune Into My Heart
Little Boots - No Brakes
Sleepwell Darling - This Boy Cares
Shontelle - Stuck With Each Other
Seru Giran - Separata
Surrender The Dance Floor - Gettin' Closer
Surrender The Dance Floor - Enough Of That Tom Foolery!
Hypnogaja - Nothing Left To Give
Hypnogaja - Normal On The Outside
Hypnogaja - Here Comes The Rain Again
Hypnogaja - Quiet
Hypnogaja - Voodoo Baby
Hypnogaja - Killing Time
Hypnogaja - The Ballad Of Johnny Alright
Hypnogaja - Home
Hypnogaja - Nowhere
Hypnogaja - Lullaby
Hypnogaja - Dark Star
Brooklyn - Volcanology
Say Anything - You Don't See Me Right
Say Anything - The Man In Me
JLS - One Sweet Day
Used (The) - Burning Down The House
JLS - A Million Love Songs
JLS - Hallelujah
Hypnogaja - Never Coming Back
Hypnogaja - Lucy
Hypnogaja - Worship Me [I'm On Tv]
Hypnogaja - Apocalyptic Love Song
Hypnogaja - The March
Kris Allen - No Boundaries
Hypnogaja - Things Will Never Be The Same
Tammy Cochran - High Wire
Tatiana Pimenova - You Are With A Wrong Girl Now
Bottom Line (The) - Not A Fan Of The Ladies Are You, Trebeck?
Bottom Line (The) - Don't Put The Beer Back
Bottom Line (The) - Driving On Parkways, Parking On Driveways
Stiv Bators - Not That Way Anymore
Steve Moakler - True Like Your Name
T Dot FlirtZ - I Wanted You
Pour Habit - Institution
Pour Habit - Light The Torch
Pour Habit - Resignation
Pour Habit - Real Eyes
Pour Habit - Suiticide
Boy and His Machine (The) - Thinking Of An Escape
Boy and His Machine (The) - Worth The Wait
Boy and His Machine (The) - Hook, Line, & Sinker
Boy and His Machine (The) - Coming Clean
Ziggens (The) - Pistol Pete
Subb - Black Gold
Subb - Looking Down
Subb - I Heart Montreal
Subb - The Black Hand
Subb - Shottas
Subb - Blind Leading The Blind
Subb - I'll Be Waiting
Subb - Mount Zion
Subb - Tipton Three
Subb - Reggae Radio
Subb - To This Beat
Subb - I Can't Hardly Wait
Moneen - Hold That Sound
Moneen - Madness!
Moneen - The Way (Early Morning Acoustic)
Moneen - Waterfalls
Narcoleptic Youth - Is This Punk?
Narcoleptic Youth - Double Jointed Circus Monkey
Narcoleptic Youth - L.A. Riots
Beppe Stanco - Il Bilancio
J Bigga - Don't Wait Up For Me
J Bigga - Take My Picture
Restless Street - Jupiter Hills
Soulja - Rain
Steve Moakler - Run
Mitchel Musso - The 3 R's
Nightcore - Life Is A Mystery
Sonohra - Buscando L'amor
Sonohra - Libres
Sonohra - Cinco Mil Manos
Sonohra - Un Amor Lleno De Amor
Sonohra - Hay Que Bailar
Sonohra - Salvame
Sonohra - Soy Asi
Sonohra - Aire De Musica
Sonohra - Love Show
T.A.T.U. - Null And Void
Avalon - Always Have, Always Will
Avalon - Wonder Why
Baby Boy - Besame Fuerte
Dondria - Can I Talk To You
Riyu Kosaka - 3dheart
Alex Beaupain - Si Tard
Alex Beaupain - Au Parc
Alex Beaupain - Ma Mémoire Sale
US5 - Around The World
US5 - The Boys Are Back
US5 - Stay On Top
US5 - Make It Last For Live
US5 - Cruisin'
US5 - Nothing Left To Say
US5 - I Don't Wanna Leave
US5 - Endless Feeling
Varsity Fanclub - It's Christmas Again
Moderatto - No Hay Otra Manera
Disco Curtis - Alone And Loving It
Xystus - My Song Of Creation
Xystus - The Traveller
Xystus - Last Breath
Xystus - Divided We Stand
Xystus - The Conflict
Xystus - My Time Of Need
Xystus - The Message
Xystus - Balance Restored
Xystus - God Of Symmetry
Forsaken - Dominaeon
Forsaken - The Celestial Alchemist
Forsaken - Kenosis
Forsaken - Resurgam
Forsaken - The Lord Sayeth
Forsaken - The Sage
Forsaken - Metatron And The Mibor Mythos
Catalepsy - Iniquity
Détente - Russian Roulette
Détente - Blood I Bleed
Nefarium - An Old Black Cage
Hexx - Out For Control
Grinder - Just Another Scar
Autumnblaze - Brudermord
Save Your Breath - Your Oven's On Fire
Save Your Breath - Bin Laden Saw Your Slogan Shirt And Now He's Got A Rap Career
Save Your Breath - I Only Move Away From The Mic To Breathe In
Raised Fist - They Can't Keep Us Down
Raised Fist - Afraid
Raised Fist - Disbelief
Raised Fist - My Last Day
Raised Fist - Never Negotiate
JoJo - 25 To Life
JoJo - Fly Away
LeToya Luckett - Over
Travis Garland - Hssh
Travis Garland - Wonderful World
Black Buddafly - Say No More
Black Buddafly - You Got Me
Chris Brown - Hollow
Lloyd - Pusha
Lumidee - Amazed (Remix)
Mitchel Musso - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Ragdog - Nada Más
Ragdog - Sin Dirección
Ragdog - Hasta Mañana
Ragdog - Lo Que Te Han Contado
Ragdog - Siberia
Ragdog - Despegamos
Ragdog - Secretos
Ragdog - Caminos Imposibles
Reyli - La Verdad
Reyli - Cásate Conmigo
Reyli - Vida Nueva
Reyli - Alma Gemela
Reyli - Ando Por Las Nubes
Reyli - Ahora Tengo
Luz Casal - Alma Mía
Luz Casal - Nieblas
Luz Casal - Mar Y Cielo
Luz Casal - Cenizas
Luz Casal - No, No Y No
Luz Casal - Con Mil Desengaños
Luz Casal - Adónde Va Nuestro Amor
Britt Nicole - Safe
Britt Nicole - Hanging On
Britt Nicole - Walk On The Water
Britt Nicole - Glow
Britt Nicole - Feel The Light
Britt Nicole - Have Your Way
Kasabian - Fire
Omnia - Alive! (radio Version)
Omnia - Old Man Tree
Omnia - Dúlamán
Omnia - Wytches' Brew
Omnia - Niiv
Omnia - The Well
Newton Faulkner - Badman
Newton Faulkner - I Took It Out On You
Newton Faulkner - Resin On My Heart Strings
Newton Faulkner - Over And Out
Newton Faulkner - I'm Not Giving Up Yet
Chris Young - That Makes Me
Chris Young - Gettin' You Home
Chris Young - The Shoebox
Chris Young - Rose In Paradise
Eva - Slow Down
Conjunto Atardecer - El Compa Beto
Conjunto Atardecer - Si No Es Contigo
Conjunto Atardecer - La Ley De Cupido
Conjunto Atardecer - Sabiendo Quien Era Yo
Mazizo Musical - Mas Que A Mi Vida
Mazizo Musical - Como Cuento De Hadas
Mazizo Musical - Niña Preciosa
Mazizo Musical - Tu
Mazizo Musical - Para Recordar
Mazizo Musical - Hoy
Mazizo Musical - La Mujer Que Soñe
Los Pikadientes De Caborca - Quiereme
Los Pikadientes De Caborca - Al Gusto
Airplanes - Flip Flops
Lelia Broussard - Love Me Anyway
Lelia Broussard - Secrets
Lelia Broussard - Won't Bring You Down
Lelia Broussard - Broken Down & Blue
Lelia Broussard - Harmony
Nicola Fasano - Happy Birthday
Caliban - Love Song
Caliban - The Denegation Of Humanity
Caliban - In The Name Of Progression
Artillery - Refuse To Live - Part 2
Remembrance (Metal) - Death Diaries
Remembrance (Metal) - These Hallways Are Eternal
Ajattara - Keuhkot
Ajattara - Massat
Ajattara - Mitä kuolema parantaa?
Ajattara - Saatana palvoo meitä
Ajattara - Ikuisen aamun Sara
Ajattara - Kielletyn sanat
Therefore I Am - Big Blue
Hellratz - No Room For Us
Hellratz - Perverses Schwein
Short Stack - Enough For You
Farewell - Before I Wake
Farewell - Catch-As-Catch-Can
Lower Definition - I Don't Think You're Ready For This Jelly
Strung Out - Dead Spaces
Strung Out - Every Breath You Take
Kid Sister - Daydreaming
Pereza - Ladie Madrid
Pereza - Las 4 Y 26
Pereza - Leones
Pereza - Backstage
Pereza - Está Lloviendo
Pereza - El Día Que No Pueda Más
Pereza - Sr Kioskero
Pereza - Llévame Al Baile
Seguridad Social - Mª Manuela
Los Herederos De Nuevo Leon - En Las Manos Del Tiempo
Los Herederos De Nuevo Leon - Y Entonces Si
Los Herederos De Nuevo Leon - Se Marcho
Los Herederos De Nuevo Leon - El Que Se Va
Los Herederos De Nuevo Leon - Una Noche Me Embriague
Miranda Cosgrove - Raining Sunshine
Raven Symone - This Christmas
Ready For The World - Oh Sheila
Ready For The World - In My Room
Samantha Jade - Secret
Vistoso Bosses - Theme Song
Youthful Praise - Glory And Honor
Chris Brown - Don't Know What It Is
K' Jon - I'll Never Forget
Bandgeek Mafia - About Beasts & Lovers
Bandgeek Mafia - Your Kindgom, My Home
Lemuria (Punk) - Hey I'm Over Here
Lemuria (Punk) - Little Silver Children
Lemuria (Punk) - Bugbear
Lemuria (Punk) - Keep Quiet
Lemuria (Punk) - Sophomore
Lemuria (Punk) - Beespit
Lemuria (Punk) - It's Not A Lie, It's A Secret
Lemuria (Punk) - Bookworm
Lemuria (Punk) - Piranah
Lemuria (Punk) - Lipstick
Lemuria (Punk) - Buzz
Lemuria (Punk) - Length Away
Lemuria (Punk) - Mechanical
Modern Day Escape - One Way To Kill A Werewolf
Modern Day Escape - Armageddon At Its Finest
Strike Anywhere - Failed State
Strike Anywhere - Orphan Age
Strike Anywhere - Twilight's Last Gleaming
Weezer - If You're Wondering If I Want You To I Want You To
Weezer - Put Me Back Together
Weezer - Love Is The Answer
Renfue - Dancing With A Liar
David Dallas - Indulge Me
Getaways (The) - One Good Night
Miley Cyrus - I Wanna Know You
Miley Cyrus - When I Look At You
Miley Cyrus - Obsessed
Miley Cyrus - Before The Storm
Scene Aesthetic (The) - If You're A Bird
Beau and The Arrows - Fix
Stars Go Dim - Catch Me If You Can
Stars Go Dim - Where Has Our Love Gone
Stars Go Dim - Hoping For Tomorrow
Mark Schultz - What It Means To Be Loved
Mark Schultz - He Is
Richard Buckner - Her
Kapanga - Se Va
Kapanga - Sólos En La Puna
Kapanga - Desperté
Kapanga - Agua En Marte
Kapanga - Araceli
Kapanga - Mío
Kapanga - Hambre
Kapanga - Deambule
Pastora Soler - Necesito Aire
Pastora Soler - La Linea De La Vida
Pastora Soler - Que Paren El Mundo
Pastora Soler - En La Madruga
Patrick Droney - Everything
Cuentos Borgeanos - Estás Vivo
Cuentos Borgeanos - La Pregunta
Cuentos Borgeanos - Mirar Al Sol
Cuentos Borgeanos - Resistir
Cuentos Borgeanos - La Dulce Espera
Cuentos Borgeanos - Cajones Vacios
Cuentos Borgeanos - Frio
Cuentos Borgeanos - Pequeña Luz
Cuentos Borgeanos - Hable Con El
Cuentos Borgeanos - 1999
Libra - Sangue Frio
Libra - Na Minha Pele
Icon For Hire - Carried Away
Icon For Hire - Fall Apart
Icon For Hire - The Grey
Southern Culture On The Skids - The Man That Wrestles The Bear
Zazie - Aux Armes Citoyennes
Chamillionaire - Denzel Washington
Common - The Light '08 (It's Love)
Travis Garland - Stranded
Decyfer Down - Desperate
Decyfer Down - Moving On
Taylor Swift - Thug Story
Kiss - Russian Roulette
Kiss - Never Enough
Kiss - Stand
Kiss - Hot & Cold
Kiss - Danger Us
Kiss - I'm an Animal
Kiss - When Lightning Strikes
Kiss - Say Yeah!
Bon Jovi - We Weren't Born To Follow
Bon Jovi - Just Like Friends
Bon Jovi - Work For The Working Man
Bon Jovi - Tomorrow
Patent Pending - Anti-everything
Patent Pending - Air Underneath My Feet
James Yeates - Flames
Animals Can't Laugh - Greetings From Russia
Kelly Clarkson - Fading
Wizards Of Waverly Place - Magical
Miley Cyrus - Before The Storm
Living The Story - Once A Dreamer Always A Dreamer [No Sins Included]
Young Son - This Far
Honest Life (The) - Songwriters And Storytellers
Diablos Negros - Hojas Secas
Cinema Bizarre - Touching And Kissing
Cinema Bizarre - Depper And Deper
Cinema Bizarre - Dark Star
Cinema Bizarre - Heaven Is Wrapped In Chains
Cinema Bizarre - Out Of Love
A-V - Beslan Tribute
Paul Weller - Here's The Good News
Paul Weller - The Start Of Forever
Guy Sebastian - Like It Like That
Celldweller - So Long Sentiment
Celldweller - Eon
Lacuna Coil - The Last Goodbye
Channel Zero - Chrome Dome
Channel Zero - Repetition
Channel Zero - America
Channel Zero - Unleash the Dog
Channel Zero - Big Now
Budgie - Don't Want To Find That Girl
Callahan - Anyways
Callahan - Finding My Way
Sandwiches (The) - But Would Holy_bals Do Her?
Sandwiches (The) - V A N F L I P
Years Gone By (The) - The Last Perfect Thing About This Year
Gianni Morandi - Grazie A Tutti
Mango - Contro Tutti I Pronostici
Mango - E Poi Di Nuovo La Notte
Skillet - Would It Matter
Score 24 - She's A Good Girl
Score 24 - Wake Up, Baby
Fenix TX - Got My Swagga
NLT - Hssh
Blue Roses - Doubtful Comforts
Misstress Barbara - I'm Running
Misstress Barbara - Four Days Apart
Marie-Mai - Déjà Loin
Marie-Mai - C'est Moi
Marie-Mai - Garde Tes Larmes
Marie-Mai - Secrets
Marie-Mai - Comme Avant
Marie-Mai - Rebâtir Notre Histoire
Stereos - Heart Beating Baby
Stereos - Jet Black Cadillac
Stereos - Throw Ya Hands Up
Maklak - Blue For Girls, Pink For Boys
Maklak - Cutting Clouds
Psyclon Nine - We The Fallen
Psyclon Nine - There But For The Grace Of God
Norman - La Rivolta Dei Bambini Blu
Norman - Tra Le Fragole
Norman - Tutte Le Altre Cose Che Non So
Valentina Dorme - Un Nome Di Fantasma
Valentina Dorme - Benedetto Davvero
Valentina Dorme - Giulia Bentley In Estate
Valentina Dorme - Trieste Centrale
Valentina Dorme - Io Non Sono Forte
Massimo Volume - Il Primo Dio
Massimo Volume - Esercito Di Santi
Massimo Volume - Ororo
Massimo Volume - Saint Jack
Massimo Volume - Il Tuo Corpo Affamato
Massimo Volume - Un Sapore, Tutto Qui
Massimo Volume - Vedute Dallo Spazio
Massimo Volume - Tarzan
LeToya Luckett - After Party
LeToya Luckett - Tears
LeToya Luckett - Matter
Maggie McClure - Life
Maggie McClure - Believe
Maggie McClure - All We Need
Maggie McClure - Never Let You Down
Maggie McClure - All Of Me
Outlandish - Keep The Record On Play
Outlandish - Always Remember
Outlandish - Dale Duro
Outlandish - Out Of Sight
A Rocket To The Moon - Sometimes
Coma - Bizz
Coma - Bruzli Vs Vandam
Coma - Canta-mi Povestea
Agnes - Stranded
Agnes - Emotional
Agnes - Forever Yours
Agnes - I Believe
Agnes - What A Feeling
Agnes - Now That I Found Love
Agnes - Let Me Carry You
Mini Viva - Left My Heart In Tokyo
Cinema Bizarre - American Beauty
Cinema Bizarre - Bang A Gong (Get It On)
Cinema Bizarre - Are You Crying
Marina Rei - Musa
Marina Rei - Ci Sarebbe Ancora Gloria
Marina Rei - Sorrido
Marina Rei - La Tua Sposa
Marina Rei - Buona Vita A Te
Marina Rei - Due Mondi Lontani
Marina Rei - Un Volo Senza Fine
Marina Rei - Regina Reginella
Joan Sebastian - Pide Mas
Joan Sebastian - Te Ira Mejor Sin Mi
Joan Sebastian - Me Quiere Mi Perro
Joan Sebastian - Pegadito Al Corazón
Joan Sebastian - Trigo
Joan Sebastian - El Canario
Joan Sebastian - En Los Cuernos De La Luna
Joan Sebastian - Paloma Gris
Joan Sebastian - Vals Del Amor
Alessandra Amoroso - Bellissimo
Alessandra Amoroso - L'amore Non è Un Gioco
Alessandra Amoroso - Arrivi Tu
Alessandra Amoroso - Segreto
Valdo Cilli - Pardonne-moi De T'avoir Fait Pleurer
Jackson 5 - Blame It On The Boogie
Jackson 5 - Push Me Away
Jackson 5 - Things I Do For You
Jackson 5 - Destiny
Jackson 5 - That's What You Get (for Being Polite)
Primus - The Carpenter And The Dainty Bride
Primus - Pilcher's Squad
Primus - Mary The Ice Cube
Girls Aloud - Money
Honor Society - Over You
Honor Society - Full Moon Crazy
Honor Society - My Own Way
Honor Society - Why Didn't I
Honor Society - Here Comes Trouble
Honor Society - Nobody Has To Know
Honor Society - Sing For You
Honor Society - Don't Close The Book
Honor Society - Where Are You Now
Hawk Nelson - Live Life Loud
Tokio Hotel - Pain Of Love
Tokio Hotel - Human Connect To Human
1814 - Jah Rustafari
Shana - I Want You
Shana - Falling Slowly
Nadine Renee - Say You'll Stay
Zak Laughed - Each Day
Zak Laughed - A Letter For Emily
Tom Frager - Better Days
Tom Frager - Libre Et Léger
Tom Frager - All I Can Do
ZenFM - Lady Melody
Amy Millan - Old Perfume
Amy Millan - Run For Me
Sarah Michelle - Je Veux Vivre
Sarah Michelle - J'aimerais
Sarah Michelle - Un Signe De Toi
Sarah Michelle - Nos Cris D'amour
Robbie Williams - You Know Me
Robbie Williams - Do You Mind?
Robbie Williams - Last Days Of Disco
Robbie Williams - Somewhere
Robbie Williams - Deceptacon
Robbie Williams - Starstruck
Robbie Williams - Won't Do That
Robbie Williams - Arizona
Paloma Faith - Stone Cold Sober
Paloma Faith - Broken Doll
Paloma Faith - Romance Is Dead
Paloma Faith - New York
Teenage Bottlerocket - Forbidden Planet
Teenage Bottlerocket - Without You
Maurane - Armstrong
Maurane - Le Jazz Et La Java
Maurane - Gratte-moi La Tête
Maurane - Allée Des Brouillards
David Guetta - Gettin' Over
David Guetta - It's The Way You Love Me
David Guetta - Missing You
David Guetta - I Gotta Feeling
David Guetta - If We Ever
David Guetta & Kelly Rowland - It's The Way You Love Me
Mozart L'Opéra Rock - Vivre A En Crever
Mozart L'Opéra Rock - Si Je Défaille
Mozart L'Opéra Rock - Victime De Ma Victoire
Mozart L'Opéra Rock - Le Trublion
Mozart L'Opéra Rock - Bim Bam Boum
Mozart L'Opéra Rock - Penser L'impossible
Maurane - Ben
Maurane - Bleue
Maurane - C'est La Vie Qui Décide
Maurane - Ça Casse
Maurane - Des Graines D'immortelles
Queensberry - I Can't Stop Feeling
Queensberry - Glamarous
Queensberry - Too Young [M.A.T. Catwalk Mix]
Queensberry - Too Young
Queensberry - On My Own
Queensberry - Lifelong Lovesong
Queensberry - Girl Like Me [Nonchalant]
Queensberry - Scandalous
Queensberry - Changes
Queensberry - I Believe In Christmas
Queensberry - Delicate
Queensberry - Better Do It
Train - If It's Love
Versus The World - Blue And Cold
Versus The World - Death In Fire
Make Do And Mend - Father
Make Do And Mend - Our Own Ebb & Flow
Make Do And Mend - No Words
Chuck Ragan - The Trench
Chuck Ragan - Let It Rain
Chuck Ragan - Good Enough For Rock And Roll
Chuck Ragan - Wash My Feet In The Waves
Böhse Onkelz - Keine Zeit
Böhse Onkelz - Einmal
Böhse Onkelz - Viva Los Tioz
Böhse Onkelz - Wenn Du Wirklich Willst
Böhse Onkelz - Zu Nah An Der Wahrheit
Böhse Onkelz - Hier Sind Die Onkelz
Böhse Onkelz - Finde Die Wahrheit
Böhse Onkelz - Danke Für Nichts
Böhse Onkelz - Das Problem Bist Du
Böhse Onkelz - Lasst Es Uns Tun
Böhse Onkelz - Heilige Lieder
Böhse Onkelz - Ich Bin In Dir
Böhse Onkelz - Diese Lieder ...
Böhse Onkelz - Der Schrei Nach Freiheit
Böhse Onkelz - Angst Ist Nur Ein Gefühl
Böhse Onkelz - Exitus
Böhse Onkelz - Knast
Böhse Onkelz - Danke
Böhse Onkelz - Es Ist Wie Es Ist
Böhse Onkelz - Zuviel
Pedro Fernández - Amarte A La Antigua
Pedro Fernández - Dile A Las Estrella
Pedro Fernández - Ni Con Otro Corazon
Pedro Fernández - Celosa
Pedro Fernández - El Cantante
Los Baron De Apodaca - Pa'que Sientas Lo Que Siento
El Compa Chuy - Al Nuevo Altata
El Compa Chuy - Llegó Un Matón Al Infierno
El Compa Chuy - Gente Peligrosa
El Compa Chuy - Fue Mejor Así
El Compa Chuy - Los Empacadores
Yggdrasil - I Nordens Rike (In The Realm Of The North)
Yggdrasil - Nattens Vandrare (Nights Wanderer)
Yggdrasil - Nordmark (Northground)
Crystalic - Blackened Image
Rosa Lopez - Regálame Esta Noche
Rosa Lopez - Si Tú No Estás
Rosa Lopez - Sabes Que No
Rosa Lopez - Ahora Que Te Has Ido (dúo Con Perales)
Rosa Lopez - Dos Que Se Aman
El Barrio - Insomnio
El Barrio - Ahora
El Barrio - Made In...
Shiml - Schritt Für Schritt
Shiml - Credits
Shiml - Hinterm Horizont
Shiml - 327 Strassensound
Adam Lambert - Strut
Adam Lambert - Soaked
Adam Lambert - If I Had You
Adam Lambert - Sleepwalker
Adam Lambert - Aftermath
Adam Lambert - Time For Miracles
Adam Lambert - Down The Rabbit Hole
Go Radio - Thanks For Nothing
Go Radio - Fall Asleep First
Her Bright Skies - Falter Now
Bring The Heat - Jerky Mcjerkface (I Told You So)
Bring The Heat - Desperate Diamonds Are Forever
Estrella - Si Me Sientes
Estrella - Aquí Seguiré
Estrella - Designios
Viceversa - Tenemos Que Hablar
Viceversa - Solo Se Tu Nombre
Luca Napolitano - Mia
Luca Napolitano - La Mia Sola Storia
Luca Napolitano - Ora Guardami
Luca Napolitano - Dimenticarmi Di Te
Elisa - Vortexes
Elisa - And All I Need
Elisa - Anche Se Non Trovi Le Parole
Elisa - Someone To Love
Elisa - Coincidences
Elisa - Dot In The Universe
Wotans Wille - Totenschar
Wotans Wille - Wotans Wille
Prymary - Dirty Room (Part 1)
Prymary - In My Shell
Prymary - Soul Deceiver
Prymary - Born Again
Prymary - Only Love
Prymary - Running Away
Prymary - Dirty Room (Part 2)
Ich + Ich - Die Lebenden Und Die Toten
Ich + Ich - Hilf Mir
Ich + Ich - Hallo Hallo
Ich + Ich - Stein
Ich + Ich - Danke
Rotersand - Give It All Away
Rotersand - Drop Your Education
Helene Fischer - Zaubermond
Helene Fischer - Lass Mich In Dein Leben
Helene Fischer - Jeder Braucht Eine Insel
Helene Fischer - Hab Den Himmel Berührt
Helene Fischer - Ich Geb Nie Auf (Am Anfang War Das Feuer)
Helene Fischer - Frag Nicht Wo Und Wann
Helene Fischer - Gefühle Wie Feuer Und Eis
Helene Fischer - König Der Herzen
Helene Fischer - Willkommen In Meinen Träumen
Helene Fischer - Das Absolute Herzgefühl
Unheilig - Sei Mein Licht
Unheilig - Feuerengel
Unheilig - Kleine Puppe
Unheilig - Luftschiff
Unheilig - Phönix
Unheilig - Komm Zu Mir
Unheilig - Die Filmrolle
Unheilig - Zauberer
Unheilig - Hört Mein Wort
Unheilig - Willst Du Mich
Unheilig - Himmelherz
Unheilig - Auf Zum Mond
Unheilig - Herz Aus Eis
Unheilig - Mein König
Unheilig - Fabrik Der Liebe
Unheilig - Tanz Mit Dem Feuer
Unheilig - Zeig Mir, Dass Ich Lebe
Unheilig - Sternenschiff
Unheilig - Mona Lisa
Unheilig - Kling Glöckchen Klingelingeling
Unheilig - O Tannenbaum
Unheilig - Sternzeit (2. Strophe)
Unheilig - Sternzeit (3. Strophe)
Unheilig - Schneeflöckchen Weissröckchen
Unheilig - Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht
Unheilig - Sage Ja!
Unheilig - My Bride Has Gone
Unheilig - Komm Zu Mir
Unheilig - Close Your Eyes
Unheilig - The Bad And The Beautiful
Unheilig - Discover The World
Unheilig - Skin
Unheilig - Die Alte Leier
Unheilig - Mein Stern (Piano Version)
Unheilig - Der Himmel Über Mir
Unheilig - Schneller Höher Weiter
Unheilig - Lebe Wohl
Unheilig - Morgengrauen
Unheilig - Die Muse
Unheilig - Freiheit (Terminal Choice Remix)
Unheilig - Schmetterling
Unheilig - One On The Dead
Modaxì - Non Ti Addormenti Mai
Modaxì - Lastrico
Modaxì - Se Fossi Qui
Unheilig - Wenn Du Lachst
Hueco - Stella Cometa
Unheilig - Glaub An Mich
Unheilig - Spielzeugmann
Benjamin Biolay - La Superbe
Benjamin Biolay - Ton Héritage
Benjamin Biolay - Lyon Presqu'île
Benjamin Biolay - 15 Septembre
Benjamin Biolay - La Pénombre Des Pays-bas
Benjamin Biolay - Des Lendemains Qui Chantent
Benjamin Biolay - Folle De Toi
Benjamin Biolay - She's My Baby
Benjamin Biolay - L'arizona
Benjamin Biolay - Ma Chair Est Tendre
Benjamin Biolay - La Chambre D'amis
Unheilig - Tannenbaum
Unheilig - Knecht Ruprecht
Unheilig - Weihnachtszeit
Unheilig - This Corrosion
Cesaria Evora - Ingrata
Cesaria Evora - Dona Ana
Cesaria Evora - Fruto Proibido
Cesaria Evora - Tanha
Cesaria Evora - Cumpade Ciznone
Cesaria Evora - Miss Perfumado
Cesaria Evora - Xandinha
Cesaria Evora - Tudo Tem Se Limite
Cesaria Evora - Rotcha Scribida
Cesaria Evora - Areia De Salamansa
Cesaria Evora - Sangue De Beirona
Cesaria Evora - Mar E Morada De Sodade
Cesaria Evora - Quem Bô é
Cesaria Evora - Luiza
Cesaria Evora - Miss Perfumado
Cesaria Evora - Petit Pays
Cesaria Evora - Sangue De Beirona
Cesaria Evora - Sorte
Cesaria Evora - Perseguida
Cesaria Evora - São Vicente Di Longe
Cesaria Evora - Homem Na Meio Di Homem
Cesaria Evora - Linda Mimosa (en Duo Avec Orquesta Aragon)
Cesaria Evora - Pic Nic Na Salamansa
Cesaria Evora - Partida