Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 257:

Forbidden Theory - My Shelter
Forbidden Theory - Pushing From You
Forbidden Theory - Visions To Lose
Forced Entry - A Look Through Glass
Forced Entry - Apathy
Forced Entry - Foreign Policy
Forced Entry - Morgulon
Forced Entry - Thunderhead
Fordirelifesake - Something Missing
Forecast, The - Say You Miss ME
Forest City Lovers - Song For Morrie
Forest Fire - She's Building Something Out Of Me
Forever December - Maxell
Forever December - Mercy
Forever December - Set Sail
Forever December - Your Last Regret
Forever Midnight Sun - All hands on deck
Forever Midnight Sun - Assemble The Fleet
Forever Midnight Sun - The Jam Before Time
Forever Midnight Sun - We Never Sang So Loud
Forever TakeBack (The) - You Are
Forget Cassettes - Ms. Rhythm and Blues
Forget Cassettes - Venison
Format, The - matches (acoustic)
Format, The - Wild World
Former Ghosts - Hello Again
Former Ghosts - Hold On
Former Ghosts - I Wave
Former Ghosts - Marlowe and Sophie
Former Ghosts - Mother
Former Ghosts - New Orleans
Former Ghosts - Unfolding
Forward Russia - Eight
Forward Russia - Five
Fotos - Explodieren
Fotos - Giganten
Fotos - Ich Häng An Dir Und Du Hängst An Mir
Fotos - Serenaden
Foundations (The) - Waiting On The Shores of Nowhere
Foundry Field Recordings, The - circuits on board
Fountain Of Tears - Corruption
Fountain Of Tears - Falling
Fountain Of Tears - She Wants To Be
Fountain Of Tears - Survive
Four Hundred Years - Transmit Failure
Four Seasons (The) - Grease
Four Star Mary - Ramblings Of A Madman
Four Star Mary - Stupid Thing
Four Years Strong - Go Long Dad
Four Years Strong - Live From The Crime Scene
Four Years Strong - Prepare To Be Digitally Manipulated
Four Years Strong - Your Song
Fourth Floor Collapse - Audrey Is Sad
Fourth Floor Collapse - Best Disguise
Fourth Floor Collapse - Black And Blue
Fourth Floor Collapse - Congregation
Fourth Floor Collapse - Get Up Slow
Fourth Floor Collapse - Made Believe
Fourth Floor Collapse - On Track
Fourth Floor Collapse - One Last Arrow
Fourth Floor Collapse - Same Mistake
Fourth Floor Collapse - Scaling Walls
Fourth Floor Collapse - Someone Else To Blame
Fourth Floor Collapse - Stories Unglued
Fourth Floor Collapse - The Tigers Are Waiting
Fourth Floor Collapse - U.S.O.B.s
Fourth Floor Collapse - Whole Lot Comes Alive
Fourth Floor Collapse - Without Wires
Fourth Floor Collapse - Xmas 88
Foxboro Hottubs - Alligator
Foxboro Hottubs - Red Tide
Foxboro Hottubs - Ruby Room
Foxboro Hottubs - She's a Saint Not a Celebrity
Foxtail Somersault - Motionland
Fr3mdkoerper - Bank
Fr3mdkoerper - Dach
Fr3mdkoerper - Der letzte Rest von Euphorie
Fr3mdkoerper - Konturen
Fr3mdkoerper - Mein Spiegel
Fr3mdkoerper - Momente im Leben
Fr3mdkoerper - Postalkoholische Melancholie
Fr3mdkoerper - Zuhause
Fra Lippo Lippi - The Treasure
Françoise Hardy - Je Veux Qu'il Revienne
Francis And The Lights - Can't Tell Me Nothing (Kanye West cover)
Francis Dunnery - Whoever Brought Me Here
Francisco Vidal Band - All the Girls
Francisco Vidal Band - Beautiful Song
Francisco Vidal Band - Best Friend
Francisco Vidal Band - Big Time
Francisco Vidal Band - Drive
Francisco Vidal Band - Good Thing
Francisco Vidal Band - I'm the One to Blame
Francisco Vidal Band - No Reason
Francisco Vidal Band - Precious
Francisco Vidal Band - Real Love Story
Francisco Vidal Band - Seems to Me
Francisco Vidal Band - Strange Time
Francisco Vidal Band - Sweet Dreams
Francisco Vidal Band - Tail Lights
Francisco Vidal Band - Where Ever You Go
Frank Bell - Rewind
Frank Hamilton - All Or Nothing
Frank Hamilton - Everywhere
Frank Hamilton - Friday Nights
Frank Hamilton - Get Home Safely
Frank Hamilton - Silence
Frank Hamilton - Two Kids
Frank Hamilton - Waterloo Guildford
Frankenstein Drag Queens From The Planet 13 - Chop Off My Hand
Frankenstein Drag Queens From The Planet 13 - Plan 9 From Outta Space
Frankenstein Drag Queens From The Planet 13 - Rock N' Roll [Flipside]
Frankenstein Drag Queens From The Planet 13 - the Last Halloween - The Story of Trick or Treat Pete
Franz Nicolay - Cease-Fire, or, Mrs. Norman Maine
Franz Nicolay - Quiet Where I Lie
Franz Nicolay - World/Inferno vs The End of the Evening
Fraser & Debolt - Fraser And DeBolt Theme
Fraser Anderson - Laces
Fred Eaglesmith - Summerlea
Fred Thomas - Do You Want To Come To My Party?
Fred Thomas - Hearts Dancing
Fred Thomas - Snow Bight
Fred Thomas - Summer of OMD
Fred Thomas - Susceptible to Ghosts
Fred Thomas - Throw Me A Line
Fredrik - Alina's Place
Free Design (The) - Don't turn away
Free Design (The) - When Love Is Young
Free Diamonds - My Boxing Days Are Over
Free Energy - Dark Trance
Free Energy - Dream City
Free Energy - Free Energy
Free Energy - Something In Common
Freelance Whales - Generator ^ First Floor
Freelance Whales - Ghosting
Freelance Whales - Hannah
Freelance Whales - Kilojoules
Freelance Whales - Location
Freelance Whales - The Great Estates
Freelance Whales - We Could Be Friends
French Quarter - Bold With Fire
Friday Mourning - Freedom Song
Friendly Indians, The - acceptance speech
Friska Viljor - Should I Apologize?
Friska Viljor - The Street Sounds Like
Frogs (The) - Revolution
From Cities To Statelines - June
From Cities To Statelines - Temper, Temper
From Indian Lakes - Away!
From Indian Lakes - We Thought Your Hearts Were Beating
From Monument To Masses - Comrades and Friends
From Ritual To Romance - Get The Girl Make The Grade
From Ritual To Romance - When The Sun Rises in the West
From Safety To Where - Clockwork
From Safety To Where - Mapping
From Safety To Where - Only Now
Frontier Ruckus - Mona and Emmy
Frosty Eve - Symphony Of Destruction (Megadeth Cover)
Frozen Eternity - Forgotten Past
Frozen Eternity - Frozen Eternity
Frozen Eternity - Frozen Heart
Frozen Eternity - Maelstrom
Frozen Eternity - Self Annihilation
Frozen Eternity - Soul Slaughter
Fruit Bats (The) - Everyday That We Wake Up Is A Beautiful Day
Fruit Bats (The) - The Ruminant Band
Fruit Smoothie Trio - Kings and Queens
Fruit Smoothie Trio - Rover
Fruit Smoothie Trio - Too Pretty
Fujiya & Miyagi - Cylinders
Fujiya & Miyagi - Knickerbocker
Fujiya & Miyagi - Lightbulbs
FUKKK OFFF - Rave Is King
Full Touch (The) - The Way Y ou Rock
Fumblerooski - Burger Bonus From Mayor McCheese
Fumblerooski - Never, New Jersey
Fumblerooski - The Jerk Store Called, They're Running Out of You
Fun - All The Pretty Girls
Fun - Barlights
Fun - Be Calm
Fun - Benson Hedges
Fun - The Gambler
Funeral Oration - Caging Me In
Funeral Party - Carwars
Funeral Party - Where Did It Go Wrong?
Funereal Moon - Demoni
Funereal Moon - Pact With Lucifer
Funkadelic - March to the Witch's Castle
Furious Frank - Another Life
Furious Frank - Dividing Line
Furious Frank - For The King
Furious Frank - Frank's Furious Eliksir
Furious Frank - Indianola
Furious Frank - The Coroner of Drifter's Creek
Furniture - Brilliant Mind
Furthest One (The) - Ready Set Self Destruct
Furthest One (The) - Anyway
Furthest One (The) - Doomsday
Furthest One (The) - Pink Lemonade
Furthest One (The) - Sludge Garden, Part Two
Furthest One (The) - When Tomorrow Hits
Future Clouds And Radar - Build Havana
Future Clouds And Radar - Malice of Stars
Future Clouds And Radar - Safety Zone
Future Islands - Follow You
Future Islands - The Happiness of Being Twice
Future Leaders Of The World - Eclipse
Future Leaders Of The World - Let Me Out (Acoustic)
Future Leaders Of The World - Nile
Future Leaders Of The World - Unite
Future Leaders Of The World - Unite (Acoustic)
Fweetma - About A Girl
Fweetma - Casey
Hiltrop - Mein Licht
Hiltrop - Chatdrama
Carnifex - Sorrowspell
Carnifex - Genocide Initiative
Good Shoes - I Know
Good Shoes - Under Control
Good Shoes - Our Loving Mother In A Pink Diamond
Mickie Krause - Spaß An Vögeln
Mickie Krause - Der Ober Bricht
Mickie Krause - Reiß Die Hütte Ab! (Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep)
Mickie Krause - Wir Lagen Vor Madagaskar
Mickie Krause - Meine Oma Fährt Im Hühnerstall Motorrad
Baschi - Unsterblich
Baschi - Bereue Nüt
Baschi - Wenn Das Gott Wüsst
Baschi - Heimat
Baschi - Freinacht
Baschi - 0545
Orion Riders - Leave The Shades Behind
Orion Riders - Light And Dark
Orion Riders - Life's Best Days
Orion Riders - Old Symphony
Floodgate - Before The Line Divides
Prinz Pi - Namenstag
Prinz Pi - Goldene Tage
Prinz Pi - Peng, Peng, Peng
Prinz Pi - Rostbraun
Silvia Olari - Inaccettabile
Le Vibrazioni - Va Così
Le Vibrazioni - Parlo Col Vento
Le Vibrazioni - Senza Indugio
Le Vibrazioni - E Volar Via
Le Vibrazioni - Le Strade Del Tempo
Le Vibrazioni - Oggi No
Le Vibrazioni - Ridono Gli Dei
Le Vibrazioni - Come Ieri
Il Pan Del Diavolo - Il Pan Del Diavolo
Il Pan Del Diavolo - Farà Cadere Lei
Il Pan Del Diavolo - Il Boom
Il Pan Del Diavolo - Il Mistero Dello Specchio Rotto
Il Pan Del Diavolo - Sono All'osso
Il Pan Del Diavolo - Africa
Il Pan Del Diavolo - Ciriaco
Il Pan Del Diavolo - Scarpette A Punta
Dulce María - Llévame
Patty Griffin - Move Up
Patty Griffin - Little Fire
Patty Griffin - Coming Home To Me
Patty Griffin - The Strange Man
Antifaz - Son Instancias
Nick Jonas & The Administration - Conspiracy Theory
Nick Jonas & The Administration - In The End
Nick Jonas & The Administration - Last Time Around
Nick Jonas & The Administration - Tonight
Nick Jonas & The Administration - Stronger (Back On The Ground)
Madonna - Across The Sky
Aj Mclean - Have It All
Aj Mclean - Sincerely Yours
Wilde Zeiten - Adios Viva Punk
Wilde Zeiten - Halte Dagegen
Wilde Zeiten - Wann Kommt Die Zeit
Wilde Zeiten - Liebesbrief
Wilde Zeiten - Könige Der Nacht
Wilde Zeiten - Wofür
Wilde Zeiten - Stern Der Erinnerung
Wilde Zeiten - Alles Wird Neu
Wilde Zeiten - Ob Wir Uns Wiedersehn
Wilde Zeiten - Terminal Love
Wilde Zeiten - Vom Gehen Und Vom Denken
Wilde Zeiten - Wo Bist Du
Wilde Zeiten - Weg Ans Meer
JayBee - Wenn Du Gehst
StrandHeizung - Mathilde
StrandHeizung - Frühstück Mit Dem Hund
Dillinger Escape Plan - Farewell, Mona Lisa
Dillinger Escape Plan - Crystal Morning
Dillinger Escape Plan - Chinese Whispers
Dillinger Escape Plan - I Wouldn't If You Didn't
Hope For Haiti Now - Dave Matthews And Neil Young - Alone And Forsaken
Hope For Haiti Now - Wyclef Jean - Rivers Of Babylon
Freedom Call - Out Of The Ruins
Freedom Call - Resurrection Day
Freedom Call - Kingdom Of Madness
Lost Nebula - Film Inachevé
Damien Saez - Ceux Qui Sont En Laisse
Damien Saez - À L'alhambra
Damien Saez - Quand On Perd Son Amour
Damien Saez - Tango
Damien Saez - Jeunesse Lève-toi
Damien Saez - Toi Tu Dis Que T'es Bien Sans Moi
Damien Saez - Killing The Lambs
Damien Saez - Yellow Tricycle
Damien Saez - Is It Ok ?
The Fottutissimi - Certe Certezze
Ginette Reno - J'ai Besoin De Parler
Ginette Reno - J'ai Besoin D'un Ami
Ginette Reno - Je Me Souviens
Ginette Reno - Je Me Suis Trompée
Ginette Reno - Je Reviens Te Chercher
Ginette Reno - La Derniere Valse
Ginette Reno - La Deuxieme Voix
Ginette Reno - Laisse Pas Tomber Le Vieux Bluesman
Ginette Reno - Laisser Moi Revenir Sur Terre
Ginette Reno - Les Trois Cloches
Ginette Reno - Locomotion
Ginette Reno - L'argent
Jed Madela - Your Song (disc 01)
Jed Madela - The Past
Jed Madela - For The First Time
Jed Madela - Love Always Finds A Way
Jed Madela - For You
Jed Madela - Changes In My Life
Jed Madela - More Than You'll Ever Know
Jed Madela - Forever Blue
Jed Madela - I Believe In You
Jed Madela - I Want To Give It All
Jed Madela - Only Love
Jed Madela - Hard Habit To Break
Jed Madela - Every Now And Then
Jed Madela - Laging Ikaw
Ginette Reno - Ma Mère Chantait Toujours
Ginette Reno - Non Papa
Ginette Reno - On Prend Toujours Un Train Pour Quelque Part
Ginette Reno - Oublie-moi
Ginette Reno - Plus Rien N'existe
Ginette Reno - Pour Une Dernière Fois
Ginette Reno - Que Reste-t-il De Nos Amours?
Devize - Spieluhr
Muhabbet - I Liebes Liedchen
Muhabbet - Bitte
Muhabbet - Bitte Versteh
Muhabbet - Alles Tun
Muhabbet - Gluck Fur Dich
Muhabbet - Sie Liegt In Meinen Armen
Muhabbet - Wie 'ne Lawine
Muhabbet - Schau Hin
Muhabbet - Du Hast Geschworen
Muhabbet - Erzahl Jedem
Muhabbet - Mein Seelenheil
Muhabbet - Kein Ausweg
Muhabbet - Ein Teil Von Dir
John Hiatt - Haulin'
John Hiatt - Like A Freight Train
John Hiatt - Homeland
John Hiatt - What Kind Of Man
John Hiatt - Movin' On
John Hiatt - Carry You Back Home
Courteeners (The) - Take Over The World
Courteeners (The) - You Over Did It Doll
Courteeners (The) - Cameo Brooch
Courteeners (The) - Scratch Your Name Upon My Lips
Courteeners (The) - Last Of The Ladies
Ginette Reno - Toi Le Poète
Ginette Reno - Tu M'fais Voir Des étoiles
Ginette Reno - Une Femme Sentimentale
Ginette Reno - Vivre
F.K.U. - Where Moshers Dwell
F.K.U. - Twitch Of The Thrash Nerve
Demon Hunter - Collapsing
Demon Hunter - Blood In The Tears
G. Love & Special Sauce - Baby's Got Sauce
G. Love & Special Sauce - Blues Music
G. Love & Special Sauce - Walk To Slide
Gabardine - And Then the Drummer Flew Away
Gabe Dixon Band - Find My Way
Gabe Dixon Band - Sirens
Gabe Dixon Band - Til You're Gone
Gabriel Lukosz - Last One Out
gabriella Cihomsky - Sweet
Gackt - Death Wish [English]
Gackt - Kalmia [English]
Gackt - Lapis ~prologue~ [English]
Gackt - Meguriai
Gackt - Noesis [English]
Gackt - Rain [English]
Gackt - Uncontrol [English]
Gackt - Wasurenai Kara [English]
Gaelic Storm - Beidh Aonach Amárach
Galactic - Villified
Galactic Cowboys - No Problems
Galacticos (The) - Battlestar Galactico
Galacticos (The) - I'm With My Girl
Galacticos (The) - Rap Battle (with Stephen and Thurston)
Galeb - San
Galt Aureus - Citadels
Galt Aureus - Fall, The Legions
Gamits, The - Bridges
Gang Of Four - silver lining
ganglians - Cryin' Smoke
Gap Band, The - Early in the Morning
Garden Variety - By And Large
Gareth Asher - Got Me Gone
Gareth Asher - No Surprises
Gareth Asher - One of Those Times
Gareth Asher - Pink Houses in Heaven
Gareth Asher - The Real Part of You
Gareth Asher - Would It Be So Bad?
Garfunkel and Oates - The End
Garfunkel and Oates - Year End Letter
Gary Higgins - It Didn't Take Too Long
Gary Lee Conner - Grasshopper's Daydream
Gary Louris - True Blue
Gas Station Robber - All Things
Gas Station Robber - Dreams Are Dead
Gas Station Robber - Falling Off
Gas Station Robber - Out Of This Place
Gas Station Robber - Please
Gaslight Anthem, The - Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts
Gaslight Anthem, The - God's Gonna Cut You Down (Johnny Cash cover)
Gathania - Get It Out
Gavin Osborn - Capitalism and Capuccino
Gavin Osborn - Part of the Furniture
Gavin Osborn - Platform Girl
Gavin Osborn - The First Recorder Playing Rock n' Roll Star
Gavin Osborn - There's An Awful Lot Wrong With A Little BumpnGrin
Gaza - East
Gazette - 瞞し (Mayakashi - Deception) [ROMANJI+KANJI+ENGLISH]
Gazette - distress and coma
Gazette - Distress and Coma. (Japanese/English)
Gazette - Katherine In The Trunk
Gazette - OGRE
Gazette - Oni no Men (English)
Gazette - Without a Trace
Gazette - Without A Trace (Japanese)
Gazillion - Big Black Birds
Geggy Tah - Aliens Somewhere
Geggy Tah - Bomb Fishing
Geggy Tah - Dumb Submarine
Geggy Tah - Go
Geggy Tah - I'll Find My Way
Geggy Tah - L.A. Lujah
Geggy Tah - One Zero
Geggy Tah - Ovary Z's
Geggy Tah - Space Heater
Geggy Tah - Special Someone
Gemma Ray - 100 MPH (In 2nd Gear)
Gemma Ray - 1952
Gemma Ray - Dig Me a River
Gemma Ray - Fist of a Flower
Gemma Ray - Goody Hoo
Gemma Ray - If You Want To Rock and Roll
Gemma Ray - No Water
Gemma Ray - Snuck a Peek
Gemma Ray - So Do I
Gene Loves Jezebel - Brand New Moon
Gene Loves Jezebel - Shame
Gene Loves Jezebel - Sweet Sweet Rain
Gene Loves Jezebel - Twenty Killer Hurts
Genelec & Memphis Reigns - Sunwheel
Genelec & Memphis Reigns - Thunderbox
General Fiasco - A Wise Decision
General Larry Platt - Pants on the Ground
GENERATION @.D.D. - It's Not My Time Yet
GENERATION @.D.D. - Safe and Sound
Geneva Jacuzzi - Alligator
Geneva Jacuzzi - We Are Furniture
Genitorturers (The) - I Touch Myself
Gennero - The New Love
Gentleman - Isyankar
Genuflect - Dead Right
Genuflect - Lavation
Geoff Moore - Homerun
Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu - Bäpa
Geographers - Ribs
George Thorogood - Be Bop Grandma
George Thorogood - Get A Job
George Thorogood - Miss Luann
Georgia Fair - Baby Blues
Georgia Fair - Real Man Hiding
Georgia Fair - Something Easy
Georgia Wonder - Carnival
Georgia Wonder - Falling Down
Georgia Wonder - Girl You Never Knew
Georgia Wonder - Hello Stranger
Georgia Wonder - Would Love To Meet
Gerbils - Are You Underwater
Gerbils - Penny Waits
Gerbils - Snorkel
Gerbils - Sunshine Soul
Gerbils - The Air We Share
Geri X. - Astral Planes
Geri X. - Black Coal Raven Crows
Geri X. - Boy
Geri X. - Bring On The Rain
Geri X. - Eulogy
Geri X. - Father's Stamps
Geri X. - Fever
Geri X. - Gone
Geri X. - Green Eyes (Coldplay cover)
Geri X. - Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)
Geri X. - Hothead
Geri X. - Jack's Song
Geri X. - Kiss On Both Eyelids
Geri X. - Mum Song
Geri X. - Passengers
Geri X. - Rehab
Geri X. - Rent A Muse
Geri X. - The Sun
Geri X. - Tight
Geri X. - Travel On
Geri X. - Two Birds Sitting On A Bridge
Geri X. - We're Free
Geri X. - Where Sleep Is King (And We Are His Children)
Geri X. - Wonderfully Deranged
Germart - Aurora
Germart - Bachelor for Life
Germart - Epiphyte
Germart - False Alarms
Germart - Indecision
Gerry Rafferty - Days Gone Down
Gerry Rafferty - Island
Get Back Loretta - 95
Get Back Loretta - As I Lay
Get Back Loretta - Nobody Knows
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - D.A.N.C.E. (Justice Cover)
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. - Let the Journey Begin
Get Up Kids (The) - Holiday (demo)
Get Up Kids (The) - Your Petty Pretty Things
Get Well Soon - Christmas In Adventure Parks
Get Well Soon - Help to prevent forest fires
Ghinzu - Dream Maker
Ghinzu - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Ghinzu - Je T'attendrai
Ghinzu - Joy, Success, Happiness
Ghinzu - Mirror Mirror
Ghinzu - The End of the World
Ghost And The Grace (The) - A Pretty Good Place To Start
Ghost And The Grace (The) - Cloud Of Flies
Ghost And The Grace (The) - My Shell Is Broken
Ghost And The Grace (The) - The Angry Youth March
Ghost And The Grace (The) - The End
Ghost And The Grace (The) - Unfortunately, That's Life
Ghost And The Grace (The) - We Should Get Back Into Books
Ghost Arms - Graves Across The Snow
Ghost Arms - Shelves
Ghost Bees - Tasseomancy
Ghost Mall - 40 Nugs
Ghost Mall - No Lemon No Melon
Ghost Society - Twisted Mind
Giant - I'm a Believer
Giant - Innocent Days
Giant Squid - Dead Man Slough (Pacifastacus Leniusculus)
Giant Squid - Sutterville (Vibrio Cholerae)
Gichigami - So Many Lights
Gichigami - The Pyre
Gift Horse Mouth - Alice Shrugged
Gift Horse Mouth - The Musician Is Dead (Long Live The Programmer)
Gift Horse Mouth - They Used To Burn Them
Gilbert Jaramillo - I Wish I Was A Cowboy
Gilbert Jaramillo - Loves Last Stand
Gilby Clarke - Black
Gilby Clarke - Captain Chaos
Gilby Clarke - Cure Me ... Or Kill Me ...
Gilby Clarke - Hang On To Yourself
Gilby Clarke - Higher
Gilby Clarke - It's Good Enough for Rock 'n' Roll
Gilby Clarke - Jugdment Day
Gilby Clarke - Kilroy Was Here
Gilby Clarke - Let's Get Lost
Gilby Clarke - Margarita
Gilby Clarke - Mercedes Benz
Gilby Clarke - Skin & Bones
Gilby Clarke - Something's Wrong With You
Gilby Clarke - Warm Country Sun
Giles, Giles And Fripp - Call Tomorrow
Giles, Giles And Fripp - Digging my lawn
Giles, Giles And Fripp - Erudite Eyes
Giles, Giles And Fripp - Little Children
Giles, Giles And Fripp - Newlyweds
Giles, Giles And Fripp - One in a Million
Giles, Giles And Fripp - She Is Loaded
Giles, Giles And Fripp - Thursday Morning
Giles, Giles And Fripp - Under the Sky
Gillian Welch - Birds Of A Feather
Gillian Welch - Black Star (Radiohead cover)
Gillian Welch - Must Look Like We're In Love
Gillian Welch - Play It Slow
Gillian Welch - Throw Me A Rope
Gillian Welch - Unfinished Business
Gimp - One Tin Soldier (Original Caste cover)
Gin & Frolic - Carry All
Gin Wigmore - Hallelujah
Gin Wigmore - These Roses
Gino Vanelli - Black Cars
Girls Can Hear Us! (The) - All I Know
Girls Can Hear Us! (The) - Wouldn't It Be Nice (Cover)
Girls Can't Catch - Keep Your Head Up
Girls Get All the Action - Late Night
Girls Get All the Action - Poker Face (Lady GaGa cover)
Girlyman - Everything's Easy
Girlyman - House Song
Girlyman - Somewhere Different Now
Girlyman - Storms Were Mine
Girlyman - Tell Me There's a Reason
Girlyman - Trees Still Bend
Girlyman - True Enough
Girlyman - Up To the Sea
Girlyman - Viola
Girlyman - Wherever You Keep
Girolamos Walk - den besseren zustand als den...
Girolamos Walk - your outline still remains
Girugamesh - Barricade (english)
Girugamesh - Enishi 縁 (English)
Girugamesh - Evolution
Girugamesh - evolution (English)
Girugamesh - Shining [english]
Girugamesh - Vermillion (english)
Gisbert Zu Knyphausen - Flugangst
Gisli - Can't Speak
Gisli - Change Your Mind
Gisli - Highway
Gisli - I Can Still
Gisli - You
Gisli - You & Me
Glass Candy - Etheric Device
Glass Candy - Feeling Without Touching
Glass Candy - The Chameleon
Glasser - Apply
Glasser - Glad
gLee - A Cross Road for Kings
gLee - Behind Bars
gLee - Care
gLee - Cut Out A Clearing For Three
gLee - Figure It Out
gLee - New York
gLee - Priest: The Returning
gLee - Priestly Winter
gLee - To Leave and Go Back
Gleedsville - Can't Quit You
Gleedsville - Now I Belong
Gleedsville - Oxygen
Gleedsville - Satellite
Gleedsville - She Don't
Gleedsville - Taking Me Under
Glint - Alone in the Cosmos
Glint - Boy of the Stars
Glint - Double Vision
Glint - Hidden Place
Glint - Something More
Glint - The Default
Glo-worm - Change Of Heart
Glo-worm - Travelogue
Globus - Mighty Rivers Run
Globus - Take Me Away
Gloria Record, The - Tired and Uninspired
Go Find (The) - 25 Years
Go Find (The) - Ice Cold Ice
Go Find (The) - Monday Morning
Go Find (The) - New Year
Go Find (The) - We Don't Wanna
Go Find (The) - What I Want
Go-betweens (The) - Don't Call Me Gone
God Help the Girl - Funny Little Frog
God Loves A Challenge - Deer in the Headlights
God Loves A Challenge - Parking Lot
God Module - As The Night Falls
God Module - E.V.P.
God Module - False Pretense
God Module - Inside Out
Golden Boy & Miss Kittin - After 8
Golden Palominos (The) - These Days
Golden Palominos (The) - Twist The Knife
Golden Silvers - Locked Up My Head
Golden Silvers - True Romance (True No. 9 Blues)
Goldfish - All Night
Gong - Master Builder
Gong - Wise Man In Your Heart
Goo Goo Dolls (The) - 1,000 Words (Interlude to Cuz You're Gone)
Goo Goo Dolls (The) - American Girl (Tom Petty cover)
Goo Goo Dolls (The) - As I Am
Good Luck - 1001 Open Hands
Good Luck - Bringing Them Back to Life
Good Luck - Hey Matt
Good Luck - Same Stories
Good Luck - West Wind Ride
Good Luck Varsity - Head High
Good Morning Gladys - Remember the Sky
Good Morning Gladys - Shebear
Good Morning Gladys - The Tourist
Good Morning June - Swing of Desperation
Good Morning June - You Are My Darling
Good Old War - Breaking Down
Good Old War - Texas Blues
Good Shirt - Green
Goodnight Bravado - A Million Ways To Lose Control
Goodnight Bravado - Made up & Make up
Goodnight Bravado - Strange Times, My Dear
Goodnight Bravado - When Harlem Shakes
Goodnight Caulfield - All You've Got
Goodnight Caulfield - Angel In Disguise
Goodnight Caulfield - Blue Room
Goodnight Caulfield - C.S. Why
Goodnight Caulfield - Goin' Nowhere Fast
Goodnight Caulfield - Hearts
Goodnight Caulfield - Sleepwalk
Goodnight Caulfield - The Prowl
Goodnight Caulfield - Without A Sound
Goodnight, Guinevere - Adam's Reprise
Goodnight, Guinevere - Distraction
Goodnight, Guinevere - The Handheld Wind Machines
Goodshirt - Lucy
Goodwen - A glance of the present from the past
Goodwen - A light in our darkest hour
Goodwen - Question marks
Goodwen - The end of the end is only the begining
Goosebump - Never Gonna Do
Gordie Sampson - Paris
Gorgeous (The) - Even The Greatest Storytellers Know When To Shut Up
Gorgoroth - When Love Rages Wild In My Heart
Gorillaz Vs. spacemonkeyz - 19/2000 (Jungle Fresh)
Gorillaz Vs. spacemonkeyz - New Genius (Brother)
Gorillaz Vs. spacemonkeyz - Re Hash (Come Again)
Gorillaz Vs. spacemonkeyz - Starshine (Dub 09)
Gorki - De Olifant Is Grijs
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Amsermaemaiyndod
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Anna Apera
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Backward Dog
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Barbed Wire
Gossamer - Entropy
Gossamer - Her Ghost
Gossamer - Memoir
Gossamer - Resurrection
Gossamer - Song For Shadow
Gossamer - Sweetest Misery
Got To Get Got (The) - Rattle Off
Gotham O.D - Absence
Gotham O.D - For I Have Sinned
Gothsicles (The) - Cyanotic vs. The Gothsicles (I Thought The CD Player Was Broken...But It Was Just A Cyanotic Song
Gothsicles (The) - INFL8-R
Gothsicles (The) - Nine Dudes Freaking Out
Gothsicles (The) - Theme From "So You've Decided To Become A Goth"
Gothsicles (The) - Triple Shot
Gothsicles (The) - Turn Signals Are Still Cool
Gowns - Rope
Grace Read - Bandito
Grace Read - My Man
Grace Read - Suzanne (Leonard Cohen cover)
Graduate, The - Make Believe
Grady Drugg - Little Yellow Jacket
Grafton Primary - All Stars
Grafton Primary - I Can Cook
Grafton Primary - Relativity
Grafton Primary - The Garden
Graham Colton - Helen
Graham Colton - Here Right Now
Graham Colton - Jessica (Acoustic version)
Graham Parker - Mercury Poisoning
Gram Parsons - Zah's Blues
Grammatics - Double Negative
Grammatics - Kicking Crutches
Grammatics - Polar Swelling
Grammatics - Time Capsules and The Greater Truth
Grammatrain - Apathy
Grammatrain - Damaged
Grammatrain - Jonah
Grampall Jookabox - You Cried Me
Grand Archives - Left For All The Strays
Grand Archives - Oslo Novelist
Grand Archives - Witchy Park
Grand Duchy - Donnes Moi
Grand Duchy - Ermesinde
Grand Duchy - Fort Wayne
Grand Duchy - The Long Song
Grand Duchy - Volcano!
Grand Hallway - Elinor With the Golden Hair (Tsukimi)
Grand Hallway - Raindrops (Matsuri)
Grand Hallway - The Passenger (Minuet for Americans)
Grand Island - Fountain
Grand Island - I Am The Horizon
Grand Island - Please Consider
Grand Island - Wish It Was Summer Always
Grand National - Animal Sounds
Grand National - Rabbits Facts
Grand National - Strange Magnificent Noise
Grauzone - Schlachtet!
Grease - It's Raining On Prom Night
Greasecutters (The) - Burn Me
Greasecutters (The) - Flashmaster A.D.D.
Greasecutters (The) - Johnny North
Greasecutters (The) - Mindless
Great Aunt Ida - Company You Keep
Great Aunt Ida - Extra Hours
Great Aunt Ida - Little Voice
Great Bloomers - Admit Defeat
Great Bloomers - Fever Days
Great Deceiver (The) - Heel On The Throat Of The Young
Great Deceiver (The) - The End Made Flesh & Blood
Great Deceiver (The) - Today
Great Depression (The) - Bag Of Pills
Great Depression (The) - Cocaine
Great Depression (The) - Kings of Dixie Highway
Great Depression (The) - Watching Vermont
Great Depression (The) - Whiskey & Rose
Great Divide (The) - Round That Bend
Great Divide (The) - But I Do
Great Divide (The) - Wildflower
Great Divide (The) - Without You
Great Fiction (The) - Stop! Stop!
Great Plains - Town's Got a Widow
Great White - If I Ever Saw A Good Thing
Great White - Love Is A Lie
Greene Reveal - A Changing of Seasons
Greene Reveal - Lost and Found
Greene Reveal - We Aren't Running Away
Greene Reveal - We're Always Remembered More For...
Greenwheel - Caving In
Greenwheel - Knife
Greenwheel - Lonely Afterglow
Greenwheel - To Each His Own
Greenwheel - Trigger
Gregory Alan Isakov - Black & Blue
Gregory Alan Isakov - Dandelion Wine
Gregory Alan Isakov - If I Go, I'm goin
Gregory Alan Isakov - Light Year
Gregory Alan Isakov - That Moon Song
Gregory Douglass - Alibis
Gregory Douglass - Annabelle
Gregory Douglass - Better Life
Gregory Douglass - Better Tomorrow
Gregory Douglass - Broken Through
Gregory Douglass - Can't Stand Up
Gregory Douglass - Cathedrals
Gregory Douglass - Crazy Love
Gregory Douglass - Dry
Gregory Douglass - Everything
Gregory Douglass - Feel You Breathe
Gregory Douglass - Gone
Gregory Douglass - Goodbye
Gregory Douglass - Hang Around
Gregory Douglass - Hard
Gregory Douglass - Harlequin
Gregory Douglass - Hush
Gregory Douglass - I Wanted to Run
Gregory Douglass - Innocent
Gregory Douglass - Let Me In
Gregory Douglass - Liar
Gregory Douglass - Lifeline
Gregory Douglass - Living
Gregory Douglass - Promises
Gregory Douglass - Quiet In The Shade
Gregory Douglass - Rise
Gregory Douglass - Rotunda
Gregory Douglass - Sadly
Gregory Douglass - See You Cry
Gregory Douglass - Sentimental Fury
Gregory Douglass - Stranger
Gregory Douglass - The Ride
Gregory Douglass - There She Goes
Gregory Douglass - This Is My Life
Gregory Douglass - Time
Gregory Douglass - Usual Denials
Gregory Douglass - Wait For Me
Gregory Douglass - Wall to Wall
Gregory Douglass - Where Did The Music Go?
Gregory Douglass - Wild World
Gregory Isaacs - Front Door
Grendel - Void Malign
Greyboy Allstars (The) - Still Waiting
Grimus - In A Glimpse
Grimus - Time To Be Good Friends
GrimWolf - GrimWolf
Gris Gris - Mary #38
Gris Gris - Me Queda Um Bejou
Gris Gris - Medication #3
Gris Gris - Medication #4
Gris Gris - Raygun
Groove Farm (The) - The Best Part Of Being With You
Gross Urge - Aquiesce
Gross Urge - Ballad Of Yelram
Gross Urge - Cat Killer
Gross Urge - Dancing Brainz
Gross Urge - End Regrets
Grotus - A Bad Itch
Grotus - Back In The Day
Grotus - Brown
Grotus - Clean
Grotus - Collect 'Em All
Grotus - Complications
Grotus - Daisy Chain
Grotus - Ebola Reston
Grotus - Edward Abbey
Grotus - Full Metal Grotus