Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 266:

Opposition - The Man Who Almost Shaves
Opposition - Very Little Glory
Optiganally Yours - You're Something Special To Me
Optimus Rhyme - Cybernetic Circuits
Optimus Rhyme - Ergonomic
Optimus Rhyme - Ford Vs. Chevy
Optimus Rhyme - Ping Pong Song
Opus Orange - Nothing But Time
Orange - Not Coming Home
Orange Juice - My Dying Day
Orange Sector - Kalt Wie Stahl
Orchestra of Antlers - Daylight Approaches
Orchestra of Antlers - Vultures!
Orchids (The) - Another Saturday Night
Ordo Equitum Solis - Playing with the Fire
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Sheep For A Lifetime Or Lion For A Day
Oriana Raeo - False Dilemma
Oriana Raeo - Movement Is Not Action
Oriana Raeo - Think About It. Think Again.
Originals (The) - Play My Record
Orillia Opry - Peace Will Come
Orion Rigel Dommisse - A Giver
Orion Rigel Dommisse - Capricorn
Orlando - Happily Unhappy
Orlando - Save Yourself
Orlando - Someday Soon
Orphans And Vandals - Mysterious Skin
Os Pontos Negros - Conto de Fadas de Sintra a Lisboa
Os Pontos Negros - Dentes de Lobo
Os Pontos Negros - Doutor, Preciso de Ajuda
Os Pontos Negros - O Futuro
Other Lives - Don't Let Them
Other Lives - Flight of the Finns
Other Lives - It Was The Night
Other Lives - Precious Air
Other Two, The - Cold Feet
Other Two, The - Hello
Other Two, The - Tasty Fish
Other Two, The - The Greatest Thing
Other Two, The - Weird Woman
Other Two, The - You Can Fly
Others (Lost Band) (The) - Greatest Hit
Others (Lost Band) (The) - Love & Karma
Others (Lost Band) (The) - The Tempest
Others (Lost Band) (The) - There's No Place Like Home Part 1
Otis Taylor - Ten Million Slaves
Our Cat Philip - Mexico
Our Cat Philip - Time is Just a Healer
Our Family Name - Devil And Muse
Our Family Name - Keep The Heart You Had
Our Family Name - Where Did You Go?
Our Finest Hour - Closer Than You Think
Our Finest Hour - Through The Hand Goes The Heart
Our Lunar Activities - Little finger
Outrun The Gun - It's Too Quiet In Here
Outrun The Gun - The Lost Chapter
Outrun The Gun - The Multitude
Outrun The Gun - The Way Out
Outrun The Gun - The World To Come
Outrun The Gun - Under The Skin
Over My Dead Body - Break Away
Owen - Amnesia and Me
Owen - Break Bread with the Devil
Owl And Penny - I Am The Floorboards
Larusso - Tu M'oublieras
Larusso - Rien Ne Peut Séparer
Larusso - Et Je Vivrai À Travers Toi
Larusso - Entre Nous
Larusso - Quoi Qu'ils Pensent
Larusso - Il Faut Se Le Dire
Larusso - Elle
La Fouine - Bois D'arcy
Chronic Future - I Think You Got Ahead Of Me
Chronic Future - World Keeps Spinning (A Chronic Future)
Chronic Future - Stop Pretending
Chronic Future - Apology For Non-symmetry
Chronic Future - Say Goodbye
Josh Turner - Your Smile
Josh Turner - Lovin' You On My Mind
Mariah Carey - 100%
Marcy Playground - Irene
Marcy Playground - Emperor
Marcy Playground - Rosey Risin'
Family Force 5 - Little Drummer Boy
Family Force 5 - The Baby
Fantasia Barrino - Even Angels
Fastball - Mono To Stereo
Fastball - White Noise
Frankmusik - Done Done
Joshua Radin - Paperweight
Lemar - One Night
Sofia Essaidi - Bien Après L'au Delà
Cléopâtre - Bien Après L'au Delà
Adicts (The) - Come Along
Nerf Herder - [bonus Track]
Coheed And Cambria - Guns Of Summer
Coheed And Cambria - Far
Coheed And Cambria - The Shattered Symphony
Coheed And Cambria - World Of Lines
Coheed And Cambria - Made Out Of Nothing
Coheed And Cambria - The Black Rainbow
Downtown Fiction (The) - You Were Wrong
Envy On The Coast - Death March On Two, Ready?
Envy On The Coast - Like I Do
Envy On The Coast - Clean Of You
Envy On The Coast - Company Of Men
Fall Out Boy - Don't Stop Believin'
Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune
Jimi Hendrix - Mr. Bad Luck
Jimi Hendrix - Fire
Jimi Hendrix - Red House
Quentin Mosimann - Tu Le Reconnaitras
Quentin Mosimann - Je La Vois (Dans Toutes Les Filles)
Phantogram - When I'm Small
Phantogram - Futuristic Casket
Phantogram - 10,000 Claps
Canibus - Ripperland
Canibus - Do It Live
B.O.B - Nothing On You
Fly Project - 1001 Romania
Fly Project - Allegria
Fly Project - Annia
Fly Project - Brasil
Fly Project - Ca Tine
Fly Project - Cuba
Fly Project - Ia-ma Pe Mine
Metallspürhunde - Blut & Spiele
Metallspürhunde - Sie Will Fliegen
F-raz - Alles Für Dich
Xavier Naidoo - Nicht Von Dieser Welt
Jillian Edwards - Once Should Be Enough
F-raz - Ring Für Dich
Los Inquietos Del Norte - Locos Desde Ayer
Los Inquietos Del Norte - No Tienen 20
Los Inquietos Del Norte - Alma En Pena
Los Inquietos Del Norte - Mi Vida Borracha
Tony Maiello - Fidati Di Me
Tony Maiello - Senza Te
RBD - Un Poco De Tu Amor
Jayko "El Prototipo" - Pa Mi
Jayko "El Prototipo" - Como Tu No Hay Nadie
Jayko "El Prototipo" - Whine Up
Jayko "El Prototipo" - Yo Te Quiero
Antonella Clerici - Le Tagliatelle Di Nonna Pina
Antonella Clerici - Disco Bambina
Antonella Clerici - O Ba Ba Luu Ba
Antonella Clerici - Sbirulino
Antonella Clerici - Il Coccodrillo Come Fa?
Sabor Y Control - El Bravo
Sabor Y Control - Piensa Con Claridad
Sabor Y Control - Ojos Claros
Sabor Y Control - La Muerte Quiere Bailar
Sabor Y Control - Mira Bien
Sabor Y Control - Cuchillo En Los Ojos
Ricardo Rodriguez - Me Entrego
Ricardo Rodriguez - Solo Por Jesus
Ricardo Rodriguez - Generacion
Ricardo Rodriguez - Mi Padre
Ricardo Rodriguez - Sobre Todo Nombre
Ricardo Rodriguez - Tu Lugar
Ricardo Rodriguez - Jesus Divino
Ricardo Rodriguez - La Oracion
Ricardo Rodriguez - Sigo Cantando
Ricardo Rodriguez - Quizas Hoy
Ricardo Rodriguez - Camino A Canaán
Ricardo Rodriguez - Mi Deseo
Ricardo Rodriguez - De Parte De Jesús
Ricardo Rodriguez - Espera En Mi
Ricardo Rodriguez - Puedo Imaginarme
Plug Plug - Año Nuevo
Plug Plug - Extraterrestres Humanos
Plug Plug - I Don't Want To Be Human
Plug Plug - No Quiero Ser Yo
La Monja Enana - Amor Cuántico
La Monja Enana - Bajo Tierra
Flipsyde - Picking Up Pieces
Flipsyde - Champion
Flipsyde - Green Light
Miriam Spranger - You
Miriam Spranger - Risiko
Miriam Spranger - The Greatest Gift Of All
Miriam Spranger - Als Wäre Nichts Gescheh'n
Miriam Spranger - Manchmal, Andauernd, Ständig
Darryl Worley - Doin' What's Right
Darryl Worley - Don't Show Up / If You Can't Get Down
Darryl Worley - Messed Up In Memphis
Darryl Worley - You Never Know
Fettes Brot - Nicolette Krebnitz Wartet (Robert De Niro's Waiting)
Callejon - Astronaut
Callejon - Und Wenn Der Schnee…
Callejon - Fremdkörper
Tété - Le Bal Des Boulets
Tété - 36'70
Tété - Maudit Blues
Tété - Les Temps égarés
Tété - Le Premier Clair De L'aube
Tété - 1770
Tété - Doux Mojo
Tété - Petit Chanson
Tété - Bye-bye
Callejon - Dein Leben Schläft
Callejon - Mein Stein
Callejon - Gott Ist Tot
Jenifer - L'espoir Eternel
Broken Bells - Salling To Nowhere
Broken Bells - Citizen
Emmanuelle Seigner - Suis-moi
Emmanuelle Seigner - Pas Ce Soir
Emmanuelle Seigner - Vertige
Emmanuelle Seigner - Le Fantôme
Emmanuelle Seigner - Le Jour Parfait
Emmanuelle Seigner - Alone à Barcelone
Emmanuelle Seigner - P'tite Pédale
Ph Electro - San Francisco
Enrique Bunbury - Big-Bang
Enrique Bunbury - Negativo
Enrique Bunbury - Encadenados
Enrique Bunbury - Planeta Sur
Enrique Bunbury - Alicia (expulsada Al País De Las Maravillas)
Enrique Bunbury - Salomé
Enrique Bunbury - Servidor De Nadie
Enrique Bunbury - Despacio
Enrique Bunbury - Polen
Enrique Bunbury - Nueve
Enrique Bunbury - Alfa
Enrique Bunbury - Solo Si Me Perdonas
Enrique Bunbury - Lejos De La Tristeza
Enrique Bunbury - Dudar, Quizás
Enrique Bunbury - Bailando Con El Enemigo
Enrique Bunbury - Robinson
Enrique Bunbury - Contradictorio
Enrique Bunbury - Contar Contigo
Enrique Bunbury - Enganchado A Ti
Enrique Bunbury - Lady Blue
Enrique Bunbury - San Cosme Y San Damián
Enrique Bunbury - Un Bastón Para Tu Corazón
Enrique Bunbury - Ciudad De Bajas Pasiones
Enrique Bunbury - One, Two, Three
Enrique Bunbury - Hoy No Estoy Para Nadie
Enrique Bunbury - y Al Final
Enrique Bunbury - Los Restos Del Naufragio
Enrique Bunbury - Carmen Jones
Enrique Bunbury - La Chica Triste Que Te Hacía Reír
Enrique Bunbury - Una Canción Triste
Enrique Bunbury - En La Pulpería De Lucita
Enrique Bunbury - Palo De Mayo
Enrique Bunbury - El Aragonés Errante
Morgan - Altrove
Morgan - Crash
Morgan - Contro Me Stesso
Morgan - Animali Familiari
Morgan - The Baby
Morgan - Un Ottico
Morgan - Aria
Morgan - Un Malato Di Cuore / L'inverno Di Vivaldi
Morgan - Qualcuno Tornerà
Extrem Unangenehm - Oi! Oi! Äbbelwoi
Betontod - Feuer Frei!
Betontod - Glück Auf
Betontod - 7 Schuss
Betontod - Schrei Es Raus
Betontod - Freiheit In Ketten
Betontod - Ich Will Hier Raus
Betontod - Nichts Geseh'n
Betontod - Schatten
Betontod - All Die Jahre (Remix)
Betontod - Nichts
Betontod - Stadt Ohne Licht
Betontod - Ohne Standpunkt
Betontod - Land In Sicht
Betontod - Faktormensch
Betontod - Nimmerland
Amaury Vassili - Vincero
Amaury Vassili - Lucente Stella
Amaury Vassili - Io Ti Amero
Amaury Vassili - Parla Mi D'amore
Amaury Vassili - Hallelujah
Amaury Vassili - Mi Fa Morire Cantando
Amaury Vassili - Come Prima
Amaury Vassili - Smile
Bungaro - Arte
Bungaro - Il Deserto
Bungaro - Se Rinasco
Bungaro - Vestimi Di Te
Bungaro - Trafficante
Bungaro - Punti Di Vista
Bungaro - Dal Destino Infortunato
Bungaro - Non è Tempo Che Passa
P.S. Eliot - Hail Mary
P.S. Eliot - Incoherent Love Songs
P.S. Eliot - Sore Subject
P.S. Eliot - Tangible Romance
P.S. Eliot - Tonight
P.S. Eliot - Troubled Medium
P.S. Eliot - Zoroaster
Pablo Milanes - El breve espacio
Pachuca Sunrise - Minus The Bear
Page 9 - Where You Are
Page 9 - You Don't Know Me
Pagoda - Disintegrate
Pagoda - Warzone
Painbastard - Hope Dies Last
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (The) - A Teenager in Love
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (The) - Ramona
Pajaro Sunrise - Automatic
Pajaro Sunrise - Beggar Lover
Pajaro Sunrise - Move Along
Palace Brothers - Thou Without Partner
Palace Brothers - Come A Little Dog
Palace Brothers - Idle Hands Are the Devil's Playthings
Palace Brothers - Meaulnes
Palace Brothers - No More Workhorse Blues
Palace Brothers - Pushkin
Palace Brothers - Whither Thou Goest
Pale Air Singers - Convict Escapes
Pale Pacific (The) - Your Parents' House
Pale Young Gentlemen - An Appeal To St. Peter
Pale Young Gentlemen - As A War
Pale Young Gentlemen - Fraulein
Pale Young Gentlemen - Goldenface, Morninglight
Pale Young Gentlemen - I Wasn't Worried
Pale Young Gentlemen - Kettle Drum
Pale Young Gentlemen - Marvelous Design
Pale Young Gentlemen - Me & Nikolai
Pale Young Gentlemen - My Light Maria
Pale Young Gentlemen - She's All Mine, I Think
Pale Young Gentlemen - The Crook of My Good Arm
Pale Young Gentlemen - There Is A Place?
Pale Young Gentlemen - We Will Meet
Pale Young Gentlemen - Wedding Guest
Palladium - Get It Right
Palomar - Our Haunt
Panda Bear - 01
Pandora's Dawn - Fractures In Existence
Pandora's Dawn - Osiris: Sanctuary In Ruins
Panic Division (The) - Easier
Panic Division (The) - When Your World Turns Around
Panics (The) - Lost in Green Eyes
Pants Yell! - The Royal We
Pants Yell! - Two French Sisters
Panzer Ag - Gateway
Papas Fritas - Love Just Don't Quit (from Shanghai Kiss)
Paper And Sand - Calling For Me
Paper And Sand - Who is Calling For Me
Paper And The Plane, The - I didn't sign up for a marathon
Paper And The Plane, The - Like Solitare with Two
Paper And The Plane, The - Not now... Not ever
Paper And The Plane, The - Sleep Now
Paper Bird - 2310
Paper Bird - A Lie A Lie (Slow Down)
Paper Bird - Bone Marrow Pen
Paper Bird - Cryptozoology
Paper Bird - Devil
Paper Bird - I Want You
Paper Bird - In Pieces
Paper Bird - Matchstick Man
Paper Bird - Paper Snow Silver Gold
Paper Bird - That's How It Works I
Paper Bird - That's How It Works II
Paper Bird - Vessel
Paper Heroes - Anatomy
Paper Heroes - Have You Heard The Story
Paper Mache - Easier To Lose
Paper Mache - St. Peter
Paper Tongues - Ride To California
Paper Tongues - Trinity
Paperbacks (The) - A Dizzy Chain of Bees
Paperbacks (The) - Communicated Through Blood
Paperbacks (The) - Hesitation Marks
Paperbacks (The) - Holocaust Art
Paperbacks (The) - Make Art
Paperbacks (The) - No Fatalities
Paperbacks (The) - Publish or Perish
Paperbacks (The) - Rattled By Failure
Paperbacks (The) - Things Get Abstract
Papercut Massacre - Come Undone
Papercut Massacre - Down
Papercut Massacre - In The Middle
Papercut Massacre - Jaxon
Papercut Massacre - Late Night Lullaby
Papercut Massacre - Million Miles
Papercuts (The) - Another Thing to Dust
Papercuts (The) - The Void
Papercuts (The) - The Wolf
Papercuts (The) - The World I Love
Papercuts (The) - You Can Have What You Want
Paperplain - 11:30
Paperplain - Pale Town
Parachute Band - She Is Love
Parallels - Dry Blood
Parallels - Find the Fire
Parallels - Midnight Voices
Parallels - Nightmares
Parallels - Reservoir
Parallels - Ultralight
Parallels - Vienna
Paraluman - 911
Paraluman - Slip
Paraluman - Tabi
Paramedic (The) - Explorers
Paramedic (The) - Trinkets
Paramedic (The) - Where The River Meets The Sea
Paramedic (The) - Young Love In The Garden
paranormal attack - Be WIth You
paranormal attack - Leave Me Alone
paranormal attack - Meds
paranormal attack - My Beats Gonna Rock You
paranormal attack - Sweet Dreams
paranormal attack - The Pill
paranormal attack - Voodoo People
Parenthetical Girls - Doughnut
Parenthetical Girls - Going In a Field
Parenthetical Girls - Sit Down
Parka - If You Wanna?
Parks & Recreation - Maybe The Moon Knows Something
Parlor Mob (The) - Everything You're Breathing For
Parlotones (The) - Brighter Side of Hell
Parlotones (The) - Dance
Parlotones (The) - Disappear Without a Trace
Parlotones (The) - Fly To The Moon
Parlotones (The) - It's Only Science
Parlotones (The) - Life Design
Parlotones (The) - Perfect Place
Parlotones (The) - Play On
Parlotones (The) - Remember When...
Parlotones (The) - Scary
Parlotones (The) - Should We Fight Back
Parlotones (The) - Side of the Moon
Parlotones (The) - Stardust Galaxies
Parlotones (The) - Sun Comes Out
Parlotones (The) - Tiny
Parlotones (The) - We Call This Dancing
Parlotones (The) - Window Shopper
Parlour Steps - Bleeding Hearts
Parralox - Time
Parts & Labor - Brighter Days
Parts & Labor - Fractured Skies
Parts & Labor - Nowheres Nigh
Parts & Labor - Vision of Repair
Parva - Couldn't Countain
Parva - Don't Get Me Wrong
Parva - Hessles
Parva - Panic Attack
Parva - Sitting On The Prince Of Wales
Passafire - Feel It
Passafire - Here In Front of Me
Passenger (uk) - Driving You Home
Passenger Train Proposal (The) - Sailboats
Past Lives - All Is Well
Past Lives - Bored to the Teeth
The Pastels - Address Book
The Pastels - Breaking Lines
The Pastels - Truck Train Tractor
The Pastels - Ugly Town
Pat Kilbride - Tir na Nog
Pati Yang - Reverse the day
Patients - Body Song
Patients - Tall Tale No. 5
Patrick Mullins - Dancing in Mirrors
Patrick Mullins - State of Affairs
Patrick Mullins - Story of Life, Parting of Ways
Patrick Mullins - Welcome to Life
Patrick Mullins - Whispered Wind
Patty Larkin - Good Thing (Angels Running)
Paul Baribeau - Eight Letters
Paul Baribeau - If I Knew
Paul Baribeau - The Mall
Paul Baribeau - Through the Wall
Paul Dempsey - Bats
Paul Dempsey - Bird in a Basement
Paul Dempsey - Fast Friends
Paul Dempsey - Take Us To Your Leader
Paul Dempsey - The Great Optimist
Paul Duncan - Red Eagle
Paul Duncan - The Night Gives No Applause
Paul Duncan - Tired and Beholden
Paul Duncan - You Look Like an Animal
Paul Fidalgo - Five Billion Years
Paul Fidalgo - Jut
Paul Fidalgo - Selfless
Paul Fidalgo - The Fly
Paul Fidalgo - This New Town
Paul Gilbert - Girl Crazy
Paul Gilbert - Midnight Maryanne
Paul Heaton - Deck Chair Collapsed
Paul Janz - Every Little Tear
Paul Janz - Hold Me Tender
Paul Kelly - Careless
Paul Kelly - God Told Me To
Paul Kelly - Song From The Sixteenth Floor
Paul Westerberg - Boring Enormous
Pavement - 5-4 Vocal
Pavement - And Then (The Hexx) BBC Evening Session January 1
Pavement - Baby Yeah
Pavement - Birds in the Majic Industry
Pavement - Brink of The Clouds/Candylad (Peel Sessions)
Pavement - Camera
Pavement - Hands Off The Bayou
Pavement - Kris Kraft
Pavement - Roll with the Wind
Pavement - Stare
Pavement - Winner Of The
Paw - Badger
Paw - Blow Wind
Paw - Built Low
Paw - Death to Traitors
Paw - Glue Mouth Kid
Paw - Home Is a Strange Place
Paw - Hope I Die Tonight
Paw - Last One
Paw - Max the Silent
Paw - No Such Luck
Paw - Seasoned Glove
Paw - Sugarcane
Paw - Sunflower
Paw - Swollen
Paw - Texas
Paw - The Bridge
Pay Tv - 123
Payolas (The) - Eyes Of A Stranger
Payolas (The) - You're The Only Love
Peaches & Herb - Reunited
Pearl & the Beard - Oh, Death!
Pearl & the Beard - Twice Today
Pearl Harbor - Lost @ Sea
Peasant - Stop for Her
Pedestrian - Belly Up
Pedestrian - Covered in Grey
Pedestrian - Last Minute Moths
Pedestrian - Let the Ending Begin
Pedestrian - The Heights
Pegasus Bridge - The Kill
Pegasus Bridge - We Can Go Back
Pendragon - If I Were the Wind (and You Were the Rain)
Pendragon - The Wishing Well
Penguin Prison - Animal Animal
Pentangle - House Carpenter
Pentangle - Hunting song
Pentangle - Light Flight Pentangle
Pentangle - Springtime Promises
Pere Ubu - Breath
Pere Ubu - Busman's Honeymoon
Pere Ubu - Dream The Moon
Pere Ubu - Flat
Pere Ubu - Heaven
Pere Ubu - Miss You
Pere Ubu - Monday Night
Pere Ubu - Postman Drove a Caddy
Pere Ubu - Say Goodbye
Pere Ubu - Something's Gotta Give
Pere Ubu - Talk to Me
Pere Ubu - The Hollow Earth
Pere Ubu - The Waltz
Pere Ubu - The Wire
Pere Ubu - Why Go It Alone?
Perfect Autumn (The) - If the World Was Like You
Perfect Autumn (The) - Things Don't Look So Good
Perfect Like Me - A Life Of Dying
Perfect Like Me - Scream My Name
Perfect Like Me - She's Poison
Perfume - Chocolate Disco
Perfume - Night Flight
Perfume Genius - When
Perfume Genius - Write To Your Brother
Perma - Tripping
Pero Gotovac - Crvenkapica
Pero Gotovac - Reč Kajkavska Pred Nami Je Pokran, Prazen Grob
Pero Gotovac - Veter Z Medvednice (Kalendarska)
Perry Como - Glendora
Persian Rugs (The) - Turn The Other Cheek
Person L - I Sing The Body Electric
Person L - New Sensation
Person L - Sit Tight
Person L - Stay Calm
Pet Lions - Girls of Athens
Pet Lions - Propeller Plane
Pet Lions - Roman History
Pete And The Pirates - Song For Today
Pete Brown & Piblokto! - Aeroplane Head Woman
Pete Molinari - I Don't Like The Man I Am
Pete Wylie - Heart As Big As Liverpool
Pete Wylie - Sinful
Peter Adams - Annabel Lee
Peter And The Wolf - ballad of redhook
Peter And The Wolf - Bottle Rockettes
Peter And The Wolf - Henry D.
Peter And The Wolf - supermellofied
Peter And The Wolf - The Lighthouse
Peter And The Wolf - Trainhopper
Peter Broderick - Below It
Peter Broderick - Not At Home
Peter Cetera - Daddy's Girl
Peter Cetera - Queen Of The Masquerade Ball
Peter Cetera - Solitude/Solitaire
Peter Dolving Band (The) - All good things
Peter Dolving Band (The) - Dirty Words
Peter Dolving Band (The) - Here's to All
Peter Dolving Band (The) - On and On
Peter Dolving Band (The) - Should Have Been You
Peter Dolving Band (The) - Situation Terrorist
Peter Dolving Band (The) - These Words
Peter Heppner - Easy
Peter Heppner - I Hate You
Peter Heppner - Walter (London or Manchester)
Peter Murphy - Big Love of a Tiny Fool
Peter Nixon - Begin With The End
Peter Nixon - The Quake
Peter Salett - Magic Hour
Peter Salett - Miss You (Thought You Should Know)
Peter Salett - Safe
Peter Salett - She Needs Your Faith
Peter Sellers - I Haven't Told Her, She Hasn't Told Me (But We Know It Just the Same)
Peter Tosh - Can't You See
Peter, Paul and Mary - A Man Come Into Egypt
Peter, Paul and Mary - A Soalin'
Peter, Paul and Mary - All Mixed Up
Peter, Paul and Mary - All My Trials
Peter, Paul and Mary - All Through The Night
Peter, Paul and Mary - And When I Die
Peter, Paul and Mary - Apologize
Peter, Paul and Mary - Autumn To May
Peter, Paul and Mary - Ballad of Spring Hill (Spring Hill Disaster)
Peter, Paul and Mary - Bamboo
Peter, Paul and Mary - Big Boat
Peter, Paul and Mary - Blue
Peter, Paul and Mary - Boa Constrictor
Peter, Paul and Mary - Bob Dylan's Dream
Peter, Paul and Mary - Brother, (Buddy) Can You Spare a Dime?
Peter, Paul and Mary - By Surprise
Peter, Paul and Mary - Car Car
Peter, Paul and Mary - Children Go Where I Send Thee
Peter, Paul and Mary - Christmas Dinner
Peter, Paul and Mary - Come And Go With Me
Peter, Paul and Mary - Coming of the Roads
Peter, Paul and Mary - Day Is Done
Peter, Paul and Mary - Don't Go Down To The Quarry
Peter, Paul and Mary - Early In The Morning
Peter, Paul and Mary - Every Flower
Peter, Paul and Mary - Fair Ireland
Peter, Paul and Mary - Five Hundred Miles
Peter, Paul and Mary - For Lovin' Me (Gordon Lightfoot cover)
Peter, Paul and Mary - Garden Song
Peter, Paul and Mary - Gilgarra Mountain
Peter, Paul and Mary - Goin' To The Zoo
Peter, Paul and Mary - Golden Vanity
Peter, Paul and Mary - Gone The Rainbow
Peter, Paul and Mary - Greenland Whale Fisheries
Peter, Paul and Mary - Hangman
Peter, Paul and Mary - Hurry Sundown
Peter, Paul and Mary - Hush-a-bye
Peter, Paul and Mary - I Dig Rock and Roll Music
Peter, Paul and Mary - I Shall Be Released
Peter, Paul and Mary - I Wonder As I Wander
Peter, Paul and Mary - If I Had My Way
Peter, Paul and Mary - If I Were Free
Peter, Paul and Mary - It Ain´t Me, Babe
Peter, Paul and Mary - Jane, Jane
Peter, Paul and Mary - Jesus Met The Woman
Peter, Paul and Mary - Jimmy Whalen
Peter, Paul and Mary - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Peter, Paul and Mary - Leaving on a Jet Plane (John Denver cover)
Peter, Paul and Mary - Lemon Tree
Peter, Paul and Mary - Love City (Postcards to Duluth)
Peter, Paul and Mary - Polly Von
Peter, Paul and Mary - Puff (The Magic Dragon)
Peter, Paul and Mary - Quit Your Low Down Ways
Peter, Paul and Mary - Stewball
Peter, Paul and Mary - The Rising Of The Moon
Peter, Paul and Mary - This Land Is Your Land
Peter, Paul and Mary - Three Ravens
Peter, Paul and Mary - Too Much of Nothing (Bob Dylan cover)
Peter, Paul and Mary - Weave Me The Sunshine
Petra Jean Phillipson - Wildfire
Petracovich - Telephone
Petracovich - What If I Came To Get You
Petula Clark - This Is My Song.
Phantasmagoria - Kami Uta (English)
Phantom Of The Cineplex (The) - Dance!
Phantom Of The Cineplex (The) - Girl's A Straight-Up Hustler (All Time Low Cover)
Phantom Of The Opera (The) - Wandering Child
Phenomenauts (The) - Cyborg
Phenomenauts (The) - The Tale of Europa
Phideaux - Tempest Of Mutiny
Phil Keaggy - Father - Daughter Harmony
Philadelphia Grand Jury - Foot In My Mouth
Philadelphia Grand Jury - Going to the Casino (Tomorrow Night)
Philadelphia Grand Jury - Growing Up Alone
Philadelphia Grand Jury - Ready to Roll
Phillip LaRue - Found
Phoenix Bodies - Health Control
Phoenix Bodies - Surf's Up, Surf City
Phoenix Foundation (The) - Burning Wreck
Phoenix Foundation (The) - Cars of Eden
Phoenix Foundation (The) - Gandalf
Phoenix Foundation (The) - Irrelevant Noise
Phoenix Foundation (The) - Pure Joy
Phosphorescent - I Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down
Pianoman - Blurred
Pianos Become The Teeth - Creatures of Habit
Pianos Become The Teeth - Cripples Can't Shiver
Pianos Become The Teeth - Filial
Pianos Become The Teeth - Houses We Die In
Pianos Become The Teeth - Jess and Charlie
Pianos Become The Teeth - Pencive
Pico Vs. Island Trees - Open Doors
Pico Vs. Island Trees - Saying the Opposite
Pictures And Sound - It's You
Pierce Pettis - Absalom, Absalom
Pierce Pettis - Alabama 1959
Pierce Pettis - Another Day In Limbo
Pierce Pettis - Anybody's Girl
Pierce Pettis - Black Sheep Boy
Pierce Pettis - Chase The Buffalo
Pierce Pettis - Farewell
Pierce Pettis - I am Nothing
Pierce Pettis - Love Will Always Find A Way
Pierce Pettis - Rodeo Around The World
Pierce Pettis - That Kind Of Love
Pierce Pettis - To Dance
Pierce Pettis - You Did That For Me
Pierpoint - Cruise Control
Pigeon Detectives, The - All I Know
Pigeon Detectives, The - make you mine
Pigeons - pigeons on the roof
Pillows (The) - Bablyon Versus Angel
Pillows (The) - Rain Brain
Pillows (The) - Terminal Heaven's Rock (English Translation)
Pineapple Thief (The) - What Have We Sown
Pineapple Thief (The) - Whatever You Do Do Nothing
Pinehurst Kids - Johnny Mercer
P!nk - Ave Mary A
P!nk - Bad Influence
P!nk - Boring
P!nk - Crazy
P!nk - Crystal Ball
P!nk - Glitter In The Air
P!nk - Highway To Hell
P!nk - One Foot Wrong
P!nk - Please Don't Leave Me
P!nk - Why Did I Ever Like You
Pink Industry - What I Wouldn't Give
Pink Spiders, The - Here Comes Trouble
Pinkle - Africa
Pinkle - All My Life
Pinkle - Dubai
Pinkle - Fractals
Pinkle - It Is Well
Pinkle - Morning Sunshine
Pinkle - Tree Climbers
Pinkle - What I Hope
Pintandwefall - Agentina
Pintandwefall - Angela Brown
Pintandwefall - Angus
Pintandwefall - Bird of the Birds
Pintandwefall - Disko
Pintandwefall - Jack White
Pintandwefall - Jail
Pintandwefall - John the Seahorse
Pintandwefall - Sarra
Pintandwefall - Somewhere I'd Be Worshipped
Pintandwefall - What Is Shark
Pinups & Pullouts - The Condemned
Pipettes, The - Stop The Music
Pippin Sparks - A Bit of Sage
Pippin Sparks - After the Piper is Gone
Pippin Sparks - I'll Be By Your Side
Pippin Sparks - That's What They Say
Pisces - Dear One
Pistol Brands (The) - Abracadabra
Pitchblend - Celsius
Plane - Western Avenue
Planetas, Los - Cada vez
Planetas, Los - El centro del cerebro
Planetas, Los - y además es imposible
Plants and Animals - À L'orée des Bois
Plants and Animals - Mercy
Plastic Constellations (The) - Black Market Pandas
Plastic Cousin - Sinking Waves
Plastic Tree - Concent (english)
Plastic Tree - Cream
Plastic Tree - Ghost (english)
Plastic Tree - Harienju
Plastic Tree - Monophobia
Plastic Tree - Platform
Plastic Tree - Rikashitsu
Plastic Tree - Sanatorium
Play Radio Play - Forgiveness, The Enviable Trait
Play. Dance. Repeat. - Ethan
Playjerise - All This World
Playjerise - Believe It Or Not
Playjerise - Better Life
Playjerise - Intro
Playjerise - Just Trust Me
Playjerise - Old Enough
Playjerise - Settle With Me
Please Do Not Fight - All Stand Up At Once
Please Do Not Fight - Maria, Remind Me
Please Do Not Fight - On The Other Hand, Fight! Fight! Fight!
Please Do Not Fight - Play Cards, Go Dancing
Please Do Not Fight - These Are The Sounds of Days That Are Passed
Please Do Not Fight - What Am I Trying To Save?
Pleasure Forever - Aeon Flame
Pleasure Forever - Czarina
Pleasure Forever - Draws an 8
Pleasure Forever - Lion's Den, Chapter 10
Pleasure Forever - Rider's Roost
Pleasure Forever - This is the Zodiac Speaking
Pleasure Forever - White Mare
Pleasure Forever - Wicked Shivering Columbine
Pleasure Hotel - California Why You Callling Me
Plight (The) - It Only Gets Worse
Plight (The) - Shadowboxer
Plimsouls (The) - Now
Pluramon - Drowning In You
Pnau - With You Forever
Pockets Filled With Matches - Ace Flush
Pockets Filled With Matches - Checklists
Pockets Filled With Matches - Crossfire
Pockets Filled With Matches - Destroy/Create/Destroy
Pockets Filled With Matches - Drive Away
Pockets Filled With Matches - Failing That
Pockets Filled With Matches - Wall Of Hands
Pockets Filled With Matches - Yours
Poem - Seven 'Lively' Sins
Poem - Spare Change
Pogo - Alice
Pogo - Bangarang
Pogo - Bread and Butterflies
Pogo - Go Out and Love Someone
Pohlmann - Wenn jetzt Sommer wär
Point Of Recognition - Adding Insult To Injury
Point Of Recognition - Facing Injustice
Point Of Recognition - The Abolition Of Man
Point One - Panic Attack
Point One - Parachute
Point One - Somethings Gotta Give
Point One - Supermodel
Point One - Wrecking Ball
Pokemon Theme Tune - Believe In Me (Season 5 Theme)
Polaroid - The Rapture
Polaroid Fame - We Live Your Life
Polaroid People (The) - Don't Let Go
Polaroid People (The) - Missing You Tonight
Polaroid People (The) - Our Own Way Out
Police (The) - Don't Stand So Close To Me '86 - Dance Version
Polite Sleeper - Into Loud Talkers
Polite Sleeper - Names Will Stand for Something
Polite Sleeper - Scenes
Polite Sleeper - Thinking
Polite Sleeper - Up the Punks
Polite Sleeper - What Went Wrong