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Polka Dot Dot Dot - Cherry Blossoms
Poltergeist - Act of Violence
Poltergeist - Behind my Mask
Poltergeist - Drilled to Kill
Poltergeist - Grey
Poltergeist - Make Your Choice
Polvo - Lantern
Polysics - Code 4
Pomplamoose - Be Still
Pomplamoose - Beat the Horse
Pomplamoose - Expiration Date
Pomplamoose - Hail Mary
Pomplamoose - If You Think You Need Some Lovin'
Pomplamoose - Le Commun des Mortels
Pomplamoose - Little Things
Pomplamoose - Pas Encore
Ponys (The) - Double Vision
Ponys (The) - Poser Psychotic
Pooodle - Paris Hilton
Poor Bailey - Pyrite & Gold - Part 2
Popguns (The) - Because He Wanted To
Popguns (The) - Bye Bye Baby
Popguns (The) - Don't Smile
Popguns (The) - Every Dream
Popguns (The) - Going Under
Popguns (The) - Landslide
Popguns (The) - Leave It Alone
Popguns (The) - Lightning
Popguns (The) - Put Me Through It
Popguns (The) - Those Other Things
Popguns (The) - Waiting for the Winter
Popguns (The) - You Must Never Know
Poppy And Tom - I Understand Perfectly
Poppy And Tom - Steal To Get Chased
Poppy And Tom - Way Back From School
Poppy Hollander - Be Naive
Popup - Love Triangle
Porcupine Defense - The Third Collision
Portastatic - Hey Salty
Portastatic - Oh Come Down
Portastatic - Paratrooper
Possessed (1969) - Climb The Wooden Hills
Postdata - Drift
Postdata - In Chemicals
Postdata - The Coroner
Postdata - Tobias Grey
Power Tool - Two Heads Are Better Than One
Praden - Bring It On!
Praden - Broken Letters
Praden - Hold This City
Praden - Just A Lie
Praden - Otherside
Praden - Sleep Forever (In Your Grave)
Praden - Stay
Praden - The Ending Call (Save Me)
Praden - Years Of Wonder
Praga Khan - Sayonara Greetings
Prayag - Aa Paas Aa
Prayag - Bus Karo
Prayag - Daud
Prayag - Raaste
Prayag - Udaan
Prayer Chain (The) - Mercury
Prayer For Cleansing - Feinbhas A Ghabahail
Prayers of Sanity - Evil May Die
Prayers of Sanity - Monochromatic War
Prayers of Sanity - Shadow Crawler
Prayers of Sanity - Something Kills You All
Pree - Lack of Flight
Prefects (The) - Things In General
Presidents Of The USA (The) - Rot in the Sun
Pretty Lights - My Other Love
Pretty Parallels - Selfish Wish
Pretty Parallels - Solve for the Absence of Light
Priestess and The Fool (The) - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Priestess and The Fool (The) - Ride On, Santa, Ride On
Primal Scream USA - Ignorance Is No Excuse
Primal Scream USA - Kill The Light
Primal Scream USA - Last Breath
Primal Scream USA - Megaton
Primal Scream USA - Poisoned
Primal Scream USA - Scream Til You Bleed
Primal Scream USA - State Of The State
Primal Scream USA - War And Sin
Princeton - Sadie & Andy
Privacy - Goodnight Canyon
Privates (The) - Atrium
Privates (The) - Barricades
Privates (The) - CGCGCGFEA
Privates (The) - Cha-cha-cha
Privates (The) - Heart's Got a Hole
Privates (The) - I'll Be an Indian
Privates (The) - I'll Be Honest
Privates (The) - If I Should Call Your Name
Privates (The) - Motion
Privates (The) - One Piece
Privates (The) - Put the Hurt on Em
Privates (The) - Song 2
Privates (The) - Tangelo
Privates (The) - The Mighty Ducks Are Back!
Privates (The) - You Never Take Me Dancing
Prize Fighter Inferno - Run, Gunner Recall, Run! The Town Wants You Dead!
Pro Arte - Ljubav Nije Kaput Da Se Nosi
Problemaddicts (The) - Hurting feat. Masta Ace
Proceed - It's just another hiding place
Proceed - Treading water
Proclaimers (The) - A Land Fit For Zeros
Proclaimers (The) - Life With You
Proclaimers (The) - Notes & Rhymes
Proclaimers (The) - Scotland's Story
Proclaimers (The) - Shadows Fall
Proclaimers (The) - Sing All Our Cares Away
Proclaimers (The) - The Long Haul
Proclaimers (The) - Three More Days
Proclaimers (The) - When You're In Love
Proclaimers (The) - Whole Wide World
Profits (The) - Say Goodbye, Say Goodnight
Project Pitchfork - An End
Project Pitchfork - Darkness
Project Pitchfork - Full Of Life
Project Pitchfork - If I Could
Project Pitchfork - Nasty Habit
Project Pitchfork - Promises
Project Pitchfork - The Present
Project Pitchfork - The Tide
Project Pitchfork - The Touch
Project Pitchfork - Your God
Project Pitchfork - Your Tempting Fantasy
Proletariat (The) - Options
Prolyphic & Reanimator - Two Track Mind
Prom Kings, The - Down (ft. The Game)
Prom Night In Black and White - Flaws In Her Words (ft. Amanda)
Promise And The Monster - Light Reflecting Papers
Promise And The Monster - Sheets
Promise And The Monster - Wither
Promise Me Scarlet - Wherever You Go
Prospect Hill - Brighter Days
Prospect Hill - Buried
Prospect Hill - Dance
Prospect Hill - Face The Pain
Prospect Hill - For The Lovers, Haters, and the Dead
Prospect Hill - Panacea
Prospect Hill - Reflect
Prospect Hill - Superhero
Prospect Hill - The Divided
Prospect Hill - The Ride
Prospect, The - America
Prospect, The - Cross My Heart
Prospect, The - Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
Prospect, The - You've Got Red On You
Protomen (The) - Give us the Rope
Protomen (The) - Here Comes the Arm
Protomen (The) - Keep Quiet
Protomen (The) - Light Up The Night
Protomen (The) - The Good Doctor
Protomen (The) - The Hounds
Prurient - Historically, women use poison to kill
Prurient - Memory Repeating
Prurient - Returning Truth
Prurient - Subject
Prurient - Total Terrorism
Prussia - Lady Lady
Psalters - All You Weary
Psalters - C-Blue
Psalters - Dig It Up
Psalters - Dumpster Divers
Wavves - Heavy Metal Detox
Brett Eldredge - Wanna Be That Song
Zaz - Si Jamais J'Oublie
Кристина - Не стреляй
Selfie - Я пойду
Hopefuls (The) - Miss You
Hotel Lights - Amelia Bright
Hotel Lights - Blue Always Finds Me
Hotel Lights - Dream State Flying
Hotel Lights - Firecracker People
Hotel Lights - Flicker In My Eye
Hotel Lights - Happy And Glad
Hotel Lights - Nobody Let You Down
Hotel Lights - Norina
Hotel Lights - Run Away Happy
Hotel Lights - String Of Racehorses
Hotel Lights - Stumbling Home Winter Blues
Hotel Lights - Wedding Day
Hottness (The) - Blue Eyed
Hottness (The) - Dearly Departed
Hottness (The) - Still Standing
Hottness (The) - The City Is Ours
How I Became Invisible - What Comes Around, We Go Around
Amy Pearson - Fading Picture
Big Bang - Haru Haru
Axe - Jennifer
Ska-P - Fuego Y Miedo
Ska-P - El Imperio Caerá
Ska-P - Vándalo
Ska-P - Decadencia
New Bruises - Homogenized For Mass Consumption Or How My Youth Was Watered Down And Sold For Profit
New Bruises - City Hearts And Trailer Parks
ChicoSci - The Dance Of Ones And Zeros
ChicoSci - Colonized
ChicoSci - Quail
Lemar - Over You
Lemar - Mayday
Lemar - Black Tide
ChicoSci - A Promise
ChicoSci - Manila Teenage Death Squad
Mario - I Miss My Friend
No Harm Done - I Decline
No Harm Done - Throwing Bricks
No Harm Done - A Radio With Guts
No Harm Done - It's Too Late
No Harm Done - A Quarter Tank Of Gas And A Kill Your Idols Record
No Harm Done - The Stranded
No Harm Done - To Feel Again
Shawn Desman - Pullin Me Back
Z-Trip - Walking Dead
Holland Boys - We Are Diamonds
Holland Boys - I Wanna F U
Voodoo Zombie - Abducción
Creepshow (The) - The Sermon II
Creepshow (The) - Rue Morgue Radio
Creepshow (The) - Run For Your Life
Creepshow (The) - Buried Alive
Creepshow (The) - Take My Hand
Creepshow (The) - You'll Come Crawlin'
Creepshow (The) - Dearly Departed
Fear Before - Fashion Tips Baby
Fear Before - Given To Dreams
Fear Before - Girls Got A Face Like Murder
Fear Before - Sarah Goldfarb, Where Are Your Manners
Fear Before - A Shoreline Perspective
Swallow The Sun - Plague Of Butterflies
Rata Blanca - El Reino Olvidado
Rata Blanca - Talismán
Rata Blanca - El Círculo De Fuego
Rata Blanca - El Guardián De La Luz
Rata Blanca - Un Día Más, Un Día Menos
Rata Blanca - No Es Nada Fácil (Ser Vos)
Rata Blanca - Si Eres Hijo Del Rock
Rata Blanca - Cuando Hoy Es Ayer
RA - Faulty Information
RA - Push
RA - Don't Turn Away
RA - Lost Along The Way
RA - I Believe Again
RA - Easier Than This
Pep's - À L'insouciance
Pep's - …Ça Vient
Pep's - M'asseoir
Pep's - Le Soleil De Ta Pensée
Pep's - Sueño
Pep's - Mon Monde
Pep's - Lésions Dangereuses
Misery Index - Ghosts Of Catalonia
Misery Index - Ruling Class Cancelled
Grégoire - Nuages
Grégoire - Toi + Moi
Grégoire - Ce Qu'il Reste De Toi
Grégoire - Sauver Le Monde
Grégoire - Prière
Holy Moses - Acceptance
Faun - 2 Falken
Faun - Sieben
Faun - November
Faun - Tinta
Faun - Gaia
Faun - Zeit nach dem Sturm
Faun - Der stille Grund
Enslavement Of Beauty - The Perilous Pursuit Of Volition
Enslavement Of Beauty - Nostalgia Grows
Enslavement Of Beauty - 11:23pm
Enslavement Of Beauty - Lush
Enslavement Of Beauty - Mirror Souls
Enslaved - Ground
Dying Passion - The Creeps
Dying Passion - Call Me Away
Dying Passion - Psychic (A Soul Wreck)
Dimension Zero - Hell Is Within
Dimension Zero - Going Deep
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Der Weg
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Es wird schlimmer
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Auf die Liebe
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Wir sind das Licht
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Nach der Ebbe
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Wir hoffen
Destruction - Formless, Faceless, Nameless
Destruction - 263 Dead Popes
Destruction - Autoaggression
Destruction - Hofffmannn's Helll
Destruction - Brother Of Cain
Deadlock - With A Smile On My Face
Deadlock - The More Money They Get, The Colder Their Hearts
Deadlock - Lebe Wohl
Deadlock - Love, I Think I Had Never Felt It Before, So I Cannot Say That I Have Felt It This Time, But You Wer
Dark Empire - The Forgotten Sin
Dark Empire - Haunted
Dark Empire - Possessed (We Are One)
Bloodbath - Process Of Disillumination
Bloodbath - Slaughtering The Will To Live
Bloodbath - Iesous
Bloodbath - Drink From The Cup Of Heresy
Behemoth - Summoning Of The Ancient Gods
Behemoth - Dark Triumph
Behemoth - Aggressor
Behemoth - From Hornedlands To Lindisfarne
Behemoth - Thy Winter Kingdom
Behemoth - Deathcrush
Behemoth - Spellcraft & Heathendom
Cosa Nostra Klub (The) - The Doomsday
Thergothon - Everlasting
Thergothon - Elemental
Therion - Uthark Runa
Therion - Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
Therion - Asg岤
Therion - Son Of The Sun
Therion - Typhon
Therion - Draconian Trilogy
Therion - Flesh Of The Gods
Therion - The Wild Hunt
Therion - The Invincible
Therion - Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
Therion - Gothic Kabbalah
Therion - The Perennial Sophia
Therion - Wisdom And The Cage
Therion - Son Of The Staves Of Time
Therion - Tuna 1613
Therion - Close Up The Streams
Therion - The Wand Of Abaris
Therion - Three Treasures
Therion - Path To Arcady
Therion - TOF - The Trinity
Therion - Chain Of Minerva
Therion - The Falling Stone
Therion - Adulruna Rediviva
Theudho - Awakening Of The Emperor
Theudho - Amandus
Theudho - Blót
Theudho - The Architect
Theudho - Foreboding Dreams
Theudho - The Sword Of Cheru
Theudho - The Frozen Seas Of Atland
Theudho - Treachery
Io, Carlo - Figlio Dei Manga
Corrado Guzzanti - Muco Nasale
Septembre - [Face]
Hey Monday - 6 Months
Sarah Geronimo - I'll Be There
Sarah Geronimo - You're The Love Of My Life
Sarah Geronimo - Look Inside Ourselves
Ivete Sangalo - A Lua Que Eu Te Dei
Ivete Sangalo - Eva (eva) Ao Vivo
Ivete Sangalo - De Ladinho
I Blame Coco - Bohemian Love
I Mean Every Word I Ever Say Ever - ^o^
Im From Barcelona - Headphones
Im From Barcelona - Little Ghost
Im From Barcelona - Mingus
Imaginaries (The) - B&W Neon
Imaginaries (The) - Cloudspotting Blues
Imaginaries (The) - Kee: Royal Flush
Imaginaries (The) - Strange At All
Imaginaries (The) - Watergun
Informatik - Nothing Greater
Innerpartysystem - Last Night In Brooklyn
Innerpartysystem - New Poetry
Innerpartysystem - Obsession
Innerpartysystem - Redemption
Innerpartysystem - This Town Your Grave
Innerpartysystem - What We Will Never Know
Iron On - Can't Concentrate
Iron On - Snow
J Minus - A Mile Away
J Minus - After Midnight
J Minus - Angel
J Minus - Anna Rose
J Minus - Another Sunday Evening
J Minus - Camelia
J Minus - City Lights
J Minus - Contagious
J Minus - Love I Sought After
J Minus - Michael
J Minus - Seven
J Minus - The Rest Of Our Lives
J Minus - Think Of Me
J Minus - Time To Grow Up
J Minus - Tonight
J Minus - Twisted Life
Jaguares - Cuando La Sangre Galopa
Jaguares - Cuéntame Tu Vida
Jaguares - Dime De Un Amor Que No Ha Sufrido
Jaguares - Dime Jaguar
Jaguares - El Milagro
Jaguares - El Momento
Jaguares - El Secreto
Jaguares - En La Tierra
Jaguares - Fin
Jaguares - La Vida No Es Igual
Jaguares - No Me Culpes
Jaguares - Nos Deje Que...
Jaguares - Nos Vamos Juntos
Jaguares - Parpadea
Jaguares - Sangre
Jaguares - Tu
Jaguares - Viaje Astral
Jake Thackray - The Ladies' Basic Freedom Polka
Jakes (The) - Cough Syrup
James Bourne - Want Me Like That
Jana Hunter - Black Haven
Jane Vain & The Dark Matter - Don't Mind Us
Jane Vain & The Dark Matter - Moving Notes
Jane Vain & The Dark Matter - The Bird's Song
Jay Jay Pistolet - Holly
Jeremy Enigk - Wayward Love
Jj Grey & Mofro - Dew Drops
Jj Grey & Mofro - Everything Good Is Bad
Jj Grey & Mofro - Higher You Climb
Jj Grey & Mofro - I Believe (In Everything)
Jj Grey & Mofro - Orange Blossoms
Jj Grey & Mofro - She Don't Know
Jj Grey & Mofro - The Truth
Jj Grey & Mofro - WYLF
Jj Grey & Mofro - Ybor City
Joe Yoga - Bein' A Headache
Joe Yoga - Queen Bee
Joe Yoga - The Breakup Song
Joel T. Hamilton - Die
Joel T. Hamilton - I Need Love
Joel T. Hamilton - Keep Hope Alive
Joel T. Hamilton - My Bed Is A Lake
John Vanderslice - Too Much Time
Johnny Foreigner - Sometimes, In The Bullring
Johnny Lee - Prisoner Of Hope
Johnny Q. Public - Preacher's Kid
Jon B. - I Do (Whatcha Say Boo)
Jonathan Coulton - Summer's Over
Josh Pyke - Make You Happy
Josh Small - $5 In Hand
Josh Small - 2X2
Josiah Leming - Theysay
Julia Marcell - Dancer
Jun - Dramatic
Jungli - Girl
Jungli - The Heist
Jupiter One - Moon Wont Turn
Jupiter One - Turn Up The Radio
Jupiter One - Unglued
This Empty Flow - Nowafter
This Empty Flow - Useless
This Empty Flow - Stream
This Empty Flow - Distress
This Empty Flow - But I Am Still
Mary Mary - God In Me
Guillaume Cantillon - Hôtel Mirador
Guillaume Cantillon - Hello, Hello, Hello
Guillaume Cantillon - Comme Avant
Guillaume Cantillon - Etre Un Héros
Guillaume Cantillon - La, La, La
Los Temerarios - Si Tu Te Vas
Los Temerarios - Hasta Ya
Piffin Pebbles - Wedderburn Blues
Those Endless Eyes - Forever Gone
Those Endless Eyes - Fear
Those Endless Eyes - A Few Words
Those Endless Eyes - My Time
Those Endless Eyes - Winter Lights
Those Endless Eyes - The Rose Won't Sing Anymore
Thragedium - Thragedium Ad Arma Vocare (Part 1), Ad Arma Vocare (Part 2)
Thragedium - O Espírito do Tejo
Throneum - Cadaveric Cult
Thunder Lord - This Land My Home
Thunderstone - Forevermore
Thundertale - Knights Of The Burning Hill
Thundertale - Thunder Take Me Away
Thurisaz - Point Of No Return
Thy Antichrist - Destruction Times
Thy Antichrist - Transmigraciones
Thy Endless Wrath - In The Storm's Winds
Thy Endless Wrath - Glorification
Thy Endless Wrath - Immortal Existence
Thy Endless Wrath - Into The Damned Soul's Limbo
Thy Endless Wrath - Ancient Spirits In The Mist Dwell
Thy Endless Wrath - Embraced By The Darkness
Thy Endless Wrath - Where The Moon Lies In Silence
Thy Endless Wrath - Lord Of Soul's Rebellion
Tiamat - Where The Serpents Ever Dwell
Tiamat - On Golden Wings
Tiamat - Ancient Entity
Tiamat - The Sleeping Beauty
Tiamat - A Caress Of Stars
Tiamat - Gaia
Tiamat - Cold Seed
Tiamat - Phantasma De Luxe
Tiamat - Brighter Than The Sun
Tiamat - Vote For Love
Tiamat - Cain
Tiamat - Equinox Of The Gods
Tiamat - Lucienne
Tiamat - Summertime Is Gone
Tiamat - Misantropolis
Tiamat - Circles
Time Machine - Hidden Pain
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukas - Meille Niin Rakas
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukas - Hiljaisen Talven Lapsi
TNT - Bakgårdsrotter
Tony Iommi - Gone
Tony Iommi - From Another World
Tony Iommi - Don't Drag The River
Tony Iommi - Time Is The Healer
Tony Iommi - I'm Not The Same Man
Tony Martin - India
Tony Martin - Angel In The Bed
Tony Martin - Jerusalem
Tony Martin - Cry Myself To Death
Tony Martin - Relax
Tony Martin - Infinity
Tony Martin - Stormbringer
Tony Martin - Terra Toria
Tony Martin - Life Love And Everything
Tony Martin - Balance Of Power
Tony Martin - Wind Of Change
Tony Martin - Theater Of Dreams
Tony Martin - Dazed & Confused
Tony Martin - Guardian Angel
Tony Martin - Poison Roses
Torchbearer - Dead Children, Black Rats
Torchbearer - Faith Bled Dry
Torchbearer - Shorespread God
Torchbearer - Failure's Dawn
Tormentor - Trance
Torre De Marfil - Heridas
Torre De Marfil - El Vuelo Del Pegaso
Torre De Marfil - El Guardián
Torre De Marfil - Llegará El Final
Torre De Marfil - Lobo
Torre De Marfil - Momentos
Torre De Marfil - Montañas
Torre De Marfil - Mil Años, Mil Vidas
Torre De Marfil - No Hay Luz
Torre De Marfil - Ecos De La Tercera Realidad
Totenmond - Luzifer Stampft
Totenmond - Dornenschaf
Totenmond - Rausch Unser!
Totenmond - Schwarz Als Zweck
Tower - The Swan Princess
Tower - Magic Nights
Tower - Vampire
Tower - Night Of Sin
Tower - Silent Fall
Toxocara - Blast Wave Diffraction
Toxocara - Suffice to Prevent
Toxocara - The Blood Road (Ho Chi Minh Trail)
Toxocara - Egoist Existence
Toxocara - Insomnia
Toxocara - Der Rattenkrieg (Fortress Stalingrad)
Toxocara - Mortal Intrepid Frigate (The Battle Of The Nile)
Trail Of Tears - Deceptive Mirrors
Pro-pain - Hour Of The Time
Pro-pain - Where We Stand
Kaledon - Undeads Again
Kaledon - The End Of The Green Power
Kaledon - Flash In The Sky
Kaledon - Greatest Heart
Kaledon - Return To Kaledon
Darkwater (Sweden) - Again
Darkwater (Sweden) - The Play - I
Darkwater (Sweden) - The Play - II
Darkwater (Sweden) - In My Dreams
Trance - Confession
Trance - Get It Now
Trance - Burn The Ice
Trance - For Your Love
Trance - Loser
Trance - Baby Child
Transmetal - Debajo De Los Cielos Púrpura
Transmetal - Humanidad De Mármol
Transmetal - Espantosa Enfermedad
Transmetal - Parricida
Transmetal - El Amor Supremo
Transmetal - Encarnación Del Fuego
Transmetal - Invocación Y Conjuración
Transmetal - Un Pacto Escrito Con Sangre
Transmetal - At The Gallows End
Trauma - Comedy Is Over
Tribes Of Cain - In War With
Tribes Of Cain - The First Kill
Tribes Of Cain - Dignity
Tribes Of Cain - Soliloquy
Trivium - Shogun
Trollfest - Legendarisk ØL
Trollfest - PiratKriegen
Trollfest - Inni den grotte
Trollfest - PresteFeste
Trollfest - Egen Mjød, Heidunder Mjød!
Trooper - Raise A Little Hell
Trooper - Thin White Line
Trooper - $100,000.00
Il Nucleo - CheCosaConta
Il Nucleo - Non Smetterò Di Cercarti
Il Nucleo - La Mia Occasione
Le Mani - Il Giorno Migliore
Ayo - I Am Not Afraid
Ayo - Love And Hate
Ayo - Get Out Of My Way
Ayo - Better Days
Ayo - Change
Ayo - Piece Of Joy
Ayo - Lonely
Ayo - Mother
Ayo - Thank You
Litfiba - Effetti Collaterali
Emery - Whoa! Man
Subsonica - Tutti I Miei Sbagli
Subsonica - Incantevole
Subsonica - Preso Blu
Subsonica - Abitudine
Subsonica - Dentro I Miei Vuoti
Subsonica - Cose Che Non Ho
Subsonica - Il Vento
Bow Wow - What They Call Me
Lil' Eddie - City Of My Heart
Christina Milian - Us Against The World
Plies - Put It On Ya
Dente - Due Gocce
Dente - Ti Regalo Un Anello
Dente - La Cena Di Addio
Honor Society - The Takeover
Emanuele Martorelli - Cosa Resta
Reik - Ilusionado
Reik - Piel De Ciudad
Reik - Porque No Estas
Reik - Voy A Estar
Reik - Vuelve A Mi
Reik - Un Día Mas
Reik - Momentos
Franco De Vita - Simplemente La Verdad
Franco De Vita - Mi Sueño
Franco De Vita - No Se Olvida
Franco De Vita - Callo
Laura Pausini - E' Non E'
Laura Pausini - Es No Es
Nikka Costa - Keep Pushin'
Nikka Costa - Without Love
Alex Beaupain - Se Taire
Alex Beaupain - Parc De La Pépinière
Kaisercartel - Okay
KC & The Sunshine Band - Queen Of Clubs
Ken Oak Band - Annabelle
Kesha - Paris Hilton's Closet
Kesshin - Things I Left Undone
Kevin Cadogan - Bully For You
Kevin Cadogan - Further Than The Stars
Kevin Cadogan - Here In Still
Kevin Cadogan - Lipstick
Kevin Cadogan - Lovey Problem (Accousic)
Kevin Cadogan - Palpitations
Kevin Cadogan - Waiting For Me
Kevin Cadogan - When The World Belongs To Love
Kevin Cadogan - Writing On The Wall
Killers, The - Human
Killola - All Of My Idols Are Dead
Kinks (The) - Do It Again
Kinks (The) - Sleepwalker
Kirsty Hawkshaw - Reach For Me
Klimt1918 - All Summer Long
Klimt1918 - Ghost Of A Tape Listener
Klimt1918 - Just An Interlude In Your Life
Klimt1918 - Skygazer
Klimt1918 - Suspense Music
Klimt1918 - The Breathtaking Days (Via Laceta)
Klimt1918 - The Graduate
Komitet Rodzicielski 15 Zł - Płacipłacz
Kooks, The - Always Free
Kooks, The - Come On Down
Kooks, The - Middle Of The Night
Kovas - Love And Touch
Kronicles - Circus Peanuts
Kronicles - Helix
Krypteria - For You I'll Bring The Devil Down
L-aura - Dar Lin
L-aura - Degli Alberi
L-aura - Lettere D'amore
Lackthereof - Last November
Lady And The Lost Boys - I Like It When The Lines
Leaves - Deep Blue
Leaves - Silence
Left (The) - Cellophane
Left (The) - Drinkin' About You
Left (The) - Pretty Things
Lex Land - All We've Ever Done
Lex Land - Could've Had Me
Lex Land - Countless Songs
Lex Land - How Often?
Lex Land - My Fault. Your Mistake.
Lex Land - Play In Reverse
Lex Land - Sweet
Liars - Plaster Casts Of Everything
Lilium - If They Cheered
Lilium - Locked In Tight
Lilium - Lover
Lilium - Sense And Grief
Linda Martini - O Amor É Não Haver Polícia
Lisa Hannigan - I Don't Know
Lisa Hannigan - Splishy Splashy
Lisa Hannigan - Teeth
Lisa Hannigan - Venn Diagram
Living Colour - Love Rears Its Ugly Head
Lloyd Price - Just Because
Lodger (The) - 24h (Cabdy Machine)
Lodger (The) - Doorsteps
Lodger (The) - Two Smiles Is A Long Walk
Long-View - Gently Sleeping
Los Tres - De Hacerse Se Va A Hacer
Los Tres - La Sangre En El Cuerpo
Los Tres - Me Arrende
Los Tres - Olor A Gas
Los Tres - Pajaros De Fuego
Louis Prima - The Bigger The Figure
Love And Reverie - Finding Truth
Love And Reverie - Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Love And Reverie - Tell Me It Wasn't Worth It
Lovers - The Lucky Ones Who Love You
Low Vs Diamond - Wasted
Lucy Schwartz - Crooked Box
Luminous Orange - Cottontails
Luminous Orange - Drop Your Vivid Colours
Luminous Orange - Flowline
Luminous Orange - Give A Hint
Luminous Orange - HALF A BOY
Luminous Orange - SHIGATSU NO YORU
Luminous Orange - Silver Clothes
Luminous Orange - Sugarplastic
Luminous Orange - The Sky
Luminous Orange - UNDER YOUR SKIN
Luminous Orange - What You've Done
Lykke Li - My Love
Nina Kinert - I Shot My Man
Nina Kinert - Get Off
Nina Kinert - A-worn Out
Nina Kinert - The Story Goes
Ximena Sariñana - Mediocre
Ximena Sariñana - Vidas Paralelas
Ximena Sariñana - Normal
Ximena Sariñana - La Tina
Ximena Sariñana - Reforma
Ximena Sariñana - Un Error
Ximena Sariñana - Pocas Palabras
Ornella Vanoni - Eternità
Ornella Vanoni - Senza Fine
Ornella Vanoni - Una Ragione In Più
Ornella Vanoni - Domani E' Un Altro Giorno
Ornella Vanoni - Io So Che Ti Amerò
Muck Sticky - The First Moment
Somato Sensory - The Things We Never Would Have Found (If We Weren't Lost)
Just Left - Memmi
Something With Numbers - It's All Gonna Happen Again
Something With Numbers - We'll Fight
Something With Numbers - 89 Freedom Street
Something With Numbers - Pants On Fire
Something With Numbers - I'll Be There
Forgive Durden - I'm A Sucker For Fakes
Silverstein - Broken Stars
Saosin - Love Maker
Saosin - Why Can't You See
Saosin - Come Close (Acoustic)
Saosin - Love Maker (Acoustic)
Dillinger Four - The Classical Arrangement
Dillinger Four - Clown Cars On Cinder Blocks
Copyrights (The) - They Say
Copyrights (The) - Talkbomb
Copyrights (The) - I'll Be Fine
Copyrights (The) - Cry Babies
Copyrights (The) - Four Eyes
Copyrights (The) - Not For Shaving
Copyrights (The) - You And I
Copyrights (The) - Go Now
Copyrights (The) - Let's Waste Time Together
Copyrights (The) - Cashiers
Copyrights (The) - Stuck In Springtime
Copyrights (The) - This Ain't Broadway
Copyrights (The) - Help Me Stay Awake
Copyrights (The) - Tonight
Copyrights (The) - The Ceiling's The Limit
Copyrights (The) - Camouflage
Copyrights (The) - Button Smasher
Copyrights (The) - Playing Dead
Copyrights (The) - Kill The Captains
Copyrights (The) - Trapped On A Reel
Copyrights (The) - We're Not Gonna Make It
Copyrights (The) - Locked Outside A Motel Without Shoes, A Wallet, Or A Phone
Cold World - Gods And Earths
Cold World - A-Alikes
Short Stack - Princess
Short Stack - In This Place
Short Stack - Counting The Stars
Short Stack - Before Angels Fall
Short Stack - One Step Closer
Julia Marcell - Married To Life
Daly's Gone Wrong - It's Not Nice To Set Your Band Members On Fire
Daly's Gone Wrong - And The Heartless Will Mean Nothing
Daly's Gone Wrong - Dreading December
Daly's Gone Wrong - Bronx Dance Party
Daly's Gone Wrong - You Rock Me Steady
Hey Ocean! - Too Soon
Hey Ocean! - A Song About California
Hey Ocean! - My Friends
Bigger Lights (The) - I'll Meet You At The Bottom
Steve Earle - Take It Or Leave It
Steve Earle - The Crush
Steve Earle - The Window Song
Steve Earle - What'll You Do About Me
Steve Earle - What's Your Name
Steve Earle - Wheels
Steve Earle - When Will Will Be Married?
Steve Earle - When You Fall In Love
Steve Earle - While You Sleep
Steve Earle - White Freight Liner Blues
Steve Earle - Windfall
Steve Earle - Good Ol' Boy (Gettin' Tough)
Steve Earle - Think It Over
Steve Earle - If You Need A Fool
Steve Earle - Breakdown Lane
Steve Earle - Cadillac
Steve Earle - No. 29
Steve Earle - Angry Young Man
Steve Earle - It's All Up To You
Steve Earle - Snake Oil
Steve Earle - Once You Love
Steve Earle - Nothing But A Child
Steve Earle - Promise You Anything
Steve Earle - Esmeralda's Hollywood
Steve Earle - Billy Austin
Steve Earle - Have Mercy
Steve Earle - Country Girl
Steve Earle - Hometown Blues
Steve Earle - Goodbye
Steve Earle - Tom Ames' Prayer
Steve Earle - Nothin' Without You
Steve Earle - I'm Looking Through You
Steve Earle - Rivers Of Babylon
Steve Earle - More Than I Can Do
Steve Earle - Hurtin' Me, Hurtin' You
Steve Earle - Taneytown
Steve Earle - I Still Carry You Around
Steve Earle - N.Y.C.
Steve Earle - Here I Am
Steve Earle - Carrie Brown
Steve Earle - The Graveyard Shift
Steve Earle - Long, Lonesome Highway Blues
Steve Earle - Transcendental Blues
Steve Earle - The Boy Who Never Cried
Steve Earle - All Of My Life
Steve Earle - Breed
Steve Earle - Me And The Eagle
Steve Earle - Creepy Jackalope Eye
Steve Earle - My Uncle
Steve Earle - Ashes To Ashes
Steve Earle - Conspiracy Theory
Steve Earle - John Walker's Blues
Steve Earle - Go Amanda
Steve Earle - Home To Houston
Steve Earle - Rich Man's War
Steve Earle - Comin' Around
Steve Earle - Tennessee Blues
Steve Earle - Satellite Radio
Steve Earle - City Of Immigrants
Steve Earle - Come Home To Me
Steve Earle - Jericho Road
Steve Earle - Oxycontin Blues
Steve Earle - Red Is The Color
Steve Earle - Way Down In The Hole
Akon - Hold My Hand
Billy Currington - That's How Country Boys Roll
Billy Currington - I Shall Return
Marta Sui Tubi - Lauto Ritratto
Mina - Grande Amore(Grazie A Neddy Per Questo Testo)
Romina Falconi - Un Attimo
Laura Bono - All'infinito
Laura Bono - Il Mare Dei Tuoi Occhi
Laura Bono - Guardo In Faccia La Realta'
Laura Bono - Che Gusto Amaro
Laura Bono - Ti Lascio
Laura Bono - Tutto Va Cosi'
Laura Bono - Ehhh Ehhh
Laura Bono - La Pecora Nera
Laura Bono - Splendido Incubo
Dead Snares - These Dirty Streets
Akon - Troublemaker
Akon - Birthmark
Sway - F UR X
Sway - My Kind Of Girl
Demi Lovato - Our Time Is Here
Taylor Swift - Lucky You
LeToya Luckett - Somebody Else
Algebra - Abc's & 123S Happy After
Algebra - Can I Keep U?
Music (The) - Idle
Music (The) - The Left Side
Razorlight - Tabloid Lover
Razorlight - You And The Rest
M. Craft - Teardrop Tattoo
Machine In The Garden,the - Dark Splintered Heart
Machinist - Salieri
Machinist - Social Justice Theory
Madsic - Demize
Madsic - Distance Of Hate
Madsic - Outside Myself
Madsic - Tremor
Madsic - Underneath
Magtens Korridorer - Pandora
Main Drag, The - Goodnight Technologist
Maks And The Minors - 160 DB Silence
Maks And The Minors - Children's Song
Maks And The Minors - I Don't Know
Marc Almond - Backstage [I'm Lonely]
Marc Broude - Hold Me Inside You
Marc Broude - Self
Marcelo Camelo - Copacabana
Marcelo Camelo - Mais Tarde
Matthew John - Honey Bee
Matty Cries - I'll Be Blue For You (Muppet Babies Cover)
Matty Cries - Visions Of July
Max Vernon - When Your Body Breaks
Media Made - Upside Down
Meet Me At Midnight - Escapology
Melissa Ahern - Playground Drama
Midnight To Twelve - Contain It
Midnight To Twelve - How Bad
Midway State (The) - I Know
Mimi & Richard Fariña - Children Of Darkness
Mimi & Richard Fariña - House Un-American Blues Activity Dream
Mimi & Richard Fariña - Joy 'Round My Brain
Mimi & Richard Fariña - Mainline Prosperity Blues
Mimi & Richard Fariña - Morgan The Pirate
Mindy White - These Wings Are Useless
Modern Digital Militia - Bitter End
Monkey - The Dragon King
Monoral - Pompadour
Monoral - Session 9
Morning Light, The - Done Writing Love Songs
Morning Light, The - Happy-Now
Morning Light, The - This Way
Morphine - Good
Morphine - I Know You (Part III)
Morphine - Let's Take A Trip Together
Morphine - Sheila
Morphine - The Only One
Morphine - The Other Side
Morphine - The Way We Met
Morphine - Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer
Morten Harket - Darkspace
Motocade - American Film
Mountain Goats, The - Gojam Province 1968
Mountain Goats, The - Mountain Goats Shirt Song