Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 270:

Clique Girlz - Here With Me Now
Ricardo Arjona - Como Duele
Ricardo Arjona - Tocando Fondo
Анна Добрыднева - Я сильная
Вирус - Ты не ангел
Ани Лорак - Осенняя Любовь
Lana Del Rey - Music To Watch Boys To
L-Jane - Выпускной
Инфинити - Как Тебя Звать?
Like A Storm - Galaxy
Leona Lewis - Power
Erin McCarley - I Can Be Somebody
Duran Duran - The Universe Alone
Duran Duran - What Are The Chances?
Duran Duran - Paper Gods
Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong - Brooklyn
Joe South - Home And Homesick
Joe Tex - The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)
Joey Eppard - Stranded In A Treetop
John Cooper Clarke - The Day My Pad Went Mad
John Francis - Who?
John K. Samson - Velveteen
John Krueger - Amanda
John Krueger - Australia Is For Lovers
John Krueger - Honestly
John Krueger - Psychology
John Wesley - Always Be
John Wesley - Pretty Lives
John Wesley - Shiver
John Wesley - Some Miracle
John Wesley - Star
John Wesley - Your Round
Johnny Foreigner - The End And Eveything After
Johnny Hates Jazz - What Other Reason
Johnny Hollow - Alibi
Johnny Hollow - Human Lullaby
Johnny Q. Public - What Am I
Johnny Thunders - Baby Talk
Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers - Born Too Loose
Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers - I Wanna Be Loved
Johnossi - 18 Karat Gold
Johnossi - Send More Money
Johnstones, The - Last Chance
Jon Foreman - A Mirror Is Harder To Hold
Jon Foreman - Again
Jon Foreman - Baptize My Mind
Jon Foreman - I Am Still Running
Jon Foreman - In My Arms
Jon Foreman - Instead Of A Show
Jon Foreman - Resurrect Me
Jonathan Coulton - Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance
Jonathan Coulton - My Monkey
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Something Inside
Jonny Diaz - Hold Me
Jordan Zevon - Home
Jorge Cruz - Fado De Uma Rua Qualquer
Jorge Cruz - Feliz
Josh Mcdermott - Quarter Past Three
Josh Mcdermott - Sapphire Girl
Josh Mcdermott - The Thirst
Josh Mcdermott - Waining Hours
Josh Mcdermott - Work Hard (Bright Future)
Josh Roberts - Buzzard
Josh Rouse - Nice To Fit In
Josh Verdes - Save Me
Josh Woodward - The Bottom
Joshua Fletcher And The Six-shot Romance - Georgia
Joshua Fletcher And The Six-shot Romance - South
Josiah Leming - Fingertips
Josiah Leming - Her
Josiah Leming - Paper Houses
Josiah Leming - Razorblades And Handgrenades
Josiah Leming - This Cigar
Josiah Leming - To Run
Jubala - The Climber
Jubilee - Fuzz Are Down
Jubilee - Rebel Hiss
Jubilee - The Fool On The Pill
Jucifer - Antietam
Jucifer - Backslider
Jucifer - Centralia
Jucifer - Hennin Hardine
Jucifer - In A Family Way
Jucifer - Lucky Ones Burn
Jucifer - Ludlow
Jucifer - Medicated
Jucifer - My Benefactor
Jucifer - She Tides The Deep
Judy Garland - What'll I Do?
Jukebox The Ghost - Hold It In
Julee Cruise - Questions In A World Of Blue
Julia Massey - Honeycombs
Julia Nunes - Balloons
Julia Nunes - A Century
Julia Nunes - Still In The Room
Julia Nunes - One Clock
Juliagrace - Beautiful One
Juliagrace - Carry Me Away
Juliagrace - Wrapped In Plastic
Julian Lennon - Because
Julien-k - Dreamland
Julien-k - Killing Fields
Julien-k - Look At U
Julien-k - Spiral
Julien-k - Stranded
June Madrona - An Early Spring
June Madrona - Bellingham Wind
June Madrona - Method Acting
Junior Kimbrough - Sad Days Lonely Nights
Junkie XL - Cities In Dust
Justin Gordon - Bottomdweller
Justin Gordon - Close Quarters
Justin Gordon - Hypocrite's Plea
Justin Gordon - On The Beltway
Justin Gordon - Traveler's Rest
Justin Young - Haunted
Justin Young - On The Run
Justin Young - Speak The Same
Justin Young - Sung To
Justin Young - Swept Under
Justin Young - Turn My Heart
Kaizers Orchestra - Moment
Kalai - The Onlyest Thing
Kasi Calvin - 1200 Miles Away
Kasi Calvin - Count To Three
Kate Klim - I Choose Me
Kate Micucci - Dear Deer
Kate Miller Heidke - Out And In
Kate Miller Heidke - The Truth
Kate York - Go
Katelyn Dawn - Oxymoron
Katelyn Dawn - When The Coffee’s Cold
Katelyn Tarver - Rain
Katie Todd - Claustrophobe
Katra - Luominen
Katra - Niin Vesi Virtaa
Katra - Sahara
Katra - Viides Kuu
Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground - Night Of The Star Child's Funk
Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground - Ol' Rum Davies
Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground - Simon Courage Flees The Coop
Keldian - Beyond The Stars
Keldian - Crusader
Keldian - Plains Of Forever
Keldian - Prophecy
Keldian - Salvation (Release Me)
Keldian - Sundancer
Kelly Key - Chic... Chic...
Kelsey And The Chaos - Wrapped Around Your Finger
Kelsey And The Chaos - You Can't Stop
Ken Andrews - Up Or Down
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Where Was I?
Kent - Hur Jag Fick Dig Att Älska Mig
Kent - Nihilisten
Kettcar - Dunkel
Kettcar - Verraten
Kettcar - Würde
Kevin Devine - All Of Everything Erased
Kevin Devine - Fever Moon (Demo)
Kevin Devine - Joey
Kevin Devine - Murphy's Song
Kevin Devine - Refugees
Kevin Devine - Your Husband
Kevin Hearn - A Beginning
Kevin Hearn - Here For You
Kevin Hearn - High And Low
Kevin Hearn - Rescue Us
Kickball - Sea
Kickball - Storm
Kickball - Tides Or Swells
KID A - My Mechanical Romance Ft. Granufunk
Kill Atlantic - Asleep With A Ghost (I Hear You Had A Bad Day)
Killers, The - Neon Tiger
Killing Ophelia - 10:06
Killing Ophelia - Fear Of The Dark
Killola - Down
Killola - Dr. Rock (Bonus Rock Track)
Killola - Heart Rate 160
Killola - It's All Right
Killola - This Is How The World Ends
Kills And Thrills - You're What The French Call
Kills, The - Alphabet Pony
Kills, The - Black Balloon
Kills, The - Cheap And Cheerful
Kills, The - Half Of Us
Kills, The - Hook And Line
Kills, The - M.E.X.I.C.O.C.U
Kills, The - Sour Cherry
Kills, The - U.R.A Fever
Kim Larsen - This Is My Life
Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - My Super Sweet Sixteen Year Late Term Abortion
King Chango - Sin Ti
King Khan & The Shrines - How Can I Keep You Outta Harms Way
King's X - Chariot Song
King's X - Lost In Germany
King's X - Not Just For The Dead
King's X - Ooh Song
King's X - The Big Picture
King's X - The World Around Me
Kinks (The) - Animals In The Zoo
Kinks (The) - Don't You Fret
Kinks (The) - Situation Vacant
Kinks (The) - Supersonic Rocket Ship
Kinks (The) - Time Will Tell
Kissing Violet - Tastes Like Candy
Klaus Pyro - John, What A Savage
Klonhertz - Three Girl Rhumba
Knives In The Attic - Helpless (Giving Up)
Knives In The Attic - Noise For Sleeping
Knorkator - Du Bist So Still
Knorkator - Lied Vom Pferd
Knoxville - Fireworks
Komeda - Top Star
Kooks, The - All Over Town
Kooks, The - Bad Taste In My Mouth
Kooks, The - Brooklyn
Kooks, The - Do You Wanna
Kooks, The - Down To The Market
Kooks, The - Fa La La
Kooks, The - Gap
Kooks, The - I Already Miss You
Kooks, The - In My Opinion
Kooks, The - Love It All
Kooks, The - One Last Time
Kooks, The - See The Sun
Kooks, The - See The Sun (Alternate Version)
Kooks, The - Stormy Weather
Kooks, The - Sway
Kooks, The - Tick Of Time
Kooks, The - Vicious
Kooks, The - Watching The Ships Roll In
Kora - Culture
Kristoffer Ragnstam - 2008
Kung Fu Girls, The - Black And White
Underoath - Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear
Daddy Yankee - Salgo Pa' La Calle
Daddy Yankee - Suelta
Daddy Yankee - Somos De Calle
Five O-Clock Heroes (The) - Who
Devin Townsend - Om
Devin Townsend - Sit In The Mountain
Devin Townsend - Processional
Devin Townsend - Love-Load
Devin Townsend - Ocean Machines
Dragonforce - Where Dragons Rule
Forever Slave - Afterlife
Forever Slave - Our Story
Forever Slave - Mar, No Te Vayas
Forever Slave - Larmes Et Roses
Grand Magus - Beyond Good And Evil
Burden Of Grief - Schizophrenic
Nasty Savage - Welcome Wagon
Nasty Savage - Irrational
Nasty Savage - Ritual Submission
Nasty Savage - Powerslam
Nasty Savage - Sin Eater
Nasty Savage - Puzzled
Nasty Savage - Family Circus
Faster Pussycat - Big Dictionary
Astarte - Heart Of Flames
Officium Triste - Mountains Of Depressiveness
Nocturnus - BC/AD
Vines (The) - Get Out
Vines (The) - Manger
Vines (The) - He's A Rocker
Vines (The) - Orange Amber
Vines (The) - Kara Jayne
Vines (The) - Merrygoround
Vines (The) - Hey
Vines (The) - She Is Gone
Sugarland - All I Want To Do
Uh Huh Her - Explode
Uh Huh Her - Say So
Brother Firetribe - Two Hearts
Blessed By A Broken Heart - Blood On Your Hands
Battleheart - Journey Man
My Ruin - Momento Mori
My Ruin - Me Without You
My Ruin - Through The Wound
Axxis - Doom Of Destiny (Arabia)
Axxis - I Hear You Cry
Axxis - Father Father
Axxis - Revolutions
Axxis - Devilish Belle
Axxis - Astoria
Axxis - Engel Aus Hass
Phantom - The Dead Pool
Phantom - Drive On
Phantom - The Pleasure Of Pain
Phantom - What She's After
October 31 - Voyage To Infinity
Meliah Rage - The Pack
Meliah Rage - Death Valley Dream
Loudness - Bug Killa
Iced Earth - Behold The Wicked Child
Iced Earth - The Revealing
Iced Earth - A Gift Or A Curse
Iced Earth - I Walk Alone
Iced Earth - Harbinger Of Fate
Iced Earth - Crucify The King
Iced Earth - Divide And Devour
Grave - Deathstorm
Grave - Bloodpath
Gorefest - Surrealism
Rehasher - Suffragette City
Banner Pilot - Overwinter
Banner Pilot - Speed Trap
Banner Pilot - Empty Your Bottles
Banner Pilot - Absentee
Banner Pilot - Barker
Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet
Crash Test Dummies - In The Days Of The Caveman
Crash Test Dummies - I Think I'll Disappear Now
Crash Test Dummies - Two Knights And Maidens
Crash Test Dummies - Understand Your Man
Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet
Crash Test Dummies - Baby One More Time
Crash Test Dummies - Never Bother Looking Back
Far-Less - Broken Hearts Unite
PMtoday - This Disease
L'altra - Better Than Bleeding
L'altra - Black Arrow
L'altra - Different Days
L.p. - Good With You
L7 - Must Have More
La Dispute - Andria
La Dispute - Then Again, Maybe You Were Right
La Quiete - Giugno (June)
Ladyhawke - Magic
Ladyparasyte - Handful Of Locusts
Ladyparasyte - Judas
Ladyparasyte - Shinjuku Vampire Club
Ladyparasyte - Sirens
Ladyparasyte - The Decadence
Lahannya - Inside The Machine
Lahannya - Prologue
Lake Of Blood - Heed The Primal Calling
Langhorne Slim - Colette
Last Dance (The) - You
Last November - Make-Believe
Last Vision - Imaginary Reality
Latency (The) - Breathe
Latency (The) - Hello
Laura Bell - I'll Make The Money
Laura Bell - The C Word
Laurie Anderson - Blue Lagoon
Laurie Anderson - Closed Circuits
Laurie Anderson - Democratic Way
Laurie Anderson - Hey Ah
Laurie Anderson - Sharkey's Night
Laurie Anderson - Steven Weed
Laurie Anderson - Talkshow
Laurie Anderson - The Mailman’s Nightmare
Laurie Anderson - Walk The Dog
Lee Rocker - Bulletproof
Leevi And The Leavings - Maallinen Vaellus
Left of Zed - Bruise
Left of Zed - Cavity
Left of Zed - Falling
Left of Zed - Furious Bloom
Left of Zed - I Can't Wait
Left of Zed - Made For Blame
Left of Zed - Push
Left of Zed - Suspended
Left of Zed - Widow
Left Outlet - 2 AM
Left Outlet - Pygmalion
Left To Vanish - Dirt Merchant
Left To Vanish - Falling In Love In A Whorehouse
Left To Vanish - Lufthansa Heist
Left To Vanish - Preaching To The Choir
Legendary Pink Dots (The) - Glad He Ate Her
Legendary Pink Dots (The) - Obsession
Legendary Pink Dots (The) - So Gallantly Screaming
Legion Of Doom (The) - I'm So Sick [T-Virus Remix]
Leigh Nash - A Place For Us (with Tyler James)
Lemon Demon - The Ocean
Lemon Jelly - Nervous Tension
Lene Lovich - Too Tender (To Touch)
Leona Naess - Dues To Pay
Leona Naess - Heavy Like Sunday
Leona Naess - Home
Leona Naess - Northern Star
Leona Naess - One Kind Of Love
Leona Naess - Swing Gently
Les Claypool and the Holy Mackeral - Granny's Little Yard Gnome
Les Trois Accords - Je T'ai Vu Me Voir
Leslie Low - Anticitizen
Leslie Low - I Live My Life Dangerously
Leslie Low - Prodigal Son
Leslie Low - The Myth Of Love
Leslie Low - This Will Be My Last Song For The Night
Leslie Low - West Coast
Leslie Low - When I Wake Up Often Wondered Did I Dream
Let's Get It - Do Not Disturb (Tell Me How Bad)
Lets Wrestle - I Won't Lie To You
Lets Wrestle - I'm Ok You're Ok
Lets Wrestle - Man With Pica Syndrome
Letters For Saints - A Promise In Your Coat
Letters For Saints - Faceless Angels
Letters For Saints - If I, Alone, Am Left (or, For The Misconstrued, Ode To The Dreadnaught)
Letters For Saints - Mittens & A Diamond Ring
Letters For Saints - Mrs. Annie Capone
Letters For Saints - Our Lady's Grave (and The Dust That Settles On Her Bones)
Letters For Saints - Pills Will Make It Worse
Letters For Saints - Rain, And All It's Symphony
Letters For Saints - Theives On The Mountain
Letzte Instanz - Rapunzel
Letzte Instanz - Und Das Meer
Lexi Sayok - Understanding Souls And Minds
Lexington Bridge - Kick Back
Liam Frost - Is This Love?
Liars - Hold You, Drum
Liars - Nothing Is Ever Lost Or Can Be Lost My Science Friend
Lifeandlegend - The Date? House
Lifeandlegend - There's A Place
Liger - You Are An Engineer Too (Album Version)
Light Season (The) - The Effect Of Living Backwards
Lightning Dust - Listened On
Lightning Dust - No Other
Lightning Dust - Wind Me Up
Lightspeed Champion - No Suprise (For Wendela)/Midnight Suprise
Lightspeed Champion - Salty Water
Like A Movie - Annie
Like A Movie - Crashed
Like A Movie - She Says I'm Livin' Too Much In '82
Limbeck - Everyone's In The Parking Lot
Limbeck - People Don't Change
Linda Martini - Quarto 210
Linus Of Hollywood - When Are We Gonna Do It?
Lior - Blessed
Lior - Grey Ocean
Lior - Heal Me
Lior - The Art Of Cruelty
Liptocoal - Fly
Lisa Hannigan - Last Leaf
Lisa Hannigan - Pistachio
Little Axe - Grinning In Your Face
Little Feat - Don't Bogart That Joint, My Friend
Little River Band - Down On The Border
Little River Band - Face In The Crowd
Little River Band - Happy Anniversary
Little River Band - It's Not A Wonder
Little River Band - Man On Your Mind
Little River Band - Playing To Win
Little River Band - The Night Owls
Little River Band - The Other Guy
Little Wings - Light Be Bright
Living End, The - How Do We Know
Living End, The - Raise The Alarm
Living End, The - White Noise
Living Legends (The) - You Hear About It
Lizzie Huffman - Heavy Hearts
Lm.c - With VAMPIRE
Lo Fidelity Allstars - Pony Pressure
Lobo - Afterglow
Lobo - Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
Local H - Hand To Mouth
Local H - Michelle (Again)
Lodger - Don't Go Home Tonight
Logh - A Sunset Knife Fight
Logh - Asymmetric Tricks
Logh - Destinymanifesto
Logh - The Smoke Will Lead You Home
Logh - Trace Back The Paricle Track
Long Beach Shortbus - Everyone Is Beautiful
Long Blondes, The - Good As Gold
Long Blondes, The - Guilt
Long Blondes, The - I'm Going To Hell
Long Blondes, The - The Couples
Long Goodbye (The) - Pilgrim
Look See Proof - High Horse
Loom - Webs
Lords Of Acid - Gimme Gimme
Loren - House N Home
Los Campesinos - How I Taught Myself To Scream
Los Muertos De Cristo - Anarquia
Lost Prophets - Lately
Louis Prima - There'll Be No Next Time
Louis Prima - Whistle Stop
Louvin Brothers (The) - I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
Love And Reverie - Between The Tides
Love And Reverie - Birth
Love And Reverie - Death
Love And Reverie - More Than I Am
Love And Reverie - Patience
Love And Reverie - The Mapping
Love as Laughter - Holy
Love Automatic - Mrs. Radio
Love Automatic - One Foot Short
Love Nothing - Nothing In Return
Love Of Everything (The) - I Love All You Guys Slow
Love Of Everything (The) - Nothing Left To Use
Loved Ones, The - Brittle Heart
Loved Ones, The - Dear Laura
Loved Ones, The - Louisiana
Loved Ones, The - Pretty Good Year
Loved Ones, The - Sarah's Game
Loved Ones, The - Selfish Masquerade
Loved Ones, The - The Bridge
Loved Ones, The - The Inquirer
Lovely Feathers, The - Pope John Paul
Lovely Feathers, The - Wrong Choice
Lovers - I Believe In Outer Space
Lovers - Season's Greetings
Low Life (The) - Castaway
Low Vs Diamond - Heart Attack
Luce - Buy A Dog
Lukas Rossi - Headspin
Luke Slater - Stars And Heroes
Luke Temple - Someone Somewhere
Luna - Hedgehog
Luna - Kalamazoo
Luna - Rhythm King
Luna Sea - End Of Sorrow
Luna Sea - Fake
Lunatic Calm - Nobody
Luscious Jackson - Love Is Here
Lycia - A Brief Glimpse
Lycia - And Through The Smoke And Nails
Lycia - Distant Eastern Glare
Lycia - The Realization
Lykke Li - Breaking It Up
Lykke Li - Complaint Department
Lykke Li - Dance, Dance, Dance
Lykke Li - Everybody But Me
Lykke Li - Let It Fall
Lykke Li - Melodies & Desires
Lykke Li - Tonight
Lykke Li - Window Blues
L’antietam - A Side Of States
Tiago Iorc - It's Not Time
Tiago Iorc - How Much It Hurts
Tiago Iorc - All Of My Love
Sarah's Redemption - Little Game
Sarah's Redemption - All Or Nothing
Sarah's Redemption - At A Loss
Sarah's Redemption - The Aftermath Of The Carnival (Part II)
Sarah's Redemption - A Crying Remembrance
Sarah's Redemption - Autumn Song
Sarah's Redemption - Southside
Glen Campbell - Angel Dream
Glen Campbell - Times Like These
Dan Talevski - What Goes Around...Comes Around
Dan Talevski - Injection
Mylène Farmer - Paradis Inanimé
Mylène Farmer - Point De Suture
Mylène Farmer - Réveiller Le Monde
Mylène Farmer - Si J'avais Au Moins Revu Ton Visage
M. Craft - The Soldier
Maccabees, The - Diamond Solitaire
Maccabees, The - Sleepless George
Maccabees, The - Wake Up, Go To Sleep
Machinist - Believe You Me
Machinist - Hemispheres
Machinist - Kinematics + Parametrics
Mad Capsule Markets - LOUD UP!!
Mad Capsule Markets - LOUD UP!! (English)
Mad Capsule Markets - Proletariat (English)
Madeline Adams - Lit Elephants
Madeline Adams - Mountain Heart
Madrugada - Look Away Lucifer
Madrugada - Our Time Won't Live That Long
Madrugada - Valley Of Deception
Madrugada - Whatever Happened To You ?
Mae Shi (The) - Pwnd
Mae Shi (The) - This Party Is Not Fun
Mae Shi (The) - Young Marks
Magic Weapon - Hidden Veil
Magnetic Fields (The) - Courtesans
Magnetic Fields (The) - Drive On, Driver
Magnetic Fields (The) - I'll Dream Alone
Majandra Delfino - Ski-ming
Make Believe - Hello, Good Morning
Malice Mizer - Aegen [English]
Malice Mizer - Mayonaka Ni Kawashita Yakusoku
Mallard - Harvest
Mamas and The Papas, The - My Girl
Man Down Medic - Auto Races
Man Man - Doo Right
Mancake - Armed With A Lasso
Mancake - Bring It
Mancake - International House Of Mancake
Mancake - Louisiana Purchase
Mankind Is Obsolete - Awake
Manny Charlton - White Hotel
Mano Negra - Darling Darling
Mano Negra - Don't Want You No More
Mano Negra - Le Bruit Du Frigo
Mano Negra - Salga La Luna
Maple State (The) - The Fall Of Shi Gao Rui
Marching Band - Gorgeous Behavior
Marching Band - Makeup Artist
Maria Callas - La Traviata
Marie Moreshead - Daydream
Marie Moreshead - Didn't Make It Easy
Marie Moreshead - Everything You Hear
Marie Moreshead - Sweet Relief
Marie Moreshead - Take Me To Italy
Marie Moreshead - Taxi
Mark And Alex - Crazy
Mark Gunnery - Free To Pay
Mark Gunnery - Heart Strings
Mark Gunnery - Seeing The Elephant
Mark Gunnery - Uncarved Block
Mars - Hydro Implement Indiglow
Mars Volta (The) - Agadez
Mars Volta (The) - Ilyena
Mars Volta (The) - Soothsayer
Marschak - Мой новый день
Marschak - Не быть человеком
Martin Grech - The Giving Hands
Martin Svensson - Du är Så Yeah Yeah Wow Wow live Melodifestivalen 1999
Martin Svensson - Teater Känns Det Som
Mary Onettes, The - Pleasure Songs
Mason Musso - A Girl Like You
Matches, The - Darkness Rising
Matches, The - If I Were You
Matches, The - We Are One
Matenrou Opera - Sara
Material Issue - Li'l Christine
Mates Of State - Blue And Gold Print
Mates Of State - Great Dane
Mates Of State - Help Help
Mates Of State - You Are Free
Maths Class - Branches
Matisse - Call Me, Call Me
Matt Mays And El Torpedo - Digital Eyes
Matt Pless - Pick Up The Pieces (Greatest Of Nations)
Matt Pless - Where The Horses Won't Go
Matt Prisco - Pose
Matthew Barber - You And Me
Matthew Perryman Jones - Echoes Of Eden
Matthew Perryman Jones - Waiting On The Light To Change
Matthewfggt And Loz - Holiday Live (Acoustic Cover)
Mayday - Footprint
Mazarin - The New American Apathy
Mc5 - Looking At You
Mc5 - Tonight
Mean Creek - Beg And Plead
Mean Creek - Hiding Place
Mean Creek - Make Believe
Mean Creek - Momentary
Mean Creek - Money Makes Me Sad
Mean Creek - Not To Dream
Mean Creek - Ohio
Mean Creek - Who Are You?
Measure Sa (The) - Autonomously
Measure Sa (The) - Hit The Ground Running
Measure Sa (The) - It's Me Or The Marlboro Man
Measure Sa (The) - Just Go
Measure Sa (The) - Media Free
Meat Puppets - Stone Eyes
Mecca Normal - Drilling
Mecca Normal - Flashlight
Mecca Normal - Held
Mecca Normal - Once
Mecca Normal - This Machine
Mecca Normal - Trapped Against
Megaherz - Fauler Zauber
Melanie Safka - Any Guy
Melanie Safka - Baby Day
Melody Club - Electric
Melora Creager - Girl Lunar Explorer
Melora Creager - Warbots
Melpo Mene - Hello Benjamin
Melpo Mene - I Adore You
Mendoza Line (The) - Catch A Collapsing Star
MeShell NdegeOcello - Earth
Mess Hall (The) - Pulse
Messenger (The) - Hey, Vanity!
Metallspurhunde - Reduit
Methadones, The - I Believe
Methodology - Enjoy The Ride
Methodology - Hallucination
Metronomy - Radio Ladio
Metronomy - Heart Rate Rapid
Meursault - A Few Kind Words
Michael Mclinn - Lord Ronald (traditional)
Michael Tait - Lose This Life
Midnight Aria - Dead To Me
Midwest Kings - One True Thing
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - Favorite Records
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - The One With The Woes All Over It
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - This List
Mike Mangione - Waiting For No One
Mike Mangione - You Don't Wanna Leave
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - The Debtor
Milla Jovovich - Holy Fall
Milosh - Couldn't Sleep
Milosh - Falling Away
Milosh - Run Away
Milosh - This Way
Milosh - You Fill Me
Mimi & Richard Fariña - Bold Marauder
Miniature Tigers - Baby Abroad
Minibar - Things I Left Behind
Minnie Riperton - Adventures In Paradise
Minnie Riperton - Baby, This Love I Have
Minnie Riperton - Minnie's Lament
Minnie Riperton - Never Existed Before
Minnie Riperton - Our Lives
Minnie Riperton - Reasons
Minnie Riperton - Seeing You This Way
Minnie Riperton - Take A Little Trip
Minnie Riperton - The Edge Of A Dream
Minnie Riperton - When It Comes Down To It
Minor Majority - Don't Say You Love Me
Mint Chicks (The) - Walking Off A Cliff Again
Minty (angela Kelly) - Hard Habit To Break
Minty (angela Kelly) - Show Me
Minus Six - Her Song
Miracle Legion - So Good
Mirah And Spectratone International - Community
Mischief Brew - Punx Win
Mischief Brew - Rambler's Ghost
Mischief Brew - The Reinvention Of The Printing Press
Misdirection - Just Go
Misdirection - Near Miss
Misdirection - Operation Airport
Miss Kittin And The Hacker - Metalhead
Mission District (The) - So Over You
Mission, The - A Wing And A Prayer
Mission, The - Belief
Mission, The - Dream On
Mission, The - Fabienne
Mission, The - Heat
Mission, The - Heaven On Earth
Model Photographer - Cassette Tape
Modern Digital Militia - Smothered Hope
Modern Skirts - City Lights
Modern Skirts - My Bully
Modern Skirts - New York Song
Modern Skirts - Save Me
Modern Skirts - September Days
Modern Skirts - Sugarpile
Modern Skirts - Tonight, Before You Were Sleeping
Molly Miller - Getaway Car
Mon Frere - Orcs Don't Know It
Mondo Rock - Chemistry
Mondo Rock - State Of The Heart
Moneta - A Better Defense
Moneta - Beauty And The Beast
Moneta - Haunted
Moneta - Kayla
Moneta - Kid Go
Monkey Majik - Let's Get Along
Monument Monument - I Won't Be Careful
Monument Monument - Make This Mistake
Monument Monument - Sleep Well When You Get There
Monument Monument - You Can't Get Any Further Away Before You Start Coming Back
Moog (The) - Never Hide
Moon Seven Times (The) - Motion
Morbid Suicide - Drown (you Let Me Die)
Moriarty - Cottonflower
Moriarty - Private Lily
Morning Benders (The) - Boarded Doors
Morning Benders (The) - Damnit Anna
Morning Benders (The) - Waiting For A War
Morning Musume - Treasure Box
Morning Of, The - Reverie
Morning Of, The - Shine
Morning Of, The - The World As We Know It
Morning Of, The - Violins And Trees (Unforgettable)
Morning Of, The - Welcome Change, Goodbye Gravity
Morning Of, The - You Vs. The World
Morphine - Like Swimming
Morphine - Pretty Face
Morphine - Take Me With You
Moss Icon - Familiar Presides
Motion Sick (The) - 30 Lives
Mount Eerie - Blue Light On The Floor
Mount Eerie - Domesticated Dog
Mount Eerie - Human
Mount Eerie - Known World
Mount Eerie - No Flashlight Pt 2
Mount Eerie - Unknown World
Mount Eerie - Wooly Mammoth's Absence
Mountain Goats, The - Acceptable Damges Sutra
Mountain Goats, The - Down To The Ark
Mourning District - Pont Rouge
Mouse Fire - Chicago Ain't The Answer
Mouse Fire - Culvaria
Mouse Fire - Fear The Worst
Mouse Fire - In The Fashion Of
Mouse Fire - Mexican Weather
Mouse Fire - Started A Fire
Mouse Fire - The Unknown
Mouse Fire - This Is How I Throw My Slider
Mucc - D O G
Mucc - Fuzz
Mucc - Hakanakutomo
Mucc - Hakanakutomo (ENGLISH)
Mucc - Kinsenka
Mucc - Kokoro No Nai Machi
Mucc - Libra(english Translation)
Mucc - Mikan No Kaiga
Mucc - Saishuu Ressha (English)
Mucc - Utagoe
Mucc - Yasashii Uta
Muffs, The - My Lucky Day
Muffs, The - No Action
Muffs, The - Oh Poor You
Mugshot - Hostage
Mumford And Sons - Feel The Tide Turning
Mumford And Sons - White Blank Page
Murder By Association - The Prediction Of A Trainwreck
Music, The - Come What May
Music, The - Idle
Music, The - Inconceivable Odds
Music, The - Jag Tune
Music, The - Middle Of Nowhere (Demo Version)
Music, The - Strength In Numbers
Music, The - The Last One
Music, The - THE LEFT SIDE
Music, The - The Spike
Musiric - Smile Again
Mussels - Wake Up Boy, Look Alive!
My Amiga - Thank Heavens For Little Victories
My Bloody Valentine - Lovelee Sweet Darlene
My Bloody Valentine - On Another Rainy Saturday
My Digital Enemy - Wasted
My Favourite Pornstar - Congratulation's You're Still Alive
My Head - Humbucker
My Heart Is A Harpsichord - A Guy With A Knife Vs A Guy With No Legs Wearing +3 Masterwork Studded Leather Armor
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Cuz It's Hot
My Passion - Hot In The Dolls House
Myriad (The) - Don't Let Them See You!
Myriad (The) - A Clean Shot
Myriad (The) - A Thousand Winters Melting
Myriad (The) - Braver Than The Rest
Myriad (The) - Get On The Plane
Myriad (The) - Holiest Of Thieves
Myriad (The) - Perfect
Myriad (The) - Polar Bears And Shark Fins
Myriad (The) - The Accident
März - Everybody Had A Hard Year
März - The River
David Archuleta - A Thousand Miles
Celtas Cortos - Retales De Una Vida
Senses Fail - Garden State
Senses Fail - Map The Streets
Funeral For A Friend - Rules And Games
Funeral For A Friend - Maybe I Am?
Fall Out Boy - Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes
Paint It Black - Goliath
Logic Of Distress - Won't Let You Fall
Raf - Ossigeno
Cesare Cremonini - Louise
Mango - La Canzone Dell'amore Perduto
Silvia Calzolari - House Of Hope
Anberlin - Bittersweet Memory
Anberlin - Blame Me! Blame Me!
Anberlin - Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights)
Anberlin - Younglife
Rise Against - Re-education (Through Labor)
Rise Against - Audience Of One
Rise Against - Savior
Rise Against - Hairline Fracture
Rise Against - Whereabouts Unknown
Irish Front (The) - Chicago Typewriter
Irish Front (The) - W.A.S.P.
Irish Front (The) - Boom Snap Clap
Sing It Loud - We're Not Afraid
Sing It Loud - No One Can Touch Us
Sing It Loud - Over You
Sing It Loud - Fade Away
Brighten - Carolina
Brighten - Easy To Fall In Love
Brighten - Love On My Mind
Brighten - We Are Birds
Escape The Fate - Ashley
Escape The Fate - Something
Escape The Fate - The Flood
Escape The Fate - Let It Go
Escape The Fate - You Are So Beautiful
Escape The Fate - This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II)
Escape The Fate - Harder Than You Know
Escape The Fate - It's Just Me
I Am Ghost - Don't Wake Up
I Am Ghost - Those We Leave Behind
I Am Ghost - Buried Way Too Shallow
I Am Ghost - Saddest Story Never Told
I Am Ghost - They Always Come Back
I Am Ghost - Set Me Free
Sound Of Animals Fighting (The) - Another Leather Lung
FFD - Il Mondo E' Ancora Lì
Sequoyah Prep School - Magnolia
Sequoyah Prep School - Live Forever
Sequoyah Prep School - Listening
Sequoyah Prep School - Old #4
Drive Like Carson - 10-4
Donnie Klang - Hollywood Girl
Keyshia Cole - Heaven Sent (Remix)
Vanessa Hudgens - All Or Nothing
One Day As A Lion - Last Letter
Hollywood Undead - Young
Hollywood Undead - This Love, This Hate
Breathe Carolina - Gossip
Archie Star - Let's Get Married
Mercy Mercedes - Dr. Huxtable
Mercy Mercedes - Get It Darlin'
Mercy Mercedes - The Perfect Scene
Mercy Mercedes - Here We Are
Mercy Mercedes - Revolution
Hezekiah Walker - I'll Be Satisfied
Hezekiah Walker - Second Chance
Hezekiah Walker - I Need You To Survive
Hezekiah Walker - Wonderful Is Your Name
Hezekiah Walker - How Much We Can Bear
Hezekiah Walker - Jesus Is My Help
Snow - The Plumb Song
Snow - Scrub Off
Snow - Everything's Fine
Snow - Little Did They Know
Snow - Funky Martini
Sandro Giacobbe - Primavera
Lights Out Paris - Her First Period
Lights Out Paris - R-2 D-2 And Spider Man Weren't Blood Related
Mitchel Musso - Last Forever
Mitchel Musso - The In Crowd
Valencia - Holidays
Valencia - Where Did You Go?
Verse (Punk) - Tear Down These Walls
Verse (Punk) - Painting Pictures
Verse (Punk) - Saying Goodbye
Verse (Punk) - Searching
Verse (Punk) - Road Less Traveled
Isaac Hayes - When I Fall In Love
Isaac Hayes - I Stand Accused
Isaac Hayes - I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
Isaac Hayes - Our Day Will Come
Isaac Hayes - Never Can Say Goodbye
Isaac Hayes - They Long To Be Close To You
Isaac Hayes - Man's Temptation
Isaac Hayes - Never Gonna Give You Up
Isaac Hayes - It's Too Late
Isaac Hayes - By The Time I Get To Phoenix