Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 273:

Raf - Ballo
Raf - Giù Le Mani Dal Cuore
Sugarfree - Splendida
Sugarfree - Una Donna Per Amico
Shy'm - La Première Fois
Shy'm - Step Back
Shy'm - Tout Est Dit
Shy'm - Nulle Part Ailleurs
Pussycat Dolls (The) - Who's Gonna Love You
Pussycat Dolls (The) - Halo
Pussycat Dolls (The) - Love The Way You Love Me
Pussycat Dolls (The) - Baby Love (J.R. Remix)
Pussycat Dolls (The) - Lights, Camera, Action
Pussycat Dolls (The) - Don't Wanna Fall In Love
Pussycat Dolls (The) - Played
Pussycat Dolls (The) - Until U Love U
Deitrick Haddon - Go With Me
Deitrick Haddon - It's Raining
Deitrick Haddon - I Need Your Help
Deitrick Haddon - Don't Take Your Spirit Away
Deitrick Haddon - Ungrateful
Deitrick Haddon - One Blood
Deitrick Haddon - Soul Survivor
Deitrick Haddon - Love Him Like I Do
Deitrick Haddon - He's Able
Jennifer Hudson - What's Wrong (Go Away)
Jennifer Hudson - You Pulled Me Through
Bob Dylan - Most Of The Time
Bob Dylan - Someday Baby
Bob Dylan - Everything Is Broken
Bob Dylan - Huck's Tune
Bob Dylan - Mississippi
Bob Dylan - God Knows
Bob Dylan - Cocaine Blues
Bob Dylan - Ain't Talkin'
Bob Dylan - Lonesome Day Blues
Bob Dylan - Miss The Mississippi
Bob Dylan - The Lonesome River
Bob Dylan - Cold Irons Bound
Bob Dylan - Most Of The Time
Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed
Bob Dylan - Born In Time
Bob Dylan - Tryin' To Get To Heaven
Bob Dylan - Can't Wait
Crime In Stereo - Desertbed
Crime In Stereo - The Bride
Riot Before (The) - Jam Is A Four Letter Word
Riot Before (The) - Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Riot Before (The) - Fists Buried In Pockets
Riot Before (The) - Threat Level Midnight
Riot Before (The) - 5 To 9
Riot Before (The) - I Have My Books
Riot Before (The) - They Rode On In The Friscalating Dusklight
Riot Before (The) - Numero Seven
Riot Before (The) - Election Day
Riot Before (The) - Capillaries
Jesu - Heart Ache
Jesu - Ruined
Inferis (Chile) - Tradición Y Sangre (Traditona And Blood Spanish Version)
Indungeon - Battletank No. 1
Indungeon - 522 666
Indungeon - As Hatred Emerges
Indungeon - Cyborgnetic Supermind
Indungeon - Desolated Creation
Indungeon - Terrorsquad
Indungeon - Mayhemic Destruction
Indungeon - In The Ashes Of Civilization
Indungeon - Charging Against You
In Arkadia - Psychic Simian
Jaguares - Grace
Livores Mortis - Tomorrows Of Virtual Reality
Livores Mortis - Enter Through Eternal Fire
Livores Mortis - Winter
Leverage - Horizon
Korgonthurus - Rukous
Korgonthurus - Sielun Kuolema
King Kobra - Hunger
Killem - Cancer
Killem - Behind The Lie Of Perception
Killem - Nowhere
Killem - Green Messiah
Killem - Biolypse
Killem - Neverending Pain
Killem - Faithless Priest
Kick Axe - Hellraisers
Kick Axe - With A Little Help From My Friends
Katarsis - Sueño Infernal
Katarsis - Ella
Katarsis - Tierra De Hombres
Katarsis - Dioses De La Oscuridad
Copeland - Should You Return
Copeland - Good Morning Fire Eater
Copeland - To Be Happy Now
Copeland - Not Allowed
Copeland - What Do I Know?
Copeland - Not So Tough Found Out
Jackyl - Open Up
Jackyl - Thanks For The Grammy
Jackyl - Can't Beat It With A Stick
Jackyl - We're An American Band
Jackyl - Down On Me
Jackyl - I Stand Alone
Jackyl - Secret Of The Bottle
Jackyl - Kill The Sunshine
Jackyl - Mr. Evil
Jackyl - Down This Road Before
IXXI - Investigating The Horrific
It Will Come - Storm Of Sin
It Will Come - Our Place
In:Aviate - Question Everything
In:Aviate - Awake
Mimmo Dany - ngoppe a Luna
Mimmo Dany - a Mamma è Sempe a Mamma
Mimmo Dany - Ti Amo Carmè
Iva Zanicchi - Coraggio E Paura
Emanuele Dabbono - Piano
London After Midnight - Heaven Now
London After Midnight - Fear
London After Midnight - Love You To Death
Destinity - In Nuclear Light
Destinity - Evolution : Devilution
Destinity - Deconstruction Of Times
Destinity - Thing I Will Never Feel
Destinity - Ready To Leave
Shadowsphere - Hellbound Heart
Shape Of Despair - Sylvan-Night
Shape Of Despair - Quiet These Paintings Are + Outro
Shape Of Despair - Woundheir
Shattered Realm - Endless
Shattered Realm - Final Day
Shattered Realm - No One Else
Shellyz Raven - Nihilist
Shining - Neka Morgondagen
Go Crash Audio - From Here To California
Go Crash Audio - In My World
Keane - The Lovers Are Losing
Keane - Better Than This
Keane - Again And Again
Keane - Love Is The End
Lucinda Williams - Real Love
Lucinda Williams - Tears Of Joy
Lucinda Williams - Well Well Well
Lucinda Williams - Heaven Blues
Lucinda Williams - Plan To Marry
Lucinda Williams - It's A Long Way To The Top
Nino Fiorello - Cuando Volveras
Nino Fiorello - C'arrubbamme
Nino Fiorello - Vedimmece Nata Vota
Tallest Man On Earth (The) - Honey Won't You Let Me In
Tara Maclean - Here And Now
Tay Zonday - Explode
Teaspoon Forest - Just Us Two / That Same Moon
Ten Years After - Hard Monkeys
Ten Years After - Here They Come
Thanksgiving - Come On New World
Thiago Rodrigues - Longe, Tão Perto
This A.m. Static - Worthless
this beautiful mess - For Me Ten Others
this beautiful mess - Kid Of Thee
This Very Day - Comsumed By Flames
This World Fair - San Fransisco
Thompson - Geni Kameni
Thompson - Lijepa Li Si
Thompson - Prijatelji
Thrash Unreal - Las Vegas Lights
Thread - The Fool
Thurston Moore - Frozen Gtr
Thy Will Be Done - Bloodwitness
Thy Will Be Done - Cast The Crown
Thy Will Be Done - Preserving The Sacred
Thy Will Be Done - Reveal Resolution
Thy Will Be Done - Selfless Portrait
Thy Will Be Done - Threshold Of The Spirit
Thy Will Be Done - Voices Divide
Thy Will Be Done - Was And Is, And Is To COme
Tim Rogers & The Twin Set - Twenty Eight
Tiny (The) - For Hallis
Tiny (The) - In My Back
Tiny (The) - Just Like You
Tiny (The) - No Money
Tiny (The) - Opened Up
Tired Old Sound - Black Wax
Todd Carey - Elaine
Tommy James And The Shondells - I'm Taken
Tommy Mills & The Jade Amenity - John Doe
Tonight Is Glory - It's Never Been So Quiet
Too Much Joy - Hugo
Traces David - A Bridge Collapsed
Traces David - Frankie Vs. God
Traces David - Heart
Traces David - Hidden Track
Traces David - Meter Me Invisible
Traces David - Sailboat
Traces David - Sealed And Stampless
Traces David - The Certainty Of Flight
Traces David - The World Around
Trading Voices - Just Walk Away
Tradition - Free Will And The Question Mark
Tradition - Tradition
Travis Bryant - Invention
Travis Pickle - 13x's A Day
Travis Pickle - Motorcycle Man
Travis Pickle - One More Time
Trey Anastasio - Alaska
Triakel - Alla Gossar
Triakel - Lilla Hin / Gammel Sara
Triakel - Om Dagen Står Du Städs För Mig
Triakel - Tusen Tankar
Trillit - Knockout
Trio - Anna-Let Me In, Let Me Out
Tripdavon - Resonate
Truffula Tree - Right In Front Of You
Tub Ring - 2minus3
Tub Ring - God Hates Astronauts
Tub Ring - One Piece At A Time
Tunng - String
Twelves (The) - Works For Me
Twilight Sad (The) - Last Year's Rain Didn't Fall Quite So Hard
Two Ton Boa - Bad Seed
Two Ton Boa - Have Mercy
Twoface - Revelation's Day
Tyler Burkum - End Of The Road
Ultravox - The Frozen Ones
United Nations - Resolution 9
United Nations - Revolutions In Graphic Design
United States Of Electronica - It Is On!
Unkle Stilitskin - Airplane In The Sky
Unrest - Wednesday & Proud
Urban Dance Squad - Harvey Quinnt
Vacation Battle School - A Thing About Machines
Vacation Battle School - Let's Elope
Vacation Battle School - The Thumb War
Vacation Battle School - This State Of Dependence
Van She - Changes
Van She - Strangers
Various Artists - Just Stand Up
Velveteen - The Getaway
Vermont - Four Letter World
Veronica Maggio - Gammal Sång
Versus The World - In Spite Of The World
Vetiver - Houses
Veto - Spit It Out
Vicious Cabaret - I Don't Dream About You Anymore
Victoria Tibblin - Maybelline
Video Kid - Crime Scene
Videosforpictures - Graph Paper
Violeta Parra - Casamiento De Negros
Violeta Parra - Volver A Los 17
Virginia Coalition - Stars Align
Vitas - Опера 2
Waiting For Iris - Letting Go
Waiting For Iris - OUT OF THE WRECK I RISE
Wakey!Wakey! - Falling Apart
Walking Corpse - Tales From The Grave
Wall Of Voodoo - Animal Day
Wall Of Voodoo - Call Box (1-2-3)
Wall Of Voodoo - Crack The Bell
Wall Of Voodoo - Full Of Tension
Wall Of Voodoo - Good Times
Wall Of Voodoo - Hands Of Love
Wall Of Voodoo - Look At Their Way
Wall Of Voodoo - Lost Weekend
Wall Of Voodoo - Me And My Dad
Wall Of Voodoo - Red Light
Wall Of Voodoo - They Don't Want Me
Wall Of Voodoo - This Way Out
Wall Of Voodoo - Tomorrow
Wall Of Voodoo - Tse Tse Fly
Wall Of Voodoo - Two Minutes Till Lunch
Walter Meego - Forever
Wanteds (The) - 365
War On Drugs (The) - Taking The Farm
Warning - Echoes
Warrel Dane - When We Pray
Warrel Dane - Lucretia My Reflection
Warrel Dane - Let You Down
Warrel Dane - Your Chosen Misery
Warrel Dane - Brother
Warrel Dane - Equilibrium
Wars Of 1812 (The) - Forget You Madly
Watchout! Theres Ghosts - Never You
Watchout! Theres Ghosts - The Shakeup
Water Street - Out Of The Ordinary
Wave Pictures (The) - Leave The Scene Behind
Wayman Tisdale - Get Down On It
Wayward - The Call Out
Weather - One More One Night Stand
Wendy Sulca - PAPITO
Wes Styles - Subway Lady
Wes Styles - Yo Mama So Fat
Wesley Jensen - Holidays
What Happened In Vegas - Finding Neverwhere
When I Was A Lion - Care For Kleptos
Whirlwind Heat - Reagan
Whisk - Bows And Arrows
Whisk - New Name To Call You
Whisk - Set The Melody
Whiskers (The) - Grownups
Whiskey Bards - Pirate Lullaby
white octave - Looking Past Sky
white octave - Looking Past The Sky
White Rabbits - Dinner Party
White Williams - Headlines
Whitey - The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train
Whitsundays (The) - I Want It All
Whitsundays (The) - It Must Be Me
Whitsundays (The) - Sorry James
Why? - Brook And Waxing
Why? - The Teeth Behind Kisses
Why? - Twenty Eight
Wibutee - The Ball
Wideawake - Sun And Shadow
Wilimington-Chester Mass Choir - Hosanna
Will Oldham - I See A Darkness
Will Trotman - Take Me Away
Will Trotman - The Circle
Winch House - Sweet Taste Of Summer
Wingnut Dishwashers Union - Come On, Feel The Noise
Wingnut Dishwashers Union - Never Trust A Man Who Plays Guitar
Wingnut Dishwashers Union - Reason To Breathe
Winston Jazz Routine (The) - 7/29
Winter Sounds (The) - Poor Sailors
Winter Sounds (The) - The Great Forgotten
Wipers - Goodbye Again
Wipers - Mistaken ID
Wire - Ahead
Wire - From The Nursery
Wire - Used To
With Blood Comes Cleansing - My Help
With Blood Comes Cleansing - Persecution
Wolf Cookie - Pumpkin Patch
Wolfgang Press (The) - Mama Told Me Not To Come
Wolfsbane - After Midnight
Wolfsbane - All Or Nothing
Wolfsbane - Killing Machine
Wolfsbane - Money To Burn
Wolfsbane - Pretty Baby
Wolfsbane - Shakin'
Wolfsbane - Tears From A Fool
Wolves In The Throne Room - A Shimmering Radiance Diadem Of 12 Stars
Womack & Womack - Friends (so Called)
Woodbine Hotline - Kissed In The Rain
Woods - Ring Me To Sleep
Woolly Leaves - People And Planets
World/Inferno Friendship Society (The) - M Is For Morphine
Wormbox - Black Epitaph
Wynn Walent - It's Ok
X-Perience - Poison Kiss
Xymox - At The End Of The Day
Yashin - So We're Named After Saints
Yersinia Pestis - Little Piece Of Tragedy
Yo La Tengo - The Weakest Part
You In Series - We've All Wandered Out Of Reach
You In Series - When And Where A Real World Occurs
Young Knives - In The Pink (nolens Volens)
Young Rascals (The) - A Ray Of Hope
Young Rascals (The) - Come On Up
Young Rascals (The) - Mustang Sally
Young Rascals (The) - You Better Run
Your Favorite Ex - Home Is Where The Heart Is
Your Infamous Harp - 6 More Days Almost
Your Infamous Harp - Danger Danger
Your Infamous Harp - Get Up Sun!
Your Infamous Harp - Musicbox
Your Infamous Harp - Null Sand Mandala
Your Infamous Harp - You Are The You
Yves Klein Blue - Make Up Your Mind
Yvonne Elliman - Can't Find My Way Home
Zac Farro - Kings
Zebraplop - God Has Rained A Rising Moon
Zebraplop - Mariah
Zonaria - Pandemic Assault
Driver Side Impact - Cowboys And Indians
Driver Side Impact - Life Like Movies
Suburban Legends - Car 54
Suburban Legends - Da Bomb!
Showdown (the) - Head Down
Showdown (the) - Breath Of The Swamp
Showdown (the) - It Drinks From Me
Showdown (the) - Forget My Name
Showdown (the) - Spitting In The Wind
Showdown (the) - I, Victim (Here's To the Year)
Showdown (the) - Death Finds Us Breathing
Sieges Even - Sequence II: The Lonely Views Of Condors
Sieges Even - Leftovers
Sigh - Black Metal
Sigh - Inked In Blood
Sigh - Dies Irae / The Master Malice
Sigh - In Devil's Arms
Sikth - Flogging The Horses
Sikth - Way Beyond The Fond Old River
Sikth - In This Light
Sikth - Mermaid Slur
Sikth - When The Moments Gone
Sikth - Part Of The Friction
Sikth - Where Do We Fall?
Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Look - Rozsirena Verze
Silentium - Máttaráhku
Silentium - Lores Of The Mist
Sinai Beach - Wolves In Sheep's Clothing
Sinai Beach - On/Off Switch
Since The Flood - Gone Tomorrow
Since The Flood - No Compromise
Since The Flood - Strength
Since The Flood - Everything To Lose
Since The Flood - I Am What I Am
Since The Flood - Guardian Angel
Sinister - Presage Of The Mindless
Sirenia - The Last Call
Sirenia - One By One
Sirenia - Absent Without Leave
Sirenia - Seven Keys And Nine Doors
Six Feet Under - Resurrection Of The Rotten
Six Feet Under - In A Vacant Grave
Sixty Watt Shaman - Seed Of Decades
Sixty Watt Shaman - One More Time
Sixty Watt Shaman - Stone's Throw Away
Sixty Watt Shaman - Busy Dying
Sixty Watt Shaman - New Trip
Sixty Watt Shaman - The Mill Wheel
Sixty Watt Shaman - Long Hard Road
Sixty Watt Shaman - The Evil Behavior Of Ordinary People
Sixty Watt Shaman - Breathe Again
Sixty Watt Shaman - Distance
Sixty Watt Shaman - All Things Come To Pass
Skanners - Steel And Fire
Skanners - Turn It Louder Now
Haste The Day - Resolve
Haste The Day - An Adult Tree
Haste The Day - Babylon
Skinless - Overlord
Skinless - Spoils Of The Sycophant
Skinless - Execution Of Reason
Skinless - Wicked World
Skinny Puppy - Assimilate
Skinny Puppy - Dead Lines
Skinny Puppy - The Choke
Skinny Puppy - First Aid
Slaughter - Burnin' Bridges
Slaughter - Up All Night
Slaughter - She Wants More
Slaughter - Fly To The Angels (Acoustic Version)
Slaughter - Reach For The Sky
Slaughter - Out For Love
Slaughter - Dance For Me Baby
Slaughter - Move To The Music
Slaughter - Streets Of Broken Hearts
Slaughter - Do Ya Know
Slaughter - Stuck On You
Slaughter - Hard To Say Good-Bye
Slaughter - Heat Of The Moment
Slaughter - I'm Gone
Slaughter - Perfect World
Slayer - Jihad
Slayer - Eyes Of The Insane
Sleep - Stillborn
Sleep - The Wall Of Yawn
Sleep - Prey
Slumpark Correctional - Guillotine
Slumpark Correctional - Nowhere through
Sodom - Buried In The Justice Ground
Sodom - Bibles And Guns
Sodom - Axis Of Evil
Sodom - No Captures
Sodom - Lay Down The Law
Sodom - Nothing To Regret
Sodom - The Enemy Inside
Mother Mother - Burning Pile
Mother Mother - Wisdom
Mother Mother - Ghosting
Mother Mother - Hayloft
Mother Mother - Wrecking Ball
Mother Mother - Arms Tonite
Mother Mother - Sleep Awake
A Bloody Canvas - How Do You See The Wind?
A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - Bring Back Recess
A06 - [ Hidden Track ]
Aaron Schroeder - 21
Academy Is..., The - After The Last Midtown Show
Academy Is..., The - Automatic Eyes
Academy Is..., The - Beware! Cougar!
Academy Is..., The - Coppertone
Academy Is..., The - Crowded Room
Academy Is..., The - One More Weekend
Academy Is..., The - Paper Chase
Academy Is..., The - Rumored Nights
Academy Is..., The - Sodium
Accidental (The) - Wolves
Agraceful - The Servants Are Tongues Of Fire, Pt. 2
Agraceful - Revelations
Akeboshi - Tall Boy
Alarm (The) - The Stand, Long Version
All New Adventures Of Us (The) - Löftets Gränd / New Year Outro
All New Adventures Of Us (The) - Medicine
All New Adventures Of Us (The) - The Art Of The High-Five
All New Adventures Of Us (The) - The Wide-eyed Led Us Home
Aloha From Hell - Don't Gimme That
American Mall (The) - Dreaming Wide Awake
American Mall (The) - Every Ten Seconds
American Mall (The) - Sorry's Not Enough
Amie Miriello - I Came Around
Another Robot Sunset - Hospital Hearts
Anthem - Onslaught
Apathy Eulogy, The - Charlie
Apostle Of Hustle - My Sword Hand's Anger
Apostle Of Hustle - The Rent Boy Goes Down
Arsen Dedic - Odlazak
Arthur Russell - Hop On Down
Ashbury Heights - World Coming Down
Astronautalis - The Wondersmith And His Sons
Audrey Horne - Hell Hath No Fury
Australian Crawl - Beautiful People
Australian Crawl - Downhearted
Australian Crawl - Easy On Your Own
Australian Crawl - Love Boys
Australian Crawl - Shut Down
Australian Crawl - Trusting You
Australian Crawl - Unpublished Critics
Autumn Defense (The) - Iowa City, Adieu
Ayria - Bad List
Ayumi Hamasaki - JEWEL (English Translation)
Ayumi Hamasaki - RAINBOW (English Translation)
Prozak - It Was You (intro)
Farewell June - Run To You
Jackson Browne - Time The Conqueror
Jackson Browne - Where Were You
Jackson Browne - Going Down To Cuba
Jackson Browne - Live Nude Cabaret
Anastacia - I Can Feel You
Hilary Duff - Reach Out
Brightwood - Swan Song
Brightwood - Vis Major
Brightwood - Dreamer To A Dream
Brightwood - Cloak And Dagger
Brett Perkins - Staring At The Sun
Brett Perkins - Always Believed In You
Brett Perkins - She's My Danish Weather
Brett Perkins - Mary
Brett Perkins - Grateful
Dominic Balli - Arise
Dominic Balli - Zion Mourns
Dominic Balli - All We Need Is Love
Dominic Balli - Bread For The Broken
Dominic Balli - Warrior
Dominic Balli - Conquering Lion
Dominic Balli - Babies
Anastacia - Absolutely Positively
Anastacia - Defeated
Anastacia - In Summer
Anastacia - Heavy Rotation
Anastacia - You'll Be Fine
Dido - It Comes And It Goes
Dido - Look No Further
Dido - The Day Before The Day
Dido - Burnin Love
Laura Pausini - Nel Modo Piu Sincero Che C'è
Laura Pausini - Un Fatto Ovvio
Laura Pausini - Più Di Ieri
Laura Pausini - Bellissimo Così
Laura Pausini - Ogni Colore Al Cielo
Laura Pausini - Primavera In Anticipo
Laura Pausini - Sorella Terra
Laura Pausini - Un Hecho Obvio
Laura Pausini - Màs Que Ayer
Laura Pausini - Bellisimo Así
Laura Pausini - La Impresiòn
Laura Pausini - La Geografìa De Mi Camino
Laura Pausini - Cada Color Al Cielo
Laura Pausini - Primavera Anticipada
Laura Pausini - Hermana Tierra
Brett Eldredge - Drunk on Your Love
Andra Day - Red Flags
Andra Day - Rise Up
Giorgio Moroder - Too Hot to Handle
The Decemberists - Why Would I Now?
Юрий EzzeN - Знала это всегда
SERPO - Итог
Потап и Настя - Это он
Kylie Minogue - Black And White (feat. Shaggy)
Jandro - Есть поговорить о чем
Jandro - Что скажешь ты
Ленинград - Красная смородина
Наталья Подольская - Я всё помню (feat. Владимир Пресняков)
Анжелика Агурбаш - Убей Меня
NikitA - Вдыхай
Lunar Aurora - Hier Und Jetzt
Lunar Aurora - Heimkehr
Lunar Aurora - Geisterschiff
Lunatica - Silent Scream
Lunatica - Together
Lunatica - The Power Of Love
Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc. - Hitchhiking Disease
Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc. - Just A Friend
Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc. - Crossroads
Lyzanxia - Bled Out
Lyzanxia - X-Modification
Lyzanxia - Defensive Heart
Macabre Minstrels - In The Mountains
From A Second Story Window - Severed Heads Open Minds
Madder Mortem - Hangman
Magellan - Magna Carta
Magellan - Union Jack
Magellan - Another Burning
Magellan - Breaking These Circles
Magellan - Waterfront Weirdos
Magellan - Songsmith
Magellan - Virtual Reality
Magellan - Storms And Mutiny
Magellan - Walk Fast, Look Worried
Magellan - Test Of Wills
Magellan - Crucible
Magellan - Preaching The Converted
Magellan - Critic's Carnival
Magellan - Cranium Reef Suite
KooLTURE - Fanatic Boy
Have Heart - The Same Son
Have Heart - Pave Paradise
Have Heart - Brotherly Love
Have Heart - Hard Bark On The Family Tree
Daddy Pleasure - Cicciolo
Studio 3 - Hotel Sulla A3
Studio 3 - Un Nuovo Noi
Studio 3 - Di Piu'
Alexia - Occhi Negli Occhi
Alexia - E Non Sai
Alexia - Guardati Dentro
Alexia - Il Branco
Alexia - Il Folletto
Alexia - Alé
Alexia - L'immenso
Along Way Home - 4 Slugs From A .44
BoDeans - Slipping Into You
Brigade - Asinine
Cirque Du Soleil - Kooza Dance
Cirque Du Soleil - Pearl
Cirque Du Soleil - Don't Be Afraid
Dean Geyer - Unforgettable
Demi Lovato - Get Back
I Am Abomination - Ornaments Are For Hanging
Inswarm - Severed
Inswarm - Imminent
Peppermint Creeps - Life
Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love
Crystal Waters - Storyteller
Hampdens (The) - Forget To Begin
Norma Jean - Discipline Your Daughters
Plumb - My Sweet, My Lovely
Plumb - God Will Take Care Of You
Plumb - In My Arms
Plumb - Always
Plumb - Blink
Plumb - Solomon's Song
Patrice - Clouds
Patrice - Dove Of Peace
Patrice - He Don't Answer
Patrice - Babylon Is Against Me
Patrice - Different Now
Patrice - Clouds
Justin Nozuka - Lullabye
Alacranes Musical - Dame Tu Amor
Traffic - You Can All Join In
Traffic - Pearly Queen
Traffic - Don't Be Sad
Traffic - Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring
Traffic - Cryin' To Be Heard
Traffic - No Time To Live
Traffic - Means To An End
Traffic - Just For You
Traffic - Withering Tree
Traffic - Freedom Rider
Traffic - Empty Pages
Traffic - Stranger To Himself
Traffic - Every Mother's Son
Traffic - Hidden Treasure
Traffic - Light Up Or Leave Me Alone
Traffic - Rock And Roll Stew
Traffic - Rainmaker
Traffic - Shootout At The Fantasy Factory
Traffic - Evening Blue
Traffic - Something New
Traffic - Love
Traffic - Memories Of A Rock 'n' Rolla
Traffic - When The Eagle Flies
Traffic - Riding High
Traffic - Here Comes A Man
Traffic - Far From Home
Traffic - Holy Ground
Traffic - This Train Won't Stop
Traffic - State Of Grace
Celebrity Gunfight - Lines Kill Kid
Celebrity Gunfight - Don't Ever Jump Feet First Into A Crowd
Celebrity Gunfight - Life Defined
Celebrity Gunfight - Coast To Coast
Celebrity Gunfight - Here I Am
Celebrity Gunfight - Roses Roses, We All Fall Down
House Vs. Hurricane - Furious George
Majestic Vanguard - III Emotions Of A Picture
Majestic Vanguard - IV Beyond The Moon
Majestic Vanguard - V Tears In Neverland
Majestic Vanguard - VII Don't Want To Be An Actor
Majestic Vanguard - VIII Take Me Home
Majestic Vanguard - IX Footprints
Majestic Vanguard - X Mystic Eye
Bob Prong - High Around 85
Go:Audio - Woodchuck
Go:Audio - Doesn't Really Matter
Go:Audio - She Left Me
Shirley Horn - Here's To Life
Shirley Horn - Being Green
Tony Curtis - Watching You
Mark Chesnutt - She Never Got Me Over You
Jamey Johnson - Angel
Jamey Johnson - Place Out On The Ocean
Jamey Johnson - The Door Is Always Open
Jamey Johnson - Dreaming My Dreams
Jamey Johnson - Stars In Alabama
Axel Rudi Pell - You Want Love
Axel Rudi Pell - Forever Young
Hillsong Kids - Always With You
Hillsong Kids - Better Than Life
Hillsong Kids - For Who You Are
Hillsong Kids - Heaven In My Heart
Hillsong Kids - King Of Majesty
Hillsong Kids - My Heart, Your Home
Hillsong Kids - One Way
Bliss N Eso - Eye Of The Storm
Bliss N Eso - At Midnight
Bliss N Eso - Never Give Up
Write This Down - Relative Ease
Majesty - Freedom Heart
Majesty - Nowhere Man
Make A Change...Kill Yourself - Life Revisited
A Classic Education - Stay, Son
Yngwie Malmsteen - Deja Vu
Yngwie Malmsteen - Judas
Mandator - Black Rose
Mandator - Evil Dead
Mandragora Scream - Frail Midnight
This Year's Tiger - Your Face Has No Melody
Living End (The) - How Do We Know?
Living End (The) - White Noise
Living End (The) - Loaded Gun
Nicola Barghi - Time Of Vår
Nicola Barghi - Back To The Rock
Nicola Barghi - It's Raining
Hymans (The) - I Wrote A Letter
Grouch (The) - Shero
Cheetah Girls (The) - Cheetah Love
Cheetah Girls (The) - Feels Like Love
Laurent Wolf - My Heart
Reba McEntire - We're In Harmony
Patrick Swayze - We're In Harmony
Rev Theory - Voices
Flight 409 - Broken Glass And Heart Attacks
Montgomery Gentry - The Big Revival
Montgomery Gentry - Back When I Knew It All
Montgomery Gentry - Roll With Me
Montgomery Gentry - God Knows Who I Am
Rihanna - Take A Bow (Remix)
RizzIKidd - Take A Bow (Remix)
Nathan Angelo - Leigh
Nathan Angelo - Twilight
Suzanne Clachair - My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
Suzanne Clachair - When My Father Sang Me Irish Songs
Suzanne Clachair - With Love (Nocturne)
Suzanne Clachair - Shelter
Suzanne Clachair - My Life Will Never Be The Same
Suzanne Clachair - Oh, Had I A Golden Thread
Suzanne Clachair - Heaven & Earth
Suzanne Clachair - Parlez-Moi D'amour (Speak To Me Of Love)
Suzanne Clachair - The Water Is Wide (O Waly Waly)
Valerio Esca - La Fine Di Una Storia
Steve Winwood - Raging Sea
Subways (The) - Alright
Subways (The) - All Or Nothing
Subways (The) - I Won't Let You Down
Dance Gavin Dance - Skyhook
Vanessa Hudgens - Vulnerable
CeCe Winans - Thy Will Be Done
Alicia Keys - Hurt So Bad
Loudness - Let It Go
Loudness - Dark Desire
Loudness - 1000 Eyes
Loudness - Who Knows
Loudness - Black Star Oblivion
Loudness - Street Life Dream
Leaves' Eyes - Elegy (Single Version)
Vanessa Hudgens - Committed
Vanessa Hudgens - Vulnerable
Krokus - Long Stick Goes Boom
Krokus - American Woman
Krokus - I'm On The Run
Krokus - Stand And Be Counted
Krokus - Ballroom Blitz
Krokus - Long Stick Goes Boom
Krokus - Hot Shot City
Krokus - Stayed Awake All Night
Krokus - School's Out
Krokus - Let This Love Begin
Krokus - Say Goodbye
Krokus - World In Fire
Hate - Resurrection Machine
Haste The Day - Pressure The Hinges - Special Edition
White Tie Affair (The) - Do I Even Need To Say It
36 Crazyfists - Suffer Tree
36 Crazyfists - This Is Why
Maple Origin (The) - Uh Man Duh
Maple Origin (The) - Almost Done
Maple Origin (The) - The Disney Song
Shad Blair - Lights On Broadway
Shad Blair - Uptown Living
Shad Blair - Sunday Blues
Shad Blair - Letter To Jesus
NeverShoutNever - Growing Pains
Duracel - Non Saro' Mai Una Star
Duracel - Sono Fragile
Duracel - Grazie A Te
Duracel - Soldi Non Ne Ho
Duracel - Mi Sto Muovendo
Mina - Pepito
Joe Barbieri - Leggera
Joe Barbieri - Briciola
Joe Barbieri - Non Ci Piove
Joe Barbieri - Arrivederci
Paps'n'Skar - Bambina
Marduk - The Levelling Dust
Marduk - Cold Mouth Prayer
Marduk - Through The Belly Of Damnation
Marduk - Limbs Of Worship
Marduk - Voices From Avignon
Massacre - Suffering
Masterplan - I'm Gonna Win
Masterplan - Heart Of Darkness
Masterplan - Lost And Gone
Masterplan - Keeps Me Burning
Mastodon - We Built This Come Death
Matraz - Noche
Mayhem - Anti
Manegarm - Fädernas Kall (Under Hödja Norbanér)
Manegarm - Drakeld
Manegarm - Den Tödes Drömmer
Manegarm - Nordanblod
Manegarm - Vindar Från Glömda Tider
Manegarm - Tiden Som Komma Skall
Manegarm - Havets Vargar
Manegarm - Gryningstimma
Manegarm - En Del Av Allt Som Blivit Glömt...
Manegarm - I Evig Tid
Manegarm - Sigrblot
Manegarm - Hemfärd
Manegarm - Segervisa
Manegarm - Den Gamle Talar
Manegarm - Vedergällningens Tid
Me And Him Call It Us - The Worst Part
Meduza - The Vision
Megadeth - Wake Up Dead
Megadeth - A Toute Le Monde
Megadeth - Kick The Chair
Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction
Megadeth - Peace Sells
Melechesh - The Siege Of Lachish
Menam - Life Of A Dream
Mendeed - The Dead Live By Love
Menhir - Das Alte Lied Des Windes
Menhir - Dein Ahn
Menhir - Weit In Der Ferne
Mercenary - My Secret Window
Mercenary - Embrace The Nothing
Mercenary - Public Failure Number One
Merciless - Dying World
Merciless - Denied Birth
Mercury Tide - Back To Reality
Mercury Tide - Another One
Mercury Tide - My Dear Enemies
Mercyful Fate - Evil
Mercyful Fate - Curse Of The Pharaohs
Mercyful Fate - A Dangerous Meeting
Mercyful Fate - Gypsy
Mercyful Fate - Come To The Sabbath
Mercyful Fate - Arrival
Mercyful Fate - Sleepless Nights
Mercyful Fate - The Bell Witch
Mercyful Fate - Is That You, Melissa
Mercyful Fate - Egypt
Meridiam - I - Revelación
Messiah's Kiss - Holy Waters
Messiah's Kiss - Hell Or Victory
Messiah's Kiss - The Edge Of Eternity
NeverShoutNever - Smelyalata
One Less Reason - Favorite Color
One Less Reason - All That's Best In You
One Less Reason - Your Beautiful Ending
One Less Reason - September
One Less Reason - Sadly Smiling Through
Winter Project (The) - Nothing In Particular
Metakix - She's The Incubus
Metakix - High
Metakix - AfterLife
Metakix - Freudian Sonica
Metakix - Waiting For Nothing
Metalium - Straight Into Hell
One Way To Kansas - Making Friends With Shadows
Metalium - Resurrection
Metalium - Take Me Higher
Metalium - At Armageddon
Metalium - Sanity
Metalium - Meet Your Maker
Metalium - Hellfire
Metallucifer - Heavy Metal Is My Way
Metallucifer - Bloody Countess
Metallucifer - Headbanging
Metallucifer - Heavy Metal Samurai
Mezarkabul - Behind The Veil
Mezarkabul - Welcome The End
Mezarkabul - 1000 In The Eastland
Mezarkabul - Ölümlü
Michael Sweet - Take Me Home
Michael Sweet - Tomorrow, Tonight
Michael Sweet - J.E.S.U.S.
Michael Sweet - All I Wanna Do Is Love You
Michael Sweet - Forever Yours
Michael Sweet - Ain't No Safe Way
Michael Sweet - Color Blind
Michael Sweet - Second Chance
Michael Sweet - Ticket To Freedom
Michael Sweet - Always There For You
Michael Sweet - Baby Doll
Michael Sweet - Why
Michael Sweet - Remember Me
Michael Sweet - Heaven Waits For You
Michael Sweet - Truth
Michael Sweet - Blue Bleeds Through
Michael Sweet - Wool & Chiffon
Michael Sweet - Achilles Heel