Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 275:

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - The Toro And The Toreador
Ted Nugent - Hey Baby
Ted Nugent - I Love You So I Told You A Lie
Teeter - Kiss Me And Kill Me After
Teeth (The) - Ball Of The Dead Rat
Teeth (The) - Oh, Bessie!
Television Personalities - A Picture Of Dorian Gray
Television Personalities - Evan Doesn't Ring Me Anymore
Television Personalities - Geoffrey Ingram
Television Personalities - Jackanory Stories
Television Personalities - La Grande Illusion
Television Personalities - Look Back In Anger
Television Personalities - Part Time Punks
Television Personalities - Parties In Chelsea
Television Personalities - Silly Girl
Tema - Позвоню
Tema - Я Радиация
Ten Boy Summer - The History Of Blank Pages And The Conscious Decision To Discontinue The Tradition Our Gender Is Pla
Ten Years After - I'd Love To Change The World
Terrordactyls (The) - Decoration Daniel
Terrordactyls (The) - Nobody Knows
Terrordactyls (The) - Zombie Girl
Testa Rosa - Ollie & Delilah
Thanksgiving - In The Woods
Thanksgiving - Just Ice
Thanksgiving - Money
Thanksgiving - Nowhere
Thanksgiving - Welcome
That Hideous Strength - First Aid Kit
That Strange Red Afternoon - Beginnings & Ends
That Strange Red Afternoon - Confesiones Del Amor
That Strange Red Afternoon - Soon Enough
The (The) - Angels Of Deception
The (The) - Darkness Falls
The (The) - Sweet Bird Of Truth
Theart - No Friends
Theart - The Money Trees
Theater Fire (The) - These Tears Could Rust A Train
Theatre Breaks Loose - Jessica
Theatre Breaks Loose - Nights Like These
Theatre Breaks Loose - Slower
Theatre Breaks Loose - The Only
Thee Armada - Rock, Shock, And Load
These Arms Are Snakes - Abracadabraca
These Arms Are Snakes - Perpetual Bris
These United States - Burn This Bridge
Thick Liquid - Get Out
Thieves And Assassins - 20yearsngone
Thieves And Assassins - All At Once
Thieves And Assassins - Apocalypse Now
Thieves And Assassins - Sink Or Swim
Thieves And Assassins - Substance Abuse
Things In Herds - Please Don't Put Out The Light
Think About Life - Paul Cries
Think Quick - Final Moment
Third Memory (The) - Il A Songé Représenter Les Murs Par Des Histoires
Third Memory (The) - Il Y A Des États Que Je Ne Peux Laisser En Dehors De La Maladie
Third Memory (The) - Je Pratique L'Ascétisme
This Awkward Silence - So Called Friends
This Awkward Silence - Secrets Of Dreaming For Answers
this beautiful mess - Song Of Grace
This Beautiful Republic - Going Under
This Beautiful Republic - Jesus To The World
This Delicate Balance - Do You Remember
This Delicate Balance - I Am Gone
This Delicate Balance - Let Go
This Delicate Balance - This Is A Song With No Title, Yet Its A Song With Every Title
This Delicate Balance - Untitled
This Delicate Balance - We're Gonna Get Through This
This Endeavor - Don't Think You're Safe
This Heat - A New Kind Of Water
This Heat - Cenopath
This Heat - Independence
This Heat - Makeshift Swahili
This Heat - Paper Hats
This Holiday Life - A Yes, Not A No
This Holiday Life - Just Like This
This Holiday Life - Mission Control To My Heart
This Holiday Life - The Fallout
This Is Ivy League - A Summer Chill
This Is Me Smiling - Andy Apathy Demo
This Is The Hospital - 16 To 1 We Don't Make It Past 20
This Is The Hospital - Hope Springs Eternal
This Is The Hospital - Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night
This Means You - This Is Classic You
This Night Without - Always You
This Night Without - Rest In Peace
This Runs Through - Writing Books And Changing Lives
This Song Is A Mess But So Am I - Bedridden And Dancing
This Song Is A Mess But So Am I - The Devil Has Made His Nest
This World Fair - This Morning
Thomas D - Frisör
Thomas D - Rückenwind
Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive
Thomas Dolby - Radio Silence
Thomas Dolby - The Flat Earth
Thomas Dolby - The Key To Her Ferrari
Thomas Dybdahl - Honey
Thomas Dybdahl - How It Feels
Thomas Dybdahl - Still My Body Aches
Thompson Twins - Day After Day
Thompson Twins - Emporor's Clothes
Thompson Twins - Roll Over
Thompson Twins - Sister Of Mercy
Thompson Twins - The Gap
Thompson Twins - Tokyo
Thou Shalt Not - We're In This Together
Thou Shalt Not - When I Crash
Thought Chamber - Silent Shore
Thoushaltnot - Crawling Deeper
Thoushaltnot - True Love
Thrash Unreal - Just Wait Till I'm Crawling All Over You
Thrash Unreal - Oh, I Swear!
Three Fantastic - 20,000 Worlds Away
Three Summers Stronger - Doot Doot
Three Summers Stronger - Reverie
Throw Me The Statue - Written In Heart Signs, Faintly
Throw Me The Statue - Young Sensualists
Throw Me The Statue - Your Girlfriend's Car
Thujone - Cast Firaga
Thujone - Digital Idiosyncrasies
Thujone - Elixir
Thujone - Flower
Thujone - Home Has Never Felt So Far Away
Thujone - Return To The Sea
Thunder - Robert Johnson's Tombstone
Thunder - You'll Still Need A Friend
Thunderbirds Are Now! - Enough About Me, Let 's Talk About Me
Thunderbirds Are Now! - This World Is Made Of Paper
Thurston Moore - Feathers
Thurston Moore - Silver>Blue
Tick, Tick... Boom - Green, Green Dress
Tigarah - Roppongi-Dori
Tigarah - The Game In Rio
Tiger Lou - Functions
Tihuana - Não Vou Me Entregar
Tihuana - Por Que Será?
Tim Christensen - Jump The Gun
Tim Christensen - Lay Down Your Arms
Tim Christensen - Right Next To The Right One
Tim Christensen - Surfing The Surface
Tim Christensen - Tonight I'm Fine
Tim Christensen - Whispering At The Top Of My Lungs
Tim Finn - Fraction Too Much Friction
Tim Finn - Funny Way
Tim Finn - Growing Pains
Tim Finn - Hit The Ground Running
Tim Finn - Hole In My Heart
Tim Finn - I Found It
Tim Finn - I Only Want To Know
Tim Finn - Made My Day
Tim Finn - Not Even Close
Tim Finn - Protected
Tim Finn - Strangeness And Charm
Tim Finn - Through The Years
Tim Finn - Wait And See
Tim Finn - Walk You Home
Tim Finn - Young Mountain
Tim Minchin - Not Perfect
Tim Seely - On Film I Play Myself
Tim Seely - The Bees At Night
Tim Seely - Turn On The Lite-Brites
Tim Skold - Believe
Tim Skold - Chaos
Tim Skold - Dust To Dust
Tim Skold - Hail Mary
Tim Skold - Remember
Tim Skold - Void
Tim Williams - Novel
Tim Williams - Tape Your Head
Timesbold - Evil
Timesbold - I Hear You Hear
Timesbold - Lorili
Timesbold - This Field Needs A Reaper
Timid Tiger - Miss Murray
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus - Hyvä Päivä
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus - In Frostigen Tälern
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus - Itku Pitkästä Ilosta
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus - Kuusikymmentäkaksi
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus - Älä Enää Lyö
Tin Armor - My True Step
Tin Armor - Raise High The Roof Beams
Tin Armor - The Proclaimers
Tin Star - Head
Tin Star - Viva
Tina Dickow - Let's Get Lost
Tinderbox - Stay
Tinkture - Alpha Trauma
Tinkture - Enid
Tinkture - I'd Run
Tinkture - If It
Tinkture - Inscription
Tinkture - Resentment
Tiny Time Machine - Human Being
Tiny Time Machine - Starling
Title (The) - Burn It Down
Title (The) - Ever So Slightly
Title (The) - Fading
Title (The) - Last Song
Title (The) - Meant, Said, Felt
Title (The) - Plectronics
Title (The) - Right Now
Title (The) - Untitled
Title (The) - Where You Are
Tito And Tarantula - The Strange Face Of Love
Titus Andronicus - Arms Against Atrophy
Titus Andronicus - Joset Of Nazareth's Blues
Tm Revolution - Love Saver [English]
To Die For - New Year's Day (U2 Cover)
To Find Himself - Porch Light Signals
To My Boy - Outerregions
Toasters (The) - Razor Cut
Toby Mac - Burn For You
Toby Mac - Fresher Than A Night At The W
Toby Mac - Hey Now
Toby Mac - Ignition
Toby Mac - Love Is In The House
Tod Robbins - Back Row
Todd Hannigan - Thicker
Tofer Brown - Bigger Things
Tofer Brown - Candy Hearts
Tofer Brown - Someone To Love
Tokyo Hotel - Spring Nicht
Tom Cochrane - I Wonder
Tom Flannery - I'm Gonna Convert You Or Kill Ya
Tom Flannery - 60 Years
Tom Flannery - A Canary In The Mines
Tom Flannery - A Long Long Time Ago
Tom Flannery - Across The Border
Tom Flannery - Always Out Of Sight
Tom Flannery - Angeline
Tom Flannery - Another Man
Tom Flannery - Auctioneer
Tom Flannery - Autumn's Harvest
Tom Flannery - Back In The Valley
Tom Flannery - Baghdad Blues
Tom Flannery - Baltimore Street
Tom Flannery - Beautiful Berlin
Tom Flannery - Bended Knees
Tom Flannery - Better Mind The Water
Tom Flannery - Bikindi
Tom Flannery - Black Diamonds
Tom Flannery - Blame It On The Death Of Charles Kuralt
Tom Flannery - Blind Willie Johnson
Tom Flannery - Blueberry Wine
Tom Flannery - Brooklyn Girl
Tom Flannery - Brother Ray
Tom Flannery - But He Walked The Line
Tom Flannery - Can You See Me
Tom Flannery - Centralia
Tom Flannery - Chalkboard
Tom Flannery - Christmas In Kigali
Tom Flannery - Christmas Without You
Tom Flannery - Cinderella Man
Tom Flannery - Cindy's Around
Tom Flannery - Clarksdale Whistle Blues
Tom Flannery - Closing Time
Tom Flannery - Coming Back To You
Tom Flannery - Confession
Tom Flannery - Crayons And Paper
Tom Flannery - Cut And Run
Tom Flannery - Darfur
Tom Flannery - Dave Brubeck
Tom Flannery - Devil In My Shoes
Tom Flannery - Dividing Line
Tom Flannery - Do You Know How Hard It Is?
Tom Flannery - Dressed To Impress
Tom Flannery - Election Day
Tom Flannery - Famine In The USA
Tom Flannery - Flying Is Easy (It's The Landing That's Hard)
Tom Flannery - Footprints In The Snow
Tom Flannery - Footprints Of The Fisherman
Tom Flannery - Four More Years
Tom Flannery - Frances
Tom Flannery - From Selma To Montgomery
Tom Flannery - Get Over It
Tom Flannery - Ghost Town (Centralia)
Tom Flannery - Gimme A Drink
Tom Flannery - Gino Merli
Tom Flannery - Going Through The Motions
Tom Flannery - Government Man
Tom Flannery - Half Bottle Of Wine
Tom Flannery - Hallelujah And Fallujah
Tom Flannery - Having My Picture Made
Tom Flannery - Haymarket Square
Tom Flannery - Hendersonville
Tom Flannery - Hey, Guess What Happened Today?
Tom Flannery - Highway 9 Revisited
Tom Flannery - Holy War
Tom Flannery - Houston Town
Tom Flannery - Hurry Home Baby
Tom Flannery - I Ain't Gonna Fight For You No More
Tom Flannery - I Don't Hate The President
Tom Flannery - I Don't Owe You Nothing Anymore
Tom Flannery - I Feel Like An Orphan Train
Tom Flannery - I Got A Bad Feeling 'bout Dylan
Tom Flannery - I Just Wanna Got Home
Tom Flannery - I Thought It Was The Thunder (But It Was Really Just The Train)
Tom Flannery - I Want A Job Like Garrison Keillor's
Tom Flannery - I Wish I Could Sing Like Richard Manuel
Tom Flannery - I'll Tell You What He Did
Tom Flannery - I'm A Soldier
Tom Flannery - I'm Anti War
Tom Flannery - I'm Gonna Fade Away
Tom Flannery - I'm Missing You
Tom Flannery - I'm Still Here
Tom Flannery - I've Never Seen This Much Rain
Tom Flannery - Ian Wagner
Tom Flannery - If Phil Ochs Was Still Alive
Tom Flannery - If Woody Guthrie Went To Baghdad
Tom Flannery - In The Name Of The Father
Tom Flannery - Invisible Sky
Tom Flannery - It Has Not Been A Good Day
Tom Flannery - Jenny McLane
Tom Flannery - Johnson's Station
Tom Flannery - Miner Boy
Tom Flannery - The Anthracite Shuffle
Tom Flannery - We'll Burn With The Anthracite
Tom Flannery - When The Rains Came
Tom Flannery - When You Pass Me By
Tom Milekovic - This Vision
Tom Robinson Band (The) - Right On, Sister
Tom Robinson Band (The) - You Gotta Decide
Tom Sawyer - Dimensión
Tomas Andersson Wij - En Vän Till Mig
Tomas Andersson Wij - Älskling
Ton Steine Scherben - Alles Verändert Sich
Toni Childs - Because You're Beautiful
Toni Childs - Dreamer
Toni Childs - Tin Drum
Toni Childs - Womb
Tony Bennett - There'll Be Some Changes Made
Tony Bennett - They All Laughed
Tony Bennett - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
Tony Bennett - You're Easy To Dance With/Change Partners/Cheek To Cheek
Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza (The) - Nobody Eats BBQ Two Days In A Row
Tony Lucca - Maybe We
Tony Lucca - Song To A Martyr
Tony Lucca - Sunday Morning
Too Much Joy - Donna Everywhere
Too Much Joy - Goodbye Ohio
Too Much Joy - Half Life
Too Much Joy - I Believe In Something
Too Much Joy - Nothing On My Mind
Too Much Joy - Pirate
Too Much Joy - William Holden Caulfield
Tool Box Hero - Between The Earth And Moon
Tool Box Hero - Free Now
Toots And The Maytals - 54-46 Was My Number
Toots And The Maytals - Gold And Silver
Tor Karseth - Ernas ærendsgutt
Tor Karseth - Fra Gutten På Triangelen Tel Påfuglen I Parken
Tor Karseth - Kvite Svaner
Tor Karseth - Sang Om Glede
Toranja - Laços
Toru Okada - Long Questions
Toru Okada - The Second Floor
Totally Michael - Alicia's Song
Totally Michael - Don't Stop
Totally Michael - Live For Happiness
Tough Alliance (The) - 25 Years And Runnin'
Tough Alliance (The) - First Class Riot
Tough Alliance (The) - Neo Violence
Tough Alliance (The) - Something Special
Tough Guys Take Over - Common
Tough Guys Take Over - La '84 (tribute To Elliot Smith)
Tough Guys Take Over - Number 4
Tough Guys Take Over - Pretty
Tough Guys Take Over - Take All Your Clothes Off
Tourist (The) - Arkansas
Tourist (The) - Golden Morning
Tourist (The) - The Deepest Blue
Tower Of Rome - Abbreviating Words Can Be Time Efficient For Example: I'm Going To Die Tommorow By "Leath Injectch"
Tower Of Rome - Oh My God! He's Got An Arm Off
Tower Of Rome - Save Art; Kill An Art Kid
Tower Of Rome - We Have Been Hired To Knock Your Teeth Crooked That Is Unless They Are Already Crooked Which In That
Toxic Guineapigs - California Dreamin'
Toy - Olhos De Água
Toy Dolls - Kids In America
Toy Dolls - She Goes To Finos
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - European Boys
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - Fondue Friends In Switzerland
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - Let's Not Have The Same Weight In 1978
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - Mountain Trip To Japan, 1959
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - Opnad Contribution Study Committee Report, June 1977
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - Together As A System We Are Unbeatable
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - What Will The Corporation Do?
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - Why Did We Decide To Take This Decision To You?
Track Fighter - Wearing Me Out
Tracy Bonham - And The World Has The Nerve To Keep Turning
Tracy Bonham - Eyes
Tracy Bonham - I Was Born Without You
Tracy Bonham - I'm Not A Waif
Tragedy Andy - Decepticide
Tragedy Andy - Hear Lies: Everything You've Ever Wanted Too. Here.
Tragedy Andy - Self-Destructive Romance
Tragedy Andy - State Of Stranger
Tragedy Andy - Sunrise From The West
Tragedy Andy - That's The Truth
Tragic Black - MadHatter
Tragic Black - Surreal Catharsis
Trailer Bride - South Of The Border
Transmission0 - Cocoon
Transmission0 - Paracas
Transporter - How'd You Get Along?
Transporter - Hymn To The Midwest
Transvision Vamp - I Want Your Love
Trashcan Sinatras (The) - A Coda
Trashcan Sinatras (The) - Got Carried Away
Trashcan Sinatras (The) - It's A Miracle
Trashcan Sinatras (The) - Obscurity Knocks
Trashcan Sinatras (The) - Usually
Trashcan Sinatras (The) - What Women Do To Men
Travels - Isabelle
Travels - Olivia Hurt (desolation In My Heart)
Travels - The Smell Of Kerosene
Travis Bryant - Pyrite
Travis Bryant - Silence Is Obvious
Travis Bryant - Softer Comes The Morning
Travis Cottrell - 2000 Years
Trax (The) - Beat Traitor [korean -english-]
Trax (The) - Over The Rainbow [Rock Version -Korean Version- -english Trans.-]
Trees Without Leaves - A Drop In The Ocean
Trembling Blue Stars - Letter Never Sent
Tribal Ink - I Try So Hard
Tribal Ink - Pick Me Up
Tribal Ink - Refugee
Tribal Ink - Try To Be Me
Trigger Quintet (The) - A Return Home
Trigger Quintet (The) - Kill Me Before I Die
Trigger Quintet (The) - Senseless In Drowning
Trilobite - Pumpkin Farmer
Triniti - Brighid's Kiss
Triniti - Falling
Triniti - Fields Of Gold
Triniti - Glen Of Imaal
Triniti - In A Lifetime
Triniti - Kiss From A Rose
Triniti - Nocturne
Triniti - Rose On Water
Triniti - The Water Is Wide
Triniti - What You Do With What You've Got
Trinity Roots - Little Things
Trip Shakespeare - Toolmaster Of Brainerd
Trisagion - Pardon
Trisagion - Sailing These Endless Seas
Triumph - Never Surrender
Trouble Over Tokyo - 4,228 Miles
Trouble Over Tokyo - Eyes Off Me
Trouble Over Tokyo - Save Us
Trouble Over Tokyo - The Liar
Troy Von Balthazar - Bad Controller
Troy Von Balthazar - Real Strong Love
TRUSTCompany - Closer
Truth About Moviestars (The) - As Inspired By The Late Audrey
Tub Ring - Killers In Love
Tub Ring - No One Wants To Play
Tub Ring - The Charismatic Smile
Tune Up - Feel Fine
Tunnan Och Moroten - Säl Klubbar Disko
Tunnel Kings (The) - New Freedom Fighters' Manual
Tunnel Kings (The) - The End
Tunng - Arms
Tunng - Bullets
Tunng - Hands
Tunng - King
Tunng - Take
Tupelo Honey - Make Me Believe
Tupelo Honey - Morphine
Turbostaat - Cpt. Käse
Twang Bar Kings - All Over Joanna
Twang Bar Kings - Bend #1
Twang Bar Kings - This Time You're Gonna Treat Me Kind
Twarres - Wêr Bisto
Twenty Inch Burial - Evil Made Manifest
Twenty Inch Burial - Five Forward
Twenty Inch Burial - Hanging In The Cross Of Doubt
Twilight Sad (The) - Cold Days From The Birdhouse
Twilight Sad (The) - Mapped By What Surrounded Them
Twilight Sad (The) - Walking For Two Hours
Twin Atlantic - Lightspeed
Twin Atlantic - You're Turning Into John Wayne
Twink - Lightning
Twink - Why Do I Wish I Wish I Didnt Want This
Two Hours Traffic - Mr. Saturday
Two Ton Boa - HERarchy
Tyketto - Forever Young
Tyketto - The End Of The Summer Days
Tyketto - The Last Sunset
Tyler Burkum - Goodbye Blues
Tyler James - Sweet Relief
Tyler Ramsey - A Long Dream
Tyler Ramsey - Please Stop Time
Tysen - Another Mistake
Tysen - The Graduate
Tyskarna Från Lund - Global Fussball OK
Tzu - Reminisce
Ub 40 - Kiss And Say Goodbye
Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker - Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole
Ultraphonic - 10,000 Years
Ultraphonic - Bleed
Ultraphonic - Hammer
Ultraphonic - Knocked Down
Ultraphonic - Leaves Are Falling
Ultraphonic - Mad At Me
Ultraphonic - One More Day
Ultraphonic - Our World
Ultraphonic - Small Town
Ultraphonic - The Opening
Ultraphonic - Warrior
Ultraviolet Sound - Hot Hot Riot
Ultravox - Cut And Run
Ultravox - Dangerous Rhythm
Ultravox - Herr X
Ultravox - I Want To Be A Machine
Ultravox - Just For A Moment
Ultravox - Mine For Life
Ultravox - Serenade
Ultravox - Slow Motion
Ultravox - Sweet Surrender
Ultravox - The Man Who Dies Every Day
Ultravox - The Song (We Go)
Ultravox - When You Walk Through Me
Ultravox - Wide Boys
Umbra et Imago - Alles Schwarz
Umbra et Imago - Mea Culpa
Umphrey's Mcgee - Believe The Lie
Umphrey's Mcgee - Example 1
Umphrey's Mcgee - FF
Unbelievable Truth (The) - Home Again
Under Foreign Skies - For All It's Worth
Underground (The) - 11-52
Underground (The) - Affinity
Underground (The) - Desperation (In Memoriam)
Underground (The) - Into The Sun
Underground (The) - Living For Something
Underground (The) - Rock Band
Underground (The) - Sanctum
Underground (The) - Saturday (Purple Skies)
Underground (The) - Sleepless Dreams
Underground (The) - Soma Holiday
Uniklubi - Aurinkoni
Uniklubi - Kaikki Mitä Mä Annoin
Uniklubi - Kiinni Jään
Uniklubi - Kuivilla
Uniklubi - Lasinsirpaleilla
Uniklubi - Luotisade
Uniklubi - Olemme Yhtä
Uniklubi - Romanssi
Uniklubi - Totta Vai Tarua
Uniklubi - Vnus
Universal Hall Pass - Avatar
Universal Hall Pass - Cave Radio
Universal Hall Pass - Katrinah Josephina
Universal Hall Pass - No One
Universal Hall Pass - Six-Step Dragon
Universal Poplab - Black Love Song
Universal Poplab - Heart Apart
Universal Poplab - I Could Say I'm Sorry
Universal Poplab - Sad Song
Unjust - Home
Unjust - Reactions
Unknown - I Miss You, Selena
Unlovables (The) - Anywhere
Unni Wilhelmsen - Grey Encounter
Unni Wilhelmsen - Growing Process
Unni Wilhelmsen - Humbly For Her
Unrest - June
Unshine - Deadweight
Unshine - On The Broken Line
Unwound - Nervous Energy
Unwound - We Invent You
Up Dharma Down - Hiwaga
Up Dharma Down - Layag
US Bombs - Don't Get Me Wrong
US Bombs - Just Like You
Us Funk Team - Swear To God
User - Do You
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - 2 15/16
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - Turquoise 111
Uverworld - Burst
Uverworld - Mixed-Up
Uverworld - Sora
Vampire For Hire - Chicks Dig Scars
Vampire For Hire - Don't Cry (Over Spilt Blood)
Vampire For Hire - Mrs Radio
Vampire Hands - No Fun
Vampire Rodents - ANOTHER PLANET
Van Canto - King
Van Canto - The Mission
Van Canto - LIfetime
Van Canto - Rain
Van Canto - She's Alive
Van Deleckis (The) - A Photograph
Van Deleckis (The) - Catfish Moon
Van Deleckis (The) - Flying' Kites In The Lightning
Van Deleckis (The) - Moonlight
Van Deleckis (The) - Nobody Wins
Van Deleckis (The) - Your Pen
Van She - Mission
Vanessa Amorosi - Perfect
Vapnet - Ge Dom Våld
Various - Hater
Vast - Dedicate (A Place For Me)
Vast - Thought By Now
Vayden - For What It's Worth
Veda Hille - Book Of Saints
Vedera - Forgive You
Vedera - Satisfy
Vega Under Fire - Drop Dead Gorgeous
Vega Under Fire - Hollywood
Vega Under Fire - The Benefit Show
Vega4 - 30000 Dreams
Vega4 - Better Life
Vega4 - Boomerang
Vega4 - Bullets
Vega4 - Hearing Voices
Vega4 - If This Is It
Vega4 - Love Breaks Down
Vega4 - Our Today
Vega4 - Radio Song
Vega4 - Shoot Up Hill
Vega4 - Summertime
Vega4 - Time Of Our Lives
Veggietales - His Cheeseburger
Velabonz - Break
Velabonz - Wrong Way
Vells - All Eleven Lull
Vells - Duessa And Fidessa
Vells - Fair's Fair
Vells - Hello Medecina
Vells - Hey Hey La La
Vells - Integretron
Vells - Precious Sweet
Vells - Silver Dagger
Vells - Testify Prestify
Venetian Snares - Dad
Venetian Snares - Ketsarku Mozgalom
Venetian Snares - Punishing2004 (Feat. MC SKM)
Venetian Snares - Vache
Vengaboys (The) - Cheekah Bow Bow
Venice Is Sinking - Undecided
Vent - Underwater Silence
Versailles - The Love From A Dead Orchestra Lyrics
Versailles - The Red Carpet Day
Very Secretary - What Made The Reverend Smile
Vetiver - Been So Long
Vetiver - Idle Ties
Vetiver - No One Word
Vetiver - Save Me A Place
Via Sahara - Never Leave Me
Via Sahara - Overrated
Via Sahara - These Dying Dreams
Vic Mignogna - Je N'ai Pas De Mots (I Have Not The Words)
Victim Effect - Stutter
Victim Of... (The) - 1428 Elm Street
Victim Of... (The) - 26 Miles To Truth Or Consequences
Victim Of... (The) - At Your First Show
Victim Of... (The) - Horse Shoes And Hand Grenades
Victoria Tibblin - Again
Victoria Tibblin - In Complete Waste
Victoria Tibblin - Je Prends Et Je Jette
Victory At Sea - Games
Victory At Sea - Happy For You
Video Nasties - Accesory
Video Nasties - Devil
Videosforpictures - Dead Center
Videosforpictures - Insomnia
Videosforpictures - Little Wolf
Videosforpictures - Obscura
Videosforpictures - Rotation/Spin
Vince Pierri - Breathing Comes Easy
Vince Pierri - Hope
Vince Pierri - Pity
Viored - Gallows Bell
Viored - M.D.P [Mad Doll Party]
Virginia Coalition - Home This Year
Visage - Beat Boy
Visage - In The Year 2525
Visage - Love Glove
Visage - Tar
Viva Voce - Bent
Viva Voce - Heartstring
Viva Voce - June
Vixtrola - End:user
Vixtrola - Gunboat
Vogue (The) - Howl Of Hounds
Voice Of Sleep (The) - Stone Statues
Voltaire - Hallo Elskan Min
Voltaire - Hell In A Handbasket
Von Thronstahl - Re-Turn Your Revolt Into Style
Von Zippers - Blue Suit Bullies
Von Zippers - Cracked Judy
Von Zippers - Incediary
Von Zippers - Insect Idol
Von Zippers - Little Black Heart
Von Zippers - Perfect
Voodoo Grace Notes - Dissociative Fugue
Vudoo Soul - Constantly 4 You (DEMO)
Vudoo Soul - Infatuated
Vyncent Flaw - Kiss From A Rose
Värttinä - Kiiriminna
Värttinä - Lemmennosto
Värttinä - Leppiäinen
Värttinä - Marilaulu
Värttinä - Mie Oon Musta
Värttinä - Mikä Miulla Mielessä
Värttinä - Paukkuvat Pasuunat
Värttinä - Sulhassii
Värttinä - Suuret Ja Soriat
Värttinä - Viikon Vaivane
Värttinä - Yks On Huoli
R/R Coseboom - Hollywood Ending
Rabbits (The) - Brick Boots
Rachael Lampa - Being Alive
Rachel Unthank & The Winterset - Sea Song
Raconteurs, The - Attention
Raconteurs, The - Consoler Of The Lonely
Raconteurs, The - Five On The Five
Raconteurs, The - Hold Up
Raconteurs, The - Old Enough
Raconteurs, The - Pull This Blanket Off
Raconteurs, The - Salute Your Solution
Raconteurs, The - The Switch And The Spur
Raconteurs, The - These Stones Will Shout
Raconteurs, The - Top Yourself
Rademacher - Today Is Different
Radio Fiction - 3000 Miles
Railroad Earth - Bird In The House
Raine Maida - The Less I Know
Raintree (The) - Collapsing
Raintree (The) - He Wore A Locket With Her Picture (Screen Writer's Song)
Raintree (The) - Pairs
Raintree (The) - Shorelines
Raintree (The) - Wait For The Storm
Rakes, The - On A Mission
Ramones (The) - I Love You
Randy Stonehill - Christmas At Denny's
Randy Stonehill - Turning Thirty
Rasmus, The - Panda
Raveonettes, The - Dead Sound
Raveonettes, The - The Beat Dies
Ready Aim Fire! (The) - Die Young Get Free Drinks
Ready Aim Fire! (The) - Escape Artist
Ready Aim Fire! (The) - It's All Under Control
Ready Set (The) - The Scientist
Real Group (The) - Uti Vår Hage
Rebbeca - Millionaire
Rebbeca - Public Face
Receiving End Of Sirens, The - The Afterglow
Recoys (The) - Shake Off Your Nerve
Recoys (The) - The Song Of The Paper Dolls
Red Jezebel - Amsterdam
Red Jezebel - Devil's Advocate
Red Jezebel - Lost My Gun
Red Jezebel - New Revelations
Red Jezebel - Ocean Blue Eyes
Red Jezebel - Wide Open Spaces
Reggie & The Full Effect - F
Reggie & The Full Effect - Smith & 9th
Rentals (The) - Last Romantic Day
Retribution Gospel Choir - Holes In Our Heads
Rick White - A Quiet Getaway
Ride Your Bike - We Couldn't Walk With Such Noise
Jim Capaldi - Anna Julia
Riefenstahl - Ich Halt Dich Fest
Rising (The) - Future Unknown
Rising (The) - Gone Again
Rising (The) - Half The Problem
Rising (The) - I Won't Wait
Rising (The) - Let You Go
Rising (The) - Lie To Me
Rising (The) - Miss You Love
Rising (The) - Pieces
Rising (The) - Redemption (Circles
Rising (The) - Take It All Away
Rising (The) - The End
Rising (The) - Who You Are
Rising (The) - Yesterdays
Robots And Racecars - Bar Song (STD Swapmeet)
Robots And Racecars - He's A Ghost, As Far As I Know
Rock Plaza Central - We've Got A Lot To Be Glad For
Rock Plaza Central - When We Go, How We Go
Rookie Lot (The) - Debbie Stokes
Rosebuds, The - Get Up Get Out
Rosebuds, The - When The Lights Went Dim
Roy Zimmerman - Chickenhawk
Ruby Vileos - 99
Rue Melo - Fallen
Rumbleseat - Untitled (Albert's Spine)
Runrig - City Of Lights
Runrig - Eirinn
Runrig - News From Heaven
Runrig - Only The Brave
Runrig - Precious Years
Runrig - Pride Of The Summer
Runrig - Smalltown
Runrig - World Appeal
Ruth Ruth - Her From Planet Fur
Dan Tyminski - Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On
Dan Tyminski - Making Hay
Dan Tyminski - Heads You Win Tails I Lose
Guaraná - Nada De Ti
Guaraná - Partiendo De Cero
Guaraná - De Lao A Lao (Feat. Melendi)
Matt Shockley - Every Time I See You Smiling (your Love)
Lenine - Toma Lá, Dá Cá
Jakob Dylan - Here Comes Now
John Mellencamp - Longest Days
John Mellencamp - Troubled Land
John Mellencamp - Young Without Lovers
John Mellencamp - Without A Shot
John Mellencamp - Jena
John Mellencamp - Mean
John Mellencamp - For The Children
Joe - E.r (Emergency Room)
Cuban Cigar Crisis - Rome Didn't Fall In A Day
Cuban Cigar Crisis - Titled
LazyTown - Go For It
LazyTown - Anything Can Happen
LazyTown - I Can Move
LazyTown - Energy
LazyTown - Spooky Song
Vetusta Morla - Copenhague
Vetusta Morla - Valiente
Vetusta Morla - La Marea
Vetusta Morla - Pequeño Desastre Animal
Vetusta Morla - Saharabbey Road
Ilaria Porceddu - Il Contatto
Ilaria Porceddu - Io Ce La Farò
Ilaria Porceddu - Dopo Un Grande Amore
Ilaria Porceddu - Se Tu Mi Guardi Così
Ilaria Porceddu - Ottobre
Ilaria Porceddu - Favola
Ilaria Porceddu - Stella Che Cadi
Cluster - Il Pescatore
Cluster - Let You Go
Cluster - Droplets
Giusy Ferreri - Remedios
Giusy Ferreri - Che Cosa C'è
Safer - I'll Stay
Safer - California Shell
Alex Campos - Junto A Ti
Alex Campos - Come On
Yuridia - Ahora Entendi [rocasound Phunk Mix]
Yuridia - Angel [rocasound Mix]
Yuridia - Eclipse Total Del Amor (Total Eclipse Of The Heart) [rocasound Mix]
Yuridia - Yo Por El [rocasound Peaktime Dub]
Yuridia - Habla El Corazon (Listen To Your Heart) [rocasound Mix]
Three Graces - Against All Odds (Impossibile)
Three Graces - Run (Si Accenderà)
Three Graces - Dile
Three Graces - You'll Be Watching
Three Graces - 1000 Pieces
Three Graces - These Dreams (Te Sueño)
Thousands Millions - Do You Full Bloom?
Thousands Millions - Swim, Mix, Cool
Thousands Millions - New Year's Kiss
Thousands Millions - Back Back Back
Nocternity - A Fallen Unicorn
Nocternity - A Fallen Unicorn
Noctiferia - Seething Eye
Noctiferia - Fall Of Exile
Noctiferia - Bring Out The Beast
Noctiferia - Forebang
Noctiferia - Mara
Nocturnal Rites - Call Out To The World
Nocturnal Rites - Strong Enough