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Janez Detd - You!
Janez Detd - Broken
Janez Detd - Goodbye
Janez Detd - I Hate You! (Yes, I'm Judging On You)
Janez Detd - Your Love (I Don't Wanna Lose)
Janez Detd - Never Last (All Our Friends Hate Us For This)
Janez Detd - 1983
Moral Decline - Emo Cut To Cure
Tiromancino - Strade
Tiromancino - Amore Impossibile
Tiromancino - Nessuna Certezza
Tiromancino - I Giorni Migliori
Tiromancino - Conchiglia
Tiromancino - L'autostrada
Tiromancino - La Descrizione Di Un Attimo
Tiromancino - E' Necessario
Tiromancino - Imparare Dal Vento
Tiromancino - Due Destini
Dirt - Just An Error
Dirt - Wooden Gun
Black Tie Operation (The) - Bottle Of Rum
Black Tie Operation (The) - Death Of A Revolutionary
Black Tie Operation (The) - Six And A Half
Black Tie Operation (The) - Welcome
Transit - Castaway
Pennywise - Something To Live For
Pennywise - All We Need
Pennywise - We'll Never Know
Pennywise - It's Not Enough to Believe
Pennywise - Die For You
Ilaria Porceddu - La Canzone Di Marinella
Niche - Love
Jyrojets - Hollywood, Hold On
Van Atta High - Hey Kid
Crystal Castles - Alice Practice
Brooke White - Here Comes The Sun
Carly Smithson - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
David Cook - Billie Jean
Kristy Lee Cook - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Kristy Lee Cook - Rescue Me
Mariah Carey - Bye Bye
Luzielle Carvalho - Lança Perfume
Lovin' Spoonful (The) - What A Day For A Daydream
Micah Stampley - Worthy To Be Praised
Micah Stampley - Sing
Micah Stampley - I Am Redeemed
Micah Stampley - Holy Visitation
Micah Stampley - You Are Lord
Defiance, Ohio - Now, Now, Now
Defiance, Ohio - Anxious And Worrying
Society's Finest - Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride
Society's Finest - Eggshell
Society's Finest - Journeyman
Society's Finest - Forget, If Only I Could Forget
Solid Ground - What Are You Waiting For
Solid Ground - Give Me A Sign
Solid Ground - Run And Hide
Solid Ground - Caught Up
Solid Ground - Eyes Shut
Something Inside - Get Wise
Something Inside - No End In Sight
Something Inside - No Escape
Something Inside - We're The Few
Soul Swallower - Dead Fall
Spazz - Dwarf Goober
Spazz - Gary Monardo's Record Vault Shirt
Spazz - Not Even Phased
Spazz - Sluta
Cave In - Off To Ruin
Cave In - Paranormal
Cave In - Down The Drain
Cave In - Tension In The Ranks
Cave In - Screaming In Your Sleep
In Flames - The Chosen Pessimist
In Flames - Condemned
In Flames - March To The Shore
In Flames - Abnegation
Camille - Gospel With No Lord
Camille - Home Is Where It Hurts
Camille - Cats And Dogs
Camille - Money Note
Camille - Katie's Tea
Camille - Winter's Child
Camille - Waves
Camille - Sanges Sweet
Yeasayer - Germs
Yeasayer - Red Cave
Yeasayer - Sunrise
Soci Alla Pari - Arriverò
Soci Alla Pari - Ho Bisogno Di Te
Soci Alla Pari - Dammi Un'altra Possibilità
JJ Heller - Hero
Forever The Sickest Kids - Breakdown
Close To Home - Come Back Home
Close To Home - Hear Me Out
Inept - Butterflies
SikitikiS - Little Lu
SikitikiS - Rosso Sangue
SikitikiS - Al Primo Colpo
SikitikiS - Perdere Rivincite
Grimoon - La Compagnia Dei Gatti Neri
Carlos Baute - En Nuestro Aniversario
Carlos Baute - Tú No Sabes Que Tanto
Carlos Baute - Donde Está El Amor Que No Duele
Carlos Baute - Nada Se Compara A Ti (Con Franco De Vita)
Carlos Baute - Te Extraño Porque Te Extraño
Carlos Baute - Que Facil Es Decirte Que Te Quiero
Los Caligaris - Kilómetros
Los Caligaris - El Oasis
Los Caligaris - Eea
Los Caligaris - Añejo W
Los Caligaris - Florentinos Y Ferminas
Los Caligaris - Cada Vez
Los Caligaris - Tudu Bem
Los Caligaris - A Vos
Los Caligaris - Nadie Es Perfecto
Los Caligaris - Sara
Los Caligaris - Al Reves
Los Caligaris - El Colectivo
Los Caligaris - No Le Des Bola
Los Caligaris - Naciste Para Un Rey
Los Caligaris - Doleria Menos
Los Caligaris - Sara
Los Caligaris - Game Lover
Los Caligaris - Ser Feliz
Los Caligaris - Una Historia Diferente
Los Caligaris - Juguemos En El Bosque
Los Caligaris - Mis Tres Amores
Los Caligaris - Solo, Es Mejor
Los Caligaris - Perdoname Mi Amor
Los Caligaris - Dos Viejitos
Los Caligaris - Morena Q
Los Caligaris - Cuarteting
Los Caligaris - Mi Sonrisa Y Mi Nariz
Los Caligaris - Negra
Los Caligaris - Te Pido Por Dios, Enamórate
Los Caligaris - No Le Des Bola
Los Caligaris - Un Segundo Beso
Los Caligaris - Pancho, El Microbio
Axel Fernando - Tu Amor Por Siempre
Axel Fernando - Qué Estás Buscando
Axel Fernando - Hoy En Hoy
A Letter To You - Hour By Hour
Lombroso - Sei Qui
Lombroso - Credi Di Conoscermi
Lombroso - Giù
Lombroso - Cosa Stai Dicendo
Lombroso - Alle Elementari
Lombroso - Steinway 1912
Lombroso - Tra 5 Minuti
Lombroso - Sempre Un Po' Più In Là
Lombroso - Hey Man
Lombroso - Tu
Lombroso - Il Paradiso
Sal da Vinci - Sto Cercando Un'anima
Chunk ! NO, Captain Chunk - But There Ain't No Whales So We Tell Tall Tales
Transit Studio - Forty And Desperate
Transit Studio - Sing To Save Me (Broken Radio)
Crash Romeo - About To Break
Crash Romeo - Gave Me The Clap
Crash Romeo - Lady Luck
Crash Romeo - Victim Liar
Crash Romeo - Maybe Lane
Crash Romeo - Set It Off
Ellen Page - All I Want Is You
Ashley Tisdale - Time After Time
Ashley Tisdale - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Lucy Diakovska - The Other Side
Lucy Diakovska - Move On
Diana Reyes - Volverte A Amar
Diana Reyes - Tu Nuevo Cariñito
Diana Reyes - Me Muero
Diana Reyes - Insastifecha
El Trono De Mexico - La Carta
Duelo - Las Dos Escuadras Tronaron
Duelo - Jefe De Narcoticos
Duelo - La Fuga Frustrada
Duelo - Los Cuatro Centenarios
Duelo - El Penal De La Loma
Dolly Parton - Drives Me Crazy
Dolly Parton - Jesus & Gravity
Sportswear - Something Better
Sportswear - Learn To Listen
Spring Break 98 - When I Play Tictactoe I'm Always The X
Spring Break 98 - Make It Take It, Play Ya To 20
Step By Step - Step By Step
Julio Iglesias Jr. - Por La Mitad
Julio Iglesias Jr. - Angel
Julio Iglesias Jr. - Fe
Conjunto Primavera - Ya No Vuelvas
Conjunto Primavera - Egoista
Conjunto Primavera - Senti
Stray From The Path - Needles
Thrice - Come All You Weary
Gino Paoli - Devi Sapere
Stretch Arm Strong - When Sorrow Falls
Stretch Arm Strong - For Now
Stretch Arm Strong - Reach Out
Subzero - Forced To Bleed
Sunrise - Last Hours Of Torment
Sunrise - Traces To Nowhere
Sunrise - Compromise Zero
Sunrise - Undercover Enemy
Swiz - Tylenol
Swiz - Road Trip
Swiz - Dirty Boy Blues
Swiz - Pet Tricks
Swiz - Dave's Song
Swiz - Lie
Mauro Lusini - America, Primo Amore
Sud Sound System - Uardame
Sud Sound System - Nu Su Contentu
Sud Sound System - Amala
Boy Kill Boy - Promises
Boy Kill Boy - Be Somebody
Boy Kill Boy - Loud And Clear
Boy Kill Boy - A Ok
Boy Kill Boy - Ready To Go
Boy Kill Boy - Two Souls
Envy & Other Sins - Highness
Portishead - Silence
Portishead - Nylon Smile
Portishead - Plastic
Portishead - Magic Doors
Punkreas - Non Cambio Mai
Punkreas - Ho Bevuto La Droga
TAEA - A Word Of Advice
TAEA - Make With What You Have
TAEA - All That I Gave
TAEA - To The Grave
TAEA - The Hand That You're Dealt
TAEA - Nothing Less
TAEA - I Won't Forget
Take Courage - More Than Brothers Now
Take Courage - Rejection
Take My Chances - Maximum Extreme Part 2
Take My Chances - I Just Threw A Heroin Spoon At You
Take My Chances - Grizzly's Hawiian Dinner
Take My Chances - It's Ok Officer We're Late To Practice
Take The Time - Hc Crew
Take The Time - Fahionable Times?
Taken Under - Striking Back
Taken Under - The Corruptor
Taken Under - The Odds Just Got Even
Teamkiller - Over
Teamkiller - Another Two Days
Teamkiller - One Second
Panic At The Disco - Valerie
Alex Britti - Una Su 1.000.000
Alex Britti - 7000 Caffè
Alex Britti - La Vasca
Method To My Medium (The) - Finding Redemption
Sword (The) - Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians
Sword (The) - To Take The Black
Sword (The) - Maiden, Mother & Crone
Ray Garrison - Best Shot
Worthless Without - Murder She Wrote
Worthless Without - Up In Flames
Worthless Without - Ah! There's Blood On My Shirt
Slightly Stoopid - 2 Am
Slightly Stoopid - Ocean
Slightly Stoopid - Ever Really Wanted
Slightly Stoopid - Reward For Me
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Another Morning Stoner
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Days Of Being Wild
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Relative Ways
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Source Tags And Codes
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Clair De Lune
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Half Of What
This Is Hell - In Shambles
This Is Hell - Realization: Remorse
This Is Hell - Resuscitate
This Is Hell - Fearless Vampires
Jackson Browne - Never Stop
Jackson Browne - The Night Inside Me
Jackson Browne - Somebody's Baby
Fabio Gasparini - Non Mi Chiamo Vasco Rossi
Fabio Gasparini - Guarda Adesso Uomo
Fabio Gasparini - Facile Per Te
Alexia - Grande Coraggio
Alkaline Trio - Help Me
Alkaline Trio - In Vein
Alkaline Trio - Ruin It
Artist Vs Poet - 8-14
Beth Rowley - Nobody's Fault But Mine
Beth Rowley - So Sublime
Beth Rowley - Almost Persuaded
Beth Rowley - You Never Called
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Doomed Now
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Being Bad Feels Pretty Good
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Epic Last Song
Cristina Donà - Goccia
Abused (The) - Just Another Fool
Abused (The) - Nuclear Threat
Automata (The) - Insincere
Automata (The) - Perception Breeds Deception
Automata (The) - Dye My Eyes Blind
Yolanda Adams - Hold On
Cavalera Conspiracy - The Doom Of All Fires
Sarah Slean - Hopeful Hearts
Sarah Slean - Get Home
Sarah Slean - Goodnight Trouble
Sarah Slean - Shadowland
Sarah Slean - Looking For Someone
Damage Done (The) - For You Too
Dead Ones (The) - L.F.D.Y.
Dead Unknown (The) - Now, More Than Ever (Because There's More To Life Than A Broken Heart)
Dead Unknown (The) - Cotton Gin (A Keynote Letter To The Industrial Revolution)
Magnate - Nuestro Amor Es Así
Magnate - Por Ti
Magnate - Eh Verdad
Luis Miguel - Dicen
Luis Miguel - Te Desean
Luis Miguel - Ay Cariño
Luis Miguel - De Nuevo El Paraíso
Luis Miguel - Estrenando Amor
Luis Miguel - Bravo Amor Bravo
Luis Miguel - Tu Imaginación
Luis Miguel - Amor De Hecho
Tommy Torres - Lamento
Tommy Torres - Fin Del Capitulo
Fiorello e Baldini - Un Voto Migliore
Heavens - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Povia - Uniti
Francesco Baccini - Uniti
Dottie Peoples - Old Landmark
Elliot Minor - The Dancer
Elliot Minor - Electric High
Zach Macko & Far North - Take It Easy
Zach Macko & Far North - Tip Of My Tongue
Zach Macko & Far North - 2nd Avenue
Zach Macko & Far North - Change
Zach Macko & Far North - Last Day Of Your Life
Zach Macko & Far North - NYC
Zach Macko & Far North - Goodnight New York
Zach Macko & Far North - World
Zach Macko & Far North - In The Ground
Yuridia - Ángel
Yuridia - Ámame
Yuridia - Así Fue
Yuridia - Detrás De Mi Ventana
Yuridia - Como Yo Te Amo
Yuridia - Daría
Yuridia - La Muerte Del Palomo
Yuridia - Tú
Yuridia - Si No Te Hubieras Ido
Yuridia - Sobreviviré
You, Me, And Everyone We Know - Because I Spit Hot Fire
You, Me, And Everyone We Know - Carolina Heat
War From A Harlots Mouth - How To Disconnect From Your Social Surrounding In Half An Hour
War From A Harlots Mouth - If You Want To Blame Us For Something Wrong Please Abuse This Song
Wake The Day - Critical Common Sense
Wake The Day - Running Without Moving
Effort - Wear Your Heart
Effort - Crashing Waves
Effort - Floating Belly Up
Effort - Mass Production Of Minds
Effort - And To Think
Effort - My Declaration
Dingus - Transportation
Dingus - Idol
Dingus - Teeth
Vanessa Anne Hudgens - Last Night
Vanessa Hudgens - Last Night
Twilight Singers (The) - Sublime
Twilight Singers (The) - Flashback
Tokio Hotel - 1000 Oceans
Todd Duffley - Memphis Blues
Todd Duffley - My Last Plea
Todd Duffley - Your Beautiful
Todd Duffley - She's Rolling
Todd Duffley - Somehow Somewhere
Todd Duffley - If I Never See
Todd Duffley - Its Been Awhile
Todd Duffley - Mr Cash
Ambition (Of Creation) (The) - Now I'm Nothing
Enemy Within (The) - Forgive And Forget?
Enemy Within (The) - Doublethink
First Step (The) - Connection
First Step (The) - For A Reason
First Step (The) - Greater Vision
First Step (The) - The First Step
First Step (The) - The Higher Taste
First Step (The) - What We Know
First Step (The) - Pursuit Of Happiness
First Step (The) - As It Is
First Step (The) - A New Reality
Frontline (The) - My All
Funeral - Moment In Black
Funeral - From These Wounds
Funeral - The Architecture Of Loss
Funeral - Vagrant God
Ghost Inside (The) - Revolutionary (Bang The Drum)
Good Fight (The) - What Went Wrong
Homefront (The) - Word Of Honor
Homefront (The) - Midnight Society
Hope Conspiracy (the) - Hang Your Cross
Hope Conspiracy (the) - Hang Your Cross
Hope Conspiracy (the) - Dead Town Nothing
K-Paz De La Sierra - Oh Carol
K-Paz De La Sierra - Amor Mio
K-Paz De La Sierra - Pero Te Vas A Arrepentir
K-Paz De La Sierra - San Juan Del Rio
K-Paz De La Sierra - Querido Amigo
Kill Decibel (The) - Going For Throat
Killer (The) - Darker
Last Stand (The) - Forgotten
Last Stand (The) - Refuge (Psalm54)
Last Stand (The) - Bloodguilt (Psalm51)
Grand Corps Malade - J'écris à L'oral
Kery James - Ghetto
Message (The) - Skynet
Message (The) - Loose Ends
Miracle - You Lost My Trust
Alain Bashung - Hier à Sousse
Alain Bashung - Il Voyage En Solitaire
Misfits - T.V. Casualty
Misfits - Return Of The Fly
Misfits - Come Back
Mongoloids (The) - Hercules
Number 12 Looks Like You (The) - My Sharona
Number 12 Looks Like You (The) - Civeta Dei
Jhené - Never Love
Disturbed - Perfect Insanity
Disturbed - Inside The Fire
Marie Digby - Girlfriend
Marie Digby - Umbrella
Rihanna - Take A Bow
Sevendust - Hope
Sevendust - The Past
Sevendust - Prodigal Son
Sevendust - Sorrow
Augustana - Sweet And Low
Last Shadow Puppets (The) - Standing Next To Me
Last Shadow Puppets (The) - My Mistakes Were Made For You
AAAARRGHH - Ölüm Kadar Soðuk I
AAAARRGHH - Ölü Kadar Soluk II
AAAARRGHH - Ölüm Kadar Soðuk II
AAAARRGHH - Ölü Kadar Soluk IV
AAAARRGHH - Ölü Kadar Soluk V
AAAARRGHH - Ölü Kadar Soluk VI
AAAARRGHH - Ölüm Kadar Soðuk III
Drive By - America (chasing Ghosts)
Drive By - The Hand That Cuts
Destroy The Runner - Isabella's
Destroy The Runner - On Falling Leaf
Blip Blip Bleep - Anime Eyes
Phantom Planet - Do The Panic
Phantom Planet - Quarantine
Phantom Planet - Too Much Too Often
Phantom Planet - Confess
Phantom Planet - Leave Yourself For Somebody Else
Gloria Record (The) - Grace, The Snow Is Here
Realness (The) - Alive
Red Baron (The) - Mugatu (The Red Baron)
Red Baron (The) - Sick And Tired (The Red Baron)
Red Baron (The) - Chief Of Sinners (The Red Baron)
Red Baron (The) - I Still Believe (xBishopx)
Red Dream (The) - Blue
Red Dream (The) - Prosthetics
Red Shore (The) - I Only Smile When You're Bleeding
Red Shore (The) - Pulling Teeth
Piero Pelù - Nato Qui
Piero Pelù - Verità
Piero Pelù - Ti Troverai
Piero Pelù - Ufo Su Firenze
Piero Pelù - Amor Diablo
Chris Brown - Forever
Children Of Bodom - Banned From Heaven
Jonatan Cerrada - Pero Te Juro
116 Clique - Dig In
116 Clique - Gospel Music (Romans)
116 Clique - My City (Ephesians)
116 Clique - To Live Is Christ (Philippians)
116 Clique - Let No Man (Colossians)
116 Clique - Stand Strong (2 Thessalonians)
116 Clique - It's Yours (2 Timothy)
116 Clique - Sound (Titus)
Monica Naranjo - Revolución
Tony Colombo - Baciami
Tony Colombo - Mi Sono Innamorato
Miura - Linea Di Confine
Stick To Your Guns - Enough Is Enough
Stick To Your Guns - Interlude
Stick To Your Guns - Looking For The Surface
Marisa Sannia - Flying On The Wings Of Love
Nicole C. Mullen - Bye Bye Brianna
Nicole C. Mullen - The One
Nicole C. Mullen - Without You
Nicole C. Mullen - Diety
Nicole C. Mullen - Redeemer
Nicole C. Mullen - Black, White, Tan
Nicole C. Mullen - Homemade
Nicole C. Mullen - Let Me Go
Nicole C. Mullen - I Can Believe
Nicole C. Mullen - The Ring
Nicole C. Mullen - Jas Class
Nicole C. Mullen - When Heaven Calls
P.O.D. (Payable On Death) - Shine With Me
P.O.D. (Payable On Death) - Condescending
P.O.D. (Payable On Death) - It Can't Rain Everyday
P.O.D. (Payable On Death) - When Angels & Serpents Dance
P.O.D. (Payable On Death) - Tell Me Why
Kooks (The) - All Over Town
Ashes Divide - The Stone
George Strait - It Was Me
George Strait - Brothers Of The Highway
George Strait - River Of Love
George Strait - When You're In Love
George Strait - House With No Doors
Jason Mraz - Make It Mine
Jason Mraz - Lucky
Jason Mraz - If It Kills Me
Jason Mraz - A Beautiful Mess
Matmata - La Vita Altrove
Matmata - Fiore Di Luna
Matmata - Tango Di Fobia
Matmata - Io Te E La Luna
Matmata - In Silenzio
Matmata - Fino A Perdermi
Matmata - Te Ne Vai
Matmata - Ultima Noia
Matmata - Fermo
Matmata - In Attesa Del Cielo
Mia Rose - Seen Your Face
Emanuele Dabbono - Polvere Di Luna
Meg - Distante
Freddie Jackson - You Are My Lady
Nearest The Positive - Cuts In Deeper Than A Knife
Mariah Carey - Heat
Alfie - Mollusc
Jessi Hamilton - Land Of Illusion
Jessi Hamilton - Rebirth
Jessi Hamilton - You'll Rise Above
Carsie Blanton - Wedding Song
Kumbia All-Starz - Gracias
Kumbia All-Starz - Rica Y Apretadita
Kumbia All-Starz - Vuelve
Kumbia All-Starz - Juegas Conmigo
Kumbia All-Starz - Laberinto
Kumbia All-Starz - Planeta Kumbia
Kumbia All-Starz - Dinero
Kumbia All-Starz - Ya No Te Quiero
Kumbia All-Starz - Me Pase De Copas
Nicholas Jonas - Don't Walk Away
Saving Abel - Beautiful You
Shawn Hlookoff - Without You
Teddy Pendergrass - Somewhere I Belong
Estelle - You Are
Estelle - Pretty Please (Love Me)
Wayne Wonder - I Still Believe
Aretha Franklin - Blue By Myself
Aretha Franklin - All Night Long
Aretha Franklin - Sweet Lover
Aretha Franklin - God Bless The Child
Aretha Franklin - Drinking Again
Aretha Franklin - Unforgettable
Aretha Franklin - Runnin' Out Of Fools
Aretha Franklin - You'll Lose A Good Thing
Aretha Franklin - Cry Like A Baby
Royal Bliss - Devils And Angels
Royal Bliss - Will You Wait For Me
Royal Bliss - Change The World
Royal Bliss - Sweet Rosie
Royal Bliss - Second Try
Ettore Giuradei - Era Che Cosi'
Ettore Giuradei - Stupito
Ettore Giuradei - Guardami
Charlotte Sometimes - Ex Girlfriend Syndrome
Charlotte Sometimes - In Your Apartment
Charlotte Sometimes - Army Men
Elbow - Starlings
Elbow - The Bones Of You
Elbow - Mirrorball
Elbow - The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver
Poets Of The Fall - Clevermind
Whitesnake - Best Years
Whitesnake - Call On Me
Whitesnake - All I Want All I Need
Whitesnake - All For Love
Whitesnake - Summer Rain
Whitesnake - Lay Down Your Love
Whitesnake - Til The End Of Time
Robert Forster - If It Rains
Robert Forster - Pandanus
Robert Forster - Did She Overtake You
Robert Forster - The Evangelist
Robert Forster - It Ain't Easy
September - Breathe
Schiller - Breathe
Dj Sancho - Baby Girl Part 2
Los Creadorez Del Pasito Duranguense - Este Adios
Los Creadorez Del Pasito Duranguense - Si Yo Fuera Otro
Los Creadorez Del Pasito Duranguense - Conta El Corazon
Keith Sweat - Love You Better
Doctor Deseo - Donde Acaban Las Palabras
Robert Forster - Leave Here Satisfied
Robert Forster - Is This What You Call Change
Robert Forster - Justice
Doctor Deseo - Rómpeme
Doctor Deseo - De Nuevo En Tus Brazos
Doctor Deseo - Loco
Doctor Deseo - Eta Moxua Hil Atsekabez
Robert Forster - Cat's Life
Leo Segarra - Baila Sin Mí
Leo Segarra - Mi Unica Verdad
Leo Segarra - Asi Es Mi Vida
Leo Segarra - Rumores
Leo Segarra - Rey De La Pista
Leo Segarra - Culpable
Leo Segarra - No Quedan Motivos
Leo Segarra - Soy Un Sucio
Robert Forster - Snake Skin Lady
Robert Forster - Fortress
Robert Forster - Rock 'n' Roll Friend
Robert Forster - On A Street Corner
Diana DeMar - I Need
Rolling Stones - Loving Cup
Rolling Stones - Far Away Eyes
Rolling Stones - You Got The Silver
Rolling Stones - Connection
Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar
Rolling Stones - Shine A Light
Peter, Paul & Mary - If I Had My Way
Peter, Paul & Mary - Cruel War
Peter, Paul & Mary - Lemon Tree
Peter, Paul & Mary - If I Had A Hammer
Peter, Paul & Mary - Settle Down (Goin' Down That Highway)
Peter, Paul & Mary - Gone The Rainbow
Peter, Paul & Mary - Pretty Mary
Peter, Paul & Mary - Puff, The Magic Dragon
Peter, Paul & Mary - This Land Is Your Land
Peter, Paul & Mary - Man Come Into Egypt
Peter, Paul & Mary - Tiny Sparrow
Peter, Paul & Mary - A Soalin'
Peter, Paul & Mary - Hush-A-Bye
Peter, Paul & Mary - Long Chain On
Peter, Paul & Mary - Tell It On The Mountain
Peter, Paul & Mary - Stewball
Peter, Paul & Mary - Freight Train
Peter, Paul & Mary - Quit Your Low Down Ways
Peter, Paul & Mary - A Soalin'
Peter, Paul & Mary - Blue
Peter, Paul & Mary - Three Ravens
Peter, Paul & Mary - One Kind Favor
Peter, Paul & Mary - Car-Car
Peter, Paul & Mary - Puff, The Magic Dragon
Peter, Paul & Mary - Jesus Met The Woman
Peter, Paul & Mary - Le Deserteur
Peter, Paul & Mary - Single Girl
Peter, Paul & Mary - There Is A Ship
Peter, Paul & Mary - It's Raining
Peter, Paul & Mary - Jimmy Whalen
Peter, Paul & Mary - Gilgarra Mountain
Peter, Paul & Mary - Motherless Child
Peter, Paul & Mary - Wasn't That A Time
Peter, Paul & Mary - Talkin' Candy Bar Blues
Peter, Paul & Mary - For Lovin' Me
Peter, Paul & Mary - If I Were Free
Peter, Paul & Mary - Betty & Dupree
Peter, Paul & Mary - The Rising Of The Moon
Peter, Paul & Mary - Early Mornin' Rain
Peter, Paul & Mary - Jane, Jane
Peter, Paul & Mary - Because All Men Are Brothers
Peter, Paul & Mary - Hangman
Peter, Paul & Mary - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Peter, Paul & Mary - Tryin' To Win
Peter, Paul & Mary - And When I Die
Peter, Paul & Mary - The King Of Names
Peter, Paul & Mary - Hurry Sundown
Peter, Paul & Mary - Norman Normal
Peter, Paul & Mary - Well, Well, Well
Peter, Paul & Mary - Rolling Home
Peter, Paul & Mary - No Other Name
Peter, Paul & Mary - The House Song
Peter, Paul & Mary - I Dig Rock And Roll Music
Peter, Paul & Mary - Bob Dylan's Dream
Peter, Paul & Mary - The Other Side Of This Life
Doyle Lawson - Help Is On The Way
Peter, Paul & Mary - Moments Of Soft Persuasion
Peter, Paul & Mary - Yesterday's Tomorrow
Peter, Paul & Mary - Love City (Postcards To Duluth)
Peter, Paul & Mary - She Dreams
Peter, Paul & Mary - Tramp On The Street
Peter, Paul & Mary - I Shall Be Released
Peter, Paul & Mary - Rich Man Poor Man
Downhere - Glory To God In The Highest
Downhere - 15
Downhere - The Invitation
Downhere - Someone
Downhere - Closer To Me
Downhere - 1000 Miles Apart
Peter, Paul & Mary - The Marvelous Toy
Peter, Paul & Mary - All Through The Night
Peter, Paul & Mary - It's Raining
Peter, Paul & Mary - Make-Believe Town
Peter, Paul & Mary - Forever Young
Peter, Paul & Mary - I Need Me To Be For Me
Peter, Paul & Mary - Summer Highland Falls
Peter, Paul & Mary - Sweet Survivor
Peter, Paul & Mary - Power
Peter, Paul & Mary - Would You Like To Learn To Dance
Peter, Paul & Mary - Don't Go Down To The Quarry
Peter, Paul & Mary - There But For Fortune
Peter, Paul & Mary - Wild Places
Peter, Paul & Mary - O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Peter, Paul & Mary - Children Go Where I Send Thee
Peter, Paul & Mary - The Cherry Tree Carol
Peter, Paul & Mary - All Mixed Up
Peter, Paul & Mary - It Ain't Me Babe
Peter, Paul & Mary - Golden Vanity
Peter, Paul & Mary - Listen, Mr. Bilbo (Mr. Bigot)
Peter, Paul & Mary - No Man's Land
Peter, Paul & Mary - Yuppies In The Sky
Peter, Paul & Mary - Dodi Li
Peter, Paul & Mary - Fair Ireland
Peter, Paul & Mary - 24 Green Street
Peter, Paul & Mary - The Great Mandala (The Wheel Of Life)
Peter, Paul & Mary - Deportee
Peter, Paul & Mary - But A Moment
Peter, Paul & Mary - Old Enough (Ode To An Aging Rocker)
Peter, Paul & Mary - Home Is Where The Heart Is
Peter, Paul & Mary - Virtual Party
Peter, Paul & Mary - Freedom Medley
Peter, Paul & Mary - River Of Jordan
Peter, Paul & Mary - This Land Is Your Land
Peter, Paul & Mary - Somos El Barco
Peter, Paul & Mary - Michael Row The Boat Ashore
Peter, Paul & Mary - We Shall Overcome
Peter, Paul & Mary - Goodnight, Irene
Danko Jones - City Streets
Danko Jones - Take Me Home
Danko Jones - Your Tears, My Smile
Danko Jones - Ravenous
Alanis Morissette - Citizen Of The Planet
Alanis Morissette - Underneath
Alanis Morissette - Versions Of Violence
Alanis Morissette - Not As We
Alanis Morissette - Moratorium
Alanis Morissette - Torch
Alanis Morissette - Tapes
Peter, Paul & Mary - I Am Your Child
Peter, Paul & Mary - Follow Me
Peter, Paul & Mary - Pastures Of Plenty
Peter, Paul & Mary - Power
Peter, Paul & Mary - Don't Laugh At Me
Peter, Paul & Mary - Old Coat
Peter, Paul & Mary - How Can I Keep From Singing / The Great Storm Is Over
Unhindered - More Than Words
Vasco Rossi - Qui Si Fa La Storia
Spectacle (The) - Courage And A Brick
Bun B - That's Gangsta
Iratxo - Sueños
Cardenales De Nuevo Leon - Flor De Las Flores
Cardenales De Nuevo Leon - Ya Lo Sé
Cardenales De Nuevo Leon - No Es Un Capricho
Cardenales De Nuevo Leon - Hechizado
Goodnight Nurse - The Night
Jake Walden - The Storm
Union Policy (The) - A Lifetime Rerun
Thirty Called Arson - It's Easy Being Lazy When You're Dead
Bugo - Nel Giro Giusto
Bugo - La Felicità
Hercules And Love Affair - Time Will