Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 292:

Scott Krippayne - Wild Imagination
Scott Walker - Black Sheep Boy
Scott Walker - Sleepwalkers Woman
Scott Walker - Two Weeks Since You've Gone
At Cliffs End - Drop That Zero And Get With The Hero
Scout Niblett - Hot To Death
Screaming Trees - Ash Grey Sunday
Seabear - Hospital Bed
Seabear - I Need A Home For My Hands And Head
Seabear - Libraries
Seabear - Robin Sparrow
Seabear - Summer Bird Diamond
Seabear - We Like Winter Clothes
Seabound - Assymetry
Seabound - Contact
Seabound - Domination
Seabound - Smoke
Seabound - The Promise
Seachange - Bluegrey
Seachange - Midsummer Fires
Seam - Intifada Driving School
Sean Hayes - Elizabeth Sways
Sebastian Bach - Live And Die
Sebastian Bach - Take You Down With Me
Second Chances - Secrets
Seconds To Breathe - Sirens
Secret Handshake, The - Pictures
Secret Handshake, The - Wanted You
Secret Handshake, The - XMas In Cali
Secret Secret Dino Club - My Moves Are Delicious
Secret Stars (The) - Auto Reverse (Arcane 17)
See Spot Run - Alone
See Spot Run - Terrified
Seekers - A World Of Our Own
Seekers - Amazing
Seekers - Angeline Is Always Friday
Seekers - Can't Make Up My Mind
Seekers - Chilly Winds
Seekers - Cloudy
Seekers - Eriskay Love Lilt
Seekers - Guardian Angel
Seekers - I Wish You Could Be Here
Seekers - I'll Never Find Another You
Seekers - If You Go Away
Seekers - Louisiana Man
Seekers - Plaisir D'Amour
Seekers - Red Rubber Ball
Seekers - Sinner Man
Seekers - The 59th Street Bridge Song (feelin' Groovy)
Seekers - The Gypsy Rover
Seekers - The Sad Cloud
Seekers - The Wreck Of The Old '97
Seekers - This Little Light Of Mine
Seekers - Two Summers
Seekers - Waltzing Matilda
Seekers - With My Swag All On My Shoulder
Seekers - Yesterday
Sensational Alex Harvey Band (The) - Framed
Seu Jorge - São Gonça
Sgr - Brown Jackson
Shalamar - Dancing In The Sheets
Shamen (The) - Boss Drum
Shamen (The) - Destination Eschaton
Shamen (The) - Make It Mine
Shane Holt - Back Home
Shangri-las (The) - Give Him A Great Big Kiss
Shangri-las (The) - Give Us Your Blessings
Shed Seven - Ladyman
Linden - Attached
Linden - Stranded
Linden - Reflections
Linden - In And Out
Shelley Fabares - Johnny Angel
Shelley Fabares - Lost Summer Love
Shelma - It's Hard To Be Honest
Shenandoah - I Wanna Be Loved Like That
Shenandoah - Sunday In The South
Shh... This Is A Library - BFF
Shh... This Is A Library - Raccoon Eyes
Shh... This Is A Library - Sunrise Highway
Shh... This Is A Library - You Smile Like Your Hair Isn't Messy
Shing02 - Miditation
Shirley Temple - I Love To Walk In The Rain
Shivers (The) - Chelsea Hotel #2
Shivers (The) - The Ghetto
Shock Stars - I Got A Feeling
Shocking Pinks (The) - Girl On The Northern Line
Shocking Pinks (The) - Second Hand Girl
Shotgun Rules - VS
Show Of Hands - The Falmouth Packet / Haul Away Joe
Shpongle - Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness
Shriekback - Putting On The Pressure
Heartstop - Don't Wake Me Up
Heartstop - Sweet Wonder
Heartstop - Lullaby
Sierra Swan - Just Tell Me
Sights And Sounds - Night Train
Sights And Sounds - Reconcile
Signal To Noise - This Side Of Texas
Silent Point - Thoughts Of You
Silly Wizard - Donald MacGillavry
Silver Jews (The) - Self-Ignition
Simon and Garfunkel - Voices Of Old People
Simon Joyner - Alabaster
Simon Joyner - Flannery O'Connor
Simon Joyner - Hold On To Your Breath
Simon Joyner - Hollywood
Simon Joyner - How I Regret That I've Done Wrong
Simon Joyner - I Would Not Try To Break Ties With Me
Simon Joyner - If I Left Tomorrow
Simon Joyner - Judas Blues
Simon Joyner - Milk
Simon Joyner - Open Window Blues
Simon Joyner - Petri-Dish
Simon Joyner - R Is For Riot
Simon Joyner - Seizure
Simon Joyner - Swing
Simple Kid - Lil' King Kong
Sing It Loud - Bite Your Lip
Sioen - No Conspiracy At All
Sister Machine Gun - To Hell With You
Sisterhood (The) - Rain From Heaven
Sisters Of The Moon - Give It Time
Sisters Of The Moon - You Revived Me
Sitra - Nevermore
Six Parts Seven (The) - From California To Houston, On Lightspeed Feat. Isaac Brock
Sixx: A.m - Life Is Beautiful
Sixx:A.M. - Permission
Sj Esau - Geography
Sj Esau - Queezy Beliefs
Skeelo - Come Back To Me
Skeelo - Superman
Skeelo - This Is How It Sounds
Kalapana - Real Thing
Sky Falls Down - By Frost Come Fire
Sky Falls Down - Vanishing Like The Fear In Our Eyes
Sky Fears The Earth - Dreaming Small
Sky Fears The Earth - Winddown
Slack Republic (The) - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
Slack Republic (The) - Wait For Me
Slackers (The) - Yes It's True
Sleepcomesdown - Magic Bullet Consolation Prize
Sleepcomesdown - The New Fake Angels
Sleepy Rebels - Expect The Unexpected
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Ablutions
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Powerless
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - The Companions
Slo Burn - Outer Circle
Slowdive - Bleed
Slowdive - Holding Our Breath
SlowMOTIONskyrocket - But You Know You Do
SlowMOTIONskyrocket - I Wish I Knew How To Quit You
SlowMOTIONskyrocket - It's Not What You Wear; It's How You Take It Off
SlowMOTIONskyrocket - Last Chance For The Hopeless
SlowMOTIONskyrocket - The Warmest Of Decembers
SlowMOTIONskyrocket - This Has Selfish Written All Over It
Small Faces (The) - Happiness Stan
Small Faces (The) - Rene
Small Faces (The) - The Hungry Intruder
Small Faces (The) - The Journey
Small Faces (The) - You Better Believe It
Small Town Sleeper - Tevolli Angels
Small Town Sleeper - Why
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Bring The Light
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Death From Above
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - For God And Country
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Gossamer
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Jersey Shore
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Joy
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Shades Of Black
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Sunkissed
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Tarantula
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - The Rose March
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Tonight, Tonight
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - United States
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Without You
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Zeitgeist
Smithereens (The) - Drown In My Own Tears
Smithereens (The) - Especially For You
Smithereens (The) - House We Used To Live In
Smithereens (The) - Miles From Nowhere
Smithereens (The) - The World We Know
Smolik - I.mine
Smolik - Kremowa Rewolucja
Smolik - Missed
Smolik - T.time
Smolik - Who Told You
Snailhouse - What Are Your Coordinates
Snow Angels - The Ghost Of Oswald Mosley
Snow Fairies (The) - A Different Kind Of Bad
Snowden - Fly A Kite
So Many Dynamos - Windows Facing Walls
Soda Stereo - Coral
Soda Stereo - Planeador
Soft Drugs (The) - Brand New Name
Soft Drugs (The) - Defending The Paint
Soft Machine (The) - Moon In June
Softies (The) - Me And The Bees
Soha - C'est Bien Mieux Comme Ça
Soha - Serre-Moi Fort Si Tu M'aimes
Soho Dolls - Right And Right Again
Soho Dolls - The Rest For The Wicked
Soledad Brothers - Cage That Tiger
Solids (The) - Across The Overpass
Solids (The) - The Future Is Now
Somato Sensory - Love Me Still
Somato Sensory - Violence By The Ocean
Something For Kate - Coloured Chalk
Something For Kate - Slowdance
Something For Kate - The Futurist
Something For Kate - Transparanoia
Son, Ambulance - The Anonymous
Sonny & Cher - 500 Miles
Sonny & Cher - It's Gonna Rain
Sonny & Cher - Then He Kissed Me
Sonny Moore - Moss
Sonny Moore - Sadalof
Sophie Milman - It's Not Easy Bein' Green
Sophie Milman - Eli, Eli (A Walk To Caesarea)
Sophie Milman - I Feel Pretty
Sophie Milman - Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Sophie Milman - Reste (Stay)
Sophie Milman - Rocket Love
Soul Nidus - Promise
Sound The Alarm - Fact Or Fiction
Sound (The) - Acceleration Group
Sound (The) - As Feeling Dies
Sound (The) - Hothouse
Sound (The) - Music Business
Sound (The) - No Salvation
Sound (The) - Propaganda
Sound (The) - Quarter Past Two
Sound (The) - Shot Up And Shut Down
Sound (The) - Sorry
Sound (The) - Static
South Park - Hey, People. You Gotta Drive Hybrids, Already.
Spacemen 3 - 2.35
Spacemen 3 - Hey Man
Spacemen 3 - Honey
Sparks (The) - Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Sparks (The) - Rock, Rock, Rock
Sparlha Swa - Breath Of The Gods
Sparlha Swa - Mama
Sparlha Swa - Me Leve
Sparlha Swa - Spirit
Spells (The) - The Age Of Backwards
Spetsnaz - Mangod
Spiderbait - Cows
Spinners (The) - Everybody Plays The Fool
Spinners (The) - One Of A Kind Love Affair
Spinners (The) - Working My Way Back You Forgive Me Girl
Spinvis - Aan De Oevers Van De Tijd
Spinvis - Bijt Mijn Tong Af
Spinvis - De Tuinen Van Mexico
Spinvis - De Zevende Nacht
Spinvis - Een Nagemaakte Gek
Spinvis - Ik Adem Door Mijn Ogen
Spinvis - Medea
Spirit - Mr. Skin
Spirit Of The West - D For Democracy (Scour The House)
Spirit Of The West - Far Too Canadian
Spirit Of The West - Frankfurt I'm Sorry
Spirit Of The West - Our Station
Spirit Of The West - Political
Spirit Of The West - Save This House
Spirit Of The West - Ship Named Frank
Spirit Of The West - Turned Out Lies
SpiritFall - Fallout
Spitfires & Mayflowers - Pirates (official)
Split Enz - Hard Act To Follow
Split Enz - Iris
Split Enz - Years Go By
Spongecola - Gemini
Spookshow (The) - A Good Day To Die On
Spookshow (The) - Attack Me From Behind Tonight
Spookshow (The) - I Don't Wanna But I Do
Spookshow (The) - Stab Me
Spookshow (The) - Tonight Is The Night
Spotlight (The) - Home Is A Lost Concept
Spring Awakening - I Believe
Spring Awakening - Left Behind
Spring Awakening - Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise)
Spring Awakening - My Junk
Spring Awakening - The Dark I Know Well
Spring Awakening - The Song Of Purple Summer
Spring Awakening - Touch Me
Spring Awakening - Whispering
Stacy Clark - Matter Of Time
Stacy Clark - Peppermint Patties
Stages And Stereos - Living Without You
Stairwell Effect (The) - Sick To Death
Starlet - In The Disco
Starlight Mints - Submarine Number 3
Start (The) - Ciao, Baby
Start (The) - Dance Revolution
Start (The) - Master Plan
Start (The) - Millionaire
Start (The) - Surrender
Start (The) - Wartime (It's Time 2 Go Now)
Static Jacks (The) - N.A.
Statice - Chaos Theory
Statice - Door One-Twelve
Statice - Over
Statice - Seasons
Statice - Zero
Stattica - Untangled
Stattica - Wonder
Steelheart - All Your Love
Stephanie Schneiderman - How Happy
Stephen Brodsky - Sentimental Case
Stephen Duffy - 17
Stephen Duffy - Holding Hands With Grace
Stephen Duffy - Holes In My Shoes
Stephen Duffy - Holte End Hotel
Stephen Fretwell - Darling Don't
Stephen Kellogg - Satisfied Man
Stephin Merritt - I'm In A Lonely Way
Steppenwolf - A Fool's Fantasy
Steppenwolf - All I Want Is All You Got
Steppenwolf - Ball Crusher
Steppenwolf - Berry Rides Again
Steppenwolf - Caroline
Steppenwolf - Children Of The Night
Steppenwolf - Circles Of Confusion
Steppenwolf - Do Or Die
Steppenwolf - Draft Resister
Steppenwolf - Every Man For Himself
Steppenwolf - Everybody's Next One
Steppenwolf - Fat Jack
Steppenwolf - Fishin' In The Dark
Steppenwolf - Five Finger Discount
Steppenwolf - For Ladies Only
Steppenwolf - Gang War Blues
Steppenwolf - Get Into The Wind
Steppenwolf - Hold On
Steppenwolf - Hot Night In A Cold Town
Steppenwolf - Jeraboah
Steppenwolf - Jupiter's Child
Steppenwolf - Just For Tonight
Steppenwolf - Justice, Don't Be Slow
Steppenwolf - Keep Rockin'
Steppenwolf - Let's Do It All
Steppenwolf - Lonely Dreamers
Steppenwolf - Lost And Found By Trial And Error
Steppenwolf - Morning Blue
Steppenwolf - Move Over
Steppenwolf - None Of The Above
Steppenwolf - Nothin' Is Forever
Steppenwolf - Now And Forever
Steppenwolf - Resurrection
Steppenwolf - Ride With Me
Steppenwolf - Rise And Shine
Steppenwolf - Screaming Night Hog
Steppenwolf - Sign On The Line
Steppenwolf - Sleep
Steppenwolf - Slender Thread Of Hope
Steppenwolf - Smokey Factory Blues
Steppenwolf - Someone Told A Lie
Steppenwolf - Sparkle Eyes
Steppenwolf - Spiritual Fantasy
Steppenwolf - Take What You Need
Steppenwolf - Tell Me It's All Right
Steppenwolf - The Balance
Steppenwolf - The Daily Blues
Steppenwolf - The Fixer
Steppenwolf - The Wall
Steppenwolf - Time Out
Steppenwolf - We Like It, We Love It
Steppenwolf - Who Needs Ya?
Steppenwolf - You
Steppenwolf - Your Wall's Too High
Stereofuse - Breathe
Stereotrap - Revelation (the Blind See 20/20)
Stereotrap - The Portrait
Steve Earle - Slippin' Away
Steve Earle - Sorry Sue
Steve Miller Band - Sacrifice
Stickshift Rocketship - Bronco Billy
Stolen Babies - Tall Tales
Stolen Sweets (The) - Me Minus You
Stone Roses (The) - Ride On
Storyside:b - Be Still
Mariah Carey - Secret Love
Straw - The World Is Not Enough
Stray - Kindred Soul
Streetlights - Emerson
Strike 3 - Nazareno
Striving For Better - My Exception
Stunning (The) - An Empty Feeling
Subscene - Love Funeral
Subscene - Problem Girl
Subscene - The Curse Of The Ego
Subscene - White Lies & The Fall Of Us
Subtle - Arsenic Chic
Subtle - Junior's Band
Subtle - Skullz
Subtle - Wallet Falls
Subtle Shot - Cease To Believe
Subtle Shot - Change Your Mind
Sue And The Unicorn - 4 JT And Carson And Emli
Sugar Shock - PromQueen DayDream
Sun Kil Moon - Neverending Math Equation
Sundance Kids (The) - Coincidence
Sundance Kids (The) - Solutions
Sunday Runners - Memories Left At Sea
Sundays (The) - Don't Tell Your Mother
Sundays (The) - Gone
Suns Of The Tundra - Battersea Rising
Suns Of The Tundra - Capricorn Gone
Sunset Swish - My Pace
Super Famicom - A Very Blustery Day Turned Into A Very Rainy Night
Super Famicom - All Before You Can Go To Sleep
Super Famicom - Awesome
Super Famicom - Caring
Super Famicom - Chapter 1: The History, The Tale
Super Famicom - Chapter 2: The Second Suitor
Super Famicom - Chapter 3: Standing Up And Standing Up
Super Famicom - Chapter 4: To Finally Fall In Love
Super Famicom - Doctor Oh Doctor
Super Famicom - Dreams Are For People Who Like To Be Sad
Super Famicom - I Only Sleep So I Can Dream ABout You
Super Famicom - If Stars Made Sounds, They'd Say You're Pretty
Super Famicom - It's True That Yellow5 Makes Your Balls Shrink
Super Famicom - Letters Of The Homesick To People Without Addresses
Super Famicom - Pupils Turn To Hearts
Super Famicom - Rapunzel, Rapunzel
Super Famicom - Sick Of Nichol's Park
Super Famicom - So Long As You Don't Trifle With My Daughter's Feelings
Super Famicom - Song About Saying Yes
Super Famicom - The Art Of Steal, Dawgs
Super Famicom - The Very Last High School Crush
Super Famicom - Tommy The Redwood, Pt. 2
Super Famicom - Two Simple Verses On How To Properly Ruin Everything
Super Famicom - Warmer Without Clothes
Super Famicom - You Shouldn't Smoke Because When You Smoke The Smoke Goes Up To The Sky And Makes The Clouds Less Pr
Super Junior - U [translation]
Superchunk - 1,000 Pounds
Superfantastics (The) - Glitter
Supergroove - Sitting Inside My Head
Supremes (The) - Stop! In The Name Of Love
Surphace - Nothing To Fear
Surviving In Lines - The Movie Life
Survivor - Broken Promises
Susanna Macdonald - Twee And Catchy
Susannah Mccorkle - They Can't Take That Away From Me
Suzy Bogguss - Drive South
Svoy - Cared More
Svoy - Driving Away
Svoy - I Don't Love
Svoy - Looking For You
Svoy - On My Own
Svoy - Shy
Svoy - To What It Used To Be
Swallow! Swallow! Splinter! - I Ate Her
Sweater Weather - Tuber
Sweeney Todd - Green Finch And Linnett Bird
Sweeney Todd - My Friends
Sweeney Todd - Poor Thing
Swell Season (The) - Alone Apart
Swell Season (The) - Drown Out
Swift (The) - I Need You
Sydän, Sydän - Kuolema Tulee
Synthetic Delusion - Genocide
Synthetic Delusion - Limit Break
Synthetic Delusion - Not My Path
Synthetic Delusion - Pushed Away
Synthetic Delusion - Slave
Mariah Carey - Mimi's Song
Mariah Carey - Diagram Avaliable
Mariah Carey - Juice
Gal Costa - Minha Senhora
Gal Costa - Cinema Olympia
Gal Costa - Tuareg
Gal Costa - Cultura E Civilização
Gal Costa - London, London
Gal Costa - Maria Bethânia
Gal Costa - Chuva Suor E Cerveja
Gal Costa - Luz Do Sol
Gal Costa - Índia
Gal Costa - A Rã
Gal Costa - Jóia
Gal Costa - O Seu Amor
Gal Costa - Quando
Gal Costa - Um índio
Gal Costa - São João, Xangô Menino
Gal Costa - Minha Estrela é Do Oriente
Gal Costa - Folhetim
La Toya Jackson - Not Giving Up On Love
La Toya Jackson - Hot Potato
La Toya Jackson - Frustration
Passafist - Appliance Alliance
Passafist - Street Fighting Man
Janet Jackson - Luv
Janet Jackson - Rollercoaster
Daniele Sepe - Tempus Transit Gelidum
Janet Jackson - Never Letchu Go
Il Filo D'Erba - Ferma Il Tempo
K.D. Lang - I Dream Of Spring
K.D. Lang - Coming Home
K.D. Lang - Thread
K.D. Lang - Close Your Eyes
X-Mary - Marco Ti Amo
X-Mary - Le Tre Bellezze Della Vita
X-Mary - Il Mio Ragazzo è Pieno
Porter Wagoner - You And Me Her And Him
Porter Wagoner - I Wouldn't Buy A Used Car From Him
Porter Wagoner - I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still)
Porter Wagoner - House Where Love Lives
Porter Wagoner - Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man
Porter Wagoner - Daddy And The Wine
Porter Wagoner - Carroll County Accident
Porter Wagoner - A Wound Time Can't Erase
Gal Costa - Índia
Gal Costa - Juventude Transviada
Gal Costa - Balancê
Gal Costa - É Luxo Só
Gal Costa - Já Era Tempo
Gal Costa - No Tabuleiro Da Baiana
Gal Costa - Jogada Pelo Mundo
Gal Costa - Inquietação
Gal Costa - Tu
Gal Costa - Novo Amor
Gal Costa - Canta Brasil
Gal Costa - Meu Bem, Meu Mal
Gal Costa - Festa Do Interior
Gal Costa - Açai
Gal Costa - Tapete Mágico
Gal Costa - Musa Cabloca
Gal Costa - Solar
Gal Costa - Bahia De Todas As Contas
Gal Costa - O Revólver Do Meu Sonho
Gal Costa - Sorte
Gal Costa - O último Blues
Mariah Carey - The Waited Too Long Blues
Gal Costa - O Vento
Gal Costa - Me Faz Bem
Gal Costa - Lua De Mel
Gal Costa - Wave
Gal Costa - Salvador Não Inerte
Gal Costa - Ladeira Do Pelô
Gal Costa - Holofotes
Gal Costa - Cabelo
Gal Costa - Tropicália
Gal Costa - É D'Oxum
Gal Costa - Rumba De Jacarepaguá
Shwayze - Angel Is A Centerfold
Matteo Branciamore - Ama
Gal Costa - Odara
Gal Costa - Futuros Amantes
Gal Costa - Desalento
Gal Costa - Você Não Entende Nada
Gal Costa - A Voz Do Tambor
Gal Costa - Qui Nem Jiló
Gal Costa - Por Causa De Você
Gal Costa - Brigas Nunca Mais / Discussão
Gal Costa - Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Você
Baustelle - Andarsene Così
Gal Costa - Desde Que O Samba é Samba
Gal Costa - Epitáfio
Gal Costa - Amor Em Paz
Gal Costa - Sábado Em Copacabana
Gal Costa - E Daí?
Gal Costa - Até Amanhã
Bernard Lavilliers - Ordre Nouveau
Bernard Lavilliers - Balèze
Bernard Lavilliers - La Rose Et Le Réséda
Graham Nash - Prison Song
Graham Nash - And So It Goes
Graham Nash - Grave Concern
Ray Boltz - Thank You
Ray Boltz - Heavenly Father
Ray Boltz - Here Comes A Miracle
Ray Boltz - We Are His Heart
Ray Boltz - Feel The Nails
Eddy Lover - Perdoname
La Factoria - Perdoname
Ray Boltz - Watch The Lamb
Ray Boltz - Always Be A Child
Ray Boltz - I Will Praise The Lord
Ray Boltz - I Go To The River
Ray Boltz - I Go To The River
Ray Boltz - Touching Him
Ray Boltz - Scars
Ray Boltz - I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb
Ray Boltz - Potter's Field
Ray Boltz - Hey, Little Brother
Ainhoa - Crece
Ainhoa - Las Calles De Madrid
Ainhoa - Estás Aquí
Ainhoa - Hasta El Final
Ainhoa - My Prisoner
Ainhoa - Cannonball
Manu Tenorio - Tres Palabras
Manu Tenorio - Toda Una Vida
Manu Tenorio - He Perdido Contigo
Manu Tenorio - Hermosa Habana
Manu Tenorio - Te Acordarás De Mí
Tierra Cali - No Pares
El Poder Del Norte - De Que Sirvio
El Poder Del Norte - Piel De Angel
El Poder Del Norte - Pero Me Perdonas
El Poder Del Norte - A Ella
Chrishan - 2 Late 4 Us
Sophomore Attempt (The) - Sky Command To Battlestations
Sophomore Attempt (The) - I Knew I Should've Worn Red
Sophomore Attempt (The) - Two Can Play At That Game
Sophomore Attempt (The) - Get Me An Exit
Sophomore Attempt (The) - The Turn
Rachel Fuller - Wonderland
Florida Boys (The) - When He Was On The Cross (I Was On His Mind)
Rosie Thomas - 2 Dollar Shoes
Rosie Thomas - Farewell
Rosie Thomas - Wedding Day
Rosie Thomas - October
Rosie Thomas - I Run
Rosie Thomas - Have You Seen My Love
Rosie Thomas - Bicycle Tricycle
Rosie Thomas - I Play Music
Rosie Thomas - All My Life
Rosie Thomas - You And Me
Rosie Thomas - Gradually
Rosie Thomas - Dialogue
Rosie Thomas - Since You've Been Around
Rosie Thomas - Pretty Dress
Rosie Thomas - Time Goes Away
Rosie Thomas - If This City Never Sleeps
Rosie Thomas - The One I Love
Rosie Thomas - Much Farther To Go
Rosie Thomas - Paper Doll
Rosie Thomas - Songbird
Rosie Thomas - Say Hello
Rosie Thomas - These Friends Of Mine
Alicia Keys - Waiting For Your Love
Rosie Thomas - First In Line
Kingsman (The) - Louie, Louie
Los Verdaderos - En Pie
Los Verdaderos - Mi Lugar
Los Verdaderos - Concepto Verdadero
Los Verdaderos - Nada Que Demostrar
Los Verdaderos - No Perder
Los Verdaderos - Recordar
Los Verdaderos - Los Verdaderos
Los Verdaderos - Siempre Libre
Los Verdaderos - Competir
Los Verdaderos - Volver
Los Verdaderos - La Juventud
Losing Streak - Static
Losing Streak - Heir
Looking Up - High Point
Looking Up - Onliest
Loutish - Trapped
Skruigners - Chi Sei Stata
Skruigners - Alba
Skruigners - Abbastanza
Lxexaxrxnx - You Skate / We Feel Hate
Lxexaxrxnx - 8-Bit Fight!
Fourmost (The) - Hello Little Girl
Spoon - The Book I Write
Ed Motta - No Meu Coração Você Vai Sempre Estar (You'll Be In My Heart)
Beside Me - Hold On To Nothing
Ed Motta - Vamos Dançar
Ed Motta - Vendaval
Ed Motta - Luna E Sera
Ed Motta - À Deriva
Ed Motta - Suddenly You
Idina Menzel - Don't Let Me Down
Idina Menzel - My Own Worst Enemy
Ann Nesby - Let The Rain Fall
Ann Nesby - Let Old Memories Be
Ann Nesby - In The Spirit
Ann Nesby - If You Love Me
Ann Nesby - I'll Do Anything For You
Vanessa Da Mata - Boa Sorte / Good Luck
Vanessa Da Mata - Amado
Vanessa Da Mata - Quem Irá Nos Proteger?
Vanessa Da Mata - Ilegais
Vanessa Da Mata - Onde Ir
Vanessa Da Mata - Alegria
Vanessa Da Mata - Eu Não Tenho
Vanessa Da Mata - Longe Demais
Vanessa Da Mata - A Força Que Nunca Seca
Vanessa Da Mata - Nao Me Deixe So (Remix)
Vanessa Da Mata - Ainda Bem
Vanessa Da Mata - Eu Quero Enfeitar Você
Vanessa Da Mata - Música
Vanessa Da Mata - Essa Boneca Tem Manual
Vanessa Da Mata - Ai, Ai, Ai
Vanessa Da Mata - História De Uma Gata
Vanessa Da Mata - Zé
Tom Jobim - Este Seu Olhar
Tom Jobim - Chovendo Na Roseira
Tom Jobim - Chega De Saudade
Tom Jobim - Photograph
Tom Jobim - Forever Green
Tom Jobim - Meditation
Tom Jobim - One Note Samba
Tom Jobim - Once I Loved
Tom Jobim - That Look You Wear
Tom Jobim - She's A Carioca
Tom Jobim - Looks Like December
Tom Jobim - It Was Night
Tom Jobim - Double Rainbow
Tom Jobim - If You Never Come To Me
Tom Jobim - I Was Just One More For You
Tom Jobim - Drinking Water
Tom Jobim - Corcovado
Davide Van De Sfroos - La Ballata Del Cimino
Davide Van De Sfroos - Il Minatore Di Frontale
Davide Van De Sfroos - 40 Pass
Davide Van De Sfroos - La Grigna
Jeremy Ashida - As Long As You Stay
Jeremy Ashida - Do You Love Her
Jeremy Ashida - May I Fly
Jeremy Ashida - Thinking
Jeremy Ashida - Until I Can't Breathe
Jeremy Ashida - Losers Song
Jeremy Ashida - When It Snows We Know
Jeremy Ashida - In My Head
Frankie Hi-NRG MC - Direttore
Frankie Hi-NRG MC - Il Giocattolo
Gwen Stacy - Paved Gold With Good Intentions
Antsy Pants - Tree Hugger
Michael Jackson - Got To Be There
Mainstrike - Will I Kill
Gunther - Pleasureman
Gunther - I'm Your Man (G.U.N.T.H.E.R)
Gunther - Like Fire Tonight
Molotov Solution - An Even More Inconvenient Truth
Hush Sound (The) - As You Cry
Hush Sound (The) - Molasses
Hush Sound (The) - Not Your Concern
Hush Sound (The) - Love You Much Better
Matt Skiba - A Song For Julie
Flogging Molly - Float
Flogging Molly - Lightning Storm
Flogging Molly - Between A Man And A Woman
Flogging Molly - On The Back Of A Broken Dream
Murder By Death - Comin' Home
Murder By Death - Steal Away
Murder By Death - 52 Ford
Max Rebo Kids - Ciphers
Max Rebo Kids - In The Shelves
Matches (The) - From 24C
Memnoch - Words Unheard
Memnoch - Consummate Wrath Pt.1
Griffin House - Heart Of Stone
Griffin House - Hanging On (Tom's Song)
Griffin House - Waiting For The Rain To Come Down
Ron Pope - Heartfelt Lies
Ron Pope - Daylight
Dear Juliet - The Second You Say
Dear Juliet - If The Moon Fell Down Tonight
Dear Juliet - I Need This More
Mental - Respect
K.D. Lang - Bopalena
K.D. Lang - Pine And Stew
K.D. Lang - Up To Me
K.D. Lang - Tickled Pink
K.D. Lang - Hanky Panky
K.D. Lang - High Time For A Detour
K.D. Lang - Diet Of Strange Places
K.D. Lang - Watch Your Step Polka
K.D. Lang - Rose Garden
K.D. Lang - Tune Into My Wave
K.D. Lang - Angel With A Lariat
K.D. Lang - Western Stars
K.D. Lang - Waltz Me Once Again Around The Dance Floor
K.D. Lang - Black Coffee
K.D. Lang - Shadowland
K.D. Lang - Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
K.D. Lang - Tears Don't Care Who Cries Them
K.D. Lang - I'm Down To My Last Cigarette
K.D. Lang - Honky Tonk Angels'
K.D. Lang - Luck In My Eyes
K.D. Lang - Three Days
K.D. Lang - Trail Of Broken Hearts
K.D. Lang - Big Boned Gal
K.D. Lang - Didn't I
K.D. Lang - Full Moon Full Of Love
K.D. Lang - Pullin' Back The Reins
K.D. Lang - Big Big Love
K.D. Lang - It's Me
K.D. Lang - Walkin' In And Out Of Your Arms
K.D. Lang - Nowhere To Stand
K.D. Lang - Save Me
K.D. Lang - The Mind Of Love
K.D. Lang - Miss Chatelaine
K.D. Lang - Wash Me Clean
K.D. Lang - So It Shall Be
K.D. Lang - Still Thrives This Love
K.D. Lang - Season Of Hollow Soul
K.D. Lang - Constant Craving
K.D. Lang - Just Keep Me Moving
K.D. Lang - Lifted By Love
K.D. Lang - Curious Soul Astray
K.D. Lang - Don't Be A Lemming Polka
K.D. Lang - Sweet Little Cherokee
K.D. Lang - If I Were You
K.D. Lang - Maybe
K.D. Lang - Get Some
K.D. Lang - Acquiesce
K.D. Lang - This
K.D. Lang - World Of Love
K.D. Lang - Don't Smoke In Bed
K.D. Lang - The Air That I Breathe
K.D. Lang - Smoke Dreams
K.D. Lang - My Last Cigarette
K.D. Lang - My Old Addiction
K.D. Lang - Smoke Rings
K.D. Lang - Hain't It Funny?
K.D. Lang - Suddenly
K.D. Lang - It's Happening With You
K.D. Lang - Extraordinary Thing
K.D. Lang - Love's Great Ocean
K.D. Lang - What Better Said
K.D. Lang - When We Collide
K.D. Lang - Curiosity
K.D. Lang - Only Love
K.D. Lang - A Kiss To Build A Dream On
K.D. Lang - Simple
K.D. Lang - Helpless
K.D. Lang - A Case Of You
K.D. Lang - The Valley
K.D. Lang - Hallelujah
K.D. Lang - One Day I Walk
K.D. Lang - Fallen
K.D. Lang - Jericho
K.D. Lang - Bird On A Wire
K.D. Lang - Love Is Everything
One:Day:Life - Warm Glows And White Lies
One:Day:Life - Fireworks
One:Day:Life - A Million Little Things
One:Day:Life - Shakedown
One:Day:Life - Dancefloor
One:Day:Life - Your Foot And The Floor
One:Day:Life - Caffeine
One:Day:Life - The Art Of Aiming Low
One:Day:Life - This Is How It Ends
Paolo Meneguzzi - Era Stupendo
Every Avenue - Think Of You Later (Empty Room)
Every Avenue - Trading Heartbeats
Every Avenue - The Hell Back Home
Hawk Nelson - Friend Like That
Hawk Nelson - Arms Around Me
Hawk Nelson - I Still Miss You
Merauder - Dead End Path
Merauder - Fear Of Sin
Merauder - Besiege The Masses
Miles Away - 100 Yen
Miles Away - Window Seat
Miles Away - Safe As Houses
Chris Brown - Oh Baby
Danity Kane - Damaged
Pedro Guerra - Quisiera Saber
Pedro Guerra - 5.000 Años
Pedro Guerra - Se Enamoró De Un Rio
Pedro Guerra - El Pescador
Pedro Guerra - Casas Antiguas
Pedro Guerra - Madurar El Amor
Pedro Guerra - Corazón Enfadado
Pedro Guerra - Intimo
Pedro Guerra - Lara
Pedro Guerra - Cuando Pedro Llegó
Mafalda Minnozzi - Arco-íris
Mafalda Minnozzi - Almeno Tu Nell'Universo
Flame - Our World Fallen
Flame - Where God Placed You
Flame - Shinin'
Flame - Call Him
Flame - When You Step
Flame - We Appologize
Flame - Heart Stops
Flame - Goodbye
Sarah Vaughan - Someone To Watch Over Me
That Was Something - The Wedding
That Was Something - Not Now Chief, I'm In The Zone!
Elation (The) - Closer To Closure
Marisa Monte - O Que Me Importa
Marisa Monte - Não é Fácil
Marisa Monte - Perdão Você
Marisa Monte - Tema De Amor
Marisa Monte - Cinco Minutos
Marisa Monte - Água Também é Mar
Marisa Monte - Gotas De Luar
Marisa Monte - Sou Seu Sabiá
Marisa Monte - Comida
Marisa Monte - Bem Que Se Quis
Marisa Monte - Chocolate
Marisa Monte - Ando Meio Desligado
Marisa Monte - O Xote Das Meninas
Marisa Monte - Negro Gato
Marisa Monte - Lenda Das Sereias, Rainha Do Mar
Marisa Monte - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Jacopo Bettinotti - Non Può Piovere Per Sempre
Jacopo Bettinotti - 6 Parole Di Vetro
Jacopo Sarno - Non Pensare Più
Los Straitjackets - La Suegra (Mother In Law)
Shelby Lynne - Just A Little Lovin'
Marisa Monte - Cérebro Eletrônico
Marisa Monte - Tempos Modernos
Marisa Monte - Beija Eu
Marisa Monte - Volte Para O Seu Lar
Marisa Monte - De Noite Na Cama
Marisa Monte - Borboleta
Marisa Monte - Eu Sei
Marisa Monte - Na Estrada
Marisa Monte - Ao Meu Redor
Marisa Monte - Segue O Seco
Marisa Monte - Pale Blue Eyes
Marisa Monte - Dança Da Solidão
Marisa Monte - O Céu
Marisa Monte - Enquanto Isso
Marisa Monte - Esta Melodia
Marisa Monte - Velha Infância
Marisa Monte - Anjo Da Guarda
Marisa Monte - A Sua
Marisa Monte - Levante
Marisa Monte - Gerânio
Marisa Monte - Quem Foi
Marisa Monte - O Bonde Do Dom
Marisa Monte - Três Letrinhas
Marisa Monte - Quatro Paredes
Marisa Monte - Statue Of Liberty
Marisa Monte - A Alma E A Matéria
Taylor Swift - Your Face
Nancy LaMott - Just In Time For Christmas
Scenes And Sirens - Wasted Breath
Scenes And Sirens - You're My Queen
Ivan Lins - A.B. Surdo
James Marsters - Not A Millionaire
James Marsters - Looking At You
James Marsters - Don't Worry Son
James Marsters - Birth Of The Blues
James Marsters - White Hot Girls
James Marsters - London City
James Marsters - Like A Waterfall
James Marsters - When I Was A Baby
James Marsters - Layabout
Josh Kelley - My Kind
Josh Kelley - Hey Katie
Josh Kelley - Layline
Josh Kelley - Still Gonna Try
Josh Kelley - Fallin In Love With You
Syria - Prenditi Cura Di Me
Syria - Le Paure
Syria - Canzone D'odio
Syria - Non Dimentico Più
Syria - Cenere
Syria - L'antidoto
Syria - 4 Gocce Di Blu
Syria - Momenti
Syria - 1968
Syria - Terra
Syria - Il Modo Migliore
Ysabella Brave - Mambo Italiano
Working Class Heroes - Baby You're Right
White Light Riot - Our Formative Capital