Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 295:

Manowar - Secret Of Steel
Manowar - The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Manowar - Die For Metal
Manowar - Warriors Of The World United
Manowar - Black Wind, Fire And Steel
Manowar - Gods Of War
Manowar - Odin
Manowar - The Crown And The Ring
Sodom - Burst Command 'Til War
Kamelot - Soul Society
Kamelot - Nights Of Arabia
Kamelot - Forever
Kamelot - March Of Mephisto
Kamelot - Epilogue
Kamelot - Like The Shadows
Kamelot - Ne Pleure Pas
Kamelot - We Are Not Separate
Kamelot - One Day
Kamelot - The Haunting (Somewhere In Time) (Radio Edit)
Kamelot - The Pendulous Fall
Kiave - Digli Di No
Pooh - La Casa Del Sole
Push Play - Dreamers
Push Play - Here Without You
Candice Alley - Hopeless
West Indian Girl - Blue Wave
Duct Tape - Noelle
Old Gregg - Do You Love Me?
Jeans - Yo No Te Pido La Luna
Donots - Play Dead
Aramae - Fall Down
Aramae - Lessons
Aramae - Primordial Instincts
Aramae - Edonia
Benny Ibarra - Llueve Luz
Bullet For My Valentine - Deliver Us From Evil
Bullet For My Valentine - Say Goodnight
Dave Jordan - Place In My Heart
Dirty Penny - Sleeze Disease (Acoustic)
Dirty Penny (Canada) - Happy Birthday Genghis
Schleprock - Suburbia
Schleprock - America's Dirty Little Secret
David Lee Murphy - I Like It Already
David Lee Murphy - Same Ol' Same Ol'
David Lee Murphy - Loco
David Lee Murphy - Tryin' To Get There
David Lee Murphy - She Always Said
David Lee Murphy - Bringin' Her Back
David Lee Murphy - Kentucky Girl
David Lee Murphy - Almost Like Being There
David Lee Murphy - Velvet Lies
David Lee Murphy - Every Time I Get Around You
David Lee Murphy - The Road You Leave Behind
David Lee Murphy - She's Really Something To See
David Lee Murphy - 100 Years Too Late
David Lee Murphy - Born That Way
David Lee Murphy - Breakfast In Birmingham
David Lee Murphy - Gettin' Out The Good Stuff
David Lee Murphy - I've Been A Rebel (And It Don't Pay)
David Lee Murphy - Mama 'n Them
David Lee Murphy - Fish Ain't Bitin'
David Lee Murphy - Dust On The Bottle
David Lee Murphy - Own Little World
Rudimentary Peni - No Other Truth
Sitti Navarro - Para Sa Akin
Odd Project - Taxi Rides At 4 A.m.
Odd Project - Ballad For A Liar
Odd Project - Breakneck S.o.s.
Odd Project - Heavy Hands
Thrice - Come All You Weary
Cobra Starship - Billie Jean
Mary Mary - Love Him Like I Do
Point Of Grace - How You Live
Point Of Grace - How You Live (Turn Up The Music)
Trish Stratus - I Just Want You
Ese Peters - This Is Love
Faces (The) - Stay With Me
Fad (The) - Kill Punk Rock Stars
Fad (The) - Leaving Cleveland
Fad (The) - Extended Family
Fad (The) - Only As Good As Your Drummer
Fall Back Romance - Anytime Is Good
Fall (The) - Guest Informant
Fallen To - Throw Away
Fatal Syndrome - Death To Come
Fatal Syndrome - I Am
Fatal Syndrome - True Sorrow
Fear Like Us - Neo(Deceptor)cons
Feelers (The) - As Good As It Gets
Feelers (The) - Astronaut
Fernando Alfaro Y Los Alienistas - Con Las Manos En La Sangre
Fernando Alfaro Y Los Alienistas - Los Cuatro Vientos
Fiddler On The Roof - Anatevka
Fiddler On The Roof - Chava Ballet Sequence
Field Mice (The) - Anyone Else Isn't You
Field Mice (The) - Indian Ocean
Field Mice (The) - When You Sleep
Fifth Hour Hero - Coeur De Berlin
Fight From Above - Cities
Figurines - Hey, Girl
Film School - Activated
Finalist (The) - Rain
Finco Mase - The Truth
Fire Inc. - Nowhere Fast
Fire Restart (The) - A Secret Worth Keeping
Fire Restart (The) - PART I: BLACK TIDE
Firewater - 6:45 (So This Is How It Feels)
Firewater - A Place Not So Unkind
Firewater - Already Gone
Firewater - Paradise
Firewater - Some Kind Of Kindness
Firewater - This Is My Life
Firework Splints - Shelters
Firework Splints - Silver Tongues Speak Rusted Words (feat. Lady Imoko)
Fisher - You
Five Star Iris - Luckiest Man
Flaming Tsunamis (The) - Satan Vs. The United States Of America
Flashbulb (The) - Untitled Tapes
Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin - Childhood
Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin - Crow Black Harm
Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin - Girls
Foetus - Verklemmt
For Science - Even
For Science - Hibernation
For Stars - It Falls Apart
For Stars - Cowboys Lost At Sea
Forest City Lovers - Mermaids
Foretold Defiance - December Moon
Foretold Defiance - Hell On Earth
Foretold Defiance - Remembrance
Foretold Defiance - Taste Of Blood
Foretold Defiance - World Of Red
Format, The - Do You Believe In Magic?
Format, The - The Glutton Of Sympathy
Foundation - Tripping Through
Four Seasons (The) - C'mon Marianne
Fourth Grade Security Risk - PG-13
Fourth Grade Security Risk - Portman's Lament
Fourth Grade Security Risk - Slug Sundae, Starring Kevin Spacey
Fourth Grade Security Risk - This Is Another Intro
Foxboro Hot Tubs (The) - Mother Mary
Francisco (aka Franky Perez) - Can't Do This
Francisco (aka Franky Perez) - Gimme More (Remix)
Frank Black And The Catholics - Whiskey In Your Shoes
Freddy Quinn - Der Junge Von St. Pauli
Friday Night Boys (The) - Sorry I Stole Yo Girl
Friday Night Boys (The) - There's Still Time
Friendship Lounge, The - Ghost
Frog Eyes - Idle Songs
Frogs (The) - Lord Grunge
Frogs (The) - Starboy
Frogs (The) - Stargirl
Frozen Plasma - Warmongers
Funker Vogt - City Of Darkness
Funker Vogt - Funker Vogt 2nd Unit (English)
Furious Animation - Two Sides To The Story (Lonley Home)
Furthest Drive Home - Diamond Watch
Fuzz Townshend - Sister Brother
G. Love And Special Sauce - Breakin' Up
G. Love And Special Sauce - Front Porch Lounger
G. Love And Special Sauce - Give It To You (with Jack Johnson)
G. Love And Special Sauce - Holla!
G. Love And Special Sauce - Lovin' Me
G. Love And Special Sauce - Rainbow
G. Love And Special Sauce - The Fishing Song
G. Love And Special Sauce - Two Birds
G. Love And Special Sauce - Waiting
Gabe Dixon Band - Five More Hours
Gabriel Mann - Lighted Up
Gabriel Rios - Baby Lone Star
Gackt - Dooms Day [English]
Gackt - Metamorphoze
Gackt - Mind Forest
Gackt - Mind Forest [English]
Gackt - Returner -Yumi No Shuen-
Gackt - Returner Yami No Shuen
Gackt - Story
Gaelic Storm - The Barnyards Of Delgaty
Game Theory - Crash Into June
Gazette - Calm Envy
Gazette - Chizuru (english)
Gazette - Circle Of Swindler
Gazette - D.L.N (english)
Gazette - Hyena
Gazette - Kore De Yokattan Desu...
Gazette - Nausea & Shudder (english)
Gazette - REGRET (english)
Gazette - Rich Excrement
Gazette - Saraba
Gbh - I Feel Alright
Gbh - Moonshine Song
Gbh - Sick Boy
Gbh - Skanga (Herby Weed)
Gene Loves Jezebel - Jealous
Gene Loves Jezebel - Josephina
Gene Loves Jezebel - Sweetest Thing
Gene Loves Jezebel - Who Wants To Go To Heaven?
Gene Pitney - Amor Amio
Gene Pitney - It Hurts To Be In Love
Gentle Waves (The) - Hangman In The Shadow
Gentlemen (The) - Electricity
George Thorogood - Quit
George Thorogood - Tennessee Cowboys
Gerbils - IV
Get Him Eat Him - Diminutive
Get Him Eat Him - Leaders In Doubt
Ghosts (The) - Hold On
Ghosts (The) - Musical Chairs
Ghosts (The) - Temporary
Ghosts (The) - The World Is Outside
Gilda - No Me Arrepiento De Este Amor
Gilda - Noches Vacías
Gillian Welch - Good Til Now
Girugamesh - Aimai Na Mikaku [english]
Girugamesh - Furubita Syashin [english]
Girugamesh - Goku
Girugamesh - Having Betrayed Is Why [english]
Girugamesh - Hollow
Girugamesh - Hollow [english]
Girugamesh - Kaisen Sengen [english 2]
Girugamesh - Mouja NO Koushin [english 2 -sort Of Different Translation-]
Glamour for Better - Architects Of Discotech
Glands (The) - Favorite American
Glands (The) - Fortress
Glands (The) - Mayflower
Glands (The) - Soul Inspiration
Glands (The) - When I Laugh
Glands (The) - Work It Out
Glasvegas - Lonesome Swan
Glue - Never Really Know
Glue - Restless
Glue - Vessel
Go Big Casino - Coliseum
Go Big Casino - Two Serenades
Go Find (The) - Dictionary
Go Find (The) - Everything Is Low
Go Find (The) - Ice Bear
Go Find (The) - Perfume V (Pavement Cover)
Go It Alone - Histories
Go It Alone - West Boulevard
Goldspot - Rewind
Goo Goo Dolls (The) - Before It's Too Late
Goo Goo Dolls (The) - Fiction
Goodshirt - Catch This Light
Gorgoroth - Forces Of Satan Storm
Gorgoroth - Possessed (By Satan)
Gorgoroth - Procreating Satan
Gorgoroth - The Devil Is Calling
Gothic Archies (The) - The Dead Only Quickly
Gothsicles (The) - I Can Tell That You, That You Shop At Hot(t) Topic
Gotye - A Distinctive Sound
Gramsci - Code
Grand Avenue - Ordinary
Grand Buffet - Nate Kukla's History Of Lemonade
Grand National - Joker And Clown
Gravel - Easter Song
Gravel - When There's Nothing Left
Gravenhurst - Saints
Great Lakes Myth Society (The) - Heydays
Greenwheel - Electric Blanket
Grendel - Soilbleed
Grigori 3 - THE SYSTEM
Guest Bedroom (The) - Fake Flowers
Guns n Roses - Look At Your Game, Girl
Gunther - Teeny Weeny String Bikini
Gunther - Touch Me
Hall And Oates - Everytime You Go Away
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds - Don't Pull Your Love
Hana Pestle - Hallelujah
Hana Pestle - World Of One
Hard N Phirm - Rodeohead
Harry Belafonte - Coconut Woman
Harry Nilsson - Cuddly Toy
Harvey Danger - Cold Snap
Harvey Danger - Save It For Later
Harvey Danger - The Ballad Of The Tragic Hero (Pity And Fear)
Hate In The Box - Malevolent Symphony
Hated (The) - Unknown
Hawksley Workman - Maniacs
Heart Strings, The - 1942
Heart Strings, The - Cosmos
Heart Strings, The - Kids
Heart Strings, The - Nina And Her Very Long Hair
Heartless (The) - I'm Sorry
Heartless (The) - My Words Are My Blanket. My Songs, A Shield. (Uno Mas)
Heartless (The) - Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
Heaven 17 - Sunset Now
Hefner - Fat Kelly's Teeth
Helalyn Flowers - Voices
Helen Love - The Continuing Adventures Of The Girl About Town
Helen Reddy - Angie Baby
Hella - Anarchists Just Wanna Have Fun
Hellnation - Game Of Death
Hello Goodbye - All Of Your Love
Hello Kelly - Cavalry
Help She Can't Swim - Apes & Pigs At The Vulture Coliseum
Help She Can't Swim - Hospital Drama
Help She Can't Swim - Kite Eating Tree
Help She Can't Swim - Midnight Garden
Hem - Great Houses Of New York
Hem - In A Barrel At Sea (Bonus Track)
Hem - Too Late To Turn Back Now
Hem - We'll Meet Along The Way
Her Latest Flame - Holding Onto Nothing
Her Space Holiday - The Unbelievable Broadcast
Hereafter (The) - Eulogy
Herman Dune - With A Fistful Of Faith
Hi Im Polaroid! - Everywhere
Hi Im Polaroid! - I Live In A Tree
Hi Im Polaroid! - Keep The Work Day Holy
Hi Im Polaroid! - Lets Get Drunk Just Because It's A Thursday
Hi Im Polaroid! - Promises Are Just Promises
High Court (The) - Alien
High Court (The) - Payback
High Court (The) - Payback
Hijk - Hey Sleepy Smile
Hives, The - Bigger Hole To Fill
Hives, The - Hey Little World
Hives, The - It Won't Be Long
Hives, The - Puppet On A String
Hives, The - Return The Favour
Hives, The - Try It Again
Hives, The - You Dress Up For Armageddon
Hives, The - You Got It All... Wrong
Hixxy - Music Is My First Love
Hocico - Ruptura
Holly Golightly - Wont Go Out
Holy Modal Rounders (The) - Only The Women
Holy Modal Rounders (The) - Poison Ivey
Holy Modal Rounders (The) - The I See You Song
Holy Modal Rounders (The) - Your Love
Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Incentive Dealers - Don't Want To
Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Incentive Dealers - I Get By
Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Incentive Dealers - Just Like That
Howie Beck - 10 Flowers, 13 Clouds And A String
Howie Beck - Baby Plays Around
Howie Beck - Falling Down
Howie Beck - Floating
Howie Beck - Floating
Howie Beck - How Do You Feel?
Hum - Isle Of The Cheetah
Human Collapse - Organ Pile
I - Battalions
I - Warriors
I Was A Cub Scout - Oh What A Fiasco!
Im From Barcelona - Britney
IAMX - Gonna Wanna
Ian Dury And The Blockheads - What A Waste
Iconcrash - 4
Iconcrash - Her Violence
Iconcrash - Swanlike
Iconcrash - The Knife
Iconcrash - The Lovers
Ida - August Again
Ida - Honeyslide (angel Hall Version)
Idina Menzel - Brave
Idina Menzel - If I Told You
If All Else Fails - Bittersweet You
If All Else Fails - Christian Vengeance (Exodus 12)
If All Else Fails - Her Song
If All Else Fails - Seraphim
If All Else Fails - The Garden
Imadethismistake - There Are Clear Skies Beyond Tallahassee
Imaginary Baseball League - Sara
Immaculate Machine - Blinding Light
Immaculate Machine - Dear Confessor
Immaculate Machine - Dear Confessor
Immaculate Machine - Roman Statues
Immanu El - Astral Days
Immanu El - Kosmonaut
Immanu El - Under Your Wings I'll Hide
Immanu El - White Seraphs Wild
Imperial Teen - 21st Century
In Fiction - Silhouette
Incredible String Band - Maybe Someday
Indian Summer - Angry Son (Live At The Pitzer College '93)
Information Society - Somnambulistic
Information Society - Synthesizer
Inhabited - Memories
International Drive, The - Live Again
Iona - Beachy Head
Iona - Beyond These Shores
Iona - Children Of Time
Iona - Dancing On The Wall
Iona - Edge Of The World
Iona - Edge Of The World
Iona - Empyrean Dawn
Iona - Empyrean Dawn
Iona - Encircling
Iona - Everything Changes
Iona - Factory Of Magnificent Souls
Iona - Friendship's Door
Iona - Healing
Iona - Here I Stand
Iona - Hinba
Iona - Hinba
Iona - Kells Theme
Iona - Light Reflected
Iona - Lindisfarne
Iona - Murlough Bay
Iona - Open Sky
Iona - Sky Maps
Iona - Today
Iona - Treasure
Iona - When I Survey
Iona - Wisdom
Iq - Speak My Name
Iris - Lands Of Fire
Iris - Lands Of Fire
Iris - No One Left To Lose
Iris - No One Left To Lose
Irish Front (The) - Rice Cakes
Irma Thomas - I'd Rather Go Blind
Irma Thomas - Time Is On My Side
Iron & Wine - Die
Iron & Wine - Serpent Charmer
Iron Butterfly - Filled With Fear
Iron Butterfly - In The Crowds
Iron Butterfly - Soul Experience
Nicole Scherzinger - Baby Love
Nicole Scherzinger - Just Say Yes
Nicole Scherzinger - When You're Falling
Ivete Sangalo - Corazón Partío
Ivete Sangalo - Corazón Partío
Ivete Sangalo - Não Me Conte Seus Problemas
Ivete Sangalo - Não Me Conte Seus Problemas
Ivete Sangalo - Não Vou Ficar
Ivri Lider - Jesse
Jabberwocky - San Fran
James Reid - Been Here Before
James Reid - Elder
James Reid - Kingfisher Blue
James Reid - Time Of Autumn
James Stewart - The Meaning Of Goodbye
Jamp - Ation
Janis Ian - When Angels Cry
Jann Arden - Run Like Mad
Japanther - Boys Don't Cry
Japanther - River Phoenix
Japanther - South Of Northport
Jason Soroka - Keep
Jason Webley - Disappear
Jason Webley - Meet Your Bride
Jason Webley - Raise Them Higher
Jason Webley - They Just Want
Jeffrey Lewis - Alphabet
Jen Wood - Stay
Jenn Grant - Dreamer
Jens Lekman - A Postcard To Nina
Jens Lekman - I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You
Jens Lekman - If I Could Cry (It Would Feel Like This)
Jens Lekman - People Who Hate People
Jens Lekman - REC
Jens Lekman - Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death
Jeremy Enigk - Burn
Jeremy Kay - Heard Ya Talkin'
Jeremy Riddle - More Than A Friend
Jill Sobule - Hearts And Minds
Jill Sobule - Karen By Night
Jim Boggia - Peter Pan
Jim Boggia - Several Thousand
Jim Boggia - Supergirl
Jim Boggia - That For Me, Is You
Jim Yoshii Pile Up (The) - Deservedly So
Joanna Pacitti - 4th Of July
Joanna Pacitti - Ultraviolet
Joe Walsh - Tend My Garden
Joey Cape & Tony Sly - Burn That Bridge When We Get To It
Johan - Day Is Done
Johan - Paper Planes
Johan - Payment
Johan - Porneaux
Johan - Save Game
Johan - Walking Away
John Cougar Mellencamp - Ain't Even Done With The Night
John Foxx - Touch And Go
John Foxx - You Were There
John Lydon - The Rabbit Song
John Vanderslice - Don't Walk Away So Fast
John Vanderslice - Tablespoon Of Codeine
John Vanderslice - The Minaret
John Vanderslice - The Tower
John Vanderslice - Time To Go
Johnathan Rice - What Am I Going To Do?
Johnny Hates Jazz - I Don't Want To Be A Hero
Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains - Crackhouse Song
Johnny Hollow - Die For Love
Johnny Mathis - Odds And Ends
Johnny Stranger - Stain
Johnny Stranger - Tessercat
Jon Christos - All Or Nothing
Jon Christos - Caruso
Jon Foreman - My Love Goes Free
Jon Foreman - The Cure For Pain
Jon Foreman - The Moon Is A Magnet
Jon McLaughlin - Proud Father
Jonah Matranga - Better Than This
Jonathan Coulton - Still Alive
Jonathan Coulton - When You Go
Jonathan Richman - She's Gonna Respect Me
Jonathan Richman - Ancient Long Ago
Jonathan Richman - Back In Your Life
Jonathan Richman - Buzz Buzz Buzz
Jonathan Richman - Emaline
Jonathan Richman - I Hear You Calling Me
Jonathan Richman - It's You
Jonathan Richman - Let's Take A Trip
Jonathan Richman - Neon Sign
Jonathan Richman - Shirin And Fahrad
Jonathan Richman - This Love Of Mine
Jorge Palma - Encosta-te A Mim
Jose Bay - Hope It's Not Too Late
Jose Bay - Into A Place Can't Relate
Jose Vanders - Fin's Song
Jose Vanders - Madame Lenormand
Josh Pyke - House At Pooh's Corner
Josh Rouse - Domesticated Lovers
Josh Rouse - Hollywood Bass Player
Josh Rouse - London Bridges
Josh Rouse - Why Won't You Tell Me What
Joshua Fletcher And The Six-shot Romance - Feels Like Yesterday
Joshua Fletcher And The Six-shot Romance - Hey Alright
Joshua Fletcher And The Six-shot Romance - The Ghost
Jude - Life Lays Me Down
Judy Garland - How About You?
Judybats - An Intense Beige
Judybats - Being Simple
Judybats - Incredible Bittersweet
Judybats - La Dulcinea
Judybats - My Dead Friend
Judybats - Scarlett
Judybats - Trip Me Up
Judybats - Wasting Time
Juli - Am Besten Sein
Juli - Bist Du Das
Juli - Ein Neuer Tag
Juli - Tage Wie Dieser
Juli - Wenn Du Lachst
Juli - Zerrissen
Julien-k - Death To Analog
Julien-k - Forever
Julien-k - Kick The Bass
Julien-k - Maestro
Julien-k - Technical Difficulties
Julien-k - Waking Up
Juliette And The Licks - Inside The Cage
Juliette And The Licks - Purgatory Blues
Jump5 - All I Can Do
Jump5 - Dreaming In Color
Jump5 - Start Jumpin'
Jump5 - Why Do I Do
Junius - A Word Could Kill Her
Jupiter Jones - Oh Hätt' Ich Dich Verloren
Happy Hardcore - Like A Shooting Star
Lyle Lovett - Why I Don't Know
Lyle Lovett - Stand By Your Man
Lyle Lovett - North Dakota
Lyle Lovett - Fat Babies
Lyle Lovett - That's Right (You're Not From Texas)
Lyle Lovett - Long Tall Texan
Lyle Lovett - Bears
Lyle Lovett - Lungs
Lyle Lovett - Step Inside This House
Lyle Lovett - I've Had Enough
Lyle Lovett - Teach Me About Love
Lyle Lovett - Rollin' By
Lyle Lovett - Texas Trilogy: Train Ride
Lyle Lovett - Flyin' Shoes
Lyle Lovett - Babes In The Woods
Lyle Lovett - Highway Kind
Lyle Lovett - Lonely In Love
Lyle Lovett - Blue Skies
Lyle Lovett - Smile
Lyle Lovett - Summer Wind
Lyle Lovett - What'd I Say
Lyle Lovett - You've Got A Friend In Me
Lyle Lovett - Walking Tall
Lyle Lovett - Pass Me Not
Lyle Lovett - In My Own Mind
Lyle Lovett - You Were Always There
Lyle Lovett - Election Day
New Amsterdams (The) - Revenge
New Amsterdams (The) - Wait
New Amsterdams (The) - Fountain Of Youth
New Amsterdams (The) - This Day Is Done
New Amsterdams (The) - Silverlake
New Amsterdams (The) - Lost Long Shot
New Amsterdams (The) - Drunk Or Dead
New Amsterdams (The) - The Ballad Of Mike And Beth
Irving Berlin - I Wonder Why You're Just In Love
Irving Berlin - You Forgot To Remember
Irving Berlin - All Alone
Irving Berlin - All By Myself
K6 - Đành Thôi Người Ơi
Irving Berlin - Any Bonds Today?
Karla Bonoff - Somebody's Eyes
Karla Devito - We Are Not Alone
Karmina - Satellites
Kate Alexa - All I Hear
Katelyn Tarver - Chasing Echoes
Irving Berlin - Be Careful, It's My Heart
Katherine Jenkins - Green Green Grass Of Home
Katherine Jenkins - How Do You Leave The One You Love
Katherine Jenkins - I (Who Have Nothing)
Katherine Jenkins - Nella Fantasia
Katiejane Garside - Gaslight
Katiejane Garside - Lost Upon The Flame
Katiejane Garside - Subterranean Values
Katiejane Garside - Too Busy Sinking
Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas
Katy Perry - Thinking Of You
Katy Perry - Mannequin
Kay Hanley - Follow Me
Kay Hanley - Happy To Be Here
KC & The Sunshine Band - Boogie Shoes
Keb Mo - Henry
Keb Mo - I Was Wrong
Kelley Stoltz - Winter Girl
Ken Burke - Magical
Kent - Elefanter
Kent - Vid Din Sida
Ketsumeishi - Asahi
Kevin Devine - Tomorrow's Just Too Late (newer Version)
Kevin M. Kirker - A Note That Reads
Kevin M. Kirker - Just As It Arrives, It Leaves
Kevin M. Kirker - No Bread Crumbs
Khoiba - Facilities
Khoiba - Half In
Khoiba - No Feedback
Khoiba - Terribly
Kid Abelha - Os Outros
Kid Beyond - I Shall Be Free
Kid Dakota - Long Odds
Kid Dakota - New York System
Killers, The - Sweet Talk
Killers, The - The Captain
Kim Carnes - Crazy In The Night
Kim Mitchell - Ain't Life Amazing
Kim Mitchell - Dreamthieves
Kim Mitchell - Rock That Rhyme
Kim Wilde - Four Letter Word
Kim Wilde - Water On Glass
King Missile - Love You More
King Missile - The Boy Made Out Of Bone China
King Missile - The Little Sandwich That Got A Guilt Complex Because He Was The Sole Survivor Of A Horrible Bus Cras
King's X - Prisoner
Kinks (The) - All Of My Friends Were There
Kinks (The) - Got Love If You Want It
Kinks (The) - I've Got That Feeling
Kinks (The) - Long Tall Sally
Kinks (The) - Monica
Kinks (The) - Rosemary Rose
Kinks (The) - You Shouldn't Be Sad
Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be Me
Kiss Chasy - Opinions Wont Keep You Warm At Night
Klaus Pyro - A Toast For Honesty Pt. 1
Klutae - No Man's Land
Knights Of The Abyss - Hell Bent
Knockout Kings, The - Red-Headed Stranger
Knockout Kings, The - True Blue
Kwan - Tainted Love
Brandon Kane - Just You And Me
Labi Siffre - My Song
Lackthereof - Mission With Christian
Ladybug Transistor - CALIFORNIA STOPOVER
Ladybug Transistor - Today Knows
Ladyhawk - 48 Hours
Laguardia - Banner
Lampshade - Tonight I Will Retire
Lanterns - Home
Lanterns - Ivy Climbs
Lanterns - Leaves
Lanterns - Where I'm Going?
Lapko - Killer Whales
Lapko - Paranoid
Lapko - Young Desire
Larkin Grimm - I Killed Someone (Part 2)
Last Try - For Best Results
Irving Berlin - Homesick
Laura Marling - Ghosts That Broke My Heart
Irving Berlin - How About A Cheer For The Navy?
Irving Berlin - How About Me?
Laura Nyro - Good-Bye, Joe
Irving Berlin - How Can I Change My Luck?
Lavender Diamond - I'll Never Lie Again
Lavender Diamond - Like An Arrow
Lavender Diamond - Side Of The Lord
Irving Berlin - How Deep Is The Ocean?
Irving Berlin - How Do You Do It, Mabel, On Twenty Dollars A Week?
Irving Berlin - How Many Times?
Lederhosen Lucil - Throwing Up Leaves
Lee Brice - Happy Endings
Irving Berlin - How's Chances?
Lee Soo Young - Grace
Lee Soo Young - La La La
Lemon Demon - Between You And Me
Lemonheads (The) - Become The Enemy
Les Incompetents - Reunion
Les Savy Fav - Wake Up A Snake
Less - All Is Well
Less - Allah's Collar
Less - Christmiscarriage
Less - Don't Fear Me
Less - Drift Marionette
Less - Garrotte
Less - Hey
Less - Lie Still
Less - Meltwater
Less - Motionless
Less - Pressure Mining
Less - Starvation
Less - Tar
Less, The - A Bigger Something
Less, The - Attention
Less, The - Let It Go
Irving Berlin - I Got Lost In His Arms
Leaetherstrip - Anti US
Leaetherstrip - Halloween Theme
Leaetherstrip - Tell Me What To Do
Liars - Houseclouds
Liars - If Your A Wizard Then Why Do You Wear Glasses?
Light This City - Laid To Rest
Light This City - No Solace In Sleep
Lil Chris - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
Lily Holbrook - Cowboys And Indians
Lily Holbrook - Welcome To The Slaughterhouse
Limozeen - Because It's Midnite
Irving Berlin - I Never Had A Chance
Linda Perhacs - Hey Now Who Really Cares
Linda Strawberry - Scarletta
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Reality Poem (Eng Translated)
Lisa Bund - All That I Am