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Lisa Bund - Here I Am
Lisa Bund - Learn To Love You
Lisa Bund - What Goes Up
Lisa Miskovsky - Acceptable Losses
Lisa Miskovsky - Sweet Misery
Little Flames, The - Close My Eyes
Little Flames, The - Meols Raggae
Living Syndication - High
Ljungblut - Bipolar Kid
Ljungblut - Facades
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Andy's Babies
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Brand New Friend
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Four Flights Up
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Speedboat
Lo Fi Fnk - Wake Up
Lodger - Escape Plan
Long Blondes, The - All Bar One Girls
Irving Berlin - I'd Love To Be Shot From A Cannon With You
Longwave - Life Of The Party
Irving Berlin - I'd Rather Lead A Band
Los Abandoned - Electricidad
Los Abandoned - Heavy
Los Abandoned - Office Xmas Party
Los Abandoned - Ojos
Los Abandoned - Panic-oh!
Los Abandoned - State Of Affairs
Los Abandoned - Thais
Los Campesinos - C Is The Heavenly Option
Los Concorde - Rompecabezas
Irving Berlin - I'd Rather See A Minstrel Show
Loser - Away
Loser - Down
Lost-minded - Back In '68
Lost-minded - Blues In D
Lost-minded - Drowned Dove
Lost-minded - Explode In Blue
Lostalone - Make Me Rhyme
Lou Barlow - Yawning Blue Messiah
Loudon Wainwright III - Grey In L.A.
Loudon Wainwright III - When You Leave
Loudon Wainwright III - You Can't Fail Me Now
Love - A Message To Pretty
Love - Old Man
Love & Reverie - Birth
Love & Reverie - Patience
Love & Reverie - The Mapping
Love & Reverie - The Architect
Love & Reverie - Death
Love Is All - Felt Tip
Lovers - Frozen Floods
Low Pop Suicide - Cult Of Love
Low Pop Suicide - Protection
Lucero - Dangerous Thing
Lucero - Heart So True
Lucero - Mine Tonight
Lucybell - Sálvame La Vida
Ludus - Mirror Mirror
Luna Sea - 1999 (english)
Luna Sea - Desire
Luna Sea - End Of Sorrow (english)
Luna Sea - For Ever And Ever (english)
Luna Sea - In My Dream (english)
Luna Sea - Jesus (english)
Luna Sea - RA-SE-N (english)
Luna Sea - Rain
Luna Sea - Shine (english)
Luna Sea - Slave (english)
Luna Sea - Wish (english)
Lunatic Calm - Sound Of The Revolution
Lungfish - Come Clean
Lungfish - Nothing Is Easy
MDC - Black Christmas
Lykke Li - Little Bit
Irving Berlin - Isn't This A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rain)?
Irving Berlin - It's A Lovely Day Today
Irving Berlin - Lazy
Irving Berlin - No Strings (I'm Fancy Free)
Irving Berlin - Now It Can Be Told
Irving Berlin - Oh How That German Could Love
Irving Berlin - Oh! Where Is My Wife Tonight?
Irving Berlin - One O'clock In The Morning I Get Lonesome
Irving Berlin - Puttin' On The Ritz (Revised)
Irving Berlin - Reaching For The Moon
Irving Berlin - Russian Lullaby
Irving Berlin - Shaking The Blues Away
Irving Berlin - Slumming On Park Avenue
Irving Berlin - The Best Thing For You Would Be Me
Irving Berlin - The Girl That I Marry
Irving Berlin - The Song Is Ended
Irving Berlin - They Say It's Wonderful
Kirk Franklin - Declaration (this Is It!)
Kirk Franklin - Help Me Believe
Kirk Franklin - I Am God
Kirk Franklin - Still In Love
Mario - This Is For
Irving Berlin - You're Lonely And I'm Lonely
Deitrick Haddon - Rest
Deitrick Haddon - I'm The One
Deitrick Haddon - 7 Days Outro...
Darren Hanlon - Cheat The Future
Point Of Grace - Keep The Candle Burning
Shooter Jennings - Tangled Up Roses
Shooter Jennings - Blood From A Stone
Shooter Jennings - The Wolf
Cem Gürcüm - Tomorrow
Disney Princess - If You Can Dream
Disney Princess - A Whole New World
Disney Princess - One Upon A Dream
Disney Princess - If You Can Dream
Blue Scholars - Second Chapter
Blue Scholars - Ordinary Guys
Mario - Whiz
Mario - C'mon
Mario - How Do I Breathe (Remix)
N.W.A. - Express Yourself
BAP - Rövver Noh Tanger
BAP - Et Ess Vorbei
BAP - Einfach Ussortiert
BAP - Für Maria
BAP - Jedanke Em Treibsand
BAP - Hollywood Boulevard
BAP - Hungry Heart
BAP - Aff Un Zo
BAP - Asphaltpirate
BAP - Nemm Mich Met
BAP - Hey Hey, My My
BAP - Amerika
BAP - Lass Sie Doch Reden
BAP - Niemols Verstonn
BAP - Hungry Heart
BAP - Amok
BAP - Ahnunfürsich
BAP - Wo Bess Du Jetz?
BAP - Met Wolke Schwaade
BAP - Widderlich
BAP - Jelenowski
BAP - Endlich Ens Ruh
BAP - Om Naasse Asphalt
BAP - Ahl Männer, Aalglatt
BAP - Globus
BAP - Bunte Trümmer
BAP - Time Is Cash, Time Is Money
BAP - Denn Mir Sinn Widder Wer
BAP - Bleifooss
BAP - Alles Em Lot
BAP - Happy End
BAP - Domohls
BAP - Land En Sicht
BAP - Bläck Fööss-Bänd
BAP - Sibzehn Froore
BAP - Ex, Hopp & Weg
BAP - Drei Wünsch Frei
BAP - Diss Naach Ess Alles Drinn
BAP - Alexandra, Nit Nur Do
BAP - Zofall Un E Janz Klei' Bessje Glöck
BAP - Rääts Un Links Vum Bahndamm
BAP - Rääts Uns Links Vum Bahndamm (live, Bonn, 1989)
BAP - Fortsetzung Folgt (live, 1989)
Camera Can't Lie - Stories In A Star
Nadàr Solo - Novenovembre
Nadàr Solo - Roba Sporca
Nadàr Solo - 11 Frammenti
Lydia - This Is Twice Now
Lydia - Fate
Lydia - Stay Awake
Lydia - All I See
Burning Heads - Comrad
Mỹ Tâm - Đôi Cánh Tình Yêu
Mỹ Tâm - Bí Mật
Mỹ Tâm - Giọt Sương
Mỹ Tâm - Khóc Một Mình
Mỹ Tâm - Khúc Nhạc Tình Yêu
M. Craft - Dragonfly
Maccabees, The - Sleep
Machinae Supremacy - Blind Dog Pride
Machinae Supremacy - Hate
Machinae Supremacy - Insidious
Machinae Supremacy - Reanimator
Machinae Supremacy - Ronin
Machinae Supremacy - Seventeen
Magazine - The Book
Magic Dirt - The Kiss
Magic Numbers, The - Undecided
Magnetic Fields (The) - A Pretty Girl Is Like...
Magnetic Fields (The) - All I Want To Know
Magnetic Fields (The) - Dreams Anymore
Magnetic Fields (The) - Stray With Me
Maia Hirasawa - Still June
Mal Madrigal - Demons
Mal Madrigal - Mind The Black Hole
Mal Madrigal - Sleep Well
Man With Robot Hands - Possibilites
Man With Robot Hands - Where You Need To Be
Manga - İz Bırakanlar Unutulmaz
Manga - Kal Yanımda
Manga - Libido
Maps And Atlases - The Ongoing Horrible
Marc Bolan & T Rex - Solid Gold Easy Action
Marilyn Monroe - Every Baby Needs A Da-Da-Daddy
Marilyn Monroe - Incurably Romantic
Marit Bergman - This Is The Year
Maritime - First Night On Earth
Maritime - Hours That You Keep
Maritime - Pearl
Marla Hansen - All Clear
Marla Hansen - Wedding Day
Marshmallow Coast - Little Pythagoras
Martha And The Muffins - Casualties Of Glass
Martha And The Muffins - One Day In Paris
Martha And The Muffins - Swimming
Marty Stuart - This One's Gonna Hurt You
Mary Beth Maziarz - Daydream Believer
Matchbox Twenty - All Your Reasons
Matchbox Twenty - Can't Let You Go
Matchbox Twenty - If I Fall
Matchbox Twenty - In And Out
Matt Lowery - Heart Of Hearts
Matt Lowery - Slow Motion
Matt Redman - Let My Words Be Few
Matthew Ryan - Irrelevant
Matthew Ryan - Everybody Always Leaves
Matthew Ryan - Heartache Weather
Max Levine Ensemble (The) - Aren't All Songs Political? Aren't All Songs Vaguely Self Referential?
Max Levine Ensemble (The) - Firetower
Max Levine Ensemble (The) - Franny And Hooey
Max Levine Ensemble (The) - Small Talk (Blah, Blah, Blah)
Max Levine Ensemble (The) - The Accident
Max Levine Ensemble (The) - The Loss
Mclusky - Hymn For New Cars
Me First & The Gimme Gimme's - Delta Dawn
Meat Beat Manifesto - Cancer
Meat Beat Manifesto - Helter SKelter '97
Meat Puppets - Tiny Kingdom
Medicated Kisses - Blood Letting
Medicated Kisses - Fantastic Gentalman (first Recorded Version)
Meg And Dia Band (The) - Mighty REAL (Real Salt Lake)
Melotron - Der Anfang
Melvins (The) - Bitten Into Sympathy
Melvins (The) - Gluey Porch Treatments
Mendoza Line (The) - Morbid Craving
Meneguar - Living In The White
Menomena - Walking
MGMT - Money To Burn
Midnight Oil - Poets & Slaves
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - Where You Come From
Mikaila - Because Of You
Milla Jovovich - Islands
Milla Jovovich - Lazy Orbit
Milosh - The City
Minor Times (The) - Firespitter
Minor Times (The) - This Is The Blues
Mira - Dry
Mira - Long Division
Mischief Brew - Goodbye Under God
Mister Monster - I'll Watch Them Die
Mk Ultra - A Serbian Folk Song
Mk Ultra - Out With The Stars
Mobius Band - Friends Like These
Modern Lovers (The) - I'm Straight
Mofro - Free
Moi Caprice - To The Lighthouse
Monochrome Set (The) - On The 13th Day
Monoral - Perfect Gold
Monsters Are Waiting - Ha Ha
Montrose - Rock The Nation
Mook - Darkling
Mook - Picture In Me
Mook - Statues
Moonbabies - I'm Insane But So Are You
Most Serene Republic (The) - Battle Hymns Of The Republic
Most Serene Republic (The) - Oh God
Motor Ace - Feathers
Mount Eerie - 2 Blonde Braids
Mountain - Never In My Life
Mountain Goats, The - Autoclave
Mountain Goats, The - In The Craters Of The Moon
Mountain Goats, The - Keeping House
Mountain Goats, The - Last Man On Earth
Mountain Goats, The - Lovecraft In Brooklyn
Mountain Goats, The - Marduk T-Shirt Men's Room Incident
Mountain Goats, The - Naming Day
Mountain Goats, The - New Zion
Mountain Goats, The - Nothing Song #2
Mountain Goats, The - Sax Rohmer #1
Mountain Goats, The - Snakeheads
Mountain Goats, The - They Are Stone Swallowers
Moving Pictures - Never
Moving Units - Blood Beats
Moxy Fruvous - King Of Spain
Moxy Fruvous - River Valley
Moxy Fruvous - Stuck In The '90s
Mr Scruff - Honeydew
Mr. J Medeiros - Constance
Mr. J Medeiros - Keep Pace
Mugshot - Heart Vs. Mind
Muppets (The) - Mahna Mahna
Murdocks (The) - Saddest Star
Murray Head - Never Even Thought
My Little Airport - Dolly And BB Will Not Wake Up Anymore
My Little Airport - Frankie Wants To Be Alone
My Little Airport - J'ai Peur
My Little Airport - My Little K And J
My Spacecoaster - Hamburgers
My Sunrise - Chris Chambers
My Vitriol - Lord Knows How I've Tried (Mellow Version)
A Dying Dream - Hourglass Effect
A Shroud Cast Over - Forever In These Words
Nasty Seventeen - In Front Of Me
Natalia Lafourcade - Alimento De La Vida
Natalia Lafourcade - Cuando Todo Cambia
Natalia Lafourcade - Cuarto Encima
Natalia Lafourcade - Dirección Contraria
Natalia Lafourcade - El Amor Es Rosa
Natalia Lafourcade - En Tus Ojos
Natalia Lafourcade - Saúl
Natalia Lafourcade - Ser Humano
Natalia Lafourcade - Solamente Te Lo Doy A Ti
Natalia Lafourcade - Tic Tac
Natalie Gauci - Here I Am
Natural History (The) - Beat Beat
Natural History (The) - Dance Steps
Neal Morse - 12
Neal Morse - Colder In The Sun
Neal Morse - Outside Looking
Neal Morse - Solid As The Sun
Neal Morse - The Conclusion
Neal Morse - The Conflict
Neal Morse - The Outsider
Negativland - Christianity Is Stupid
Netsayi - Hondo
Netsayi - Lion
Netsayi - Tatters
Neutral Milk Hotel - Follow Me Down
Neutral Milk Hotel - Jennifer
Never (The) - Leaves Start To Fall
Never (The) - The Winter's Coming
Neversmile - Всех Влюбленных {All In Love}
Neversmile - Напишут Наши Имена {Write Our Names}
Neversmile - Последняя Запись В Ее Дневнике {The Latest Record IN Her Diary}
Neverstore - Golden Youth
Neverstore - L.Y.D
New & Very Welcome (The) - It's All About The ___ We'll Never Have
New & Very Welcome (The) - Your Hand's Inside My Heart
New Model Army - Nothing Dies Easy
New Model Army - Sky In Your Eyes
New Trust, The - Wake Up It's The Nineties
New York Dolls (The) - Maimed Happiness
A Skyline Fracture - The Artists Signature
Nichya - Можно Любить
Nichya - Начинай меня (Nachinai Menya)
Nichya - Нет (Net)
Nichya - Let The Love Out
Nick Lowe - Faithless Lover
Nick Lowe - Lately I've Let Things Slide
Nick Lowe - Shelley My Love
Nick Lowe - Soulful Wind
Nick Lowe - You Inspire Me
Nikola Sarcevic - Love Is Trouble
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - I Saw The Light
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Losin' You (Might Be The Best Thing Yet)
Nitzer Ebb - Fun To Be Had
Nitzer Ebb - Hearts And Minds
Nitzer Ebb - I Give To You
Nitzer Ebb - Trigger Happy
No Mercy - Bonita
No More Kings - About Schroeder
No More Kings - This
No Second Troy - Burned
No Second Troy - The Gardens After Lockout
No Tiene La Vaca - Beto Lavaplatos
No Tiene La Vaca - Fútbolera
No Tiene La Vaca - No Está Tan Mal
Northern State - Away Away
Northwood (The) - The Careful Ways
Nosferatu - Ascension
Nosferatu - Darkness Brings
Nosferatu - Heaven
Nosferatu - The Gauntlet
Nothington - The Bottom Line
Nothington - Going Home
Novi Split - Leaving It
A.18 - Heartbreak Affiliated
Huga Flame - Io & Lei
Lost (IT) - Tra Pioggia E Nuvole
Alpha Blondy - Ranita
Alpha Blondy - Jesus
Alpha Blondy - La Planète
Alpha Blondy - La Route De La Paix
O Desolation - Forceable Smiling
O Desolation - Prettier
O Desolation - Square Patterns (wrds By Jessica Persson)
O Desolation - Youu
Ocean Colour Scene - Mona Lisa Eyes
October Project - Reason To Forgive
Odroerir - Wanenkrieg
Oh, Hush! - A Chance In Heaven
Oingo Boingo - Can't See (Useless)
Oingo Boingo - Elevator Man
Oingo Boingo - Pictures Of You
Oingo Boingo - What You See
Okkervil River - I Came Here To Say I'm Going Away (Serge Gainsbourg)
Okkervil River - Lines
Okkervil River - Plus Ones
Okkervil River - Savannah Smiles
Okkervil River - Solo (Sandy Denny)
Oliver Future - Stranger Than The Stranger
Olivia Lufkin - 026unconscious333
Olli Schulz Und Der Hund Marie - Schritt Für Schritt
Olli Schulz Und Der Hund Marie - Unsichtbarer Vogel
One AM Radio (The) - The Echoing Airports
One AM Radio (The) - Where I'm Headed
Only Son - The Captain's Dead At The Controls
Only Son - Two In The Ruins
Ooberman - You're Too Beautiful
Oppenheimer - This Is Not A Test
Orange Juice - Intuition Told Me (Part 2)
Oranger - Crooked In The Weird Of The Catacombs
Oranges Band (The) - OK Apartment
Oranges Band (The) - Sweater Weather
Origa - Mizu No Madoromi
Origa - Mizu No Madoromi- English
Os Mutantes - Cidadão Da Terra
Os Mutantes - Dune Buggy
Os Mutantes - Glória Ao Rei Dos Confins Do Além
Os Mutantes - Hey Tu
Os Mutantes - Made In Brazil
Os Mutantes - Mistérios
Os Mutantes - Proibido Proibir
Os Mutantes - Rio De Janeiro
Our Hearts Hero - Because Of The Blood
Out Hud - Old Nude
Out Of The Grey - All We Need
Out Of The Grey - Better Way To Fall
Out Of The Grey - Bigger Than Life
Out Of The Grey - Bird On A Wire
Out Of The Grey - Constant
Out Of The Grey - Cry For Help
Out Of The Grey - Dear Marianne
Out Of The Grey - Disappear
Out Of The Grey - Everywhere That You Go
Out Of The Grey - Eyes Wide Open
Out Of The Grey - He Is Not Silent
Out Of The Grey - Hope In Sight
Out Of The Grey - I Can Wait
Out Of The Grey - I Want Everything
Out Of The Grey - Not A Chance
Out Of The Grey - So We Never Got To Paris
Out Of The Grey - Stay Close
Out Of The Grey - This Is What It Is
Out Of The Grey - Unfolding
Out Of The Grey - What's It Gonna Be
Out Of The Grey - With All My Heart
Out Of The Grey - Write My Life
Over The Rhine - I'm On A Roll
Over The Rhine - Let's Spend The Day In Bed
Over The Rhine - Nothing Is Innocent
Over The Rhine - Who'm I Kiddin' But Me
Owen - Calalily
Owen - Playing Possum For A Peek (Daytrotter Session Version)
Owen - When The Morning Light Wakes Me
Ryan Montbleau - Love And Love Lost
Verve Pipe (The) - Drive You Mild
Verve Pipe (The) - Reverend Girl
Verve Pipe (The) - Cup Of Tea
Verve Pipe (The) - Myself
Verve Pipe (The) - Photograph
Verve Pipe (The) - Real
Verve Pipe (The) - Cattle
Atreyu - Epic
Atreyu - Clean Sheets
Orlando Johnson - Anymore
Audition (The) - Hell To Sell
Subtle Way (The) - Collisions With Frictions
Divine Madness (The) - Haunted
Divine Madness (The) - Blessed
Divine Madness (The) - If Tomorrow Comes
Divine Madness (The) - Closer
Divine Madness (The) - Forsaken
Divine Madness (The) - Dust
Divine Madness (The) - Redemption
Divine Madness (The) - Total Addiction
Divine Madness (The) - Show Me
Divine Madness (The) - True Love
Divine Madness (The) - Mia
Divine Madness (The) - The Hunger
Kid Creole And The Coconuts - My Male Curiosity
Caetano Veloso - Feitico
Caetano Veloso - Tarado
Caetano Veloso - Lagrimas Negras / Doidao
Caetano Veloso - Voce E Minha
Caetano Veloso - Candeias
Caetano Veloso - Tropicália
Caetano Veloso - No Dia Em Que Eu Vim-me Embora
Caetano Veloso - Onde Andarás
Caetano Veloso - Um Canto De Afoxé Para O Bloco Do Ilê
Caetano Veloso - Meu Bem, Meu Mal
Caetano Veloso - Sonhos
Caetano Veloso - So In Love
Caetano Veloso - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Caetano Veloso - Nothing But Flowers
Caetano Veloso - Olha O Menino
Caetano Veloso - Um Indio
Caetano Veloso - Alguém Cantando
Caetano Veloso - Um Frevo Novo
Caetano Veloso - Barca
Caetano Veloso - Mel
Caetano Veloso - Odara
Caetano Veloso - Atras Da Verde E Rosa So Nao Vai Quem Ja Morreu
Caetano Veloso - Vida Boa
Anchor - Beyond Reason And Logic
Anchor - Far Above
Anchor - Captivity
Anchor - In The Throes Of Passion
Brusco - Un Giorno Chissà
Olivia Lufkin - Winter Sleep
Another Day - Hold Fast
Another Day - 245 Trioxin
Carmen Rasmusen - Stranded
Carmen Rasmusen - Nothin' Like The Summer
Keith Anderson - C'mon!
Keith Anderson - Break My Heart
Steve Forde - Summer's Little Angel
Lila McCann - I Wanna Fall In Love
Lila McCann - Down Came A Blackbird
Lila McCann - I Feel For You
Lila McCann - With You
Lila McCann - Kiss Me Now
Lila McCann - Rhymes With
Lila McCann - Mighty Mighty Love
Corb Lund - What That Song Means Now
Azazel - Where Shadows Weep For Men
Azazel - Hymn Of Fire
Azazel - The Damned Live Well
Yelle - Les Femmes
Barriers Now Bridges - Here Goes Nothing
Beloved, The - Only Our Faces Hide
Beloved, The - Rise & Fall
Beloved, The - Watching The Lines Blur
Beloved, The - Inner Pattern
Brandon Kane - Hot Pants
Better Than A Thousand - Self Worth
Better Than A Thousand - Crisis Of Man
Better Than A Thousand - Like The Wind
Age Of Rockets (The) - 1001 Dirty Tricks To Kill Your King
Bess Rogers - Notice
Blood Of The Martyr - Another Show, Another Broken Nose
Blood Of The Martyr - Last Man Standing
Roger Daltrey - Walking In My Sleep
Roger Hodgson - Along Came Mary
Roger Hodgson - Every Trick in the Book
Roger Hodgson - For Every Man
Roger Hodgson - Hai Hai
Roger Hodgson - Hooked on a Problem
Roger Hodgson - Land Ho
Roger Hodgson - Logical Song
Roger Hodgson - London
Roger Hodgson - Love Is A Thousand Times
Roger Hodgson - No Colours
Roger Hodgson - Only Because Of You
Roger Hodgson - Right Place
Roger Hodgson - Say Goodbye
Roger Hodgson - Take the Long Way Home
Roger Hodgson - Who's Afraid?
Roger Waters - Ca Ira - Act I - Scene 2: Kings, Sticks, and Birds
Roger Waters - Ca Ira - Act I - Scene 4: France in Disarray
Rogues - Not So Pretty
Rojo - No Me Soltaras
Rolling Stones (The) - Blood Red Wine
Rolling Stones (The) - I'm Going Down
Rolling Stones (The) - Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
Rolling Stones (The) - Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
Rome - Flight in formation
Rome - The accidents of gesture
Rome - The Hollow Self
Rome - The secret sons of Europe
Rondo Brothers - Dune Stalker
Rook - 27 Seconds
Roots of Creation - Babylon
Roots of Creation - That's How Strong My Love Is
Roots of Creation - Watching the Detectives
Roots, The - Battlestar-Eustacula Part 3 Search for Scratch
Ropes, The - Kitty Get Down
Ropes, The - Professional Outsiders
Ropes, The - Too Cool to Love
Ropes, The - You are the gravity
Rose Elinor Dougall - Another Version Of Pop Song (demo)
Rose Elinor Dougall - False Hopes
Rose Elinor Dougall - Find Me Out
Rose Elinor Dougall - First Time This Year
Rose Elinor Dougall - Static Saturday
Rose Melberg - Another Cup of Coffee
Rosebuds, The - Another Way In
Rosebuds, The - Big Heartbreak
Rosebuds, The - Concordia Military Club
Rosemary's Garden - Adelaide
Rosemary's Garden - Drowning
Rosemary's Garden - I Belong To You
Rosemary's Sons - Bye, Bye, Thank You For The Night
Rosemary's Sons - Don't Wanna Let You Down
Rosemary's Sons - Fall Back
Rosemary's Sons - Honesty At The Door
Rosemary's Sons - Little Embarrassing
Rosemary's Sons - Losing Fear
Rosemary's Sons - Misery Loves Company
Rosemary's Sons - Nothing Is Easy
Rosemary's Sons - Real Fine Living
Rosemary's Sons - Shine
Rosemary's Sons - St. Eleanor's Park
Rosemary's Sons - The Real Thing
Rosemary's Sons - Wrong Way Around
Rosesdead - The Surface
Roshell Anderson - The Grapevine Will Lie Sometimes
Rosi Golan - Hazy
Rosi Golan - Lullaby
Rosi Golan - Shine
Rosi Golan - Yesteryear
Rosie & The Goldbug - You've Changed
Rosie and Me - Old Folks (New Year)
Rosie and Me - Telescopes
Rosie Doonan - I Need You Around
Rosie Doonan - Only One
Rosie Doonan - Outside In
Rosie Doonan - Time
Rotersand - One Thousand Beats
Rowland S. Howard - Autoluminescent
Rowland S. Howard - Ocean (The Velvet Underground cover)
Rowland S. Howard - Pop Crimes
Rowland S. Howard - Silver Chain
Rowland S. Howard - Sleep Alone
Rowland S. Howard - The Golden Age Of Bloodshed
Roy Acuff - Back in the Country
Roy Acuff - Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Roy Acuff - Dust on the Bible
Roy Acuff - Filipino Baby
Roy Acuff - Hey Good Lookin'
Roy Acuff - I Love You Because
Roy Acuff - I'll Fly Away
Roy Acuff - It Won't Be Long ('Til I'm Leaving)
Roy Acuff - Life's Railway to Heaven
Roy Acuff - Lonely Mound of Clay
Roy Acuff - Low and Lonely
Roy Acuff - Mansion on the Hill
Roy Acuff - Oh, Lonesome Me
Roy Acuff - Old Time Sunshine Song
Roy Acuff - Pan American
Roy Acuff - Satisfied Mind
Roy Acuff - Sunshine Special
Roy Acuff - Tennessee Waltz
Roy Acuff - Thank God
Roy Acuff - That Glory Bound Train
Roy Acuff - The Minight Train
Roy Acuff - The Precious Jewel
Roy Acuff - Unloved and Unclaimed
Roy Acuff - Wait For The Light To Shine
Roy Acuff - We Live In Two Different Worlds
Roy Acuff - Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?
Roy Acuff - You Win Again
Roy Acuff - You're The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven)
Roy Harper - When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease
Royal City - And Miriam Took A Timbrel In Her Hand
Royal City - Baby Let Your Heart Out
Royal City - Blood And Faeces
Royal City - Bring My Father A Gift
Royal City - Can't You
Royal City - Dog Song
Royal City - Enemy
Royal City - I Am A Raw Youth
Royal City - I Called But You Were Sleeping
Royal City - I'd Never Be Anything
Royal City - In Havana The Stars
Royal City - My Body Is Numbered
Royal City - My Brother Is The Meatman
Royal City - O You With Your Skirt
Royal City - Postcards
Royal City - Take Me Down To Yonder River
Royal City - That My Head Were A Spring Of Water
Royal City - The Nations Will Sing
Royal City - The Sound Of The Street Cars
Royal Treatment Plant - Hope Is Not Enough
Royal Wood - Lady in Blue
Ruarri Joseph - Baby Finn
Ruarri Joseph - Hope for Grey Trrousers
Ruarri Joseph - Tales of Grime and Grit
Rubik - Buildings
Rubik - Fire Age
Rubik - Indiana
Rubik - Karhu junassa
Rubik - No Escape
Rubik - Richard Branson's Crash Landing
Rubik - Sleeps a Friendly Stranger
Rubik - Wasteland
Rubik - You Jackal!!
Ruby Suns (The) - Maasai Mara
Ruby Suns (The) - There's Soup at the End of the Tunnel
Rubyhorse - Long Time Coming
Rubyhorse - Sorrow
Rubyhorse - Warning Bells
Rudenko - Everybody
Rue Royale - U.F.O.
Rumble In Rhodos - Conducting Electricity
Rumble In Rhodos - Soft Blackouts
Rumble In Rhodos - The Function Of Colour
Rumsfield - Black And Blue
Rumsfield - Blister
Rumsfield - Layers
Rumsfield - Mass Heart Attack
Rumsfield - Soapscum
Rumsfield - Too Late
Run Dan Run - Withheld Information
Miss Destiny - Find The Only One
Runaways (The) - I Love Playin' With Fire
Running On Empty - Leave You With One Last Goodbye
Rupaul - Theme From Drag Race
Rupaul - Workout
Rural Alberta Advantage (The) - Don't Haunt This Place
Rural Alberta Advantage (The) - Edmonton
Rural Alberta Advantage (The) - Frank, AB
Rural Alberta Advantage (The) - Rush Apart
Rural Alberta Advantage (The) - Sleep All Day
Rural Alberta Advantage (The) - The Deadroads
Rural Alberta Advantage (The) - Two Lovers
Ruru - Excuse
Ruru - House of Cards
Ruru - Scared To Death
Rurutia - Seirios
Russian Red - Cigarettes
Russian Red - Gone, Play On
Russian Red - Hold it Inside
Russian Red - Take Me Home
Russian Spy Camera - A Séance In The Dark
Russian Spy Camera - Curanderismo
Russian Spy Camera - Descension
Russian Spy Camera - Greetings From Far Away
Russian Spy Camera - Svengali What's The Caper
Rusty Shed - Going Out (For Awhile)
Rusty Shed - Roy G Biv
Rusty Shed - The Forest
Ruts (The) - Jah War
Rx Bandits (The) - Breakfast Cat
Rx Bandits (The) - H-Bombs and Stripmalls
Rx Bandits (The) - Hearts that Hanker for Mistake
Rx Bandits (The) - It's Only Another Parsec...
Rx Bandits (The) - Late May's Gaze
Rx Bandits (The) - My Lonesome Only Friend
Rx Bandits (The) - The Last Words of Nicholas Berg
Rx Bandits (The) - To Kill For You
Rx Bandits (The) - Why Popstars Sell Silicon
Ryan Conklin - Far From Home
Ryan Conklin - Hannah
Ryan Conklin - Runaway With Me
Ryan Conklin - The World Through Me
Ryan Levine - Don't Walk Away
Ryan Magor - Charlotte's a'Sailin'
Ryan Magor - Throw Me Off and Let Me Sink
Ryan Nicolussi - As The Crow Flies
Ryan Nicolussi - Coyness Is Cumbersome
Ryan Nicolussi - Falling From One Star To The Next
Ryan Nicolussi - Fireworks
Ryan Nicolussi - Gauntlets
Ryan Nicolussi - I Don't Have Anyone To Impress (Anymore)
Ryan Nicolussi - Steer Clear
Ryan Star - Brand New Day
Rydell - Awkward Times
Nancys Rubias - Supertravesti
Nancys Rubias - Gatita Caliente Buscando Cliente