Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 297:

Stam1na - Viimeinen Atlantis
Virjinia Glück - Cruel
Arise - Of Life And Death
Virjinia Glück - Mar Adentro
Ariel Rot - Dulce Y Solitario
Ariel Rot - Swing
Ariel Rot - Cámara Oculta
Ariel Rot - Me Voy A Perder
Ariel Rot - Cuentas Al Día
Enrico Ruggeri - L'ordine Naturale
Enrico Ruggeri - Old Girlfriends
Daniel Diges - Algo Pequeñito
Fran Dieli - Cuando Se Trata De Ti
RosyByndy - Delirio Di Una Kasalinga
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - La Pachanga
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Sos Como El Sol
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - 8 Razones
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Secretos
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Muévete
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Lorelé
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Come On Everybody
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Runtuntun (ale)
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Solo
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Como Duele
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Son Tus Ojos
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Cuestion De Piel
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Danza Embrujada
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - La Chica De Mi Ayer
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Que No Pare
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Pensar En Vos
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Lo Hare Por Ti
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - La Puñalada
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - La Noche Que Yo Te Vi
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Te Fuiste Sonriendo
Makano - Como Hago Para Olvidarte
Mago De Oz - Que El Viento Sople A Tu Favor
Diego Torres - Guapa
Infected Slaves - Jackie
Voicebanger (The) - I Love You
Cinema Bizarre - Get It On (Bang A Gong)
Cinema Bizarre - Erase And Replace
Ashley Rodriguez - Irreplaceable
Crystal Bowersox - Natural Woman
Didi Benami - Terrified
Jermaine Sellers - What If God Was One Of Us
John Park - I'll Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
Lee Dewyze - Ain't No Sunshine
Lilly Scott - Lullaby Of Birdland
Paige Miles - A Thousand Miles
Tim Urban - Come Back To Me
Angie Be - Soundwaves
Argentum - Acrimonia-Mater Dolorosa
Depressed Mode - Death Multiplies
Depressed Mode - She's Frozen
Depressed Mode - Loving A Shadow
Depressed Mode - Tunnel Of Pain
Depressed Mode - A Glimpse Of Tomorrow
Depressed Mode - For Death
Naumachia - Centurion
Naumachia - Speculus Mundi
Naumachia - Sanguine Harvest
Naumachia - Morsus Ora
The Rodeo - Hand Shadows
The Rodeo - I'm Gonna Leave You
Pandemonium - Behold The Firestorm Of Ages
Pandemonium - The Curse And The Serpent
Gaëtan Roussel - Clap Hands
Gaëtan Roussel - Inside Outside
Gaëtan Roussel - Mon Nom
Gaëtan Roussel - Dis-moi Encore Que Tu M'aimes
Gaëtan Roussel - Des Questions Me Reviennent
Gaëtan Roussel - Les Belles Choses
Damion Davis - Egal Wohin
Damion Davis - Feuer
Damion Davis - Eiszeit
Damion Davis - Gottes Wille
Edurne - Soy Como Soy
King Zaza - Mama
Nelson Velásquez - Vuelve, Vuelve
Nelson Velásquez - Enamórame
Nelson Velásquez - Me Estoy Enamorando
Nelson Velásquez - De Ti Enamorado
Nelson Velásquez - Si Estuvieras Aquí
Nelson Velásquez - No Puedo Perdonarte
Nelson Velásquez - Por Querer Olvidarte
Nelson Velásquez - Y Pasará
Nelson Velásquez - Pensando En Ti
Nelson Velásquez - Un Poquito Más
Nelson Velásquez - Perdidos
Tom McRae - Summer Of John Wayne
Tom McRae - Told My Troubles To The River
Tom McRae - Please
Tom McRae - Out Of The Walls
Tom McRae - Can't Find You
Tom McRae - Best Winter
Tom McRae - Fifteen Miles Downriver
Los Sultanes - Dale Maraca
Los Sultanes - Decile Que Lo Quiero (remix)
Los Sultanes - Yo Quiero Bailar (remix)
Los Sultanes - Piko Piko
Los Sultanes - El Paquete
Los Sultanes - Mancha Blanca
Bernie Bonvoisin - Tou Cours, Tu Tombes
Bernie Bonvoisin - Couleur Noire Passion
Bernie Bonvoisin - La Mousson
Bernie Bonvoisin - L'aube
Villeneuve - The Sun
Amely - The Climb
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Shot Down
Circa Survive - Strange Terrain
Circa Survive - Imaginary Enemy
Circa Survive - Frozen Creek
Circa Survive - The Longest Mile
Circa Survive - Dyed In The Wool
Party Like Summer - Bathroom Tips
Party Like Summer - Hold You
Before Their Eyes - My Match, Your Fire
Before Their Eyes - Start With Today
Before Their Eyes - Hell Or High Water
Before Their Eyes - Start With Today (Acoustic)
Los Planetas - No Sé Como Te Atreves
Los Planetas - La Veleta
Los Planetas - Atravesando Los Montes
Los Planetas - Virgen De La Soledad
Los Planetas - Los Poetas
Glee Cast - Can't Fight This Feeling
Glee Cast - Take A Bow
Glee Cast - Alone
Glee Cast - Sweet Caroline
Glee Cast - Dancing With Myself
Lisa Bund - Learn To Love You (Hq)
Surprises - There's A Light Outside My Room
Tara Oram - No Easy Way Out
Lisa McClendon - Pause (Selah)
Monica - Everything To Me
Monica - One In A Lifetime
Monica - Stay Or Go
Tynisha Keli - Blackberry
Altar Of Plagues - Earth - As A Womb
Timid Tiger - Electric Island
Matt Roehr - Garbage Man
Matt Roehr - Wheel Of Fortune
Matt Roehr - Sarcastic Gutter Blues
I Heart Sharks - Animals
I Heart Sharks - The World Is Yours
I Heart Sharks - Wolves
I Heart Sharks - Lies
Blood Red Shoes - Light It Up
Blood Red Shoes - It Is Happening Again
Blood Red Shoes - When We Wake
Blood Red Shoes - Count Me Out
Blood Red Shoes - Heartsink
Blood Red Shoes - Follow The Lines
Blood Red Shoes - Colours Fade
Oomph! - Burning Desire
Oomph! - God Is A Popstar
Oomph! - True Beauty Is So Painful
Oomph! - Dream Here (With Me)
Oomph! - On Course
Maeckes - Kunst Ueber Vernunft
Maeckes - Weihnachten 04
S - Save You
S - the last song.
Saccharine Trust - The Giver Takes
Sachal Vasandani - Every Ocean, Every Star
Sachal Vasandani - Heartbeat
Sachal Vasandani - Ring Road
Sachal Vasandani - Storybook Fiction
Sachal Vasandani - There Are Such Things
Sacred Sorrow - 30 Days of Night
Sacred Sorrow - Bleed With Envy
Sacred Sorrow - Burn
Sacred Sorrow - Distress Signal
Sacred Sorrow - Exiled
Sacred Sorrow - Monsters Don't Sleep (So Why Should I?)
Sacred Sorrow - Radio Armada
Sacred Sorrow - To the Grave
Sad Brad Smith - Help Yourself
Sad Lovers And Giants - The Best Film He Ever Made
Saddest Day - Sandcastles
Sadie - A Holy Terrors
Sadie - Children Of Despair
Sadie - Deathwish
Sadistik - Dawn of the Dead
Said The Whale - Camilo (The Magician)
Said The Whale - Gentleman
Said The Whale - Strong Swimmers
Sailing In The Clouds - Downpour In Jersey
Saint Bernadette - Hard to Believe
Saint Bernadette - I Wanna Tell You Something
Saint Bernadette - Love is a Stranger
Saint Bernadette - One in a Million
Saint Deamon - Run For Your Lives
Saint Etienne - Calico
Saint Etienne - Empty Shop
Saint Etienne - Gotta Jump
Saint Etienne - Manhattan
Saint Etienne - Orpington Blues
Saint Etienne - Rainy Day Women
Saint Etienne - River
Saint Etienne - Sally Space
Saint Etienne - Winter in America
Saints (The) - Music Goes Round My Head
Saints (The) - No, Your Product
SALEM (USA) - Oftentimes
SALEM (USA) - Withoutu
Salemhm - Brustreet
Salim Nourallah - The World is Full of People Who Want to Hurt You
Sally Seltmann - Harmony to My Heartbeat
Sally Shapiro - Dying In Africa
Sally Shapiro - I Know
Sally Timms - Dark Sun
Sally Timms - Drunk By Noon
Sally Timms - It Says Here
Sally Timms - Little Tommy Tucker
Sally Timms - Snowbird
Sally Timms - Sweetheart Waltz
Sally Timms - US Foreign Policy
Sally Timms - When the Roses Bloom Again
Sam Buck Rosen - Mexico
Sam Cooke - Bring It On Home To Me (Live )
Sam Hart - Getting Colder
Sam Hart - Mario Kart Love Song
Sam Isaac - Bears
Sam Means - Yeah Yeah
Sam Quinn and Japan 10 - Late the Other Night
Sam Shaber - Paula's Porch
Sam The Boy - Apologize (OneRepublic cover)
Sam The Boy - Be Still My Heart
Sam The Boy - The Truth (Something Beautiful)
Sam Winch - Always The Weekend
Samamidon - Sons of Levi
Samantha Crain - Beloved, We Have Expired
Samantha Crain - Calm Down
Samantha Crain - Traipsing Through the Aisles
Samantha Ronson - Worse Than Cigarettes
Sambassadeur - The Park
SamboMaster - Hikari No Rock
Sammops - Damien Come To Canada
Sammops - Goodbye Damien
Sammy Davis, Jr. - We'll Meet Again
Sammy Davis, Jr. - What Kind Of Fool Am I
Samples (The) - Taking Us Home
Samsas Traum - Ein Herz und eine Hand voll Asche
Samuel Ventura - Hospital Island
Samuel Ventura - Strawberry Soda
Samuel Ventura - Violent Fists
Sanders Bohlke - The Weight Of Us
Sandpit - Along the Moors
Sandrine Kiberlain - Il Ose
Sandrine Kiberlain - J'ai Aimé
Sandrine Kiberlain - M'envoyer des fleurs
Sandro Perri - Family Tree
Santigold - Guns of Brooklyn
Santigold - I'm A Lady
Santigold - My Drive Thru
Santigold - My Superman
Santigold - Starstruck
Sara Lov - Just Beneath The Chords
Sara Lov - New York
Sara Lov - Tell Me How
Sara Lov - Touched
Sara Noxx - Colder and colder
Sara Schiralli - Paranoid
Sara Watkins - All This Time
Sara Watkins - Any Old Time
Sara Watkins - Bygones
Sara Watkins - Give Me Jesus
Sara Watkins - Long Hot Summer Days
Sara Watkins - Lord Won't You Help Me
Sara Watkins - My Friend
Sara Watkins - Pony
Sarah Blasko - Don't Dream It's Over
Sarah Blasko - Out Here On My Own
Sarah Blasko - Xanadu
Sarah Borges And The Broken Singles - The Day We Met
Sarah Dooley - Watching Goonies At My House
Sarah Dougher - First Dream
Sarah Dougher - System Works
Sarah Jaffe - Adeline
Sarah Jaffe - Backwards/Forwards
Sarah Jaffe - Black Hoax Lie
Sarah Jaffe - Clementine
Sarah Jaffe - Nurture It
Sarah Jaffe - Summer Begs
Sarah Jaffe - Under
Sarah Jaffe - Watch Me Fall Apart
Sarah Mcleod - All But Gone
Sarah Mcleod - Back To Earth
Sarah Mcleod - Gutter Queen
Sarah Mcleod - Lets Get Together
Sarah Mcleod - Loveless
Sarah Mcleod - Never Enough
Sarah Mcleod - The Sinners And The Saints
Sarah Reeves - Awaken
Sarah Reeves - Come Save
Sarah Reeves - Fresh Anointing
Sarah Reeves - My Savior
Sarah Siskind - Building a Road
Sarah Siskind - Daddy
Sarah Siskind - Don't Put Your Horse Away
Sarah Siskind - Fool From the Start
Sarah Siskind - How Do I Let It All Go
Sarah Siskind - I Am Listening
Sarah Siskind - I Do
Sarah Siskind - Lessons
Sarah Siskind - Lovin's For Fools
Sarah Siskind - On and On
Sarah Siskind - Simple Love
Saturday Looks Good To Me - Christmas Blues
Saturday Looks Good To Me - Lift Me Up (Sound on Sound)
Saturday Looks Good To Me - No Good With Secrets
Saturday Looks Good To Me - The Sun Doesn't Want to Shine
Saturday Looks Good To Me - Untitled
Saturday Looks Good To Me - When We Die There Will Be More
Saucy Monky - Disco ball
Saucy Monky - Make Up
Saucy Monky - Paranoid
Saucy Monky - Seven Days
Saucy Monky - Trapped
Save September - Coming Home
Saving Aimee - We're The Good Guys
Saving Grace - For So Long
Saving Grace - Just A Second
Saving Grace - The Most Beautiful Promise
Saw Doctors (The) - Macnas Parade
Saw Doctors (The) - Tommy K
Saw Doctors (The) - Will It Ever Stop Raining
Sawyer Brown - Puttin' The Dark Back Into The Night
Say It Like You Mean It - 37 Beers And I'd Have To Be Blind (Then I Might Do You)
Say It Like You Mean It - East Coast Runaway
Say It Twice - Annie
Say You Will - See What I See
Say You Will - Surface
Scarlet's Remains - The Mystical East
Scarlett - Fingers Crossed
Scarlett Pomers - Valentine
Scarnella - Millenium Fever Ballad
Scars On 45 - Change My Needs
Scars On 45 - Insecurity
Scene Aesthetic, The - Brand New Heart
Scene Aesthetic, The - Grace Looks Back
Scene Aesthetic, The - Pathway to reality
Scene Aesthetic, The - So Peter You've Become a Pirate
Scene Aesthetic, The - The Man I Am
Scene Aesthetic, The - Walk This Town
School Of Seven Bells - Caldo
Schoolhouse Rock - A Victim of Gravity
Schoolhouse Rock - Body Machine
Schoolhouse Rock - Busy Prepositions
Schoolhouse Rock - Do the Circulation
Schoolhouse Rock - Elementary, My Dear
Schoolhouse Rock - Fireworks
Schoolhouse Rock - I Got Six
Schoolhouse Rock - Interjections!
Schoolhouse Rock - Interplanet Janet
Schoolhouse Rock - Introduction to Scooter Computer and Mr. Chips
Schoolhouse Rock - Little Twelvetoes
Schoolhouse Rock - Lucky Seven Sampson
Schoolhouse Rock - Mother Necessity
Schoolhouse Rock - My Hero, Zero
Schoolhouse Rock - Number Cruncher
Schoolhouse Rock - Preamble
Schoolhouse Rock - Sufferin' 'til Suffrage
Schoolhouse Rock - Tax Man Max
Schoolhouse Rock - Telegraph Line
Schoolhouse Rock - The Check's in the Mail
Schoolhouse Rock - The Good Eleven
Schoolhouse Rock - The Great American Melting Pot
Schoolhouse Rock - The Shot Heard 'Round the World
Schoolhouse Rock - The Tale of Mr. Morton
Schoolhouse Rock - Three Ring Government
Schoolhouse Rock - Tyrannosaurus Debt
Schoolhouse Rock - Walkin' on Wall Street
Schvendes - Mockingbird
Scientific Sunshine - Constellations
Scientific Sunshine - Hey Darling
Scientific Sunshine - Midnight Society
Scott Cain - Hilary Duff
Scott Cain - I'm Moving On
Scott Simons - Start Of Something
Scott Walker - Best Of Both Worlds
Scott Walker - Joe
Scott Walker - Plastic palace people
Scott Walker - Sons of
Scott Weiland - Pictures and Computers
Scott Weiland - Reel Around The Fountain (The Smiths cover)
Scotty Don't - And With It Rain
Scotty Don't - Everything's Alright
Scotty Don't - Fallin' Down
Scotty Don't - Hold on to Your Stories
Scotty Don't - Later on Today
Scotty Don't - Movies On TV
Scotty Don't - Over
Scotty Don't - What I Need
Scotty Don't - You
Scotty Dynamo - On A Roll
Scotty Dynamo - They Wanna
Scotty McCarty - Now That It's Summer
Scotty McCarty - The Cascaded Canvas
Scotty McCarty - You, Me, and the Shoreline
Scrabbel - Emily, I
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Frenzy
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Trying to reach my goal
Screaming Blue Messiahs - I Wanna Be A Flintstone
Screaming Blue Messiahs - Wild Blue Yonder
Screaming Females - Fun
Screaming Females - Limbs
Screaming Females - Pedro
Scud Mountain Boys - Liquor Store
Scud Mountain Boys - Massachusetts
Sea And Cake (The) - A Fuller Moon
Sea And Cake (The) - An Echo In
Sea of Bees - Skinbone
Sea of Bees - Willis
Seabear - Teenage Kicks
Seabird - Don't You Know You're Beautiful
Seafood - Splinter
Seafood - What May Be The Oldest
Seagull - Half Life
Seagull - Locked Out
Seagull - This Could Be The One
Seals & Crofts - Fiddle In The Sky
Seals & Crofts - Funny Little Man
Seals & Crofts - The Boy Down The Road
Seals & Crofts - The Euphrates
Seals & Crofts - Yellow Dirt
Sean Bones - Dancehall
Sean Hayes - 3 A.M.
Sean Hayes - 33 Fool
Sean Hayes - Boom Boom Goes The Day
Sean Hayes - Pollinating Toes
Sean Howlett - Some Day
Sean Redmond - Unintentional
Searching Streetlights - Casey, Write Me Off
Searching Streetlights - Mainstream Prom Queen
Seasons Lost - Borrowed Time
Seasons Lost - Confession
Seasons Lost - Dry Ground
Seasons Lost - Forever
Seasons Lost - The Big Empty
Seaweed - Assistant (to the Manager)
Seaweed - Magic Mountainman
Sebadoh - Cliché
Sebadoh - Elixir Is Zog
Sebastian Bach - Stabbin' Daggers
Sebastien Lefebvre - Comatose
Sebastien Lefebvre - Good Night
Sebastien Lefebvre - I Fall For You
Sebastien Lefebvre - Life Goes On
Sebastien Lefebvre - The One
Second Band, The - No Song
Second Person - Wood
Second Sunrise, The - A Course of Consciousness
Second Sunrise, The - Dispelling The Suspension Of Disbelief
Second Sunrise, The - Everything Above The Setting Sun
Second Sunrise, The - North by North Occupacia
Second Sunrise, The - The Second Sunrise
Second-hand Furniture - Alone Out In The Sea
Second-hand Furniture - Bonnie & Clyde
Second-hand Furniture - Nice Try, Sunshine!
Second-hand Furniture - People Like You
Second-hand Furniture - You Might Hear A Sweet Sound
Secret Bangs (The) - Locked In The Ganzfeld
Secret Codes - Hope
Secret Handshake, The - Last Song
Secret Handshake, The - Little Song
Secret Handshake, The - Nothing Can Change That
Secret Handshake, The - Saturday
Secret Handshake, The - TGIF
Secret History (The) - Mark & John (bring on the glitter kids)
Secret Life of Sofia (The) - Around In Ways
Secret Life of Sofia (The) - Diamond Face
Secret Life of Sofia (The) - Nanda Devi
Secret Machines - The Walls Are Starting to Crack
Secret Meeting (The) - Blacker Than Blue
Secret Meeting (The) - Shooting Laser Beams
Secret Meeting (The) - SoulCreeper
Secret Secret Dino Club - Bend Or Break
Secret Secret Dino Club - Birthday Bash
Secret Secret Dino Club - Girlfriend Application
Secret Secret Dino Club - Look At Me Now!
Secret Secret Dino Club - Upside Down (Spin Me All Around)
Secret Secret Dino Club - What's Up Ladies?
Secret Secret Dino Club - Wordup
Secrets Kept In Suicide - Man The Cannons
Seduced By Suicide - My Sweetest Choice
Seduced By Suicide - Our Gothic Dream
Seduced By Suicide - The Death Of My Life
See The Light - Reader Beware... You Choose The Scare
See The Light - The Invitation
Seelenzorn - Dance In Hell
Seelenzorn - Dreh dich um
Seelenzorn - Gnadenloser Zorn
Seelenzorn - Nie Wieder
Seelenzorn - Niemand Kann Dich Hören
Seelenzorn - Schwarz Brennt Das Licht
SeeSick Smile - 808sorry
Selena - Contigo Quiero Estar
Selena - Dame Tu Amor
Selena - Si La Quieres
Selena Gomez & The Scene - As A Blonde
Selena Gomez & The Scene - Crush
Selena Gomez & The Scene - I Don't Miss You At All
Selena Gomez & The Scene - I Got U
Selena Gomez & The Scene - Kiss & Tell
Selena Gomez & The Scene - More
Selena Gomez & The Scene - Naturally
Selena Gomez & The Scene - The Way I Loved You
Semi Precious Weapons - Rock N' Roll Never Looked So Beautiful
Seneca - Palehorse
Sensational Alex Harvey Band (The) - Midnight Moses
Sense Field - Prayer For An Innocent Man
Sentridoh And Lou Barlow - I Can't Wait
Sentridoh And Lou Barlow - Nitemare
Sentridoh And Lou Barlow - Suede
Seo Taiji - Heffy End
Seo Taiji - Moai
Seo Taiji - T'ik T'ak
Seona Dancing - Bitter Heart
Sera Cahoone - Runnin' Your Way
Serengeti & Polyphonics - Don't Fear the Mimes
Serengeti & Polyphonics - Eleven
Serra Velle - Entangled
Serra Velle - It's Safe to Say It's Over
Serra Velle - Miracles
Serra Velle - Victorous Secret
Set In Color - High School History
Set In Color - Love Letter
Set The Trend - Jake Is Cooler Than Kelly
Set|apart - I'm Letting Go
Seve Vs Evan - Albert
Seve Vs Evan - Carnival Funhouse
Seve Vs Evan - Company
Seve Vs Evan - Destination Tokyo
Seve Vs Evan - MegaBomberman
Seve Vs Evan - Night of the Lonely Cowboy
Seve Vs Evan - Seven Seas
Seve Vs Evan - Take Me Home
Seve Vs Evan - The Grambler
Seve Vs Evan - Under The Apple Tree
Seve Vs Evan - Ye Ol' Maple Tree
Seven Mary Three - Break the Spell
Seven Mary Three - Hammer and a Stone
Seven Mary Three - Last Kiss
Seven Mary Three - Things I Stole
Sevenfield - Last Goodbye
Seventh Plague (The) - Anthills on a Submarine
Seventh Plague (The) - Fire At Will
Seventh Plague (The) - The Magnificent Chug
Seventh Plague (The) - Trust Me I'm a Liar
Sew Intricate - Break The Seams
Sew Intricate - Button Nose
Sew Intricate - Get Up!
Sew Intricate - Just So I Can Sleep
Sew Intricate - Mouth Like A Motor
Sew Intricate - Only 16
Sew Intricate - Perfect Anatomy
Sew Intricate - Steady Composure
Sew Intricate - Sunshine
Sew Intricate - Vowels
Sew Intricate - You Called Me Hot
Shad - out of love (part 2)
Shad - Out of Love, Pt. 2
Shad - Quest for Glory
Shad - The Greatest Construction Crew
Shady Bard - Penguins
Shady Bard - These Quiet Times
Shady Bard - Treeology
Shai Erlichman - Alright to Believe
Shai Erlichman - Brains For Blood
Shai Erlichman - Lawrence to Ohabei
Shai Erlichman - Magic Pulse (With You Today)
Shai Erlichman - My Love is Under the Yellow Sun
Shai Erlichman - Origami!
Shai Erlichman - That Was All
Shai Erlichman - Tried a War
Shai Erlichman - Tunnel to Light
Shai Erlichman - Untitled
Shai Erlichman - World Picnic
Shaimus - Don't Want the Story
Shaimus - Heads or Tails
Shaimus - Let Go
Shaimus - Stuck Around
Shaimus - Tie You Down
Shaimus - While We're Young
Shakespeare's sister - Hello
Shallow Phase - False Promises
Shallow Phase - You Can't Live Twice
Shamen (The) - Hyperreal
Shamen (The) - Misinformation
Shamen (The) - Passing Away
Shamen (The) - Raspberry Infundibulum
Shamen (The) - Resistance (Once Again)
Shamen (The) - Something About You
Shamen (The) - Sweet Young Thing
Shamen (The) - Synergy
Shamen (The) - War Prayer
Shane Macgowan - Rock 'n' roll paddy
Shannon Curtis - Before the Sun
Shannon Curtis - Boomerangs & Seesaws
Shannon Curtis - Can't Remember You
Shannon Curtis - Don't Call Me
Shannon Curtis - Leave You Behind
Shannon Curtis - Paris Can't Have You
Shannon Curtis - Rainy Day Lover
Shannon Curtis - What Makes A Man Fall in Love?
Share - Maybe Always
Sharif - Another Wasted Rose
Sharif - Dark Side of the Dawn
Sharif - Deeper In Her Arms
Sharif - Far From You
Sharif - I Won't Need Your Kisses Anymore
Sharif - Memories Like a Melody
Sharif - Worth the Fall
Sharks Keep Moving - Intimations Of A Moment
Shawn Allen - All These Nights
Shawn Phillips - She was waiting for her mother at the station in Torino and you know I love you baby but it's gettin
Shayne Orok - Righting Wrongs
She & Him - Bring It on Home to Me (Sam Cooke cover)
She & Him - I Put a Spell on You (Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover)
She & Him - I Should Have Known Better (Beatles cover)
She & Him - Magic Trick (M. Ward cover)
She & Him - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Traditional cover)
She & Him - When I Get to the Border (Richard and Linda Thompson cover)
She & Him - You Really Got a Hold on Me (Smokey Robinson cover)
She Screams Scandal - Days Like These
She Swings, She Sways - Evelyn's Green
She Swings, She Sways - Flown the Coop
She Swings, She Sways - He Loves Me
She Swings, She Sways - Highway
She Swings, She Sways - Lullaby
She Swings, She Sways - Rabid Abigail
She Swings, She Sways - Sing To Me
She Swings, She Sways - What I Wouldn't Do
She Swings, She Sways - You Stole My Heart
Shed Seven - Around Your House
Shed Seven - Bottom Upwards
Shed Seven - Immobilise
Shed Seven - In Command
Shed Seven - Making Waves
Shed Seven - Mobile 10
Shed Seven - Never Again
Shed Seven - Ocean Pie
Shed Seven - On An Island With You
Shed Seven - Only Dreaming
Shed Seven - Sleep Easy
Shed Seven - Song Seven
Shed Seven - Swing My Wave
Shed Seven - The Skin I'm In
Shed Seven - This Is My House
Sheds (The) - One Smoke
Sheds (The) - The World Is Changing
Sheds (The) - Too Many Pictures
Sheer (The) - Find Something For Me To Do When You're Gone
Sheer (The) - The Devil On His Own
Sheila & The Shy - Make Believe
Sheila & The Shy - One Step Behind
Sheila & The Shy - Shoulda Known Better
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - The Girls In Their Summer Dresses
Sheila Walsh - Medley: My Faith Looks Up to Thee/Holy Holy Holy
Shelby Sifers - Blackberry
Shelby Sifers - Musical
Shellac - The Crow
Shellac - The Guy Who Invented Fire
Shemekia Copeland - Born a Penny
Shikari - Laatste Halte
Shikari - Nieuwe Politiek #1
Shikari - Nieuwe Politiek #2
Shikari - Ons Land
Shilelagh Law - Battle of the Bogside
Shilelagh Law - Boys of the Old Brigade / Nation Once Again
Shilelagh Law - Christmas In New York
Shilelagh Law - Fields of Athenry/Moonshine
Shilelagh Law - Half the Bottle Down
Shilelagh Law - Irish Rover
Shilelagh Law - Sand
Shilelagh Law - Songs to Sing
Shilelagh Law - The One and Nine
Shilelagh Law - Under the Flag
Shilelagh Law - When New York Was Irish
Shiloh - Alright
Shiloh - Missing Existence
Shiloh - Operator (A Girl Like Me)
Shinichi Osawa - Our Song (A Lonely Girl Version - English)
Shinichi Osawa - Our Song (A Lonely Girl Version)
Shinichi Osawa - Push
Shinobu - Amor Fati
Shinobu - Chase and Sanborn (A Quale of Friendship)
Shinobu - Jeff Rosenstock's "We"
Shinobu - Moustache King
Shinobu - Sometimes I Wish That I Was A Cat
Shinobu - Teachers Get Tired
Shipwreck - Telegram
Shirelles (The) - It's Love That Really Counts
Shoes and socks off - Funny haha
Shoestrings - Summer Days
Sholi - All That We Can See
Sholi - Any Other God
Sholi - Dance for Hours (or Pesos are not Dollars)
Sholi - Out of Orbit
Sholi - Spy in the House of Memories
Sholi - Tourniquet
Shooting At Unarmed Men - Pat Yourself On The Proverbial
Shooting At Unarmed Men - Pathos Ate Bathos
Shop Assistants - All Day Long
Shop Assistants - I Don't Want to Be Friends With You
Shop Assistants - Looking Back
Shorline - Jennette
Shortie - Crash and Burn
Show Of Hands - Drift
Show Of Hands - The Napoli
Show Of Hands - The Vale
Showdown, The - Infernus-You Will Move
Showdown, The - Odysseus-A Song of Hope
Showtek - Early Sounds
Shpongle - Backwards Through the Cosmic Mirror
Shpongle - I Am You
Shpongle - Invisible man
Shpongle - No Turn - Unstoned
Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner
Shriekback - All Lined Up
Shugo Tokumaru - Parachute (Japanese and English Lyrics)
Sic Alps - Bells (With Tremolo And Distortion)
Sic Alps - Love Is Strange
Sic Alps - Semi-streets
Sick Of Sarah - Daises
Sick Of Sarah - Fall
Sick Of Sarah - Give Me A Reason
Sick Of Sarah - Not Listening
Sick Of Sarah - Paint Like That
Side Dish - DTA
Sierra Montana - My Confession
Sierra Montana - Wrap My Arms
Sierra Swan - Demise Of Love
Sierra Swan - I Will Follow
Sierra Swan - The Same Ol' Way
Sierra Swan - Unforgivable
Silent Years (The) - The Axiom
Silly Wizard - Banks of the Bann
Silly Wizard - Bridget O'Malley
Silly Wizard - Fhear A Bhata (The Boatman)
Silly Wizard - Glasgow Peggy
Silly Wizard - Hame, Hame, Hame - Tha Mi Sgith (Slow Air)
Silly Wizard - Isla Waters
Silly Wizard - Lover's Heart
Silly Wizard - Monymusk Lads
Silly Wizard - Ramblin' Rover
Silly Wizard - The Banks of the Lee
Silly Wizard - The Blackbird of Sweet Avondale
Silly Wizard - The Broom O' The Cowdenknowes
Silly Wizard - The Chill Eastern Winds
Silly Wizard - The Fisherman's Song
Silly Wizard - The Valley of Strathmore
Silly Wizard - Wi' My Dog and Gun
Silly Wizard - Willie Archer
Silver Seas (The) - I Want To Live
Silver Seas (The) - The Country Life
Silverline - All Consuming Love
Silverline - Get It Right
Silverline - Start To Believe
Silvio Rodríguez - Mariposas
Simon Bonney - Like Caesar Needs A Brutus
Simon D. - City in the sky intro
Simon D. - Fast food and drinks in the forest
Simon D. - Pom of opus
Simon D. - Risk of rejection
Simon D. - Vampiré en París
Simon Joyner - Eagle on a Pole
Simple Day - Celebrity
Simple Day - Collection Day
Simple Day - Glazier Of The Year
Simpsons (The) - Honey Roasted Peanuts
Sin Fang Bous - A Fire To Sleep In
Sin Fang Bous - Landslide (Fleetwood Mac cover)
SINaesthetics - Envy
SINaesthetics - Greed
Sincerely August - Killerboys on Acid
Single Serving Friends - I Drink Your Milkshake
Single Serving Friends - John Denver Is Way More Indie Than You'll Ever Be
Single Serving Friends - Save My Life
Sins Upon Your Tragedy - Summer 2008
Sins Upon Your Tragedy - This breaks my heart
Sir Simon - Credit Cards And Trains
Sir Simon - The Band Stopped Playing
Sir Simon - The Last Year
Siren Six! (The) - Burn
Siren Six! (The) - C.O.N.F.U.S.I.O.N.
Siren Six! (The) - Frame Up
Siren Six! (The) - Got To Be Something
Siren Six! (The) - If You're Not Now (You Never Were)
Siren Six! (The) - Kill Your Idol
Siren Six! (The) - Never Thought Twice
Siren Six! (The) - No Compromise
Siren Six! (The) - One Sided (Come On, Come On)
Siren Six! (The) - Stand Still
Siren Six! (The) - Young And Professional
Sister City - A Grave and Dark-Clad Company
Sister City - A Manageable Mortgage
Sister City - And Time Is Slipping Through Your Little Fingers
Sister City - Bricks and Beams
Sister City - Faith Healer
Sister City - Going to Pinneberg
Sister City - I Always Appreciate Irony
Sister City - I Can Still Write Self-Referential Songs...
Sister City - Move-In Day
Sister City - Prufrock
Sister City - Red Eyes
Sister City - Red Eyes pt 2
Sister City - Seat 13A
Sister City - Song of the Part-Time Insomniac
Sister Machine Gun - TNT
Sister Suvi - Agua
Sister Suvi - Claymation
Sister Suvi - Desolation
Sister Suvi - Golden
Sister Vanilla - The Two of Us
Sitd - Herbsterwachen
Sitd - Displaced
Sitd - Telepathic
Sivert Høyem - Belorado
Six Going On Seven - American't
Six Going On Seven - A/K/A
Six Going On Seven - Famous For It
Six Going On Seven - Finish Them Off
Six Going On Seven - Television Snow
Six Organs Of Admittance - All You've Left
Six Organs Of Admittance - Hum A Silent Prayer
Sixteen Batteries - 100 Magic Tricks Learned
Skarp - Carrion
Skarp - Cold Blue Serenity
Skarp - Hooks
Skarp - Requiem
Skinny Cheeks - A Sim Life
Skinny Cheeks - Change
Skinny Cheeks - In a Daze (ezaD a nI)
Skinny Cheeks - The Two Sides
Skinny Cheeks - Where Am I Going?
Skinny Cheeks - Your World
Skint & Demoralised - The Thrill Of Thirty Seconds
Skipping Girl Vinegar - Cold Come The Nights
Skipping Girl Vinegar - Drove For Miles
Skipping Girl Vinegar - Here Come The Lies
Skipping Girl Vinegar - One Chance
Skold Vs KMFDM - Antigeist
Skold Vs KMFDM - Bloodsport
Sky Larkin - Antibodies