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Hurt Process, The - Tuesday
Hurt Process, The - You Don't Get Gold For Second
Hush Hush, Commotion - The Last Waltz
Hush Hush, Commotion - The One That Got Away
Hush Sound, The - Carry Me Home
Hush Sound, The - City Traffic Puzzle
Hush Sound, The - Crawling Towards The Sun
Hush Sound, The - Echo
Hush Sound, The - Eileen
Hush Sound, The - Eileen
Hush Sound, The - Hourglass
Hush Sound, The - Lighthouse
Hush Sound, The - Momentum
Hush Sound, The - My Apologies
Hush Sound, The - Sweet Tangerine
Hush Sound, The - Sweet Tangerine
Hush Sound, The - The Artist
Hush Sound, The - The Market
Hush Sound, The - Tides Change
Hush Sound, The - Wine Red
Hush Sound, The - You Are The Moon
I Was Cub Scout - Pink Squares
I Was Cub Scout - Pink Squares
Icarus Line, The - And The Sad Thing Is...
Icarus Line, The - Getting Bright At Night
Icarus Line, The - Last Night All My Teeth Fell Out
Icarus Line, The - Last Night All My Teeth Fell Out
Imadethismistake - Doves + Hawks
Impossibles, The - never Say Goodbye
Impossibles, The - Ben
Impossibles, The - Connecticut
Impossibles, The - Descriptive Essay, 100 Words
Impossibles, The - Disintegration Is The Best Album, Ever
Impossibles, The - Eightball
Impossibles, The - Everyday
Impossibles, The - Leave No Man Behind
Impossibles, The - Plan B
Impossibles, The - Plan B
Impossibles, The - Priorities Intact
Impossibles, The - Something Fierce
Impossibles, The - Stand Up > Fall Down > Get Crushed
Impossibles, The - Star Slight
Impossibles, The - The Week Of August First
Impossibles, The - The Week Of August First
In Tenebris - Chrysalis
India.Arie - Back To The Middle
India.Arie - Beautiful Flower
India.Arie - I Am Not My Hair
India.Arie - Interested
India.Arie - Interested
India.Arie - Intro: Loving
India.Arie - Outro: Learning
India.Arie - Purify Me
India.Arie - Purify Me
India.Arie - Simple
India.Arie - Slow Down
India.Arie - Summer
India.Arie - The Heart Of The Matter
India.Arie - The Truth
India.Arie - This Too Shall Pass
India.Arie - This Too Shall Pass
India.Arie - Wings Of Forgiveness
India.Arie - Wings Of Forgiveness
Indio - Hard Sun
International Drive, The - So Call It Off
Ismo Alanko - Elämä On Hauras
Ismo Alanko - Extaasiin
Ivy Levan - Red
Jakobinarina - His Lyrics Are Disastorous
Jamie Junger - Telepathetic
Jared Scharff And The Royals - Exceptional
Jared Scharff And The Royals - Stereo
Jason Chain - You Got Me
Jason Chain - You Got Me
Jelly Jam, The - I Cant Help You
Jelly Jam, The - Natures Girl
Jeremy Buck and the Bang - PCH Avenue
Jeremy Buck and the Bang - So It Goes
Jeremy Buck and the Bang - So It Goes
Jeremy Buck and the Bang - Things You Do
Jeremy Buck and the Bang - Things You Do
Jeremy Larson - Today
Jeremy Larson - Today
Jeremy Riddle - Sweetly Broken
Jet Black - Bonjour Tristesse
Jet Black - 48h
Jet Black - 48h
Jet Black - Atmen, Nicht Pressen
Jet Black - Indifference
Jet Black - Und Wir Wussten Es Besser
Jim Croce - A Long Time Ago
Jim Croce - Alabama Rain
Jim Croce - Another Day, Another Town
Jim Croce - Big Wheel
Jim Croce - Box #10
Jim Croce - Child Of Midnight
Jim Croce - Hey Tomorrow
Jim Croce - I Am Who I Am
Jim Croce - I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song
Jim Croce - Just Another Day
Jim Croce - Lover's Cross
Jim Croce - New York's Not My Home
Jim Croce - One Less Set Of Footsteps
Jim Croce - Operator (that's Not The Way It Feels)
Jim Croce - Railroads And Riverboats
Jim Croce - Railroads And Riverboats
Jim Croce - Recently
Jim Croce - Recently
Jim Croce - Roller Derby Queen
Jim Croce - Salon And Saloon
Jim Croce - Steel Rail Blues
Jim Croce - Steel Rail Blues
Jim Croce - These Dreams
Jim Croce - These Dreams
Jim Croce - Thursday
Jim Croce - What The Hell
Jim Croce - Workin' At The Car Wash Blues
Jim Croce - Workin' At The Car Wash Blues
Jim Croce - You Don't Mess Around With Jim
Jimmy Inglish - Love Is The Answer
Jimmy Jacobs - The Ballad Of Lacey
Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong - Lucio Starts Fires
Joey Cape - International You Day
Joey Cape - Move The Car
Johnstones, The - Bang Bang
Joi Lansing - Trapped In The Web Of Love
Jon Crocker - Cracks And Bricks
Jon Crocker - Don't Wait Up For Me
Jon Crocker - Don't Wait Up For Me
Jon Crocker - Done My Time
Jon Crocker - Far From The City's Eye
Jon Crocker - Lap Dog
Jon Crocker - Lap Dog
Jon Crocker - On Beds, Once Again
Jon Crocker - On Beds, Once Again
Jon Crocker - Useless
Jon Foreman - A Cure For Pain
Jon Foreman - Learning How To Die
Jon Foreman - Your Love Is Strong
Jonah Matranga - Every Mistake
Jonah Matranga - Get It Right
Jonah Matranga - I Can't Read Yr Mind
Jonah Matranga - I Can't Read Yr Mind
Jonah Matranga - I Want You To Be My Witness
Jonah Matranga - Lost, Then Found
Jonah Matranga - Not About A Girl Or A Place
Jonah Matranga - So Long
Jonbenet, The - Devils
Jorge Ben Jor - Menina Mulher Da Pele Preta
Jose Vanders - A Little Love Song
Jose Vanders - De Nos Jours
Jose Vanders - New Ride
Jose Vanders - Without Your Kisses
Joseph And The Melodic Whale - Lesson Four: Watching Radar
Josh Mcdermott - Garden
Josh Moore - Burn At The Horizon
Josh Moore - Shadows In The Dark
Joshua James - The Soul And The Sea
Joshua James - Today
Juice Leskinen - Luonas Kai Olla Saan?
Jump The Underground - Up For Days
June Spirit, The - and The Radio Played The Hits
June Spirit, The - Can We Lip Sync To This One?
June Spirit, The - Lost In The Translation
June Spirit, The - On The Eight Day
June Spirit, The - The Tad One Dynasty
June Spirit, The - Waiting For Blue
June Spirit, The - Western Winds Blow Cold
Junior Varsity, The - Cinematographic
Junior Varsity, The - Do You Mind?
Junior Varsity, The - Get Comfortable
Junior Varsity, The - I Said I Try
Junior Varsity, The - I Sang A Song To Be Sung
Junior Varsity, The - I Went Blind
Junior Varsity, The - I'm Home, Hooray!
Junior Varsity, The - Say Goodnight
Karen And The Cahhrols - You(Tensils)
Katie Noonan - Time To Begin
Kemopetrol - Everything That Surrounds Us
Kemopetrol - Goodbye
Kemopetrol - Hypno Eyes
Kevin Drew - Big Love
Kevin Drew - Cocaine Skin
Kevin Drew - Farewell To The Pressure Kids
Khoiba - Pure Hands
Kickball - Sauvie Island
Kid Finish - Hips, Lips, And Fingertips
Kid Finish - She Was A DDR Diva
Kidcrash, The - New Ruins
Kidcrash, The - Scalpel Cuts Concrete
Kidcrash, The - Until The Light Kills The Film
Kilians - Enforce Yourself
Kilians - Fight The Start
Kilians - Little Billie, Little Brother
Killers, The - A Great Big Sled
Killers, The - Bling (Confession Of A King)
Killers, The - Bones
Killers, The - Desperate
Killers, The - Enterlude
Killers, The - Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf
Killers, The - Midnight Show
Killers, The - My List
Killers, The - Oh Yeah, By The Way
Killers, The - Replaceable
Killers, The - Romeo And Juliet (Dire Straits Cover)
Killers, The - Somebody Told Me
Killers, The - The Ballad Of Michael Valentine
Killers, The - When You Were Young
Killers, The - Where Is She
Killers, The - Why Do I Keep Counting?
Killers, The - Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
Killing Moon, The - Subject A
Killing Moon, The - Sugar Pills
Killing Tree, The - Switchbalde Architect
Kills, The - I Hate The Way You Love
Kills, The - Jewel Thief
Kills, The - Kissy Kissy
Kills, The - Love Is A Deserter
Kills, The - Monkey 23
Kills, The - Search For Cherry Red
Kills, The - Sugarbaby
Kills, The - Sweet Cloud
Kings, The - Switchin' To Glide*
Kings, The - This Beat Goes On
Kinison, The - Hey! Hey! Hey
Kinison, The - I Have Something To Say
Kinison, The - Wasting My Air
Kinison, The - Wild And Crazy Kids
Kissaway Trail, The - In Disguise
Kissaway Trail, The - Smother + Evil = Hurt
Kizza Ping - Liten
Kizza Ping - Omedvetna
Knockout Kings, The - The Lion
Kooks, The - Already Miss You
Kooks, The - Belly Love
Kooks, The - Bus Song
Kooks, The - Do You Love Me Still
Kooks, The - Eddies Gun
Kooks, The - Hiding Low
Kooks, The - Matchbox
Meiko - Boys With Girlfriends
Kosmikud - Oksad Alla
Meiko - Under My Bed
La Casa Azul - Aunque Parezca Lo Mejor
La Casa Azul - Como Un Fan
La Casa Azul - Por Si Alguna Vez Te Vas
La Casa Azul - Prefiero Bailar
La Casa Azul - Quiero Parar
Ladybirds - Maxim And The Headphone Life
Lareine - Miss Carmila
Lareine - The Soul Love
Lashes, The - Sometimes The Sun
Lashes, The - Wanna Girl
Last Emperor, The - Shine
Last Goodnight, The - Poison Kiss
Last Try - Too Much, Too Much
Lawrence Arms, The - Chicago Is Burning ...
Lawrence Arms, The - Detention
Lawrence Arms, The - Drunk Mouth Kitchen Smile
Lawrence Arms, The - Heaven Help Me
Lawrence Arms, The - Old Mexico Way
Lawrence Arms, The - Raw And Searing Flesh
Lawrence Arms, The - The Last One
Lawrence Arms, The - Your Gravest Words
Leevi And The Leavings - Jani
Leevi And The Leavings - Mitä Kuuluu Marja-Leena
Leevi And The Leavings - Nainen Toiselta Planeetalta
Leevi And The Leavings - Toteemipaalu
Les Claypool - One Better
Less, The - Loud Machines
Letters Organize, The - I Want I Want
Ley Royal Scam - No, You Can't Change My Life
Ley Royal Scam - Who's Laughing Now?
Libertines, The - All At Sea
Libertines, The - Campaign Of Hate
Libertines, The - Cola Queen
Libertines, The - Don't Be Shy
Libertines, The - France
Libertines, The - Hooligans On E
Libertines, The - Hooray For The 21st Century
Libertines, The - Mayday
Libertines, The - Narcissist
Libertines, The - Tell The King
Libertines, The - The Good Old Days
Libertines, The - The Ha Ha Wall
Libertines, The - Through The Looking Glass
Libertines, The - What Became Of The Likely Lads
Libertines, The - What Katie Did
Libitina - Polemic
Lights - February Air
Lightspeed Champion - Galaxy Of The Lost
Lightspeed Champion - Mr Fisk
Like, The - Falling Away
Like, The - June Gloom
Like, The - Too Late
Like, The - Under The Paving Stone
Lipona - Mistaken
Lipona - Success Stories
Lipona - The Citadel
Little Aida - Horses
Little Ones, The - Lovers Who Uncover
Little Rock Nine, The - Brad (song Four)
Lives Of Famous Men, The - Business As A Performing Art
Lives Of Famous Men, The - Kid, It's A Long Way Back To The Port Cities
Living End, The - Til The End (jack Awards Version)
Living End, The - 10:15 Saturday Night
Living End, The - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Living End, The - Carry Me Home
Living End, The - English Army
Living End, The - Flood The Sky
Living End, The - Fond Farewell
Living End, The - From Here On In
Living End, The - Hold Up
Living End, The - Jimmy
Living End, The - Maitland Street
Living End, The - Mispent Youth
Living End, The - Nothing Lasts Forever
Living End, The - Nowhere Town
Living End, The - One Step Behind
Living End, The - Order Of The Day
Living End, The - Prisoner On The Inside
Living End, The - Save The Day
Living End, The - Second Solution
Living End, The - Short Notice
Living End, The - State Of Emergency
Living End, The - Strange
Living End, The - Tabloid Magazine
Living End, The - Wake Up
Living End, The - We Want More
Living End, The - Who's Gonna Save Us?
Living End, The - Witchdoctor
Living End, The - Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Locust - One Way Or Another
Locust - Summer Rain
Locust - Your Selfish Ways
Loma Prieta - We're Wedded Wrong All Along
Loma Prieta - Wilmer Valderrama (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Had 2 Wives)
Long Blondes, The - Chrismas Is Cancelled
Long Blondes, The - Darts
Long Blondes, The - Fulwood Babylon
Long Blondes, The - I'm Coping
Long Blondes, The - Peterborough
Long Blondes, The - Picture Of You
Long Blondes, The - Weekend Without Make-Up
Long Blondes, The - You Could Have Both
Long Winters, The - Blanket Hog
Long Winters, The - Blue Diamonds
Long Winters, The - Bride & Bridle
Long Winters, The - Cinnamon
Long Winters, The - Delicate Hands
Long Winters, The - It'll Be A Breeze
Long Winters, The - Mimi
Long Winters, The - Nora
Long Winters, The - Samaritan
Long Winters, The - The Sound Of Coming Down
Long Winters, The - Unsalted Butter
Longcut, The - Idiot Check
Longcut, The - Lonesome No More!
Longcut, The - Transition
Los Campesinos - Please Don't Tell Me To Do The Math(s)
Los Campesinos - We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives
Los Campesinos - You! Me! Dancing! [correct Lyrics]
Lost In The Trees - If You're Afraid Of The Dark
Louder Than Words - Monster And Demons
Louder Than Words - Tell My Brother
Love Machine, The - Creative Company
Love Machine, The - Godspeed
Love Machine, The - We Are Squirrels And This Is Nuts
Love Machine, The - Western Birdcalls
Love Of Diagrams - Pace Or The Patience
Loveandreverie - Fall In Love
Loved Ones, The - Benson And Hedges
Loved Ones, The - Candy Cane
Loved Ones, The - Hurry Up And Wait
Loved Ones, The - Jane
Loved Ones, The - Player Hater Anthem
Loved Ones, The - Suture Self
Loved Ones, The - The Loved One
Loved Ones, The - The Odds
Lovely Feathers, The - Breakfast Cake
Lovely Feathers, The - Orchids
Lovemakers, The - Prepare For The Fight
Lovers Electric - Honey
Lovers Electric - I Don't Know
Lovers Electric - I'm In Love
Lovers Electric - Morning Sun
Lovers Electric - Not Good Enough
Lovers Electric - Won't Give In
Lovers Electric - You Got It
Lovers, The - Hey Let's Go
Low Pop Suicide - Almost Said
Low Pop Suicide - Bless My Body
Low Pop Suicide - Face To Face
Low Pop Suicide - Gimme, Gimme
Low Pop Suicide - Here We Go
Low Pop Suicide - Humbled
Low Pop Suicide - Imagine My Love
Low Pop Suicide - Life And Death
Low Pop Suicide - More Than This
Low Pop Suicide - More Than This (reprise)
Low Pop Suicide - Tell Them I Was Here
Low Pop Suicide - Zombie
Luba - Giving Away A Miracle
Luba - Innocent
Lucky Soul - My Darling, Anything
Luke Schurman - Pantomime Fear
Luke Schurman - Tomorrow
Lydia Denker - One Perfect Day
Lyric L - Doot Dude
Backstreet Boys - Close My Eyes
Maccabees, The - First Love
Maccabees, The - Good Old Bill
Maccabees, The - Lego
Maccabees, The - Mary Dress Super Hero
Maccabees, The - Precious Time
Maccabees, The - Tissue Shoulders
Machina - Curse
Machina - Innocent
Machina - Precious
Machina - Trust
Machinemade God - Teeth vs Curb
Mae Shi (The) - Heartbeeps
Mae Shi (The) - Nickel Arcade
Mae Shi (The) - Remarkably Dirty Animals
Mae Shi (The) - The Meat Of The Inquiry
Magic Numbers, The - Forever Lost
Magic Numbers, The - Goodnight
Magic Numbers, The - Hymn For Her
Magic Numbers, The - Love Me Like You
Magic Numbers, The - Morning's Eleven
Magic Numbers, The - Runnin' Out
Magic Numbers, The - This Love
Magic Numbers, The - Wheels On Fire
Magic Numbers, The - Which Way To Happy
Magic Numbers, The - You Never Had It
Mamas and The Papas, The - Creeque Alley
Mamas and The Papas, The - Dancing Bear
Mamas and The Papas, The - Dedicated To The One I Love
Mamas and The Papas, The - Glad To Be Unhappy
Mamas and The Papas, The - I Call Your Name
Mamas and The Papas, The - I Saw Her Again Last Night
Mamas and The Papas, The - Make Your Own Kind Of Music
Mamas and The Papas, The - Safe In My Garden
Mamas and The Papas, The - Somebody Groovy
Mamas and The Papas, The - Twelve-thirty (young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon)
Mamas and The Papas, The - Words Of Love
Mamas and The Papas, The - You Baby
Marc Salmon - Summer Days
Mariee Sioux - Bravitzlana Rubakalva
Mariee Sioux - Flowers And Blood
Mariee Sioux - Gray Whale Winter
Mariee Sioux - Twin Song
Mariee Sioux - Wizard Flurry Home
Marija Serifovic - Bez Tebe
Marija Serifovic - U Nedelju
Marija Serifovic - Znaj Da Znam
Mary Karlzen - Hide
Mary Onettes, The - Explosions
Mascara Story, The - Conquer You
Masha Qrella - Feels Like
Matches, The - Follow The Lights Home
Matches, The - Lazier Than Furniture
Matches, The - My Soft And Deep
Matches, The - Papercut Skin
Matches, The - Salty Eyes
Matches, The - Say 18
Matches, The - Superman
Matches, The - The Barber's Unhappiness
Matthew Dear - Deserter
Matthew Dear - Shy
Matthew Perryman Jones - Save You
Matty Pop Chart - For Chris
Melanie Horsnell - I Just Want Some Love
Melissa Desiree - Kissing You
Melt-banana - A Shield For Your Eyes, A Beast In The Well On Your Hand
Melt-banana - Chain-Shot To Have Some Fun
Melt-banana - Discordance Axis
Melt-banana - Excess
Melt-banana - Giggle On The Stretcher
Melt-banana - If It Is The Deep Sea, I Can See You There
Melt-banana - Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold
Mercy Mercedes - Here We Are
Mercy Mercedes - The Perfect Scene
Mercy Mercedes - Words Between Wipers
Messengers - Lucky Strikes
Mestre Ambrósio - Caninana
Mestre Ambrósio - Fera
Mestre Ambrósio - Os Cabôco
Mestre Ambrósio - Três Vendas
Mestre Ambrósio - Usina (Tango No Mango)
Mestre Ambrósio - Vó Cabocla
Metafist - Ruined Myself
Methadones, The - Bored Of Television
Methadones, The - Wake Up
Michael Cardenas - Brown Dwarf
Michael Cardenas - By You Side
Michael Cardenas - Privet
Michael Mclinn - Gladiators
Michael Mclinn - Negative Space
Michael Mclinn - S.A.D
Milla Jovovich - The Alien Song (For Those Who Listen)
Milosh - It's Over
Mimas - Beneath The Glad Sunbeam
Mimas - Cats On Fire
Mintzkov - Return And Smile
Mintzkov - Ruby Red
Minus Scale, The - A Brooklyn Bridge
Minus Scale, The - Before The Match Drops
Minus Scale, The - Make Up The Difference
Minus Scale, The - Sleeping With Actresses
Miracle Fortress - Beach Baby
Miracle Fortress - Have Your Seen In Your Dreams
Miracle Fortress - Little Trees
Miracle Fortress - Maybe Lately
Miracle Fortress - Next Train
Miracle Fortress - Poetaster
Miss Saigon - I Still Believe
Mission, The - Beyond The Pale
Mission, The - Deliverance
Mission, The - Even You May Shine
Mission, The - Grip Of Disease
Mission, The - Hands Across The Ocean
Mission, The - Like A Hurricane
Mission, The - Lose Myself In You
Mission, The - Neverland
Mission, The - Over The Hills
Mission, The - The Crystal Ocean
Mission, The - Tower Of Strength
Mission, The - Trail Of Scarlet
Mission, The - Wake (RSV)
Model Sons, The - Story Of My Love
Modern Skirts - My Lost Soprano
Monkey Majik - Change
Monkey Majik - Long Shot Penny
Monte And The Machine - Down On The Avenue
Monte And The Machine - I Do
More Assured, The - Aint It Stange
More Assured, The - Lets Get Kooky
Morning Light, The - The Sounds
Morning Of, The - Pilot To Base
Morning Of, The - The Dreamer And The Realist
Mothfight - Hopscotch, Pt. 2
Mothfight - Horse Opera
Motocade - Bomb Squad
Mountain Goats, The - 02-75
Mountain Goats, The - 15-1
Mountain Goats, The - 15-2
Mountain Goats, The - 25
Mountain Goats, The - Abide With Me
Mountain Goats, The - Against Cotton
Mountain Goats, The - Agemo's Hoops
Mountain Goats, The - Alagemo
Mountain Goats, The - Alibi
Mountain Goats, The - All Up The Seething Coast
Mountain Goats, The - Alpha Aquae
Mountain Goats, The - Alpha Compunction
Mountain Goats, The - Alpha Desperation March
Mountain Goats, The - Alpha Double Negative: Going To Catalina
Mountain Goats, The - Alpha In Tauris
Mountain Goats, The - Alpha Negative
Mountain Goats, The - Alpha Omega
Mountain Goats, The - Alphabetizing
Mountain Goats, The - Alphonse Mambo
Mountain Goats, The - Ambivalent Seascape Y
Mountain Goats, The - An Inscription At Salonae
Mountain Goats, The - Attention All Pickpockets
Mountain Goats, The - Azo Tle Nelli In Tlalticpac?
Mountain Goats, The - Bad Waves
Mountain Goats, The - Badger Song
Mountain Goats, The - Balance
Mountain Goats, The - Baltimore
Mountain Goats, The - Beach House
Mountain Goats, The - Beat The Devil
Mountain Goats, The - Birthday Cake Song
Mountain Goats, The - Black Molly
Mountain Goats, The - Bluejays And Cardinals
Mountain Goats, The - Blues In Dallas
Mountain Goats, The - Born Ready
Mountain Goats, The - Broom People
Mountain Goats, The - Burned My Tongue
Mountain Goats, The - Butter Teeth
Mountain Goats, The - Cao Dai Blowout
Mountain Goats, The - Casetino's Nursery
Mountain Goats, The - Chanson Du Bon Chose
Mountain Goats, The - Cheshire County
Mountain Goats, The - Chilean Fire Barrel
Mountain Goats, The - Chinese Rifle Song
Mountain Goats, The - Cobra Tattoo
Mountain Goats, The - Cobscook Bay