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Bevis Frond (The) - Leave A Light On
Bevis Frond (The) - To The Lighthouse
Big And Rich - Six Foot Town
Bill Monroe - I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome
Billy Bragg - Days Like These
Billy Bragg - She Smiled Sweetly
Billy Bragg - St. Monday
Billy Bragg - Train Train
Birmingham 6 - Seek And Destroy
Bishop Allen - A Tiny Fold
Bishop Allen - Cassandra
Black Lab - Remember
Black Lab - The Real You
Black Out Band - 6th Grade King
Blackblack - Emerald Forest
Blackblack - Honey In Your Ears
Blackmail - Mad World
Blaqk Audio - Between Breaths
Bless The Fall - Take Me Now
Blessid Union of Souls - Could've Been With You
Blind Willie Mctell - Southern Can Is Mine
Blitzkid - Making A Monster
Blow (The) - Eat Your Heart Up
Blow (The) - Gravity Pauline's Response To Amy
Blow (The) - In My Room
Blow (The) - Our Holes Are Dug
Blue Van, The - The Odyssey
Blutengel - A New Dawn
Blutengel - Behind Your Mask
Blutengel - Body Move
Blutengel - Born Again
Blutengel - Gloomy Shadows
Blutengel - I Remember (Everything)
Blutengel - Into The Labyrinth
Blutengel - Keine Ewigkeit
Blutengel - Keine Ewigkeit (No Eternity) (English)
Blutengel - My Saviour
Blutengel - Shame
Blutengel - Snowblind
Blutengel - Stormy Rivers
Blutengel - Victory Of Death
Blutengel - When The Rain Is Falling
Boat - 200 Days, 59 Ways
Bob Geldof - I Don't Like Mondays
Bobby Baby - In Ten Years From Now
Bodies Of Water - I Guess I'll Forget The Sound, I Guess, I Guess
Bonnie Pink - Ocean
Booda Velvets (The) - Altitude
Booda Velvets (The) - American
Booda Velvets (The) - Cassius Clay
Booda Velvets (The) - Everything Under The Sun
Booda Velvets (The) - Headrush
Booda Velvets (The) - Solitaire
Booda Velvets (The) - Waiting
Bow Wow Wow - C30, C60, C90, Go!
Bow Wow Wow - Jungle Boy
Boysetsfire - High Wire Escape Artist
Brainiac - 70 KG Man
Brian Eno - Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
Brian Eno - Cindy Tells Me
Brian Eno - Dead Finks Don't Talk
Brian Eno - Driving Me Backwards
Brian Eno - Some Of Them Are Old
Brian Jonestown Massacre (The) - 13
Broken Hearts Academy (The) - I Wish She Never Brought It Up
Bronx, The - Venice
Brooks And Dunn - Building Bridges
Brooks And Dunn - God Must Be Busy
Brooks And Dunn - I'll Never Forgive My Heart
Brooks Buford - Bleed
Bruces (The) - Add It On
Bruces (The) - Beautiful Slanted Northern Light
Bruces (The) - Far East Sweet
Bryan Duncan - Lunatic Friend
Buddy Holly - Blue Suede Shoes
Budgie - Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman
Buffalo Tom - Sodajerk
Burning Mona Lisa - And One Step To Redemption
Burning Mona Lisa - Shiva Descending
Bury Tomorrow - You & I
Buzzcocks (The) - Fast Cars
Buzzcocks (The) - Sixteen Again
Böhse Onkelz - Immer Auf Der Suche
Miguel Bosé - Don Diable
Miguel Bosé - Te Amaré
Asteria - The Taste, The Touch
Asteria - Hold Fast Stay True
Asteria - My Diary In 4/4 Time
Asteria - A Lesson In Charades
Kru - 2020
Kru - Fanatik
Kru - For You
Kru - Gadis Jelita
Kru - Generasiku
Kru - Hanya Kau
Kru - Sekali Lagi
Kru - Setia Bersama
Scary Kids Scaring Kids - What's Up Now
Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Locked In
Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Sink And Die
Panic Division (The) - Here We Go
Panic Division (The) - From The Top
Panic Division (The) - Broken Wings
Mr. Mister - Hunters Of The Night
Mr. Mister - Code Of Love
Mr. Mister - Partners In Crime
Mr. Mister - Runaway
Mr. Mister - Talk The Talk
Mr. Mister - I'll Let You Drive
Mr. Mister - I Wear The Face
Mr. Mister - Life Goes On
Mr. Mister - Black/White
Mr. Mister - Uniform Of Youth
Mr. Mister - Run To Her
Mr. Mister - Into My Own Hands
Mr. Mister - Is It Love
Mr. Mister - Kyrie
Mr. Mister - Tangent Tears
Mr. Mister - Welcome To The Real World
Mr. Mister - Stand And Deliver
Mr. Mister - The Tube
Mr. Mister - Control
Mr. Mister - Power Over Me
Mr. Mister - Man Of A Thousand Dances
Les Savy Fav - New Teen Anthem
Les Savy Fav - The Equestrian
Les Savy Fav - The Year Before The Year 2000
Les Savy Fav - What Would Wolves Do?
Les Savy Fav - Comes & Goes
ClickClickDecker - Wer Erklärt Mir Wie Das Hier Funktioniert
ClickClickDecker - Du Fühlst Dich An Wie Abschied
ClickClickDecker - Mit Ohne (Anourak)
ClickClickDecker - Ich Beneide Dich Um Deinen Sternenhimmel
ClickClickDecker - Wenn Ethna Wieder Spuckt
Miguel Poveda - Te Lo Juro Yo
Miguel Poveda - Dame La Mano
Miguel Poveda - El Cant Dels Ocells
Miguel Poveda - Buenas Intenciones
Miguel Poveda - Tierra De Calma
Miguel Poveda - Calle Del Mar
Miguel Poveda - Y En Medio El Río
Miguel Poveda - Alfileres De Colores
Miguel Poveda - Detrás De La Memória
Miguel Poveda - La Radio De Mi Madre
Miguel Poveda - Canto De La Resignación
Miguel Poveda - A Mos Bescantadors
Miguel Poveda - Tant Se Val
Miguel Poveda - Cançó Del Bes Sense Port
Miguel Poveda - Boca Seca
Miguel Poveda - Araç
Miguel Poveda - Posseit
Miguel Poveda - Pare-esparver
Miguel Poveda - Y Yo Qué Culpa Tengo
Miguel Poveda - Levante
Miguel Poveda - Mi Bulería Corta
Miguel Poveda - Tacita
Miguel Poveda - En Aquel Pocito Inmediato
Miguel Poveda - Escalera De Vidrio
Miguel Poveda - Almendro Y Gloria
Miguel Poveda - Luna De Fuego
Miguel Poveda - De Querer A No Querer
Miguel Poveda - Pastueno
Miguel Poveda - De Buen Aire
Miguel Poveda - La Salvaora
Miguel Poveda - La Niña De Fuego
Miguel Poveda - A Mi Hermana
Miguel Poveda - Color De Aceituna
Miguel Poveda - Se Ha Roto El Río
Miguel Poveda - A La Soledad Me Vine
Miguel Poveda - Jardín De Naranjas
Miguel Poveda - Hoy Las Nubes
Miguel Poveda - Cornearás
Miguel Poveda - Si Me Vieras
Miguel Poveda - Clemencia
Miguel Poveda - De Plata Y Bronce
Miguel Poveda - Casa Pavon
Miguel Poveda - En Silencio
Miguel Poveda - Que Borrachera
Miguel Poveda - El Uvero
Hassgesang - Israel
Charlie McDonnell - An Awful Lot Of Running
Charlie McDonnell - Blink
Charlie McDonnell - K9's Lament
Daddy Yankee - Tu Cuerpo En La Cama
Daddy Yankee - Intro - Mente & Corazón
Daddy Yankee - Intro Cangri
Daddy Yankee - Latigazo
Daddy Yankee - Guayando
Daddy Yankee - Outro
Flavio Rodríguez - Regreso Al Futuro
Flavio Rodríguez - Cuidaré De Ti
Flavio Rodríguez - Paso De Ella (no Le Contesto Los Mails)
Flavio Rodríguez - Ellas No Son Tú
Flavio Rodríguez - Backstage
Flavio Rodríguez - Ya No Sé Qué Decirte
Flavio Rodríguez - Mi Mujer, Baby, Baby, Baby
Flavio Rodríguez - Cuestión De Tiempo
Flavio Rodríguez - Gangsta
Flavio Rodríguez - Quiero Estar Contigo
Klangstabil - Lauf, Lauf!
Klangstabil - Vertraut
Klangstabil - You May Start
Klangstabil - Push Yourself
Christophe Maé - On Trace La Route
Christophe Maé - Ne M'abandonne Pas
Les Enfoirés - XXL
Les Enfoirés - Macumba
Les Enfoirés - Je Suis Un Homme
Les Enfoirés - J'te L'dis Quand Même
Les Enfoirés - J'suis Bien Nulle Part
Serj Tankian - Blue
Serj Tankian - Gate 21
Serj Tankian - The Charade
Serj Tankian - Saving Us
Serj Tankian - Falling Stars
Jeanne Cherhal - Mon Corps Est Une Cage
Jeanne Cherhal - Mon Premier
Jeanne Cherhal - Cinq Ou Six Années
Jeanne Cherhal - Pays D'amour
Jeanne Cherhal - Mon Troisième
Jeanne Cherhal - Mon Tout
Jeanne Cherhal - Astoria
Mago De Oz - El Latido De Gaia (Intro)
Secrets In Stereo - Vanish
Mike Kenli - Laisse Moi Une Chance
Nouvelle Star 2010 - Goody Goody - Sarah
Nouvelle Star 2010 - Master Blaster - Sarah
Izia - Let Me Alone
Izia - Blind
Izia - Take Me Back
Izia - Disco Ball
Izia - Sugar Cane
Mago De Oz - Mi Hogar Eres Tú
Mago De Oz - El Violín Del Diablo
Mago De Oz - Siempre (Adiós Dulcinea - Parte II)
Mago De Oz - Mis Demonios (Atrévete A Vivir)
Mago De Oz - Sueños Dormidos
Mago De Oz - Todavia Amanece Gratis
Nouvelle Star 2010 - L.O.V.E. - Émilie
Vicky Gastelo - Me Equivoqué Contigo
Vicky Gastelo - Si Tú Piensas En Mí
Vicky Gastelo - Recuérdame
Vicky Gastelo - Lazos
Vicky Gastelo - Mi Amor
Sidecars - Apaga Y Vámonos
Amandine Bourgeois - Chacun Son Truc
Amandine Bourgeois - Les Loustics
Amandine Bourgeois - Lisa
Amandine Bourgeois - Chut
Amandine Bourgeois - La Fièvre Acheteuse
Amandine Bourgeois - Les Trous
Amandine Bourgeois - Sale Bain
Amandine Bourgeois - Lady Namite
Delorean - Real Love
Delorean - Grow
Mojinos Escozíos - Tengo Una Verruga En La Frente
Mojinos Escozíos - El Coco (Leyenda De Leyendas)
Mojinos Escozíos - La Leyenda Del Niño Que Jamás Se Lavó Los Pies
Maria De Medeiros - Speak Softly Love (Il Padrino)
Maria De Medeiros - A Velha Chica
El Secreto de Alex - Por Esta Vez
El Secreto de Alex - Mi Cielo
Faded Cadence - The Valediction
Faraquet - call it sane
Fare Verona - Inebriated
Fatal Charm - Lucille
Felix - Death To Everyone But Us
Felix - I Wish I Was a Pony
Felix - Waltzing for Weasels
Felix - You Are the One I Pick
Fern Knight - Give Me Your Hand
Finn Brothers (The) - Angels Heap
Firewater - Some Velvet Morning
Firewater - The Beat Goes On
Flight Seven Ten - Clocks
Flight Seven Ten - Fakes & Reals
Flight Seven Ten - Time Tells All
Flying Lizards - The Window
Fold, The - Head Held High
Fold, The - seventy five outgoing calls
For The Atlantic - 15 Gets You 20
For The Atlantic - Leave It At That
Forecast, The - A Better Man
Forecast, The - Double On the Rocks
Forecast, The - I'll Set You Free
Forecast, The - If I'm Not Mistaken
Forecast, The - Illinois
Forecast, The - Life's a Garden, Dig It
Forecast, The - Losers
Forecast, The - So Wrong
Forecast, The - You Wreck Me
Former Ghosts - A Post-It Note For You
Former Ghosts - Do You Still Have To Go?
Former Ghosts - Still Right Here
Former Ghosts - The Days Will Get Long
Foxy Shazam! - Teenage Demon Baby
Friendly Fires - Bored of Each Other
From Monument To Masses - Checksum
Týr - Ólavur Riddararós
Týr - Brother's Bane
Týr - Fípan Fagra
Týr - Gátu Ríma
Týr - God Of War
Týr - Land
Týr - Lokka Táttur
Týr - Lord Of Lies
Týr - Ormurin Langi
Týr - Ragnarok
Týr - Sand In The Wind
Týr - Sinklars Vísa
Týr - The Hammer of Thor
Týr - The Hunt
Týr - Trondur i Gotu
Týr - Wings Of Time
T.m. Revolution - Albireo
T.m. Revolution - Arterial Fear
T.m. Revolution - Dested For...
T.m. Revolution - Web of Night [English]
T.m. Revolution - Zips
Tad - 3-D Witch Hunt
Tad - Crane's Cafe
Tad - Gouge
Tad - Jinx
Tad - Just Bought the Farm
Tad - Pansy
Tad - Paregoric
Tad - Plague Years
Tad - Trash Truck
Tad - Ulcer
Tah-dahs (The) - Mix Tape = Love
Taj Mahal - Never Let You Go
Take Steady Aim - Brett, Do Ever Not Shred?
Take Steady Aim - Circle Drive
Take Steady Aim - Drop The Tarts And Raise Your Fists
Take Steady Aim - Dude, I Can't Even Spell "Catharsis"
Take Steady Aim - Get To The Winchester! (2 Seconds)
Take Steady Aim - Hey Greg, Do You Like To Party?
Take Steady Aim - Room Raiders
Taken - Crayons
Taken - Haven
Taken - Same Story,different Day
Takida - Walk On By
Takida - Hours
Takida - Between The Lines
Takida - Tonight
Takida - Too Late
Takka Takka - Silence
Tal and Acacia - Clear View
Tal and Acacia - Drifting Away
Tal and Acacia - Merry Go Round
Tal and Acacia - Swing Song
Tal and Acacia - Wake Me (The Noah Song)
Tales - A Million Voices
Tales - Cast Away
Talk Normal - In Every Dream Home a Heartache
Talk To Animals - Computerisms
Talk To Animals - Electrocute
Talk To Animals - Sekur
Talk To Animals - That's When I Saw
Talk To Animals - Wolves
Talking Heads - Making Flippy Floppy
Talking Heads - Perfect World
Tall Stories - Original Sin
Tallest Man On Earth (The) - I Want You
Tallest Man On Earth (The) - It Will Follow the Rain
Tallest Man On Earth (The) - King of Spain
Tallest Man On Earth (The) - Over the Hills
Tallest Man On Earth (The) - Pistol Dreams
Tallest Man On Earth (The) - Steal Tomorrow
Talons - April
Talons - May
Talulah Gosh! - Bringing Up Baby
Talulah Gosh! - Do You Remember
Talulah Gosh! - Just A Dream
Talulah Gosh! - My Best Friend
Talulah Gosh! - Steaming Train
Talulah Gosh! - Testcard Girl
Tamas Wells - 41 Union Drive, Caroline Springs 3023
Tamas Wells - Beauty Cream
Tamas Wells - Reduced to Clear (EP Version)
Tamas Wells - Stitch in Time
Tamas Wells - The Necessary Ones
Tame Impala - Desire Be Desire Go
Tame Impala - Half Full Glass of Wine
Tame Impala - Skeleton Tiger
Tame Impala - Slide Through My Fingers
Tammany Hall Nyc - I was hopin'
Tammany Hall Nyc - Kiss Droppin' Down
Tammany Hall Nyc - marathon
Tammany Hall Nyc - time to head home
Tammany Hall Nyc - to the woman who saved my life
Tandemoro - You Blew It (That Was Your Last Chance)
Tanya Davis - Art
Tara Oram - 538 Stars
Tarkio - Carrie
Tarkio - Goodbye Girl
Tarkio - My Mother Was a Chinese Trapeze Artist
Taste - It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again
Taylor Hollingsworth - Central City
Team Genius - ABC
Team Genius - Meanderings and Musings
Team Genius - Run Gun Sun
Team Genius - Sing Song
Team Genius - Speak Softly
Team Genius - Surely the Sun Will Explode
Team Genius - Take What You Can't Make
Team Genius - The Wise Ones All Give Up
Team Genius - While We're Asleep
Team Ghost - A Glorious Time
Team Goldie - Island
Team Goldie - Mr. & Mrs. Forrester
Technicolor Wolves - Ceiling Cracks
Technicolor Wolves - Dark Room Cold Air
Techy Romantics - Breakin' Silly
Techy Romantics - Daydreams
Techy Romantics - Electricity
Techy Romantics - Night Out
Techy Romantics - Out of my MInd
Techy Romantics - Photos Fade
Techy Romantics - Walking Away
Ted & Francis - Erlend
Ted Eliason - Everything We Have
Ted Eliason - Good Morning (Get Out of the House!)
Ted Eliason - Magic Alex
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Since U Been Gone/Maps
Ted Nugent - Alone
Ted Nugent - Just What The Doctor Ordered
Teddybears Sthlm - Automatic Lover
Tedi Spalato - Palačinke
Teena Marie - Lovergirl
Teenage Head - Ain't Got No Sense
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - Burning Rubber
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - I Woke Up Dreaming
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - Orphans
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - The Closet
Teenagersintokyo - End It Tonight
Teeth (The) - Molly Make Him Pay
Teeth (The) - Shoulder Blade
Telekolleg - die kunst der verdraengung
Telekolleg - solo yo mismo
Telepathe - Drugged
Telepathe - In Your Line
Telepathe - Michael
Telepathe - So Fine
Television Personalities - Liechtenstein Painting
Television Personalities - Where's Bill Grundy Now?
Tempest Armada (The) - Illumaphobia
Tempest Armada (The) - Near Life
Tempest Armada (The) - Reprise: ...And Then the Delusion Was One
Tempest Armada (The) - Reprise: Cues From the Corners of Eyes
Tempest Armada (The) - Romanticide
Tempest Armada (The) - The Apothecary
Tempest Armada (The) - The Warmest Regards
Tempest Reign - Sacred
Temple Scene - Breathing
Temple Scene - Everything
Temple Scene - First Day
Temple Scene - Half Life
Temple Scene - Holding Back The Tide
Temple Scene - Innocence
Temple Scene - Ordinary People
Temple Scene - Rewind
Temple Scene - Somewhere In This City
Temple Scene - The Story
Temple Scene - Too Far Gone
Ten Boy Summer - Prom Dance of the Sacrosanct
Teräsbetoni - Taivas Lyö Tulta (Heaven Strikes Fire)
Teräsbetoni - Älä Kerro Meille
Teräsbetoni - Aika on
Teräsbetoni - Kotiinpalaaja
Teräsbetoni - Kuninkaat
Teräsbetoni - Kuumilla Porteilla
Teräsbetoni - Paha Silmä
Teräsbetoni - Silmä Silmästä
Teräsbetoni - Vaadimme Metallia
Teräsbetoni - Varmaan Kuolemaan
Tereza Kesovija - Sviraj Mi, Sviraj
Tereza Kesovija - Zapjevajmo, Prijatelji
Terminus - Infected
Terrene - Fifty One
Terry Callier - Ordinary Joe
Terry Jacks - If You Go Away
Terry Stafford - Amarillo By Morning
Terry Stafford - Follow the Rainbow
Terry Stafford - I'll Touch A Star
Tesla Boy - Electric Lady
Tesla Boy - Fire
Tess Dunn - Scar Tissue
Test Dept - Voice Of Reason
TGL - Party Bus
Th' Legendary Shack Shakers - Born Again Again
Th' Legendary Shack Shakers - No Such Thing
ThaiVietG - Foe My Dawgz
ThaiVietG - No Way Out
ThaiVietG - So Alone
Thanksgiving - A Song Is Like a Mask
Thanksgiving - Baby Doll
Thanksgiving - Be Finished
Thanksgiving - Marriage
Thanksgiving - Song
Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving - The River
Thao Nguyen - Body
Thao Nguyen - Burn You Up
Thao Nguyen - Did You Ever Have to Make Up your Mind?
Thao Nguyen - Easy
Thao Nguyen - Fixed It!
Thao Nguyen - Know Better Learn Faster
Thao Nguyen - Oh. No.
Thao Nguyen - The Give
Thao Nguyen - Trouble Was For
Thao Nguyen - Vision In Red
Thao Nguyen - What About
Thao Nguyen - When We Swam
Thao Nguyen - You've Really Got a Hold on Me
Thao Nguyen - Young Man
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Bag of Hammers
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Big Kid Table
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Body
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Burn You Up
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Fear and Convenience
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Fixed It!
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Geography
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Know Better Learn Faster
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Oh. No.
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - So On
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Swimming Pools
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - The Give
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Travel
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Trouble Was For
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Violet
That 1 Guy - Bananas
That 1 Guy - Dig
That 1 Guy - How's 'Bout Them Holes In The Moon
That 1 Guy - Jigsaw
That 1 Guy - Laser Beans
That 1 Guy - Luck Bean
That 1 Guy - Mustaches
That 1 Guy - One
That 1 Guy - Packs a Wallop
That 1 Guy - Step into Striped Light
That Handsome Devil - Johnny Wouldn't Die
That Handsome Devil - Sleep It Off
That's The Spirit - Always Coming Back
That's The Spirit - Epic Advice
That's The Spirit - Every City
That's The Spirit - It's Curtains For You
That's The Spirit - Lost In The Middle 8
That's The Spirit - Made Up My Mind
That's The Spirit - Nearer, My Sleep, To Thee
That's The Spirit - Orienteering
That's The Spirit - The Blue of Distance
THE CLOSURE - Forget What You Know
THE CLOSURE - One Step Behind
THE CLOSURE - Vacant Hearts
THE CLOSURE - We Watched The Falling Sky
The Daysleepers - Summerdreamer.
The Goodnight Anthem - Ready For You
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - 51st Anniversary
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan cover)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Angel
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Belly Button Window
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Cherokee Mist
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Hey Joe
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - If 6 Was 9
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Izabella
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Little Wing
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Love Or Confusion
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Machine Gun
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Once I Had a Woman
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - The Ballad of Jimi
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - The Story of Life
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Chile Blues
Sisters of Mercy - Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) (Abba cover)
Theater Fire (The) - Dark Side
Theater Fire (The) - I Heard About You
Theater Fire (The) - Members of the Show 'Em How It's Done
Theatre Breaks Loose - For the record
Theatre Breaks Loose - From The Get Go
Theatre Breaks Loose - See Me Through
Theatre Breaks Loose - You And I
Theatre of Hate - Murder of Love
Thee Armada - LaLa
Thee Armada - Magnet to Misery
Thee Armada - Train to Tokyo
Thee Headcoatees - Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand
Thee Heavenly Music Association - Alain
Thee Heavenly Music Association - Running Up That Hill
Thee Heavenly Music Association - The Absolute Elsewhere
Thee Oh Sees - Make Them Kiss
Thelastplaceyoulook - Don't Make It So Easy
Thelastplaceyoulook - Say That You'll Understand
Thelonious Monster - For My Lover
Thelonious Monster - Real Kinda Hatred
Them Terribles - Bullets & Guns
Them Terribles - Tangerine
Then Jerico - Sugar Box
Theophilus London - Humdrum Town
Theoretical Girl - Good Timing
Theory Hazit - Ghetto
Theory Hazit - One Time
There Will Be Fireworks - Columbian Fireworks
There Will Be Fireworks - Foreign Thoughts
There Will Be Fireworks - Guising
There Will Be Fireworks - Headlights
theregoesthecity - Heaven Knows
theregoesthecity - You Won't Drown if You Were Born to Get Shot
These Arms Are Snakes - Cavity Carousel
These United States - Pleasure and Pain and Pride and Me
These United States - When You're Traveling At The Speed Of Light
Thieves Like Us - An Easy Tonight
Thieves Like Us - Fass
Thieves Like Us - Lady
Thieves Like Us - Program of the Second Part
Thieves Like Us - Your Heart Feels
Think About Life - Havin' My Baby
Third And The Mortal (The) - In Mist Shrouded
Third And The Mortal (The) - Oceana
Third And The Mortal (The) - Salva Me
Third And The Mortal (The) - Song
Third Hill - My Asylum
Third Memory (The) - Uncertain - Beautiful - Peaceful
Thirst (The) - My Everything
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Afraid
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - All The White Circles
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Castlebuilder
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Charlie's Song
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Danielle
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - David
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Eternity
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Hold You
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Judas Cart
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Memorial Day
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Mission Beat
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - She's Not Impressed
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Somebody Else's Princess
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Swept Away Bayou (Facing The Headlights Alone)
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - The Night That Davey Hit The Train
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - The Photograph Kills
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - The Same Person
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Things Have Got To Change
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Wendy
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - What You Want Me To Forget?
Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - You Treat Me Like Chocolate
This Ascension - Forever Shaken
This Calendar Year - A Lesson Learned
This Calendar Year - Dreamer
This Calendar Year - My Admiration
This Calendar Year - Name Calling
This Calendar Year - The Intensity
This Canvas Drips Red - Ashes to Ashes
This Heat - Not Waving
This Is Energy - If You Ever Make a Comeback
This Is My Fist - Wooden Bullets
This Kingdom Falls - We The Living
This Means You - My Indulgence
This Means You - Order 66
This Means You - River
This or the Apocalypse - Elegiac
This or the Apocalypse - Geist
This or the Apocalypse - Mauna Kea
This or the Apocalypse - Memento Mori
This or the Apocalypse - Monuments
This or the Apocalypse - Two Wars
This or the Apocalypse - We are debt
This Romantic Tragedy - Oh! There's a Disco In San Francisco
This Romantic Tragedy - Perfection Lies Among the Unperfect
This Romantic Tragedy - Seven Days Makes One Weak
This Romantic Tragedy - She Said No But It Sounded Like Go
This Romantic Tragedy - Sound Delicious
This Romantic Tragedy - The Worst Part is Waking Up
This Romantic Tragedy - Trust in Fear
This Town Needs Guns - 1470 man
This Town Needs Guns - If I Sit Still Maybe I'll Get Out Of Here
This Town Needs Guns - I'll forget about you throwing that rock cos....
ThisKingdomFalls - Dental Records
Thomas Cunningham - Follow Me Home
Thomas Cunningham - No You Can't
Thomas Tantrum - Blasé
Thomas Tantrum - Shake It! Shake It!
Thoughts Paint the Sky - Asterisk
Thoughts Paint the Sky - Distance To Me
Thoughts Paint the Sky - Enfolded
Thoughts Paint the Sky - Far From Eye, Far From Heart
Thoughts Paint the Sky - Haarspalterei
Thoughts Paint the Sky - I Threw My Hands Up In The Air, But My Arms Did...
Thoughts Paint the Sky - Kleiner drei
Thoughts Paint the Sky - Polaroids sind auch nur Menschen
Thoughts Paint the Sky - Sincerity
Thoughts Paint the Sky - Star Place #14
Thoushaltnot - New World
Thoushaltnot - Oh Invisible
Three Letter Engagement - Holly
Three Letter Engagement - Stars and Arrows Follow
Three Letter Engagement - Sycamore Hall
Three Letter Engagement - Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Three Mile Pilot - By This River
Three Mile Pilot - Grey Clouds
Three Mile Pilot - Planets
Throbbing Gristle - As It Is...
Throbbing Gristle - Assume Power Focus
Throbbing Gristle - Distant Dreams (Part Two)
Throbbing Gristle - His Arm Was Her Leg
Throbbing Gristle - Record Contract
Throbbing Gristle - See You Are
Throbbing Gristle - Still Walking (Heathen Earth Version)
Throbbing Gristle - Tesco Disco
Throbbing Gristle - Whistling Song
Throw Me The Statue - A Mutinous Dream
Throw Me The Statue - Ancestors
Throw Me The Statue - Noises
Throw Me The Statue - Pistols
Throw Me The Statue - Take It Or Leave It
Throwing Paper Airplanes - Breathe
Throwing Paper Airplanes - Five Pennies Make a Nickel
Tia Carrere - Ballroom Blitz
Tia Carrere - Why You Wanna Break My Heart
Tic Tic Boom! - All That Matters
Ticonderoga - Drunkmare
Tiger Lou - A Partial Print
Tiger Lou - An Atlas of Those Our Own
Tiger Lou - Coalitions
Tiger Lou - Crushed by a Crowd
Tiger Lou - Odessa
Tiger Lou - So Demure
Tiger Lou - The Less You Have To Carry
Tiger Lou - The More You Give
Tiger Lou - Trust Falls
Tiger Saw - Ok
Tigers on Trains - Muhammad
Tigers on Trains - Painted Face
Tigers on Trains - The Silk Road
Tigers That Talked - Black Heart, Blue Eyes
Tim 'Ripper" Owens - Starting Over
Tim 'Ripper" Owens - The Shadows Are Alive
Tim Christensen - 21st Century High
Tim Christensen - As I Let You In
Tim Christensen - Caterpillar
Tim Christensen - Falling To Pieces
Tim Christensen - India
Tim Christensen - Let's Face It
Tim Christensen - Love Is A Matter Of...
Tim Christensen - Misty Mono
Tim Christensen - One Of These Days
Tim Christensen - Prime Time
Tim Christensen - Secrets On Parade
Tim Christensen - Stanger
Tim Christensen - Superior
Tim Christensen - Time Is The Space Between Us
Tim Christensen - Two Is A Crowd
Tim Christensen - Watery Eyes
Tim Christensen - Wonder Of Wonders
Tim Kasher - Tightrope
Tim Minchin - If I didn't have you (live) Secret Policeman's Ball 2008
Tim Minchin - If I Didnt Have You
Tim Minchin - White Wine In The Sun
Tim Myers - Brand New Day (target commercial song)
Tim Myers - The Lucky Ones
Tim Rose - Morning Dew
Tim Ten Yen - Girl Number One
Tim Williams - Murderous Air
Time Spent Driving - Brown/Blue
Time Spent Driving - Europa
Time Spent Driving - Fear of Flying
Time Spent Driving - Last Times are Golden
Time Spent Driving - Special Thanks
Time Spent Driving - Throwing Stones
Time to Renew - Bright Spring Morning
Time (The) - Ice Cream Castles
Times New Viking - Another Day
Times New Viking - Come Together
Times New Viking - End of All Things
Times New Viking - Faces on Fire
Times New Viking - Mean God
Times New Viking - Off The Wall
Times New Viking - Post Teen Drama
Times New Viking - Relevant: Now
Times New Viking - The Early 80's
Times New Viking - The Wait
Timothy Victor - Into the Future
Timpuri Noi - Balalau
Timpuri Noi - Emigrant USA
Timpuri Noi - Inceput
Timpuri Noi - Lamaita
Timpuri Noi - Maricica (NATO)
Timpuri Noi - Milica
Timpuri Noi - Seara de mister
Timpuri Noi - Tata
Timpuri Noi - Vecina
Timpuri Noi - Veta
Tin Cup Prophette - Liar and the Thief
Tin Machine - Betty Wrong
Tin Machine - Heaven's In Here
Tin Pot Operation - Right and Wrong
Tin Star - Going Slow
Tin Star - Raincheck
Tin Tin Out - Here's Where The Story Ends
Tina Dickow - Friend in a Bar
Tina Dickow - No time to sleep
Tina Dickow - On The Run
Tina Dickow - When You're Away
Tina Sugandh - Lift Off
Tinpan Orange - Myself & the Devil
Tinpan Orange - She Watched Him Dance
Tinted Windows - Back With You
Tinted Windows - Can't Get a Read on You
Tinted Windows - Cha Cha
Tinted Windows - Dead Serious
Tinted Windows - Doncha Wanna
Tinted Windows - Kind of a Girl
Tinted Windows - Messing With My Head
Tinted Windows - New Cassette
Tinted Windows - Nothing to Me
Tinted Windows - Take Me Back
Tinted Windows - We Got Something
Tinted Windows - Without Love
Tiny Tim - Daddy, Daddy, What Is Heaven Like?
Tiny Tim - I Love Me (I'm Wild About Myself)
Tiny Tim - Mickey the Monkey
Tiny Vipers - CM
Tiny Vipers - Development
Tiny Vipers - Life on Earth
Tiny Vipers - Outside
Tiny Vipers - Time Takes
Tiny (The) - In Reality
Tiny (The) - My Greatest Fear
Tired Pony - First Things First
Tirzah Lemmens - Wish
TISM - If You're Ugly Forget It
Title (The) - This Could Get Ugly
Tito & Tarantula - Bleeding Roses
Titus Andronicus - No Future Part III: Escape From No Future
Tj Mccloud - Measure of Love
Tna - Jeff Jarrett (My World)
To Be Juliets Secret - Goodbye was always your Favourite Word
To My Surprise - Come With Me
To My Surprise - Say Goodbye
To My Surprise - Sunday
To My Surprise - The World's Too Small
To My Surprise - This Life
To My Surprise - Turn It Back Around
To My Surprise - Who's To Say
To Tell - All I Need To Lose
To Tell - Quicktops & Taxicabs
To Tell - The Brightest Light
To Write A Riot! - T Is For Thank You
To Write A Riot! - The Party Law
Tobacco - Baltimore Highlands
Tobacco - Dark Bubbles
Tobacco - Gross Magik
Today I Caught the Plague - Columbella
Today I Caught the Plague - Curious Lives of Human Cadavera
Today I Caught the Plague - Dead Girls Don't Smile
Today I Caught the Plague - The Artisan Movement
Today I Caught the Plague - The God City Gunfight
Todd Rundgren - Afterlife
Todd Rundgren - Compassion
Todd Rundgren - Freak Parade
Todd Rundgren - Liar
Todd Rundgren - Living
Todd Rundgren - theIndividualist
Tokyo - 670
Tokyo - Fireplace
Tokyo - Probability
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Reminiscent Lilac
Tolchock - Dying World
Tom Baxter - Almost There
Tom Baxter - Last Shot
Tom Baxter - My Declaration
Tom Cloud - Secretly
Tom Cochrane - Washed Away
Tom Flannery - Shiloh
Tom Flannery - The Newfie Wedding Song
Tom Flannery - The Wilderness
Tom Milsom - Can't
Tom Tom Club - On, on, on, on...
Tomislav Ivčić - Bepo Bagulin
Tomislav Ivčić - Dalmacijo, Kad Te More Budi
Tomislav Ivčić - Roko
Tommy Hunt - I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
Tommy Sparks - Brand New Love
Tommy Sparks - Health Club
Tommy Sparks - Miracle
Tommy Sparks - She's Got Me Dancing
Tommy Sparks - These Things Happen
Tommy Sparks - Weekend's Over
Tommy Tokyo - Derail and Demise
Tommy Tokyo - Somersault
Tommy Tokyo - The Circle Must Be Broken
Tommy Trash - Need Me To Stay
Tomorrows Rumor - Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Tomorrows Rumor - Miracle
Ton - Die Sorgen anderer
Tone Damli Aaberge - Butterflies
Tone Damli Aaberge - End of An Affair
Tone Damli Aaberge - Fever
Tone Damli Aaberge - Lazy Day In Bed
Tone Damli Aaberge - Somewhere Soft To Land
Tone Damli Aaberge - Songbird (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Tone Damli Aaberge - The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Jimmy Webb cover)
Toni Price - Just To Hear Your Voice
Tony Hadley - True
Tony Holiday - Tanze Samba Mit Mir
Tony Lucca - Devil Town
Tony Lucca - Pretty Things
Tony Rich Project (The) - Be the One
Tony Rich Project (The) - Hey Blue
Tony Rich Project (The) - Leavin'
Tony Rich Project (The) - Silly Man
Top Junk - Di Na Magdarandam
Top Junk - Hung Over Trippin'
Top Junk - I Remember
Top Junk - Sa Isip Mo
Top Junk - The In-Crowd
Toro Y Moi - New Loved Ones
Toro Y Moi - Not Only
Torque - Choking
Torque - Forgotten
Torque - Hand Over Fist
Torque - Pulled
Totally Michael - Prom Night
Totally Michael - Slow Jam
Totally Michael - Summertime
Tough Alliance (The) - The Last Dance
Toxik - 47 Seconds of Sanity / Count Your Blessings
Toxik - Pain and Misery
Toxik - Social Overload
Toxik - Voices
Toximia - Mammoth
Toximia - Survivor
Toximia - Warhorse
Toximia - Witness
Toyah - Angel & Me
Toyah - Demolition Men
Toyah - I am
Toyah - I want to be free
Toyah - Masai Boy
Toyah - Popstar
Toys In Trees - The End of Time
Toys In Trees - Ultima
Toys In Trees - Unspoken
TR3 - Meaning to Tell You
TR3 - See You in Your Dreams
TR3 - The Wind Just Blew the Door Wide Open
Trace Residence - 8th Wonder of the World
Trace Residence - Cloud Nine
Trace Residence - God's Greatest Creation
Trace Residence - Hiite
Trace Residence - Iscariot
Trace Residence - Let's Just Get This Over With
Trace Residence - Lonely Sky
Trace Residence - Now My Love, She's in Heaven Above
Trace Residence - One Last Time
Trace Residence - Promise Me (You'll Love Me 'Til The End)
Trace Residence - Quake
Trace Residence - The Clouds
Trace Residence - The Perfect Feeling, The Perfect Love
Trace Residence - Wasted Time
Trace Residence - When...?
Trace Residence - You and Me
Trace the Skyline - All The Lovers
Trace the Skyline - Missing Satisfaction
Trace the Skyline - Perfection
Trace the Skyline - Speak Their Names
Trace the Skyline - West Coast Sand
Tracey Thorn - Seascape
Tracey Thorn - Simply Couldn't Care
Tracey Thorn - Small Town Girl
Tracey Ullman - They Don't Know
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - It Must Be Somebody's Birthday
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - Theme From Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - Beautiful Dandelion
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - Singing A Song
Tracy Johnson - Baby I Hope You're Wrong
Tracy Johnson - Does It Really Matter?
Tracy Johnson - From Me To You
Tracy Johnson - Photograph
Tracy Johnson - So Simple
Tracy Johnson - Too Late to Try
Trading Voices - Back to Life
Trading Voices - Beautiful Design
Trading Voices - Never Coming Down
Trading Voices - Noxious
Trading Voices - She's Had Enough
Trading Voices - Take Cover
Trading Voices - Take Me With You
Trading Voices - The Rose's Bloom
Trading Voices - This Moment
Trading Voices - Throw The List Away
Trading Voices - Work With What's Left
Traditional - the brown and the yellow ale
Traditionist (The) - A Sleep Be Told
Traditionist (The) - Answer Phone
Traditionist (The) - Driftwood Doll
Traditionist (The) - Falling Like Trees (Certain of a Girl)
Traditionist (The) - I Know My Ocean
Traditionist (The) - Makebelieve Tree
Traditionist (The) - My Train
Traditionist (The) - No Self Portrait
Traditionist (The) - Satchel Paige
Traditionist (The) - Shallow Winter's Moon
Traditionist (The) - To The Parlor
Tragedy - No End in Sight
Tragedy - None of Your Business
Tragic Black - June's Dying
Tragically Hip (The) - Country Day
Tragically Hip (The) - MorningMoon
Tragically Hip (The) - The Depression Suite
Tragically Hip (The) - The Last Recluse
Tragically Hip (The) - Throwing Off Glass
Trains through the Countryside - Future
Trains through the Countryside - The Clockmaker
Traluma - Sweet Tasting Champagne
Traluma - Tell Tale Replace
Trampled by Turtles - Empire
Tramps And Thieves - Porcupine Jacket
Trash Unreal - Just Wait 'Til I'm Crawling All Over You
Trashmen (The) - A-Bone
Trauma Party - Just So You Know Who I'm Not
Trees Hate Everything - Brother
Trees Hate Everything - Death and Its Door
Trees Hate Everything - Future Plans
Trees Hate Everything - Girl Can't Play Guitar
Trees Hate Everything - i got nothin'
Trees Hate Everything - Intro to a Sorry Life
Trees Hate Everything - Lexi's Song
Trees Hate Everything - Omni
Trees Hate Everything - Secret Thought
Trees Hate Everything - Some Thought
Trees Hate Everything - The World I Know
Trees Hate Everything - To Be Without
Trees Hate Everything - You Could Be Sisters
Treija - Love Hate Share Rate
Tremeloes (The) - Here Comes My Baby
Trent Dabbs - Inside These Lines
Trews (The) - Shrug
Trews (The) - So Take What You Can
Trews (The) - Thru Me Cool
Trial Project (The) - Growing Age
Trial Project (The) - I Swear
Tribe Of Heaven - Half the Time
Tribe Of Heaven - Imagine We Were
Tribe Of Heaven - One War
Tribe Of Heaven - Simple Thing
Tribe Of Heaven - Waves Drift Ashore
Tricot Machine - Le trou
Trigger The Bloodshed - The Great Depression
Trisomie 21 - A Dirge For Love
Trisomie 21 - Il Se Noie
Trisomie 21 - Is Anybody Home? Part II
Trisomie 21 - Is Anybody Home? Part III
Trisomie 21 - Love For A Life
Trisomie 21 - No Way
Trisomie 21 - The Cave and the Light
Trisomie 21 - The Golden Age
Tritonal - Let Solitute
Tritonal - Piercing Quiet
Tromso - Mama Loves Tambo
Tromso - The Nature Club
Tromso - Why You Cry? I Hate Him, How Could He?
Trooper - Boys In The Bright White Sports Car
Trooper - We're Here For A Good Time
Truman & His Trophy - Beardy Tastes
Truman & His Trophy - Nails
Truman & His Trophy - Peach Tree
Truman & His Trophy - Pig Necklace