Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 320:

Nuria Fergo - Solo Tú
Nuria Fergo - Y Ahora Qué?
Enrico Nigiotti - Libera Nel Mondo
Enrico Nigiotti - Ora Basta
Pierdavide Carone - La Mia Signorina
Pilot - Mein Name Ist
Miranda Cosgrove - Kissing U
Biagio Antonacci - Se Fosse Per Sempre
Störte Priester - Mein Verlangen
Killerpilze - Ich Kann Auch Ohne Dich
Wallis Bird - 6 Ft 8
Wallis Bird - All For You
Wallis Bird - To My Bones
Hirsch Effekt (The) - Zoetrop
Hirsch Effekt (The) - Arcanum
Hirsch Effekt (The) - Laxamentum - Assorto
Hirsch Effekt (The) - Epitaph - Maestoso
Grüne Medizin - Intro
Shayne Ward - Crash
Michael Kisur - Once You Love Somebody
Michael Kisur - I'll Take Your Love With Me
Killerpilze - Rendezvous
Killerpilze - Denken
Killerpilze - Ego
Answer (The) - On And On
Answer (The) - Comfort Zone
Answer (The) - Revolutions
Answer (The) - Come Follow Me
Answer (The) - No Questions Asked
Answer (The) - Never Too Late
Answer (The) - Always
Answer (The) - Sometimes Your Love
Answer (The) - Preachin
Answer (The) - Into The Gutter
Answer (The) - Memphis Water
Answer (The) - Be What You Want
US5 - Anytime
US5 - Shook
US5 - I Don't Wanna Leave
US5 - Keep Movin
US5 - Let You Go
US5 - Just Because Of You
US5 - Come Back To Me Baby
US5 - Mama
US5 - Rhythm Of Life
Joee - New Better Than You
Joee - Maybe
Joee - Ghetto Child
Joee - Does That Make You Happy?
Juanita Bynum - I'll Sing
Juanita Bynum - Make Me Careful
Juan Luis Guerra - Vale La Pena
Juan Luis Guerra - Palomita Blanca
Juan Luis Guerra - El Primo
Juan Luis Guerra - Eres
Juan Luis Guerra - Los Dinteles
Juan Luis Guerra - Gloria
Juan Luis Guerra - Mi Padre Me Ama
Juan Luis Guerra - Las Avispas
Juan Luis Guerra - Tan Solo He Venido
Juan Luis Guerra - Extiende Tu Mano
Juan Luis Guerra - Aleluya
Juan Luis Guerra - Cancion De Sanidad
Fedro - Un Hombre De Verdad
Fedro - Yo No Naci Para Amar
Fedro - Solo Un Dia
Daddy Yankee - Me Enteré
Sabaton - Coat Of Arms
Sabaton - Midway
Sabaton - The Final Solution
Sabaton - Wehrmacht
Sabaton - The White Death
Sabaton - Metal Ripper
Silly - Schlohweißer Tag
Silly - Alle Gegen Einen
Silly - Traumteufel
Silly - Männer Woll'n Frauen
Silly - Asyl Im Paradies
Silly - Tanzt Keiner Boogie
Silly - Abendstunden
Helmut Orosz - I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Helmut Orosz - 1000 Und Eine Nacht
Thomas Karaoglan - Relight My Fire
Manuel Hoffmann - Life Is A Rollercoaster
Pipe Bueno - Me Enamore
Kim Debkowski - Krieger Des Lichts
Menowin Fröhlich - If You Don't Know Me By Now
Menowin Fröhlich - Über Sieben Brücken Musst Du Gehen
Mehrzad Marashi - Beggin
Mehrzad Marashi - Flugzeuge In Meinem Bauch
Silly - Auf & Davon
Silly - Bye Bye My Love
Silly - Dein Cabaret Ist Tot
Silly - Der Letzte Kunde
Silly - Die Gräfin
Silly - Die Alten Männer
Silly - Diebe
Flores En El Ártico - Me Pregunto
Silly - Flieg
Silly - Fliegender Fisch
Silly - Instandbesetzt
Silly - Josef Und Maria
Silly - Kinder Der Nacht
Silly - Liebeswalzer
Silly - Loch Im Kopp
Papá Changó - Al Viento
Papá Changó - Caminante
Papá Changó - Disistire
Papá Changó - Negrita
Papá Changó - Silueta
Silly - Menschenland
Silly - Nur Ein Lied
Silly - P.S.
Silly - Paradiesvögel
Silly - Raus Aus Der Spur
Silly - Rot Wie Mohn
Silly - S.O.S.
Silly - Schlaflied
Silly - Unter'm Asphalt
Silly - Weit Bis Nach Haus
Silly - Wo Bist Du?
Silly - Ein Lied Für Die Menschen
Silly - Mont Klamott
Angel & Khriz - Ella Quiere (que, He, He)
Angel & Khriz - Ayer La Vi
Angel & Khriz - No Vale La Pena
Angel & Khriz - Me Enamoré
Angel & Khriz - Dime
Angel & Khriz - Como Olvidarte
L'Algerino - M'zia
Erik Rubín - Agua Que No Has De Beber
Erik Rubín - Azul Celeste
Erik Rubín - Siempre En El Corazon
Erik Rubín - Sueño De Fantasia
Erik Rubín - Tú
Erik Rubín - Dame Amor
Erik Rubín - Contigo
Erik Rubín - Solo Tu
Erik Rubín - Eres
Erik Rubín - La Ultima Vez
Erik Rubín - Nada Que Decir
Erik Rubín - No Para De Llover
Erik Rubín - Invencibles
Erik Rubín - Vuela Conmigo (your Life)
Erik Rubín - Mejor Imposible
Erik Rubín - Luna Azul
Erik Rubín - Sonrisa Estatica
Erik Rubín - Despertar A La Vida
Erik Rubín - Corazon Hibrido
Erik Rubín - De Sol A Sol
Erik Rubín - A Donde Voy
Matteo Macchioni - The Winner Takes It All
Matteo Macchioni - I Migliori Anni Della Nostra Vita
Karima - Brividi E Guai
David Hallyday - Le Coeur Qui Boîte
David Hallyday - Welcome To Nowhere
David Hallyday - J'ai Vu Des Rivières
David Hallyday - Sur Ta Route
David Hallyday - Rien D'autre Que Nous
David Hallyday - Ma Dernière Séance
David Hallyday - Dans Nos Mains
Conchita - Tocando Madera
Robert Ramirez - Sick Of Love
Robert Ramirez - Proud Of You
K's Choice - Come Live The Life
Sleeping With Sirens - You Kill Me (in A Good Way)
Sleeping With Sirens - Let Love Bleed Red
Sleeping With Sirens - In Case Of Emergency, Dial 411
Sleeping With Sirens - The Left Side Of Everywhere
Aaron Neville - The Look
Silv-R - Tageslicht
Tua - Nachtschattengewächs
Tua - Traum
Bosshoss (The) - Last Day (Do Or Die)
Bosshoss (The) - Eagleize It
Bosshoss (The) - Boon And Bain
Bosshoss (The) - Break Free
Bosshoss (The) - 21st Century Buttkickin' Love Affair
Bosshoss (The) - Wolf Call
Bosshoss (The) - Close
Bosshoss (The) - Quick Joey Small
Bosshoss (The) - Heroes
Maccabees, The - Empty Vessels
Madison Bloodbath - The American League Is A Junior Circuit
Magic Wands - Starships
Magic Wands - Warrior
Magnetic Fields (The) - When Will You Love Me Again?
Malokai - Choose Day
Malokai - More of You
Malokai - Pieces
Malokai - Still Yours
Malokai - Walked
Marie EP - In My Heart (Remix)
Mark Hoppus - in transit
Mark Mallman - True Love
Mark Mulcahy - Resolution #1
Marla Hansen - Waltz
Massivivid - Drop
Massivivid - Found Your Faith In
Masters Of Reality - A Wish For A Fish
MatchLockAnthem - Paradise Heights
Matthew Wilder - The Kid's American
Meat Puppets - Goodnight Irene
Meat Puppets - Swimming Ground
Meeting Places, The - On Our Own
Meg And Dia Band (The) - 5 reasons
Meghan TOnjes - Anthem
Meghan TOnjes - Be In Want
Meghan TOnjes - Be Mine
Meghan TOnjes - Breathe
Meghan TOnjes - For Christmas
Meghan TOnjes - Gone
Meghan TOnjes - In Memory
Meghan TOnjes - Just Fine
Meghan TOnjes - Saved
Meghan TOnjes - Space Between
Meghan TOnjes - The End
Meghan TOnjes - The Start
Meghan TOnjes - The Story Of
Meghan TOnjes - The Weight Of
Mes Souliers Sont Rouges - Quand plus rien ne va
Michael Zapruder - Harbor Saints
Midnight Choir - Don't turn out the light
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - Wasted Summers
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - Your Life
Miho Hatori - Ecdysis
Miho Hatori - Sweet Samsara Part I
Miho Hatori - Walking City
Mimicking Birds - Home and Somewhere Else...
Mimicking Birds - New Doomsdays
Mimicking Birds - Subsonic Words
Minor Majority - By This Time Tomorrow
Minor Majority - Smile at Everyone
Mischief Brew - Ode to a Safecracker
Misunderstood (The) - Children of the Sun
Molina and Johnson - The Lily and the Brakeman
Momus - King Solomon's Song & Mine
Monarchy - Black the Colour of My Heart
Moneta - Hey California
Moneta - Last Transmission
Monolators (The) - You Look Good On The Train
Monomate - The Surfing Song
Monte And The Machine - Back To You
Monte And The Machine - Can't Stop Loving You
Monte And The Machine - Emily
Monte And The Machine - Help Along The Way
Monte And The Machine - I'm For Love
Monte And The Machine - Lonely
Monte And The Machine - Mystery
Monte And The Machine - On That Day
Monte And The Machine - The Perfect Line
Moondoggies (The) - Night & Day
Mooney Suzuki - 99%
Morning Of, The - The Ones That Fall Apart
Mountain Goats, The - All Devils Here Now
mr meeble - Fine
mr. Gnome - Cleveland Polka
mr. Gnome - Heave Yer Skeleton
mr. Gnome - Pixie Dust
mr. Gnome - Plastic Shadow
mr. Gnome - Sit Up & Hum
mr. Gnome - Slow Slide
mr. Gnome - Spain
mr. Gnome - Titor
mr. Gnome - Today Brings A Bomb
mr. Gnome - Vampires
Muted - Closer to Death
Muted - Market Garden
Mutiny Within - Awake
Mutiny Within - Falling Forever
Mutiny Within - Images
Mutiny Within - Undone
Sprachtot - Spiegelbild
Jaw & Hollywood Hank - Prolog
Jaw & Hollywood Hank - Epilog
Danny Crash - Lebt Wohl
Danny Crash - Wohin
Breathe Electric - Lovestruck
Wonderwall - Oughta Be
Nathan Phillips - Cross-Country Skis
National, The - Terrible Love
Nevershoutnever! - Coffee and Cigarettes
Nevershoutnever! - Seewhatweseas
Newtones (The) - Army (Ben Folds Five cover)
Newtones (The) - Evaporated (Ben Folds Five cover)
Newtones (The) - Love Song (Sara Bareilles cover)
Nick Gill - Breaking the Heart in
Nick Gill - Crazy English Teacher
Nick Gill - Game
Nick Gill - How it Feels (to lose a friend)
Nine Pound Hammer - Run Fat Boy Run
Nitzer Ebb - Down On Your Knees
Nitzer Ebb - My Door Is Open
Nitzer Ebb - Once You Say
No Bra - No Woman, No Crime
No-man - Pretty Genius
Nocturnal Me - The Gypsy's Glass Eye
Mad Marge And The Stone Cutters - No Looking Back
Nomy - We Fall
Mad Marge And The Stone Cutters - Sickness
Norman Bailer - Open House
Norman Bailer - Willow Wood
Mad Marge And The Stone Cutters - Walk Away
Mad Marge And The Stone Cutters - Liberation
Taj Jackson - Truth Is
Stellar Corpses - Leave A Stellar Corpse
Stellar Corpses - Love Like This
Stellar Corpses - Valley Of Madness
Kissin Dynamite - Addicted To Metal
Kissin Dynamite - High Enough
Kissin Dynamite - We Want More
Kissin Dynamite - Metal Nation
Kissin Dynamite - Freaky
Kissin Dynamite - Only The Good Die Young
Kissin Dynamite - Welcome To The Jungle
Kissin Dynamite - Lie For Me
Kissin Dynamite - Ready Steady Thunder
AC/DC - Shoot To Thrill
AC/DC - Evil Walks
AC/DC - Have A Drink On Me
AC/DC - The Razor's Edge
Axel Rudi Pell - Too Late
Axel Rudi Pell - Prisoner Of Love
Axel Rudi Pell - Dreaming Dead
Axel Rudi Pell - Glory Night
Axel Rudi Pell - Dark Waves Of The Sea (Oceans Of Time Pt.II: The Dark Side)
Axel Rudi Pell - Burning Rain
Bullet For My Valentine - Your Betrayal
Bullet For My Valentine - The Last Fight
Bullet For My Valentine - A Place Where You Belong
Bullet For My Valentine - Alone
Bullet For My Valentine - Bittersweet Memories
Bullet For My Valentine - Begging For Mercy
Benny Kieckhäben - Travelling
Ludacris - Rollercoaster
Starfield - Rediscover You
Kris Allen - Before We Come Undone
Kris Allen - The Truth
Kris Allen - Written All Over My Face
Kris Allen - Bring It Back
Kris Allen - Red Guitar
Kris Allen - Lifetime
Kris Allen - I Need To Know
Kris Allen - Heartless
Kris Allen - Send Me All Your Angels
Kris Allen - From The Ashes
Kris Allen - Apologize
Kris Allen - Falling Slowly
Keri Hilson - Hurts Me
Lady GaGa - No Floods
Alexz Johnson - L.A. Made Me
Alexz Johnson - A Little Bit
Order Of The Fly (The) - Rot
O Desolation - Germany
O.A.R. - Here's To You (Rain Or Shine Live)
O.A.R. - Love Is Worth the Fall
Office - Had a Visit
Office - If You Don't Know By Now
Office - Possibilities
Old Believers (The) - All My Trials
Old Believers (The) - Waltz #3
Old Man Luedecke - At the Airport
Old Man Luedecke - Banjo Underground
Old Man Luedecke - Cemeteries Downtown
Old Man Luedecke - First Day of Fall
Old Man Luedecke - Hinterland
Old Man Luedecke - I Quit My Job
Old Man Luedecke - I'm A Rich Man
Old Man Luedecke - Joy of Cooking
Old Man Luedecke - Little Stream of Whiskey
Old Man Luedecke - Quiet Creek
Old Man Luedecke - Roustabout
Old Man Luedecke - Spoons at Kate's
Old Man Luedecke - Sugarman
Old Man Luedecke - Wrong Side of the Country
Oso Closo - Anywhere You Want To
Oso Closo - Back Is Broken
Oso Closo - Bayou Girl
Oso Closo - Just Tonight
Oso Closo - Le Désir Du Nuage
Oso Closo - Photograph
Oso Closo - Straight Out The Gate
Oso Closo - We, Ours
Oso Closo - Weekend Song
Oso Closo - What Do You See?
Other Trees - Blood & Bones
Other Trees - Down in the Graveyard
Other Trees - Drag Me
Other Trees - Kiss the Sea
Other Trees - Recorded in the Gallows
Other Trees - Sharp Tooth
Other Trees - Skin
Other Trees - Vampires Are Real
Owlsburg - Count To Three
Owlsburg - Creature
Owlsburg - Hail Mary
Owlsburg - I Believe
Owlsburg - Soul Sleep
Owlsburg - The Curse
No Mercy - Don't Make Me Live Without You
Bratze - Trapez
Cancer Bats - Sleep This Away
Cancer Bats - Dead Wrong
Cancer Bats - Doomed To Fail
Cancer Bats - Black Metal Bicycle
Cancer Bats - Scared To Death
Cancer Bats - Snake Mountain
Cancer Bats - Make Amends
Cancer Bats - Drive This Stake
Cancer Bats - Raised Right
Sharief - Das Leben Wie Es Ist
Katie Melua - I'd Love To Kill You
Katie Melua - A Happy Place
Katie Melua - A Moment Of Madness
Katie Melua - Red Balloons
Katie Melua - Tiny Alien
Katie Melua - No Fear Of Heights
Katie Melua - The One I Love Is Gone
Katie Melua - Plague Of Love
Katie Melua - God On The Drums Devil On The Bass
Erkanes - Ich Kann Nicht Schlafen
Erkanes - Um Mitternacht
Anathema - Summernight Horizon
Anathema - Angels Walk Among Us
Miranda Cosgrove - Kissin' U
Miranda Cosgrove - Brand New You
Miranda Cosgrove - Adored
Miranda Cosgrove - Beautiful Mess
Jaci Velasquez - God So Loved The World
Jaci Velasquez - You
Jaci Velasquez - Child Of Mine (i Have Come)
Jaci Velasquez - Glory
Jaci Velasquez - Sweet Surrender
Jaci Velasquez - Made My World
Jaci Velasquez - Llegar A Ti
Jaci Velasquez - Sólo Tu
Jaci Velasquez - De Creer En Ti
Jaci Velasquez - Al Munda Dios Amó
Jaci Velasquez - Como Se Cura Una Herida
Jaci Velasquez - Bendito Amor
Jaci Velasquez - Fuego De Amor
Jaci Velasquez - Sin Ti No Puedo Vivir
Jaci Velasquez - Invierno De Mi Ser
Jaci Velasquez - Esta Vez
Jaci Velasquez - Vida Mia
Jaci Velasquez - Dejame Quererte Para Siempre
Jaci Velasquez - Jesus Is
Jaci Velasquez - Lost Without You
Jaci Velasquez - Your Friend
Jaci Velasquez - Something
Jaci Velasquez - Unspoken
Jaci Velasquez - A Un Paso De Mi Amor
Jaci Velasquez - Vida Mia
Jaci Velasquez - No Hace Falta Un Hombre
Jaci Velasquez - En El Centro De Mi Corazón
Jaci Velasquez - Dueño De Mi Corazón
Jaci Velasquez - Dejame Quererte Para Siempre
Jaci Velasquez - Un Trocito De Cielo
Jaci Velasquez - Imagine Me Without You
Jaci Velasquez - Every Time I Fall
Jaci Velasquez - God So Loved
Jaci Velasquez - We Can Make A Difference
Jaci Velasquez - If This World
Jaci Velasquez - Adore
Jaci Velasquez - Just A Prayer
Jaci Velasquez - Center Of Your Love
Jaci Velasquez - Colors Of The Heart
Jaci Velasquez - Nothing But Sky
Jaci Velasquez - It's Not You, It's Me
Jaci Velasquez - Love Out Loud
Jaci Velasquez - Jesus (the Way)
Jaci Velasquez - My Alleluia (when Words Fail )
Jaci Velasquez - Weightless
Jaci Velasquez - Tango
Jaci Velasquez - Into The Light Again
Jaheim - Whoa
Jaheim - Till It Happens To You
Jaheim - Impossible
Jaheim - Another Round
Jaheim - II Pink Lines
Dj Jad - Intro
Dj Jad - Due Settimane
Dj Jad - Lampi Che Annunciano
Dj Jad - Così Lontani
Dj Jad - Mi Manca
Spill Canvas (The) - Lay It On Me
Spill Canvas (The) - Our Song
Birthday Massacre (The) - Kill The Lights
Demi Lovato - Make A Wave
Niño Y Pistola - Catch The Sun
Niño Y Pistola - She Was So
Niño Y Pistola - Moving
Niño Y Pistola - Lookin For The Sun
Niño Y Pistola - Santa Barbara
Niño Y Pistola - Not The Time
Niño Y Pistola - Last Farewell
Felipe Conde - Los Angeles Bailan
Felipe Conde - Vida Entera
Felipe Conde - Solo Un Minuto Mas
Felipe Conde - Yo Quiero Una Rumba
Felipe Conde - Por Ti Será
Felipe Conde - Respiro El Aire
Selena Gomez - Trust In Me
Felipe Conde - Rumores
Sarah Buxton - American Daughters
Sarah Buxton - Outside My Window
Sarah Buxton - Wings
Sarah Buxton - Love Like Heaven
Sarah Buxton - Innocence
Sarah Buxton - Big Blue Sky
Felipe Conde - Déjame
Felipe Conde - Guaridirunva
Felipe Conde - Puedo Volar
Felipe Conde - Que Si O Que No
Felipe Conde - Mi Mundo De Papel
Felipe Conde - Te Olvidé En Silencio
Boyzone - Love Is A Hurricane
Boyzone - Ruby
Boyzone - One More Song
PacoVolume - Cookie Machine
Pandit - Kodiak
Paper Lions - Travelling
Parenthetical Girls - Festive Friends (Forever)
Parenthetical Girls - If It's Time For Christmas
Parenthetical Girls - Last Christmas Pt. II
Parenthetical Girls - Someone Else's Muse
Parenthetical Girls - The Fragile Class
Parenthetical Girls - Wait Another Year
Parlour Steps - Sleeping City
Paul Baribeau - Blue Cool
Paul Kelly - Crying Shame
Paul Kelly - Heavy Thing
Paul Kelly - I Wasted Time
Paul Kelly - Just About To Break
Paul Kelly - Smoke Under The Bridge
Paul Kelly - Somewhere In The City
Paul Kelly - Sure Got Me
Paul Kelly - To Be Good Takes A Long Time
Paul Mac - Just The Thing
Paul Mac - The Sound Of Breaking Up
Pavement - From Now On
Pavement - My Radio
Pavement - Price Yeah!
Pavement - Rain Ammunition
Pavement - She Believes
Pavement - Spizzle Trunk
Penguin Prison - Something I'm Not
Peter Kitsch - ABC pour casser
Pigface - Tailor Made
P!nk - Free
Pinstripes (The) - Rest My Head
Pinstripes (The) - Set Me Free
Pinstripes (The) - Wanna Go Home
Pipettes, The - So I'll Say Goodbye
Pop Will Eat Itself - Sweet Sweet Pie
Pop Will Eat Itself - There Is No Love Between Us Anymore
Project 62 - Too Bold
Psycho Motel - City of Light
Push Push Pull - Wake Up
Push Push Pull - What's the Price for?
YoungCarter - Arab Money (Freestyle)
YoungCarter - Better On The Other Side
YoungCarter - F.R.E.E.D.O.M.
YoungCarter - HSV
YoungCarter - Rockin
YoungCarter - Shake
YoungCarter - Swagga Like Ceezy (Freestyle)
Janet Jackson - Nothing
Wonderwall - Tonight
Jaylez - Gelöscht
Jaylez - Heute Nacht
Jaylez - Lüg Mich An
Jaylez - Rose
Jaylez - Zu Spät
Schlepphoden - Alcohol And Fun
Schlepphoden - Ignoranz
Ich Selber - Warum
Craig David - Signed Sealed Delivered (I'm Yours)
Craig David - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Craig David - For Once In My Life
Craig David - Mercy Mercy Me
Craig David - I Wonder Why
Craig David - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Craig David - Let's Stay Together
Hole - Letter To God
Hole - For Once In Your Life
Hole - Someone Else's Bed
Hole - Never Go Hungry
Miguel Bosé - Per Te
Christian Kane - Let Me Go
Christian Kane - Whiskey In Mind
Babylonia - A Feeling Without Feeling
Babylonia - The Corner
Babylonia - Beautiful Losers
Babylonia - Better Days
Babylonia - Ethereal Connection
Babylonia - Myself Into Myself
Babylonia - Enough Is Enough
Babylonia - Waiting For A Sun
Ryan MC - Wie Wasser
Serc651 - Schule Gehn...?!
Arno - Quelqu'un A Touché Ma Femme
Arno - God Save The Kiss
Arno - How Are You
Arno - Elle Pense Quand Elle Danse
Arno - Pop Star
Arno - Ginger Red
Arno - Dance With Her
Arno - While She Dances
Arno - Quelqu'un A Touché Ma Femme (piano Version)
Arno - Whoop That Thing
Arno - Music Is The Dope
Arno - Oh La La La
Arno - Laisse-moi Danser
Arno - Comme A Ostende
Arno - Je Suis Un Homme
Arno - Oh La La La
Arno - Comme A Ostende
Arno - Oh La La La
Arno - Vide
Deftones - Diamond Eyes
Deftones - You've Seen The Butcher
Deftones - Beauty School
Deftones - Prince
Deftones - Risk
Deftones - 976-Evil
Dota Und Die Stadtpiraten - Kein Morgen
Dota Und Die Stadtpiraten - Früh Am Morgen, örtlich Regen
Samsas Traum - Allein Unter Menschen
Samsas Traum - Peng Du Bist Tot
Samsas Traum - Der Steine Atem
Samsas Traum - Die Dame Der Kälte
Emma Marrone - Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
Dorothée - On M'appelait Dorothée
Dorothée - Coup De Tonnerre
Dorothée - En Rêvant
Dorothée - Une Chanson D'amour
Dorothée - Les Filles Aiment Les Garçons
Dorothée - La Petite Jeanne
Dorothée - En Ce Temps-là
Dorothée - Sept Ans Et Demi
Dorothée - La Valise 2010
Matteo Macchioni - Guarda Sempre Più In Là
Misconduct - Peace Love & Unity
Poncho K - Amor A Cuentagotas
Poncho K - Un Golpe Por Seguir Vivo
Poncho K - Pistolas
Poncho K - Laureles
Poncho K - El último Sol
Poncho K - Punki Gitano
Poncho K - Estrépito
Shakira - Saminamina
Neon Synthesis - Nihil
Neon Synthesis - Betrayal
Neon Synthesis - Like Ashes On A Waste Land
Neon Synthesis - Solitude + Fear
Neon Synthesis - The Sweetest Nightmare
Neon Synthesis - VII
Neon Synthesis - Catharsis
Ameerah - Sound Of Missing You
Murda Ron - Todenruhe
Murda Ron - Wunderschöne Saarland
María Rodés - Desorden
María Rodés - A Lo Mejor
María Rodés - Una Forma De Hablar
María Rodés - De Cero A Cien
María Rodés - Invisible
María Rodés - El Lobo
María Rodés - Rima Con Canción
María Rodés - La Nana Del Agua
María Rodés - Lo Que Hay Que Oír
María Rodés - Escondite
Erik Segerstedt - 2 Happy 2 Soon
Erik Segerstedt - Saturday Night
Nacho Goberna - Los Primeros Días
Nacho Goberna - Dentro De Un Porqué
Nacho Goberna - Por Sentir
Nacho Goberna - Mañana
DeLaNueve - Paga
DeLaNueve - Superflow
Ahes Diaz - Raperos De Hoy
Die Flippers - Aber Dich Gibt's Nur Einmal Für Mich
Die Flippers - Das Tagebuch
Die Flippers - Das Ganze Leben Ist Eine Wundertüte
Die Flippers - Das Geht Alles Vorbei
Die Flippers - Denn Liebeskummer Lohnt Sich Nicht
Die Flippers - Der Kleine Floh In Meinem Herzen
Die Flippers - Die Rote Sonne Von Barbados
Die Flippers - Gina
Die Flippers - Griechische Nächte
Die Flippers - Heut Nacht Hab Ich Dich Verloren
Die Flippers - In Venedig Ist Maskenball
Die Flippers - Je T'áime Heißt Ich Liebe Dich
Die Flippers - Capri Fischer
Lula - Alta Mar
Bethany Joy Lenz - Quicksand
Niños Mutantes - Quiereme Como Soy
Niños Mutantes - Las Chicas En Bikini
Niños Mutantes - Mi Mala Memoria
Niños Mutantes - Mi Niño No Quiere Dormir
Niños Mutantes - Las Noches De Insomnio
Niños Mutantes - Quién Es Mejor
Niños Mutantes - Nada Es Perfecto
Niños Mutantes - La Voz
Niños Mutantes - Mar Y Cielo
Scheusal & Kunstfehler - Am Dach Der Welt
Nouvelle Star 2010 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Vanille
Nouvelle Star 2010 - Wild World - Dave
Nouvelle Star 2010 - Les Champs-Élysées - Sacha
Nouvelle Star 2010 - The Drugs Don't Work - Sacha
Nouvelle Star 2010 - You Might Need Somebody - Annabelle
Shynèze - No One
Nouvelle Star 2010 - Blue Suede Shoes - Ambre
Nouvelle Star 2010 - Lemon Tree - Anna
Nouvelle Star 2010 - Whole Lotta Love - Benjamin
Benjamin - A Horse With No Name
Benjamin - Whole Lotta Love
Dave (FR) - Wild World
Nouvelle Star 2010 - Chain Of Fools - Marine
Sacha - The Drugs Don't Work
Sacha - Love Me Two Times
School Gyrls - Something Like A Party
School Gyrls - Detention
School Gyrls - What Goes Around
School Gyrls - Something About Him
School Gyrls - I'm Not Just A Girl
School Gyrls - Extra Extra
School Gyrls - Get Like Me
Erykah Badu - 20 Feet Tall
Erykah Badu - Window Seat
Erykah Badu - Agitation
Erykah Badu - Turn Me Away (Get Munny)
Erykah Badu - Love
Erykah Badu - Out My Mind, Just In Time
Nacho Vegas - Intro (como En Los Erizos)
Nacho Vegas - Al Final Te Estaré Esperando
Nacho Vegas - Lole Y Marc (un Amor Teórico)
Nacho Vegas - Nuevas Mañanas (guy Clark)
Nacho Vegas - Un Desastre Manifiesto
Nacho Vegas - En Lugar Del Amor
Nacho Vegas - Verano Fatal
Nacho Vegas - Ayer Te Vi
Nacho Vegas - Días Extraños
Nacho Vegas - La Pena O La Nada
Nacho Vegas - Por La Paz Y La Canción
Nacho Vegas - Serie Negra
Nacho Vegas - Bravo
Nacho Vegas - La Fin
Nacho Vegas - Con Amor Y Absurdidad
Nacho Vegas - El Ultimo Baile
Nacho Vegas - Cosas Bien Hechas
Nacho Vegas - El Hombre Que Casi Conoció A Michi Panero
Nacho Vegas - Ella Me Confundió Con Otra Persona
Nacho Vegas - Nuevos Planes, Idénticas Estrategias
Nacho Vegas - Cerca Del Cielo
Nacho Vegas - Al Norte De Mi
Nacho Vegas - Autoayuda
Nacho Vegas - La Noche Más Larga Del Año
Nacho Vegas - Noches árticas
Nacho Vegas - N.v.por La Paz Mundial
Nacho Vegas - Todos Ellos
Nacho Vegas - El Mundo En Calma
Nacho Vegas - Sólo Viento
Nacho Vegas - La Plaza De La Soledá
Nacho Vegas - Por Culpa De La Humedad
Nacho Vegas - El Salitre
Nacho Vegas - La Sed
Nacho Vegas - Monomanía
Nacho Vegas - Maldición
Nacho Vegas - La Canción De La Duermevela
Nacho Vegas - Seronda
Nacho Vegas - Blanca
Christina Aguilera - All I Need
Christina Aguilera - Love & Glamour (Intro)
Christina Aguilera - Morning Dessert (Intro)
Of Mice & Men - The Ballad Of Tommy Claytion & The Rawding Millionaire
Of Mice & Men - This One's For You
YoungCarter - Du Bist Einmalig
Miley Cyrus - Hope You Find It
Miley Cyrus - When I Look At You
Ich Selber - Stimmen
Shawn Desman - So Fresh
Serkan114 - Blaues Buch
Monica - Superman
Monica - Love All Over Me
Monica - Taxi
Monica - Blackberry
Barenaked Ladies - Summertime
Barenaked Ladies - Every Subway Car
Barenaked Ladies - How Long
Barenaked Ladies - Golden Boy
Barenaked Ladies - Watching The Northern Lights
Mary Chapin Carpenter - We Traveled So Far
Mary Chapin Carpenter - Zephyr
Mary Chapin Carpenter - Holding Up The Sky
Mary Chapin Carpenter - 4 June 1989
Mary Chapin Carpenter - I Was A Bird
Mary Chapin Carpenter - I Have A Need For Solitude
Mary Chapin Carpenter - What You Look For
Mary Chapin Carpenter - Iceland
Mary Chapin Carpenter - The Age Of Miracles
Tokio Hotel - World Behind My Wall - Remix
Bleeding Through - Salvation Never Found
Black Keys (The) - Everlasting Light
Black Keys (The) - Next Girl
Black Keys (The) - Tighten Up
Black Keys (The) - She's Long Gone
Black Keys (The) - The Only One
Black Keys (The) - Too Afraid To Love You
Black Keys (The) - Ten Cent Pistol
Black Keys (The) - Sinister Kid
Black Keys (The) - Go Getter
Black Keys (The) - I'm Not The One
Black Keys (The) - Unknown Brother
Black Keys (The) - Never Gonna Give You Up
Black Keys (The) - These Days
Rabbit Junk - Roadside Art
Rabbit Junk - You Deserve to Die
Ravi Shanker - Prabhujee
Ravi Shanker - Prabhujee (Portuguese)
Ravi Shanker - Prabhujee (English)
Ravi Shanker - Prabhujee (Spanish)
Reaching Quiet - Salad Days
Real J.O.B - Just Tell Me Now
Real J.O.B - Let Go
Real J.O.B - Lucy
Real J.O.B - You Belong in the Light
Rolling Stones (The) - Walkin' Thru The Sleepy City
Ronnie Hawkins - 40 Days
Ronnie Hawkins - Mary Lou
Ropes, The - A Lot You Can Learn in a Room
Ropes, The - Addicted to Morals
Ropes, The - Civil Lanterns
Ropes, The - I Miss You Being Gone
Ropes, The - Love is a Chain Store
Rose Tattoo - Assault & Battery
Rose Tattoo - Branded
Rose Tattoo - Death Or Glory
Rose Tattoo - I Had You First
Rose Tattoo - Manzil Madness
Rose Tattoo - Out Of This Place
Royal Bangs - 1993
Royal Bangs - Brainbow
Royal Bangs - Maniverse
Royal Bangs - Waking Up Weird
Royal Bangs - War Bells
Royal Guardsmen (The) - Airplane Song (My Airplane)
Rumour said Fire (The) - Evil Son
Ryan Harvey - Addie Polk
Ryan Harvey - In The Name Of Western Democracy
Ryan Harvey - Onward, Great Liberator!
Ryan Harvey - Over My Dead Body
Ryan Harvey - Placing the Blame
Ryan Harvey - The Gates of Heaven
Ryan Harvey - The Slave Boat and the Merchant Ship
Saint Etienne - Tony Jacket
SALO .E - Nothing in between
Sam Isaac - Come Back Home Tonight
Sarah Blasko - New Religion
Sarah Blasko - Will You Ever Know
Satellites & Sirens - All The Same
Satellites & Sirens - All We Need Is Sound
Satellites & Sirens - Breaking The Noise
Satellites & Sirens - Come On
Satellites & Sirens - Hello, Don't Go
Satellites & Sirens - Light The Night
Satellites & Sirens - Take Me Back
Scott Lucas & The Married Men - Crosshairs
Scott Lucas & The Married Men - Weatherman
Seams (The) - August 30
Seams (The) - Closer
Seams (The) - Coming Home
Seams (The) - Everything You Do
Seams (The) - If You Don't Call
Seams (The) - Real Love
Seams (The) - Stay
Seams (The) - When I Feel
Seams (The) - Yvonne
Sean Hayes - Garden
Sean Hayes - Honeybees Falling
Sean Hayes - Open Up a Window
Sean Hayes - When We Fall In
Secret Handshake, The - What's Wrong
Seelenzorn - Warum
Setu-Firestorm - Hemisphere
Setu-Firestorm - Still Alive
Setu-Firestorm - Twilight
Setu-Firestorm - With Open Eyes
Sharon Van Etten - Pickin' Up Rocks
She & Him - Earth (Hot Fudge cover)
She & Him - Gonna Get Along Without You Now (Skeeter Davis cover)
She & Him - Lotta Love (Neil Young cover)
She & Him - Ridin' in My Car (NRBQ cover)
She Is A Liar - A Judas Kiss
She Is A Liar - Embodying The End
She Screams Remedy - Allegoria
She Screams Remedy - Ghost in the Machine
She Screams Remedy - Pandora's Box
She Screams Remedy - Travesty
Shining (Sweden) - Asa Nisi Masa
Los Seis Días - Pretérito Perfecto
Los Seis Días - Globos Aerostáticos
Los Seis Días - La Olla Exprés
Los Seis Días - Te Odio
Los Seis Días - Noches
Los Seis Días - Infinitamente
Los Seis Días - Está Bien
Charades - Grito Tu Nombre
Galactus - Cuatro Colores
Galactus - Salomón
Varry Brava - No Gires
Varry Brava - Piérdete
Varry Brava - Casualidad
Varry Brava - Radioactivo
Varry Brava - Miedo
Varry Brava - No Puedes
Varry Brava - Disco
Ely & Lila - Tout Ce Qui Brille
Prinz Pi - 2013
Prinz Pi - Die Letzte Frage
Prinz Pi - Wenn Es Nacht Wird
Cary Brothers - Ghost Town
Cary Brothers - Break Off The Bough
Cary Brothers - After The Fall
Cary Brothers - Someday
Cary Brothers - Belong
Cary Brothers - Alien
Cary Brothers - Something About You
Indica - Valokeilojen Vampyyri
Indica - Vuorien Taa
Indica - Murheiden Maa
Indica - 10 H Myöhässä
Indica - Kersantti Karoliina
Indica - Pahinta Tänään
Indica - Scarlett
Death Before Dishonor - Remember
Death Before Dishonor - Boys In Blue
Autolux - Census
Autolux - Highchair
Autolux - Supertoys
Autolux - Audience No. 2
Tua - Meine Lieblingslieder
Jackie Boyz - World's Apart
Jackie Boyz - Cross Country
Jackie Boyz - Ships And Planes
Jackie Boyz - She's Not Perfect
Jackie Boyz - Greatest Lie
Jackie Boyz - Sunset Boulevard
Jackie Boyz - Stick Up
G.G. Anderson - Mama Lorraine
G.G. Anderson - Sommer - Sonne - Cabrio
G.G. Anderson - Engel Von Valparaiso
G.G. Anderson - Ich Glaube An Die Zärtlichkeit
G.G. Anderson - Ich Bin Verliebt In Dich
G.G. Anderson - Am Strand Von Malaga
G.G. Anderson - Cheerio
G.G. Anderson - Mädchen Mädchen
G.G. Anderson - Ich Bin So Treu Wie Gold
G.G. Anderson - Rosalie
G.G. Anderson - Sommernacht In Rom
G.G. Anderson - Unser Himmelbett War Nur Der Strand
G.G. Anderson - Auf Einer Wolke
G.G. Anderson - Die Sonne Von St. Helena
G.G. Anderson - S.O.S. Mein Herz Ertrinkt
G.G. Anderson - Santa Lucia Versunken Im Meer
Jonas Brothers - Give Love A Try
Jonas Brothers - Pizza Girl
Jonas Brothers - Keep It Real
Jonas Brothers - Work It Out
Jonas Brothers - Love Sick
Jonas Brothers - Time Is On Our Side
Jonas Brothers - I Left My Heart In Scandinavia
Jonas Brothers - Live To Party
Crystal Bowersox - You Can't Always Get What You Want
Lacey Brown - Ruby Tuesday
Didi Benami - Play With Fire
Crystal Bowersox - Me And Bobby Mcgee
Didi Benami - You're No Good
Siobhan Magnus - Superstition
Paige Miles - Honky Tonk Women
Paige Miles - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
Katie Stevens - Wild Horses
Katie Stevens - Big Girls Don't Cry
Lee Dewyze - The Letter
Tim Urban - Under My Thumb
Tim Urban - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Andrew Garcia - Gimme Shelter
Andrew Garcia - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Casey James - It's All Over Now
Casey James - The Power Of Love
Michael Lynche - Miss You
Michael Lynche - When A Man Loves A Woman
Frightened Rabbit - The Loneliness And The Scream
Frightened Rabbit - Living In Colour
Frightened Rabbit - Yes, I Would
Frightened Rabbit - Fast Blood
Frightened Rabbit - Old Old Fashioned
Frightened Rabbit - The Twist
Frightened Rabbit - Head Rolls Off
Frightened Rabbit - The Greys
Frightened Rabbit - Go Go Girls
Frightened Rabbit - Behave!
Frightened Rabbit - Square 9
Dota Und Die Stadtpiraten - Alles Du, Alles Dur
Andrés Calamaro - El Día De La Mujer Mundial
Andrés Calamaro - La Parte De Adelante
Andrés Calamaro - Más Duele
Andrés Calamaro - Cuando Te Conocí
Andrés Calamaro - Son Las Nueve
Andrés Calamaro - Las Dos Cosas
Andrés Calamaro - Paloma
Andrés Calamaro - Victoria Y Soledad
Andrés Calamaro - Voy A Dormir
Andrés Calamaro - Las Heridas
Andrés Calamaro - Para Qué
Andrés Calamaro - Pasemos A Otro Tema
Andrés Calamaro - No Tengo Tiempo
Andrés Calamaro - Señal Que Te He Perdido
Andrés Calamaro - Cartas Sin Marcar
Andrés Calamaro - Por Mirarte
Andrés Calamaro - Mi Nena
Andrés Calamaro - En El Medio De La Ciudad
Andrés Calamaro - Qué Vida Cruel
Andrés Calamaro - Miro Por La Ventana
Ay Haití - Ay Haití
Albertucho - Ojos De Ceniza
Albertucho - Hoy Llueve
Albertucho - Purita Dinamita
Los Delinqüentes - El Voltereta
Iguana Tango - Una Historia En Brooklyn
Iguana Tango - Mi Ultimo Blues
Iguana Tango - Eras Tu
Iguana Tango - La Barra Americana
Iguana Tango - Cada Noche
Iguana Tango - Si Los Angeles
Iguana Tango - Tu Circo Y Mis Enanos
Bruce Springsteen - Jag Vill Vara Din Margareta
Ramzi - Fall In Love
Daniel Cirera - Sorry Sorry Sorry
Daniel Cirera - Castle Of Sand
Drake Bell - Modern Times
Mehrzad Marashi - Hard To Say I'm Sorry
Menowin Fröhlich - What Is Love
Menowin Fröhlich - How Deep Is Your Love
Kim Debkowski - Du Hast Mich Tausenmal Belogen
Kim Debkowski - Almost Lover
Manuel Hoffmann - Ein Stern (Der Deinen Namen Trägt)
Manuel Hoffmann - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Thomas Karaoglan - Das Geht Ab
Thomas Karaoglan - Stand By Me
AaRON - Rise
Sr Chinarro - Tímidos
Sr Chinarro - Esplendor En La Hierba
Sr Chinarro - Del Montón
Sr Chinarro - No Dispares
Sr Chinarro - G.g Peningstone
Sr Chinarro - Gitana
Sr Chinarro - El Lejano Oeste
Sr Chinarro - Angela
Sr Chinarro - El Mar De La Tranquilidad
Sr Chinarro - Militar
Sr Chinarro - La última Cena
Sr Chinarro - La Cruz Verde
Sr Chinarro - El Peor Poema
Sr Chinarro - Remordimientos
Sr Chinarro - El Rito
Sr Chinarro - Humor Amarillo
Sr Chinarro - El Cuadro
Sr Chinarro - El Cabo De Trafalgar
Sr Chinarro - Paso Yo
Sr Chinarro - Los Carteles
Sr Chinarro - La Piña Conseguida
Sr Chinarro - Smoking
Sr Chinarro - Marrones
Sr Chinarro - Pelillos A La Mar
Sr Chinarro - Han Quedado Níquel
Sr Chinarro - La Callé Mojada
Sr Chinarro - Respuestas Para Misses
Sr Chinarro - No Vale Reírse De Los Solos
Sr Chinarro - Con Las Vainas Olvidadas
Sr Chinarro - Sección De Telescopios
Sr Chinarro - Epilady
Sr Chinarro - Capillitas Cruz Del Campo
Sr Chinarro - Nh3 Light
Sr Chinarro - Plug In
Sr Chinarro - Con Algas Como Peluca
Sr Chinarro - Ya Tienes Quien Te Planche
Sr Chinarro - Robando Gusanitos
Sr Chinarro - Falta
Sr Chinarro - Merche
Sr Chinarro - Una Manzana Más Abajo
Sr Chinarro - Informe Para Un Barco Vikingo
Sr Chinarro - Santateresa
Sr Chinarro - Club 8 Que 80
Sr Chinarro - Farolillo Rojo
Sr Chinarro - Puentes De Plata
Sr Chinarro - Tu Casa O La Mía
Sr Chinarro - Miramos En La Caja
Sr Chinarro - Diario De Pitágoras
Sr Chinarro - Ouija
Sr Chinarro - Chaufferette
Sr Chinarro - El Libro Gordo De Peut-etre
Sr Chinarro - El Tío De La Cabra
Sr Chinarro - Tres Pianos
Sr Chinarro - Sal De La Tarta
Sr Chinarro - Peteneras
Sr Chinarro - En El Arroyo Del Belén
Sr Chinarro - Papá Matemáticas
Sr Chinarro - A La Comba
Sr Chinarro - Mi Caracola Loca
Sr Chinarro - Niño Helado
Sr Chinarro - Escapa Amanecer
Keri Hilson - Dem Boys
Livvi Franc - Automatik
New Young Pony Club - Lost A Girl
New Young Pony Club - Chaos
New Young Pony Club - Oh Cherie
New Young Pony Club - Talking, Talking
Richthofen - Aus Der Einsamkeit
Richthofen - Blut Der Pferde
Richthofen - Hart Am Wind
Richthofen - Helden Der Zeit
Dune - Stages
Týr - Into The Storm
T. Rex - Deborah
Tacks, The Boy Disaster - Matilda
Cama Maya - Guess It's Alright
Cama Maya - Intersection
Cama Maya - All The Stars
Takida - Breathe
Takida - give in to me
Takida - Leave Me Alone
Takida - The Dread
Tallest Man On Earth (The) - Burden Of Tomorrow
Tallest Man On Earth (The) - The Drying of the Lawns
Tallest Man On Earth (The) - The Wild Hunt
Tallest Man On Earth (The) - Thousand Ways
Tallest Man On Earth (The) - Troubles Will Be Gone
Tastydactyls (The) - Ma Suds
Tastydactyls (The) - Shards
Tastydactyls (The) - Slip! Slip! Slip!
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Ativan Eyes
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Mourning In America
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - The Mighty Sparrow
That Fleeting World - Cannons
That Fleeting World - Pilot Pilot
Thee Oh Sees - Burning Beauties
Thee Oh Sees - I Am Slow
Thee Oh Sees - Sugar Boat
Through The Walls - My Perfect Storm
Through The Walls - Sunsets and Best Bets