Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 323:

Ricky Nelson - Poor Little Fool
Ricky Nelson - Travelin' Man
Ricky Nelson - Waitin' In School
Ricky Skaggs - Coal Minin' Man
Ricky Skaggs - Crying My Heart Out Over You
Ricky Skaggs - Highway Forty Blues
Ricky Skaggs - Soldier Of The Cross
Ricky Van Shelton - I'll Leave This World Loving You
Ricky Van Shelton - I've Cried My Last Tear For You
Riddlin Kids - Faithful
Riddlin Kids - Wasted Away
Riddlin' Kids (The) - Anyday Now
Riddlin' Kids (The) - Everything Is Gonna Be Okay
Riddlin' Kids (The) - Follow Through
Riddlin' Kids (The) - Tell Me Truly
Ride - All I Can See
Ride - Cool Your Boots
Ride - Furthest Sense
Ride - In A DIfferent Place
Ride - Kaleidoscope
Ride - Polar Bear
Ride - Seagull
Ride - Here And Now
Ride - Time Machine
Rides Again - Never Know
Rides Again - Who, What, When
Ridgway, Stan - Camouflage
Riding Bikes - This Family Name
Rie Tanaka - Ningyo Hime [English]
Right Hand Drive - 114 Minutes Of Silver Lining
Right Hand Drive - Beneath The Shortwaves
Right Hand Drive - Hearts, Stars, And Horseshoes
Right Hand Drive - Just Another Sunday
Right Hand Drive - Maynard Mill
Right Hand Drive - Room For Two
Right Hand Drive - Wake Up Wingfield
Right Said Fred - Deeply Dippy
Right Said Fred - Stand Up For The Champions
Right Said Fred - You're My Mate
Righteous Jams - Rage Of Discipline
Righteous Jams - Iron Mind
Righteous Jams - No Glory
Righteous Jams - Small Fish
Rikki - Suteki Da Ne
Riley - Afraid To Fall
Riley - Can't Just Walk Away
Riley - Carnival
Riley - Dig Me Up Let Me Out
Riley - Run Into Me
Riley - Shoulda
Riley - So Scared
Riley - Tonight I'll Be Gone
Riley - Why Don't You Try?
Riley Armstrong - Sleep
Ringer - Blockage
Ringer - Complementary
Ringer - Looker
Ringer - Monday
Ringer - Nicety
Ringer - Oxen
Ringer - Starving
Ringer - Wayne
Rio Klein - Fearless
Riot Act - Distant Early Warning
Riot Act - Write My Name On The Wall
Riot Before (The) - Explosions From Above
Riot Before (The) - A Drop In The Ocean
Riot Before (The) - Really Good Reasons To Swear
Rip Chords (The) - Hey Little Cobra
Rip Chords (The) - Three Window Coupe
Ripe With Decay - Vita
Riplets (The) - Hey Mickey
Ripping Hearts Out By Hand - Only Matters Of The Heart
Ripwikit - Callypigos
Ripwikit - Cicada
Ripwikit - Focus Above
Ripwikit - Moonrise
Ripwikit - Serenity
Ripwikit - When We Become
Risa Ohki - Hope Of Love
Rise (The) - 51/17
Rise (The) - An Automated Response, If You Will
Rise (The) - Constructive Criticism For A Predetermined Body Type
Rise (The) - Goals, Methodology, Assessment
Rise (The) - If All You Have Is A Hammer, Everything Begins To Look Like Nails
Rise (The) - Sophisticated Approach
Rise (The) - The Fallacy Of Retrospective Determinism
Rise (The) - The Machine Question
Rise Electric - Greatest Day
Rise Electric - Who Am I
Rise To Fall - Beginning The End
Rising (The) - Cradle
Rising Neptune - and It All Comes Down To I Love You
Rising Neptune - Heart Of Glass
Rising Neptune - How Long Is Forever
Ritchie Valens - Donna
Ritefully Rong - Confused
Ritefully Rong - Im Me
Ritefully Rong - Waste Of Money
Ritefully Rong - Yellow
Ritter - Burky
Rival Schools - Accept The Compliment
Rival Schools - Daydream
Rival Schools - Good Things
Rival Schools - High Acetate
Rival Schools - Holding Sand
Rival Schools - My Echo
Rival Schools - Travel By Telephone
Rival Schools - Used For Glue
Riverboat Gamblers (The) - The Curse Of The Ivory Coast
Riverclub (The) - Call If You Want To
Rivieras (The) - California Sun
Roachford - Feel For Me
Roachford - Feel For Me Baby
Roachford - Only To Be With You
Roadside Monument - Boasting In Weakness
Roadside Monument - Eight Hours Away From Being A Man
Roadside Monument - Greek Tragedy
Roadside Monument - Immersion
Rob Crow - Helicopter
Rob Crow - Bam Bam
Robbie Fulks - Let's Kill Saturday Night
Robbie Nevil - C'est La Vie
Robbie Nevil - Wot's It To Ya
Robert Burns - Raving Winds
Robert John - Sad Eyes
Robert Johnson - Come On In My Kitchen
Robert Johnson - Dead Shrimp Blues
Robert Johnson - Honeymoon Blues
Robert Johnson - I Believe I'll Dust My Broom
Robert Johnson - I'm A Steady Rolling Man
Robert Johnson - If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
Robert Johnson - Kind Hearted Woman Blues
Robert Johnson - Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Robert Johnson - Little Queen Of Spades (take 1)
Robert Johnson - Love In Vain
Robert Johnson - Rambling On My Mind
Robert Johnson - Stones In My Passway
Robert Johnson - Terraplane Blues
Robert Johnson - They're Red Hot
Robert Johnson - Traveling Riverside Blues
Robert Matarazzo - Crime Of My Life
Robert Matarazzo - Dora Maar
Robert Matarazzo - Too Late
Robert Miles - Freedom
Robert Miles - One And One
Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love
Robert Palmer - Every Kinda People
Robert Palmer - I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
Robert Palmer - Johnny And Mary
Robert Palmer - She Makes My Day
Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistable
Robert Palmer - Some Like It Hot
Robert Randolph And The Family Band - Thrill Of It
Robert Skoro - 2318
Robert Skoro - As The Halo
Robert Skoro - Two-Part Harmony
Robert Wyatt - Alifib
Robert Wyatt - Alifie
Robert Wyatt - Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road
Robert Wyatt - Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road
Robert Wyatt - Sea Song
Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding
Robert Wyatt - The Age Of Self
Roberta Flack - I (Who Have Nothing)
Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly
Roberta Flack - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Roberto Carlos - Lady Laura
Robin Barrett - Dark, Dark Night
Robin Barrett - Naughty Little Girl (Hot Mix)
Robin Barrett - Party!
Robin Barrett - Small Change Lady
Robin Barrett - The Cha Cha Of Love
Robin Barrett - The Way You Love
Robin Barrett - This House Of Blues
Robin Black & The Intergalacticrockstars - Better Than You
Robin Black & The Intergalacticrockstars - Plastic Fantastic
Robin Black & The Intergalacticrockstars - Some Of You Boys [and Most Of You Girls]
Robin Black & The Intergalacticrockstars - Better Off That Way
Robin Black & The Intergalacticrockstars - We Saw Right Through Ya
Robin Black & The Intergalacticrockstars - Why Don't You Love Me?
Robin Fox - Deena
Robin Ward - Wonderful Summer
Robins (The) - Out Of The Picture
Robot Ate Me (The) - After The War
Robot Ate Me (The) - Apricot Tea
Robot Ate Me (The) - Bad Feelings
Robot Ate Me (The) - Come Together
Robot Ate Me (The) - Crispy Christian Tea Time
Robot Ate Me (The) - Everyone Was Still
Robot Ate Me (The) - Goodnight: I Almost Died!
Robot Ate Me (The) - Hi, Love
Robot Ate Me (The) - I Slept Through The Holocaust
Robot Ate Me (The) - I'm OK
Robot Ate Me (The) - In The Fire
Robot Ate Me (The) - Jesus And Hitler
Robot Ate Me (The) - Just One Girl
Robot Ate Me (The) - Kept Our Hands Warm
Robot Ate Me (The) - Lately
Robot Ate Me (The) - Oh No Oh My
Robot Ate Me (The) - Our Bones Were Chalk
Robot Ate Me (The) - Regret
Robot Ate Me (The) - So We Stopped
Robot Ate Me (The) - Sugar & My Rotted Teeth
Robot Ate Me (The) - The Tourist
Robot Ate Me (The) - This Love Is Waiting
Robot Ate Me (The) - Tonight
Robot Ate Me (The) - Watermelon Sugar
Robot Ate Me (The) - We Ate Each Other
Robot Ate Me (The) - What We Thought Was Fog
Robot Ate Me (The) - Where Love Goes
Robot Ate Me (The) - You Don't Fill Me Up The Same
Robot Ate Me (The) - You Smile
Robot Goes Here - 01001101 (Failing The Turing Test)
Robot Monster Weekend - Escape From Werewolf Point
Robot Monster Weekend - Laborland
Robustos (The) - Don't Stay Away
Robyn - Anytime You Like
Robyn - Eclipse
Robyn - Here We Go
Robyn - How
Robyn - Keep This Fire Burning
Robyn - Robotboy
Robyn - Show Me Love
Robyn - You've Got That Something
Robyn - With Every Heartbeat
Robyn Hitchcock - Airscape
Robyn Hitchcock - Another Bubble
Robyn Hitchcock - Balloon Man
Robyn Hitchcock - Brenda's Iron Sledge
Robyn Hitchcock - Cynthia Mask
Robyn Hitchcock - Dwarfbeat
Robyn Hitchcock - Egyptian Cream
Robyn Hitchcock - Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis)
Robyn Hitchcock - Freeze
Robyn Hitchcock - Glass
Robyn Hitchcock - I Often Dream Of Trains
Robyn Hitchcock - I Saw Nick Drake
Robyn Hitchcock - I'm Only You
Robyn Hitchcock - If You Were A Priest
Robyn Hitchcock - Madonna Of The Wasps
Robyn Hitchcock - One Long Pair Of Eyes
Robyn Hitchcock - Serpent At The Gates Of Wisdom
Robyn Hitchcock - She Doesn't Exist
Robyn Hitchcock - Sleeping With Your Devil Mask
Robyn Hitchcock - So You Think You're In Love
Robyn Hitchcock - Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl
Robyn Hitchcock - Superman
Robyn Hitchcock - Sweet Ghost Of Light
Robyn Hitchcock - The Man Who Invented Himself
Robyn Hitchcock - The Man With The Lightbulb Head
Robyn Hitchcock - Ultra Unbelievable Love
Robyn Hitchcock - Veins Of The Queen
Robyn Hitchcock - Vibrating
Robyn Hitchcock - Viva Sea-Tac!
Robyn Hitchcock - Wafflehead
Robyn Hitchcock - Wax Doll
Robyn Hitchcock - Winchester
Roches (The) - Anyway
Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers - Everybody's Gotta Live
Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers - Funny Little Feeling
Rock And Roll With Rage - Answers
Rock And Roll With Rage - Changes In Your Life
Rock And Roll With Rage - Greatest Loss Of All
Rock Plaza Central - 08/14/03
Rock Plaza Central - Anthem For The Already Defeated
Rock Plaza Central - Fifteen Hands
Rock Plaza Central - My Children, Be Joyful
Rock Plaza Central - Our Pasts, Like Lighthouses
Rock Star Scientists - Transmutation
Rockapella - Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?
Rockell - I Fell In Love
Rockell - In A Dream
Rockell - Runaway With Me
Rockell - Say You'll Be Mine
Rockell - When I'm Gone
Rocket Fm - Icarus
Rocket From The Crypt - Eye On You
Rocket From The Crypt - I'm Not Invisible
Rocket From The Crypt - Made For You
Rocket From The Crypt - On A Rope
Rocket From The Crypt - Out Of Control
Rocket From The Crypt - Venom Venom
Rocket From The Crypt - Young Livers
Rocket Punch - Pink Cashmere
Rocket Science - Be
Rocket Science - Being Followed
Rocket Science - Losing An Edge
Rocking Horse Winner (The) - Atmosphere
Rocking Horse Winner (The) - Christmas Day
Rocking Horse Winner (The) - Miss You
Rocking Horse Winner (The) - Playing With Lights
Rocking Horse Winner (The) - Raspberry Water
Rocking Horse Winner (The) - Sleep Well
Rocking Horse Winner (The) - Splitting Up
Rocking Horse Winner (The) - Sweet Smell Before The Rain
Rocking Horse Winner (The) - Tomorrow
Rocking Horse Winner (The) - When Songbirds Sing
Rockwell Church - Apollo
Rockwell Church - Better Days
Rockwell Church - Isn's She Everything
Rockwell Ryan - I Don't Wanna Sing
Rockwell Ryan - Leaving Song
Rockwell Ryan - Never Knew
Rockwell Ryan - On My Way
Rockwell Ryan - One More Day
Rockwell Ryan - Sunshine
Rockwell Ryan - Unraveled
Rockwell Ryan - Waited Too Long
Rocky Fortune (The) - Glass In The Gravel
Rocky Fortune (The) - Priceless Vices
Rocky Horror Picture Show (The) - Don't Dream It
Rocky Horror Picture Show (The) - Once In A While
Rocky Horror Picture Show (The) - Sweet Transvestite
Rocky Horror Picture Show (The) - The Sword Of Damocles
Rocky Horror Picture Show (The) - Time Warp
Rod - Goodbye
Rod Gozzett - Endeavour
Rodox - Horário Nobre
Rodox - Não Lembro Mais
Rodox - Quem Dá Mais
Rodox - Quem Tem Coragem Não Finge
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - God Gave Me A Gun
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Green And Dumb
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Leave An Open Door
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Little Hungover You(Hidden Track)
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Love, Come Lighten My Load
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Don't Need Another Thrill
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Sleep Like A Baby
Roger Daltrey - Giving It All Away
Roger Daltrey - Say It Ain't So Joe
Roger Daltrey - Under A Raging Moon
Roger Daltrey - Without Your Love
Roger Hodgson - Puppet Dance
Roger Hodgson - You Make Me Love You
Roger McGuinn - Heave Away
Roger McGuinn - It's Gone
Roger Waters - 4.30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)
Roger Waters - 4.33 AM (Running Shoes)
Roger Waters - 4.47 AM (The Remains Of Our Love)
Roger Waters - 5.06 AM (Every Strangers Eyes)
Roger Waters - Breathe
Roger Waters - Each Small Candle
Roger Waters - Four Minutes
Roger Waters - Give Birth To A Smile
Roger Waters - Perfect Sense, Part I
Roger Waters - Sea Shell And Stone
Roger Waters - The Flickering Flame
Roger Waters - TOWERS OF FAITH
Roger Waters - What God Wants, Part II
Roger Waters - What God Wants, Part III
Roger Waters - Who Needs Information
Roger Waters - Folded Flags
Roger Waters - Hello I Love You
Roger Waters - The Anderson Shelter
Roger Waters - The Attack
Roland Orzabal - Hypnoculture
Roland Orzabal - Kill Love
Roland Orzabal - Ticket To The World
Rolf Harris - Burgular Bold
Rolf Harris - Six White Boomers
Rolf Harris - Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport
Rolling Stones (The) - 19th Nervous Breakdown
Rolling Stones (The) - 2,000 Man
Rolling Stones (The) - All Down The Line
Rolling Stones (The) - All Sold Out
Rolling Stones (The) - Almost Hear You Sigh
Rolling Stones (The) - Always Suffering
Rolling Stones (The) - Angie
Rolling Stones (The) - Anybody Seen My Baby
Rolling Stones (The) - Around And Around
Rolling Stones (The) - Blinded By Rainbows
Rolling Stones (The) - Break The Spell
Rolling Stones (The) - Brown Sugar
Rolling Stones (The) - Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Rolling Stones (The) - Carol
Rolling Stones (The) - Casino Boogie
Rolling Stones (The) - Child Of The Moon
Rolling Stones (The) - Citadel
Rolling Stones (The) - Confessin' The Blues
Rolling Stones (The) - Congratulations
Rolling Stones (The) - Connections
Rolling Stones (The) - Cool, Calm & Collected
Rolling Stones (The) - Dance (pt. 1)
Rolling Stones (The) - Dandelion
Rolling Stones (The) - Dear Doctor
Rolling Stones (The) - Don't Stop
Rolling Stones (The) - Don't Wanna Go Home
Rolling Stones (The) - Doncha Bother Me
Rolling Stones (The) - Down The Road Apiece
Rolling Stones (The) - Emotional Rescue
Rolling Stones (The) - Factory Girl
Rolling Stones (The) - Far Away Eyes
Rolling Stones (The) - Fight
Rolling Stones (The) - Fingerprint File
Rolling Stones (The) - Fool To Cry
Rolling Stones (The) - Fortune Teller
Rolling Stones (The) - Get Off Of My Cloud
Rolling Stones (The) - Good Times
Rolling Stones (The) - Grown Up Wrong
Rolling Stones (The) - Hand Of Fate
Rolling Stones (The) - Hang Fire
Rolling Stones (The) - Harlem Shuffle
Rolling Stones (The) - Heart For Sale
Rolling Stones (The) - Heart Of Stone
Rolling Stones (The) - Hold Back
Rolling Stones (The) - Honky Tonk Woman
Rolling Stones (The) - How Can I Stop
Rolling Stones (The) - Hurricane
Rolling Stones (The) - I Got The Blues
Rolling Stones (The) - I Just Want To See His Face
Rolling Stones (The) - I'm Alright
Rolling Stones (The) - If You Need Me
Rolling Stones (The) - Imagination
Rolling Stones (The) - Infamy
Rolling Stones (The) - It Won't Take Long
Rolling Stones (The) - It's All Over Now
Rolling Stones (The) - Jig Saw Puzzle
Rolling Stones (The) - Just Wanna See His Face
Rolling Stones (The) - Let It Loose
Rolling Stones (The) - Little Baby
Rolling Stones (The) - Look What The Cat Dragged In
Rolling Stones (The) - Look What You've Done
Rolling Stones (The) - Love In Vain
Rolling Stones (The) - Love Is Strong
Rolling Stones (The) - Loving Cup
Rolling Stones (The) - Low Down
Rolling Stones (The) - Luxury
Rolling Stones (The) - Mean Disposition
Rolling Stones (The) - Memory Motel
Rolling Stones (The) - Mercy, Mercy
Rolling Stones (The) - Midnight Rambler
Rolling Stones (The) - Miss Amanda Jones
Rolling Stones (The) - Mona (i Need You Baby)
Rolling Stones (The) - Monkey Man
Rolling Stones (The) - Moon Is Up
Rolling Stones (The) - Moonlight Mile
Rolling Stones (The) - Mother's Little Helper
Rolling Stones (The) - Neighbours
Rolling Stones (The) - No Expectations
Rolling Stones (The) - Off The Hook
Rolling Stones (The) - One Hit (to The Body)
Rolling Stones (The) - One More Try
Rolling Stones (The) - Parachute Woman
Rolling Stones (The) - Play With Fire
Rolling Stones (The) - Poison Ivy
Rolling Stones (The) - Pretty Beat Up
Rolling Stones (The) - Ride On Baby
Rolling Stones (The) - Route 66
Rolling Stones (The) - Sad Sad Sad
Rolling Stones (The) - Salt Of The Earth
Rolling Stones (The) - Satisfaction
Rolling Stones (The) - Send It To Me
Rolling Stones (The) - She Was Hot
Rolling Stones (The) - Shine A Light
Rolling Stones (The) - Short And Curlies
Rolling Stones (The) - Sister Morphine
Rolling Stones (The) - Sittin On A Fence
Rolling Stones (The) - Sleep Tonight
Rolling Stones (The) - Something Happened To Me Yesterday
Rolling Stones (The) - Soul Survivor
Rolling Stones (The) - Stray Cat Blues
Rolling Stones (The) - Street Fighting Man
Rolling Stones (The) - Sway
Rolling Stones (The) - Sweethearts Together
Rolling Stones (The) - The Lantern
Rolling Stones (The) - The Last Time
Rolling Stones (The) - The Singer Not The Song
Rolling Stones (The) - The Spider And The Fly
Rolling Stones (The) - Thief In The Night
Rolling Stones (The) - Till The Next Goodbye
Rolling Stones (The) - Time Waits For No One
Rolling Stones (The) - Too Tough
Rolling Stones (The) - Torn & Frayed
Rolling Stones (The) - Under My Thumb
Rolling Stones (The) - Under The Radar
Rolling Stones (The) - Wanna Hold You
Rolling Stones (The) - We Love You
Rolling Stones (The) - Who'd Been Sleeping Here
Rolling Stones (The) - Yesterday's Paper
Rolling Stones (The) - You Better Move On
Rolling Stones (The) - You Can't Catch Me
Rolling Stones (The) - You Got The Silver
Rolling Stones (The) - You Gotta Move
Rolling Stones (The) - Crackin' Up
Rolling Stones (The) - Little Queenie
Rolling Stones (The) - Mannish Boy
Rolling Stones (The) - Shake Your Hips
Rollins Band - All I Want
Rollins Band - Another Life
Rollins Band - Brother Interior
Rollins Band - During A City
Rollins Band - Fool
Rollins Band - Grip
Rollins Band - Hello
Rollins Band - Just Like You
Rollins Band - Liar
Rollins Band - Neon
Rollins Band - Obscene
Rollins Band - Saying Goodbye Again
Rollins Band - Shame
Rollins Band - Stop Look & Listen
Rollins Band - Tearing
Rollins Band - The End Of Something
Rollins Band - Volume 4
Rollins Band - Illumination
Romantics (The) - Talking In Your Sleep
Romantics (The) - What I Like About You
Romeo Retarded - Ask Me Why
Romeo Retarded - Barcode
Romeo Retarded - Highroad
Romina Johnson - Into You
Romulus Rex - A Spider
Romulus Rex - Brumschwig & Fils
Romulus Rex - It Was Halloween
Romulus Rex - Life In The Big City
Romulus Rex - Power Goes Out
Romulus Rex - Run Away
Romulus Rex - Spring Time
Romulus Rex - The Forest Part I (Lost And Lonely)
Romulus Rex - The Forest Part II (The Grand Ol' Tour)
Romulus Rex - The Forest Part III (Megalomania)
Romulus Rex - Wait Up
Romulus Rex - Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Road
Romulus Rex - I Don't Want To End Up Like Doug
Romulus Rex - Oh, The Subtle Wonders
Romulus Rex - Reptiles
Romulus Rex - Snake And Cat
Romulus Rex - The Ballad Of Lonely Kate
Ron Sexsmith - Just My Heart Talking
Ron Sexsmith - Maybe This Christmas
Ron Thal - Freak
Ron Thal - Hermit
Rondelles (The) - Do It For Me
Rondelles (The) - Rediscover Fire
Ronettes (The) - Keep Dancing
Ronettes (The) - Walking In The Rain
Ronnie Milsap - Daydreams About Night Things
Ronnie Milsap - Smokey Mountain Rain
Ronnie Milsap - There's No Gettin' Over Me
Ronny & The Daytonas - G.T.O.
Rookie Lot (The) - Leaving Verona
Rookie Lot (The) - Museums
Rookie Lot (The) - Year's Last Snowfall
Rookie Lot (The) - Escape From Levittown
Rookie Lot (The) - Theme Song Of The Night Flyers
Room 104 - 1,000 Miles Away
Room 104 - Burned Out Stars
Room 104 - Jemo
Room 104 - One Last Time
Room 104 - The Last Day Of Our Lives
Room 4 Error - It's Been Too Long
Room 4 Error - She Walked Away
Room 5 - Make Luv
Roomates (The) - Dead Monkeys
Roomates (The) - Facial Hair
Roomates (The) - Livin' In Trees
Rootjoose - Holiday
Rootjoose - Inspiration
Rootjoose - Place So Near
Rootjoose - The Parradiddle Song
Rootjoose - Virtually Fat Free
Rory - Packed More Trunks Than The Jersey Mob
Rory - Tonight I Just Don't Care, I'm Having A Candy Dinner
Rory Allen Phillips - 10 Start Program
Rory Allen Phillips - Blood Keeps Bleeding
Rory Allen Phillips - Faking A Feeling
Rory Allen Phillips - False Positives
Rory Allen Phillips - Little White Lie
Rory Allen Phillips - Love Won't Be Enough
Rory Allen Phillips - Mean Time
Rory Allen Phillips - Passing The Overpass
Rory Allen Phillips - Someone You Used
Rory And The Artificial Heart - False Positives
Rory And The Artificial Heart - Mean Time
Rory Breaker - Just One
Rory Breaker - My Ex-girlfriend Dumped Me
Rory Breaker - Questions And Answers
Rory Breaker - Sean's Song
Rory Breaker - So Long
Rory Breaker - Today
Rory Breaker - Wasting Time
Rory Gallagher - A Million Miles Away
Rory Gallagher - As The Crow Flies
Rory Gallagher - Brute Force & Ignorance
Rory Gallagher - Calling Card
Rory Gallagher - Country Mile
Rory Gallagher - Jackknife Beat
Rory Gallagher - Philby
Rory Gallagher - Pistol Slapper Blues
Rory Gallagher - Walk On Hot Coals
Rory Gallagher - Who's That Coming
Rory Gallagher - Barley And Grape Rag
Rosa - Hit The Bottle
Rosa - Hitched Up Kids
Rosa - Leah's Song
Rosa - Umm Like Yer Smile Is So Totally Ruling Me Right Now
Rose Chronicles - Dwelling
Rose Chronicles - Lovely Psycho
Rose Chronicles - Ornament
Rose Chronicles - Torn
Rose Garden (The) - Next Plane To London
Rose Hill Drive - Reptilian Blues
Rose Hill Drive - The Guru
Rose Melberg - I Will
Rose Polenzani - Down
Rose Polenzani - Gottstamondtir
Rose Polenzani - Heaven Release Us
Rose Polenzani - Look No Hands
Rose Polenzani - Monster
Rose Polenzani - Napalm Train
Rose Polenzani - Parhelion
Rose Polenzani - Parking Ticket
Rose Polenzani - Peacetime
Rose Polenzani - Seven
Rose Polenzani - The Mud
Rose Polenzani - The Same Height
Rose Polenzani - The Soft Parts
Rose Tattoo - Nice Boys
Rose Tremont (The) - A Simple Mistake
Rose Tremont (The) - Blue Fork Revival( This One Goes Out To The Rsr!)
Rose Tremont (The) - Breathe Or Leave
Rose Tremont (The) - Dr Eulogy
Rose Tremont (The) - Jump I Said Yes
Rose Tremont (The) - Key In Her Mouth
Rose Tremont (The) - Kiva
Rose Tremont (The) - Move
Rose Tremont (The) - Song 37
Rose Tremont (The) - Standing Against The Wall
Rose Tremont (The) - Thanatopsis
Rose Tremont (The) - Ventilation Shaft
Rose Tremont (The) - When Surrounded
Rosemary Clooney - Mambo Italiano
Rosemarys (The) - Catherine
Rosenbergs (The) - After All
Rosenbergs (The) - Department Store Girl
Rosenbergs (The) - Overboard
Rosenstolz - Ausgesperrt
Rosenstolz - Das gelbe Monster
Rosenstolz - Die Liebe ist tot
Rosenstolz - In den Sand gesetzt
Rosenstolz - Gib mir mehr Himmel
Rosesdead - Marcello Carbrera Is A Crook
Rosetta Stone - Adrenaline
Rosewood Thieves (The) - Diamond Ring
Rosey - Love
Rosie Thomas - Paper Airplane
Rosie Vela - Magic Smile
Ross Lippencott - Around The World
Ross Lippencott - Everything
Ross Lippencott - Find My Way To You
Ross Lippencott - Lonely Eyes (In The Mirror)
Ross Lippencott - No Turning Back
Ross Lippencott - Where Did You Go
Roxi Monoxide - 30 Second Song
Roxi Monoxide - 35 Cents
Roxi Monoxide - My Falling
Roxi Monoxide - Nothing Good On
Roxi Monoxide - So Long Sweet Pea
Roy Acuff - Wabash Cannonball
Roy Harper - Another Day
Royal City - At Rush Hour The Cars
Royal Crown Revue - A Bronx Hello
Royal Crown Revue - Besame Mija (Baille Para Qui)
Royal Crown Revue - Beyond The Sea
Royal Crown Revue - Boogie After Midnight
Royal Crown Revue - Datin' With No Dough
Royal Crown Revue - Mugzy's Move
Royal Crown Revue - Park's Place
Royal Crown Revue - She Walks On Fire
Royal Crown Revue - Something's Gotta Give
Royal Crown Revue - Stormy Weather
Royal Crown Revue - The Rise And Fall Of The Great Mondello
Royal Crown Revue - Trouble In Tinsel Town
Royal Guardsmen (The) - Baby Let's Wait
Royal Guardsmen (The) - Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron
Royal Guardsmen (The) - The Return Of The Red Baron
Royal Teens - Short Shorts
Royal Trux - Have You Met Horror James
Royal Trux - Have You Met Horror James?
Royal Trux - 10 Days 12 Nights
Royal Trux - Air
Royal Trux - Hot And Cold Skulls
Royal Trux - Teeth
Royal Trux - Turn Of The Century
Royce Da 5'9 - Life
Rozz Williams - The Pope's Egg Hat
Ruby Doe (The) - Red Letters
Rubyhorse - Any Day Now
Rubyhorse - Bitter
Rubyhorse - Evergreen
Rubyhorse - Fell On Bad Days
Rubyhorse - Horseless
Rubyhorse - Into The Lavender
Rubyhorse - Live Though This
Rubyhorse - Sparkle
Rubyhorse - Teenage Distraction
Ruder Than You - Daydream Drivin'
Rudiger - Opportunity
Rudiger - Safe With You
Rudiger - The Call
Rudiger - Unforeseen
Rudy+blitz - Carmel My Dog
Rudy+blitz - Cut The Grass
Rudy+blitz - Humbahdigiduh
Rudy+blitz - Refried Beans
Rudy+blitz - Self-Anxious Waiting
Rudy+blitz - Teach
Rudy+blitz - Thanks Anyway
Rudy+blitz - Turtle Frown
Ruet Caelum - What To Do In Case Of Fire
Rufus King - Just What I Need
Rufus King - Stupid To Wish
Rugburns - Gold's Gym Guy
Rugburns - Hitchhiker Joe
Rugburns - Holliston Street
Rugburns - Lockjaw
Rugburns - Morning Song
Rugburns - Now's Not The Right Time For Love
Rugburns - Old Lover's House
Rugburns - Pitbull
Rugburns - Sesame Street
Rugburns - Single Life
Rugbys (The) - You, I
Rui Veloso - Miúda (Fora De Mim)
Rui Veloso - Não Me Mintas
Rui Veloso - No Dia Da Comunhão Solene
Rui Veloso - No Dia Em Que O Méno Rock Morreu
Rui Veloso - Psicadélico Desesperado
Rui Veloso - Sámapatti
Rui Veloso - Twist é Sedução II
Ruled (The) - 22-30
Ruled (The) - B-side
Ruled (The) - Clear And Quiet
Ruled (The) - Digressing
Ruled (The) - Formal
Ruled (The) - Good Luck In Chicago
Ruled (The) - It's Not Right
Ruled (The) - Thefastone
Rumbleseat - Restless
Rumbleseat - Saturn In Crosshairs
Rumour (The) - Queen Of Betrayal
Run Level Zero - Headless
Run Lola Run - Running Two
Runaway Orange - A Little Better
Runaway Orange - He Met A Girl
Runaway Orange - Like You Care
Runaway Orange - Picture
Runaway Orange - Tip Of The Day
Runaway Orange - Welcome Home Roxy Carmicheal
Runaways (The) - All Right Now
Runaways (The) - Cherry Bomb
Runaways (The) - Hollywood Cruisin'
Runaways (The) - Hollywood Dream
Runaways (The) - I'm A Million
Runaways (The) - Johnny Guitar
Runaways (The) - Little Lost Girls
Runaways (The) - Little Sister
Runaways (The) - Neon Angels On The Road To Ruin
Runaways (The) - Right Now
Runaways (The) - Take It Or Leave It
Runaways (The) - Trash Can Murders
Runaways (The) - Waitin' For The Night
Running From Dharma - Our Song
Running From Dharma - Sandbox
Running From Nothing - Mikey
Running From Nothing - Shattered Glass
Running Late - 22 Reasons
Running Late - No Response
Running Late - Peroxide
Running Late - Recover
Running Late - Second Chance
Running Late - Texas
Running Late - Where Is My Home Now?
Running On Empty - Club For Broken Hearts
Running On Empty - Defense Mechanisms
Running On Empty - Illusions
Running On Empty - Jigsaw
Running On Empty - Just Like Old Times
Running On Empty - Kate's Song (Fall Through)
Running On Empty - Light Years Away
Running On Empty - Loose Your Eraser
Running On Empty - Plan For The Future
Running On Empty - That's All You Get
Running On Empty - Your Real Face
Runrig - Big Songs Of Hope And Cheer
Runrig - Hearthammer
Runrig - Hearts Of Olden Glory
Runrig - Rocket To The Moon
Runrig - Skye
Runrig - Wall Of China/One Man
Rupert Holmes - Him
Rupert Holmes - Terminal
Rurouni Kenshin - Freckles
Rurouni Kenshin - Heart Of Sword
Rushlow - I Can't Be Your Friend
Rushmore - Grenadine
Russ Columbo - Guilty
Russ Columbo - Just Friends
Russ Columbo - Prisoner Of Love
Russ Columbo - Street Of Dreams
Russ Columbo - You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love
Russian Futurists (The) - New England Winters
Russian Futurists (The) - Our Pen's Out Of Ink
Russian Futurists (The) - Pine Prisonyard
Russian Futurists (The) - Sentiments Vs. Syllables
Russian Futurists (The) - Still Life
Russian Futurists (The) - The Matador's Theme
Russian Futurists (The) - The Plight Of The Flightless Bird
Russian Futurists (The) - These Seven Notes
Russian Futurists (The) - Troy Weight
Russian Futurists (The) - Two Dots On A Map
Rusted Root - Airplane
Rusted Root - Artificial Winter
Rusted Root - Away From
Rusted Root - Baby Will Raam
Rusted Root - Back To The Earth
Rusted Root - Beautiful People
Rusted Root - Cat Turned Blue
Rusted Root - Cruel Sun
Rusted Root - Dangle
Rusted Root - Faith I Do Believe
Rusted Root - Heaven
Rusted Root - Infinite Space
Rusted Root - Live A Long Time
Rusted Root - Magenta Radio
Rusted Root - Martyr
Rusted Root - My Love
Rusted Root - Primal Scream
Rusted Root - River In A Cage
Rusted Root - Scattered
Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way
Rusted Root - She Roll Me Up
Rusted Root - Sister Contine
Rusted Root - Too Much
Rusted Root - Tree
Rusted Root - Voodoo
Rusted Root - Weave
Rusted Root - Welcome To My Party
Rusted Root - Where She Runs
Rusted Root - Blue Diamonds
Rusted Root - Hands Are Law
Rusted Root - You Can't Always Get What You Want
Rustic Overtones - 20 Years
Rustic Overtones - Carnival
Rustic Overtones - Carsick
Rustic Overtones - Check
Rustic Overtones - Colors Of Discipline
Rustic Overtones - Combustible
Rustic Overtones - Feast Or Famine
Rustic Overtones - Feel
Rustic Overtones - Hit Man
Rustic Overtones - Long Division
Rustic Overtones - Love Underground
Rustic Overtones - Pop Trash
Rustic Overtones - Rock Like War
Rustic Overtones - Scarecrow
Rustic Overtones - Slowly
Rustic Overtones - Smoke
Rustic Overtones - Valentine's Day Massacre
Rusty Santos - Demon
Rusty Santos - Everything Ok
Rusty Santos - True Prep
Rusty Truck - 1000 Kisses
Ruth Etting - Hello Baby!
Ruth Mackenzie - Kaikk' Mïä
Rutles (The) - Baby Let Me Be
Rutles (The) - Baby S'il Vous Plait
Rutles (The) - Baby S'il Vous Plait (English Translation)
Rutles (The) - Between Us
Rutles (The) - Don't Know Why
Rutles (The) - Easy Listening
Rutles (The) - Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik
Rutles (The) - Get Up And Go
Rutles (The) - Goose Steppin' Mama
Rutles (The) - Hold My Hand
Rutles (The) - I Must Be In Love
Rutles (The) - It's Looking Good
Rutles (The) - Joe Public
Rutles (The) - Let's Be Natural
Rutles (The) - Lonely-Phobia
Rutles (The) - Major Happy's Up And Coming Once Upon A Good Time Band
Rutles (The) - Number One
Rutles (The) - Ouch!
Rutles (The) - Questionnaire
Rutles (The) - Rendezvous
Rutles (The) - The Knicker Elastic King
Rutles (The) - Unfinished Words
Rutles (The) - We've Arrived (And To Prove It We're Here)
Rutles (The) - With A Girl Like You
Ruts (The) - Staring At The Rude Boys
Rx - Boys And Girls
Rx Bandits (The) - And The Battle Begun
Rx Bandits (The) - 1980
Rx Bandits (The) - A Mouth Full Of Hollow Threats
Rx Bandits (The) - All The Time
Rx Bandits (The) - All The Time (acoustic)
Rx Bandits (The) - Andrea
Rx Bandits (The) - Anyone But You
Rx Bandits (The) - Babylon
Rx Bandits (The) - Band-Aid
Rx Bandits (The) - Consequential Apathy
Rx Bandits (The) - Crushing Destroyer
Rx Bandits (The) - Decrescendo
Rx Bandits (The) - Get
Rx Bandits (The) - In All Rwanda's Glory
Rx Bandits (The) - Infection
Rx Bandits (The) - Innocense
Rx Bandits (The) - Maybe
Rx Bandits (The) - More
Rx Bandits (The) - Never Loved (Live DVD Jam)
Rx Bandits (The) - Never Slept So Soundly
Rx Bandits (The) - Now Or Never
Rx Bandits (The) - On A Lonely Screen
Rx Bandits (The) - One Million Miles An Hour, Fast Asleep
Rx Bandits (The) - Only For The Night
Rx Bandits (The) - Overcome (The Recapitulation)
Rx Bandits (The) - Prophetic
Rx Bandits (The) - S.A.M.
Rx Bandits (The) - Saw Red
Rx Bandits (The) - Tainted Wheat
Rx Bandits (The) - Taking Chase As The Serpent Slithers
Rx Bandits (The) - To Our Unborn Daughters
Rx Bandits (The) - Too-Tone
Rx Bandits (The) - Up To No Good
Rx Bandits (The) - Valentine's Day
Rx Bandits (The) - VCG3
Ryan Crawifs - Any Better
Ryan Crawifs - Good Bye For The Last Time
Ryan Crawifs - The Great Escape
Ryan Donowho - Mark It
Ryan Ferguson - Suddenly
Ryan Ferguson - On Elvira Street
Ryan Ferguson - Wait For Me There
Ryan Harvey - The Times They Are Not A-changin'
Ryan Montbleau - Already There
Ryan Montbleau - Consolation Prize
Ryan Montbleau - Tuesday Morning
Ryan Shupe - Dream Big
Ryan Star - We Might Fall
Ryan Taylor Bliss - I'll Get Through
Ryan Taylor Bliss - I'm Sorry
Ryan Taylor Bliss - Our Carolina
Ryan Taylor Bliss - Where Are You
Ryan Tedder - All For You
Ryan Tedder - I Will Try
Ryan Tedder - On My Way Here
Ryan Tedder - Show Me
Ryan Tedder - The Look
Rydell - All My Neighbours Have Moved
Rydell - Bring The Lights Down
Rydell - Dreams And Lines
Rydell - Fire At The End Of The Street
Rydell - Gilsenan
Rydell - Hey Neve Campbell
Rydell - Honeywell Shirt
Rydell - Margin For Ever
Rye Coalition - Hot Strikes
Rye Coalition - One Daughter Hotter Than One Thousand Suns
Rye Coalition - Stop Eating While Im Smoking
Rye Coalition - The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God
Ryker's - Guilty
Ryker's - You'll Never Walk Alone
Ryshe' - Leilani
S - 5 Dollers
S - Another X-mas W/out You
S - Bells
S - Crushed
S - Everyone Else
S - Falling
S - I'm Fine... Bye Bye
S - I'm So Bored I'm Going To Sleep
S - Lemonade Sweetheart
S - Pathetic
S - Reach For The Sky
S - Sadstyle
S - The Coffin Of Your True Love
S - Try
S - Up And Down
S - You Decide
S.e.s - Dreams Come True
S.O.A.P. - Deep In My Heart
S.O.A.P. - Ladidi Ladida
S.O.A.P. - Live Forever
S.O.A.P. - Romeo And Juliet
S.O.A.P. - Soap Is In The Air
S.O.A.P. - This Is How We Party
S.P.O.C.K. - Alien Attack
S.P.O.C.K. - Not Human
S.P.O.C.K. - Out In Space
S.P.O.C.K. - Romulan Ale
S2s - Sister
Saaa - Ardor
Saaa - Burden
Saaa - Computer Nerd, Baby
Saaa - Girls Want Danny B
Saaa - Ice Cream Cone
Saaa - The Long Drive
Saba - Burning Here
Saba - For Dean
Saba - Someone Like You
Sacred Sunday - Faded Memory
Sacred Sunday - Feel Our Love
Sacred Sunday - For Jake
Sacred Sunday - I Want To Love You
Sacred Sunday - Mary
Sacred Sunday - May
Sacred Sunday - My Pain Inside
Sacred Sunday - The Silence
Sacred Sunday - There's Someone Better
Sacred Sunday - Where Are We?
Sacred Sunday - Why Did We All Go?
Sad Breakfast - Don't Forget
Sad Breakfast - Hurt Me
Sad Breakfast - That Sounds Great
Sad Breakfast - Washington
Sad Lovers And Giants - The Tightrope Touch
Sadetanssi - Kuka Tätä Rantaa Keinuttaa?
Sadetanssi - Niin Kuin Yö Ja Päivä
Sadies Doll - 500 Years Dub
Safe In Heaven Dead - Boardwalk Summer
Safe In Heaven Dead - For You, Oceania
Safe In Heaven Dead - Gasquet Considered Corrupting The Youth Of Athens His Crowning Moment
Safe In Heaven Dead - Not Everyone Heals As Fast As You
Safe In Heaven Dead - Tennis Girls Have Perfect Legs
Safety In Numbers - Dealer
Said Bert - Alone And Waiting
Said Bert - Death Form Impurity
Said Bert - Hill Valley
Said Bert - Miss Demeanor
Said Bert - Pieces Of You
Said Bert - The Morning After Pill
Said Sadly - Alone Within
Said Sadly - Autumn
Said Sadly - Clear And Cold
Said Sadly - Firefly Fields
Said Sadly - Futile Plains
Said Sadly - Goodnight
Said Sadly - Million Thoughts
Said Sadly - Reverend
Said Sadly - Song On The Floor
Said Sadly - Springlight
Sailcat - Motorcycle Mama
Sailor - The Secretary
Sailor Moon - 21st Century
Sailor Moon - Amazon Trio No Yume Sagashi
Sailor Moon - Choubi! Uranusu To Nepuchuun
Sailor Moon - DORAKURU Hakushaku No Kodoku
Sailor Moon - Dream Yume Wa Ookiku
Sailor Moon - Galaxia Gorgeous
Sailor Moon - GONDORA No Koibito-tachi
Sailor Moon - Here Comes The Tuxedo Mask
Sailor Moon - Honoo No Messenger
Sailor Moon - Kakyuu-ouhi To SURII RAITSU
Sailor Moon - Kick Out A Bloody Mystery
Sailor Moon - Kono Kodou Kara Ya Ha Umarenai
Sailor Moon - Link
Sailor Moon - Moonlight Densetsu (english)
Sailor Moon - Muma No Odori
Sailor Moon - ORUREAN No Seisenshi
Sailor Moon - Over The Moon
Sailor Moon - Sailor Busters
Sailor Moon - Toki Michite Kourin
Sailor Moon - Traditional The Grace ~ Ai No Arashi ~
Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Mission
Sailor Moon - Wake Up Usagi
Sailormoon - Ai No Megami No
Sailormoon - Ai O Shinjiteru; I Believe In Love
Sailormoon - Akahana No Tonakai; Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Sailormoon - Anata No Sei Janai; It's Not Your Fault
Sailormoon - Call My Name (and I'll Be There) (raye's Song)
Sailormoon - Chikara O Awasete; Combining Strengths
Sailormoon - Christmas No Uta; The Christmas Song
Sailormoon - Daddy's Girl
Sailormoon - Fire Soul Love
Sailormoon - Fly Me To The Moon
Sailormoon - Here In My Heart
Sailormoon - Hoshi Ni Negai O; When You Wish Upon A Star
Sailormoon - I Wanna Be A Star
Sailormoon - I Want Someone To Love
Sailormoon - It's A New Day
Sailormoon - Jingle Bells
Sailormoon - Last Christmas
Sailormoon - Luna!
Sailormoon - Maboroshi No Ginzuishou-Silver Crystal; Silver Crystal's Illusion-Silver Crystal
Sailormoon - My Only Love
Sailormoon - Nothing At All
Sailormoon - Oh Starry Night
Sailormoon - Only A Memory Away
Sailormoon - Rainy Day Man
Sailormoon - Sailor Moon Live Action Trailer Theme Song
Sailormoon - Seija Ga Machi No Yatte Kuru; When The Saints Go Marching In
Sailormoon - She's Got The Power
Sailormoon - Tear Our Hearts In Two
Sailormoon - The Power Of Love
Sailormoon - Unmei Wa Utsukushiku; Fate Is So Beautiful
Sailormoon - Who Do You Think You Are?
Sailormoon - Zigzag Slash
Saint Etienne - 4:35 In The Morning
Saint Etienne - Action
Saint Etienne - Afraid To Go Home
Saint Etienne - Avenue
Saint Etienne - Been So Long
Saint Etienne - Burnt Out Car
Saint Etienne - Clark County Record Fair
Saint Etienne - Dutch TV
Saint Etienne - Everything I Touch Turns To Gold
Saint Etienne - Filthy
Saint Etienne - Goodnight Jack
Saint Etienne - Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi)
Saint Etienne - Hit The Brakes
Saint Etienne - Hobart Paving
Saint Etienne - How We Used To Live
Saint Etienne - Hug My Soul
Saint Etienne - Join Our Club
Saint Etienne - Kiss And Make Up
Saint Etienne - Like A Motorway
Saint Etienne - Lose That Girl
Saint Etienne - Madeleine
Saint Etienne - Mario's Cafe
Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Saint Etienne - Pale Movie
Saint Etienne - Postman
Saint Etienne - Relocate
Saint Etienne - Slow Down At The Castle
Saint Etienne - Split Screen
Saint Etienne - Stars Above Us
Saint Etienne - Tell Me Why (feat. Paul Van Dyk)
Saint Etienne - The Bad Photographer
Saint Etienne - Who Do You Think You Are
Saint Etienne - Wood Cabin
Saint Etienne - You're In A Bad Way
Saint Low - Crash
Saint Seiya - Blue Forever
Saint Seiya - Chikyuugi
Saint Seiya - Kimi To Onaji Aozora
Saint Seiya - Knights Of The Zodiac
Saint Seiya - Pegasus Fantasy
Saint Seiya - Força Astral
Saint Seiya - Sagitário
Saints (The) - I'm Stranded
Saints (The) - Always, Always
Saints (The) - Miss Wonderful
Saints (The) - Simple Love
Saints (The) - Somebody
Saints (The) - Untitled
Saiyans (The) - Magical
Saiyans (The) - Painless?
Sakamoto Maaya - Hemisphere
Sakura Saku - Love Hina Opening
Sal Mineo - A Couple Of Crazy Kids
Salads (The) - Get Loose
Salads (The) - Unhappy
Salads (The) - Today Is Your Lucky Day