Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 97:

Holy Mess (The) - Positive Noise
Holy Mess (The) - Nervous Sister
Holy Mess (The) - Worthless Original
Holy Mess (The) - The Weight
Counterpunch - Heroes & Ghosts
Counterpunch - The Great Regression
Counterpunch - When The Curtains Close
Counterpunch - Strings Of Destiny
Counterpunch - Sweet And Sour
Counterpunch - A Raven's Curse
Counterpunch - Parasites / Scenester Kids
Counterpunch - So Long
Counterpunch - A Shot From The Hip
Counterpunch - I Will Knock You Off The Face Of Hardcore
Counterpunch - Mr. Right
Counterpunch - Your Leap Year
Camélia Jordana - Dans La Peau
Lily Allen - Bass Like Home
Crowns (The) - Closed Mind, Closed Eyes
Crowns (The) - Still Wanting
Crowns (The) - Flawed
TV Girl - Birds Don't Sing
TV Girl - Louise
TV Girl - Hate Yourself
TV Girl - Lovers Rock
Cesar Comanche - Last Rays
Cesar Comanche - First Light
Cween - Loin De Toi
Cween - Poker
Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden - My Old Flame
Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden - My Ship
Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden - Round Midnight
Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden - Everything Happens To Me
Big Wreck - A Place To Call Home
Big Wreck - Diamonds
Big Wreck - Still Here
Big Wreck - Break
Big Wreck - Off And Running
Big Wreck - Come What May
Big Wreck - A Place To Call Home (Reprise)
Toni Gonzaga - Incapable
Toni Gonzaga - Take Me, I'll Follow
Toni Gonzaga - Steep
Toni Gonzaga - This Love Is Like
Rich Gubaly - Flores & Chocolate
Gerard Way - Action Cat
Cixi - Alla Faccia
Victoria Solé - Cuál Es El Plan
Deichkind - Ich Habe Eine Fahne
Kacey Musgraves - The Trailer Song
Banda De Turistas - La Máquina Favorita
Banda De Turistas - Un Verdadero Cajón De Madera
Banda De Turistas - El Canto
Banda De Turistas - Sueño O.
Banda De Turistas - Todo Mío El Otoño
Banda De Turistas - MCR (Mágico Corazón Radiofónico)
Banda De Turistas - Días De Prosperidad
Banda De Turistas - El Rogadero
Banda De Turistas - Nadie Sabe Bien Banda De Turistas
Banda De Turistas - La Hora Del Segundo
Banda De Turistas - Su Sangre Por Sed
Banda De Turistas - Amigos
Banda De Turistas - Cada Día
Banda De Turistas - Decepciones
Banda De Turistas - Arriba Del Tigre
Banda De Turistas - Al Otro Lado
Banda De Turistas - Alumbra
Banda De Turistas - El Viento
Starset - First Light
Interpol - My Desire
Interpol - Same Town, New Story
Interpol - Everything Is Wrong
Interpol - Breaker 1
Interpol - Twice As Hard
Interpol - The Depths
Balsam Range - From A Georgia Battlefield
Allman Brown - Ancient Light
Allman Brown - Foolish Love
Allman Brown - Shape Of You
Luis Campos - Cuando Llegaste Así
Luis Campos - La Vida Que Elegi
Death Of An Era - We The People
Swollen Members - Blood Sport
Shovels and Rope - Pinned
Shovels and Rope - Swimmin' Time
Shovels and Rope - Stono River Blues
Shovels and Rope - Ohio
Shovels and Rope - The Ice Will Melt
I The Breather - Setting:Sun
I The Breather - Soul:Seek
I The Breather - Self:Restore
I The Breather - Dear:Devil
I The Breather - Demon:Dreams
I The Breather - Identity:Crisis
OK Go - Turn Up The Radio
OK Go - Writings On The Wall
OK Go - I Won't Let You Down
OK Go - The One Moment
Front Bottoms (The) - 12 Feet Deep
Front Bottoms (The) - Jim Bogart
Front Bottoms (The) - Be Nice To Me
Adriana Lucía - Cedro
Adriana Lucía - Voy A Cogé La Maleta
Adriana Lucía - La Canción Más Bonita
Adriana Lucía - Tú Eres +
Adriana Lucía - Vuelvo A Respirar
Adriana Lucía - Ya Te Solté
Adriana Lucía - Dime
Adriana Lucía - La Aventurera
Adriana Lucía - Borron Y Cuenta Nueva
Adriana Lucía - Puerto Escondido
Adriana Lucía - Quiero Que Te Quedes
Adriana Lucía - Porro Bonito
Adriana Lucía - Champeta Rosa
Adriana Lucía - Quisiera
Adriana Lucía - Contentamiento
David Bazan - Bands With Managers
David Bazan - How I Remember
David Bazan - The Fleecing
David Bazan - Priests And Paramedics
Heart To Heart - A.M.F.
Kerrang! - She's A Rebel - Falling In Reverse
Kerrang! - Welcome To Paradise - State Champs
Cassandre - Ma Révolution
Cassandre - À La Vie à La Mode
Prime Circle - Let The Night In
Prime Circle - The Fallout
Prime Circle - Blame It On Me
Kontra K - Wölfe
Julien Loko - J'attends Demain (Blablabla)
Julien Loko - L'instant Sublime
Kiesza - Giant In My Heart
Evgenia Blago - Oblaka Sleuz
Russ - I Cant Lie
Russ - Connected
Russ - Paulo Coelho
Wizo - Alles Verschwimmt
Wizo - Endzweit
Wizo - Meine Wut
Wizo - Erwin
Wizo - Alte Herren
Unisonic - For The Kingdom
Fabricio Robles - Suficiente
Fabricio Robles - Gaze
Jessie J - Sweet Talker
Stick To Your Guns - For What It's Worth
Stick To Your Guns - For The Kids, By The Kids
Stick To Your Guns - Badge A Brand
OneRepublic - Counting Stars
OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself
OneRepublic - Feel Again
OneRepublic - What You Wanted
OneRepublic - I Lived
OneRepublic - Light It Up
OneRepublic - Can't Stop
OneRepublic - Au Revoir
OneRepublic - Burning Bridges
OneRepublic - Preacher
OneRepublic - Something's Gotta Give
Gene Simmons - Radioactive
Gene Simmons - Tunnel Of Love
Gene Simmons - True Confessions
Gene Simmons - Man Of 1,000 Faces
Gene Simmons - See You In Your Dreams
Ted Nugent - Never Stop Believing
John Barrowman - A Thousand Years
John Barrowman - You Raise Me Up
John Barrowman - Skyscraper
John Barrowman - Mandy
John Barrowman - Hollywood
Trey Songz - Love Around The World
Delphos - Renacer
John Doe - A Step Outside
Mohombi - Summertime
Ella Henderson - Ghost
Ella Henderson - Mirror Man
Ella Henderson - Hard Work
Ella Henderson - Pieces
Ella Henderson - All Again
Ella Henderson - Rockets
Ella Henderson - Lay Down
Ella Henderson - Missed
Ella Henderson - 1996
Ella Henderson - Five Tattoos
Jaymay - Long Walk To Never
Jaymay - Never Be Daunted
Luke Sital-Singh - Bottled Up Tight
Luke Sital-Singh - 21st Century Heartbeat
Luke Sital-Singh - Lillywhite
Luke Sital-Singh - Nearly Morning
Luke Sital-Singh - I Have Been A Fire
Luke Sital-Singh - Fail For You
Luke Sital-Singh - Cornerstone
Baptiste Giabiconi - Je Te Aime
Baptiste Giabiconi - Je T'emmène Avec Moi
Baptiste Giabiconi - Nos Jours Meilleurs
Baptiste Giabiconi - Petit Ange
Baptiste Giabiconi - C'est Ta Route
Baptiste Giabiconi - Elle Est Celle
Maxi Trusso - Music Is My Dream
Maxi Trusso - Nothing At All
Maxi Trusso - S.O.S. (Same Old Story) - Las Rositas
Archimède - Julia
Archimède - Toi Qui Peines Au Bureau
Archimède - Les Indociles
Veerus - Minuit
Veerus - Une Dernière Fois
Veerus - Premiers Pas
Sébastien Patoche - La Crotte De Nez
Sergey Lazarev - Make You Say
Sergey Lazarev - Moscow To California
Sergey Lazarev - Storm
Sergey Lazarev - Under The Moon
Sergey Lazarev - I Need Love
Sergey Lazarev - Warrior
Sergey Lazarev - Keep Your Mouth Shut
Sébastien Patoche - La Cartouche
Andrés León - Como Empezar De Nuevo
Andrés León - 7 Días
Andrés León - Dime Ahora
Andrés León - Todo Se Derrumbo
Andrés León - Donde Tu Estes
Andrés León - Mi Amor De Verano
Andrés León - Te Quiero Tanto
Andrés León - Volver A Atrás
Carole King - So Far Away
Carole King - Oh! Carol
Carole King - It Might As Well Rain Until September
Carole King - He's Sure The Boy I Love
Carole King - One Fine Day
Carole King - You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman
Carole King - Beautiful
Carole King - I Feel The Earth Move
Ferras - No Good In Goodnight
Ferras - Champagne
Le Youth - Feel Your Love
Voyager - Hyperventilating
Voyager - Breaking Down
Voyager - A Beautiful Mistake
Voyager - You, The Shallow
Voyager - Embrace The Limitless
Voyager - Orpheus
Voyager - The Domination Game
Voyager - Peacekeeper
Voyager - It's A Wonder
Voyager - The Morning Light
Voyager - Summer Always Comes Again
Voyager - Seasons Of Age
Hammerfall - Hector's Hymn
Hammerfall - R evolution
Hammerfall - We Won't Back Down
Hammerfall - Winter Is Coming
Hammerfall - Tainted Metal
Hammerfall - Evil Incarnate
Hammerfall - Wildfire
1000 Mods - Claws
1000 Mods - Big Beautiful
1000 Mods - She
1000 Mods - Low
1000 Mods - Vultures
Guena LG - Back 2 Paradise
Willie Peyote - Dettagli
Willie Peyote - TmVB
BoA - I Did It For Love
BoA - Obsessed
BoA - Girls On Top
BoA - Dress Off
BoA - Hypnotic Dancefloor
BoA - Control
Vous Live - Rush
Vous Live - Fill Me Up
Vous Live - My Savior
Vous Live - My Reward
BoA - Masayume Chasing
Daddy Yankee - Ora Por Mi
Esperanza De Vida - Sin Ti No Puedo Vivir
Esperanza De Vida - Todo El Mundo Sabrá
Esperanza De Vida - Toda La Gloria
Modestina Cicero - E Vui Durmiti Ancora
Matheus Cp - Declaraçao
Matheus Cp - Ate Os Santos
Marina Kaye - The Price I've Had To Pay
X-MEN - An Kou Tombé
Akrobatik - Where Am I?
Aloe Blacc - Hello World
Alt-J - Every Other Freckle
Tank - Dance With Me
Tank - Hope This Makes You Love Me
Kalin and Myles - No Ordinary Girl
Kalin and Myles - Feel Like Party'n
Kalin and Myles - Go To Work
Guglielmo Bruzzone - Better Man
Tarja Turunen - Victim Of Ritual
Tarja Turunen - 500 Letters
Tarja Turunen - Neverlight
Tarja Turunen - Medusa
Goatwhore - Baring Teeth For Revolt
John Hiatt - Wind Don't Have To Hurry
John Hiatt - Nobody Knew His Name
John Hiatt - Baby's Gonna Kick
John Hiatt - Nothin' I Love
John Hiatt - Terms Of My Surrender
John Hiatt - Here To Stay
Pennywise - What You Deserve
Pennywise - Violence Never Ending
Pennywise - Am Oi!
Pennywise - Thanksgiving
Pennywise - Public Defender
TwentyForSeven - Do You Feel It?
TwentyForSeven - You'll Come Back
Feine Sahne Fischfilet - Dreieinhalb Meter Lichtgestalt
Dead Rabbitts - Make Me Belive It
Sinead O'Connor - Take Me To Church
Isac Elliot - Baby I
Union J - Tonight (We Live Forever)
Maxi Trusso - No Matter What You Do
Maxi Trusso - Undercover
Stan van Samang - Junebug
Alejandro Lerner - Entre Lágrimas Y Euforia
Mala Junta - Chileno De Corazón
Indigenous - Sun Up Sun Down
Indigenous - Wont Be Around No More
Vanessa Liftig - Music F-Ever
Jesse McCartney - Checkmate
Jesse McCartney - Goodie Bag
Jesse McCartney - In Technicolor Part II
Crown The Empire - Call To Arms (Act I)
Crown The Empire - Machines
Crown The Empire - Second Thoughts
Novembers Doom - Heartfelt
Novembers Doom - Clear
Novembers Doom - The Silent Dark
Fun - Harsh Lights
Kendo Kaponi - Hola Menor
Golpe A Golpe - Por Un Beso
Saturdays (The) - What Are You Waiting For?
Sarah Blaine - Never Get To Heaven
Robin Thicke - You're My Fantasy
Robin Thicke - Lock The Door
Robin Thicke - Love Can Grow Back
Robin Thicke - Too Little Too Late
Robin Thicke - Tippy Toes
Robin Thicke - Something Bad
Robin Thicke - The Opposite Of Me
Robin Thicke - Time Of Your Life
Robin Thicke - Forever Love
Porter Robinson - Years Of War
Porter Robinson - Fresh Static Snow
Porter Robinson - Polygon Dust
Porter Robinson - Hear The Bells
Soja - I Believe
Soja - Better
Soja - Driving Faster
Optimo - Un Día Verás
Optimo - Hay Hombres Buenos
Los Canarios De Michoacan - Besos En Pastillas
Collectif Métissé - Hey ! Baby !
Collectif Métissé - C'est Samba
Kendji Girac - Toi Et Moi
Kendji Girac - Bella
Kendji Girac - Ma Philosophie
Brings - Lady Butterfly
Capitan Kidd - Amor Violento
Crystal Fighters - Love Alight
Carboidrati - Questi Uomini
Carboidrati - Splende
Hillsong Worship - This I Believe (The Creed)
Hillsong Worship - Heaven And Earth
Hillsong Worship - Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
Hillsong Worship - No Other Name
Hillsong Worship - Calvary
Hillsong Worship - Thank You Jesus
Hillsong Worship - All Things New
Hillsong Worship - My Story
Hillsong Worship - Our Father
Hillsong Worship - Mountain
Lanificio 52 - Calamita
Violetta Zironi - Il Primo Giorno D'Estate
Andrew Bird - Cathedral In The Dell
Andrew Bird - Tin Foiled
Andrew Bird - Giant Of Illinois
Andrew Bird - So Much Wine, Merry Christmas
Andrew Bird - My Sister's Tiny Hands
Andrew Bird - Frogs Singing
Andrew Bird - Drunk By Noon
Andrew Bird - Far From Any Road (Be My Hand)
Panama - How We Feel
Panama - Destroyer
Panama - Strange Feeling
Panama - It's Not Over
Panama - Magic
Malo' - Je Serai Là
Courteeners (The) - Small Bones
Courteeners (The) - Next Time You Call
Mike Brant - En Plein Coeur De Ta Jeunesse
Mike Brant - Donne Un Peu De Toi
Mike Brant - Arrava
Mike Brant - La Fille A Aimer
Mike Brant - Mr Schubert I Love You
Mike Brant - Qui A Tort Ou Raison
Mike Brant - L'amour C'est Ca, L'amour C'est Toi
Mike Brant - C'est Une Belle Fête
Adamo - Qui Vole Un Boeuf
Adamo - Que Tu Es Noire
Adamo - Pour écrire Je T'aime
Adamo - Pluie
Adamo - Parlons-en Du Bonheur
Adamo - Papillon
Adamo - Où Va Le Bonheur
Adamo - On Est Deux
Adamo - Monsieur Domon
Adamo - Mon Amours Sors De Chez Toi
Adamo - Moi Je Dors Avec Nounours Dans Les Bras
Adamo - Me Tourner Vers Le Bonheur
Adamo - Ma Chambrette
Kyla La Grange - Sympathy
The Nearly Deads - Changeover
The Nearly Deads - Paper Doll
The Nearly Deads - Brave
Sinead O'Connor - How About I Be Me
Sinead O'Connor - Dense Water Deeper Down
Sinead O'Connor - Kisses Like Mine
Sinead O'Connor - Your Green Jacket
Sinead O'Connor - Harbour
Sinead O'Connor - Streetcars
Sinead O'Connor - How Nice A Woman Can Be
Sinead O'Connor - Make A Fool Of Me All Night
Sinead O'Connor - Little Story
Yes - Believe Again
Yes - The Game
Yes - Step Beyond
Yes - To Ascend
Yes - In A World Of Our Own
Yes - Light Of The Ages
Yes - It Was All We Knew
Yes - Subway Walls
SomeKindaWonderful - Police
SomeKindaWonderful - Hard For Days
SomeKindaWonderful - Shine On Me
SomeKindaWonderful - Burn
Blackhawk - Down In Flames
Blackhawk - Every Once In A While
Blackhawk - I Sure Can Smell The Rain
Blackhawk - That's Just About Right
Blackhawk - One More Heartache
Blackhawk - Brothers Of The Southland
Blackhawk - Gloryland
Blackhawk - Leavin' The Land Of The Broken Hearted
Blackhawk - Who Am I Now
Blackhawk - In My Heart Of Hearts
Blackhawk - Nobody Knows What To Say
Betraying The Martyrs - Where The World Ends
Betraying The Martyrs - Let It Go
Betraying The Martyrs - Martyrs
Betraying The Martyrs - Man Made Disaster
Betraying The Martyrs - Because Of You
Betraying The Martyrs - Leave It All Behind
Betraying The Martyrs - Love Lost
Betraying The Martyrs - Azalee
Betraying The Martyrs - When You're Alone
Lupillo Rivera - Si Me Quieres Ver Muy Triste
Lupillo Rivera - No Te Me Pongas Celosa
Lupillo Rivera - Embrujado De Amor
Beleaf - Depressed
Those Who Fear - Daggermouth
Those Who Fear - Un Holy Anger
Those Who Fear - Holy Anger
Those Who Fear - Leech Life
Those Who Fear - Burn
Those Who Fear - Relentless
Those Who Fear - Sowers Of Discord
Origin - All Things Dead
Origin - Thrall: Fulcrum: Apex
Origin - Manifest Desolate
Origin - The Absurdity Of What I Am
Origin - Source Of Icon O
Origin - Unattainable Zero
Origin - Redistribution Of Filth
Origin - Malthusian Collapse
Origin - The Indiscriminate
Origin - Kill Yourself
Dilated Peoples - Century Of The Self
Goapele - Hey Boy
American Young - Wasn't Gonna Drink Tonight
American Young - Soldier's Wife (don't Want You To Go)
Native Sibling - Oh, Sing
Karmin - Summer Nights
Ma2x - La Seule
Maude - Rise Up
Amaia Montero - Darte Mi Vida
Amaia Montero - Todo Corazón
Amaia Montero - Cuando Canto
Amaia Montero - Inevitable
Amaia Montero - Yo A Ti También
Amaia Montero - Los Abrazos Rotos
Amaia Montero - Contigo No Me Voy
Amaia Montero - Azul Eléctrico
Steven Wilson - Moment I Lost
Steven Wilson - Sign 'O' The Times
Steven Wilson - Well You're Wrong
Steven Wilson - Lord Of The Reedy River
Madball - You Reap What You Sow
Marillion - Gaza
Marillion - Neverland
Marillion - Invisible Ink
Marillion - Montréal
Marillion - Power
Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made
Marillion - The King Of Sunset Town
Marillion - The Sky Above The Rain
Old Crow Medicine Show - Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer
Old Crow Medicine Show - 8 Dogs 8 Banjos
Old Crow Medicine Show - Dearly Departed Friend
Old Crow Medicine Show - Doc's Day
Old Crow Medicine Show - Tennessee Bound
Old Crow Medicine Show - Sweet Home
Gabry Ponte - Buonanotte Giorno
Kobra And The Lotus - Heartbeat
Kobra And The Lotus - Hold On
Kobra And The Lotus - Battle Of Wrath
Kenny Chesney - American Kids
Hella Donna - Pictures In The Box
Glasperlenspiel - Moment
Glasperlenspiel - Für Immer Dein
Glasperlenspiel - Was Du Nicht Weißt
Glasperlenspiel - So Leicht
Glasperlenspiel - Wie Ich Nicht Sein Will
Glasperlenspiel - Wie Sonne Und Erde
Glasperlenspiel - Lasst Uns Was Bewegen
Glasperlenspiel - Bevor Ich Gar Nichts Sage
Glasperlenspiel - Risiko
Glasperlenspiel - Ich Seh In Dein Herz
Kim Cesarion - Bad Thing
Kim Cesarion - When U're High
Larkin Poe - Overachiever
Adolescents - Bulletproof
Adolescents - 30 Seconds To Malibu
Adolescents - Silent Water
Adolescents - Talking To Myself
John Mellencamp - Death Letter
John Mellencamp - Teardrops Will Fall
John Mellencamp - Paper In Fire
John Mellencamp - Pink Houses
Staubkind - Intro 2014
Staubkind - Es Wird Weitergeh'n
Staubkind - Wunder
Staubkind - Bis Ans Ende Der Welt
Staubkind - Alles Was Ich Bin
Staubkind - So Still
Staubkind - Hörst Du Mich
Staubkind - Warum
Staubkind - Traumfänger
Staubkind - Unsere Zeit
Staubkind - Durch Den Regen
Staubkind - Was Für Immer Bleibt
Emblazon - Flieg!
El Chinchilla - Eras Tú
Max Romeo - Wet Dream
Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall
Heavy Honey - Soul Selling
Syn Cole - Bright Lights
Lenny Kravitz - Dirty White Boots
Lenny Kravitz - New York City
Lenny Kravitz - The Pleasure And The Pain
Lenny Kravitz - She's A Beast
Lenny Kravitz - I'm A Believer
Lenny Kravitz - Happy Birthday
Lenny Kravitz - I Never Want To Let You Down
Ian Thomas - Slow Down
Los Nocheros - Mi Vida Entre Tus Manos
Los Nocheros - Amor A Contramano
Los Nocheros - De Tu Corazón Al Mío
Los Nocheros - Babel
Los Nocheros - Zafiro
Los Nocheros - Tu Amor Vive En Mi
Los Nocheros - Chacarera Enamorada
Los Nocheros - Sueño De Amor
Los Nocheros - Tomame
Los Nocheros - Escribeme Una Carta
Los Nocheros - Cancion Del Adios
Los Nocheros - Flor Temprana
Los Nocheros - Rio Testigo
Babasónicos - La Lanza
Babasónicos - Aduana De Palabras
Babasónicos - Negrita
Babasónicos - Uso
Babasónicos - Casi
Babasónicos - Uno Tres Dos
Babasónicos - Paisano
Babasónicos - Celofán
Mojito Lite - Mojito Lite
Mojito Lite - Por Si Mañana
Mojito Lite - Amnesia
Mojito Lite - Un Día A Lo Mejor
Mojito Lite - La Diferencia
Fréro Delavega - Il Y A
Fréro Delavega - Même Si C'est Très Loin
Fréro Delavega - Mon Héroïne
Fréro Delavega - Mon Petit Pays
Fréro Delavega - Que Toi
Fréro Delavega - Reviens
Fréro Delavega - Tour De Chance
Fréro Delavega - De L'autre Côté
Adamo - Loin De Moi
Adamo - Les Gratte-ciel
Adamo - Le Temps Dans Une Bouteille
Tairo - Là Haut
Tairo - A L'intérieur
Tairo - Comme Un Ange
Tairo - Love Love Love
Adamo - Le Plus Beau Train Qui Roule
Adamo - Le Hasard
Debby And The Never Ending - Ruthless
Rise Against - Tragedy + Time
Rise Against - The Black Market
Rise Against - The Eco-Terrorist In Me
Rise Against - Awake Too Long
FreeBoys - L'Ultima Pagina
FreeBoys - Dedicato A Te
FreeBoys - Svegliami
FreeBoys - Ti Porterò Con Me
Gaslight Anthem (The) - Break Your Heart
Gaslight Anthem (The) - Halloween
Gaslight Anthem (The) - Have Mercy
GOT7 - Forever Young
Outline In Color - Beautiful Secrets
Outline In Color - Con Artist Culture Vs. Pax Americana
Outline In Color - Whispers
Outline In Color - The Golden Rule
Robert Plant - Rainbow
Robert Plant - Somebody There
Robert Plant - Poor Howard
Robert Plant - House Of Love
Alipsia - Rimpianto
Alipsia - Tu E Lei
Alipsia - La Donna Della Neve
Alipsia - Grido
Señales Del Fin Del Mundo - Un Nuevo Día
Señales Del Fin Del Mundo - Quiero Que Me Lleve Tu Amor
Señales Del Fin Del Mundo - Dime
Señales Del Fin Del Mundo - Libre
Emem - Friendensbotschaft
Andy Grammer - Remind You
Andy Grammer - Co-Pilot
Steve Aoki - Neon Future
Steve Aoki - Afroki
Calimeros - Deine Küsse Sind Wie Feuer
Calimeros - Sommernacht Am Blauen Meer
Calimeros - Vom Himmel Fallen 1000 Rosen
Calimeros - Herz An Herz
Calimeros - Lach Mich An (Wenn Du Mich Magst)
Calimeros - Adios Mi Amor
Calimeros - Auf Mallorca
Calimeros - Du Bist Immer Noch Meine Grosse Liebe
Calimeros - Ich Fahr' Mit Dir Zum Weissen Strand
Calimeros - Du Bist Wie Die Sterne So Schön
Cold In May - A Little Place For Hope
Marsha Ambrosius - Night Time
Marsha Ambrosius - You & I
Marsha Ambrosius - Cupid (Shot Me Straight Through My Heart)
Marsha Ambrosius - Love
Marsha Ambrosius - Spend All My Time
Marsha Ambrosius - Streets Of London
Wrabel - Sideways
Wrabel - Give It Time
Marien Baker - Unbreakable
Rojas - Ganas
Lenny Kravitz - Can't Stop Thinkin' 'Bout You
Marcos Witt - Vivo Para Amarte
Marcos Witt - Nuestro Salvador
Marcos Witt - Dios, Eres Mío
Marcos Witt - Algo Sucede
Marcos Witt - Mayor Es El
Marcos Witt - Eres Santo
Marcos Witt - Tiempo Pa' Brincar
Marcos Witt - La Bendición
KITTEN - Why I Wait
KITTEN - Cut It Out
KITTEN - Kill The Light
Anita Horn - Du Träumst Von Der Ferne - Sommer Edition
Rustie - Lost
John Garcia - All These Walls
Ill Nino - I'm Not The Enemy
Ill Nino - Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Roman Lob - All That Matters
Roman Lob - Drum Control
Roman Lob - Downhill
Roman Lob - Underwater
Roman Lob - California
Roman Lob - Snapshot
Roman Lob - Wake Up
Roman Lob - Home
Achtvier - Überkopf
FKA Twigs - Preface
FKA Twigs - Lights On
FKA Twigs - Pendulum
FKA Twigs - Video Girl
FKA Twigs - Numbers
FKA Twigs - Closer
FKA Twigs - Give Up
Willer - Wovon Sollen Lieder Reden
Willer - Rückenwind
Willer - Das Große Wort
Willer - Die Zeit Blieb Stehen
Willer - Der Moment
Willer - Viel Mehr
Willer - Hallo Wie Geht's Dir?
Willer - Wie Ein Held
Faith Evans - I Deserve It
Rachel Taylor - Porcelain
Rachel Taylor - Dance With The Devil
Rachel Taylor - Eternity
Philip Selway - Coming Up For Air
Philip Selway - It Will End In Tears
Philip Selway - Don't Go Now
Leslie Grace - Nadie Como Tú
Marlon Roudette - When The Beat Drops Out
Miranda - Es Por Él
Miranda - Sólo Lo Sabe La Luna
Miranda - Sé Mía
Miranda - Buen Día
Miranda - Nadie Como Tú
Miranda - Fotos
Miranda - Para Olvidar Tu Amor
Indios - Casi Desangelados
Indios - Minuto 0
Indios - Amor De Primavera
Indios - Chicos
Indios - Ya Pasó
Indios - Laberinto
Indios - Caramelos De Miel
Madeline Merlo - Sinking Like A Stone
Ivan Noble - Paciente Cero
Ivan Noble - Los Tipos Como Yo
Ivan Noble - Pistolas Al Amanecer
Ivan Noble - No Presento Cargos
Ivan Noble - Me Olvide De Vivir
Ivan Noble - De Un Solo Lado Del Colchón
Ivan Noble - Ella Se Muere
Ivan Noble - Del Montón
Ivan Noble - Me Apagas
Day26 - R&b Singer
Day26 - Russian Roulette
Day26 - Impossible
Ariana Grande - Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart
Tr3sdeCoraZón - Olé Olé Olá!!!
Tr3sdeCoraZón - Vámonos
Tr3sdeCoraZón - Un Grito En El Vacío
Tr3sdeCoraZón - Antídoto
Tr3sdeCoraZón - Cenizas
Tr3sdeCoraZón - Tenerte Siempre
Colt Ford - Crickets
Colt Ford - Washed In The Mud
Piso 21 - Como Has Hecho Tu
Piso 21 - Dame De Tu Corazón
Calogero - Les Feux D'artifice
Coco Montoya - The One Who Really Loves You
Coco Montoya - Love Jail
Coco Montoya - I Need Your Love In My Life
Coco Montoya - You'd Think I'd Know Better By Now
Coco Montoya - My Side Of The Fence
Lucky Peterson - I Pity The Fool
Lucky Peterson - I'm Still Here
Reptile Youth - Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone
Reptile Youth - We're All In Here
Grimes - Go
Ruby (UK) - Waiting For Light
La Bocca - La Vita E' Un Ascensore
Timothy Cavicchini - Fondamentalmente
Camilla Sparksss - Move Like A Shark
Camilla Sparksss - Precious People
Camilla Sparksss - Sharing
Adamo - Laurence
Adamo - Laissons Dire
Adamo - La Paix Des Prairies
Indiana - Solo Dancing
Indiana - Play Dead
Shonen Knife - Like A Cat
Judie Tzuke - Outside
Judie Tzuke - Cha Chango
Judie Tzuke - Chasing Sweet Dreams
Judie Tzuke - My Life Breaking Down
Judie Tzuke - Spotlight
Judie Tzuke - So Emotional
Judie Tzuke -
Judie Tzuke - Ugly
Judie Tzuke - Dear Life
Kaz Harry - 3h Du
Navii - Alors Souris
Kenza Farah - Briser Les Chaînes
Parisa et Sabrina - Pop Pop Kudu
Limeo - Boom Boom
Louis Bertignac - Suis-Moi
Amalya Delepierre - La Fin Du Conte
Gonzalo Caps - El Caleidoscopio
Kepa Junkera - Lelele
Ward Thomas - From Where I Stand
Wednesday 13 - Morgue Than Words
Wednesday 13 - Scary Song
Wednesday 13 - We All Die
Wednesday 13 - Ghost Stories
Wishbone Ash - Hope Springs Eternal
Wishbone Ash - Blind Eye
United Nations - Serious Business
Brav' - Double Audition
Brav' - Made In
Rone - En Surface
La Pelopony - Sentir
La Pelopony - Súperniñata
Ariana Grande - Break Your Heart Right Back
Ariana Grande - Best Mistake
Dvicio - Paraíso
Dvicio - Justo Ahora
Dvicio - Nada
Dvicio - Enamórate
Dvicio - Adiós Adiós
Dvicio - Desde Que Tu No Estás
Dehydrated Entrails - The Morgue
Dehydrated Entrails - Voices
Dehydrated Entrails - Triumph Of The Sinners
Dehydrated Entrails - Breath Of Blood
Dehydrated Entrails - Entrails
Dehydrated Entrails - Blood Red
Dehydrated Entrails - Euthanasia
Nico Vega - Lightning
Night By Night - Never Die Again
King Of Asgard - Highland Rebellion
King Of Asgard - Remnant Of The Past
King Of Asgard - Omma
King Of Asgard - The Heritage Throne
Amigos - Komm Zurück Zu Mir
Amigos - Dann Brennen Die Feuer
Amigos - Engel
Amigos - Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick
Amigos - Wenn Die Sehnsucht Brennt
Seom - Berufung
Seom - Kleine Dinge
Alex Diehl - Du Hast Mich Gefunden
Alex Diehl - Ein Feuer Brennt
Alex Diehl - Keine Angst Mehr
Alex Diehl - Furchtlos
Alex Diehl - Stell Dir Vor
Emil Bulls - I Wanna Feel You
Emil Bulls - The Way Of The Warrior
Emil Bulls - Gone Baby Gone
Emil Bulls - Man Or Mouse
Emil Bulls - Dear Sadness
Deaf Havana - Drive All Night (English Hearts)
Deaf Havana - Whiskey
Deaf Havana - Kings Road Ghosts
No Te Va Gustar - A Las Nueve
No Te Va Gustar - Mil Días
No Te Va Gustar - Hijo De Las Armas
No Te Va Gustar - Desde Hace Un Sueño
No Te Va Gustar - El último Jefe
Octavia - Ultima Escena
Octavia - Un Dia Perfecto
Octavia - Vete
Octavia - Lentamente
Octavia - Anticuerpo
Octavia - Morir Por Ti
Octavia - Resplandecer
Octavia - Autodestrucción
Octavia - Acércate
Carmen Maria Vega - Oser Les Larmes
Gilbert Bécaud - Pour L'amour Du Ciel
Gilbert Bécaud - Dégonflé
Sébastien El Chato - Garde La
Gilles Valiquette - La Vie En Rose
Menowin Fröhlich - Wie Die See
Nazar - Rosenkrieg
Benjamin Booker - Slow Coming
Benjamin Booker - Wicked Waters
Benjamin Booker - Have You Seen My Son
Benjamin Booker - Happy Homes
Benjamin Booker - I Thought I Heard You Screaming
Ariana Grande - Intro (My Everything)
Ariana Grande - One Last Time
Ariana Grande - Why Try
Ariana Grande - They Don't Understand
Queen Of Hearts - Like A Drug
Sailor & I - Turn Around
Ryan Adams - Gimme Something Good
Ryan Adams - Trouble
Ryan Adams - Am I Safe
Ryan Adams - Stay With Me
Ryan Adams - Let Go
Weird Al Yankovic - Lame Claim To Fame
Weird Al Yankovic - Word Crimes
Weird Al Yankovic - Inactive
Lee Brice - That Don't Sound Like You
Lee Brice - Somebody's Been Drinking
Lee Brice - Panama City
Heartist - Black Cloud
Heartist - Ready To Change
Heartist - Where Did I Go Wrong?
Heartist - Heart Of Gold
Bellowhead - Roll Alabama
King 810 - Take It
King 810 - Carve My Name