Новые тексты песен и переводы - Страница 99:

Hozier - Run
Royal Blood - Careless
Royal Blood - Better Strangers
Zomboy - Nuclear
Catfish And The Bottlemen - Pacifier
Subsonica - Di Domenica
Asher Monroe - Lonely Island
Nick Jonas - Chains
Self - Runaway
Upon A Burning Body - Fountain Of Wishes
Tasha Page-Lockhart - Different
Tasha Page-Lockhart - Life
Erasure - Elevation
Erasure - Sacred
Erasure - Paradise
Erasure - Stayed A Little Late Tonight
Rubblebucket - Carousel Ride
Rubblebucket - Origami
Delta Spirit - Push It
Delta Spirit - From Now On
Delta Spirit - Live On
Delta Spirit - Take Shelter
Delta Spirit - Language Of The Dead
Delta Spirit - For My Enemy
Delta Spirit - Patriarch
Delta Spirit - War Machine
Delta Spirit - The Wreck
Justin Townes Earle - Worried Bout The Weather
Justin Townes Earle - White Gardenias
Rosebuds (The) - Sand + Silence
Rosebuds (The) - Blue Eyes
Rosebuds (The) - Mine Mine
Rosebuds (The) - Wait A Minute
Rosebuds (The) - Walking
Rosebuds (The) - Tiny Bones
Shane Lee - Joyride
Jonny Craig - Attention
Jonny Craig - Empty California Winters
Johnny Cash - No Expectations
Hotel Books - Lose One Friend
Hotel Books - Constant Collapse
Hotel Books - Car Crash
Hotel Books - I Always Thought I Would Be Okay
Hotel Books - Changes Consume Me
Amber Pacific - Undone
Amber Pacific - Young Love
Amber Pacific - Next To Me
Amber Pacific - Safe For Now
Amber Pacific - I'll Beat The Odds
Amber Pacific - You Get What You Get
Amber Pacific - Who You Are
Amber Pacific - Would You?
Muffs (The) - Paint By Numbers
Muffs (The) - Up & Down Around
Muffs (The) - Forget The Day
Muffs (The) - Because You're Sad
Laing - Karneval Der Gefühle
Elissa - Ya Merayti
Anna Clendening - I Found Myself
Kery Fay - Running
Pablo Legeren - Tirado
La Gusana Ciega - Califórnica
LeContour - Con La Brisa De Tu Voz
LeContour - Mar De Encuentros
LeContour - Sentidos
LeContour - Tu Serás
Hubert Kah - Engel 07
Hubert Kah - Military Drums
Hubert Kah - So Many People
Ruined Conflict - Rebellion
Ruined Conflict - Abandoned
Ruined Conflict - Unforgiven
Ruined Conflict - Weak And Impaired
Beech - Lovers
Michael Morgan - Amore Mio
Kristina Bach - Der Letzte Stern
Timo Engel - Der Größte Schatz Der Welt
Timo Engel - An Deiner Seite
Timo Engel - Tanz Noch Einmal Mit Mir
Timo Engel - Die Nacht War Unendlich
Timo Engel - Sternenmädchen
Timo Engel - Gestern Heute Und Für Immer
Timo Engel - Wunder Sind Keine Märchen
Selah - You Amaze Us
Bénabar - Paris By Night
Bénabar - Belle Journée
Bénabar - Remember Paris
Bénabar - Titouan
Bénabar - La Grande Vie
Bénabar - La Forêt
Bénabar - Sur Son Passage
Bénabar - Le Regard
Bénabar - Les Couleurs
Bénabar - Gilles César
Maldita Nerea - Mira Dentro
OneWorld - Freedom For Palestine
Lemo - Vielleicht Der Sommer
Virginia Ernst - Rockin'
Dotan - Hush
Dotan - Ghost
Panzer Flower - We Are Beautiful
Os Paralamas Do Sucesso - Aonde Quer Que Eu Va
Américo - It's Over
Américo - Ella
Américo - Lo Que Me Hizo Usted
Américo - Lejos De Ti
Américo - Yo Quiero, Quiero
Américo - Te Extraño
Jesus Adrian Romero - Mi Vida Sin Ti
Nick & Knight - One More Time
Julias Moon - Lipstick Lies
La Ley - Sin Ti
Kovacs - I've Seen That Face Before
Light In Babylon - Istanbul
Light In Babylon - Wind
Light In Babylon - Jerusalem
Script (The) - Flares
Script (The) - Army Of Angels
Script (The) - Paint The Town Green
Script (The) - Hail Rain Or Sunshine
Ryan Tedder - Scars
Avenged Sevenfold - Chapter Four
Thousand Foot Krutch - I See Red
Thousand Foot Krutch - Light Up
Thousand Foot Krutch - In My Room
Zoot Woman - Don't Tear Yourself Apart
Zoot Woman - Coming Up For Air
Zoot Woman - Nothing In The World
Zoot Woman - Rock & Roll Symphony
Zoot Woman - Chemistry
Zoot Woman - Real Real Love
Zoot Woman - Lifeline
Zoot Woman - Waterfall Into The Fire
Zoot Woman - Have We Lost That Loving Feeling
Faun - Buntes Volk
Faun - Menuett
Faun - Hekate
Faun - Blaue Stunde
Faun - Hörst Du Die Trommeln
Faun - Die Wilde Jagd
Faun - Frau Erde
Faun - Hymne Der Nacht
Faun - Die Lieder Werden Bleiben
New Model Army - Angry Planet
Tricky - Something In The Way
Esben And The Witch - Press Heavenwards!
Adam Cohen - We Go Home
Willow Smith - 8
Lady GaGa - Anything Goes
Caleb Johnson - Only One
El Pescao - Te Pido Perdón
El Pescao - Me Da Lo Mismo
El Pescao - Otro Color
El Pescao - La Luz Oscura Del Mar
El Pescao - Tú Y Yo
El Pescao - Deja De Respirar
El Pescao - No Soy Nadie
Order Of Era - One
Nafees - Tera Pyar
Soprano - Cosmo
Struts (The) - Roll Up
Struts (The) - Could Have Been Me
Struts (The) - She Makes Me Feel
Struts (The) - You & I
Tom Law - Give It A Chance
Tom Law - Never Met You
Fences - Dogs At The Table
Fences - Sunburns
Fences - Temple Dreaming
Clueso - Freidrehen
Clueso - Stadtrandlichter
Tom Gaebel - The Cat
Tom Gaebel - Like A Samba
Tom Gaebel - Here I Go
Tom Gaebel - No More Goodbyes
Poets Of The Fall - Jealous Gods
Joe Bonamassa - Oh Beautiful!
Joe Bonamassa - Love Ain't A Love Song
Joe Bonamassa - Living On The Moon
Joe Bonamassa - Heartache Follows Wherever I Go
Joe Bonamassa - Never Give All Your Heart
Joe Bonamassa - Get Back My Tomorrow
Joe Bonamassa - So, What Would I Do
Kärtsy - Please Don't See Me
Kärtsy - Temptation
Kärtsy - I Miss
Kärtsy - Fountain
Kärtsy - Freedom Falling
Kärtsy - I Sacrifice
Kärtsy - Stepford Men
Alexa Feser - Dezemberkind
Alexa Feser - Peter Pan
Alexa Feser - Ich Bleibe
Alexa Feser - Held
Alexa Feser - Das Gold Von Morgen
Ready Set (The) - Enamel
Jonathan Boulet - Hold It Down
Jonathan Boulet - Traveller
Jonathan Boulet - Bog
Jonathan Boulet - Fuddy Duddy
Duo Goldstars - Du Bist Mein Goldstar
Daniela Alfinito - Bahnhof Der Sehnsucht
Kate Boy - Self Control
Gavin DeGraw - You Got Me
Tim McGraw - Overrated
Tim McGraw - Kids Today
Tim McGraw - I'm Feelin' You
Tim McGraw - The View
Flyleaf - City Kids
Karen O - Ooo
Karen O - Visits
Karen O - Beast
Karen O - Comes The Night
Karen O - NYC Baby
Karen O - Other Side
Karen O - Body
Karen O - King
Karen O - Native Korean Rock
Lakes - 1992
Lakes - Hold On
Lakes - Hide Away
Lakes - My Misery
Lakes - Santa Ana Winds
Lakes - Holiday
Lakes - Armacost Avenue
Lakes - Diamond Eyes
Lakes - Goodbye Santa Monica
Reaper - Horse Brigade
Reaper - Hail The New Age
Reaper - 1943
Reaper - Well Of Poison
Reaper - Fields Of Joy
Reaper - La Tristesse
Quireboys (The) - Double Dealin'
Quireboys (The) - You Never Can Tell
David Bisbal - Hombre De Tu Vida (feat. Emma)
Unkle Bob - All At Once
Unkle Bob - It's Not Enough
Unkle Bob - Brother
Unkle Bob - Feel The Rain
Unkle Bob - Lightning
George Tandy Jr - Gravity
George Tandy Jr - Jaded
George Tandy Jr - I'm Yours
HillaryJane - Chimneys
HillaryJane - Celebrity
HillaryJane - Wild Side
HillaryJane - We Fight
Sergio Cammariere - Ed Ora
Sweet California - The Other Team
Sweet California - Breath Before The Kiss
Sweet California - Tan Sólo Tú
Auryn (España) - Pillow Talk
Main Flow - Boomtown
Main Flow - Street Prophets
Max & Mango - Prenons Le Temps
Max & Mango - On Est Des Oufs
Dajana - Clementina
Priscilla Ahn - Deep Inside My Heart
Priscilla Ahn - Pretty Dress
Priscilla Ahn - I See You
Priscilla Ahn - This Old House
Priscilla Ahn - With You
Priscilla Ahn - You're A Star
Priscilla Ahn - Waltzing Memories
Priscilla Ahn - I Am Not Alone
Pioneers Of Love - Take It Slow
Gerard Way - Bureau
Gerard Way - Zero Zero
Gerard Way - Juarez
Gerard Way - Drugstore Perfume
Gerard Way - Get The Gang Together
Gerard Way - How's It Going To Be
Gerard Way - Maya The Psychic
Dami Im - Gladiator
Joel Compass - Girlfriends
Saint Raymond - I Want You
Grupo Infantil Guarderia Pon - Ruy El Pequeño Cid
Mark Ballas - Get My Name
Lara Fabian - Al Götür Beni (Make Me Yours Tonight)
Gretchen Wilson - Still Rollin'
Gretchen Wilson - I'd Love To Be Your Last
Gretchen Wilson - Get Outta My Yard
Gretchen Wilson - One Good Friend
Gretchen Wilson - Right On Time
Lil Silva - Right For You
Haudegen - Alles Erlebt
Erlend Oye - Fence Me In
Erlend Oye - Say Goodbye
Erlend Oye - Bad Guy Now
Erlend Oye - Save Some Loving
Erlend Oye - Rainman
Erlend Oye - Lies Become Part Of Who You Are
Kele - Coasting
Kele - Like We Used To
Kele - Year Zero
Kele - My Hotel Room
Kele - Stay The Night
Macy Gray - Bang Bang
Macy Gray - Queen Of The Big Hurt
Perfume Genius - Fool
Perfume Genius - All Along
Guaco - A Plena Vísta
Guaco - Quiéreme Así
Guaco - Dame
My Brightest Diamond - Pressure
My Brightest Diamond - Lover Killer
Guaco - Lo Eres Todo
Guaco - Quiero Decirte
Guaco - Abrazar La Soledad
Guaco - Fruto Prohibído
Guaco - Amor A Cuenta Gotas
Guaco - Bandido
Guaco - Ganas
Guaco - Dímelo Tu
Guaco - Como Tu
Guaco - El Odio Y El Amor
He Is Legend - Miserable Company
He Is Legend - Beethozart
He Is Legend - Time To Stain
He Is Legend - Heavy Fruit
Yandar Y Yostin - Te Pintaron Pajaritos
Fonseca - Magangue
Fonseca - Confiesame
Fonseca - Noche De Carnaval
Fonseca - Sueño
Fonseca - Arrepentida
Fonseca - La Misma Nota
Fonseca - Con Una Botella
Fonseca - Lina
Fonseca - No Se Si Pueda
Fonseca - Tunel Irracional
Laleh - Goliat
Laleh - En Stund På Jorden
Weeping Willows - The World Is Far Away
DJ Antoine - Give It Up For Love
Resaid - All That She Wants
Resaid - Toca's Miracle
Resaid - Freed From Desire
Resaid - Saturday Night
Bel Bee Bee - Astrays Sculpture
Bel Bee Bee - A Tú Rareza
Bel Bee Bee - Emptiness
Bel Bee Bee - Roll Rolling
Bel Bee Bee - Balai Lama
Bel Bee Bee - Golden Road
Bel Bee Bee - Killing The Nightingale
Hooray For Earth - Hey
Hooray For Earth - Keys
Hooray For Earth - Say Enough
Hooray For Earth - Somewhere Else
Hooray For Earth - Racy
Hooray For Earth - Pass
Elephanz - Dust Or Delight
Ballyhoo! - Halo
Ceremonial Castings - Return To The Cosmic Infinity
Ceremonial Castings - A Throne Below The Black Sea
Ceremonial Castings - Swallowed By The Aeons Of Time
Dowling Poole (The) - A Kiss On The Ocean
Dowling Poole (The) - Empires Buildings And Acquisitions
Dowling Poole (The) - Hey Stranger
Dowling Poole (The) - Getting A Licence
Ariana Grande - Problem (Spanish Version)
Blake Shelton - Bringing Back The Sunshine
Linda Pritchard - Drummer Boy
Divinefire - Time For Salvation
Divinefire - Hold On
Divinefire - Unchain My Soul
Divinefire - Bright Morning Star
Divinefire - Even At My Lowest Point
Divinefire - Send Me Out
Divinefire - The World's On Fire
Billy Joe Shaver - Sunbeam Special
Billy Joe Shaver - Checkers & Chess
Billy Joe Shaver - American Me
Billy Joe Shaver - Music City USA
Deine Lakaien - Secret Hideaway
Deine Lakaien - Supermarket (My Angel)
Deine Lakaien - Satellite
Deine Lakaien - Through The Hall
Deine Lakaien - Kiss The Future
Deine Lakaien - Into My Arms
Dark Fortress - Chrysalis
Dark Fortress - Luciform
Dark Fortress - On Fever's Wings
Deine Lakaien - My Winter
Deine Lakaien - Cupid's Disease
Deine Lakaien - The Cabin Door
Deine Lakaien - Carriage Song
Deine Lakaien - Testosterone
Haunted - Psychonaut
Haunted - Time (Will Not Heal)
Haunted - Temptation
Haunted - Kill The Light
Haunted - Infiltrator
Haunted - Ghost In The Machine
SadiQ - Ausstrahlung
Spada - Feels Like Home (Red Velvet Dress)
Gemitaiz - On The Corner
Mike Tramp - Trust In Yourself
Mike Tramp - New World Coming
Mike Tramp - Down South
Mike Tramp - Better
Mike Tramp - Freedom
Mike Tramp - And You Were Gone
Mike Tramp - Slave
Mike Tramp - Mother
Mike Tramp - Time For Me To Go
Randy Travis - I'm Moving On
Randy Travis - Are The Good Times Really Over?
Randy Travis - Nearly Lose Your Mind
Randy Travis - That's The Way Love Goes
Randy Travis - Don't Worry 'Bout Me
Randy Travis - Mind Your Own Business
Randy Travis - Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line
Randy Travis - For The Good Times
Randy Travis - California Blues
O-Town - I Won't Lose
O-Town - Got To Go
O-Town - Sometimes Love Ain't Enough
Shooter Jennings - She Thinks I Still Care
Letzte Instanz - Alles Anders
Letzte Instanz - Ganz Egal
Letzte Instanz - Traum Im Traum
Letzte Instanz - Das Letzte Mal
Letzte Instanz - Im Auge Des Sturms
Letzte Instanz - Koma
Letzte Instanz - C3H5
Letzte Instanz - Nein
Linda Hesse - Freundin + Freund
Linda Hesse - Wenn Ich An Dich Denke
Ty Segall - Susie Thumb
Chayanne - Madre Tierra (Oye)
Chayanne - Tu Respiración
Chayanne - Bailando Dos Corazones
Chayanne - Mareaito Con Tu Amor
Chayanne - En Todo Estaré
Chayanne - Quiero Bailar Contigo
Chayanne - Dímelo
Chayanne - De Todas
American Hi-Fi - Golden State
American Hi-Fi - Coma
American Hi-Fi - Killing Time
American Hi-Fi - Carry The Sorrow
American Hi-Fi - Portland
Roberto Carlos - La Mujer Que Amo
Roberto Carlos - Tu Regreso
Matt Hunter - Te Vi
Matt Hunter - Right Here, Right Now
Matt Hunter - All Of Me
India Martínez - 90 Minutos
India Martínez - Te Voy A Amar
India Martínez - Deseos De Cosas Imposibles
Nickelback - What Are You Waiting For?
Agapornis - Seguir Viviendo Sin Tu Amor
Agapornis - Once Y Seis
Agapornis - Tan Solo Tú
Agapornis - Crímenes Perfectos
Kenza Farah - Etre Heureux
Kenza Farah - Chute Libre
Kenza Farah - MDF
Kenza Farah - Mi Amore
Kenza Farah - Marseille Je T'aime
Kenza Farah - Entre Deux Rives
Kenza Farah - Pink Star
Subsonica - Una Nave In Una Foresta
Subsonica - Tra Le Labbra
Zero Assoluto - Un'Altra Notte Se Ne Va
Chayanne - Provócame
Chayanne - Si No Estás
Chayanne - Caprichosa
Chayanne - Tu Boca
Chayanne - Dejaría Todo
Chayanne - Salomé
Chayanne - Me Enamoré De Ti
Chayanne - Amorcito Corazon
Abel Pintos - Tu Voz
Abel Pintos - Filosofía Viajera
Abel Pintos - Soledad
Abel Pintos - Quisiera
Abel Pintos - Bella Flor
Abel Pintos - Un Soplo De Amor
Abel Pintos - Cerca Del Mar
Abel Pintos - Bailando Con Tu Sombra (Alelí)
Abel Pintos - Luna Llena
Abel Pintos - Chakay Manta
Abel Pintos - El Que Queda Solo
Abel Pintos - La Baguala
Abel Pintos - Por Ellas Por Las Más Bellas
Abel Pintos - El Alcatraz
Abel Pintos - Amémonos
Abel Pintos - Tonada De Un Viejo Amor
Abel Pintos - Cuando Nadie
Abel Pintos - Corazón En Vuelo
Abel Pintos - Campo Afuera
Abel Pintos - Mi Pueblo Azul
Abel Pintos - Debajo De La Morera
Abel Pintos - Taki Ongoy II / Encuentro En Catamarca
Abel Pintos - Salamanqueando Para Mí
Abel Pintos - Grito Santiagueño
Abel Pintos - La Flor Azul
Abel Pintos - No Te Puedo Olvidar
Abel Pintos - Fuego De Anymaná
Abel Pintos - Vuelvo A Amarte, Mi Pueblo
Indio Solari - A Los PÁjaros Que Cantan Sobre Las Selvas De Inter
Indio Solari - Amok! Amok!
Indio Solari - Arca Monster
Indio Solari - Cada Pequeña Muerte
Global Deejays - We Are The Nights
Seinabo Sey - Younger
DJ Antoine - Wild Side
Mary Lambert - Ribcage
Mary Lambert - Jessie's Girl
Mary Lambert - Heart On My Sleeve
Mary Lambert - Wounded Animal
Mary Lambert - Sum Of Our Parts
Sir Sly - Floods
New Found Glory - Selfless
New Found Glory - Resurrection
New Found Glory - One More Round
New Found Glory - Vicious Love
New Found Glory - Stories Of A Different Kind
New Found Glory - Angel
New Found Glory - Living Hell
New Found Glory - On My Own
De Romeo's - Deze Is Voor Julia
Joel Crouse - If You Want Some
Joel Crouse - Why God Made Love Songs
Growlers (The) - Big Toe
Growlers (The) - Black Memories
Growlers (The) - Good Advice
Growlers (The) - Going Gets Tough
Growlers (The) - Love Test
Growlers (The) - Not The Man
Growlers (The) - Rare Hearts
Growlers (The) - Purgatory Drive
Ensi - Rocky E Adriana
Zero Assoluto - Dove
Natalia Jiménez - Creo En Mi
Natalia Jiménez - Tan Sólo Tú
Michele Cortese - La Questione
Mario Guerrero - Porque Miento
Mario Guerrero - La Definición Del Amor
Mario Guerrero - En Bicicleta
Mario Guerrero - Ya No Es Lo Mismo
Mario Guerrero - Mi Credo
Mario Guerrero - Que No Daría
Mario Guerrero - Desconocidos
Ov7 - No Me Digas Nada
Ov7 - Cuál
Ov7 - Tenemos Un Secreto
Ov7 - Regresa
Ov7 - Desintoxicada
Ov7 - A Tu Lado
Ov7 - Sólo Pienso En Ti
Ov7 - Con Mis Manos
Ov7 - Bye
Pablo Legeren - A Veces Si, Pero También A Veces No
Pablo Legeren - Eterno Resplandor De Un Demente Sin Recuerdos
Pablo Legeren - Químicos
Pablo Legeren - Aféresis
Marit Larsen - I Don't Want Talk About It
Emmelie De Forest - Drunk Tonight
Kitty Brucknell - Glitter In The Sky
Enrique Iglesias - Bailando (Feat. Mickael Carreira)
iamamiwhoami - Fountain
iamamiwhoami - Hunting For Pearls
iamamiwhoami - Vista
iamamiwhoami - Tap Your Glass
iamamiwhoami - Blue Blue
iamamiwhoami - Ripple
iamamiwhoami - The Last Dancer
Jessica Mauboy - I Believe – Anything Is Possible
Interrupters (The) - Liberty
Interrupters (The) - This Is The New Sound
Interrupters (The) - A Friend Like Me
Wildcat! Wildcat! - Hero
Wildcat! Wildcat! - Garden Grays
Wildcat! Wildcat! - Holloway (Hey, Love)
Shaila Durcal - No Me Interesa
Santana - Hope You're Feeling Better
HMBC - Marsch Der Wälder
Kissin Dynamite - Fireflies
Kissin Dynamite - Deadly
Kissin Dynamite - The Final Dance
Threshold - Watchtower On The Moon
Threshold - Turned To Dust
Monsta - Circles
Dillon Francis - Love In The Middle Of A Firefight
Dillon Francis - Not Butter
Dillon Francis - We Are Impossible
Eric Roberson - The Box
Eric Roberson - Don't Hide Your Wings
Eric Roberson - Just Imagine
Eric Roberson - Haunted
Eric Roberson - Warm
Eric Roberson - Mark On Me
Eric Roberson - Do The Same For Me
Jhene Aiko - Promise
Jhene Aiko - Eternal Sunshine
Sunny Sweeney - You Don't Know Your Husband
Sunny Sweeney - Bad Girl Phase
Manafest - The Moment
Manafest - Criminal
Manafest - Love Wide Open
Manafest - Diamonds
Manafest - Startup Kid
Manafest - Thrill Of It All
Fabi Silvestri Gazzè - Arsenico
Fabi Silvestri Gazzè - Spigolo Tondo
Fabi Silvestri Gazzè - Giovanni Sulla Terra
Fabi Silvestri Gazzè - Zona Cesarini
Santiago Cruz - Cómo Haces
Kaay - Mi Corazón Es Tuyo
David Antunes - Miss You
Sixx: A.M. - Gotta Get It Right
Jack Clement - I've Got A Thing About Trains
Jack Clement - Got Leaving On Her Mind
Jack Clement - Just Between You And Me
Jack Clement - Fools Like Me
Jack Clement - I Know One
Jack Clement - Air Conditioner Song
Amy Lee - Push The Button
Amy Lee - Dark Water
Amy Lee - Lockdown
I Exist - A Secret Calling
Subsonica - Il Terzo Paradiso
Majoe - Schwerter Aus Gold
Majoe - Wir Sind Macher
Daniella Mason - Shade Of You
Stevie Nicks - If You Were My Love
Stevie Nicks - Mabel Normand
Stevie Nicks - Twisted
Stevie Nicks - All The Beautiful Worlds
Stevie Nicks - Lady
Stevie Nicks - Watch Chain
Stevie Nicks - Hard Advice
Stevie Nicks - Carousel
Stevie Nicks - Blue Water
Stevie Nicks - She Loves Him Still
Snakehips - Days With You
Kayef - Nicht So Schwer
Mario Incudine - Forsi Chiovi
Mario Incudine - Lassa E Passa
Mario Incudine - Camina E Curri
Mario Incudine - I Passi Di Dumani
Mario Incudine - Escusè Muà Pur Mon Franzè
Mario Incudine - Notti Di Stranizza
At The Dawn - At The Dawn
At The Dawn - Red Baron's Kiss
At The Dawn - Winter Storm
At The Dawn - Balthazar
At The Dawn - Louder To Heaven
At The Dawn - Sunset Rider
At The Dawn - Disaster Recovery Plan
Sloan - We've Come This Far
Sloan - You've Got A Lot On Your Mind
Sloan - Carried Away
SBTRKT - Look Away
SBTRKT - Temporary View
SBTRKT - Everybody Knows
SBTRKT - The Light
SBTRKT - War Drums
Jessie Ware - You & I (Forever)
Jessie Ware - Cruel
Jessie Ware - Sweetest Song
Jessie Ware - Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe
Jessie Ware - Want Your Feeling
Jessie Ware - Pieces
Jessie Ware - Desire
NehruvianDOOM - Om
NehruvianDOOM - Coming For You
Godisang - Excellent Is Your Name
Sharon Bousquet - Myself For A Living
Alfan Shaikh - Mera Sunday
Luther Vandrooss - If I Didint Know Better
Fantastic Fantastic - Houses
Robin Gibb - Days Of Wine And Roses
Robin Gibb - Instant Love
Robin Gibb - Wherever You Go
Robin Gibb - I Am The World
Robin Gibb - Mother Of Love
Robin Gibb - All We Have Is Now
Bollmer - Berlin
Bollmer - Unendlich
Cynthia Nickschas - Schissig (Kein Liebeslied)
Evergrey - King Of Errors
Evergrey - Black Undertow
Evergrey - Hymns For The Broken
Lalo López - El Huracán
Lalo López - Fue De Ti
Lalo López - Llueve
Lalo López - Luna En Tres
Lalo López - Me Pediría
Lalo López - Otoño
Lalo López - Tentación
Lalo López - Ya Es Tarde
Mental Reservation - Wasting Time
Mental Reservation - Stereo
Mental Reservation - The Ancient Dawn
Mental Reservation - Good Looking
Mental Reservation - Aberration
Nick Santino - Miss Virginia
Nick Santino - Sold My Soul
Nick Santino - Gone Like Yesterday
Nick Santino - Keep On Going
Nick Santino - Back To Where I'm From
Nick Santino - Mood Ring Eyes
Leddra Chapman - All About You
Leddra Chapman - Do You Think
Leddra Chapman - Lose Yourself
Leddra Chapman - Promise You
Leddra Chapman - Tongue Tied
Leddra Chapman - Woman
Marq Spekt - Qualude 2
Question - Nefarious Conclusion
Question - Universal Path Of Disgrace
Question - Devoured From Within
Question - Sea Of Black
Ben Howard - End Of The Affair
Mc Aese & Romo One - Dile Que
Say Lou Lou - Games For Girls
Caleb Johnson - As Long As You Love Me
Caleb Johnson - Sailing Away
Caleb Johnson - Save Me
Caleb Johnson - Fighting Gravity
Caleb Johnson - Change
Shakey Graves - Dearly Departed
Shakey Graves - Hard Wired
Shakey Graves - Big Time Nashville Star
Sleeping Giant - Overthrow
Sleeping Giant - Violence
Egypt Central - Enemy Inside
Egypt Central - Change
Sleepwave - Paper Planes
Sleepwave - Rock And Roll Is Dead And So Am I
Sleepwave - Whole Again
Sleepwave - Disgusted : Disguised
Sleepwave - Replace Me
Sleepwave - Through The Looking Glass
Lily & Madeleine - Fumes
Lily & Madeleine - Rabbit
Lily & Madeleine - The Wolf Is Free
Sarah Jaffe - Fatalist
Sarah Jaffe - Don't Disconnect
Sarah Jaffe - Satire
Mike Ryan - Girls I Date
Mike Ryan - But Why
Kraftklub - Blau
Kraftklub - Gestern Nacht
Tan Biónica - Tus Horas Mágicas
Kat DeLuna - Sobredosis
Twin Peaks - I Found A New Way
Twin Peaks - Strawberry Smoothie
Twin Peaks - Strange World
Twin Peaks - Fade Away
Twin Peaks - Flavor
Twin Peaks - Ordinary People
Twin Peaks - No Way Out
Twin Peaks - Mind Frame
Shihad - Grey Area
Shihad - Song For No One
Shihad - The Great Divide
Shihad - Loves Long Shadow
Missy Higgins - You Only Hide
Missy Higgins - Old Fitzroy
Missy Higgins - Shark Fin Blues
Missy Higgins - Back To The Wall
Missy Higgins - Don't Believe Anymore
Missy Higgins - The Biggest Disappointment
Missy Higgins - Everybody Wants To Touch Me
Missy Higgins - Curse On You
Missy Higgins - Blackfella/Whitefella
Missy Higgins - The Way You Are Tonight
Kasey Chambers - Oh Grace
Kasey Chambers - Is God Real?
Kasey Chambers - Wheelbarrow
Kasey Chambers - House On A Hill
Kasey Chambers - Christmas Day
Kingswood - Sucker Punch
Kingswood - ICFTYDLM
Kingswood - Ohio
Kingswood - She's My Baby
Kingswood - Yeah Go Die
Kingswood - Medusa
Megan Washington - Yellow & Blue
Megan Washington - My Heart Is A Wheel
Megan Washington - Begin Again
Megan Washington - To Or Not Let Go
Megan Washington - One For Sorrow
Dwarves - Gentleman Blag
Dwarves - Irresistible
Dwarves - Armageddon Party
Dwarves - Get Up & Get High
Dwarves - Fun To Try
Dwarves - Unpredictable
Elijah Blake - Give Me U
Elijah Blake - Green
Elijah Blake - You're My High
Savant - Rider In Red
Savant - Laser Sharks
Savant - Beautiful World
Alchemist Project - Nina
Si Cranstoun - Dance For Evermore
Strypes (The) - Hard To Say No
Strypes (The) - So They Say
Strypes (The) - I Don't Want To Know
Strypes (The) - Still Gonna Drive You Home
RedLight - Cure Me
Poets Of The Fall - Brighter Than The Sun
Poets Of The Fall - Clear Blue Sky
Poets Of The Fall - Nothing Stays The Same
Chris Columbus - Da Ernst Vom Lem
Chris Columbus - Da Boch
Chris Columbus - Einfach Moi Do Sei
Chris Columbus - Steh Auf
Chris Columbus - Irgendwann
Moonland - Heaven Is To Be Close To You
Moonland - Crime Of Love
Rebellious Spirit - Obsession
Rebellious Spirit - Silent Scream
Rebellious Spirit - Together
Rebellious Spirit - In My Dreams
Gorgon City - Lover Like You
Dev - Feel It
Dev - Baby, We Go
Scooter - Today
Flying Colors - Cosmic Symphony
Christopher Owens - Nobody's Business
Johnny Marr - Dynamo
Lucas Lucco - De Uns Tempos Aí
Los Miseria Cumbia Band - Chicharron Con Pelos
Katherine Jenkins - Dreaming Of The Days