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I don't know why you do the things you do.
Я не знаю, почему вы, что вы делаете.
I know what you're doing, I see how you do it, I even know with who.
Я знаю, что вы делаете, я вижу, как вы это делаете, я даже знаю с кем.
You tell me you love me. You kiss and you hug me.
Ты говоришь, что любишь меня.

You take me higher. I'm filled with desire, but you ain't nothing but a
Why, oh, why you wanna front on me? Never will I front you, ain't no way.
Why, oh, why you wanna front on me? My love's for you, and you only.
Girl, you can't have your cake and eat it too.
I won't wait. It's time to break, 'cause baby, now we're through.
You lied to me once, again and again, so now it's time to end.
You miss me much. You miss my touch, so now I'm gonna front on you.
Ain't nobody love you better. Tell me baby, why you wanna do me like that,
I'm the one who can love you better.
Tell me baby, ain't nobody gonna give it to you better.

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