Тексты и переводы песен - Страница 1086:

The Hampdens - Lucky Man
The Hampdens - The Belljar (Summer In The Hamptons)
The Hampdens - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
The Hampdens - The Hype
The Hampdens - The Last Party
The Handcuffs - Baby Boombox
The Handsome Family - A Thousand Diamond Rings
The Handsome Family - Cold, Cold, Cold
The Handsome Family - Dry Bones
The Handsome Family - My Friend
The Hanks - Bruised
The Hanks - Evaporate
The Hanks - The Only Thing Real
The Hanks - Turn Around
The Happenings - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
The Happenings - Go Away Little Girl
The Happenings - My Mammy
The Happy Medium - Альтернатива (Новинка недели 6 - 13 октября 2010 г.)
The Hard-Ons - Test
The Hardknocks - The Tradition
The Hassles - Every Step I Take (Every Move I Make)
The Haunted - Bloodletting
The Haunted - Bloodrust (Ржавая Кровь)
The Haunted - Bullet Hole (Отверстие от Пули)
The Haunted - Burner
The Haunted - Burnt To A Shell
The Haunted - Devolve
The Haunted - Faultline
The Haunted - Hollow Ground (Пустая Земля)
The Haunted - In Vein (Напрасно)
The Haunted - Pieces
The Haunted - Revelation
The Haunted - Shattered (Разбитый)
The Haunted - Silencer
The Haunted - Silencer (Глушитель)
The Haunted - Skuld
The Haunted - Soulfracture
The Haunted - Soulfracture (Перелом Души)
The Haunted - The World Burns (Мир Горит)
The Haunted - Trespass (Вмешательство)
The Haunted - Undead
The Haunted - Under The Surface (Под Поверхностью)
The Havoc - Cause For Rebellion
The Havoc - Death Comes Fast
The Havoc - Never Say Never
The Havoc - Selective Service
The Havoc - We're All to Blame
The Havoc - Worthless Words
The Hawks & The Found - Brother Bear
The Haystacks - Chicken Bucket
The Heads - IF I HAD A DOG LIKE YOU (unreleased track)
The Heads - INDIE HAIR
The Heads - NEVER MIND
The Heart Attacks - Eyes
The Heart Attacks - Hellbound And Heartless
The Heart Attacks - Summer Of Hate
The Heart Attacks - Traveling Band
The Heart Attacks - Widowmaking
The Heart Attacks - You Oughtta Know By Now
The Heartbeats - Everybody's Somebody's Fool
The Heartburns - Crackheads Makin' Babies
The Heavy - Brukpocket's Lament
The Heavy - In The Morning
The Heavy - No Time
The Heavy - Set Me Free
The Heavy - Who Needs The Sunshine?
The Heavy - You Don't Know
The Heavy Circles - Henri
The HeeBeeGeeBees - Kiss And Make Up
The Helio Sequence - Can't Say No
The Helio Sequence - Looks Good (But You Looked Away)
The Helio Sequence - October
The Helio Sequence - Shed Your Love
The Hellacopters - Dogday Mornings
The Hellacopters - I'm In The Band
The Hellblinki Sextet - Don't Go Down To The Woods Tonight
The Henry Clay People - Slow Burn
The Herbaliser - Serge
The Herbaliser - The Blend
The Herbaliser - Verbal Anime (feat Rakaa Iriscience)
The Heroes Of Valhalla - Heart Throbs Or Heart Attacks
The Heroes Of Valhalla - Home Is Where The Heart Is
The Heroes Of Valhalla - J-TAP
The Heroes Of Valhalla - Sunburn
The Hesitations - A Whiter Shade Of Pale
The Hesitations - Born Free
The Hesitations - Climb Every Mountain
The Hesitations - The Impossible Dream
The Hex Girls - I'm A Hex Girl
The Hidden Cameras - A Miracle
The Hidden Cameras - Bboy
The Hidden Cameras - Boys Of Melody
The Hidden Cameras - Doot Doot Plot
The Hidden Cameras - Follow These Eyes
The Hidden Cameras - For Fun
The Hidden Cameras - Golden Streams
The Hidden Cameras - Music Is My Boyfriend
The Hidden Cameras - Walk On
The Hidden Cameras - We Oh We
The Hidden Hand - Black Ribbon
The Hidden Hand - Mastercut + Charisma
The High Court - 2 Much Love For 1 Woman
The High Court - After The Climax
The High Court - Alien
The High Court - Down In Flames
The High Court - Heaven On The Horizon
The High Court - Like A Ghost
The High Court - Payback
The High Court - Whisper To The Clouds
The High Dials - Fields In Glass
The High Dials - Strandhill Sands
The High Dials - The Holy Ground
The High Kings - As I Roved Out
The Higher - Can Anyone Really Love Young
The Higher - Circle Of Death
The Higher - Darkpop
The Higher - Gone with the Guillotine
The Higher - Histriock My Body
The Higher - Kalimist
The Higher - Lo
The Higher - Movement
The Higher - Other Options
The Higher - Pace Yourself (Patrick Stump Remix)
The Highlights - City Of Angels
The Highlights - To Be With You
The Highrise - All We Are Is Broken
The Highrise - Drop To The Floor
The Highrise - Just Another Miss
The Highrise - Second Chances Never Fail
The Highwaymen - Anthem '84
The Highwaymen - The Road Goes On Forever
The Highwaymen - The Twentieth Century Is Almost Over
The Highwaymen (Folk) - American Remains
The Hillside Singers - I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Ha
The Hilltoppers - I Love My Girl
The Hilltoppers - My Treasure
The Hilltoppers - Ps i Love Youth
The Hilltoppers - Searching
The Himalayans - She Likes The Weather
The Himalayans - Someone Else's Chapstick
The Hint - American Band In London
The Hint - Eyes Wide Open
The Hint - Hope Street
The Hint - I Want It To Feel Like Love
The Hint - Pride
The Hint - The Antidote
The Hint - The Dead City
The Hint - Where Are You Now?
The Hint - You Won't Disappear
The Hippies - Memory Lane
The Hippos - Asleep at the wheel
The Hippos - Far behind
The Hippos - He said
The Hippos - Hold On
The Hippos - Los Angeles
The Hippos - My Dear
The Hippos - Paulina
The Hippos - Please
The Hippos - Run Away And Hide
The Hippos - Say You Love Me
The Hippos - Slow It Down
The Hippos - Something
The Hippos - Thinking Of You
The Hiss - Back On The Radio
The Hitmen - Young And Free
The Hives - Feet
The Hives - Fever
The Hives - Inspection Wise 1999
The Hives - It Won & t Be Long
The Hives - Knock Knock
The Hives - Let Me Go
The Hives - Nasty Secretary
The Hives - No Pun Intended
The Hives - Supply And Demand
The Hives - The Hives - Declare Guerre Nucleaire
The Hives - The Hives - Introduce The Metric System In Time
The Hives - Ultrasonic Sound
The Hives - Делай Уточку !)
the Hobbit shire - Баллада о вересковом меде
The Hobbit Shire - Варвары (текст Белянина)
The Hobbit Shire - Гэндальф Серый
The Hobbit Shire - д о ересковом М де
The Hobbit Shire - За Синие Горы
The Hobbit Shire - Идиллия (Тролльская)
The Hobbit Shire - Как Хоббит Носки Искал
The Hobbit Shire - Колыбельная Средиземья
The Hobbit Shire - Марш гоблинов
The Hobbit Shire - Не Выпускай из Рук Меча
The Hobbit Shire - Одной крови... слова, эх..
The Hobbit Shire - Песня гнома Балина
The Hobbit Shire - Песня о вольных стрелках
The Hobbit Shire - Чёрный Всадник
The Hold Steady - Atlantic City
The Hold Steady - Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night
The Hold Steady - Curves & Nerves
The Hold Steady - First Night
The Hold Steady - Hornets! Hornets!
The Hold Steady - Hostile, Mass.
The Hold Steady - Hot Soft Light
The Hold Steady - Hurricane J
The Hold Steady - Party Pit
The Hold Steady - Southtown Girls
The Hold Steady - The Smidge
The Hold Steady - The Sweet Part Of The City
The Hold Steady - The Swish
The Hold Steady - The Weekenders
The Hold Steady - Yeah Sapphire
The Holdup - Good Times
The Holiday Plan - Every Day's Winter
The Holiday Plan - Giving Up
The Holidays - When The Ship Goes Down
The Hollies - A Little Thing Like Love
The Hollies - Another Night
The Hollies - Baby That's All
The Hollies - Confessions of a Mind
The Hollies - Crocodile Woman (She Bites)
The Hollies - Frightened Lady
The Hollies - I Understand
The Hollies - Indian Girl
The Hollies - Isn't it Nice
The Hollies - It Doesn't Matter
The Hollies - It's A Shame, It's A Game
The Hollies - It's Only Make Believe
The Hollies - Jennifer Eccles
The Hollies - Lady Please
The Hollies - Laughter Turns To Tears
The Hollies - Little Girl
The Hollies - Little Lover
The Hollies - Long Cool Woman
The Hollies - Look At Life
The Hollies - Louise
The Hollies - Lullaby to Tim
The Hollies - Mad Professor Blyth