Тексты и переводы песен - Страница 1107:

The Republic Tigers - Golden Sand
The Republic Tigers - Made Concrete
The Republic Tigers - Stranger To The Eyes Of A Child-Man
The Republic Tigers - The Drums
The Republic Tigers - The Nerve
The Republic Tigers - Weatherbeaten
The Reputation - March
The Rescues - All by Myself
The Rescues - Lost Along The Way
The Rescues - Stranger Keeper
The Reserve - Ignite
The Residents - Betty's Body
The Residents - Birth
The Residents - Caring
The Residents - Dead Wood
The Residents - Devotion?
The Residents - Epilogue
The Residents - Harry The Head
The Residents - I Gave Myself To You
The Residents - Kick A Picnic
The Residents - Lizard Lady
The Residents - Loneliness
The Residents - Make Me Moo
The Residents - Margaret Freeman
The Residents - My Brother Paul
The Residents - The Act Of Being Polite
The Residents - The Car Thief
The Residents - What Have My Chickens Done Now?
The Resolve - S.H.A.R.P. (cover to Los Fastidios; translated by Mister X)
The Resonance - Hithaamain
The Resonance - Judgement Day
The Retrosic - Antichrist
The Retrosic - Deathdealer
The Retrosic - Ground Zero (Extended Version)
The Retrosic - Hatred
The Retrosic - Taste Of Death
The Retrosic - The Storm
The Retrosic - Unleash Hell
the retuses - flood
The Retuses - Postum
The Retuses - Rosa
The Retuses - Through The Fog
The Reunion Show - Drop It!
The Reunion Show - Oh...Is It A Full Noon (Again?)
the revealed - мечта
The Revealed - Так Потрібна
The Revealed - Я рядом
The Revival Sound - High Heels And Low Lifes
The Revival Sound - Roquelaure
The Revolution Smile - Alien
The Revolution Smile - Bonethrower
The Revolution Smile - Indiana Feeling
The Revolution Smile - The Ride Of Los Angeles
The Revolvers - Mi Rendicion
The Revolvers - Realize
The Rezillos - No
THE RGHREOUS BROTHERS - UNCHAINED MELODY (напевно неіснує більш романтичнішої композиції ніж ця)
The Rhizome - Прости Меня
The Rifles - Darling Girl
The Rifles - Down South
The Rifles - History
The Rifles - I Could Never Lie
The Rifles - No Love Lost
The Rifles - Robin Hood
The Rifles - Science in Violence
The Rifles - Science Is Violence
The Rifles - Sometimes
The Rifles - Talking
The Rifles - Winter Calls
The Right Coast - Love Story
The Right Coast - Shake This Town
The Right Coast - This Is Now
The Right Ons - Thanks
The Righteous Brothers - Georgia On My Mind
The Righteous Brothers - Hung On You
The Righteous Brothers - Justine
The Righteous Brothers - Oh, my love (OST Привидение)
The Righteous Brothers - Rock And Roll Heaven
The Righteous Brothers - Try To Find Another Woman
The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody ( к/ф "Привидение" с Патриком Суэйзи и Деми Мур)
The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody (текст и перевод)
The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody, I need your love ) , вспоминая об одном разговоре.
The Righteous Brothers - You Can Have Her
The Righteous Brothers - песня из фильма "Привидение" (Unchained melody)
The Riot Before - A Drop In The Ocean
The Riot Before - Fifteen Minute Revolution
The Riot Before - Really Good Reasons To Swear
The Riot Before - The Cheapest Cigarettes
The Riot Before - You Rock, Rock
The Riot Gang - Don't Drop The Bombs
The Riots - Dance On Your Problems
The Rip Chords - Here I Stand
The Rip Chords - Hey Little Cobra
The Riptides - Dragstrip Girl
The Riptides - I'm Lobotomized 'Cause Of You
The Riptides - Zombie Night
The Rise Of Science - Dark Eyes Dreaming
The Rise Of Science - Shutters To A Stop
The Rising - Cradle
The Rising - So Alive
The Rising - These Days
The Rivalry - Girl
The Rivalry - Lay Down
The Rivalry - MTR
The Rivalry - Paralyze
The River - A Close Study
The River - A Relation To Absence
The River - Alone With My Thoughts
The River - Broken Window
The River - If Only
The Riverclub - Call If You Want To
The Riverdales - Back To You
The Riverdales - Fun Tonight
The Riverdales - Judy Go Home
The Riverdales - Not Over Me
The Riverdales - Outta Sight
The Riverdales - Party At The Beach
The Riverdales - Rehabilitated
The Riverdales - She's Gonna Break Your Heart
The Riverdales - You Know You Do
The Rivermen Project - Lilacs Bloom
The Rivermen Project - When A Sparrow Dies In Central Park
The Rivieras - Moonlight Serenade
The Rivieras - Rockin' Robin
The Rivingtons - Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
The Rivingtons - The Bird's The Word
The Rivingtons - The Bird's The Word
The Road Hammers - Hammer Goin' Down
The Road to El Dorado - Friends Never Say Goodbye
The Road to Mandalay - С тобой мне нечего делить. Могу лишь правду подарить. Полмира вместе обойдем, Вновь возродимся и умрем.
The Roadrunners - LUV
The Robbery - Killer In The Room
The Robert Cray Band - At Last
The Robert Cray Band - Blackjack
The Robert Cray Band - Holdin' On
The Robert Cray Band - I'll Go On
The Robert Cray Band - I'm Afraid
The Robert Cray Band - Little Birds
The Robert Cray Band - Little Boy Big
The Robert Cray Band - Love Gone To Waste
The Robert Cray Band - Love Sickness
The Robert Cray Band - Moan
The Robert Cray Band - More Than I Can Stand
The Robert Cray Band - My Problem
The Robert Cray Band - Never Mattered Much
The Robert Cray Band - Nice As A Fool Can Be
The Robert Cray Band - Not Bad For Love
The Robert Cray Band - Out Of Eden
The Robert Cray Band - Porch Light
The Robert Cray Band - Right Next Door (Because Of Me)
The Robert Cray Band - So Many Women, So Little Time
The Robert Cray Band - That Wasn't Me
The Robert Cray Band - The Grinder
The Robert Cray Band - Things You Do To Me
The Robert Cray Band - Time Makes Two
The Robert Cray Band - Trick Or Treat
The Robert Cray Band - Walk Around Time
The Robert Cray Band - Where Do I Go From Here
The Robert Cray Band - Whole Lotta Pride
The Robert Cray Band - Won't You Give Him (One More Chance)
The Robertson Brothers - Summer Breeze
the robins - smokey joe & s cafe
The Robocop Kraus - After Laughter Comes Tears
The Robocop Kraus - Fashion
The Robocop Kraus - Sometimes You Can Still Hear Them Clapping Hands In The Ground
The Robot Ate Me - Bad Feelings
The Robot Ate Me - Come Together
The Robot Ate Me - Jesus And Hitler
The Robot Ate Me - Just One Girl
The Robot Ate Me - Lately
The Robot Ate Me - Regret
The Robot Ate Me - Tonight
The Robot Ate Me - Tourist
The Robot Ate Me - Where Love Goes
The Robot's Guide To Living - For The Empire
The Robot's Guide To Living - Los Angeles
The Robot's Guide To Living - Presenting
The Roches - Away In A Manger
The Roches - Factory Girl
The Roches - Keep On Doing What You Do/Jerks On The Loose
The Roches - Louis
The Roches - Lovey
The Roches - Person With A Past
The Roches - The Unrecovered One
The Roches - Us Little Kids
The Roches - Your Turn
The Rock Steady Crew - Hey You Rocksteady Crew
The Rock Steady Crew - Uprock
The Rock/Веня Дыркин - Бесимся
The Rocket Summer - A Song Is Not A Business Plan
The Rocket Summer - Break It Out
The Rocket Summer - Colors
The Rocket Summer - Do You Feel
The Rocket Summer - I Need A Break But I'd Rather Have A Breakthrough
The Rocket Summer - I Was So Alone
The Rocket Summer - My Typical Angel
The Rocket Summer - Never Knew
The Rocket Summer - Pull Myself Together
The Rocket Summer - Roses [Of Men And Angels, 2010]
The Rocket Summer - Saturday
The Rocket Summer - So Far Away
The Rocket Summer - Teenage Love Rock
The Rocket Summer - The Fight (Bonus Track)
The Rocket Summer - Tv Family
The Rocket Summer - Walls
The Rockets - I Won't Always Be Around
The Rockets - Mr. Chips
The Rockets - Pills Blues
The Rockfords - Silver Lining
The Rocking Horse Winner - Playing With Lights
The Rocking Horse Winner - Raspberry Water
The Rocking Horse Winner - Sleep Well
The Rocking Horse Winner - Steps In Sand
The Rocking Horse Winner - Tomorrow
The Rocking Horse Winner - Until Next Time
The Rocking Horse Winner - When Songbirds Sing
The RockMarlyn Manson - If I Was Your Vampire
The Rockoons TV - the separate ways
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - 2. Dammit Janet
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - 4. Time Warp
The Rocky Horror Show - Hot Patootie
The Rocky Horror Show - I'm Going Home
The Rocky Horror Show - The Sword of Damocles
The Rodchester Kings - Message To God
The Rods - Ace In The Hole
The Rods - Angels Never Run
The Rods - Another Night On The Town
The Rods - Born To Rock
The Rods - Crank It Up
The Rods - Crossfire
The Rods - End Of The Line
The Rods - Getting Higher
The Rods - Rebels Highway
The Rods - Sit Down Honey
The Rohan Theatre Band - Cabinet Of Curios
The Rohan Theatre Band - Dead Roses And Wine
The Rohan Theatre Band - Snow In Whitechapel
The Rohan Theatre Band - The Tragedy Of Jason Dee
The Rohan Theatre Band - The Wrong Girl
The Rojhelios - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
The Rolling Stones - All I Want Is My Baby
The Rolling Stones - Ange
The Rolling Stones - Anybody Seen My Baby (М. Платонов)
The Rolling Stones - Around And Around
The Rolling Stones - Blinded By Rainbows
The Rolling Stones - Can't Get Next To You
The Rolling Stones - Can`t You Hear Me Knocking (1971)
The Rolling Stones - Carol
The Rolling Stones - Come On
The Rolling Stones - Continental Drift
The Rolling Stones - Dance Little Sister ('74)
The Rolling Stones - Don't Lie To Me
The Rolling Stones - Don't Stop
The Rolling Stones - Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Heartbreak
The Rolling Stones - Each And Every Day Of The Year
The Rolling Stones - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
The Rolling Stones - Fingerprint File
The Rolling Stones - Fool To Cry (1974/76)
The Rolling Stones - Get Off My Cloud
The Rolling Stones - Get Out Of My Cloud
The Rolling Stones - Get Out Off My Cloud
The Rolling Stones - God Gave Me Everything
The Rolling Stones - Goodbye Girl