Тексты и переводы песен - Страница 1109:

The RZA - Stay With Me
The Rza And P. Dot - Combat
The Rza And P. Dot - Combat (Afro Season II Open Theme)
The Rаveonettes - D.R.U.G.S.
The S.O.S. Band - Even When You Sleep
The S.O.S. Band - Just Be Good To Me
The S.O.S. Band - No One's Gonna Love You
The S.O.S. Band - Saturday Love
The S.O.S. Band - Weekend Girl
The S.V. - Hate You Just a Little
The Sabways - Rock & Roll Queen
the Sacrament - 05 - New Life
the Sacrament - New Life
The Saddest Girl Story - VW Keychain
The saddest landscape - Enough to stop a heart
The Saddest Landscape - The Stars In January
The Saddle Club - A Pony Is A Girl's Best Friend
The Saddle Club - Be Free
The Saddle Club - Every Day
The Saddle Club - Hey Hey What You Say
The Saddle Club - Seasons Colours
The Saddle Club - Transitions
The Saddle Club - We Love You Pepper
The Saddle Club - We Love You Prancer
The Sadies - The Trial
The Safaris - Image Of A Girl
The Safaris - The Girl With The Story In Her Eyes
The Safety Fire - Circassian Beauties
The Saga feat. Mariya (remix) - Вернись
The Sagas - Ivano 94(new alboum 2009 "The Greates Hits seasons")
The Saint Soundtrack - In The Absence of Sun
The Sainte Catherines - Burn Guelph Burn
The Sainte Catherines - If There'S Black Smoke Over A Bridge, It'S Over
The Saints - Save Me
the salads - circles
The Salads - Get Loose
The Salads - Powerless
The Salads - The Roth Kung-Fu
The Salads - Therothkungfu
The Salads - Thick And Thin
The Salads - Time 4 Change
The Salads - Unhappy
The Sallyangie - Love In Ice Crystals
The Sallyangie - River Song
The Salteens - Be Nice To Animals
The Salvation Army - O Come All Ye Faithful
The Same - Вальс
THE SAME - Пусто Так знаешь, пусто внутри! Сердце Уже давно не стучит! Знаю Я знаю, сможешь не лгать Ведь падать Падать – тоже летать!
The Samples - 14th And Euclid (On The Fields)
The Samples - Across The Sea
The Samples - African Ivory
The Samples - After The Rain
The Samples - All My Thoughts (Johnny Station Wagon)
The Samples - Another Disaster
The Samples - Anyone
The Samples - As Tears Fall
The Samples - Black And White
The Samples - Braidwood
The Samples - Buffalo Herds And Windmills
The Samples - Carry On
The Samples - Darkside
The Samples - Dinosaur Bones
The Samples - Finest Role
The Samples - Foreign Countries
The Samples - Giants
The Samples - Great Blue Ocean
The Samples - Information
The Samples - It's Curtains
The Samples - Lear Jet
The Samples - Learjet
The Samples - Little People
The Samples - Little Whale
The Samples - Losing End Of Distance
The Samples - Me Myself And I
The Samples - Misery
The Samples - Nature
The Samples - Nitrous Fall
The Samples - On The Losing End Of Distance
The Samples - Overthrow
The Samples - Pain
The Samples - Pioneer Square 2012
The Samples - Prehistoric Bird
The Samples - Return To Earth
The Samples - Sea Of Broken Hearts
The Samples - Seasons In The City
The Samples - Shine On
The Samples - Smile For The Camera
The Samples - St. Mary's Bell
The Samples - Streets In The Rain
The Samples - Suburbia
The Samples - Take My Heart
The Samples - Taxi
The Samples - The Birds Of Paradise
The Samples - The Hunt
The Samples - The Last Drag
The Samples - The Streets In The Rain
The Samples - Tom Joad (All Right Here)
The Samples - Waited Up
The Samples - We All Move On
The Samples - Weight Of The World
The Sandpebbles - Love Power
The Sandwiches - Tom Gabel = OMG Table
The Sandy West Band - Lost In Loves Magic
The Sapphires - Gotta Have Your Love
The Saturdays - 2 Am
The Saturdays - Crashing Down
The Saturdays - Flashback
The Saturdays - I Need A Dollar / Buzzin'
the saturdays - if this is love (moto blanco club mix)
The Saturdays - Just Can't Get Enough (Radio Mix)
The Saturdays - Just Can't Get Enough (Wideboys & Dj Trojan Radio Mix)
The Saturdays - Keep Her
The Saturdays - Lies
The Saturdays - Lose Control
The Saturdays - Set Me Off
The Saturdays - What Am I Going To Do
The Saturdays - Why Me, Why Now
The Savage Rose - A Girl I Knew
The Savage Rose - Dear Little Mother
The Savage Rose - Savage Rose (Take Me Higher)
The Saw Doctors - All Over Now
The Saw Doctors - All The One
The Saw Doctors - Darkwind
The Saw Doctors - Dna
The Saw Doctors - Don't Let Me Down
The Saw Doctors - L25
The Saw Doctors - Pied Piper
The Saw Doctors - Same Oul' Town
The Saw Doctors - Still Afraid Of The Dark
The Saw Doctors - Takin' The Train
The Saw Doctors - To Win Just Once
The Saw Doctors - Wake Up Sleeping
The Saw Doctors - You Got Me On The Run
The Sawdoctors - Green And Red Of Mayo
The Saymory - The Mirror Of You
The Scabs - Credit Cards
The Scabs - Intoxicated
The Scarr (Pete Johansen на вокале и скрипке) - Dies
The Scene - En Dan
The Scene - Hard Tegen Hard
The Scene - Maan
The Scene - Recht Van Bestaan
The Scene - Wondermooi
The Scene Aesthetic - Dear Time Traveler
The Scene Aesthetic - Don't Be That Note
The Scene Aesthetic - Don't Be That Note I Can't Hold
The Scene Aesthetic - We've Got The Rain On Our Side
The Scenic - Armageddon
The Scenic - Direction
The Scenic - Hold Me Close
The Scenic - The Fall
The Scientists - We Had Love (OST Rock'n'Rolla)
The Scissor File - Save Me
The Scissors - Tragedy
The Scorpions - My Last Song (final track)
The Scream - I Don't Care
The Scream - Love's Got A Hold On Me
The Scream - Outlaw
the screamers - need a head on / the scream
The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies - Moses Brown
The Screaming Jets - Best Of You
The Screaming Jets - Dream On
The Screaming Jets - Dying To See You
The Screaming Jets - Figure It Out
The Screaming Jets - Friend Of Mine
The Screaming Jets - Hard Drugs
The Screaming Jets - High As A Kite
The Screaming Jets - Impossible
The Screaming Jets - In & Out
The Screaming Jets - It's Alright
The Screaming Jets - Jurisdiction
The Screaming Jets - Meet Anybody
The Screaming Jets - Night Child
The Screaming Jets - No Point
The Screaming Jets - October Grey
The Screaming Jets - Reputation
The Screaming Jets - Rocket Man (Live At The Palias, Newcastle)
The Screaming Jets - Shine On
The Screaming Jets - Shivers
The Screaming Jets - Sick And Tired
The Screaming Jets - Silence Lost
The Screaming Jets - Starting Out (Live At The Palias, Newcastle)
The Screaming Jets - Stop The World
The Screaming Jets - Strength
The Screaming Jets - Think
The Screaming Jets - Think (Acoustic) (Live At The Palias, Newcastle)
The Script - Anybody There
The Script - Dead Man Walking
The Script - Exit Wounds
The Script - Hall Of Fame
The Script - Kaleidoscope
The Script - Millionaires
The Script - Moon Boots
The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved
The Sea And Cake - Everyday
The Sea And Cake - Seemingly
The Seahorses - Standing On Your Head
The Searchers - Aggravation
The Searchers - Ain't That Just Like me
The Searchers - Alright
The Searchers - Bumble Bee
The Searchers - Each Time
The Searchers - Have You Ever Loved Somebody
The Searchers - Hey Joe
The Searchers - Hollywood
The Searchers - I Count The Tears
The Searchers - Innocent Victim
The Searchers - Listen To Me
The Searchers - Love Potion No. 9
The Searchers - Needles & Pins (New Version)
The Searchers - Spicks And The Specks
The Searchers - Sugar And Spice
The Searchers - Take me For What I'm Worth
The Searchers - This Boy In Love
The Searchers - This Empty Place
The Searchers - Twist And Shout
The Searchers - When i Get Home
The Searchers - Where Have You Been
The searchlores' sisters - Mr. Stallman, bring me a dream
The Searchres - I (Who Have Nothing)
the Season - Кадиллак
The Seatbelts - Ask DNA
The Seatbelts - Black Coffee
The Seatbelts - Call Me
The Seatbelts - Doggy Dog
The Seatbelts - Pushing the Sky
The Seatbelts - See You Space Cowboy...
The Secret - Disintoxication
The Secret - Do As You Please
The Secret - Funeral Monolith
The Secret - Hesitant
The Secret - Kill The Dead
The Secret - Magic
The Secret - Poisoned Blood Is Never Enough
The Secret - Spotlight
The Secret Handshake - Coastal Cities
The Secret Handshake - Every Single Time
The Secret Handshake - Saturday
The Secret Handshake - Summer Of '98
The Secret Handshake - TGIF
The Secret Handshake - Wanted You
The Secret Handshake - You Could Never Know
The Secret Machines - All At Once (It's Not Important)
The Secret Machines - Daddy's In The Doldrums
The Secret Machines - Girl From The North Country
The Secret Machines - I Want To Know
The Secret Machines - Marconi's Radio
The Secret Machines - Road Leads Where It's Led
The Secret Machines - Sad And Lonely
The Secret Machines - The Walls Are Starting To Crack
The Secret Meeting - Am I Here?
The Secret Meeting - Deep Freeze
The Secrets - The Boy Next Door
The Secrets - You Look Good In Plastic
The Secrets Between - Villainy
The Section Quartet - Don't Speak
The Sectumsempras - Imperio
The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard
The Seedy Seeds - Grace
The Seedy Seeds - Ides
The Seedy Seeds - On The Subject Of Our Past Selves
The Seedy Seeds - The Little Patton
The Seeker - Sleepless Beauty
The Seekers - Kumbaya
The Seekers - The Music Of The World A-Turnin'
The Seekers - The Olive Tree
The Seeking - How Did You Know
The Seeking - Take It From Me
The Selmanaires - Nite Beat
The Selmanaires - Selmanaire Rock
The Selmanaires - Verdigris Intrigue
The Send - An Epiphany
The Send - Blocking The Sun
The Send - Dawn And Dusk
The Send - In Repose
The Send - Santiam
The Send - Say
The Send - The Fall
The Send - The Science Of The Sky
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Action Strasse
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Gamblin' Bar Room Blues
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Give My Compliments To The Chef
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - I Wanna Have You Back