Тексты и переводы песен - Страница 1121:

The White Trainers Community - Goodbye, Girl!
The White Trainers Community - I Believe You
The White Wires - Are You Mad
The Whitehall Stairs - Tasting Bitter
The Whitest Boy Alive - Island
The Whitest Boy Alive - Keep A Secret
The Whitest Kids U' Know Season - The Never Song
The Whitlams - Band On Every Corner
The Whitlams - Best Work
The Whitlams - Blow Up The Pokies (1999)
The Whitlams - Charlie No. 1
The Whitlams - Ease Of The Midnight Visit
The Whitlams - Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent
The Whitlams - Gough
The Whitlams - High Ground
The Whitlams - Last Life
The Whitlams - Melbourne
The Whitlams - Shining
The Whitlams - Start My Cellar Again
The Whitlams - The Ballad Of Lester Walker
The Whitlams - Torch The Moon
The Whitlams - Where Is She
The Whitlams - White Horses
The Whitsundays - It Must Be Me
The Whitsundays - The Ways Of The Sweet Talking Boys
The Who - A Man Is A Man
The Who - Amazing Journey
The Who - Armenia City In The Sky
The Who - Baba O & Riley (Саундтрек к сериалу Доктор Хаус) - самая ржачная серия )
The Who - Baba O'Riley (с переводом)
The Who - Barbara Ann
The Who - Behind Blue Eyes [1971 - Who's Next]
The Who - Behind the blue eyes
The Who - Black Widow's Eyes
The Who - Circles
The Who - Cooks Country
The Who - Cut my Hair
The Who - Dig
The Who - Doctor, Doctor
The Who - Don't Look Away
The Who - Gettin' In Tune
The Who - Glittering Girl
The Who - Here 'tis
The Who - Here For More
The Who - I & m Free
The Who - I Can See For Miles
The Who - I Can See For Miles The Boat That Rocked OST
The Who - I Can't Reach You
The Who - Let's See Action
The Who - Little Billy
The Who - Love Reign O'er Me
The Who - Lubie (come Back Home)
The Who - Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hands
The Who - Mike Post Theme
The Who - Miss Simpson
The Who - Mother And Son
The Who - Motoring
The Who - My Generation
The Who - Now I'm a Farmer
The Who - One At A Time
The Who - Our Love Was Is
The Who - Pick Up The Peace
The Who - Pictures of Lily
The Who - Pinball Wizard (Live At Leeds)
The Who - Please, Please, Please
The Who - Put The Money Down
The Who - Relay
The Who - See me Feel me
The Who - Sometimes I Wonder What I'm Gonna Do!
The Who - Sound Round
The Who - Tattoo
The Who - They Made My Dream Come True
The Who - Trying To Get Through
The Who - Under my Thumb
The Who - Whiskey Man
The Who - Who's Next (1971) - Behind Blue Eyes
The Who - Why Did I Fall For That
The Who - Wont Get Fooled Again
The Whole Fantastic World - Under Red Umbrellas
The Whomping Willows - Draco and Harry
The Whomping Willows - I'm Made Of Wands
The Whomping Willows - I've Had Harry Potter Inside Me
The Wicked - To Kill a Friend
The Widescreen Edition - Black And White
The Widow's Bane - Parvum Carmen Sine Nomine
The Widow's Bane - The Old Bayou
The Widow's Bane - Zyrah
The Wiggies - Blush
The Wiggles - Dorothy The Dinosaur
The Wiggles - Everybody Is Clever
The Wiggles - Get Ready To Wiggle
The Wiggles - The Monkey Dance
The Wiggles - Wags The Dog
The Wigs - Allemaal Op Zoek
The Wild Colonials - Wake Up Sad
The Wild Swans - Bringing Home The Ashes
The Wild Swans - Whirlpool Heart
The Wildbirds - Shake Shake
The Wildbirds - Slow Down
The Wildbirds - Someday We Can Fly Away
The Wilde Flowers - Never Leave Me
The Wilderness Of Manitoba - Crow's Feet
The Wildhearts - Baby Strange
The Wildhearts - Do Anything
The Wildhearts - Getting It
The Wildhearts - Hate The World Day
The Wildhearts - Heroin
The Wildhearts - If I Decide
The Wildhearts - If Life Is Like A Lovebank (I Want An Overdraft)
The Wildhearts - Miles Away Girl
The Wildweeds - Fuzzy Wuzzy
The Wildweeds - I Want You Here
The Wilkinsons - 1999
The Wilkinsons - Feel
The Wilkinsons - Hypothetically
The Wilkinsons - It Was Only A Kiss
The Wilkinsons - Me, Myself And I
The Wilkinsons - Never Hold A Candle
The Wilkinsons - Nobody Ever Died Of A Broken Heart
The Wilkinsons - One Of Us Is In Love
The Wilkinsons - Shine Something Down
The Wilkinsons - The Only Rose
The Wilkinsons - Then Theres You
The Wilkinsons - Tough Luck
The Will-O-Bees - It's Not Easy
The Willowz - Categories
The Willowz - Sleep At Night
The Willowz - Walk Straight
The Willowz - What's Wrong Is Right
The Wilsons - Fantasy Is Realitybells Of Madness
The Wilsons - Our Time Has Come
The Wimbledons - Apologies
The Wimbledons - Break My Heart
The Wind Whistles - When I Was Old...
The Winks - Snakes!
The Winners - Going Nowhere
The Winners - I Was A Fool
The Winners - I'm Coming To Get You
The Winners - So Close It Hurts
The Winston Giles Orchestra - Over and Out
The Winstons - Amen Brother (6 секунд из 1969 года, родившие Jungle)
The Winter Project - Nothing In Particular
The Wiseguys - Oh La La
The Wish You Weres - My Dreams
The Wish You Weres - Rock N Roll
The Wishing Tree - Ostara
The Witcher OST - Vader - Sword of The Witcher
The Wizard Of Oz - The Land Of Oz
The Wohlstandskinder - Am Ende Nichts
The Wolf Club - Angel
The Wolfe Tones - Erin Go Bragh
The Wolfe Tones - Some Say the Devil is Dead
The Wolfe Tones - Wearing Of The Green (Irish rebel song)
The Wolfgang Press - Deserve
The Wolfgang Press - Fire-Fly
The Wolfgang Press - Hammer The Halo
The Wolfgang Press - Hang On Me (For Papa)
The Wolfgang Press - Kansas
The Wolfgang Press - My Life
The Wolfgang Press - Shut That Door
The Wombats - 1996
The Wombats - Kill the director
The Wombats - Let's Dance To Joy Division (Live)
The Wombats - Lost In The Post
The Wonder Stuff - Donation (3:55)
The Wonder Stuff - Your Big-Assed Mother
The Wonder Who? - Lonesome Road
The Wonder Who? - On The Good Ship Lollipop
The Wonder Who? - You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
The Wonder Years - Coffee Eyes
The Wonders - I Need You ( That Thing You Do)
The Wood Brothers - Atlas
The Wood Brothers - Chocolate On My Tongue
The Wood Brothers - Spirit
The Wood Brothers - Where My Baby Might Be
The Wooded Path - Elizabeth's Song (Don't Be Afraid)
The Wooden Sky - The Wooden Sky
The Wooden Sky - This Bird Has Flown
The Wooden Wings - Red Bird
The Woodpeckers Band - Boogie Woogie Woodpeckers
The Woods Band - Finnegan's Wake
The Woods Band - Sea Of Heartbreak
The Woods Band - Terence's Farewell
The Woods Band - The Travellin' People
The Word Alive - Are You On Drugs
The Word Alive - Astral Plane