Тексты и переводы песен - Страница 175:

Brian Hyland - Run, Run, Look And See
Brian Hyland - Sealed With A Kiss
Brian Hyland - Stay And Love Me All Summer
Brian Hyland - That's How Much
Brian Hyland - The Night I Cried
Brian Hyland - Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love)
Brian Hyland - Why Can't You Stay And Love Me All Summer?
Brian Ice - Ev'ry Night
Brian Johnson - My Soul Sings
Brian Johnson - Show Me Your Face
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Number 1 Hit Jam
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who?
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Wisdom
Brian Joo - Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong
Brian Joo - In My Head
Brian Kahanek - Deeper
Brian Kahanek - Deliver Me
Brian Kahanek - Dream My Life Away
Brian Kahanek - Let It Go
Brian Kahanek - Stained
Brian Kennedy - A Better Man
Brian Kennedy - Am I Looking For You
Brian Kennedy - Broken By A Breeze
Brian Kennedy - Captured (1999) Version
Brian Kennedy - Dangerous
Brian Kennedy - Different God
Brian Kennedy - Don't Be A Stranger
Brian Kennedy - Forgiveness
Brian Kennedy - Get On With Your Short Life
Brian Kennedy - I Know Why The Willow Weeps
Brian Kennedy - Is It Loud Enough
Brian Kennedy - My Black Haired Love
Brian Kennedy - One I Love
Brian Kennedy - Open Arms
Brian Kennedy - Playin' With My Heart
Brian Kennedy - So What If It Rains
Brian Kennedy - The Homes Of Donegal
Brian Kennedy - Wish Me Well
Brian Kirk And The Jirks - At 17
Brian Kirk And The Jirks - Back In Style
Brian Kirk And The Jirks - Happy
Brian Kirk And The Jirks - Kun Sinut Siinä Nään
Brian Littrell - Gone Without Goodbye
Brian Littrell - I'm Alive
Brian Littrell - I'll Be There For You
Brian Littrell - Jesus Loves You
Brian Littrell - My Answer Is You
Brian Littrell - Over My Head
Brian Littrell - Welcome Home (You)
Brian Littrell - You Alone
Brian May - Another World
Brian May - Bohemian Rhapsody
Brian May - Business
Brian May - Doin' Alright
Brian May - Dream Of Thee
Brian May - Driven By You
Brian May - Earth
Brian May - Hammer To Fall
Brian May - I'm Scared
Brian May - It's Only Make Believe
Brian May - Just One Life
Brian May - Let Me Out
Brian May - Love Of My Life
Brian May - On My Way Up
Brian May - Only Make Believe
Brian May - Otro Lugar
Brian May - Polar Bear
Brian May - Someone To Die For
Brian May - Star Fleet
Brian May - Starfleet
Brian May - Step On Me
Brian May - The Man From Manhattan
Brian May - Tie Your Mother Down
Brian May - What We Are Made Of
Brian May - Zelfs Je Naam Is Mooi
Brian May And Friends - Star Fleet
Brian Mc'knight - What It's Gonna Be
Brian Mccomas - Addicted To You
Brian Mccomas - Back Up Again
Brian Mccomas - Good Good Lovin'
Brian Mccomas - I Could Never Love You Enough
Brian Mccomas - I'll Always Be There For You
Brian Mccomas - I'll Believe It When I See It
Brian Mccomas - It'll Be Alright
Brian Mccomas - Never Meant A Thing
Brian Mccomas - Night Disappear With You
Brian Mccomas - Straight To You
Brian Mccomas - That Won't Ever Change
Brian McComas - The Middle Of Nowhere
Brian Mccomas - Too Far Gone
Brian Mccomas - Wake Up Little Susie
Brian Mccomas - You'd Have Never Said Goodbye
Brian Mccomas - You're In My Head
Brian McDonnell - Ain't No Mountain High Enough W/Demi Lovato
Brian McDonnell - Try Me I Know We Can Make It
Brian Mcfadden - Alice In Wonderland
Brian Mcfadden - Chemical Rush
Brian Mcfadden - Demons
Brian McFadden - Demons in My Dreams
Brian Mcfadden - Forgive Me Twice
Brian Mcfadden - Get Away
Brian Mcfadden - He's No Hero
Brian Mcfadden - Hollow No More
Brian Mcfadden - Irish Son
Brian Mcfadden - Like Only A Woman
Brian McFadden - Like Only A Woman Can
Brian McFadden - Mud In Your Eye
Brian McFadden - Not Now
Brian Mcfadden - Oblivious
Brian Mcfadden - Pull Myself Away
Brian McFadden - Take A Bite
Brian McFadden - Three Babies & A Man
Brian Mcfadden - Twisted
Brian Mcfadden - Uncomplicated
Brian Mcfadden - Walking Desaster
Brian Mcfadden - Walking Disaster
Brian Mcfadden - Walking Into Walls
Brian McFadden & Delta Goodrem - Hollow No More
Brian McFadden (Set in stone) - Get Away
Brian Mcknight - 6 Months, 8 Days, 12 Hours
Brian Mcknight - Adeste Fideles
Brian Mcknight - After The Love Is Gone
Brian McKnight - All Over Now
Brian McKnight - All The Way
Brian McKnight - Angels We Have Heard On High
Brian McKnight - Anytime (suave House Remix)
Brian McKnight - Back at One
Brian McKnight - Bethlehem Tonight
Brian Mcknight - Careless Whisper (George Michael Cover)
Brian McKnight - Cherish
Brian McKnight - Christmas Time Is Here
Brian McKnight - Come Back
Brian Mcknight - Come Back To Me
Brian McKnight - Could
Brian Mcknight - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
Brian Mcknight - Don't Lie
Brian McKnight - Don't Take Your Love Away
Brian McKnight - Everything I Do
Brian McKnight - First Noel
Brian McKnight - For the rest of my life (для моей любимой Alina Hot 'n Cold Kovaleva)
Brian McKnight - For You
Brian McKnight - Get Over You
Brian McKnight - Goodbye My Love
Brian McKnight - Hail Mary
Brian McKnight - I Couldn't Say
Brian Mcknight - I Don't Know Yet(Interlude)
Brian McKnight - It Was You
Brian Mcknight - It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Brian Mcknight - Just A Little Bit
Brian Mcknight - Let It Snow
Brian McKnight - Let It Snow '98
Brian Mcknight - Lonely
Brian Mcknight - Lonely (Album Verison)
Brian Mcknight - Love Is (Featuring Vanessa Williams)
Brian McKnight - More And More
Brian McKnight - My Destiny
Brian McKnight - My Kinda Girl
Brian McKnight - Never Felt This Way
Brian Mcknight - Next 2 U
Brian McKnight - Night People
Brian McKnight - Oh Lord
Brian McKnight - On The Down And Low
Brian McKnight - On The Floor
Brian McKnight - One Last Cry
Brian McKnight - Over
Brian McKnight - Over And Over Again
Brian McKnight - Shall we Begin
Brian McKnight - Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)
Brian Mcknight - Silver Bells
Brian McKnight - Someday, Someway, Somehow
Brian McKnight - Stay (Gemini Version)
Brian McKnight - Stay or Let it go
Brian McKnight - Stay The Night
Brian McKnight - Still in Love
Brian McKnight - Superhero
Brian Mcknight - Thank You
Brian McKnight - Thank You For Saving My Life
Brian Mcknight - The Christmas Song
Brian McKnight - The Star Spangled Banner
Brian McKnight - The Way Love Goes
Brian McKnight - U Turn
Brian McKnight - Up Around my Way
Brian Mcknight - What We Do Here
Brian McKnight - whati'vbeenwaiting4
Brian McKnight - When Will i See You Again
Brian McKnight - When You Wanna Come
Brian McKnight - Whenever you call (Duet With Mariah Carey)
Brian McKnight - Where do we go From Here
Brian Mcknight - Who Would Have Thought
Brian McKnight - You
Brian McKnight - You Could be The One
Brian McKnight - You Gotta Go
Brian Mcknight - You Should Be Min (Don't Waste Your Time)
Brian McKnight - Your Love is Ooh
Brian McKnight - Yours
Brian McKnight and Josh Groban - Angels We Have Heard On High
Brian Melo - 6Teen
Brian Melo - Back To Me
Brian Melo - Century
Brian Melo - Emily
Brian Melo - Half As Good As You
Brian Melo - I Gave You All My Life
Brian Melo - Livin' It
Brian Melo - Livin' It
Brian Melo - Obvious
Brian Melo - Summertime
Brian Molko - Five Years David Bowie cover
Brian Molko - Running Up That Hill (acapella,только голос)
Brian Molko & Asia Argento - Je t'aime moi non plus
Brian Molko & Dj Nejtrino - I love you, baby
Brian Molko (feat. Faultline & Fran oise Hardy) - Requiem For A Jerk (Requiem Pour Un Con)
Brian Molko (reading) - In Vermis Veritas (original by Poppy Z. Brite, 1998)
Brian Molko - Across the Universe - Кавер на The Beatles (live concert 'i love EU')
Brian Molko Feat. Mina Malrow - Leni
Brian Molko ft. Alpinestars - Carbon Kid
Brian Molko&Asia Argento - Je taime moi non plus
Brian Newark - Hard To See
Brian Newark - Time Will Tell
Brian Peters - The Brake Of Briars
Brian Peters - The Devil's Courtship
Brian Poole - Someone, Someone
Brian Poole - Twist And Shout
Brian Setzer - As Long As I'm Singin'
Brian Setzer - Ball & Chain
Brian Setzer - Blue Café
Brian Setzer - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Brian Setzer - Breath Of Life
Brian Setzer - Broken Down Piece Of Junk
Brian Setzer - Buzz Buzz
Brian Setzer - Chains Around Your Heart
Brian Setzer - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Brian Setzer - Cross Of Love
Brian Setzer - Don't Trust A Woman (In A Black Cadillac)
Brian Setzer - Dreamsville
Brian Setzer - Haunted River
Brian Setzer - Hey, Louis Prima
Brian Setzer - Hollywood Nocturne
Brian Setzer - Johnny Kool
Brian Setzer - Jukebox
Brian Setzer - Maria
Brian Setzer - My Baby Only Cares For Me
Brian Setzer - Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
Brian Setzer - Red Lightnin' Blues
Brian Setzer - Ring, Ring, Ring
Brian Setzer - Rock This Town
Brian Setzer - Run Rudolph Run
Brian Setzer - Since I Don't Have You
Brian Setzer - Sittin' On It All The Time
Brian Setzer - The Dirty Boogie
Brian Setzer - The House Is Rockin'
Brian Setzer - The Knife Feels Like Justice
Brian Setzer - The Man With The Magic Touch
Brian Setzer - There's A Rainbow 'round My Shoulder
Brian Setzer - Thing About You
Brian Setzer - Town Without Pity
Brian Setzer - When The Sky Comes Tumblin' Down
Brian Setzer - You're The Boss
Brian Setzer - Your True Love
Brian Setzer '69 Comeback Special - Ignition
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Americano
Brian Setzer Orchestra - As Long As I'm Singin'
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Aztec
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Ball And Chain
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Bobby's Back
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Brand New Cadillac
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Buzz Buzz
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Cross Of Love
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Drink That Bottle Down
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Echo Park
Brian Setzer Orchestra - From Here To Eternity
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Gettin In the Mood
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Getting In The Mood
Brian Setzer Orchestra - If You Can't Rock Me
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Let's Live It Up
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Maria
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Nosey Joe
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Radiation Ranch
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Rockability
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Sittin' On It All The Time
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Straight Up
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Switchblade 327
Brian Setzer Orchestra - That's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes
Brian Setzer Orchestra - The Dirty Boogie
Brian Setzer Orchestra - The House Is Rockin'
Brian Setzer Orchestra - The Knife Feels Like Justice
Brian Setzer Orchestra - The Man With The Magic Touch
Brian Setzer Orchestra - There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder
Brian Setzer Orchestra - This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Three Guys
Brian Setzer Orchestra - When The Sky Comes Tumblin' Down
Brian Setzer Orchestra&Gwen Stefani - Wake Up Baby, Now You're The Boss
Brian Spence - Hear It From The Heart
Brian Stokes Mitchell - Through Heaven's Eyes
Brian Summers - Get On The Move
Brian Summers - Welcome The Chaos
Brian Tice - Birchat Cohanim
Brian Tice - So Much More
Brian Tice - When We Feed The Hungry
Brian Tyler - Inama Nushif (Soundtrack Children of Dune/Дети Дюны)
Brian Tyler - The Final Destination
Brian Vander Ark - 1229 Sheffield
Brian Vander Ark - A Million Things
Brian Vander Ark - Evangeline
Brian Vander Ark - Fit To Be Tied
Brian Vander Ark - Hollywood Ending
Brian Vander Ark - Love So Deep
Brian Vander Ark - Mileage
Brian Vander Ark - Optimism's Glow
Brian Vander Ark - Resurrection
Brian Vander Ark - Second Hand
Brian Vander Ark - Someone Like You
Brian Vander Ark - Survival
Brian Vander Ark - To The Front Row Junkies
Brian Vander Ark - We Were Never The Same
Brian Vander Ark - When I'm Gone
Brian Webb - A Ballad For Her
Brian Webb - Affirmative Compassion
Brian Webb - DJulianne
Brian Webb - Give
Brian Webb - I Will
Brian Webb - Leaving Atlanta
Brian Webb - Long Way To Go
Brian Webb - Martha
Brian Webb - Martha Live
Brian Webb - Not A Confession
Brian Webb - Oh Lord
Brian Webb - Shame
Brian Webb - She Was Honest
Brian Webb - Strong
Brian Webb - Talk To You
Brian Webb - Wrestle The Ground Live
Brian Welch - Loyalty
Brian Wilson - Add Some Music To Your Day
Brian Wilson - Back Home
Brian Wilson - Barnyard
Brian Wilson - Be My Baby
Brian Wilson - Between Pictures
Brian Wilson - Brian
Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson - California Girls
Brian Wilson - California Role
Brian Wilson - Christmasey
Brian Wilson - City Blues
Brian Wilson - Desert Drive
Brian Wilson - Do It Again
Brian Wilson - Do You Have Any Regrets
Brian Wilson - Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel
Brian Wilson - Don't Worry Baby
Brian Wilson - Happy Days
Brian Wilson - He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move
Brian Wilson - Hotter
Brian Wilson - How Could We Still Be Dancin'
Brian Wilson - I Get Around
Brian Wilson - I Know There's An Answer
Brian Wilson - I'm In Great Shape / I Wanna Be Around / Workshop
Brian Wilson - Let's Stick Together
Brian Wilson - Little Girl Intro
Brian Wilson - Love Ya
Brian Wilson - Make A Wish
Brian Wilson - Man With All The Toys
Brian Wilson - Meant For You
Brian Wilson - Mexican Girl
Brian Wilson - Morning Beat
Brian Wilson - O Holy Night
Brian Wilson - Oxygen To The Brain
Brian Wilson - Rainbow Eyes
Brian Wilson - Room With A View
Brian Wilson - Saturday Morning In The City
Brian Wilson - Save The Day
Brian Wilson - She Says That She Needs Me
Brian Wilson - Sloop John B
Brian Wilson - Someone To Love
Brian Wilson - South American
Brian Wilson - Spirit Of Rock & Roll
Brian Wilson - Spirit Of Rock 'N' Roll
Brian Wilson - Surf's Up
Brian Wilson - That's Not Me
Brian Wilson - The First Noel
Brian Wilson - The First Time
Brian Wilson - The Waltz
Brian Wilson - This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight
Brian Wilson - This Whole World
Brian With Wings - The Christmas Song
Brian With Wings - Throw Down Your Blue Sky Glasses
Brian Wright - Central Park
Brian Wright - Sophia
Brian'S Boppers - Mr Bassman
Brian's Curse - Cloud Nine
Brianna - Lady's Letter
Brianna Aimes - Black Is The Color
Brianna Casteel - Overrated
Brianna Perry - Good
Brianna Presley - Does He...
Brianna Presley - The Same
Brianna Swinney - When You Smile
Brianna Taylor - 24 Hours Of Insults
Brianna Taylor - As I Walk Away
Brianna Taylor - Summertime
Brianna Taylor - Tragic
BriBry - A Poem I'll Sing Out Loud
BriBry - Black Magic
BriBry - One Thing To Do Before You Die
Brice Lee - Carolina Boys
Brick - Dusic
Brick - Smisk
Brick - Sweat (Til You Get Wet)
Brick & Lace - Brick & Lace
Brick & Lace - Bust A Shot
Brick & Lace - Done It To Me (Thrilla Riddim)