Тексты и переводы песен - Страница 216:

Charley Pride - Busted
Charley Pride - Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy
Charley Pride - Comfort Of Her Wings
Charley Pride - Comin' Down With Love
Charley Pride - Completely Helpless
Charley Pride - Day The World Stood Still
Charley Pride - Days Of Sand And Shovels
Charley Pride - Detroit City
Charley Pride - Don't Fight The Feelings Of Love
Charley Pride - Down On The Farm
Charley Pride - Even After Everything She's Done
Charley Pride - Fifteen Years Ago
Charley Pride - Folsom Prison Blues
Charley Pride - Fools
Charley Pride - Gone Gone Gone
Charley Pride - Gone On The Other Hand
Charley Pride - Good Chance Of Tearfall Tonight
Charley Pride - Good Woman's Love
Charley Pride - Got Leavin' On Her Mind
Charley Pride - Guess Things Happen That Way
Charley Pride - Hardest Part Of Livin's Loving Me
Charley Pride - Have I Got Some Blues For You
Charley Pride - Hello Darlin'
Charley Pride - Honky Tonk Blues
Charley Pride - Hope You're Feelin' Me (Like I'm Feelin' You)
Charley Pride - I Ain't All Bad
Charley Pride - I Can See The Lovin' In Your Eyes
Charley Pride - I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me
Charley Pride - I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
Charley Pride - I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
Charley Pride - I Don't Think She's In Love Anymore
Charley Pride - I Know One
Charley Pride - I Threw Away The Rose
Charley Pride - I'll Wander Back To You
Charley Pride - I'm Beginning To Believe My Own Lies
Charley Pride - I'm Learning To Love Her
Charley Pride - I'm Never Leavin' You
Charley Pride - I'm Not The Boy I Used To Be
Charley Pride - I'm Only Losin' Everything I Threw Away
Charley Pride - If She Just Helps Me Get Over You
Charley Pride - If You'd Have Only Taken The Time
Charley Pride - Image Of Me
Charley Pride - In My World You Don't Belong
Charley Pride - In The Middle Of Nowhere
Charley Pride - Intro By Bob Powell
Charley Pride - It Amazes Me
Charley Pride - It's All Right
Charley Pride - It's The Little Things
Charley Pride - Jeannie Norman
Charley Pride - Just Between You And Me
Charley Pride - Little Folks
Charley Pride - Lovesick Blues
Charley Pride - Man I Used To Be
Charley Pride - Me And Bobby Mcgee
Charley Pride - Mem'ries
Charley Pride - Mind Your Own Business
Charley Pride - Missin' You
Charley Pride - Moanin' The Blues
Charley Pride - More To Me
Charley Pride - Mountain Of Love
Charley Pride - My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You
Charley Pride - My Love Is Deep My Love Is Wide
Charley Pride - Night Games
Charley Pride - No One Could Ever Take Me From You
Charley Pride - Nothin' Left But Leavin'
Charley Pride - Now And Then
Charley Pride - Now I Can Live Again
Charley Pride - Oklahoma Morning
Charley Pride - Old Photographs
Charley Pride - On The Southbound
Charley Pride - Once Again
Charley Pride - One Mile More
Charley Pride - One Of These Days
Charley Pride - One Time
Charley Pride - Place For The Lonesome
Charley Pride - Poor Boy Like Me
Charley Pride - Put Back My Ring On Your Hand
Charley Pride - She Loves Me The Way That I Love You
Charley Pride - She Made Me Go
Charley Pride - She's As Close As I Can Get To Loving You
Charley Pride - She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory
Charley Pride - She's Still Got A Hold On You
Charley Pride - She's Too Good To Be True
Charley Pride - Shelter Of Your Eyes
Charley Pride - Shutters And Boards
Charley Pride - Spell Of The Freight Train
Charley Pride - Take Care Of The Little Things
Charley Pride - Take Me Home
Charley Pride - That's The Chance I'll Have To Take
Charley Pride - That's The Only Way Life's Good To Me
Charley Pride - That's Why I Love You So Much
Charley Pride - The Atlantic Coastal Line
Charley Pride - Through The Years
Charley Pride - Today Is That Tomorrow
Charley Pride - Too Hard To Say I'm Sorry
Charley Pride - Top Of The World
Charley Pride - We Had All The Good Things Going
Charley Pride - When I Stop Leaving (I'll Be Gone)
Charley Pride - When The Trains Come In
Charley Pride - Where Do I Put Her Memory
Charley Pride - Why Don't You Love Me
Charley Pride - Wings Of A Dove
Charley Pride - Wonder Could I Live There Anymore
Charley Pride - Word Or Two To Mary
Charley Pride - You Can't Sit Still
Charley Pride - You Never Did Give Up On Me
Charley Pride - You Snap Your Fingers (And I'm Back In Your Hands)
Charley Pride - You Were All The Good In Me
Charley Pride - You're Wanting Me To Stop Loving You
Charley Pride - Your So Good When You're Bad
Charli Baltimore - I Still Love You
Charli XCX - Nuclear Seasons
Charlie - Don’t Let Me Down
Charlie - First Class Traveller
Charlie - Good As Gone
Charlie - I Like To Rock And Roll
Charlie - It's Inevitable
Charlie - It’s Your Life
Charlie - Je Recherche
Charlie - Lovers
Charlie - No More Heartaches
Charlie - She Loves To Be In Love
Charlie - The End Of It All
Charlie - Turning To You
Charlie Barnet - I Hear A Rhapsody
Charlie Barnet - Pompton Turnpike
Charlie Bartlett soundtrack - Unnecessary Trouble
Charlie Brown - Kite
Charlie Brown - Senhor Do Tempo
Charlie Brown Jr. - 333
Charlie Brown Jr. - A Grande Volta
Charlie Brown Jr. - Gimme O Anel
Charlie Brown Jr. - Hoje De Noite
Charlie Brown Jr. - Local
Charlie Brown Jr. - Não Deixe O Mar Te Engolir
Charlie Brown Jr. - O Coro Va
Charlie Brown Jr. - Quinta Feira
Charlie Brown Jr. - Senhor Do Tempo
Charlie Brown Jr. - Sheik
Charlie Chaplin - Titine (к/ф Новые времена)
Charlie Christos And The Widow's Gun - At Heart's End
Charlie Christos And The Widow's Gun - The North Shore
Charlie Christos And The Widow's Gun - Widow's Gun
Charlie Daniels - Carolina (I Remember You)
Charlie Daniels - Georgia
Charlie Daniels - He's Not Here
Charlie Daniels - Homesick
Charlie Daniels - Let Her Cry
Charlie Daniels - Little Folks
Charlie Daniels - Money
Charlie Daniels - New Pharisees
Charlie Daniels - Pride And Joy
Charlie Daniels - Statesboro Blues
Charlie Daniels - Texas
Charlie Daniels Band - Amazing Grace
Charlie Daniels Band - Juanita
Charlie Daniels Band - Midnight Wind
Charlie Daniels Band - Mister D. J.
Charlie Daniels Band - Oh Atlanta
Charlie Dee - Water In A Desert
Charlie Dodrill - Deeper In You
Charlie Dore,Alan Rickman - RefuseTo Dance
Charlie Feathers - Everybody's Lovin' My Baby
Charlie Feathers - Get With It
Charlie Feathers - I Can't Hardly Stand It
Charlie Feathers - It's Just That Song
Charlie Feathers - Peepin' Eyes
Charlie Feathers - Tongue-Tied Jill
Charlie Feathers - When You Decide
Charlie Goldthorpe - Baby George
Charlie Goldthorpe - Can't Make You Smile
Charlie Gracie - Butterfly
Charlie Gracie - Fabulous
Charlie Gracie - I Love You So Much It Hurts
Charlie Green - All I Wanna Do Is Sing
Charlie Green - All Of Me
Charlie Green - Fly Me To The Moon
Charlie Green - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Charlie Green - What A Wonderful World
Charlie Haden - A Tramp On The Street
Charlie Hall - Chasing
Charlie Hall - Come For Me
Charlie Hall - Holy Heart
Charlie Hall - King Of Heaven
Charlie Hall - Madly
Charlie Hall - On The Road To Beautiful
Charlie Hall - The Rising Shout
Charlie Hall - Your Glory Endures Forever
Charlie Hunger Quartet - More Than This (With Norah Jones)
Charlie Hustle - Go Hard
Charlie Kulis - Runaway
Charlie Landsborough - Always On My Mind
Charlie Landsborough - Blue Umbrella
Charlie Landsborough - Come Next Year
Charlie Landsborough - Dance With Me
Charlie Landsborough - Every Time We Say Goodbye
Charlie Landsborough - Gasoline Alley
Charlie Landsborough - How Do You Do Those Things
Charlie Landsborough - I Cried
Charlie Landsborough - I've Been Rained On Too
Charlie Landsborough - If Only
Charlie Landsborough - If You Could Read My Mind
Charlie Landsborough - Imagine
Charlie Landsborough - Just One More Chance
Charlie Landsborough - Like You Once Loved Me
Charlie Landsborough - Lily Of The Valley
Charlie Landsborough - Long And Heavy Chain
Charlie Landsborough - Love Love
Charlie Landsborough - Love Me
Charlie Landsborough - Lovers Chain
Charlie Landsborough - Marie
Charlie Landsborough - Me And The Elephant
Charlie Landsborough - Muddy Roads
Charlie Landsborough - Not A Day Goes By
Charlie Landsborough - Not The Only Thing Blue
Charlie Landsborough - Once Bitten Twice Shy
Charlie Landsborough - Once In A While
Charlie Landsborough - One More Time
Charlie Landsborough - One True Love
Charlie Landsborough - Silver Of My Tears
Charlie Landsborough - Song Of My Heart
Charlie Landsborough - Summer Country Skies
Charlie Landsborough - Sunshine
Charlie Landsborough - The Blue Bell Man
Charlie Landsborough - Things That My Ears Can Do
Charlie Landsborough - Too Good To Last
Charlie Landsborough - What Happened To Love
Charlie Landsborough - What Makes Me Happy
Charlie Landsborough - You Belong To Me
Charlie Landsborough - You Stand All Alone
Charlie Landsborough - You're Still Around
Charlie Landsborough - Your Eyes
Charlie Loop - The Time Is Now
Charlie Louvin - After Awhile
Charlie Louvin - All The Lies Are True
Charlie Louvin - As Long As There's A Sunday
Charlie Louvin - Born To Love You
Charlie Louvin - Cash On The Barrelhead
Charlie Louvin - Castle Isn't Mine
Charlie Louvin - Come And Get It Mama
Charlie Louvin - Dear Heart
Charlie Louvin - For The Good Times
Charlie Louvin - Holding On To Nothin'
Charlie Louvin - Honey
Charlie Louvin - I Take The Chance
Charlie Louvin - Let Me Put It Another Way
Charlie Louvin - Looking For A Thing Called Happiness
Charlie Louvin - Loving You Is A Way Of Life With Me
Charlie Louvin - Million Years Or So
Charlie Louvin - One By One
Charlie Louvin - Ruby's Song
Charlie Louvin - Scared Of The Blues
Charlie Louvin - That's What Your Leaving's Done To Me
Charlie Louvin - Until My Dreams Come True
Charlie Louvin - What Are Those Things (With Big Black Wings)
Charlie Louvin - Whatever Happened To Happiness
Charlie Louvin - Which-A-Way
Charlie Louvin - Who Loves Who
Charlie Louvin - Won't You Come Home And Talk To A Stranger
Charlie Louvin - You're The Sad In My Song
Charlie Major - Drive You Out Of My Mind
Charlie Major - I'm Feeling Lucky Tonight
Charlie Major - I'm Gonna Be Somebody
Charlie Major - I'm Gonna Drive You Out Of My Mind
Charlie Major - I'm Here
Charlie Major - I'm Somebody
Charlie Major - It's Lonely I Can't Stand
Charlie Major - Lucky Man
Charlie Major - Nobody Gets Too Much Love
Charlie Major - Runaway Train
Charlie Major - The Other Side
Charlie Mars - Let The Meter Run
Charlie Mars - Silver Buttons
Charlie Mars - White Out
Charlie Marshall - Ashamed Friend
Charlie Marshall - Cold & Distant
Charlie Marshall - Don't Know
Charlie Marshall - Grown To Hate
Charlie Marshall - Gun In Mouth
Charlie Marshall - It's Great To Be Alive
Charlie Marshall - It's Over
Charlie Marshall - Lakes Of Fire
Charlie Marshall - Michael
Charlie Marshall - No Reason
Charlie Marshall - On My Own
Charlie Marshall - Road To Hell
Charlie Marshall - Teagan
Charlie McCoy - Take Me Home Country Roads
Charlie Mcdonnell - A Song About A Song
Charlie Mcdonnell - A Song About Love
Charlie Mcdonnell - A Song About Monkeys
Charlie Mcdonnell - Bread
Charlie Mcdonnell - Doctor What
Charlie Mcdonnell - Duet With Myself
Charlie Mcdonnell - In The Absence Of Christmas
Charlie Mcdonnell - Melody For Melody
Charlie Mcdonnell - The Big Bang 2
Charlie Mcdonnell - The Birthday Song
Charlie Mcdonnell - This Is Me
Charlie Mcdonnell - Time To Reply
Charlie Monroe - Down In The Willow Garden
Charlie Musselwhite - I'm A Stranger
Charlie Musselwhite - Natural Born Lover
Charlie Parker - Summertime
Charlie Peacock - Dear Friend
Charlie Peacock - Every Heartbeat
Charlie Peacock - I Can't Believe It
Charlie Peacock - It's Gone, It's Over
Charlie Peacock - Message Boy
Charlie Peacock - Nobody's Gonna Bring Me Down
Charlie Peacock - One Man Gets Around
Charlie Peacock - The Only Light We Need
Charlie Peacock - This Is How The Work Gets Done
Charlie Peacock - Watching Eternity
Charlie Peacock - Whole Lot Different/Whole Lot The Same
Charlie Pride - A Word Or Two To Mary
Charlie Pride - Christmas In My Hometown
Charlie Pride - I'd Rather Love You
Charlie Read - Press Toward The Mark
Charlie Read - Time Is Relative
Charlie Rich - Cold Cold Heart
Charlie Rich - Every Time You Touch Me
Charlie Rich - Every Time You Touch Me (I Get High)
Charlie Rich - Help Me Make It Through The Night (Live)
Charlie Rich - I Love My Friend
Charlie Rich - I Take It On Home
Charlie Rich - It's All Over Now
Charlie Rich - Let Me Go My Merry Way
Charlie Rich - Life Has It's Little Ups And Downs
Charlie Rich - My Elusive Dreams
Charlie Rich - That's What Love Is
Charlie Rich - You Never Really Wanted Me
Charlie Robison - Always
Charlie Robison - Barlight - (Life Of The Party)
Charlie Robison - Beautiful Day
Charlie Robison - Desperate Times
Charlie Robison - Down Again
Charlie Robison - Middle Of The Night
Charlie Robison - Nothing Better To Do
Charlie Robison - Racing In The Streets
Charlie Robison - Rain
Charlie Robison - Reconsider
Charlie Robison - The Wedding Song
Charlie Robison - The Wedding Song (With Natalie Maines)
Charlie Robison - Walter
Charlie Ross - Thanks For The Smiles
Charlie Sexton - Race With The Devil
Charlie Sexton - Tell Me
Charlie Sexton - You Don't Belong Here
Charlie Sheen & Sheena Easton - I will always be with you
Charlie Simpson - Carry Her
Charlie Simpson - Down Down Down
Charlie Spivak - I'ts Been A Long Long Time
Charlie Straight - Bathroom Song
Charlie Terrell - Beautiful Side Of Madness
Charlie Terrell - Broken Man
Charlie The Man - Breakdown
Charlie The Man - For A Friend
Charlie The Man - Jesus Didn't Need A Cell Phone
Charlie The Man - Magestic
Charlie The Man - Take Me Home
Charlie The Unicorn - In The Ocean Blue
Charlie Watts - Good Morning Heartache
Charlie Wilson - Charlie, Last Name Wilson
Charlie Wilson - Last Name Wilson"
Charlie Wilson - Never Got Enough
Charlie Wilson - One Time
Charlie Wilson - Thru It All
Charlie Winston - I love your smile
Charlie Zuker - One Time
Charlie Zuker - She Gets A Life
Charlie Zuker - That's Not How You Live
Charlie's Angels - Any Way You Want It
Charlie's Angels - Working For The Weekend
Charliepapa - Lo Que Esperé
Charliepapa - Papas Maquetas
Charliepapa - POC
Charliepapa - Sr. William
Charlies Magazine - Sweet Alibi
Charlotte - Medusa Groove