Тексты и переводы песен - Страница 36:

Afroman - Graveyard Shift
Afroman - Hush
Afroman - Jackin' Afroman
Afroman - Let's Get High Tonight
Afroman - Moonlight
Afroman - Nobody Knows My Name
Afroman - What If
Afromen - Because I get high
Afromental - Bananowy Song
Afromental - Flowers
Afromental - Gangsta's Girl
Afromental - Oh, Oh
Afromental - Radio Song
Afromental & Andy "Stewlocks" Ninvalle - Pray 4 Love
Afshin - Daram Miram
Afshin - To Ke Nisti
After 7 - All About Love
After 7 - Can He Love You Like This?
After 7 - Cryin For It
After 7 - Don't Cha' Think
After 7 - Gonna Love You Right
After 7 - Gonna Love You Right (Remix)
After 7 - Honey
After 7 - Honey (Oh How I Need You)
After 7 - Love By Day, Love By Night
After 7 - Loves Been So Nice
After 7 - My Only Woman
After 7 - Night Like This
After 7 - Not Enough Hours In The Night
After 7 - Sayonara
After 7 - Something Special
After 7 - Taking My Time
After 7 - Truly Something Special
After 7 - What Are You To Me
After 7 - What U R 2 Me
After All - Afraid
After All - Beneathe The Flesh
After All - Black God White Devil
After All - Blackest Moon
After All - Condemned Heritage
After All - Distress
After All - Downward
After All - Erace Your Past
After All - For Us Immortals
After All - Forgotten
After All - Frozen Skin
After All - I Don"t Care
After All - I Shall Give Up On Life
After All - June
After All - Make One
After All - Moments Of Love
After All - On Forbidden Grownds
After All - Pleading For Heart
After All - Reasoable Doubt
After All - Rectify
After All - Ride The Snake (Breaking Down The Doors)
After All - Ruins Of Bones
After All - Sacraments For The Damned
After All - Second Time Around
After All - Selfdestruct
After All - Seven Hydes
After All - The Force Within
After All - The Insufferable
After All - The Last Sigh
After All - The Shadow Wall
After All - To Haunt You
After All - Twist Of Fate
After All - Victim Of Your Television
After All - Visionary Thoughts
After All - Witchcraft
After All (Metal) - Reasonable Doubt
After All (Metal) - Second Time Around
After All (Metal) - The Great Divide
After August - The One That Got Away
After Chidori - Blood-Borne Pathogens
After Chidori - Brian Douglas
After Chidori - Hero To Zero
After Chidori - Jab, Jab, Left Hook
After Chidori - Oblivion Is My Only Friend
After Chidori - Unnatural Disaster
After Classes - Advice For Life
After Classes - At A Good Place Like This
After Classes - One To My Friends
After Crying - A Világ Végén
After crying - Don't Betray me
After crying - European Things
After Crying - Farewell To The 20th Century: Salto Mortale I (Helpless)
After Crying - Farewell To The 20th Century: Struggle For Life: With A Pure Heart / Waiting For Better Days
After crying - Madrigal Love Part One
After crying - Madrigal Love Part Two
After crying - Madrigal Love Part Two (over Every Sea)
After Crying - Panem Et Circenses: Providence (Dance With The Sleep-Walker Marionnettes)
After Crying - Panem Et Circenses: Salto Mortale II (Trash Flow): Nuclear Feast / Bumper Car / Ferris-Wheel / Burlesque
After crying - Shinin
After Crying - To Black
After Edmund - Come And Rain Down
After Edmund - Like A Dream
After Edmund - Tears
After Edmund - Thank God
After Feed-Back - A Bullet For A Dollar
After Feed-Back - Equilibrium
After Feed-Back - Winner Or Loser
After Forever - Alone
After Forever - Beautiful Emptiness (Великолепная пустота)
After Forever - Being Everyone (Single Version)
After Forever - Between Love And Fire (Между любовью и пламенем)
After Forever - Beyond Me (За Моей Спиной)
After Forever - Black Tomb
After Forever - Boundaries Are Open (Single Version)
After Forever - Cry With A Smile
After Forever - Digital Deceit (Технологический обман)
After Forever - Discord
After Forever - Dreamflight
After Forever - Eccentric (Эксцентричность)
After Forever - Emphasis (вступление меня штырит дико!:)
After Forever - Energize Me (Дай Мне Силу)
After Forever - Envision
After Forever - Estranged
After Forever - Estranged (A Timeless Spell) (#7 in ''Decipher'' album 2001)
After Forever - Estranged (Раздельно проживаюший)
After Forever - Evoke
After Forever - Follow In The Cry (Преследуй, Плача)
After Forever - Forever
After Forever - Forlorn Hope
After Forever - Glorifying Means
After Forever - Imperfect Tenses
After Forever - Imperfect Tenses (Несовершенные времена)
After Forever - Inimical Chimera (Недружелюбная химера)
After Forever - Life's Vortex (Жизненный водоворот)
After Forever - Life's Vortex
After Forever - Live & Learn
After Forever - Mea Culpa (A-Capella Version)
After Forever - Monolith Of Doubt (Монолит сомения)
After Forever - My Choice
After Forever - My Pledge of Allegiance #1
After Forever - My Pledge Of Allegiance #1 (Моя торжественная кл
After Forever - My Pledge of Allegiance #2
After Forever - My Pledge Of Allegiance #2 (Моя торжественная кл
After Forever - My Pledge Of Allegiance - The Sealed Fate
After Forever - My Pledge Of Allegiance No.1
After Forever - One Day I'll Fly Away
After Forever - Only Everything
After Forever - Reflections (Отражения)
After Forever - Semblance Of Confusion (Подобие Беспорядка)
After Forever - Silence From Afar (Далекая тишина)
After Forever - Sins Of Idealism (Single Version)
After Forever - Sins Of Idealism (Грехи идеальности)
After Forever - Sins Of Idialism
After Forever - Taste The Day
After Forever - The Evil That Men Do (Iron Maiden cover)
After Forever - The Key
After Forever - The Key (Ключ)
After Forever - Tortuous Threnody
After Forever - Tortuous Threnody (Заливистое погребальное пение
After Forever - Two Sides
After Forever - Two Sides (Single Version)
After Forever - Two Sides (Две стороны)
After Forever - Victim Of Choices
After Forever - Victim Of Choices (Жертва Выборов)
After Forever - Who I Am
After Forever - Who Wants Live Forever (Queen Cover)
After Forever - Who Wants To Live Forever
After Forever - Who Wants To Live Forever (Non-Album Track) (With Damian Wilson / Arjen Lucassen)
After Forever - Who Wants To Live Forever (Non-Album Track) (With Damian Wilson/Arjen Lucassen)
After Forever - Withering Time
After Forever - Yield To Temptation (Поддавшийся искушению)
After Forever feat. Doro Pesch - Who I Am
After Illusion - Save My Soul
After Image - Bai (Sa Langit Ang Ating Tagpuan)
After Image - Forevermore
After Image - Habang May Buhay
After Image - Langit
After Image - Next In Line
After Image - Panahon
After Image - Panimula/Ikaw
After Me, The Flood - Believers Never Give Up
After Me, The Flood - Remembrance
After Midnight Project - All She Wanted
After Midnight Project - Backlit Medley
After Midnight Project - Digital Crush
After Midnight Project - Disconnect
After Midnight Project - Fighting My Way Back
After Midnight Project - Found And Lost
After Midnight Project - Gone For Too Long
After Midnight Project - Hollywood
After Midnight Project - More To Live For
after midnight project - party dress
after midnight project - S.O.S.
After Midnight Project - Scream For You
After Midnight Project - Take Me Home
After Midnight Project - Take Me Home - тем, кого i can't love
After Midnight Project - The Criminal
After Midnight Project - Wilted
After Midnight Project - Words
After Never - Encore Encore
After Omega - Confusion
After Omega - Sands Of Time
After Omega - When Angels Cry
AFTER REHEARSAL (группа, где Sasha Bognibov- вокалист) - KNOCKING ON JULIE'S HEART (записано с живыми инструментами)
After School - Ah
After School - Bang!
After School - Because Of You
After School - Hollywood
After School - Lady
After School - Lady Luck
After School - Magic Girl
After School - One Love
After School - Play Girlz
After School - Take Me To The Place (Bekah Solo)
After School - With U
After School - Wonder Boy
After School - Wristwatch
After School Blue - Wonder Boy
After School Knife Fight - Climax Of The Virus
After School Knife Fight - My Shattered Glass Heart
After Second Hour - Animosity
After Second Hour - Forever Goodbyes
After Second Hour - I Hate You
After Second Hour - Repent
After Second Hour - Shibbs
After Second Hour - Taco Wednesdays
After The Anthems - Believe
After The Anthems - Can You Hear Us
After The Anthems - Don't Let It Get Away
After The Anthems - Give A Cut
After The Anthems - I'm With You
After The Anthems - This Is The Sound
After The Anthems - Why Is It
After The Bath - Juniper
After The Bombs - War
After the Burial - A Steady Decline
After the Burial - Cursing Akhenaten
After The Burial - Encased In Ice
After the Burial - Engulfed
After the Burial - Fingers Like Daggers
After the Burial - Forging A Future Self
After the Burial - Isolation Theory
After The Burial - Pendulum
After The Burial - Promises Kept
After the Burial - Rareform
After the Burial - The Forfeit
After the Burial - The Fractal Effect
After The Burial - To Carry You Away
After the Burial - Warm Thoughts Of Warfare
After The Eulogy - 7 Slits A Dry Kiss
After The Fall - A Friend Named Karma
After The Fall - Absentee Without Leave
After The Fall - Angel Light
After The Fall - Concrete Boots
After The Fall - Mirror Mirror
After The Fall - Omega
After The Fashion - Change (Or Lack Thereof)
After The Fashion - Fast Food Future
After The Fashion - Picturing 3 Dimensions
After The Fashion - Who Owns The Human Genome?
After The Fire - Can You Face It?
After The Fire - Dance Of The Marionette
After The Fire - I Don't Understand Your Love
After The Fire - It's High Fashion
After The Fire - Laser Love
After The Fire - Now That Ive Found
After The Fire - Pilgrim
After The Fire - Power Of A Jet
After The Fire - Rich Boys
After The Fire - Signs Of Change
After The Fire - Sometimes
After The Fire - Starflight
After The Fire - Suspended Animation
After The Fire - Take Me Higher
After The Fire - Time To Think
After The Fire - Why Can't We Be Friends?
After The Fire - Your Love Is Alive
After The Ice - It Happens All The Time
After The Ice - Thursday Morning Waking
After The Ice - Tripping
After The Sirens - A Waning
After The Sirens - Bridges Worth Burning
After The Sirens - Caesura
After The Sirens - For Aegis
After The Sirens - Hemlock Is The New Mistletoe
After The Sirens - Instead Of Beauty, Branding
After The Sirens - Judah
After The Sirens - Oh, For Eyes Of Glass
After The Sirens - Prayers As Donations
After The Sirens - Sieves And Seizures
After The Sirens - The Lights At Nero's Party
After The Sirens - The Song That Holds Us Still
After The Sirens - We Buy Jewelry When The Love Runs Out
After The Sirens - White Noise With Grace Notes
After The Sun (Cleveland, Ohio - Us) - Anguish To Black
After The Sun (Cleveland, Ohio - Us) - Delusion Of Sanity
After The Tradegy - The Dissonance
After The Tradegy - You Better Be Alone
After The Tragedy - A Castaway
After The Tragedy - Comeback
After The Tragedy - Missouri Loves Company
After The Tragedy - Outlaw
After The Tragedy - Roses In The Fence
After The Tragedy - Selby's Escape
After The Tragedy - Stainedglass Expectations
After The Tragedy - The Beautiful Brand New
After The Tragedy - The Dissonance
After The Tragedy - The Merchant And The Blue Candle
After The Tragedy - The Soul Burns The Body Decays Pt. 1
After The Tragedy - The Soul Burns The Body Decays Pt. 2
After The Tragedy - We All Float
After The Tragedy - You Better Be Alone
After Therapy - Catrina Meets The Dealer
After Therapy - Karen
After Tomorrow - Geneva's Cry
After U - Decisions
After U - Drunk
After-Born - What Are We Waiting For?
Afterage - They're All Dead
Afterdeath (Bra) - Tamburello
Afterdeath (Prt) - Undertow
Afterglow - Praise To The Man
Afterhours - Coalitions
Afterhours - Come Inside
Afterhours - Compromise Is Going To Kill Me Baby
Afterhours - Cose Semplici E Banali
Afterhours - Dentro Marylin
Afterhours - Green River
Afterhours - Hey Bulldog
Afterhours - I Milanesi Ammazzano Il Sabato
Afterhours - Io E Il Mio Amore
Afterhours - Juda'S Blood
Afterhours - La Canzone Popolare
Afterhours - La Verit Che Ricordavo
Afterhours - Male In Polvere
Afterhours - Non Sono Immaginario
Afterhours - On Time
Afterhours - Pochi Istanti Nella Lavatrice
Afterhours - Posso Avere Il Tuo Deserto?
Afterhours - Punto G
Afterhours - Simbiosi
Afterhours - State Trooper
Afterhours - The Lie Of The World
Afterhours - Veleno
Afterimage - Ab Aeterno
Afterimage - Immersed
Afterimage - Precursing The Final Milennia
Afterlife - All Stars
Afterlife - Betray
Afterlife - Darkness Of The Subconciousness
Afterlife - Far Away (Thor House Mix)
Afterlife - Fly Away From Pain
Afterlife - Haze
Afterlife - Miracle
Afterlife - Rest In Pain
Afterlife - Speck Of Gold
Afterlife - The Final Journey
Afterlife - Без названия
Afterlife & Cathy Battistessa - Speck Of Gold
Afterlife (Chl) - Forgotten Lord
Afterlife (Chl) - Infirium
Afterlife (Chl) - Symbolic
Afterlife (Chl) - Tv Crimes
Afterlife (Pol) - Red Alert
Afterlife (Pol) - The March Of Elessar
Afterlife (Pol) - Unconditional
Afterlife (Us) - Divine Enlightenment
Afterlife (Us) - Shell Of A Being
Afterlife (Us) - Surreality
Afterlife feat Cathy Battistessa - Speck Of Gold
Afterlife feat Cathy Battistessa - Speck Of Gold [Chris Coco Mix] ____________моя медитация
Afterlife feat. Cathy Battistessa - Speak Of Gold
Afterlife Feat. Neve - Miracle
Afterlife Testimony - Mirrors
Afterlife/Cathy Battistessa - Speak of Gold
Aftermath - New Age Zombies
Aftermath (Aus) - Swarms
Aftermath (Uk) - Self Serving Deity
Aftermath (Uk) - Seventh Seal
Aftermath (Uk) - The Enemy Within
Aftermath (Uk) - Wartorn
Aftermath Of A Trainwreck - Lead Pipe Cruelty
Aftermath Of A Trainwreck - This Would Have Been A Knife Fight If You Brought A Knife
Aftermath Of A Trainwreck - Trainwreck / Grudge City Allstars
Aftermath Of A Trainwreck - You Wouldn't Be So Funny With My Fist In Your Mouth
Afternoon Classics - My Way
Afters - Falling Into Place
Afters - Light Up The Sky
Afters - Start Over
Afters - The Secret Parade
Afters - We Are The Sound
Aftershock - Black
Aftershock - For Those Of You Who Kill
Aftershock - Fulfillment
Afterworld - Behind Your Eyes
Afterworld - Ending Our Days
Afterworld - Money Money Money
Afterworld - Never Ending Sleep
Afterworld - Nothing to Lose
Afterworld - Power To Kill
Afterworld - Promises
Afterworld - Second Chance
Afterworld - Sixteen Innocent Children
Afterworld - The End Becomes
Afterworld - The Seventh Year
Afterworld - The World of Hypocrates Part 2
Afterworld - To The Afterworld
Afterworld - Touch Of Hate
Afterworld - Virtual Angel
Afu-Ra - Cry Baby
Afu-Ra - Miss You
Afu-Ra - Only U
Afu-Ra - Open
Afu-Ra - Quotations
Afu-Ra - Think Before You...
Ag Session - The Way
Agabus - Atman Collapse
Agabus - Sunbeams Vitae
Agabus - Totalitarian State (Live)
agafon[SouthDirtProduction] - Точка отсчёта_1r(Этот трек на батле назвали Кранком...хмм...а я даже незнал,что это... КРАНК (англ. crunk) — это одна из форм южного хип-хопа (southe
Again sngain snow on my cilia - Again sngain snow on my cilia, Flows down a tear on a cheek. In this night again it does not sleep me. I on stars look in далеке. My body was wrapped by a hoarfrost, I замотаюсь stronger in plaid
Against - Мир.Сочувствие.Любовь.
Against (Esp) - B.T.
Against (Esp) - Perdido En El Silencio
Against All Authority - 24 Hour Roadside Resistance
Against All Authority - Barricades
Against All Authority - Best Enemy
Against All Authority - Blue Spark
Against All Authority - Centerfold
Against All Authority - Collecting Scars
Against All Authority - Dinkas When i Close my Eyes
Against All Authority - I Just Wanna Start A Circle Pit
Against All Authority - Kickin The Dog
Against All Authority - Pestilent Existence
Against All Authority - Policeman
Against All Authority - Radio Waves
Against All Authority - Source Of Strontium 90
Against All Authority - Stand in Line
Against All Authority - Sunshine Fist Magnet
Against All Authority - Sweet Televised Destruction
Against All Authority - That Way
Against All Authority - The Next Song
Against All Authority - The Only Ones
Against All Authority - The Restoration Of Chaos & Order
Against All Authority - Ugly Desires
Against All Authority - War Machine Breakdown
Against All Authority - We Don't Need You
Against All Authority - World Dominator
Against All Odds - Bitwa (2005)
Against All Odds - Violet And Blue
Against Grace - Radio
Against Me - I & m Citizen
Against Me! - Amputations
Against Me! - Beginning In An Ending
Against Me! - Clap, Clap
Against Me! - Edenquest
Against Me! - Gypsy Panther
Against Me! - I Am Citizen
Against Me! - National Myth
Against Me! - Nuclear Cowboys In An Age Of Drift