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Roxette - Fool
Roxette - Habla el Corazуn
Roxette - Harleys & Indians (riders in The Sky)
Roxette - Heart of Gold
Roxette - Help
Roxette - Here Comes The Weekend
Roxette - Hotblooded
Roxette - I am sorry
Roxette - I Call Your Name
Roxette - I Call Your Name (Frank Mono Mix)
Roxette - I Call Your Name Montezuma Demo-26. 07. 86
Roxette - I Love The Sound of Crashing Guitars
roxette - i must have been love
Roxette - I Think About You
Roxette - I was so lucky (demo)
Roxette - I'am sorry
Roxette - I'll stand by you
Roxette - I'm Sorry
Roxette - I'm sorry ( Demo 18th of August 1993 )
Roxette - I'm Waiting For The Rain
Roxette - I've got a thing about you
Roxette - I'm Glad You Called
Roxette - In The Middle Of The Night
Roxette - It must have been love (OST Красотка)
Roxette - It Must Have Been Love (из кф & Красотка & с Р. Гиром и Дж. Робертс)
Roxette - It must have been love (из фильма "Красотка")
Roxette - It must have been love (саундтрэк к кинофильму "Красотка")
Roxette - It must have been love (Фильм Красотка)
Roxette - It Must Have Been Love кф
Roxette - It Must Have Been Love минусовка
Roxette - It Must've Been Love (OST "Красотка")
Roxette - It Must've Been Love
Roxette - Jefferson
Roxette - Joy Ride (7" Version)
Roxette - Joyride ( She says: hello, you fool, I love you ) ------
Roxette - Knocking on every door
Roxette - Like Lovers do
Roxette - Lisen To You Hart
Roxette - Lisen to you heart ( piano version )
Roxette - Listen to you hart(с переводом )
Roxette - Listen to you hart.
Roxette - Listen To You Heart (Piano acoustic ver.)
Roxette - Listen to you heart (пианино)
Roxette - Listen To You Heart - Слушай своё сердце
Roxette - Listen To Your Heart (Live Zurich 1991)
Roxette - Listen To Your Heart (Piano Version) (рус. текст)
Roxette - Listen To Your Heart (Swedish Single Edit)
Roxette - Listen To Your Heart (под пианино)
Roxette - Listen To Your Heart (слушай свое сердце)
Roxette - Listen to Your Heart (читай слова )
Roxette - Listen to Your Heart - Слушай своё сердце (c переводом)
Roxette - Listen to your heart I know there's something in the wake of your smile ( эта песня вызывает эмоции счастья, почему то ) Я 20.05.10
Roxette - Listen To Your Heart [Acoustic Abbey Road Version]
Roxette - Listen To Your Heart(Piano Version)
Roxette - Listen To Your Heart(мировой хит!!!!)
Roxette - Listen to your heart(с русским переводом в дополнении)
Roxette - Listen to your hurt
Roxette - Listen to youre heart
Roxette - Little Miss Sorrow
Roxette - Lo Siento
Roxette - Lo Siento (Salvation)
Roxette - Love Spins
Roxette - Make my Head go Pop
Roxette - Makin' Love To You
Roxette - Milk & Toast & Honey
Roxette - Milk And Toast And Honey
Roxette - Milk and Tost and Honey
Roxette - Must to be Love
Roxette - My World, my Love, my Life
Roxette - Neverending Love (Frank Mono Mix)
Roxette - No Sé Si Es Amor
Roxette - No se si es Amor (it Must Have Been Love)
Roxette - One is Such a Lonely Number
Roxette - One Is Such A Lonely Number (Demo 87)
Roxette - One Is Such A Lonely Number (Demo)
Roxette - One Wish
Roxette - Opportunity Nox
Roxette - Perfect Day
Roxette - Queen of rain (ambient ) DJ G.I.Z.A. best coll.
Roxette - Quiero Ser Como Tú
Roxette - Quiero ser como tu (Espa ol) (I Don't Want To Get Hurt)
Roxette - Reaching High
Roxette - Real Sugar
Roxette - Seduce me
Roxette - See Me
Roxette - She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Roxette - She's Got Nothing On
Roxette - Sleep In My Car
Roxette - Sleepin & in my car
Roxette - Sleeping in my Car
Roxette - Sleeping In My Car (DeeJay Dan 'Lucky Rain' Remix)
Roxette - Sleeping in my car (Реклама МТС 2009)
Roxette - slipping in may car
Roxette - So You Wanna Be A Rock and Roll Star
Roxette - Soy una Mujer
Roxette - Staring at The Ground
Roxette - Stars
Roxette - Surrender
Roxette - Tímida
Roxette - Teaser Japanese
Roxette - The Centre Of The Heart
Roxette - The sweet hallo, the sad good bye
Roxette - The Sweet Hello Sad Goodbye
Roxette - The sweet Hello, the sad Goodbay
Roxette - The Voice
Roxette - Things Will Never Be The Same (Live Zurich 1991)
Roxette - Think About You
Roxette - Toast And Honey
Roxette - Try
Roxette - Try (Just A Liittle Bit Harder)
Roxette - Try (just a Little Bit Harder)
Roxette - Turn to me
Roxette - Twenty
Roxette - Un Dia Si Ti
Roxette - Una Reina va Detrás de un Rey
Roxette - Una Reina va Detras de un Rei (queen of Rain)
Roxette - Vanilla Sky
Roxette - View From a Hill
Roxette - What & s She Like
Roxette - What if God was one of us
Roxette - When Love's On The Phone (You Just Have To Answer)
Roxette - Wherever You Gone
Roxette - Wish I could fly (Have a nice day, 1999)
Roxette - You don't understand me
Roxette - ждать тебя здесь
Roxette - Ласковое & здравствуй & , печальное & прощай &
Roxette - Послушай сердце ( медленная) красивая
Roxette - романтичная
Roxette - Слушай свое сердце
Roxette (Хиты 80-90х) - Sleeping in my car
Roxette - Salvation - Без названия
Roxette(арена) - Real Sugar
Roxette-- - Listen to your hearth
Roxettе - Slееping in my car
Roxi Monoxide - So Long Sweet Pea
Roxis - I don & t wanna
Roxis - Мигают звезды
Roxus - Where Are You Now?
ROXY - LITHIUM (Evanesence)
Roxy - Все что было
Roxy - Мы_сами_не_понимали,_как_нашу_любовь_ломали
Roxy & Gene - Delusion In Obscurity
roxy cottontail - kate moss
Roxy feat Tommy - Мне без Тебя плохо
Roxy feat Tommy - Я помню цвет твоих глаз.
Roxy Music - Can't Let Go
Roxy Music - Serenade
Roxy Music - The Bob (Medley)
Roxy Saint - Firecracker
Roxy Saint - Humans
Roxy Saint - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Roxy Saint - Ours
Roxy Saint - Superstars
Roxy Saint - Whatever
Roxy Williams - As Long As You Treat Me Right
Roxy Williams - Last One Remembered
Roxy Williams - Life, Love, And Hell
Roxy Williams - Written In Blood
Roxy(from Jaman Connection) - Солнце
Roy Acuff - 144.000
Roy Acuff - Automobile Of Life
Roy Acuff - Back In The Country
Roy Acuff - Don't Let Me Cross Over
Roy Acuff - Easy Rockin' Chair
Roy Acuff - Great Speckled Bird
Roy Acuff - I Love You Because
Roy Acuff - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Roy Acuff - Last Letter
Roy Acuff - Low And Lonely
Roy Acuff - Night Train To Memphis
Roy Acuff - Pins And Needles (In My Heart)
Roy Acuff - Precious Jewel
Roy Acuff - Satisfied Mind
Roy Acuff - Take These Chains From My Heart
Roy Acuff - The Wreck On The Highway
Roy Acuff - Wabash Cannonball
Roy Acuff - Wait For The Light To Shine
Roy Acuff - Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Roy Acuff - Wonder Is All I Do
Roy Acuff - You Win Again
Roy Ayers - Evolution
Roy Black - Trauriges Maedchen
Roy Black - Was Geschieht Mit Mir
Roy Brown - Butcher Pete (Part 1)
Roy Brown - Let The Four Winds Blow
Roy Brown - Mighty Mighty Man (OST Fallout 3)
Roy Brown - Mighty, mighty man
Roy Buchanan - Good God Have Mercy
Roy Buchanan - Treat Her Right
Roy Clark - All The Way
Roy Clark - Carolyn
Roy Clark - Days Of Sand And Shovels
Roy Clark - Hello Old Broken Heart
Roy Clark - It's My Way
Roy Clark - Loch Lomond
Roy Clark - Lonesome Too Long
Roy Clark - My Baby's Gone
Roy Clark - September Song
Roy Clark - Since December
Roy Clark - When A Man Becomes A Man
Roy Clark - Where Are You Tonight?
Roy Clark - You Don't Have Very Far To Go
Roy Drusky - All For The Love Of A Girl
Roy Drusky - All My Hard Times
Roy Drusky - Almost Can't
Roy Drusky - Back Street Affair
Roy Drusky - China Doll
Roy Drusky - Come Sundown
Roy Drusky - Country's Gone
Roy Drusky - Don't It Make You Want To Go Home
Roy Drusky - Don't Let Me Cross Over
Roy Drusky - Early Morning Rain
Roy Drusky - El Paso
Roy Drusky - End Of The World
Roy Drusky - Half A Mind
Roy Drusky - He Had It On His Mind
Roy Drusky - Heart Over Mind
Roy Drusky - Help Me Make It Through The Night
Roy Drusky - Here Comes My Baby Back Again
Roy Drusky - Home
Roy Drusky - I Don't Care
Roy Drusky - I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
Roy Drusky - I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Roy Drusky - I'd Rather Loan You Out
Roy Drusky - I'll Make Amends
Roy Drusky - I'm A Fool
Roy Drusky - I've Got Some
Roy Drusky - It Worries Me
Roy Drusky - Jody And The Kid
Roy Drusky - Just About That Time
Roy Drusky - Leaving On A Jet Plane
Roy Drusky - Let's Put Our World Back Together
Roy Drusky - Lonely Thing Called Me
Roy Drusky - Memphis Morning
Roy Drusky - Minute Of Your Time
Roy Drusky - New Lips
Roy Drusky - One By One
Roy Drusky - Pick Of The Week
Roy Drusky - Ribbon Of Darkness
Roy Drusky - She Thinks I Still Care
Roy Drusky - Slippin' Around
Roy Drusky - So Much Got Lost
Roy Drusky - Such A Fool
Roy Drusky - Then I'll Stop Loving You
Roy Drusky - Those Were The Days
Roy Drusky - Today I Started Loving You Again
Roy Drusky - Too Far Gone
Roy Drusky - Too Many Footprints
Roy Drusky - True And Lasting Kind
Roy Drusky - True Love
Roy Drusky - Turn Around And Look At Me
Roy Drusky - Unchained Melody
Roy Drusky - Walk On By
Roy Drusky - When I Loved Her
Roy Drusky - When The Snow Is On The Roses
Roy Drusky - Where The Blue And Lonely Go
Roy Drusky - Workin' My Way Up To The Bottom
Roy Drusky - Yesterday's Gone
Roy Drusky - You Are The One
Roy Drusky - You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry
Roy Drusky - You've Still Got A Place In My Heart
Roy Hamilton - Dont Let go
Roy Hamilton - Unchained Melody
Roy Hamilton - Without A Song
Roy Hamilton - You Can Have Her
Roy Hamilton - You're Gonna Need Magic
Roy HargroveErykah BaduQ-Tip - Poetry
Roy Harper - All You Need Is
Roy Harper - Death Or Glory?
Roy Harper - Jack Of Hearts
Roy Harper - Laughing Inside
Roy Harper - One More Tomorrow
Roy Harper - Pinches Of Salt
Roy Harper - Still Life
Roy Harper - The Fly Catcher
Roy Harper - The Spirit Lives
Roy Harper - The Tallest Tree
Roy Harper - The War Came Home Tonight
Roy Harper & Jimmy Page - Hangman
Roy Head - Apple Of My Eye
Roy Head - Just A Little Bit
Roy Head - To Make A Big Man Cry
Roy Jones Jr - Battle Of The Superpowers
Roy Jones Jr - Ya'll Must've Forgot
Roy Jones Jr. - Yall Must've Forgot
Roy Jones Jr. Presents Body Head Bangerz - Can't Be Touched
Roy Kim - Passing By
Roy Muniz - About A Year Ago
Roy Muniz - Because Of You
Roy Muniz - Running For So Long
Roy Muniz - Thats The Way Things Go
Roy Orbison - A Love So Beautiful
Roy Orbison - All I Have To Do Is Dream
Roy Orbison - Amy
Roy Orbison - Best Friend
Roy Orbison - Big As I Can Dream
Roy Orbison - Blue Avenue
Roy Orbison - Blue Blue Day
Roy Orbison - Blues In My Mind
Roy Orbison - Break My Mind
Roy Orbison - Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart
Roy Orbison - Can t Wait
Roy Orbison - Chicken Hearted
Roy Orbison - Cry Softly Lonely One
Roy Orbison - Crying (Duet With Kd Lang)
Roy Orbison - Devil Doll
Roy Orbison - Drift Away
Roy Orbison - Easy Way Out
Roy Orbison - Falling
Roy Orbison - Far, Far Away
Roy Orbison - Fools Hall Of Fame
Roy Orbison - Forgive Me
Roy Orbison - Go Away
Roy Orbison - Go! Go! Go!
Roy Orbison - God Love You
Roy Orbison - Good Morning, Dear
Roy Orbison - Good Time Party
Roy Orbison - Goodnight
Roy Orbison - Heartbreak Radio
Roy Orbison - Help Me
Roy Orbison - Help Me Rhonda
Roy Orbison - Here Comes The Rain, Baby
Roy Orbison - Hound Dog
Roy Orbison - Hound Dog Man
Roy Orbison - House Without Windows
Roy Orbison - I Can Read Between The Lines
Roy Orbison - I Can t Help It (If I m Still in Love with You)
Roy Orbison - I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
Roy Orbison - I Can't Stop Loving You